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Never-ending Nightmare : Jason Blossom

request: could you do a jason imagine?? maybe if him comforting the reader after nightmares when they are a couple? Only if you think you can, if not that’s fine ❤️

requested by: anonymous

A/N: I AM SO SORRY, but this becomes very twisted. It has the comforting and the couple parts, but also something else. My dumb brain did this, so again, I am so sorry. I still hope you enjoy it. I think it is still what you wanted but not as happy. okay, carry on reading. Love ya, xx aubree.

warnings: SADDNESS AND TEARS. (maybe? if you get as emotionally invested as I do.)

word count: 879

(gif not mine) 


Jason had always been there for Y/N. At school, he was the popular, football playboy. No one knew the real him. At first, Y/N hated him. She had to tutor him in chemistry. She had pleaded with her teacher to make someone else in the class tutor him, but you were his best student. You obliged and met every Wednesday and Friday during lunch and studied. 

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Dying Petals - Joker Imagine

//This is so bad I apologize ahead of time.//



Splayed across the floor like the bodies of the dead men and women the joker has left behind, were the small but fragile rose petals which would usually represent romance but in this case it didn’t even get close to that mark. 

It was three days after our 1 year anniversary and yet I felt no love or joy or even thrill that could quite possibly come with the joker, all I felt was despair. I was a broken doll, stuck on repeat; going to meetings, being the precious queen and his partner in crime. Only that gimmick gets old quickly. 

With my hands folded in my lap covering a small petal, the heat that radiated throughout my body killed the beautiful petal with one fatal swoop, much like Joker did three days ago when the only thing he could muster up to say was, “A year already? Crazy how Im not tired of you.” 

Now that small joking sentence crushed my small heart surrounded by petals as beautiful as these. The tear drops cascaded down my cheeks in an ugly manner  as I pulled my self off the floor threw threw the deceased petal from my palm and grabbed my suitcase. 

Looking behind me I saw the home I’ve been trapped in and the home where I was once happy, but I no longer saw joy but a prison. I walked out the dark door into the nippy Gotham air and began to walk. 

I left my phone and car behind knowing Joker would track me, once he sees I’m gone. Headlights flashed by me in a daze and my strides became larger. I wasn’t afraid no one would touch me but I couldn’t bear to life my head up and face the civilians who fear me. 

I reached my old apartment where Joker had broken into in order to use it as a safe house. I laughed at the memory while touching the card board that covered the shattered window. Turning on the lights was no use since the electric bill hadn’t been payed, there was no running water and dust had ben collected everywhere. Perfect. 

I went to my room and laid on the bed trying to soothe my mind and maybe gets some peaceful sleep, away from his yelling. Soon enough i found my self dozing off for the first time in days, it felt great. 

Joker’s POV 

I slammed the front door open fuming from a heist going wrong, I should of brought Y/N with me. Already agitated all I wanted was to go drink myself to sleep and not hear her annoying voice. 

It was eerie in my house, I didn’t hear Y/N humming over doing anything, who am I kidding she was probably asleep its all she does anyway. I opened my door to my office poured myself a glass of hard liquor and slumped into my large chair. I sat there pondering in the silence not being able to shake the feeling of something missing. 

Finally having enough of it, I charged out of the room ready to yell at Y/N for making me feel this way but when I went into the bedroom she wasn’t there. I checked the kitchen, the basement, the living room and the garage but she was nowhere to be found. 

I went back to the bedroom to find her phone and her keys, I checked all the drawers and the closet and all her personal items were gone. She was gone. She left me. How dare she. 

Who does she thinks she is, thinking she can leave the Joker? Jokes on her I didn’t like her that much anyway, it was time for me to upgrade. 

I glided back into my office and calmly sat in the chair trying to erase the ache I was feeling. With the more alcohol I consumed the more my thoughts raced. 

Why did she leave me? 

She knows better. 

She loves me. 

Over to my right I see the roses I had given her thrown all around the floor, destroyed. The petals withered and brown and a small note laying in the middle of all the chaos. 

“You don’t know what you have until you’ve lost it.” 


This was shitty but I’m bored so HEY! Legoo. 


SVT Super Powers; Joshua!!

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google how fast can i swim over the pacific ocean to fight hIM


-ok so this is Joshua hong

-he fast

-v fast 

-fast boy

-when this dude started to learn how to crawl

-his first time too

-he crawled to fast and he bumped into the wall

-his mum and dad were baffled?????

-like how did our kid just do that

-he was so fast


-so his parents went to the doctor 

-cause they were worried about him

-super worried

-the doctor told them there was nothin wrong with him

-just that he was super fast

-really fast 

-abnormally fast 

-when he started to walk 

-oh my god that’s when the fun started

-whenever he would go to the park he would challenge his dad to races 

-and would tease him

-”dad come on! keep up!”


-it was even better when he got into school

-during his time in elementary his parents had to tell him one way or another that this kid was special

-he wasn’t jut a naturally fast runner

-that this was an actual superpower

-and you could probably gather

-he was pretty stoked to have a superpower

-he was all like

-”like spiderman???? or the hulk?? or thor??”


-”wait!!!! i’m dash-dash from the incredibles!!”

-”close enough”

-anyways when he was in school

-he would want to race against everyone 

-like a little champ

-yeah he did

-but wasn’t cocky about it??


-and that’s why a lot of kids liked him

-wholesome meme runner kid

-the nickname he got?



-when he got to middle school he kind of had a reputation for being a really fast runner

-he once got asked by the track and field team to join the club

-he deCLINED


-he said that running wasn’t going to be his profession when he was older but he wanted to keep it as a hobby

-so he didn’t join

-one the other hand you were in the club too

-you were neither the best or the worst runner

-but that meant that you never stopped practicing with running keeping pace and making your stamina higher

-so one day 

-you were running on the track

-and there he was

-catching up to your from the other side of the track

-that took you 3 minutes

-but it only took him 30 seconds

-what the fuck

-how are you so fast??

-you stop and look at him 

-”how….how are you so fast???”

-”me? i just am”

-”that’s not humanly possible though….you did half a lap in 30 seconds…i don’t believe it…”

-”everyone else on the team couldn’t believe it either”

-”hold on…you’re that super fast kid??? that turned down the offer??”

-”if that’s the news going around the club then yeah thats me i’m joshua the kid that turned down the running club what’s your name?”

-”y/n…wait why though?? you’re really fast??”

-you….were actually curious as to why he didn’t join 

-as you said

-he’s really fast??

-”i’m not going to run as a job…it’s what everyone wants me to do as a career but i’m not so sure…”

-”right….but how are you so fast?”

-”as i said before i’m just naturally fast…are you going to start running again? mind if i join?”


-in some magical way running together afterschool brought you two closer 

-you were happy that you were running against him


-not against

-with him

-theres a difference

-against him means that you were going to lose but there was something at stake

-with him means that you’re just running with him talking about your day and everything is peaceful like it should be

-you kind of enjoyed his company 

-and he did too

-so the cheeky bugger decided to have a race against you

-you improved a lot in terms of keeping your stamina up 

-so you agreed 

-like this was about to become a challenge 

-”alright to the end of the 100m track and that’s it”

-”seems fair enough”

-”3 rules though”


-”alright hong lets hear them”

-”1 i can’t use my power 2 if i win i take you out to dinner and 3 if i you win i buy you lunch for the next month deal?”

-”you’re on sonic”

-y o u ‘ r e      o n      s o n i c

-i just screamed im sorry 

-so you both got into the starting position

-and joshua just thinks to himself

-”no powers no powers no powers no powers”

-and you’re there like


-and then the start of the race turned into the end pretty quickly

-you two were just nearing up to the finish line

-and you two just were a split second away from each other

-….with….joshua in the lead

-you both fall down but you soon get back up after remembering what he said before

-”Joshua….what do you mean by ‘not using your power’?”



-”…..what i mean by power…–”

-and then the boy just starts to run agaIN 

-and you run after him

-after that you have to go on a date with him

-which kind of ended up well

-for the both of you

-josh is dating a rlly pretty girl who can run 

-and you’re dating a guy who’s…nickname is sonic


-“man the weekend went by so fast”

-”did someone say fast”

-”joshua no and where did that sonic costume come from—”

-”YES someone did i heard it…i heard it”

-”jO S H UA”

Just heard what happened to Chester Bennington, Linkin Park’s singer/lead vocalist. What happened? My god.

His band was what brought me to rock… I just can’t believe it. Their songs are what I always sing in karaokes D: They made my music choices wider and much more diverse. Rest in Peace, Chester…

First song that immediately came into mind was “Leave Out All the Rest”. You will be remembered, buddy.

When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I’ve done
Help me leave behind some
Reasons to be missed
And don’t resent me
And when you’re feeling empty
Keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest
Leave out all the rest


Trying to understand the twisted and psychopathic mind of Callisto is quite the hobby for me while watching her scenes. It’s like some part of me wants to find justice for her behaviour. Some part of me wants Xena to feel punished for what she did to her. And I keep questioning myself on whether she was evil or not. Which inspired me to write this post about what it was that brought her peace

Do you ever think about the fact Callisto got more out of Gabrielle dying than Solan dying? Perhaps it’s because she knew how close of a relationship Xena and Gabrielle had that she knew it would be much more devastating for Xena to lose Gabrielle than her own flesh and blood family? Or perhaps it was because of Callisto’s jealousy over Gabrielle’s pure and clean soul? Possibly jealous in a few ways. See, I feel like Callisto was angry at Gabrielle because she willingly gave up on what Callisto was cruelly ripped from. Gabrielle was everything Callisto wanted to be, and in her eyes, it was like she took all that for granted to be with Xena. The person that has tormented her and turned her life upside down. For Gabrielle to give up on everything she lost out on; a family, blood innocence, a childhood, to be with the destroyer of her soul… That was just something she could never understand. And maybe all this combined is what made her feel satisfaction at the loss of Gabrielle’s life when she sacrificed herself to save Xena in ‘Sacrifice Part II’.

Nevertheless, nothing gave her more fulfilment than her own death at the hands of her tormenter. The look on her face at the end of that scene and the caress down Xena’s body made it quite clear to me that she was grateful to Xena for ending her life. At least until she realized consciousness continued… Then she hated her again. It never ended.

It really puts things into perspective when you think about it. Hurt people hurt people. The way we see or think of a person has nothing to do with them no matter what they’ve done to us. It’s us. It’s ourselves that has the problem. Our own self torment twists our viewpoint of everything around us. There was no justice for Callisto because Callisto brought it onto herself. And that’s why she could never find peace. Xena had to give up her own soul to save hers. She felt she owed it to Callisto. But when you really think about it, Callisto was just causing herself all the torment. She could have let it go when Xena killed her. All she had to do was let go. But she didn’t. She still wanted her revenge. Xena never destroyed her. She destroyed herself.

My own analysis of the situation has answered my own question for me. I love being Claircognizant.

Happy post, kind of?

This is a photo of my cat’s X-ray from an unexpected emergency trip to the vet this morning. He was a feral kitten and has always had a habit of trying to eat non-food items (especially now that he’s on a diet), including thumb tacks. This morning I came home from an overnight shift at the human hospital and had just laid down in bed when I heard him crunching on something that was obviously not kibble, seeing as his food is in the basement. I immediately tried to pry open his mouth to see whatever it was and get it out, but he managed to swallow it before I could lay eyes on it.

For the next 10 minutes or so he intermittently heaved and swallowed like it was lodged in his throat, then suddenly started full-on dry heaving and only managed to get up a small amount of saliva. So, being the overprotective cat mom that I am and therefore fearing he’d cost me hundreds for emergency surgery to eliminate an obstruction, I brought him into the vet clinic I work at. A quick ultrasound and an X-ray later, I at least have some peace of mind that whatever he ate, it wasn’t a thumb tack.

Now that I’m finally home, I have about two hours to sleep before I have to get up and around and go pick up the keys to my new apartment. But at least my baby is okay, so long as whatever he ate comes out…so here’s to digging through cat poop.

Well there’s definitely no thumbtack in there.

HoneyMoon Phase

Yoongi x Reader

1.5k of Angst

Warnings: Brief Mention of Death

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Do you recall…..

The time when we belonged together? The time when we thought nothing could separate us?
Do you remember….
When I would call you sweet pet names and love you till day’s end? When I would help you on your bad days and you would help me on mine?
Do you know… that I miss you?

Of course you don’t. You are Min Yoongi. The Prince of this vile city.

Is this city really vile? …No. I just hate reliving everything from when I was with you…. as I walk down the streets to the park I see you and me. I see us, walking around without a care in the world. Stuck in the stupid honeymoon stage. That stupid place where everything seems wonderful and good. It’s the calm before the storm. The day before the night. The beauty before the ashes. What a stupid concept… The Honeymoon Stage.

Why would you ever want to be a part of it? Sure… it feels good when you’re in it, but the minute things go south… Everything just seems to fall apart. Isn’t it beautiful? The way we fall apart. It’s magical, and it’s tragic. The ways we break our own hearts.

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Broken Record

I miss the car rides, the music playing as we sang along, the holding of hands, the way you looked at me and how I could tell that you truly loved me. It has been months now but still I see you next to me singing in the car when I miss you most. Those innocent moments when the music brought us into some sort of melodic peace that has now attached to my mind and soul. When those songs we loved most come on, I often shed a tear and wish the music would play again with us together, even if just for a moment. To me you were music, all of the complexities and subtle nuances that create a lovely song. Our relationship was an album, full of different sounds and instruments. With every song that passed we entered a new with fresh ears and understanding. I know I was hard to understand at times, I have a tendency to change key and chords in a short time making the song unbalanced and hard to listen to. In the end I was a broken record, always apologizing for things I shouldn’t have said in the first place. What makes me the most sad is that I felt we barely even scratched the surface. More songs could have been added to our record, sometimes I even imagine how our wedding would have sounded. What I have come to realize is that even the best albums have an ending, while it might not always be on the song or the note we want, we have to put the record on the shelf and let the music fade away. I am now dropping the needle on the album that will contain the songs of the rest of my life.

- Rob

anonymous asked:

Heya are you ok with fanfic request right now? If not it's okay. Can I have leo fanfic with mc who never show her anger and always act so calm suddenly get so frustrated and scary when she's angry?

Hi there, Anon! I absolutely love writing requests so of course I’ll write one for you ❤️

Leo X MC

Leo heard a soft knock on his study door. “Come on in.” His eyes never left the page as they devoured each and every bit of information the book had to offer.

“Leo, what do you think of me?”

“I’m sorry?” Leo looked up. 

The Princess Elect sat in the chair across the table. She smiled, looking as calm and collected as ever. “What do you think of me?” 

Leo adjusted the glasses perched on his nose and replied, “I think you’re very beautiful and intelligent, Princess. You’re very charming, which helps with negotiations and alliances. You can be clumsy at times, but I promise it’s endearing. You’re gentle and kind but put your foot down when necessary.”

“I see.” She fiddled with a bracelet that adorned her wrist, a gift from some foreign nation as a sign of peace. Her smile slowly inched its way back onto her face. “You’re very helpful, Leo.” She stood up and turned to leave.

“What brought this on?” Leo asked, causing her to freeze. “If you don’t mind me asking.”

The young Princess looked over her shoulder and sent a dazzling grin his way. “I just needed a morale boost. You certainly rose to the challenge.”

“Complimenting you isn’t a challenge, Princess.” 

“Before I forget.” The Princess turned around completely. “Are you planing on attending the upcoming gala?”

Leo smirked and replied, “That depends. Are you asking me to escort you?”

“That depends. Are you going to say yes?” She bit her lip and looked at the blond bureaucrat expectantly. 

“I’d be honored to escort you.”

A soft knock on the door stole the Princess’ attention from her reflection. “Come in,” she called, hastily clipping her bracelet around her wrist.

Leo opened the door and stepped inside. He took in the Princess, her flowing ruby red gown, her beautifully curled hair, and her perfectly painted face. “You look exquisite tonight, Your Highness,” he complimented, offering her his arm.

The Princess checked herself in the mirror for the final time before linking her arm with Leo’s and smiling. “You look quite dashing tonight,” she replied. 

The pair made their way into the ballroom, where all eyes immediately shifted to them and the whispering began. He heard the woman beside him murmur, “Ignore it,” almost too herself. She made her way down the steps, Leo walking beside her every step of the way. 

“Princess!” A noblewoman walked over to where the pair was standing. “You look lovely tonight. I must say I was surprised by your invitation. I had feared that my husband-”

“The past is in the past,” the Princess responded with a sweet smile. “He wasn’t himself that night.”

Leo glanced around the room and soon spotted Alyn watching over the entire room. When Alyn finally met his twin’s eyes, Leo winked at him and chuckled when the knight scowled and looked away. 

“The Princess looks quite lovely tonight.”

“For a commoner, maybe.” 

Leo’s attention was quickly ripped away from his twin to the two sneering noblewomen. “Really now,” he sighed. “How hard is it to keep rude comments-”

“Ignore them, Leo.” The Princess placed a reassuring hand on his arm. “The nobles can never hold their tongues.” 

“That doesn’t give them the right to say things like that.”

“They can think and say whatever they like.” 

For the rest of the evening, Leo couldn’t help noticing anytime the word ‘commoner’ was said. 

“She seems to know what she’s doing.”

“You can’t be serious. She’s a commoner. There’s no way she’ll be able to fully embrace her role as Princess.” 

“I’ve heard our relations with Stein are improving thanks to our Princess.”

“That commoner? Please. It was most likely the chamberlain who organized negotiations with Stein.”

“I’m sick of this,” Leo muttered.

Once again, he felt a gentle hand on his arm. “They’re not worth getting upset over.”

A nobleman came to a stop in front of the pair. “Evening, Princess.”

The Princess curtsied. “Good evening. Are you enjoying the party?”

The nobleman nodded and slowly looked the Princess up and down. “You look beautiful tonight. Are you still searching for a prince consort?”

“I am.” The Princess nodded and linked her arm with Leo’s again. 

“Why not consider me, Your Highness?” 

Leo could feel the Princess getting tense beside him. “You’re too kind, My Lord, but aren’t you seeing someone?” 

“Maybe we could kindle a romance on the side?”

“Prince Consort is not a title you can hide.” 

“Who else have you got to consider? No one besides me would ever consider you as someone desirable.”

“And why is that?” There was a slight angry tone in her voices, paired with a small spark in her eyes that Leo had never seen before. She was always so calm and collected, but Leo could see that persona slowly cracking under the pressure the nobleman was putting on her.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Enlighten me.” The Princess’ voice was flat and cold. The spark had turned into a flame.

“You’re a commoner. No noble would ever look at you as anything other than a commoner. You’d be lucky to even get me, Princess.” 

The Princess beckoned a server holding champagne over. “Thank you,” she murmured as she took a glass. “Would you mind standing with us for just a moment?” 

“Of course, Your Highness.” 

The Princess drank the contents of the glass and promptly smashed it against the serving tray. She held the broken glass in her hands and pointed it at the man in front of her. “You are a despicable pig. So what if I’m a commoner? I have more experience with the townspeople than you’ll ever have! It doesn’t matter what you think of me because I am the new Princess, commoner and all!” With each word, she was getting closer and closer to the nobleman and making jabs at him. 

The nobleman held his hands up. “So about being considered as your Prince Consort?”

“I can’t believe you could be so crude!”

Leo gently took the champagne glass from her hand and returned it to the tray. The server scurried away. “She’s not interested in making you her Prince Consort,” Leo said, pulling the young woman towards him. “She already has a Prince Consort.” The Princess glanced up at him in confusion. Leo smiled reassuringly and returned his gaze to the arrogant nobleman as he said, “Me.”


Don’t mind me, just wanted to contribute to this small ship in some way.

The class 1A bonfire had started a while ago and Momo was sitting quite a ways away from all the partying and was silently gazing at the stars. Her parent’s recent divorce was really taking a little bit of a toll on her. Money wasn’t really a issue, but dealing with their constant arguing and packing up her things to move into a different house wasn’t fun.

The sound of footsteps approaching made her lift her head to see an annoyed Bakugou. Well, now that she thinks about it he’s always in a somewhat irritable mood.

“Oi Ponytail, what the hell are you doing all the way over here.”

It took her a moment to register that he was talking to her. Her and Bakugou never talked much, so it was strange that he picked now of all times to address her.

“I don’t know, I guess I’m just not in the partying mood.” she shrugged and went back to staring at the sky.

Bakugou took it upon himself to take a seat next to her and enjoy the peaceful silence, until Yaoyorozu interrupted it.

“If you don’t mind me asking; why did you come over here anyway?”

She looked over at him to see him glaring back at her. “What you got a problem with me now, Ponytail?”

“N-No, not at all, I just thought that you’d rather be doing something else besides sitting here with me.”

“Tch, I’m not here for you. I just wanted some peace and quiet, and you’re not helping with that.”

Momo whispered a quiet ‘Oh’ to herself and brought her knees up to her chest. The silence continued except the mood between the two students was uncomfortable and the atmosphere was really starting to irritate Bakugou.

“Geez, If you want to feel better you should be over there hanging out with your friends, not wallowing in your own self-pity, idiot.”

Momo thought about his words carefully and he was right, being sad wasn’t going to change anything, so she might as well have as much fun as she can. She stood up with a new kind of determination on her face.

“You’re right, even when things are looking bleak I should still find a reason to smile!”

Before she took off in the direction of the rest of the class she took one more long look at Bakugou and he looked back at her inquisitively.

She smiled and waved her hand. “Thank You, Bakugou!”

He swore it was one of the most beautiful smiles he’s ever seen and couldn’t contain the blush that immediately spread onto his face. So, he coughed and looked away so she couldn’t see it.


Satisfied with his answer, Momo took off and immediately began conversing with Jirou.

‘what a moron.’ he thought to himself. ‘she shouldn’t be showing faces like that to just anybody.’

Baby’s Breath: The Epilogue

Genre: Romance/Angst

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

A/N: Here’s the epilogue! With this the fic is done. Thank you everyone who read Baby’s Breath :)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

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Reylo (Balance)

Deep within the darkness of the chamber knelt the lone Knight of Ren, the Dark Warrior, servant to the Supreme Leader Snoke. Stood towering over him, was the embodiment of the Dark Side himself, a dark cloak shrouding his slender form and his deformed balding head and face that could only be described from a child’s worst nightmare. His voice was deep, grueling, and had sent a chill that had slithered down Kylo Ren’s spine. Years of training, years of learning to harness all the pain and rage, he had yet overcome the fear of facing Snoke’s wrath.

“You have betrayed me, my apprentice!” Snoke bellowed down to the fallen Solo.

Ren wanted to resent these accusations, prove his loyalties to the First Order by reopening his healed, yet still tender, gaping wound on the side of his abdomen with his fist, but his dire attempts would be in vain, he would be lying, living a lie. The words of endless apologies and pity still plagued his mind, he could still feel his father’s hand ghosting against his cheek, his mother’s on the other.

“I was an awful mother but you are my only son, Ben, and I love you.” The memory echoed through his mind.

At his fingertips, he could still feel those lips against the sensitive skin as the girl carressed the scar along his cheek, the mark she had given him.

“Do you even know how to fly this ship?!” Rey cried out as she tried to repair the damaged panel to the turrets while being pursued by space pirates, the Falcon already heavily damaged from the previous pursuit with First Order TIE Fighters. 

The battle worn Kylo Ren sat in the pilot’s seat of the Falcon with an angry Wookie snarling dangerously at him.

“If my memory serves!” Kylo Ren called back.

“The hell does that mean?!”

“You think I would sit idly by and be destroyed by such petty pirates? As much as it pleasures to the idea of me to leave you both to your demise at the hands of this scum, I’d rather not share your fate! Either trust me or we both die!”

The Wookie growled at Ren further but to Rey forced him to stand down.

“I’ll never trust you!” Rey spat with such disgust in her voice, “You’re nothing but a monster!”

Be that as it may, knowing to be a monster from such heinous acts as Kylo Ren, acts that thought ought to make him stronger but made him weak, more so to be defeated by the raw power of a force-sensitive scavenger.

“What are you trying to prove, Ren?” Rey asked defensive.

“I got nothing to prove to you.” He said.

The more they were stuck together the more their fates were intertwined with one another.

“The belonging you seek is not behind you, it is ahead.” Maz Kanata’s words had echoed through Rey’s mind, looking towards Kylo Ren’s sleeping form on the other side of the camp fire.

“Stay here. I’ll come back for you.”

“Ben, no! You can’t go, you aren’t strong enough! Snoke will kill you!” Rey pleaded with eyes glazed over and tears threatening to spill over.

“I’ll come back, sweetheart. I promise.” He then said before pulling her in for a kiss that seemed to last for an eternity before they broke apart and he vanished beyond the slender trees in the darkness.

“No, Snoke.” Ren stood from his kneeling position into standing, against the Supreme Leader. “I have embraced the Dark Side without you!” He drew his lightsaber hilt, “I work in the dark to serve the light that has come into my life! Because through passion I gained focus and through knowledge I have gained power!”

“You are a fool! The girl you feel so compassionate for had clouded your mind!” Snoke yelled with such anger that radiated through the metallic walls of the chamber.“

"No she has shown me the truth!” Ren countered, “For so long the galaxy had been plagued by war and both the Jedi and Sith merely served as harbingers for destruction. The Rule of Two brought some peace and the Jedi’s destruction contributed greatly to that peace. My grandfather accomplished his destiny, bringing balance to the force. But he, Luke, and everyone overlooked one thing.” Ren ignited his lightsaber and aimed it towards the towering menace, “You!” He accused. “It is time to let it all die once and for all, Snoke! There can only be two! There can be no darkness without the light!”

“Petulant child! I will tolerate you insolence no longer!”

Kylo Ren took his stance, looking at what could be the most epic battle for his life and for the sake of finally bringing balance to the Force.

“Now, young Solo, you will die!”

tw: anxiety, suicide, transphobia

every year of my transition brings new lessons, new authenticities, new pleasures, new traumas. i was 22 years old, just a kid, when i started testosterone. today, 5 years later, i am 27 and sometimes i struggle to see a continuity between these two points. i am older now, queerer, a little hardened, more expansive, more compassionate, unlocked.

i think the lessons of this year have mirrored, to some extent, a larger truth among the transgender community which can be summed up pretty simply as follows: linear progress is a myth.

last year at this time, i had just begun taking a newer, kinder approach to my mental health. i have struggled with my anxiety for as long as i can remember, but it wasn’t until this past year that i began to realize the full breadth of my disorder. anxiety has often made it incredibly difficult for me to function, has fueled my dysphoria, has made it difficult for me to have good relationships with friends, family, and lovers. in the past i had always blamed myself for these failings, but i finally realized last year that so much of this was simply out of my control. i changed my habits, i got help.

after folding meditation, reiki, and other healing modalities into my daily self care practices, after moving into a healthier living situation, and after making the decision to embrace a plant-based diet, i experienced some of the most incredible peace, clarity, and joy i have ever felt. my mind was a little quieter. i started to smile for no real reason. i felt wholly and unabashedly good.

and, this calm went hand in hand with what i can only describe as a spiritual awakening.  for the first time in my life, i began really and sincerely doing the work of healing on a deep psychic and spiritual level, work which has been beautiful beyond measure. however, this same work also brought up some difficult truths for me, particularly truths around the myriad traumas i’ve encountered as a non-binary trans person. being gentler with myself has meant recognizing my own worth, which in turn has meant recognizing just how painful my adolescence was, has meant recognizing all of the times i have not been supported in my transition and realizing just how many of those difficult times have never been met with the making of amends. still, the locus of everything that came up was a sense that, at long last, i feel worthy of love, of dignity, of respect, of care.

but, all of this calm came crashing to a halt when, on christmas of all days, i experienced one of the worst transphobic attacks i’ve been through to date. my neighbors, apparently spying on me through the window, saw me naked and began loudly yelling hateful and transphobic things about me. it sent me into a spiral. i lost my grip on my anxiety, i dialed my femme back down for weeks. several weeks later, a trans woman in my community took her own life and i came face to face with all of the times i wasn’t sure if i would make it. and, the news keeps time with more and more trans deaths each week, each day while we are told that things have gotten better for trans folks because we’ve earned a little media representation.

all of this to say, again, the idea of linear progress is a myth. there is no moment where suddenly everything is better, where we’re “past the worst of it.” in fact, it is often in these moments when our guard is down that efforts to destroy us seem to be redoubled.  each new present is just a slightly new location in the tide. best not to make broad generalizations.

what i can say, however, is that pleasure attends both highs and lows. i love being queer. i love being trans. i love being non-binary and femme and weird. i love when little kids look at me and get sort of confused for a second but then just shrug their shoulders and move on to the next interesting thing. i love when old ladies glare at me on the train. i love when my neighbors tell me they like my earrings or my nail polish. i love my body. i love my scars. i love my androgynous aesthetic which mostly consists of wearing tight things and all black. i love my singing voice and the songs i make. i love my compassion. i love my resistance.

and i can safely say that in this moment, this 5th year anniversary of my transition, i feel happy and i feel grateful. i’m on the up.

I see Drama in Your Future

Part of the 5 Years Later Series (x)

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to JK Rowling

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When you walked into the dining room the remaining worry you felt over the dinner vanished. No one was scolding you for not visiting, in fact, it seemed as if no time had passed between now and your last dinner at the Weasley’s. Ginny was all grins and beckoned you to sit beside her.

“I was starting to get nervous when you and George didn’t come in that you’d ducked out,” Ginny inquired.

“I was talking to him about how I had no idea of how to talk to Fred. This dinner is lovely Gin, but it’s a bit overwhelming when everyone is secretly hoping we’ll make peace. Maybe talking to him around fewer people would be easier,” you mused aloud. Ginny rolled her eyes, of course she saw this as an excuse to delay the inevitable.

“I understand your apprehension, but we aren’t going to pressure you into an uncomfortable situation. Contrary to your belief, we invite you over for more than just making nice with Fred,” Ginny teased. “We all missed you, Fred just missed you a bit more.”

You decided to chance it and stole a look at Fred. He fit Fred’s description which was the exact opposite of how you remembered him. His cheeks which always dimpled in a smile were now sunken in a permanent frown. His eyes that sparkled with mischief were empty. You’d seen ghosts with more energy than him.

“I know Gin, I’m glad to see all of you. It’s about time things return to normal,” you sighed playing with food on your plate.

“We’ve never been a normal family. Things are always interesting ,and I have a feeling things are about to get exciting again,” Ginny grinned.  

“Gin, don’t curse me with drama please,” you retorted. “I just want to help Fred get on his feet.”

“I’m sure that’s not how Elliot will see it,” Ginny warned. You playfully shoved Ginny. You were sure that Elliot would understand why you had to help Fred. Even though Fred broke your heart, you were still committed to being friends. You would work through the pain of your past if that would make him the Fred you used to know.

“Elliot, will understand and if he doesn’t I’ll make him understand,” you countered. Ginny lifted her hands in surrender and the two of you ate in comfortable silence for the rest of the dinner.

When you arrived at home Elliot was waiting to hug you if necessary.

“How was dinner Y/N?” Elliot inquired.

“It was actually normal. It felt good to be back at the Weasley’s again. I don’t think I’ll purposely miss those dinners anymore,” you informed. Elliot’s furrowed brow suggested that he was studying you carefully. He was silently coaxing you to discuss the taboo topic.

“Elliot, tomorrow I’m tagging along with George and Ang for baby items. Fred’s coming along and I’m going to use the time to talk to him,” you divulged. Elliot paused, words turning over in his head. He was choosing his next sentence carefully. “I think I’m ready to talk to him. After what he saw at the hospital he deserves an explanation. Also I deserve more details of what he was doing when he was away.”

“Are you sure you’re ready to hear him out? Last time you had a panic attack,” Elliot rubbed your arms, a tactic he did when you were worried. However, this time he was the worried one.

“I can’t move on if there are unanswered questions and neither can he. We both owe it to ourselves to at least try to talk things out,” you reasoned. “If it’s too much, George can always get me out. Please have some faith in me.” Slowly a small smile formed on Elliot’s face, sure he wasn’t happy about what was happening but if it brought you peace he’d accept it.

“I believe you can do anything you put your mind to,” Elliot assured finally pulling you into a hug. “Promise me you won’t overdo it?”

“I’ll try my best. Now I have some extra pie for you. Would you like to have a slice now?” you smiled.

“I’d love that, but right now I’m in the mood for something sweeter,” Elliot winked. “I’d like to kiss you first. No dessert can compare to you.” How you two could switch from deep conversation to a flirtatious one was beyond you. You were up for anything. Things were starting to look up for you.

The story continues (x)

Panel coverage- An evening with Gerard Way

   As I walked past Durham’s Carolina Theater, halfways around the block, and all the way to the end of the line I was a little exhausted but mostly worried that I wouldn’t make it in. Gerard Way, the featured guest, was the main thing about NCC that caught my attention. I’ve been a longtime fan of the My Chemical Romance albums (Killjoys rejoice!) and his solo record, but an even bigger fan of his work in comics. His first panel of the weekend is described on the official convention website as “a one-of-a-kind discuss-all panel.” I was definitely excited for each panel on my schedule, but felt like I couldn’t miss this one.

   Finally, just after six, the line started to move. I held my breath with every step and exhaled a gargantuan sigh of relief once I was seated. I didn’t think I’d make it in and was prepared for disappointment. I’d accidentally left my house a little bit late that morning, and had driven for eight or nine hours straight through to Durham.

   At 6:07 Tommy Lee Edwards appeared on the stage to introduce Gerard and briefly explain the beginnings of the Young Animal imprint.

   Ben Bolling; Panel Director joined Edwards on stage at about 6:08 and that’s when they brought out Gerard Way.

   Gerard says that on the day after the Presidential election he had written something for us. Even though I’m seated in the back I still have a good view, and can see him pull a neatly folded piece of paper out of his pocket. If I had been able to use a recorder, I would post the entirety of his speech here. However, no recordings of any kind or pictures were permitted. I was able to get some great material, I just wish that I was able to post everything he said. It was so moving that I was almost in tears by the end of those five minutes. Gerard began to read and for a few minutes no one in the audience made a noise.

   ”Human beings together can achieve a great many things.”

   Gerard said that when he had checked into his hotel the woman asked if he was here for the comic con. When he told her that he was, she said “People need comic conventions right now. They need to smile.”

“That was what I needed to hear the morning after the election. Not a call for violence, but a call for capes.”  -Gerard Way

   “The only way to create a movement is to create the movement within yourself. To get up and keep moving.”

   On what it takes to be a good collaborator:
   (A good collaborator) “is not afraid to stand their ground on really good ideas that they feel strongly about but is willing to meet somebody halfway or listen to new ideas.”

   On co-writing Doom Patrol for the Young Animal imprint of DC      Comics:
   “These are characters that people care a lot about and I take that very seriously.”

   On his Creator owned series Umbrella Academy:
   “Things have slowed down for a hot minute with the launch of Young Animal.”

   “Umbrella Academy is like a fine wine and Doom Patrol is like a beer kegger.”

   Umbrella Academy TV show news and new announcement:
   (The) ”show runner is a great writer. Jeremy Slater who writes The X Factor is the show runner.”

   “Just yesterday they asked me to do some music for it.”

   On art school:
   “Going to art school made me extremely rounded. It made me appreciate all forms of art, not just what I wanted to do.”

   “Sometimes learning too much about something can take the fun out of it for you.”

   He then says that if you KNOW that what you want to do is make comics, art school might not be  necessary.

   “But I’m still a believer in art school.”

   Killjoys continues to resonate. Particularly with young folks.
   “It’s inviting someone to be creatively a part of something”

   Is there a comic or graphic novel that you return to periodically?
   “Grant stuff. Alan Moore stuff. I find myself reading Batman: Year One a lot. It’s a very human story. Especially the stuff with Gordon.”

   On media consumption:
   “I can not focus on television. It’s on for five minutes and my brain is writing comics. I can not do it, I think it pollutes the creative well. Listening… it’s just a lot of pixies.”

    On social media:
   “I’m hopeful about human beings and the problem about social media is I don’t think everyone gets to be a human being on there.”

   “It’s a bubble. It’s not about reaching past that bubble to me.”

   “I’m like anybody else. I don’t have a super thick skin. It was time consuming. Stressful too, really stressful.”

   On hitting creative walls:
   “There’s basically a steel reinforced wall in front of you everyday and you have to punch through that wall everyday.”

   “Those moments when you’re in it, it is worth it.”

   One thing to say to fans?
   “It is vital that you create. Now that I’m a part of making monthly comics I see how rewarding it is.”

   “Using your twitter you can be creating.”

   “You visualize it and then you visually manifest it.”

   “It’s hard to be peaceful when you sound like a freight train.”

   “We all transform in some ways be it either from gender or from emotions.”

   “If you can win an election with memes could you win one with puns? You probably could.”

   “When I was fourteen or fifteen I had so many bad things instilled in me. I wasn’t looking at the world from an open minded place and comics is what brought me out of that.”

   “Everyone is an active part in the process of creation.”

   Gerard Way continues to be an inspiration. I’d like to say thank you to the North Carolina Comic Con for hosting him and to Gerard himself for his participation in different panels this weekend! 

anonymous asked:

hi there,, why would a girl even want to be muslim, I see muslim women all the time in my city wearing all black, gloves veil headscarf, the works. why on earth would i want that for myself? for my daughter?

Hello there,

Thank you for getting in touch. You asked the million dollar question. May I change it a little bit though? “Why would a PERSON even want to be muslim” would be a better version of your question because Islam does not differentiate between men and women when it comes to faith. I am assuming you asked this question to me with a positive intention of learning, not accusing or blaming the faith of billions of people.

So here are some of the things that came to my mind:

Islam is the final version of God’s message. The same message that Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses and Jesus (peace be upon all of them) brought. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is the final Prophet God sent to human kind. So what is this message?

Believing there is only one God!

So, what would happen if you believe in this message?

When you worship one God, you will be saved from worshiping endless Gods such as: Worshiping people, power, your desires, fame, money, etc (We can talk about this in detail later)

When you become Muslim you will find the actual REASON OF YOUR CREATION which every human being has been trying to find throughout the history:

I have not created the jinn and humankind but to (know and) worship Me (exclusively). (Holy Qur'an, adh-Dhariyat 56)

When you become Muslim you will find THE way for FULFILLMENT. A sense of happiness and fulfillment that you would never find in material things:

Be aware that it is in the remembrance of, and whole-hearted devotion to, God that hearts find rest and contentment. (Holy Qur'an, ar-R'ad 28)

When you become Muslim you will learn how to deal with DIFFICULTIES OF YOUR LIFE:

Those who, when a disaster befalls them, say, “Surely we belong to God (as His creatures and servants), and surely to Him we are bound to return. ” (And they act accordingly. ) (Holy Qur'an, al-Baqarah 156)

When you become Muslim you will have a PERSPECTIVE that will keep you calm in any situation by trusting God:

No affliction occurs on the earth (such as droughts, famines, or earthquakes), or in your own persons (such as diseases, damages to your property, or the loss of loved ones), but it is recorded in a Book before We bring it into existence doing so is surely easy for God. So that you may not grieve for what has escaped you, nor exult because of what God has granted you: God does not love anyone proud and boastful (Holy Qur'an, al-Hadid 22-23)

When you become a Muslim you will know that THIS life IS NOT it. There is AFTERLIFE coming after this. And believing in this will give you THE comfort you have never imagined before:

And the present, worldly life is nothing but a play and pastime, and better is the abode of the Hereafter for those who keep from disobedience to God in reverence for Him and piety. Will you not, then, reason and understand? (Holy Qur'an, al-An'am 32)

I can keep going but it has been a long answer already.

Oh, btw about your remarks on women’ dress style: I am a male, it is not my business to comment on how women should dress. YOUR CHOICE. The Qur'an gives a guideline about how to dress so you develop your own style, which would be YOUR CHOICE. Dressing in a certain way is not a requirement in Islam as long as you meet the requirements of the Qur'an

O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. (Holy Qur'an, al-Ahzab 59)

And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment (Holy Qur'an, an-Nur 31)

Wish you all the best,

If you wanna talk more, please get in touch.

anonymous asked:

Quotes 22 and Situation 15 with Kylo Ren

Quote 22: “Because you’re beautiful” + Situation 15: “I find sketches of me in your book”


There was something about you that caught Kylo’s eye, a sort of aesthetic that pleased the man. He couldn’t see as to what it was, as it could have simply been anyone who had consumed his everyday thought, but you…you were the one Kylo found himself drawing to keep at ease. For some reason, a reason he couldn’t seem to comprehend, drawing brought Kylo at peace of mind. Whether it was the light sounds of the pencil sketching over the paper, or the doodle that became the outcome of his thoughts, Kylo seemed to feel so…calm.

“Commander Ren?” You called out, knocking on his door, “Commander Ren?” Calling out again, the door slid open, no one to be in sight. Of course, he could have easily used the Force, but he was nowhere to be found the moment you took a step in. “Commander…?” Aimlessly walking around with the data pad held to your chest, your eyes suddenly landed on that of a leather book sitting on his sofa.

Cautiously walking over to it as you made sure Kylo was nowhere around you, you placed the data pad down and picked up the book, flipping it open and instantly having your heart flutter against your chest. It was sketches upon sketches on each page, filled from top to bottom, the muse being you.

To anyone else, they would’ve been a bit weirded out, but you–you felt flattered and couldn’t help but blush. It wasn’t like he drew himself with you or anything, they were just simple images of you, as if drawn from memory. “You’re flattered…” Nearly jumping at the sound of another voice that wasn’t the usual mechanical sounding one, you dropped the book and turned around, picking up the data pad.

“I-I-…” Getting caught in a gaze, you had never imagined the Commander to be this young or…this handsome. “I’m sorry, excuse me, Commander.” You bowed your head.

“There is no need to apologize, it was intended to be seen. I’m not one to be…creepy and hide things like this. Although it may have seemed that way seeing as you have never seen-”

“Why me?” You interrupted, instantly covering your mouth, only to hear a slight chuckle erupt from Kylo.

“Well…” Taking in a deep breath, he smiled. “Because you’re beautiful.”

What goes around

Part 5 - Wedding Bells

“Sweetie, what’s wrong with you?” Andrea asked as they sat in the backyard. She had noticed that something was wrong with Taylor ever since the moment she walked in the door.

“It’s nothing, mom. I’ll get over it.” She smiled softly and Andrea gave her a questioning look.

“Tell me.” She urged and Taylor sighed softly, staying silent for a few seconds.

“Adam’s getting married.” She told her quietly. “He’s proposing to Harper this week.” She felt like she was physically hurting as she said those words making it more real.

“Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry.” Andrea frowned giving Taylor a hug.

“It’s okay, mom. I’m fine.” Taylor forced a smile.

“You don’t have to pretend for me, honey. I know you like the back of my hand.” Andrea, squeezed her daughter’s hand softly smiling at her.

“There’s nothing I can do, mom. He’s happy. That’s all I can ask for. And Harper’s a great girl. He deserves someone like that.” Taylor nodded looking out at the view. “I’ll just keep being his best friend for as long as I can. That’s all we were ever meant to be.”

“Taylor, you’ve been in love with this boy for three years, even when you thought you weren’t. And I have a feeling, you’re not going to stop. Remember what you told me when you got back from the Bahamas the first time?” Taylor smiled softly at the memories they had made on that vacation. It had been the best of her life. Just her and him alone away from paparazzi and all their troubles. “You said that he was the love of your life. That he was the one you wanted to be with for the rest of your life. Now I’ve seen you go through relationships but never once in my life have I heard you say something like that.”

“And he is still that person. But I’m not that person for him. Maybe I’ll find someone someday, although unlikely, that will mean as much as he does to me. But Adam will never be mine. He’s with Harper. And he’s marrying her.” Taylor wholeheartedly believed in what she was saying. It was her truth.

“I’m not going to sit here and tell you how wrong you are. I hope you find the answer to your problem in your heart.” She was a little confused as her mother stood up and walked inside but she didn’t want to keep talking about Adam. Although he was all she thought about. She stood up herself and followed her mother to the kitchen. “But you can’t let this get you to where you were two years ago. You can’t, Taylor. No matter what you do, you can’t let it happen.”

“I know.” She nodded. “I won’t let it happen again. I’m in a better place and I’ve accepted this. Adam’s just my best friend and I’m going to be happy for him and Harper.”

Taylor had found the farm to be a safe haven. A place she went back to when she felt like hiding out and with Adam proposing to Harper, she definitely felt like getting away. So, Gigi upon hearing the news, she made some time to fly down there to be with Taylor for a bit.

“So how are you dealing with it?”

“I’m writing.” Taylor laughed softly.

“When they get married, you could interrupt and it’d be a movie like moment.” Gigi joked an they laughed together.

“That would be the most embarrassing moment of my life AND I’d lose my best friend.” Taylor shook her head.

“Harper’s nice. At least she’s not a famewhore bitch.” Gigi shrugged, smirking and Taylor giggled.

“She is nice. I think that’s the only thing that makes me feel better. At least I know he’s in good hands.”

“God, why are you so nice? I hate you.” Gigi rolled her eyes, nudging her friend.

“I have no reason not to.” Taylor told her, smiling softly. “Harper’s been nothing but sweet to me and she really loves Adam.”

They stayed silent as they rode the horses around the property. Taylor found the whole place so magical and serene, it brought some peace to her mind and she knew anyone who had been there agreed.

“You know what bugs me?” Taylor broke the silence. “If we had stayed together, if it hadn’t gone to shit, if we had just talked it out and found out what was really happening on each other’s mind, we’d be the ones married by now. If he really was planning on proposing, I would’ve said yes in a heartbeat back then. We would probably be thinking about babies and maybe we would’ve bought this farm and we’d all live here…” she trailed off.

“Babies, huh?”

“Just a thought. I don’t think I’m having kids.”

“Shut up, Taylor! You’d be an awesome mother! A baby of yours would be incredible.” Gigi rolled her eyes and Taylor shrugged, chuckling at Gigi’s offended expression. “And besides, I want to be a godmother. Even if it’s your fifth child!” She joked.

“If I ever have kids, I promise you will be.”

“Close your eyes.” Adam whispered in Harper’s ear and she giggled, doing as told. He guided her down to the backyard where he had set up the place where the proposal would take place. He had laid rose petals on the grass and candles and he had set up a picnic for them to enjoy. “You can open them now.”

“Wow…” Harper mumbled, grinning. “You’re amazing!”

“After you.” He laughed, pointing at the blanket. She sat down. “I want to make your birthday memorable.”

“It already is! First the bracelet and now this! I love you!” Harper smiled at him.

When they finished dessert, Adam took her hands in his and told her to stand up and she did confused. Adam chuckled, pecking her forehead.

“So we’ve been together for a year and you’re incredible. I really do think that you’re the person I’ll be with for a long time. You’re so sweet and beautiful and I want to thank you for putting up with me.” He laughed and took the box out of his pocket. “So Harper Jane, will you marry me?” Adam smiled, standing on one knee in front of her as he held out the ring he had bought.

Harper’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened as she stared at the ring and then back at Adam. She was silent not saying anything then she looked down at her feet, tears glistening in her eyes before she whispers, “No.”


“No. I won’t marry you.”

“Harper what do you mean?” Adam was caught off guard. He stood up, his heart beating erratically.

“I can’t marry you when you’re in love with another woman.” Her voice cracked. “I’ve tried to push it out of my mind and to ignore it but it’s impossible, Adam.”

“Harper, we’ve been together for a year, there’s no one else.” Adam took her hand and Harper smiled sadly up at him, placing a hand on his cheek.

“There’s Taylor.” She murmured and Adam didn’t breathe at the mention of Taylor for a few seconds. “And she’s in love with you. She has always been in love with you. You’re in love with each other.”

“That’s not true, babe. I love you.”

“Adam,” Harper shook her head. “Who’s the first person you think when you get good news? Or when you get bad news? When your dad got sick and you didn’t crawl out of bed for a week, who was the person who managed to make you smile? Who is the person who can always cheer you up when you’re grumpy because you’ve been in the studio for too long?”

He doesn’t answer but it’s a given. It’s always Taylor. For absolutely anything. Every situation, he thought of Taylor before anyone else.

“There’s so much more, Adam. She loves you. She knows you better than anyone. Inside out and I was hoping I’d know you like that but I don’t. I’ll never know you the way she does. And she’s been so nice to me. So kind. She’s an amazing woman. She could hate me because I’m with you but she doesn’t. And that’s because she loves you so much. And she’s in a different state at the moment. You told her about the proposal, didn’t you?” Adam nodded his head, tears welling up in his eyes. “And she decided to leave just the week you’re proposing. She’s hurting.”

“You’re hurting.” Adam argued.

“But I’m not the love of your life, she is. And she’s probably crying her heart out in Nashville while you’re here proposing to me.” Harper placed her hand on top of the little black box in his hand. “This isn’t my ring. It’s hers.”


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