it broke my heart


I want to shout a big fat thank you to all our norwegian friends in the Skam fandom.
I love you for all the work you do to translate so quickly not only the clips but also all the texts. I’m very glad to be able to follow season 3 in real time because living the story at the same time with Isak makes everything much more real, and I have to thank you for make this possible.
I watched all the seasons over and over, it’s incredible how deeply you fall in love with this show.
I cried with Eva. I was scared with Noora. I felt the same loneliness of Isak.
I laughed with them and with Chris, Sana and Vilda, and with Jonas, Magnus, Mahdi.
I loved Jonas and William and Even.
They broke my heart too.
This is all thanks to you people who translated the episodes.
I’d love to read all the texts from season 1 and 2 because I feel like I’m missing a huge part of the story. I’d like to know better Eva and Noora and the girls.
Sadly, google translate isn’t very helpfull.
I’d like to ask a favour to you guys who talks Norwegian: someone could please translate those texts?
You’d instantly became my favorite person ever.

I finally got home from my trip at my distant relatives place, and tomorrow I’m going to go and visit my grandma with a broken heart, because I was stupid enough to romance Solas.

Wtf Bioware…

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Dad this boy broke my heart and played me and I still have class with him and he brags all the time that he loves hockey and goes to games a lot and he says he's a Kings fan and mansplained hockey to me so I asked him if he thinks Pierre McGuire is a good addition to the Blackhawks in front of the whole class and he nodded and said "yeah he plays really well" and the class lost their shit I've never felt more alive


Seth Rollins : It broke my heart to miss Wrestlemania (Overtime Online Interview)

Seth Rollins’ voice is unmistakable. I could hear it echoing down the corridor as he neared the very cold function room that I sat in. He entered the room; his robust stature, clad in a tight fitting suit, his ponytail tied up in a bun and his beard looking absorbingly bushy. Shortly after he arrived, the conversation turned to the event he missed in April of this year.

“Wrestlemania is obviously the biggest event on the WWE calendar, Ifelt very…” Rollins stops, sighs and thinks.“It broke my heart to miss Wrestlemania”, he admits. The light-hearted nature of Rollins’ voice can’t cover up the hurt on his face. Rollins missed the event through injury. On the very same European tour, this time last year in Dublin, Rollins attempted to perform a sunset flip – a move that’s becomesecond nature to his in- ring style. He landed awkwardly and in that moment, though he hadn’t known yet, Rollins tore his ACL, MCL and meniscus. 6-9 months out of action was his punishment.“I kind of had my heart set on trying to make it back by then but the knee just wasn’t ready”.WWE aired a documentary special on Seth Rollins’ recovery and rehabilitation on the WWE network earlier this year where you’re able to witness a more human side of ‘The Man’ himself.

 Rollins, in the documentary, describes it as part of his human nature to get up and carry on after the botched sunset flip. Being someone who doesn’t know when to quit can have its negatives, however, Rollins cites John Cena as a positive example of not knowing when to give up.“I crushed that guy’s face with my knee, he dropped like a bad habit but 20 seconds later he was up like a madman, spraying blood all over my face like he was Brad Pitt in fight club. John’s a tough guy and he’s worked through a lot of injuries for a long time for the last 15 years and to be able to hold that spot down – that’s extremely impressive. It’s not something that happens by chance, it’s something he works hard for every single day.“He’s constantly able to finish matches he doesn’t need to and come back from injuries at record pace. His toughness is underrated and he’s inspiring for sure.”

Since his return weeks after Wrestlemania, Rollins has been shoved straight back into the title picture – briefly re-igniting a feud with Roman Reigns before entering one with current WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens.“Obviously being back, with the swing of things this year, I know I’m going to get the chance at Wrestlemania coming up in Orlando next April.The desire is clear. Seth Rollins just wants to be the best. As things currently stand in the WWE, he very well could be already. His performances in the ring can only be touched by a small, select group of wrestlers on the roster,that’s why he was the first draft pick this year. His current feud with Kevin Owens can only be described as an ode to professional wrestling. The standard of their matches have entered the highest echelon of excellence. 

Seth Rollins has endured a whirlwind year.From being the top star in the company whilst carrying around the golden strap to suffering career threatening injuries, there’s no mistake of his mental fortitude to push through pain barriers he’s never felt but might have to battle again some day. “My toughness will prevail”, he claims. Seth Rollins heart might have been broken; his career is finally on the mend.

By Matt Penn 

Also, did anyone notice how Yato looked so evil after he heard Yukine calling for him?

Or when he heard Yukine said, “Dad…”

First that broke my heart. Second, that somehow made Yato go into some protective mode or something… Yato really looked like that if he lost Yukine, he’ll lose everything else. This chapter is just so emotional oh my god 

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(( *GROSS SOBBING* WHY OPTIMUS ITS SOUNDED SO SAD ASFANSDKG MY HEART BROKE. OPTIMUS OPTICS asFKSDGN also is that lennox in the video or is it just my eyes. BEEEEEEEE dont dieee. I'm excited yet i dread what's coming in the new movie. The three headed dragon in the first part of the video caught my interest #awesomedragon. ARE YOU EXCITED Lita? ;W; Like i hope no one else dies i wonder what happened to drift and the rest from the previous movie aksfkjsbdf #spoilers #i cant control my feelings ))

;; — ooc


( Bay trailers always make the movie look SO fuckin cool, and then the story isn’t always on par. But judging by the writers they brought on this time, I have REALLY high hopes that the plot won’t have so many holes, and actually MAKE SENSE??? )

Tbh, I really want them to sit down with Peter Cullen and talk about this process, like already form the trailer it’s a much DARKER tone for Optimus and I’m curious if this plot/story characterization was more of a challenge, and if it affected him emotionally at all….

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Just watched the Teen Mom 2 Backstage Special and it broke my heart the way Nathan just walked by Jace who was clearly hoping to be acknowledged. And Kaiser barely knowing what to do with him. Jenelle's kids have such sad lives, it is really awful.

I saw that and it broke my heart too. Jace kind of just turned around once he realized Nathan didn’t acknowledge him and then tried following him around before Nathan went into his trailer with Kai. 

Restart to my life...

I continued with my life like it was normal, posted a story on snap of me smiling and pretending to sing. I want to grieve, well I thought I wanted to, but grieving means remembering the loss of someone and I haven’t lost a thing. My parents are very much alive, in my mind, body, soul and heart. I’m so happy for them, but I’m just sad for myself. I lost that support. I was asked today, what will I be doing for Christmas? I broke down, my heart ached because the first time in 14 years I’ll be spending Christmas all alone. I won’t have my mother nor my father. I went to my parents home tonight, I put the tree up and decorated it, like nothing had changed. It felt so normal. I just couldn’t reach the top of the tree to put the star on top, that’s what my dad does. He use to lift me up so I could reach the very top. I placed the stockings up on the fire place, and the wreath on the front door. Perfect, I thought to myself. I smiled to myself thinking my parents must think I’m a mess, I had put tinsel all over the floor. If I spoke to people of what I’m doing they wouldn’t understand. But traditions will remain traditions and my parents are watching me I’m convinced. I won’t be defeated, Christmas is the only time of the year I feel touched. One day I’ll stop aching but for now let me just smile and pretend for a moment I’ll be okay.
I stepped into my parents bedroom, where I use to squeeze In-between them when I was younger because it was cold and my mum use to stroke my head till I fell asleep. I’m proud to say I was fostered because I was loved. I was instilled values that I will cherish for life. I’m forever blessed. For a moment it didn’t shake my faith in God. I’m proud to be their daughter.

When I feel low I don’t even call anyone, or text. I sit in prayer, and ask for strength, courage, I sit in prayer and I ask let me still love, let this not change me. Keep me at peace. God has a plan for me, I’m nothing without my faith. I’m nothing without his guidance. Nothing is in vain. I’m not alone, he can hear me. He’ll take away all my pain. At some point I’ll love again.

I decided I’m gonna spend my Christmas in the care home that my foster parents saw me from. I’m going back to the place where it all started. I want to show that love, care and compassion that I was shown to others to people that need it. Once upon a time that was me.

i broke my own heart.
i saw it lying there on the ground from when once upon a time it was torn out and spit on.
but i couldn’t resist the urge to step on it and crush it with my tattered old shoes.
i loved the pain and i loved the way the blood splattered all over my face,
like a bomb destined to explode.
god i thrived from the feeling it gave me.
i loved picking out a shiny new needle and a pretty gold thread to sew it back together.
but i sit here now,
long tired from the aching and the oozing blood
with my heart barely beating in my palm.
i know i shouldn’t feel sorry for myself but i can’t help but let my body fill to the brim with regret and sorrow because no one wants to pick out a shiny new needle and a pretty gold thread to help me stitch it back together.
and the sad thing is,
i’d do it all over again.
—  god i love the feeling

Out of habit, Angelo and I found ourselves at a bookshop after having lunch at the mall yesterday. And as I was casually browsing through the new magazines that hit the shelves, I remember myself thinking that it’s missing one title; one that’s treasured by most teenagers during my formative years. Only realizing that last month, without warning, Candy announced in their November issue that they would cease publication starting December. Candy, this shining beacon of hope, saying goodbye. Imagine the horror of a magazine devotee like me, who grew up in Rhode Island with six brothers and pretended to go to soccer practice when I really went to sewing class and read Candy under the covers at night with a flashlight. Movie-quoting The Devil Wears Prada aside, it broke (and it continues to break) my heart hearing (and there’s no other way of putting it and I’m sorry) the bad news.    

I loved Candy so much I didn’t mind starving come recess time in high school to save up for the next issue. There was no greater feeling than getting your hands on the new issue, removing it out of its plastic wrap, sniffing through the freshly printed glossy pages, and reading the magazine from cover to cover.   

The editors were my heroes, and dreamt of one day working with them. Writing Ines an email, and getting a response from her the next day, gave me the same chills the way a dying girl stricken with lung cancer felt when her favorite author from Amsterdam responded to her fan mail. I was over the moon.  

In college, I dreamt of one day writing my own essay for Reality Bites, and I remember myself thinking that I better wait until I run into that life-changing story that’s worthy of a space in the magazine. And so, stories happened, and just when I thought it time to put pen to paper, Candy folded. I lost my chance. 

Be that as it may, somewhere inside big carton boxes in my parents’ place in South Cotabato, a decade’s worth of these magazines are packed, each carefully wrapped in plastic, waiting to be read again. And loved.    

Candy forever.     

carl crying because of his injury actually broke my heart in two ™

he’s permanently scarred and hates looking in the mirror, my poor son, but even worse is that he’s permanently disabled and thinks the worst of himself because of it

he can’t fight the way he used to. his depth perception and field of vision is so off that he can’t aim correctly, and if he can’t throw a dart at the bullseye, he can’t take out walkers. he can’t protect his family. he has to learn how to compensate for an entirely foreign disability and in the mean time he’s probably beating himself up for being weak, and then negan beats him up for it too

i want a “carl grimes defense squad” badge

Things I got from FBAWTFT

1) Queenie Goldstein is my new Queen!
2) Credence will forever be my son.
3) Queenie and Jacob are my favorite canon OTP
4) I fell in love with goldgraves (the history there is fanfiction playground)
5) Newt Scamader is the sweetest character ever! (when he cried over handing Pickett over. My heart broke.)

and finally 6 (which i consider a bad luck number)

6) I hate the twist in the end!

Dear Charlie,

Last night I ended things with Matt. He told me that I was his universe. I told him that I couldn’t be, that I want to be my own, not someone else’s. I broke his heart. He said he’d fight for me.. I told him not too. He deserves better Charlie, I don’t love him. Not how he loves me… I see it in his eyes, feel it in his touch.. but I just don’t feel the same.. I feel awful, but I want him to be happy and I can’t give him that.

Love always,
May (21/11/16)

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My friend just said something about 'what if Miranda was the Kai Leng character and had switched sides after ME2 and rejoined the illusive man' and my HEART BROKE!! 1) I need daddy Lawson in my life, but 2) I think Miranda being the Kai Leng soldier for Cerberus is a really cool and interesting AU and reminded me of when people were bringing up Winter Soldier with the Virmire survivor AUs.

You need daddy Lawson? As in Henry Lawson? oO

I don’t picture Miranda going to Cerberus willingly but her being a sort of Winter Soldier/indoctrinated agent for Cerberus is really heartbreaking, yes. It took a lot of courage to leave this organization and finally recognize the damage it had done (considering how much she admired them and how she believed they “saved” her at one point), so to think she would be forced to come back and serve this man who manipulated her… :/ 

And the reactions of everyone else. I’m pretty sure some people would think she isn’t indoctrinated but is doing this on purpose. My Shepard would really lose it if anyone would tell him this, though.