it broke my heart

Ryan Ross: I never gave a damn about the weather

The Weather:

That invisible link between us… that bond… It’s getting weaker.
I can feel it.
I’ve felt it fraying since the last time we said goodbye… since the last time you broke my heart.
This time… something is different.
This time I want it to be the last goodbye.
This time … something has broken…
That invisible bond between us…. I think you broke it
fights (imagine)

Shawn’s POV

I watch as Y/N sits on the edge of the hotel bed, her hair falling around her face that was hidden in her hands. I throw my jacket down and sigh deeply, feeling oddly irritated by this whole situation.

“Are you just going to sit there?” I say with annoyance laced in my voice.

“Shawn, I can’t be bothered to have a petty fight over this” She sighs, looking up at me with tired eyes.

“Are you kidding me? Let’s just forget that he was flirting with you the whole night then, yeah?” My anger was growing and growing. I had to watch as this guy flirted with Y/N all night. It completely broke my heart, but also angered me so much.

“Jesus christ Shawn, do you want to over react some more?” She says, scraping her hair back into a pony tail. The fact that she was being so calm throughout this whole situation was making me really fucking annoyed. I wanted her to lash out back at me, I wanted the thrill of an argument.

“Over react? Oh sweetheart, trust me, I am not over reacting”  I laugh, in a pissed off tone.

“What did I even do wrong?” She fires back, making me laugh dryly.

“I don’t know, maybe just let him walk over you all night?”

“Oh wow Shawn, let me just apologise for talking to a friend for maybe an hour at the most. Sorry that it upset you so much” She says, getting up and walking towards the bathroom.

“He looked like he was more than just a friend to me” I say, making her head flip round immediately.

“Don’t you fucking dare bring up this ‘friend’ shit with me.” She growls, walking up towards me. I  watch as she looks completely ticked off. The alcohol that I had previously drank seemed to be wearing off a bit, making me instantly feel bad for being such an ass. “Why don’t we talk about some of your ‘friends’? I’m sure I could reel off a list of girls you spend time with.”

“Y/N” I say calmly, finally coming to my senses.

“Don’t fucking 'Y/N’ me.” She shouts, her face flushing bright red. “I won’t put up with you giving me shit about spending time with an old friend. That’s just not cool Shawn, not at all.”

“I know” I say slowly.

“Do you though? Because I can’t help but feel like you don’t trust me or something” She fires at me, her words hitting me like a bullet in the heart.

“I do trust you.” My voice cracks, making her face soften for a split second. I place my hand on the back of my neck, rubbing it slightly. Damn I felt bad. “I’m sorry.”

“Whatever Shawn.” She mumbles, sighing as she walks back into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. I hear the shower turn on moments later and I sigh, sitting on the edge of the bed. I’m such an idiot. This isn’t me. I never get jealous like that. I mean, I get jealous, of course I do, but I don’t react like this, never.

I lay back, just staring at the white ceiling for what felt like forever, until I hear the bathroom door open. I jolt upright, and see Y/N stood there in just a white towel, her hair now loose over her shoulders.

“I’m so sorry” I say, getting up immediately and walking over to her. I wrap her small frame in my arms and feel her relax into me.

“I know” She mumbles.

“I’m so sorry baby, you know I still love you right?” I say honestly.

“Of course I do,” She laughs, placing her arms around the back of my neck. My hands fall to the small of her back, resting there gently. “It’s kind of cute anyway” She smirks, making my cheeks flush. “Just promise you won’t be such a dick about it next time?”

“I promise” I laugh, staring into her eyes.

“Good” She smiles, pulling me in for a kiss.


oh my lord i don’t know how i feel about angry shawn. he just seems too calm all the time to get annoyed about anything ahah. anyways, heres something a little different! hope you like it! xo

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OMG I just read the ask about how he would react to finding out u were a virgin after sleeping with you and the part where he said, "I would've made it more special" uGH MY HEART BROKE INTO MILLIONS OF PIECES


Wow I don’t even know what to say. I would get sappy and gross and be like ‘wow when I joined this a year ago’ (Admin Bi: PS my 1 year anniversary of being here is on September 11th) but let me not make this all about me. I just remember getting here and there being maybe 1,000 followers and seeing how DK was so unpopular.. It broke my heart to say the least and it’s seeing so many new and lovely DK stans around town and so many Carats that love and cherish him so much and I think if you ask any admin or mod here they’ll say the same thing; we’re not here to make you like us, we’re here to make you like DK and to know that even though 5,000 isn’t even close to some other Seventeen data blogs, it’s still ridiculous. I actually really stayed up until 3:30am to see this happen just because you all make us so happy and we can’t say this enough but you guys supporting us and DK makes all the work with while. You guys tell us you appreciate our tags page and our events pages and it gives us the motivation to spend that extra 15 minutes on our laptops updating it instead of putting it off another day. I can’t say the same for co admins and my mods but there was a good 2-3 months where I didn’t do ANYTHING here because I hated it. Like why do work when no one cares? But I don’t know I guess DK’s face motivated me to just decided to just do it and then the love started coming in like crazy and it was all worth it. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mod S wanted me to say especially from her ‘thank you and I love you guys SIGH’ and I hope the other two will hop on and add to this cause it’s all of us, we all worked to this goal and we’re gonna keep going and we hope you all see this blog as a constant reminder to love and appreciate DK for all that he is and all that he does and all the happiness and joy that he wants to give us all. Thank you. We love you guys.

-FY! Seokmin Team ☀️🌱🍑🔱

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wtf did you see the sneak peek i mean it just broke my heart. 1) I dont think anything happened the night before. 2) alison is FUCKING PREGNANT and i couldn't be posible the theory of emilys eggs... 3) That its not the way i wanted emison they just fucking ruined it. 4) paige needs to die its a stupid obssesive bitch. 5) ALISON ITS PREGNANT WITH ROLLINS BABY IM SO DONE WITH THIS SHOW WTF.. I HURTS SO MUCH!!

well I mean it’s not 100% that she’s pregnant. while it did sound a lot like em was going to say she’s pregnant, like, it’s not 100% you know? however if she is, I concur everything you have just said