it breaks every time i look at these pictures

hamilton ( cut songs/workshop versions ) sentence starters !!

the reality is not a pretty picture.
tell him to stay home!
you have invented a new kind of stupid.
i begged you to take a break, you refused to.
you’re the only enemy you ever seem to lose to!
i look at you and think ‘god what have we done with our lives, and what did it get us?’
i’m not here for you.
 i will choose her happiness over mine every time. 
she died. she’s gone. ❞
 she changed my life. she made my life worthwhile. 
 sometimes it seems that’s all we do. 
 you and i will build a strong foundation. 
 you’ll blow us all away, someday. 
 just apologize, we have worthier pursuits! 
that’s when i realized this was not a game. 
 i want the world to know what i intended to do. 
 he must have been so scared. 
 i never had his instinct for self preservation. 
 it’s not in his political interest to kill me. 
 god, i can’t wait to see her again. 
 bitch, please! you wouldn’t know what i’m doing! 
 the line’s behind me, i crossed it again. 
 you fat mother f– ! 
 we in the shit now, somebody’s gotta shovel it. 
 if you knock me down i get the fuck back up again. 
 you swing at my family, you better not miss. you better have another punch to throw. 
 you could let it go. 
 people will always be critical. 
 let other people be cynical. 
 you’re smiling because you know i’m right. 
 you didn’t kill him, did you? 
 were you here this whole time? 
 you don’t have to bring a gun to a knife fight. 
 you know you really ought to listen to your wife, right? 
i hope you’re happy. 
 you could have given me a word of warning. 
 shhh. haven’t you talked enough? 
 i need you by my side. 
 i have a plan, but it’s risky. 
 but i couldn’t turn my back on a nation in need. 
 teach them how to say goodbye. 
the enemies i’ve made won’t have anything on me now. 

I’m tired of people telling me what I’m feeling is normal. That feeling my heart plunge deeper into my body every time someone says your name is completely normal. It’s not, it’s not fucking normal at all. Don’t try and say you understand because you don’t.

You will not understand because you observed out love from the outside. Maybe from a distance, it didn’t look too serious, but trust me, you’ll never understand because if you knew how we felt you would not question why I shiver when I hear your name or see a picture of you, smiling and completely un-phased by everything.

—  i have trouble explaining why after 4 months im still on the verge of breaking down every time someone says your name

Otayuri week 2017

DAY 2: Social Media or Celebration (online relationship headcanons)

  • I am 100% sure their relationship is build on social media and online relations, because they’re almost always so far away from each other. 
  • But everyone would be like “Yeah, sure, because they’re not 24/7 in contact”
  • They’re on messenger all the time.
  • They’re definitely sending each other snapchats all the time. Otabek would be the “I see something, I take a picture of it” guy, so Yuri would see every road Otabek goes, every new pet met and every place he’s in.
    Yuri would be the “Look at my face and how bored am I” guy, 100 selcas every day, with small breaks of Vikturi photo with snarky remark.
  • Yuri sending every cat related video/post for Otabek immidiately. He would get same in return, because Otabek would do everything to make him happy.
  • Skype calls every evening. Just to hang out, not even talking too much. 
  • When Yuri misses Otabek too much, he calls him in the night just to hear his breath and voice. They definitely pay too much for their phones, but well
  • Of course, they would do videos of his new routines/jumps, sending them immidiately, just to know if other person would like it.
  • Every morning (for him, of course), Otabek would send Yuri photo of sunset, or sky, or a flower, something beautiful, with “I wish you could see this with me, good morning”, or “May your day would be so beautiful like you and this flower” (SORRY BUT I THINK OTABEK WOULD BE KINDA ROMANTIC SHIT AND YURI WOULD ALWAYS LAUGH AT HIM BUT LIKE IT ANYWAY)
  • Yuri would be the one sending his photos late at night, sleepy, in his bed, with “You should be here”
  • But Otabek would immidiately write back “I love you too, Yura”
  • Yuri would have tons of photos from their meetings on his Instagram for world to see, because he doesn’t care.
  • They would have photos of each other as backgrounds on their phones. 


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this is a baby picture of me

Taurus: pinning a hammock between two daisies, my heart is a violin
Gemini: i am not indecisive, each of my personalities make up their minds very quickly 


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every night i look out my window and stare deep into my reflection

Leo: you thought it was thunder but it was really my heart breaking


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my world is glass and i see the fragility of everything. i’m so scared of breaking something

Libra: i thought time would heal my heart but then i realised time wasn’t a bandage, it only put more distance between us
Scorpio: i have backpain where my wings used to be. i need to fly again. my soul is caged and empty
Sagittarius: i’m not afraid of heights, i’m afraid of my own mind, insanity is beckoning, always, secretly, symbolically


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nobody realises the true insanity of my dreams and desires

Aquarius: i’m sorry, i don’t speak human

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a daily, therapeutic dose of vitamin Sea


Just Once - Draco x Reader

This one didn’t turn out like I thought it would, but here it is. 

Request - anon : Draco and the reader have a huge fight and in this fight Draco breaks up with the reader. The reader then tries their best to be strong but it breaks her every time she sees him and he looks happy. The readers friend tells her that she saw Draco throw out the first picture of the two together resulting in the reader getting mad and finding someone else because, “I just want him to not be okay, I want him to cry, once” Ect ect Jealous Draco 😊

Warnings - Fighting, feeling insecure

Draco and Y/N had become distant lately. They didn’t spend every second of every day together anymore. Things between them had become tense. Y/N liked to think that it was normal - that eventually the awkwardness between them would pass. But it had been two months that they’d been like this. She was sick of it.

She decided to confront him when they were alone. The two were in the Great Hall eating breakfast together. They sat farther down the table than they usually did- away from their group of friends. Draco’s hand was resting on Y/N’s knee while he absentmindedly pushed his food around his plate with his fork. She watched as he pushed his eggs to one side of the plate then back to the other. She watched him sigh, drop his fork, then look around the room - like he’d rather be anywhere else.

“Hey babe. Can I ask you something?” she muttered. His head whipped back around to face her. He pulled his hand from her knee and intertwined their hands.  

“Yeah, sure. What’s up?” he answered.

“I- er - is there something wrong? You’ve been acting strange lately. We don’t spend much time together anymore and when we do, it’s kind of boring. It seems like you’re just going through the motions…” she trailed off and glanced around the room. Draco sighed. He felt bad because this wasn’t a topic of conversation that he wanted to have right now.

“Do you remember last month when we were - er- in your dorm room alone and I tried to take it further, but you stopped me? And I told you it was okay - that we didn’t have to go any further? Or a week after that when the same thing happened? Or last week when it happened again? I told you it was fine with me, but I lied. It’s not.”

Y/N pulled her hand from his quickly. Her mouth dropped to a frown.

“Are you serious?” she asked quietly.

“Yeah. I mean, you love me right?” he paused and she nodded. “Okay, and I love you. So, why do you keep saying no? You seem so into it and then I put my hand up your shirt and you freak out. You just tease me and then never follow through. It’s not fair.”

“It’s not fair? Draco, are you being serious right now? I’m not ready for that yet. I will make out with you for days if you want me to, but I’m just not ready to go all the way yet. I’m sorry.”

“Maybe we should break up then. You say you love me, but you don’t want to prove it? I’ll find someone else, Y/N. It’s not hard.” Draco threatened.

Y/N crossed her arms over her stomach. Her usually perfect posture dropped. She fought the tears the sprung to her eyes,

“You’re breaking up with me because I won’t have sex with you? You really are as much of a git as everyone says you are. I’ve been so stupid to think otherwise. Sorry for being a tease and wasting your time, Malfoy. Have a nice life.” Y/N hissed. She swung her legs over the bench and stormed out of the Great Hall.

Her breathing had started coming faster. The tears that had threatened to spill earlier fulfilled their promise and fell. She couldn’t see and she couldn’t breath. Had he been dating her just to get into her pants? Why did he choose now - after two years of dating - to break up with her? And over something so trivial and unimportant? Relationships weren’t all about sex. It wasn’t fair. Somehow, she found her way to her dorm room. She didn’t come out for the rest of the day.

Months passed. During that time, Y/N got rid of almost everything that had to do with Draco. Draco got rid of almost everything that had to do with Y/N - except, he couldn’t bring himself to throw away their first picture together. It meant something to him - their whole relationship had. But when he saw that she was getting along just fine without him, he wanted to get over her as well. He did regret what he’d said to her. He had just been upset that all of his friends had been with someone and he was still a virgin. He’d grown tired of waiting for her when it seemed as though she’d never come around.

They bumped into each other on their way to class one day. It had been all Draco’s fault. He wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. He ended up walking straight into Y/N. Next thing he knew, he was lying on top of his ex-girlfriend in the middle of a hallway. He quickly scrambled off of her.

“I - er- I’m sorry.” he apologized and offered his hand to help her up.

“It’s alright.” she replied, taking his hand and pulling herself back up and off of the floor. They stood in front of each other in awkward silence.

“Well, I sh-“ Draco started, but was interrupted.

“I miss you.” Y/N blurted. Her eyes locked with his. His jaw dropped, but he quickly recovered.

“I miss you too…” Draco wasn’t sure what else to say. All he knew was that he wanted her, right now, so badly. He just wanted to take her back up to his dorm and cuddle with her until all of their problems disappeared.

“I- um- Seamus asked me out the other day. We’re going to Hogsmeade. I just- I just thought you should know.” Y/N confessed and looked anywhere but Draco.

“Are you joking? With a Gryffindor? You must be mad. I have to go. Have a nice life, Y/N.” Draco fumed. His shoulder bumped hers as he stormed off down the hallway and to his next class. Y/N sighed and continued in the opposite direction.

Later that day, she was studying in the library. Thankfully, there weren’t many people around - until her best friend, Y/BF/N, came running through the aisles and to her table.

“Woah, woah, woah, what’s the damage?” Y/N asked, moving her ink bottle just in time for her best friend to place her hand where it just was.

“I know you said you’re over Draco, but I saw him throw away something today. It was the first picture you guys ever took together. Is there no chance you guys are getting back together?” Y/BF/N rushed.

Y/N dropped her quill and leaned back in her chair. Sure, she liked to pretend she was over Draco, but she wasn’t. She knew she was just trying to make him jealous. She just wanted him to realize that he’d been ridiculous with the reason he gave her when they broke up.

“It just stings. I thought I could make him realize that the reason he broke up with me was stupid and that even though we love each other, we don’t have to have sex to prove that. I don’t have to prove that I love him by giving him a blowjob. I just thought he was a different person, but I guess not.I just want him to not be okay. I want him to cry, just once. That’s so frustrating.” Y/N spoke in a whisper. She gathered her things and walked back to her dorm with Y/BF/N to prepare for her date with Seamus. She was going to prove that she didn’t need Draco after all.

To be loved

I felt as if everything was caving on top of me. My heart was clenching so painfully I was losing not just my breath but my sanity.

We need some time apart.

We did not need time apart when he had his accident. Nor when those pictures were released; to think that I believed him when he said this was during our break. Images of everything we had been through replayed in my head like old movies as I felt myself falling. Hands that’s what I felt before I could hit the cold floor. I looked up and saw the face of the one person I could count on to never break my heart. My best friend. My mentor. The reason why I am able to live my dream every day.

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Break Up Rumors

*Shawns pov*

I am officially freaking out. I hadn’t seen Y/N in such a long time because of her college work and my promo tours. We were doing great though, we talked to each other everyday. We facetimed, called. We communicated as much as possible and we were both satisfied with it until I went on twitter tonight.

I opened up my twitter app to see people tweeting a hashtag about how we broke up. I was confused so I  clicked on the hashtag to find out that Y/N deleted all of our pictures from her instagram. Not one or two pictures, no, she deleted every single one of them.

I went out of the twitter app to look at her instagram and they were right. She even untagged me from the pictures I took of her.

The last time I spoke to her was like three hours ago and everything was fine then. I decided to call her up and check in. Was she gonna break up with me?

She picked up after the first ring. “Hey I was just about to call you.” she said quietly and my heart started to beat faster. 

“Hey. O-oh yeah I wanted to talk to you abou something?”

“Is it about what’s going around on twitter about our break up because I can explain.”

I stayed quiet wanting her to continue and she took a deep breath and she continued. “The hate was getting worse and I just didn’t want other people their negative opinions to ruin our moments.” she answered shakily.

“Baby what you mean?” I asked getting concerned about her now realizing the real reason about this all.

“I just didn’t think that people deserve to see our moments we have together because all they do is shit on it anyway. I just want to keep it to myself so their negative opinions can’t ruin our moment.”

I nodded. “I understand baby, but instead of dealing with this yourself you should’ve told me.” 

“I know I should have but I thought I could handle it myself.” she said sadly.

“You know what? I’m gonna look up some flight and come and see you at college, we both could use some time off.” I said.

“I’d love that.” she said softly and I smiled.

“See you soon baby.”

When she asks about me, tell her.
If you tell her that I was just some girl
you dated for nearly 3 years, you can
bet that she will only give you a hard

The pictures and posts tagged between
our two profiles will tell her it was more
than just that. If she’s smart, she’ll look
at the notification that’ll pop up midnight
every night, telling you what you were
doing that day, one…two…three years
ago, you’re in my ones too.

If you tell her that I was just an old
friend, she’ll know you’re lying. See, if
she’s smart like me, she’ll soon realise
that you’re easy to read when you’re
lying and that your voice goes off in a
mind of its own.

She’ll remember how one night you were
at the bowling alley, she said “lets try
that chinese buffet place, I heard it’s
great.” But with a heavy heart, you’ll
make up some story about how you seen
a rat there, once, because you wouldn’t
dream of going to our place with
someone else. But sweetie, it pains me
to say that I know that one day, we
both will. One day, I’ll want the soup
there that I always had four bowls of
before an actual main course, and you’ll
want to have the ribs you loved there.

She’ll remember that day when she
picked you up from university to bring
you back home, how you skipped a song
that was on the radio. Of course, it’ll be
the song we always danced to. And I
know you’ll make an excuse why you can’t listen to it whenever it comes on
when you’re together.

If she holds up her phone with a picture
of you and I from way back, lie a little
but not a lot, she’s not looking for truthful
answers. She’s looking for reassurance
from you.

Don’t tell her how we decided we were
going to have three children, and talked
about how we’d explain our story to
them. Or the plans we had because you’re
going to have bigger and better plans
with her.

Keep the top drawer of your black case
shut until you’ve gotten rid of the cards, my 52 reasons why, post it notes from
me and the pictures. She doesn’t need
to know why you visit your old tagged
page and why you reread our old
conversations on nights she isn’t

Change the subject when
you’re all gathered around the family
dinner table and your Mum asks you
if you’ve ever heard what I’ve been up
to lately, don’t let her hear your Mum
call me the daughter she never had.
It’ll kill her with the thought of never
standing a chance against me.

Kiss her forehead and tell her you
love her on nights that she’s had too
much to drink and she’s rambling on
about the girl you loved before her.

I hope that she forgets that you still
say my name in your sleep, and that
she ignores how you twitch when
someone mentions my favourite author, or mentions that movie and book I
always used to cry at.

And when she does find out who I am,
I hope she’ll take it in the best way and
silently thank me, because without me,
you wouldn’t know how to love her,
kiss her, take her bra off and make
love to her.

—  this is the last lesson that I’ll teach you.
Robert Carlyle gave himself a Begbie makeunder for Trainspotting sequel

Robert Carlyle put on weight and grew a moustache to get back into character as his Trainspotting alter ego Francis Begbie.

The cast of the Danny Boyle’s cult Edinburgh-set movie have reunited after a 21-year break, with Robert, Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller and Ewen Bremner slipping seamlessly back into character for T2 Trainspotting.

To help him really feel like psychopath Begbie, Scottish actor Robert made sure his look was spot on.

“I put on a little bit of weight. He’s been in jail eating all that stodgy prison food day after day. And I don’t think Begbie’s the kinda guy who gets into gym culture,” Robert laughed to Time Out London. “He’s happy with his bacon, eggs and potato scones.

“(I got rid of the mullet because) in every picture I looked at of prison life, the hair is short. I toyed with the idea of going completely bald. In the end I settled on a number six (razor length). And the moustache is still there – it’s his signature.”

Jonny, who plays Sick Boy, is still rocking ice blonde hair, and admits it was easy to look pale and withdrawn as he’d flown straight in from filming in a studio in New York when the new production kicked off.

“I was not looking healthy and tanned,” he smiled.

Ewen, known to millions as hapless heroin addict Spud, is still hooked on the drug in the sequel, and even wears some of his original costumes. Remembered for Spud’s skinny jeans, loud shirts and goggle-like glasses, not much has changed with the fictional character’s wardrobe after two decades away from the spotlight.

“In a lot of cases we were putting on the same clothes, the same trousers from 20 years ago. Actually, our costume designer Rachael Fleming basically invented skinny jeans for men with Trainspotting,“ he said. "They didn’t exist before! She would take women’s jeans and restitch them, or men’s jeans and cut them apart and restitch them. That was down to her, that whole movement!”

T2 Trainspotting hits cinemas from 27 January (17).

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Exes Ask Each Other Questions:  BaekYeol

Who are you seeing now?

Chanyeol: Kyungsoo

Baekhyun: Sehun

What do you cherish about our time as a couple?

Baekyeol: I think what I miss the most is the times where we would just look into each others eyes and it was like I would get lost in such beautiful eyes

Chanyeol: I really miss the habit you have of taking pictures everywhere we went 

Would you guys mind sharing your favorite memory together?

Chanyeol: For me I have no favorite memory, because every hour I spent with him was wonderful 

Baekhyun: I feel the same way you do, we were both so close and spending time with him was the best thing I could do

Who would you blame for the break up?

Chanyeol: Well we aren’t perfect but if I were yo blame someone it would be myself.

Baekhyun: Really?

Chanyeol: Yes, because i know I made so many mistakes, I probably pushed you to the limit and I thought you got sick of me.

Baekhyun: I would blame it on myself since I was the one who ended up cheating well if we can call it cheating

Do you guys ever regret breaking up?

Baekhyun: Everyday, I mean I adore Sehun but no one up to now has made me love like Chanyeol.

Chanyeol: I thought I was over it but apparently im not of course I regret it.

Any last thing you want to say to each other?

Chanyeol: Well I guess this made me realize I still love you.

Baekhyun: I still love you too Chanyeol.

it feels like I haven’t written for a while.
so here I come back to writing. well, life has changed beautifully since I stopped writing right from shifting to the other side of the country, to getting over a crush, finding a boyfriend and going through a break up.
emotionally, mentally and even physically I’ve grown so stronger. every thing today look pretty on the papers but when I got back to that time I see alot of tears. alot of nights I cried and nights I felt alone. nights with no one on the side bed. losing my friends and finding them back. making new friends. everything. It’s been beautiful with scars.
my blog from today takes a new transition where you see the progress in me. positive and happiness. this blog would now be me, completely me. my poetry, my writings, my diary entries, pictures. just a new head over turn. hehe. I hope this turns out good.

so there used to be a techie teacher at my school that was absolutely in love with his dog. I kid you not, every lesson he would stop halfway through and let us have a break, during this break he would ask us what we wanted to do and one of the options was always “I’ll show you pictures of my dog”. half the class always went for seeing his dog. Sometimes he would even say “puppy dog time, get the pictures of your puppy dogs out” and then proceeded to look at everyone’s pictures of their dogs on their phone.
he was wild.


04.17.16 | so this is actually from a while back (wednesday during spring break!), but life has been so incredibly hectic nowadays i haven’t had any time to actually take pictures. though, if i’m being honest, this is p much what my set up looks like every day. same coffee shop, same drink, and same pastry (or sometimes i get a bagel heh). trying to wrap up some things for school and studying for ap exams, so i’ll get back to messages as soon as i can ;u;

anonymous asked:

You know what pisses me off the most? The fact that there are people who dare to call themselves "fans" of Louis, when they believe that Louis is the type of person who'd cheat on his girlfriend, go back home with at least 5 girls every night after he breaks up with his girlfriend of 3 years, and then date an unemployed American for two days, impregnate her, and doesn't even mention her name for 9 months, looks absolutely miserable when he announces that he's becoming a father (1)

Tweets lyrics from a song about daddy kink to announce that he’s a father, allows the paps and media to publish pictures of his baby, looks like he doesn’t give a fuck about the baby every time he’s with him, didn’t even smile at the baby until he became 1 year old… i just? Don’t get it? How do you even want to support someone like that? Especially Louis? LOUIS? Who falls in love with every kid and baby that he meets? Have they seen the way he is when he’s around his baby siblings? (2)

Haven’t they seen the difference? Don’t they think that there’s something wrong in there? I just… don’t understand… Louis is not that type of person, and if you think that that’s the “real him” then I’m sorry, you’re not really a fan of him, and you know literally nothing about him, do yourself a favor and just open your goddamn eyes a little bit. (3)


no one knows the real louis. the fans, the media, no one. 

seeing murata’s es21 twitter spam gave me the urge to flip through the old artbook because it’s still super good. But there’s this one image that always just cracks me the fuck up.

like the artbook is full of all these super dramatic YEAH FOOTBALL illustrations and watching murata show off and it’s all-around great. but you get to this one page, and like, one side is that sick picture of Agon with fire, because.

yeah. awesome.

and then… you look to the left…

and you get to this

i break down every time i see it because it baffles me so much like

not to state the obvious here but that there is a fucking photo of a football

it’s the only one that’s like this

Murata had drawn some 870432508971 footballs in his life and he still had many more to go. but not this one. just. fuck this particular football apparently.

the dissonance just puts this incredibly stupid grin on my face. i treasure this image.


I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

When they were young, Maxie and Archie were together. They had a bad break-up, both messing up, and separating. Maxie came to hate Archie, and expected Archie to feel the same. 

After their failures with Magma and Aqua, one day Maxie goes looking for Archie. He wanted to apologize. He knew Archie had gone trough some rough times, and needed a friend. When he apologized, the conversation got deeper and deeper, and ended up making Maxie confess that, now that they were no longer enemies, he realized he still had feelings for Archie, but thought Archie would be over him by now. Archie broke into laughter, then tears rolled down his face as he laughed. He held on to Maxie and confessed he never hated him. He wanted to stop Maxie, but he never wanted to hurt him, or wanted him gone.  He had been waiting for his Maxie to return. 

Moving on is not forgetting about someone in an instant. It is not as simple as deleting a phone number or burning old pictures. It is not a slam of the door, walking away without looking back. There is no erasure, no wiping away. It’s never a clean break. It’s never a clean slate.

Moving on is pretending not to see his face every time someone mentions the color blue. Moving on is lying awake at night, trying so hard to sleep but you can’t, telling yourself that it’s not because you miss him, you’re fine, you’re fine, you’re fine. Moving on is walking past his house and sipping your coffee, trying to focus on how bitter it tastes. Don’t look at that house. Don’t look in his window. Don’t hope that he’s there. Moving on is batting your eyelashes at another boy and trying to ignore the rock in the pit of your stomach, heavy and hard. Moving on is eating his favorite cereal for breakfast but wondering why. You never even liked Cheerios. You never even liked cereal in general. Moving on is fingers hovering over the delete button of a voicemail from twenty-seven weeks ago. You’ll press it eventually.

Eventually. Eventually, you’ll move on. Eventually you will forget what his voice sounded like, what his skin felt like, what his shirts smelled like. No more missing him, no more losing sleep, no more knots in your stomach or in your hair. Moved.

But for now you are just moving. And you will move as slowly as you need, for as long as it takes.

—  still moving

I found your favourite picture of us,
the one of you in your red beanie,
looking at me like I was magic.
I remember that day and the glow in your eyes
like it was the back of my hand.

I remember you told me you’d never forget me,
but when I saw you again,
I couldn’t see my reflection in your eyes anymore.

I remember that I showed you my favourite love song.
You smiled and you told me you’d always think of me
every time that song would play.
I don’t listen to that song anymore.

I remember that you told me how you loved
the way I smelled like lavender,
and I told you that I loved you.
I don’t use lavender in my daily routine anymore.

I burned the picture.
I watched it go up in flames,
a long with every memory of you.
Because I can’t bear to remember you anymore.

—  n.h.s [percussionhearts]