it better not be too big

So wouldn’t be cute if...

1) Natsu promises Lucy to never leave her again.

Seriously guys she is not okay when he leaves/dies

2) Lucy goes to find Aquarius’ Key and Natsu goes with because he promises never to leave her again. Happy obviously comes too. Gray and Erza and Wendy and Carla probably come too because they are cock blocks, but we love them anyway

Because Lucy never breaks a promise you guys

3) Gray FINALLY apologizes to Juvia and tells her how he feels because the war is over and HE PROMISED

That better not be your apology Gray! That shit is weak!

4)We finally find out why Natsu and Happy are blushing! And its about Lucy…


5)Jerza. Jelly Bean Fernandez puts on his big boy pants and forgives himself (10 years of good deeds bro, yeah you were a dick, but you were tricked and you were like 9! We all see you are actively reformed - Love yourself you little bitch!)  YOU DESERVE IT…. And ALSO ERZA DESERVES IT! 


5B) Also they get married and adopt Wendy…because that would be adorable and perfect (Strongest Family Like Ever)

6) Also Gale, Miraxus, MeldeyxLeon, LokeXAries, maybe some Charlie x Happy, give Lizanna a puppy. All the ships! We want this!


7) Nalu kiss.

Shut up Natsu. Screw and your forehead touches, you are obviously in love with your best friend and she just figured out she loves you back… ride off into the damn sunset!

8) 7 years pass and Lucy is reading all their adventures to her daughter/son from the books she has published…

Natsu falls asleep, but their kid is enthralled.

9) Lucy hands down Aquarius’ Key to her daughter.

Aquarius respects Lucy and give her daughter a hard time but loves her. (or the other way around lol)

10) They all live happily ever after…

Bye FT.

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That feel when you wanted a haircut for over a year bc your hair was too heavy and scratchy and bad but you never had short hair before and you were too scared of such a big change. But you finally go get the haircut, and you have to use a fidget to sit still so you don’t mess it up but your partner makes you feel better. And then…. You love the new haircut and it feels so good to shake your head and you are so happy!!!

Jared Padalecki celebrated his birthday with an epic keg stand (and help from Jensen Ackles)

It’s hard not to picture him as high schooler Dean Forrester, but Jared Padalecki just celebrated his 35th birthday. That’s right — the big 3-5. And during an appearance on Conan, he admitted how he normally spends big occasions like this. Typically, he streaks.

Of course, since Conan is a family friendly show, he didn’t decide to partake for the audience. While his Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles tried to dispell the rumor, Padalecki joked that typically the streaking happens the day after his birthday, since “we’ve had too much to drink.”

And, well, that? That’s something that Conan and his crew could work with. What better way to celebrate than with a keg stand?

“We used to sneak kegs into each other’s trailers,” Ackles said. “Warner Brothers, don’t listen. And as the years got on, then the kegs became half-kegs…. and then it just became embarrassing, it was maybe a beer.”

Ackles said that keg stands were only okay on two occasions — being in a fraternity, or being on Conan.

With a little help, Padalecki managed to pull it off.


And yes — we’re definitely impressed, as he’s reportedly 6’4″. And we’re also impressed by the beer itself. Ackles revealed that his family was in the process of opening up a brewery in Austin, and this birthday keg was their very first. At least we know that Padalecki had a memorable 35th birthday.

Supernatural has been on the air for 12 seasons, with a 13th season on the way, so we’re sure they have a lot more funny anecdotes to share. We’ll be waiting patiently for a tell-all book.

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*gasp* Honeymustard?! Like literally it's a damn cute ship!!! Do you agree?! If you do then that's awesome!!! Then that makes me love ya more..... not the love love.... =-= wtf... I made it awkward now, okay bye!! *leaves the ask box*

Admittedly I’m not too big into the AU fontcest ships, but I like looking at the art that people create of ‘em all the same! 

It amazes me how creative people get with all of those interesting concepts. I’ll definitely be doing some more AU shenanigans in the future as well, but I think my main focus will always be on UT Sans and Papyrus.

With that said, I do like the stoner bros pairing a lot (US Papyrus/UT Sans)
Who came up with that ship name anyway?? (And is there a better one that I’m unaware of?)

I suppose I’m just like a cranky ol’ man with my fontcest. The classic flavour makes me the happiest.

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Sorry but... your art needs some serious improvement all im doing is telling you harsh criticism and that is try use less bright colors and make yellow pearlsThing on her shoulder less big and more pointy and ditch the big eyes (now big eyes are not a bad thing if done right) but try smaller eyes and definitely study on body anamaty and from your age you are definitely a late bloomer especially if you plan making art your major im also 14 but i definitely have much more experience by comparison.

Um ok…. thanks, but I’m fine with what I’m doing and will improve and learn better as I go into high school and I am the same age as you too, thank you for your criticism, but I’m fine for now and I like the bright colors I use, they are just my thing and I usually stick with it

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I think Chance was the one to really initiate kicking the Martinez twins out because he's more big headed than Anthony. Also, Chance clearly thinks he's better than everyone else because his best friend moved him to LA and now all he has to do is sleep and get high. The reason they moved is because Chance and Anthony know they can kind of push the twins around bc they're younger and too nice. And I feel like when they told the twins to leave, the twins just agreed bc they didn't want conflict

Yeah I agree, I think it was probably a very similar situation. I’m pretty sure Anthony loved sharing a room with them, so Chance has to be the one that thought it was inconvenient. 

Speaking of the dinosaur calendar project thingy, I think I might postpone the ginger siblings’ joining the tribe into the second calendar. 

I may or may not have plans for a (very minor) story-ish thingy for the calendars. Since the first one will start from the death of an old matriarch, and that is a big deal, I might give them time to deal with it. Maybe even a bit more hardship too that they’ll get out of during the first calendar, and have them building a better future from there on subsequent calendars.

Or should I have the old matriarch die during the first calendar? Give it more impact? Like first calendar sad but getting better, and the following ones being things being actually good. Or maybe I should save the killing-the-old-matriarch for the eventual art book instead, and expand the sad beginning there?

(Ha, and this was once supposed to be just a single calendar with some pretty pictures, now look where it’s taking me…)

Eh, don’t know. Just thinking out loud.

This was the other coat I was considering, cause the material is a better fit and it’s already got the color and most of the stitching work done, but man is the size too big and shape and length isn’t that flattering )8

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Ok so Videos done and uploaded, Talyn and Joan have gone home and there's nothing for Thomas to worry about so now he can rest. But he's feeling anxious for no reason. So he calls Virgil who's as anxious and tired as he is. And Basically Thomas kisses him and jerks him off till he cums, leaving Virg tired sleepy and sated and Thomas is feeling much better than before. 💜


Virgil popped into the physical world, clearly unprepared as he was wearing a much too big for him black shirt and skull boxers. “Dude. A little warning maybe?!”

“Sorry. Why am I anxious?” Thomas questioned

“Maybe cause I’m here when I was about to-”

“C'mere.” Thomas motioned for Anxiety to join him on his bed, when the side obliged he was almost immediately pushed down on the bed with a gentle but intense kiss. “s'okay?” He asked trailing a hand down Anxiety’s belly hovering just above his already hard dick.

A whimper and a nod from Virgil. “Y-Yes. Please. I want it.” He blushed and pressed his hips up into Thomas’ hand.

“This why you’re all worked up? You tense?” He teased pulling anx out, quickly stroking him and kissing his neck.

“Y-ye-s.” He blushed, lightly moaning bucking his hips into Thomas’ hand.

He sped up his hand, teasing the slit of Virgil’s cock.


“Aw, are you that worked up? You already leaking for me?” He teased. “Are you gonna cum?”

There was a rushed nod followed by a moan, before Anxiety was cumming all over himself.

“Good boy.”


Hello! I have an idea for an imagine. Y/N is a new wife to Joe and is trying so hard to be the best wife ever. But even though she’s trying so hard, everything goes comically wrong
You and Joe had just got married a few months ago, and you wanted to be the best wife you could be, you wanted to show him how much you loved him, how wonderful it actually was for you to wake up next to him for the rest of your life.

The morning light hit your face, half opening your eyes you could now see the perfect view of the outdoors of your now new home, which after a long time of discussion, both of you decided that it was better if you just moved to Joe’s flat since it was big enough for the two of you.

Aside from the fact that the both of you were too lazy to move out considering all the filming equipment you had to move with you, your eyes fell on the British boy laying on his stomach, face buried deep in the pillow and mouth half open.

Grazing his soft hair with your fingertips you moved his locks away from his face, smiling to yourself before placing a kiss in his cheekbone, when you pulled apart you noticed his bright orbs staring intently at you

“Morning” he said groggily lifting his body up with his elbows, you smiled at him, his lips were softly placed against hers. “Mrs. Sugg” he whispered teasingly making you chuckle

“Let’s go make breakfast Mr. Sugg” you replied taking his hand in yours, he nodded before moving the covers aside, once his feet touched the floor both of his arms where wrapped around your waist and lifting you up as he continued walking towards the kitchen.

“What are you in the mood for?” He asked with his head laying on your shoulder
“What about scrambled eggs?”
“Could work” he said before kissing your cheek, he finally let go of you as he opened the door of the fridge and grabbed a few eggs.

He placed them on the counter beside you, you thanked him as you started to take the other things you needed, Joe told you he had to call Caspar since they were filming a collab for each other’s channel earlier that day, you shrugged it off as he left.

But as you placed the oil on the counter your elbow slipped making an egg fall to the floor, you cursed beneath your breath before grabbing something napkins an lifting the splattered egg from the surface.

After that you lighted the stove, the small flame making an appearance you carefully placed the pan above the flame and poured some oil in it, you grabbed a wood spoon to spread it around.

Then you cracked the eggs and poured some milk and condiments on it, you mixed that up and let it heat a little as you grabbed some butter and placed it on the microwave for a minute or so.

When the microwave started beeping you opened the door letting the smoke go away, and even though you grabbed a towel on your hand before grasping the butter you were burned by the high temperature of the container in which the butter was placed.

You let go of the hot butter once again making it fall to the floor and making a disaster, as if it couldn’t get worse, your clumsy self tripped over the butter and your back had crashed against the floor.

“Shit” you exclaimed trying to hold onto something to lift yourself up, you heard Joe’s voice making you froze

“What the fuck?” He laughed rushing over to you, he carefully held your by your armpits helping you finally stand up, then he turned off the stove in which the mixture you had previously made was fully burned.

“Oh my god I’m the worst wife ever” you said covering your face with both hands, Joe walked over to you, taking your hands off your face so you could now face him

“No, you’re the funniest wife ever” he corrected you before pulling your into his embrace, you heard him sniff slightly before he added “And maybe even the stinkiest” you rolled your eyes before hitting his chest playfully

“Don’t worry love, I can cook for us for the rest of our lives” he winked making you laugh

Big shout out to all the lovely Clara’s that I write with. To name a few; @venturousheart , @timetravelingclara , @wednesdayswithclara , and @facedthercven . They’re all wonderful and bring such a unique element to Clara Oswald that canon never could have. I absolutely adore each and every one of these muns too and they make writing here a million times better!

- @greyedtimelord

// Guess I’ll put my two cents in, now that I seen what happened with @sengokuspirits

I get that some ships don’t click with people for different reasons. As someone with a rigid thought process who thinks too much about “what makes sense” in a fictional world, I’m going to say… That you don’t have an obligation (read: because people get uppity and techincal when I say “the right,” like they have the right to be as big of an entitled asshole as they can be) to change anyone’s mind, they don’t have an obligation to cater to what you think makes sense, so it’s better for everyone if you mind your own business and leave them alone. If you don’t like their ships, don’t bother them.

And, as someone who also gets anxiety when it comes to conversation and interaction, I get that forgetting to specify a muse for a MUN you don’t regularly talk to can be a little intimidating. Might be difficult to send that second message, “For this muse, sorry!” But don’t use that to guilt people into letting it slide. They might have anxiety themselves, and there is a thing called “choice anxiety.” If you’re going to make them responsible for your anxiety of forgetting, then I suggest you be ready to accept the responsibility for their anxiety when they’re trying to figure out which of their multiple muses could possibly fit with yours. And that you don’t complain when you don’t get the result you were looking for.

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Is it bad all I'm imagining now Is Sabine and Ezra with four kids. Your two and Mira and Rona. (I didn't know you had fankids! They're super cute)

Haha, I don’t think so?

As once Sabine said (in her diary book) A family is never too big? ;D

I don’t really mind if people prefer Meldy’s kids better though, like. my fankids are mostly just for fun, I didn’t put as much energy in them as Mel does in hers.

But hey, if you like them, I guess I can post more about them in the future? We will see.


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Who the signs can't stand
  • Aries: People who act better than others
  • Taurus: People who don't appreciate others
  • Gemini: People who make a big deal out of nothing
  • Cancer: People who are 'sometimey' or unreliable
  • Leo: People who come at them sideways
  • Virgo: People...period
  • Libra: People who ask dumb questions
  • Scorpio: People who ask too many questions about them
  • Sagittarius: People who act other than they really are
  • Capricorn: People who don't know what they're talking about
  • Aquarius: People who think they know them...but don't
  • Pisces: People who think they're 'all that'

summer is getting hotter and hotter and we can often forget to drink enough water. that is bad, and can lead to dehydration! so, I am here to remind you and give you some tips on how to handle it. 

1. set a goal.
 start by thinking of how much water you are consuming, and find out how much you should be consuming. then, set a goal and increase the number of glasses of water you take in per a day.

 2. set up reminders.
in the beginning, it is not gonna be something you do by yourself since you are not used to it like brushing your teeth. therefore, maybe try downloading some apps? I personally use “plant nanny” since I find it to be pretty cute, and you do not want your plant to die! I also find the app “my water balance” to be good.

 3. routine, routine, habit.
as you get your reminders from your phone, you will soon start noticing how you start drinking water by yourself! also try to make drinking water the first thing you do in the morning, a big glass of it too! make it a routine, and you will soon see it becoming a habit. 

4. take it with you!!
have you ever been in a situation when there was no way of getting water? yes, me too. therefore, always carry a water bottle with you! this is a must. please don´t buy those plastic bottles since they are destroying our planet, but invest in a better bottle instead! you will surely drink more if the bottle is nice looking and you have spent a little money on it! swell and asobu are some great ones, but you definitely don´t have to buy an expensive one.

5. and last but not least, spice things up!
add some flavour to your water, and change things up if you get tired of it. / etc, look at the graphic; a good combination of things.