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May I request Mewberty Marco. Everything seems to be under control with him until Marco doesn't go back to normal at the time he should. Humans aren't supposed to go true Mewberty so the effects last a couple of days instead of a couple of hours?

Sure! This was a lot of fun to write! I already did a Marco mewberty fic but I did this one too because it was a lot of fun and I wanted to update and make it better lol. Because the other one wasn’t really the same as this request! I hope you like it! Enjoy!


“It must be from spending so much time in Mewni. I told Star he shouldn’t be eating the food there.” Glosseryk shook his head. Tom looked in awe at Marco. He was floating in the middle of the room with six arms and big red butterfly wings. He had four eyes as well, all glowing and his hair was floating up, like it was made of fire.

“How do I fix him!?” Tom cried. Glosseryk didn’t seem to care, he kept going through his bag of chips and shrugged.

“It’s mewberty, let it run it’s course.” He told the demon. Tom was about to protest when he heard Marco speak in an odd sounding voice.

“Deeeeeeeemon~!” He gushed. Om looked up at him oddly before Marco tackled him down in a hug. Marco lifted his hands up and stuck a red heart on Tom’s forehead. “Miiiine.” He said in a very low voice. He then started spinning some sort of web out of his finger tips and trapped Tom against the wall.

“Glosseryk! Help!” Tom cried. But the magic man was on his way back into his book.

“Nothing I can do, mewberty only lasts a few hours. Until then just humor him and don’t let him take any other boys prisoner. It took us weeks to find all the ones Star hid.” Glosseryk rolled his eyes. Tom was about to responded but Marco grabbed his face.

“No one else. Just youuuuu.” He sang. Tom got a nervous look on his face.

“Are you gonna eat me or something?” He asked. Marco giggled and stuck more hearts on Tom’s face.

“Miiiine.” He shook his voice. “Deeeeemon~” Marco said again. Tom looked confused and then Marco moved in, giving him a bunch of kisses on the face. “My demon, my boyfrieeeend!” He giggled. Tom blushed.

“Oh, I think I see what’s happening.” Tom finally saw. Glosseryk rolled his eyes.

“You dated Star, how do you not know what mewberty is?” He asked. “Marco will become obsessed with the things he likes, even more so to the things he’s attracted to.” He proclaimed. “So you’re in for a rough night, kid.” Glosseryk added, before jumping in his book.

Tom looked up at Marco who was flying right in front of him. Tom was wrapped in Marco’s red, heart web and attached to where the ceiling met the wall. “Uh… hi?” Tom smiled. Marco grinned very big and grabbed Tom’s face.

“Deeeeeeeemon~” He sang again. Tom blushed deeper and watched the mewberty human spin more webs and kept throwing Tom smiles.


“What do I do? It’s been days! I thought you said mewberty only lasted a few hours?” Tom asked. Glosseryk nodded, scooping out a handful of pudding.

“Perhaps it affects humans differently. Has he calmed down a bit at least?” Glosseryk asked. “I mean, you no longer look like you’re being held prisoner.” He added. Tom nodded and looked around to try and find the butterfly human.

“Yeah he toned it down but-” Tom was cut off when a red, heart web shot out of nowhere and wrapped up Tom. Marco sprung forward and pulled Tom in for a kiss. When he pulled away Tom looked over at Glosseryk. “I’m still sort of a prisoner.” Tom admitted. Marco giggled at him and Glosseryk narrowed his eyes.

“You like the attention don’t you?” He asked. Tom blushed and got an angry look.

“I’m being doted over by my boyfriend, can’t you let me enjoy this?” Tom demanded. Marco giggled and kept sticking more and more hearts on his face. Tom looked down at him and smiled big. Marco swooped in for a kiss.

“Myyyyyy deeeemon!” Marco sang. “Myyyy Tooommy!” He giggled. Tom smiled big and looked up at the magic man.

“How long is this going to last?” He asked.

“Are you asking because you want it to end… or you want it to continue?” Glosseryk asked. Tom rolled his eyes and looked down at Marco.

“Well I’m worried!” He insisted. Tom then trailed off. “But at the same time… this is really nice.” Tom added.

“Marco will be fine. It will wear off in time. And at the rate I observed you probably have about three more days of Marco acting like a lovestruck fool.” Glosseryk explained. Tom smiled big and went to hug Marco. Marco smiled and when Tom hugged him, he wrapped him up in his webbing and stuck him on the wall.

“Yoooou staaaaay heeeeere!” Marco smiled. He then flew up closer and kissed Tom’s nose. “I want my demon here!” He sang.

“I’m not going anywhere Marco.” Tom laughed. Considering that he was going through an outer-dimension molt, the fact he was trapping him and sort of keeping him a prisoner wasn’t as weird as it could be. The circumstances made it funny, and even a little cute. Tom wasn’t shown much affection at home, the underworld tended to be a cold place. So he didn’t mind this. He actually liked it. It was nice, and he was going to have a lot of fun teasing Marco about it later on. Marco kept sticking hearts on Tom’s head while the demon giggled.

Star opened the front door and pranced in. “Hey guys! I’m back from home! I had a trip to Mew i and I-” She cut off when she saw the house covered in heart webs and Tom was stuck to the wall, being cuddled and kissed by Marco; who had wings and six arms. She stood there for a moment and raised her eyebrows.

“I shouldn’t have let you eat Mewni food.” Star sighed, She looked over at Tom. “Sorry, Tom.” She sighed. Tom giggled as Marco kissed him over and over.

“I don’t mind.” He assured. Star rolled her eyes.

“You guys are gross.” She grumbled, but smiled to herself. “Grossly adorable.” Star giggled. She watched Tom laugh bush while Marco kissed him and covered him with those sticky hearts. She gushed at her cute friends. “Too cute!” Star giggled again.

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I think T&S have the perfect height difference! Also it's traditional, that in ice dance the woman is only a tad shorter than her partner. Personally I don't like big height differences because then it looks a bit like the man is sort of dragging the woman. I think their heights is (amongst many many other reasons) why they look so good and in sync on the ice and can be like one. The lines are far better like this too. As Marina says, they were made for each other(in every way)

Meaaannntttttt to be. I’m really sappy right now so instead of doing this message injustice with sappiness imma leave it here❤

in other news i changed my marquee to a better picture of lune but i accidentally made the picture way too big but im too lazy to make it smaller so now theres a giant lune head floating benevolently across the top of my blog forever

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5 and 6 for Church please? and maybe also 11

  • 5. What’s their favorite type of weather? Do they like to do anything specific on days when the weather is how they like it?

there’s nothing better than a cool rainy day when he’s at home and there’s no pressing tasks that need to be done. the house is finally sealed and waterproofed, the old fireplace was ripped out and replaced with a sturdy potbelly stove, the couch got restuffed with long brahmin hair, and there’s nothing better in the world than laying out in the cool mid-afternoon dark with a shitty paperback novel, a cigarette perpetually wedged in the corner of his mouth, and one hand idly scratching behind the ears of his big ol’ dog.

y’know. the hound. that dog.

  • 6. If they’re a fan of Hot Chocolate, Tea, or Coffee, how do they like either of those drinks prepared?

it used to be milky coffee with too many sugars, but he’s adapted quickly to the brotherhood’s standard black unsweetened chicory that can be found in every outpost, depot and forward base they’ve set up across the commonwealth. you gotta do what you gotta do, you gotta drink what you gotta drink.

  • 11. What kinds of foods and drinks do they like? Do they like certain foods to be fried? Do they prefer certain foods to be prepared hot/cold?

bread by the loaf, with butter and jam spread thick enough that each bite leaves behind perfectly formed teeth marks. mutfruit left out to go almost rotten. steak cooked just a little pink with pumpkin mash and big thick buttered finger beans. 

bethesda are dumb as shit and decided that potatoes went extinct between fo3 and fo4, but that’s stupid and i don’t care enough to acknowledge it, so potato latkes are the best travel food that he can buy at nearly every settlement. good fresh, even better when he’s dog tired and cramming them into his mouth when they’re dense and cold.

look, just give the fella carbs. he’s easy to feed. carbs, salt, sugar. the world of post apocalyptic cooking is a flavourful wonderland to someone who has eaten out of date mres and chow hall slop for the majority of his life.

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Nickname: hmmm my friends all call me random things like nugget, egg, or onion ….can you tell what foods i like lmao

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 5′1, a goblin

Last Thing I Googled: Kouyou Ozaki for a reference pic

Favourite Music Artist: I really love Gotye, and I’ve been on a big Incubus kick lately too

Song Stuck In My Head: the entirety of the Moana soundtrack tbh

Last Movie I watched:  Balto..??

What Are You Wearing Right Now: shorts and a t shirt, i just crawled out of bed

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Why Did You Chose Your URL: my url came from Naoto from Persona 4, she’s my fav and I just added the -osh on the end haha

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: my main is @setocryba and i’ve had it since like high school

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: that i have a hard time expressing my feelings when it comes to something important

Religious Or Spiritual: neither

Favourite Colour: teal or mint green

Average Hours Of Sleep: lately… 5…rip

Lucky Number: 21

Favourite Character: HOW DO I PICK THIS OMFG. i’m just gonna say Allen Walker bc i thought about him right before i started this

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: a TON, i love to be in a blanket burrito

Dream Job: character design or concept artist

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how the heck do you steal snacks ? i'm too scared of getting caught

dude oh my heck its so easy! if you just wanna steal a few candy bars you really just need a hoodie or a jacket, something with pockets (although I avoid stealing from gas stations often cos its a little too small for my comfort). If theres no one in the isle just touch around the candy and with one hand slide it into the sleeve of the same hand youre touching with (if its a candy) and you can keep it there when you walk out or put it in your pocket after you walk away. For big lift jobs bring a backpack, Ive stolen meals enough for a week or two from pretty much everywhere but the giant by my house cos they upped their surveillance a lot. It’s better if you have a friend with you acting as a partner, keeping lookout for people passing by, standing between you and someone else nearby so they can’t see you kneeling and putting things in your pack, etc. Most of the time @catgar00coon-x  acts as my partner in crime, and I hers. MAKE SURE IF YOU HAVE A PARTNER, THEY ARE PAYING THE FUCK ATTENTION. NOTHING IS WORSE THAN A PARTNER WHO LOOKS SUPER SUSPICIOUS AND ISNT LOOKING OUT FOR YOU. basically all you need to do is grab what you want, look for an empty isle, and quickly pack em up. Try not to be super obvious, and try to not be suspicious looking. Sometimes when im around people because the store is too crowded I dig into my backpack with the item im stealing, and pull out my phone as if I only reached in to get it. You’ll get it with enough practice. At this point I steal whatever clothes, shoes, food, underwear, condoms, juice, supplies, etc I need, which is awesome because im broke as fuck. Just gotta look out for tags and magnets. Happy hunting!!  


Archer: “What do you mean by ‘letting me go’?”

Leslie: “This is it. Don’t call me again, don’t visit, don’t even bother. Have a nice life, Archer. Just know that I have no intention of being a part of it anymore.”

Archer: “You’re making a big mistake. Have fun trying to find somebody better than me.”

Leslie: “That shouldn’t be too hard.”

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Coconut bliss™ Is the best brand for coconut milk based vegan ice cream imo, their dark chocolate flavor is super addictive lol and the anon that was talking about having a hard time finding menswear clothing sizes that fit I have the worst luck finding xs or xxs in store at h&m but they have them online and occasionally they have better deals online! And I feel you, my shoulders r too big for most womenswear. Brands like ASOS & Topman have a nice wide range in menswear sizes

I love how much range this ask had.

Four for you, Anon, you go Anon ;) <3 <3 <3 <3

Not a lot’s been happening creatively over here lately - my brain’s been too much in “!!!!!!” mode over black belt testing and work stuff. But! I finally pulled out some of the reference photos I took last time I was at the Minnesota Zoo and sat down to do some painting and it felt so good. 

This is based on a photo I took of one of their beautiful Amur leopards. (I love these guys SO MUCH.) Digital painting, done in Photoshop using my Wacom tablet.

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After reading the de-aged!jo post, I totally want to hear about de-aged!Mitch, who carries around a teddy bear and refuses to wear anything other than his toddler sized Matthews jersey and is just adorable in general

De-aged Mitch is tiny and blond and full of energy, and he loves hockey. He loves the ice and spends a lot of time communing with it while on his belly, kicking his skates. When off the ice he wears his youth Matthews jersey and shorts, but he’s a little kid and the jersey’s still a bit too big on him and it goes down to his knees almost. He doesn’t want to be picked up ever, except by Auston. Auston’s lowkey scared of dropping him.

So de-aged Jo spends forever cuddled in Nate’s arms and Mitch babbles at Jo (something about how it’s better to walk around, come down from there, let’s play). Jo’s tempted but ultimately prefers hiding his face in Nate’s neck. Auston shrugs and follows after Mitch, who’s run off searching for another playmate.

(No idk why the four of them are together but let me have this)

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“i think i lost my fidget cube. that, among other things, has made this…”

this has got to be some sort of irony, right? losing the thing that helps you cope with your ADHD

ironies i love to deal with:

  • losing the thing that helps me cope with adhd
  • having too much anxiety to call the pharmacy in order to get meds to help with my anxiety
  • having adhd too hard to request the refill for my adhd meds on time
  • having to contact student disabilities services and follow up all the god damn time so they can help me tell teachers to accommodate me for anxiety and adhd but being TOO ANXIOUS AND ADHD to do so

does having adhd in general just count as one big “fuck you” because that’s honestly what it feels like. anyways i’m in a much better mood but i’m still tilted about this whole mental illness thing


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