it became a ship on my dash

*cough cough*

  • Sebastian: *Dark hair, black tailcoat, obsessed with Ciel Phantomhive's soul.*
  • Claude: *Dark hair, black tailcoat, obsessed with Ciel Phantomhive's soul.*
  • Ciel: As an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you have copied my husband. From the hair to the suit, do you not have any value or respect for originality? You're a laughing stock. It's cheesy, it's disgusting. I personally find it artistically atrocious.

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-Kiss Him, Not Me
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I love how not too long ago my dash was sprinkled with the occasional Supergirl post here and there. Exclusively SuperCat. Enough so that it got me to start watching and immediately start shipping.

I didn’t even follow many, if any, SuperCat blogs. Slowly it became more relevant, showing up more on Tuesday mornings, but not much anytime else.

Now, my dash is saturated. This past month it’s like someone unleashed a torrent of wonderful Supergirl gif vomit into the universe and everyone I follow grabbed hold and has been reblogging like their lives depend on it.

I love it.

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I realize that these days I basically just make endless posts about why I love various star wars characters but like

I love the fact that Han Solo obviously does not know how to Amicably End A Relationship Like A Goddamn Adult, and instead chooses to dramatically burn down every single bridge at the slightest hint of discord like—of course you have not seen your wife in ten years. Your ex-boyfriend was treated to the sourest bitterest break-your-heart-and-steal-your-ship split just because he wanted to switch careers, and your war-time hookup became a Jedi, why would this go well.

I love the fact that Lando Calrissian was a secret business nerd the whole time he was smuggling things with Han. Like I bet Han was a skinny streak of nothing much on Corellia envisioning exciting showdowns in Space™ with his dashing cape-y new bf but instead he got a nerd who spends time lovingly double-checking the paperwork so they can dodge certain trade embargoes.

(“I gave up being a pirate to get my MBA” —Lando Calrissian.)

I love how Rey spends those three weeks after Starkiller wandering around the Resistance base fixing things. (What else is she supposed to do? She can’t make Finn wake up any faster, and General Organa doesn’t seem to need a random scavenger with a couple fancy lightsaber tricks, so she’s useless. And Rey has been a lot of things but never useless.) She gets away with most of it, though Poe is horrified at how much Hutt slang BB-8 is picking up, and some of freighters have strange new features, like flame-throwers.

After Rey reprograms the caf machine in the mess to chirp “Good morning!” and wait for a response before it will dispense, Leia puts her foot down. “Maybe it’s time you go looking for my brother after all,” she says as diplomatically as she can. The pilots breathe a collective sigh of relief.

(Also like. How much do I love Leia Organa, who at fifty-mumblemumble is leader of a guerrilla fighting force, I mean, she is literally one of those weirdos on a commune calling themselves “the militia” or whatever. Except she is right! Leia doesn’t do a lot of things very well she’s not very warm or maternal or wifely or sisterly, she wasn’t a very good politician, all said, but she’s a tactical genius and she’s never quite shaken how happy she is living off rations and awful briefings and shit bases. Really, she reads the fabric of war like—well, like the Force, and she’s wondered about that sometimes too.)

I love how Finn wakes up to Major Kalonia’s very dry bedside manner and manages to make her blink twice when she realizes he knows all the names of veins and sinews and other bits of xeno antomy without corresponding human attributes. True, he knows them mostly because he’s been taught to shoot at a human’s femoral artery or a gungan’s sertsam, but anatomy is anatomy all the same. The first time Kalonia lets him assist with an honest-to-maker patient—which, it’s Jess, but it’s Jess bleeding and half-sobbing, and Finn is the one who has to hold her down so the meddroid can do it’s work—

“You did well,” Kalonia says afterward, disposing of the sonic wand-tip. “And the rest you can learn, in time.”

I even love how Kylo Ren is clearly that awful arrogant kid in the history PhD program who takes his specialization in Late Republic/Early Imperial way too seriously, has traced his family tree back to edward II darth vader, and buys into all the crazy crackpot historian theories like “padme amidala and anakin skywalker were secret lovers” “obi-wan kenobi lived in the desert for 20 years communing with the living force” “the jedi order was corrupted by its ties to the senate and the political status quo, its collapse was a foregone conclusion”

honestly it is beautiful 2 me how everyone fighting  the star wars is such a huge nerd wow

My OTPs part 11

Erwin x Levi or Eruri: I didn’t mean to,it’s all Erwin Smith’s fault.I started reading Shingeki no Kyojin and Erwin immediately became my favorite character.I saw lots of beautiful art of Erwin and Levi together on my dash,but I was reluctant to ship them because I knew,I just knew he was going to die.

But the appeal of this ship was so strong to me,their power dynamics,the size difference,their interactions within the manga story becoming more and more interesting.I couldn’t help myself.

The first doujinshi of this pairing I read was Melt by skull9 (the cover attracted me so much) but it was Hitomi’s work that sealed my fate.It’s so perfect.

In a rational level I understanding Erwin’s death and Levi’s role in it,and how he respected Erwin’s choice in the end,but emotionally I’m still so bitter about it (Isayama WHY???).

It’s the first first in my fandom life that half of my OTP dies,but I’ll cherish the art,fics and doujinshis the talented artists made and for me,my ship will never sink,they’ll live together in all the AUs and canon divergent fanarts and fanfics.

It is so great to see, how a fandom is just happy and excited and woah, so much positivity and feelings on my dash!

Tbh I am not used to it, since I never joined a fandom with a canon ship and woah, such a huge difference! I love it! Robron already became really special to me, and I only know about … three weeks about it? (Binge watched a lot the last couple of days.)

Thanks to @dasoni who fixed me up with Emmerdale. You are awesome! <3

I had a dream that a bunch of SU spoilers leaked and I was desperately trying to avoid them but people kept not tagging properly so I saw a few:

Rayquaza (the pokemon) joined the cast and we all think they must be a new Gem, but further spoilers suggest they’re something else entirely (people were disappointed in whatever it turned out to be)

Some information comes out that makes a lot of people decide Pearl isn’t an alien. Dream me was avoiding spoilers best I could so I didn’t see what it was, but it caused an explosion of debate on my dash about what qualifies as an alien.

Peridot’s color fades over time in Earth’s sun, so she became a pale, almost white-green, to mixed reactions from my dash.

Jasper x Lapis Lazuli x Rose Quartz is implied to be a canon ship, much to the confusion to dream me. I was about to break down and watch the spoilers because I had to understand why this was a canon ship, but my alarm went off and I woke up.