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  • Sebastian: *Dark hair, black tailcoat, obsessed with Ciel Phantomhive's soul.*
  • Claude: *Dark hair, black tailcoat, obsessed with Ciel Phantomhive's soul.*
  • Ciel: As an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you have copied my husband. From the hair to the suit, do you not have any value or respect for originality? You're a laughing stock. It's cheesy, it's disgusting. I personally find it artistically atrocious.

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“Why did I marry you?” - “It took a lot of convincing.” For rebelcaptain because I'm just trash and those prompts are wonderful

Thank you anon for this prompt, I secretly wanted to do this one!! :D After being bombarded with beautiful, heart-wrenching HD Rogue One gifs all weekend, I needed to write some fluffy, awkward bed-sharing to rectify the hole in my heart, so hopefully you enjoy :) sidenote: this one was 500 words before editing, then somehow became over 1k after? wtf??? whO AM I.

on ao3 too cuz read more’s sometimes suck a butt on tumblr.

“Kaytoo, what’s going on?” Cassian ran a hand down his face, “Why aren’t we moving?”

“After some diagnostics, it appears that someone has tampered with the ship’s left engine,” Kaytoo flicked through screens on the ships dash, looking over at Cassian, wide-eyed n the co-pilot’s chair, before adding, “Nothing that can’t be fixed.”

Cassian’s left arm was already through the sleeve of his parka when Kaytoo stood to block his exit, “I can fix this myself, Cassian.”

“Kay, this is a two person job and you —“

“Two person, yes. But one droid.”


“Cassian, you haven’t slept for forty-two standard hours.” The muscles in Cassian’s jaw twitched, poised to argue but Kaytoo continued, “Jyn, forty-seven.”

Cassian glanced over his shoulder, finding Jyn staring blankly at the ship’s floor. Her hands were folded loose in her lap, still bloody and bruised where she’d refused to let him waste a bacta patch. He wasn’t sure if it was the low light of the ship or Kay’s correct analysis (he was stupid to think otherwise, of course it had been) but he found that thick, black circles pooled beneath her eyes and her skin had lost its’ flush. She hadn’t slept at all over the course of their mission, just as he hadn’t.

She looked tired, exhausted, haunted by something much more than just the lack of sleep, and knowing Jyn, she wouldn’t allow herself to sleep if he didn’t give it a try as well.

He turned to face Kaytoo, who was already making his way out of the ship, and sighed, “Alright.”

“I’ll wake you when I’m finished,” he answered simply, as if expecting no other response. “Now sleep, before I enforce the security subroutine.”

Their ship had no supplies for sleeping, much less the room. Floor space was minimal — not to mention disgusting — so the bench beside the engine room would have to do. Cassian gathered a spare poncho from underneath the pilot’s chair and made his way to Jyn’s side.

She remained silent as he slid carefully beside her, her gaze still fixed on the floor. He took the poncho in both hands and fanned it over her lap, patting it down along her front as he curled himself onto the seat next to her. When she let her head fall to the beam at her side, a contented noise escaped her throat, and he let his own shoulders relax.

“What’s wrong with this piece of junk,” her words were lazy and soft, as if she were speaking to herself.

“Kay’s fixing it,” he whispered, low against her shoulder, stealing a corner of the poncho for himself. “He said we should sleep, while he does.”

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Hi! Sorry to bother you with a bit of a dumb question...but I've been seeing the phrase "the story became the story" a lot in the past few weeks on my dash, and I never understood what exactly it means? I think it was mostly on some other blog but I can't seem to find it. Just very confused ^^'

It’s from 9x07:

So, what was that all about, ‘Dee-dawg’?

You remember when we were kids that spring in upstate New York? Dad was on a rugaru hunt. We, uh – we crashed at the, uh … the bungalow colony with the ping-pong table?

Yeah. Uh, y-you disappeared. Dad came back. You were gone. He shipped me off to Bobby’s for a couple months and went and … found you. You were lost on a hunt or something.

THAT’S what we told you. (as if Sam’s story refreshed his memory) Right.

I’m sorry? That’s what you told me?

Truth is, uh… I lost the food money that Dad left for us in a card game. I knew you’d get hungry, so … I tried taking the five-finger discount at the local market and got busted. I wasn’t on a hunt. They sent me to a boys’ home.

A boys’ home, like a … reform school?

Yeah, more or less. It was a farm, and the guy who ran it – Sonny – he, uh, you know, he looked after me.


Hey, Dean … I mean, why didn’t you just tell me you went to a boys’ home?

I don’t know. Uh, it was Dad’s idea. And then it just – you know, the story became the story. I was 16.

I copied most of the exchange (that’s the end of the scene, with Dean using that last line to end the argument) because I think context is sort of important… Basically a lot of meta writers since this episode have picked up on it as a really important phrase to explain a lot of things all round the show, where people have been holding onto ideas and stories which helped but really aren’t that great long term for their development and all. 

This one exchange summarises the entire point of this episode before you even get into it, and basically anything where they were holding onto an idea for safety or denial out of their childhood. Most John Winchester focused episodes have an element of it, this is just the most overt (I think it’s the key episode really for all Carver/Dabb era John-related stuff) so it gives us this great line to explain everything.

Now Mary’s back it’s even more critical because it’s basically explaining everything where there’s difficulty communicating, and Mary was still in the “story” up until Toni told her to her face that there was a different truth to the one she’s been clinging to. (I just scrolled past this great gifset with some side by sides

Essentially the entire story of Mary to Sam and Dean has been, well, a story. She has a whole history of being their tragic saintly mother, they never got to knew through anything but hazy memories and stories. Ever since then her image has been challenged, I mean, like, in 1x09 she apologises to Sam for what happened/will happen (not that she remembers this now) - but at the time it showed there was maybe something more to what Mary knew. Still, going back in time and meeting her, whatever we learn that she’s a hunter etc never changes who she IS to Dean and then Sam - they both look at her like she’s a flawless angel and permanently with tears ready to fall just to be in the same room as her. 

As much as John stuff has stories that became the story - the things they say to explain how bad it was to themselves, that they can focus on him being a great hunter, a hero who sacrificed himself for them, who had his noble tragic quest to avenge Mary, doesn’t really cover that he neglected them and raised them poorly, messed up, with too many expectations and dangerously. Which again is a theme since season 1 - if nothing else shows it clearly, then 1x18 with John sending Dean to clean up his mess with the striga… Which John blamed Dean for despite him being a kid, it was his fault for messing up the hunt not John’s for expecting this tiny child to protect his brother with a shotgun from a terrible monster. And I’ve never been certain he wasn’t using them as bait if he had left them alone in the same town as the monster knowing its pattern was to feed on kids.

So they have their stories about John - stuff where Dean accepts the blame or things where they can kid themselves it wasn’t all as bad as that, because they DID love him and he loved them and all that stuff is apparently what family does for each other - all the selling their souls etc.

Of course then it turns out Mary was the one who started it not John, which is the narrative asking us to question her, to allow her to be more human, as messed up as them, etc.

But actually having her back is difficult to get over the image, so for them the hurdle with Mary has been seeing past the story that became the story, that she is miserable and human and messed up as well (hence all the drama she’s put them through so far)… And they’re struggling with the image of John, where the story became the story and they haven’t exactly conquered that yet EITHER so asking them to be upfront and comfortable discussing it with Mary? She’s been folded into their perception of John and though they very very gently poked at the idea to start with, she was making essentially the same error as Henry Winchester:

You’re also Winchesters. As long as we’re alive, there’s always hope. [DEAN and SAM look at each other.] I didn’t know my son as a man, but having met you two… [HENRY takes DEAN’s hand with his right hand and holds out his left hand to SAM] …I know I would have been proud of him.

He ALSO read all of John’s journal and was horrified by what had happened to him, but for his own sanity drew a nicer picture of John as a hero and a good man (because, on a cosmic level, he was and his actions were good and he saved people and sold his soul for Dean and didn’t even break in Hell when Dean did, like, what a great guy). Mary as a character with a full season long arc has a chance to learn more and get past that same introduction to what she missed while skipping ahead in the story to what to both Henry and her is essentially after the story ended, and to understand what’s underneath the story - that this upbringing by a crusading hero was not exactly a story of great parenting when it came to her sons. And even the only thing she doesn’t know yet after Toni’s attempt to tell her a version of the truth to upset her is that cupids connected her and John, and that her whole story THERE is also a half-truth because unlike the story Dean told her in 12x01 about how she met John, there is no cute love story - there’s manipulation from Heaven and in the end the same love that made her make that deal wasn’t all her fault because it came from a cupid’s arrow not just from her own heart. And it all “had” to happen because of the apocalypse.

Anyway, that’s the sort of thematic thread that has been running through the entire show but since 9x07 had really easy words to put to it to mean anything where this messed up family has constructed an easier truth over its darkness. 

(I have to say as I just watched 10x05 last, I really hated the Winchester Family Story as presented there with them all singing Carry On Wayward Son, and I think it was meant to be fake because Adam was there and they had to ask who he was… But the whole take away from the episode even for the actual Sam and Dean was a very very glossy idea of what they do and how their family is. Works great as a 1 off episode completely in isolation to actually celebrate the show and fandom as we love it, but in context 2 episodes after demon!Dean was laying into Sam about how they were raised and the real dark heart of their family, before trying to kill him…. it’s so fake, and watching those 2 episodes side by side like I did, without the werewolf melodrama in the middle… It’s so obviously a “the story became the story” to smooth over the whole demon!Dean incident so they can function for most of the rest of season 10… If you need another example of seeing it in action :D)

I don’t know what caused it, but there has been a resurgence of “marichat is the true self ship” coming across my dash and I can’t take this anymore. So I’m going to break this down, but long story short, CHAT NOIR DOES NOT SEE LADYBUG AS SOME PERFECT GODDESS TO BE WORSHIPED. SHE IS NOT ON A PEDESTAL!

He loves her because he saw her broken and afraid and then watched her over come it and do what was right in a truly spectacular fashion. (at his urging I might add, probably not bad for the ego). Then he continued to fall in love with her as they *gasp* interacted, and became not just a team, but best friends. His love for her is based on their actual, mutual, healthy (minus the secret identities but nothing to be done about that atm) relationship. No pedestals, no worship, just a boy head over heels in love with his best friend.

Now here’s my thing with the Marichat specifically. I love all four sides of the square, I really, REALLY do, but I get cringe-y when I see fandom MariChat, and here’s why:

It needs context! There is absolutely nothing wrong with MariChat UNLESS IT COMES FIRST. It can’t. It shouldn’t.

Their “romantic” relationship starting out as MariChat just doesn’t make any sense. Marinette is obsessed with Adrien, which is something that can be easily swayed as soon as someone “real” comes along. I get it. I’ve lived it, and at 15 too. Her half of the MariChat makes total sense. She does have Adrien on a pedestal, and that can and probably will come crashing down.  But Adrien/Chat is in LOVE with Ladybug based on their actual relationship. 

He might develop a subconscious side crush on Marinette, (because you can have interest in more than one person at a time, I’ve lived his side of this too) and maybe even wonder what it is about her that catches his fancy, but the fact remains, she’s not his lady (as far as he knows) and she’s going to remain nothing more than a friend and a curiosity, whether he’s Chat or Adrien. (because a pre-reveal MariChat friendship? Sign me the fuck up for that! So much sass, so little chill).    

You know when I am all for romantic MariChat? Two times (well, 3, but I’m not counting full post-reveal here)

1) Ladybug finally shuts him down. It would break his poor little cat heart, but the last thing he would want is for her to see him like that. Then maybe he goes to Marinette for comfort, (if they’ve become good friends, or accidentally, but none of this, “well there was that one girl that one time” stuff). She’d probably feel plenty guilty as soon as she gets a good look at what she’s done to him, and Marinette is a fixer, so she’d try and fix. If she falls in love with him along the way, all the better! 

2) Adrien figures it out before she does. Now he knows why Marinette was always sort of there just outside his notice. Why there was always something about her. But there’s a pretty good chance that he still doesn’t know her all that well. He knows that Ladybug has walls up, and that Marinette has a tendency to slip into a confusing mess with Adrien, so he decides to try and get a clearer picture the best way he can: as Chat. Of course he’d probably feel guilty about it, and it wouldn’t last long, but yeah. 

I know I can’t tell anyone what to think, or what to do. I just get so frustrated when I see stuff where people insist that Ladybug is on a pedestal and MariChat is the only cure. I get especially frustrated when I see Adrien/Chat “gives up” on Ladybug for no real reason and has the errant thought that Marinette could be cool and seeks her out. His feelings for Ladybug are not just going to peeter out, okay? He has more than enough interaction to keep him invested. 

Spotlight #22  - CasuallyBread (Bread)

Tell us a bit about yourself
I’m just a simple 18 year old loaf trying to survive through college while majoring in zoo science and minoring in art! I’m an avid fan of fantasy creatures and monsters of all sorts as well as video games, pizza rolls, and ice cream. I also own 4 feathered demons that like to scream every day which I quite enjoy.

1. When did you get into the fandom and how did you stumble upon it?     I’d say it was about 2-3 years ago when I first saw the Original post on my dash and immediately fell in love with the art and the characters. I decided to check out the blog and officially became apart of the fandom when I attended my first stream shortly after! I was reaalllyyy shy at first and didn’t talk much at all until I posted the first piece of fanart I’ve ever made for the fandom, and I was completely overwhelmed with the positive responses I got on it.

2. Who are your favorite characters/pairings?
I love Natan as much as the next person, although Michaelie is probably the top ship I have at the moment. As for my favorite character, I love anything and everything to do with Zadkiel.

3. Favorite moment in the comic?
Well right now my favorite moment is an upcoming spoiler so I can’t really say LOL. Although the moment towards the end of the Run arc with Raphael’s “WHAT.” face will forever hold a special place in my heart.

4. What is your biggest inspiration as far as your art (and/or) writing goes?
Honestly pretty much everyone in the fandom who I’ve met has played a huge impact on my inspiration and motivation. If it weren’t for Orange’s amazing comic I probably would not have gotten to where I am today since creating fanart really started my internal drive to improve on my art and not give up!

5. What would you say is your favorite piece that you’ve done so far?
Hmmm, well a lot of my SaM art is months old since I’ve been taking a bit of a break with drawing, so I’d have to say overall my favorite pieces overall would be the most recent ones in my tag since there have been months of improvement. I guess if I had to pick a SaM picture it would have to be this one of Pax mainly because the wings were sooooo much fun to do (warning: SUPER OLD!!)

6. What would you say is one of your favorite things to draw/write?
Monsters are probably some of the most fun and creative things to draw in my opinion. Every design is unique in it’s own way since you don’t have to conform to one look or standard, all you gotta do is slap a bunch of teeth and eyes on some half horse-half dog body and there ya go! Wings, hair, horns, and faces are also some of my favorite bits to draw as well.

7. What do you think influences your art style?
I can’t really say I have a consistent style since my art postings are few and far between so I’m always improving and changing how I draw. I’ve been told my art does tend to be shiny so I guess that will always be an aspect of my art that won’t change LOL.

8. What are some of your hobbies you enjoy?
Video games of course, music, and binging shows every now and then to name a few.
I’ve really been lacking with drawing lately but I’m trying my best to get back in the groove!

9. Before joining SaM, what was a fandom you were part of and are there any fandoms you’re into outside of SaM?
Honestly I really wasn’t involved in many fandoms at all before SaM. I was really into homestuck from when I was 13-15 but SaM has been the first fandom I’ve become really invested in. Nowadays I’m EXTREMELY into Overwatch and a few shows here and there including Voltron and Game of Thrones. I’m also super obsessed with the manga The Ancient Magus Bride which seems to have only a very small fanbase on Tumblr.

Oh, and Here It Comes is another comic in development by Orangeplum that I love and I’d highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already!!

10. Is there anything else you’d like the fandom to know about you or anything you’d like to say to the fandom as a whole?
I’d say mainly if you’re new and shy like I was just don’t to not be afraid to start talking to people in the streams or in the fandom in general. I made a lot of friends just by interacting and attending the streams so I quickly started to talk to the same people who I saw regularly. And if you’re an artist, writer, or cosplayer who’s nervous about posting content, I can assure you there are TONS of people in the fandom who will appreciate every second of effort you put into your works. I can say for a fact my first fanart was horrendous compared to how I draw now, so no one will judge you for skill but instead love you for the content you provide!

Check out Bread’s art tag and show her some love!

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So a lot of the premise of S2E19 was the idea that Kara did a lot with her fists- and didn't consider talking. I was just wondering what you thought of that- Kara literally talked a robber down with just her words, and all of the sudden she doesn't know how to do it at all. Seriously, what is up with this backwards character development?

I’ve been thinking about your question for quite some time- which is why I’ve taken so long to respond, sorry, and it’s a very good one.

Yes, we did see Kara learn that fists aren’t always the answer to every solution in season one, and it was a beautiful episode.

So it does leave the question- why take that away from her character now?

The writers probably needed to further the problem of the episode, to show a direct source of conflict between the pair, so they took Kara’s reasoning skills down a couple notches to reduce her to being the ‘brawn’ so that Maggie could be the ‘brains’.

Let me explain the logic behind this. (Brace yourself, it’s a doozy.)

Maggie’s place in Team Supergirl is still undefined. Everyone else has already carved out a place for themselves within the group dynamics- for example, Winn with his technical skills, Alex with her general badassery. Given that the occupations of Alex and Maggie are so similar, it served as a catalyst for their meeting and subsequent encounters that led to their relationship. However, the similarities between them have made it so that Maggie cannot simply take the role of ‘badass with a gun’ within the group, because Alex already has it. This means that she must prove her worth to the team by providing a skill or talent that isn’t already there.

Kara, we know, is a very empathetic, kind character. While it makes sense for her to rush into danger heedlessly, due to her invulnerability to most forms of harm, it does not make sense for her to have broken a man’s arm or given another a concussion without feeling guilty about it. She’s lived on Earth for nearly half of her life, and we know for a fact that she’s learned how to regulate her strength very well. Besides that, she has always been reluctant to physically harm her opponents in debilitating ways. She normally incapacitates them as best as she can without injury. Whether this is due to her high level of empathy or her heroic sense of self- like Batman and his NO killing rule- is irrelevant. What matters is the fact that time and time again, we have seen her go to great lengths to resolve situations peacefully- attempting to sway Astra, for example- before resorting to violence.

So to have Kara so casually dismiss their injuries at the dinner table was completely out of character for her. While she uses the ‘greater good’ reasoning to justify her actions- by claiming that she saved the lives of the hostages- Kara has never been the type to risk others in the name of the ‘greater good.’ She would risk herself, as we saw at the end of season one, but she would never willingly compromise the safety of another individual- and if she did, she would feel extremely guilty about it. After she dropped Cat off of the balcony under the effects of Red K, despite the fact that Cat was not physically harmed, the guilt that wracked her was extreme. For Kara to break one man’s arm and leave another with a concussion is one thing, having her care so little about it is another, and a very out-of-character move for Kara. But then again, a lot of her actions were out of sync with the hero she has spent the past season developing into. However, it was done to have Maggie assert herself as someone capable of contributing ‘new’ skills to the team.

And having Maggie bring up the ‘Supergirl defense’ is another thing. Had Supergirl really used excessive force repeatedly, we would have seen mentions of this in the media when they criticized her previously. A superhero hurting people doesn’t make for much good publicity, does it? The vigilante defense is one thing, and they did have a point about debris-contaminated evidence, but Kara would never injure so many people and feel nothing about it.

Yet this is what they had her do.



It all comes back to cementing Maggie’s role in the team.

She needed a place, a position, as I said earlier, and in order to get that, she had to play a critical role in helping and mentoring Supergirl herself. So by making Kara take a few steps back in terms of character development, they allowed Maggie to be seen in a new light by the members of Team Supergirl. Through this, she was also able to finally gain the respect of our favorite hero, and forge a working, if not friendly, relationship with Kara.

This, however, cost Kara’s character something, but it was remedied at the end of the episode, where Kara is shown to have learned her lesson and talks the villain’s father into cooperating. A nice touch, but not as nice as having Maggie succumb to the demands of Alex’s classmate. It was a brilliant role reversal in which Maggie was forced to do exactly what she had accused Kara of doing earlier- taking the fast, brutal solution rather than negotiating and reasoning. Both characters learned a lesson in this episode, and it was very well-written.

Obviously, it wasn’t perfect- making Kara’s character backtrack wasn’t the smartest move, but it was efficient, and it got the job done at the end of the day.

However, we also can’t ignore the way that a lot of the character development from last season has been shunted off to the side or disappeared altogether- and not just for Kara. This, I DON’T blame on Maggie.

No, for this, I blame Mon-El.

To push him forward as one of the major players in what is shaping up to be the central conflict of the season- Rhea’s evil plans- the Supergirl writers had to quickly make him a ‘hero’ of sorts, in the audience’s eyes. Unfortunately, they did this by reducing the storylines of pretty much every other character, regularly giving him the spotlight of many episodes, and turning Kara into a rash, lovesick puppy too blinded by the shoddy writing and supposed charms of an alien frat boy to remember that her character- the character we came to love in season one- would never, ever be with a slave owner, or a man who can’t do the simple task of remaining faithful, or a man who tries to guilt her into a relationship by making her feel bad for not returning his feelings.

Mon-El is the ultimate representation of the self-proclaimed 'nice guy’ that we all love to hate.

Y'know, the guy who feels like he deserves everything, even if he does little or nothing to earn it, up to AND including a girl’s affections. The sleazy guy who offers to buy you a drink and gets mad when you turn it down. The guy with a chip on his shoulder who feels like the world owes him something simply because he’s a man. The guy who will sit down and talk with you like a rational human being, and say he’s not like other guys- until you turn him down for a date, and that’s exactly what he becomes. Entitled. Arrogant. Spoiled.

And Kara’s own behavior towards his guilt trip is another prime example of how poorly written her character has been the past season. Look at how gracefully she handled Winn’s unrequited affection for her- the pair came out stronger and better for it, and Winn grew into his own because of it. But now she immediately decides to jump into a relationship because his feelings for her- which were initially unreturned- caused her to have a magical change of heart?

Sorry, no.

There were so many other ways to develop Karamel as a legitimate, healthy relationship that I would respectfully acknowledge in spite of my support for SuperCorp.

Unfortunately, the writers made him too important, too quickly, which dashed any hope of a slow, realistic evolution into a redeemable, lovable character. Thanks, guys. He had serious potential, and if his story hadn’t been rushed so quickly that it became one the wildest face-heel turns to ever grace a television screen, he could’ve been a great character.

Could’ve been, but now he isn’t.

Sorry, Karamel shippers- if any of you are reading this. I hate hating a ship, but one as badly executed as this one doesn’t deserve even the dignity of my respect. I respect you, and your right to support it, but don’t ask me to do the same for your toxic ship.

Sorry if this response went on a bit of a tangent, anon, but I hope it all makes sense! :)

Remember, my ask is always open- for prompts, questions, advice, anything at all. :D

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I used to be anti-Shaladin, but not like, "people who ship [insert Shaladin ship] should go kill themselves!" I was more, "I don't like it cause of the age gap." Then I observed the Shaladins out of boredom a few times, and now I'm not anti-Shaladin. I'm still iffy on Shidge, but I don't like 100% hate on it. I'm an anti that became a non-anti, and it's all because of the cool Shaladin ship headcanons and fanart that kept being repetitive on my dash.

Literally I feel like a lot of antis are like this a lot of people who are just unsure of the ships refer to themselves as antis so you can’t work out who are the actual aggressive ones and the ones who are just chill people who have a ship preference bc the latter literally isn’t a problem

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For every @ I get, I have to tag someone I love/look up to!

@shesboundtolose (also tags Rhi’s other blogs @beautifullybrokenbrass @semperardens @fullofvoices @johnnysanamerican @pugnacity)
I’ve been writing with Rhi for a while now and I’m falling in love with her talent and muses all over again each time I see it on my dash. I first came across Lou and became completely smitten with her character and Rhi’s writing. And it only got better as I was introduced to the other blogs you see above. Rhi is a wonderful mun and brings such a joy to my dash.

A partner that has been with me since the beginning, Ari has easily become another of my favorite writers because of all the amazing replies I’ve seen from her. Our partnership started with Kim and Brent and expanded to other ships as we both added more muses, that have taken over my soul. I love her dearly and will always love her and consider her to be one of my good friends.

Bree is a wonderful person and a lovely writer. Her muses are so awesome and I love how our ships have grown and continue to grow, and I wanna write with you for a long time. She’s a bae and she’s my bae.

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11, 25, 30, 31 for the shipping meme? :'D

Thank you, Ericka! <3 

11. Talk about your favorite first kiss.

THE MENTALIST!! Omg, I think I stopped breathing when Jane followed Lisbon on the plane and told her he loved her and she told him it was too late. Cut to Jane being detained in the airport prison (BECAUSE YOU DON’T FREAKING BREAK INTO AIRPLANES!) and then Lisbon comes in and they kiss. After 6 years of waiting, I screamed.  

25. Have you ever shipped a pairing before you even started watching the show/movie simply because of gifs and graphics or similar?

Yup! The best example that comes to mind is The Vampire Diaries. I basically first became aware of it because of a fan video that I saw by accident on YouTube autoplay. Decided to watch the show solely based on that vid. Also Outlander, I think. It just became popular and my dash was full of it so I got into it like that :)  

30. Name a couple of fandoms in which you have no ships.

Hm, I tend not to have ships in ensemble cast shows, like Criminal Minds or Quantico or Blindspot because there’re too many characters? I’m not sure if it makes sense or how it works :P And also in comedies. Basically, Parks and Rec is the only comedy show where I actually cared about pairings, but in, say, The Office or Community it was not a deciding factor. 

31. Talk about one of your favorite headcanons for a ship you love.

Lmao, this is a dangerous territory because right now I’m obsessed with Clawen, as most of you are aware of, and I could just keep on listing my fave HCs forever. There are just so many that I love! To name just a few - Owen’s obsession with Claire’s red hair and her freckles, and her glasses because she looks just so damn adorable. Also I’m quite fond of the idea of their totally wild sex drive in the beginning of their relationship ;) AND how Owen is the only person in the world who can make her feel at peace with herself. 

Shippers Meme

ALRIGHT! I AM LOoking for some new content on my dash. If your blog has any of this on it PLEASE like/reblog. And pls follow my anime/games side blog @inquisitorofhyrule 😄🙇👀

-Dan And Phil
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-Bungo Stray Dogs
-Kiss Him, Not Me
-Just anime in general bc im not going to sit and list all the ones I’m interested in
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I realize that these days I basically just make endless posts about why I love various star wars characters but like

I love the fact that Han Solo obviously does not know how to Amicably End A Relationship Like A Goddamn Adult, and instead chooses to dramatically burn down every single bridge at the slightest hint of discord like—of course you have not seen your wife in ten years. Your ex-boyfriend was treated to the sourest bitterest break-your-heart-and-steal-your-ship split just because he wanted to switch careers, and your war-time hookup became a Jedi, why would this go well.

I love the fact that Lando Calrissian was a secret business nerd the whole time he was smuggling things with Han. Like I bet Han was a skinny streak of nothing much on Corellia envisioning exciting showdowns in Space™ with his dashing cape-y new bf but instead he got a nerd who spends time lovingly double-checking the paperwork so they can dodge certain trade embargoes.

(“I gave up being a pirate to get my MBA” —Lando Calrissian.)

I love how Rey spends those three weeks after Starkiller wandering around the Resistance base fixing things. (What else is she supposed to do? She can’t make Finn wake up any faster, and General Organa doesn’t seem to need a random scavenger with a couple fancy lightsaber tricks, so she’s useless. And Rey has been a lot of things but never useless.) She gets away with most of it, though Poe is horrified at how much Hutt slang BB-8 is picking up, and some of freighters have strange new features, like flame-throwers.

After Rey reprograms the caf machine in the mess to chirp “Good morning!” and wait for a response before it will dispense, Leia puts her foot down. “Maybe it’s time you go looking for my brother after all,” she says as diplomatically as she can. The pilots breathe a collective sigh of relief.

(Also like. How much do I love Leia Organa, who at fifty-mumblemumble is leader of a guerrilla fighting force, I mean, she is literally one of those weirdos on a commune calling themselves “the militia” or whatever. Except she is right! Leia doesn’t do a lot of things very well she’s not very warm or maternal or wifely or sisterly, she wasn’t a very good politician, all said, but she’s a tactical genius and she’s never quite shaken how happy she is living off rations and awful briefings and shit bases. Really, she reads the fabric of war like—well, like the Force, and she’s wondered about that sometimes too.)

I love how Finn wakes up to Major Kalonia’s very dry bedside manner and manages to make her blink twice when she realizes he knows all the names of veins and sinews and other bits of xeno antomy without corresponding human attributes. True, he knows them mostly because he’s been taught to shoot at a human’s femoral artery or a gungan’s sertsam, but anatomy is anatomy all the same. The first time Kalonia lets him assist with an honest-to-maker patient—which, it’s Jess, but it’s Jess bleeding and half-sobbing, and Finn is the one who has to hold her down so the meddroid can do it’s work—

“You did well,” Kalonia says afterward, disposing of the sonic wand-tip. “And the rest you can learn, in time.”

I even love how Kylo Ren is clearly that awful arrogant kid in the history PhD program who takes his specialization in Late Republic/Early Imperial way too seriously, has traced his family tree back to edward II darth vader, and buys into all the crazy crackpot historian theories like “padme amidala and anakin skywalker were secret lovers” “obi-wan kenobi lived in the desert for 20 years communing with the living force” “the jedi order was corrupted by its ties to the senate and the political status quo, its collapse was a foregone conclusion”

honestly it is beautiful 2 me how everyone fighting  the star wars is such a huge nerd wow

My OTPs part 11

Erwin x Levi or Eruri: I didn’t mean to,it’s all Erwin Smith’s fault.I started reading Shingeki no Kyojin and Erwin immediately became my favorite character.I saw lots of beautiful art of Erwin and Levi together on my dash,but I was reluctant to ship them because I knew,I just knew he was going to die.

But the appeal of this ship was so strong to me,their power dynamics,the size difference,their interactions within the manga story becoming more and more interesting.I couldn’t help myself.

The first doujinshi of this pairing I read was Melt by skull9 (the cover attracted me so much) but it was Hitomi’s work that sealed my fate.It’s so perfect.

In a rational level I understanding Erwin’s death and Levi’s role in it,and how he respected Erwin’s choice in the end,but emotionally I’m still so bitter about it (Isayama WHY???).

It’s the first first in my fandom life that half of my OTP dies,but I’ll cherish the art,fics and doujinshis the talented artists made and for me,my ship will never sink,they’ll live together in all the AUs and canon divergent fanarts and fanfics.

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Salty ask list #3

Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion?

I remembered I used to follow someone for being a Science Bros fan. However, she started shipping Brut@sh@ and became later a Rick and Morty fan. No disrespect to her, but I was sick and tired of seeing both on my dash all the time and I had to unfollow. 

I also unfollowed two people for hating Miraculous Ladybug and a few others for shipping st@rco (again, no disrespect, but I just couldn’t stand the ship anymore).

Ruby Rose Kisses (Almost) Every Girl RANKINGS

I haven’t seen this one yet so I’d like to resurrect this terribly underfed blog (sorry about that by the way) to list, in order, my favorite Rube Smooches- as written by @xekstrin. (This is just my personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of Viz Media, Paramount Pictures, or any other corporation to which I have no relation. I’ll also announce that if you’re tired of this blog not producing (sorry,) you can always follow me on my normal blog, @gottalovethosecostcomuffins​, which has been known to reblog at least one thing per day. Maybe more. Let’s begin!

21. There are really that many of these? Goodness. I’ll be here awhile. The bottom of this list is BY NO MEANS the “worst” Ruby smooch, as if there could be such a thing, but something has to go here!
Ciel starts us off this morning. I honestly pictured the obstacle course for MW2 for this piece. This also scratches my “Ciel is a tough, smol cookie” HC, which is nice, but it also mentioned suicides, which I hated, so there.
Kiss rating: 7/10. Good on Ruple for being conscious of her own sweat. Simple soul confirmed.   

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do you ship korrasami?

okay so I’ve only seen a couple episodes of legend of korra (i absolutely loved a:tla though) just due to missing the episodes when they aired and it not being available on netflix, but i’m sure I would ship it if I ever got around to watching. and I was super excited for that fandom when it became canon in the last episode, seeing as it was a nickelodeon/children’s show and all that. If I ever get the chance, I’ll definitely watch it.

Never written one of these before because I’ve never had this many followers??! First before I get into any of these names and the long winded messages to you lovely people. I just want to say I am thankful to you all, for taking the time to follow me here. Eleven is just so cute and I enjoy that you all have taken a liking to her also. c: I feel like I’m making a speech right now!! I’m having an award here. Jsyk I like to ramble, probably going to have a bit of it in here. I’m also writing this on no sleep, cue rambling, sleeping Mina. Oh yeah, I’m Mina! If none of you knew. There. Let’s get into the read more before I start chatting more. (and please take this crappy graphic, idek what it is?? it’s something i cooked up!!??)

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what's your shipping story? you're one of the more low key shippers, so what made you ship Valdaya?

I had stopped watching the show a long time before season 16.  I would watch bits and pieces of episodes, just to see couple I was interested in, but I wasn’t a hardcore fan.  I knew who Z was and when they announced she would be on the show I knew I was going to watch.  I knew who Val was and had seen some of his season with Sherri and thought they were hilarious together.  I hadn’t seen any of his season with Kelly, so I didn’t know about how funny it actually was the show putting Val with the 16 year old Disney girl right after the season he and Kelly got dirty on the dance floor every week.  So, I became a fan of Val because of his season with Z.

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