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Someone’s Making Friends - Jakob Chychrun Imagine

Could you do a chychrun imagine where you meet his teammates and the wags? Thank you kindly!

I don’t know how I feel about this one… I don’t really like it… You can tell because I’m using too many ellipses… Anyway, I hope you like it even though I don’t and I hope this is what the requester wanted (I don’t think it is I’m sorry). Thanks for reading! -Accius

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  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: Okay the idea that we can just use Grace Burgess AKA Grace Fucking Shelby as some kind of on-going torture trope for Thomas is kind of ridiculous. I really love Tommy with my entire heart and soul but I am sick and tired of this whole "kill off our female lead and make it a plot twist" game. It's not even a TWIST any more because I saw it happening a mile away. Grace Burgess was a god damn spy that pulled a fast one over THOMAS SHELBY aka mob boss of the peaky fucking blinders gang. Grace Burgess struggled in the streets and killed a man. Grace Burgess shot up some dudes in a pub to save Tommy's life, then single handedly watched him beat the living shit post-PTSD out of them. And she prevailed, and she saw him and did not run away. Grace Burgess was an agent of the crown and held a gun to Polly Shelby's face, only to sit down and settle things like a woman. She was an UNDERCOVER SPY. She fucking shot a man holding a gun to her head in the leg and crippled him with a gun she kept hidden in her handbag. Tommy Shelby brought Grace to his business meetings because he needed a touch of "class". Grace Shelby looked Duchess Tatiana square in the eye and challenged her, like "My man will kiss that hand of yours but his lips have been on my pussy, not yours." Grace Shelby has always known the consequences of loving Thomas Shelby. Don't think for a second she is the naive housewife she has been portrayed as lately. Keep in mind Grace Shelby's entire persona is about being underestimated. If it's one thing we've learned, don't underestimate her. Grace Shelby is not afraid of guns. Or fast women. Or violence. Or looking at Tommy Shelby the wrong way. Grace Shelby is surrounded by pretty things with a pretty lifestyle, and knows exactly what kind of money is being used to pay for everything. Grace Shelby wants a better life for her and her husband, but she's the Queen and the show has been about watching her rise. She will cut you, slay you, and destroy you while maintaining the femininity that she reeks of. Grace Shelby is not a pawn to toss around for the benefit of the males around her-- shoot her down & watch her rise like the Grace of God. Like she should. Like she will.
Larry Fic Rec: Not in 1D but Still Famous AUs

Since it’s the long break and Drama is in the air I’m splitting up my Master Fic Rec because it’s getting crazy long! (If you have any fic recs for me or have a fic rec request let me know!)

01/25/16 New additions marked with *s. Roughly organized by publication date.

led by your beating heart - missandrogyny
Harry’s in One Direction, Louis isn’t, and they reconnect over a game of ‘Call or Delete’.

Dream Awake - protagonist_m
Louis sees Harry perform at a music festival as an unsigned act and convinces him to spend the rest of the weekend in his company. Harry gets signed; life changes. They never really wake up from the dream. 

Talk is Cheap, My Darling - bandshirtedboybanders
Louis’ the host of the UK’s biggest talk show and he doesn’t have time for lothario popstars. 

With a Heart as Cold as Ice (You’re the Sugar to my Spice) - thetommo1d
Ten years of Louis Tomlinson’s life in which he loves, hates and pines over Harry Styles.

My English Love Affair - isthatyoularry                                                          
The thing about sleeping with a member of a famous indie band is that the inevitability of having a song written about you is most likely a hundred percent.

a million roses (bathed in rock n’ roll) - deLILAh
harry sings in smoky dive bars; louis misses his flight home.

Empty Skies - green_feelings
For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him.

your love is bright as ever (baby love me lights out) - tomorrows
Harry’s got a late night talk show, Louis’ got a couple of Grammys, they’re best friends who like to kiss.

we’re the sparks that never fade - crucios
A garden state au in which harry doesn’t even know what’s wrong with him, louis lies a lot, and in the end it doesn’t really matter because all they needed was each other.

Hats Off To My Distant Hope - navigator
Harry is in White Eskimo. Louis is in London.

Thought The Song Was Sung - 100percentsassy
Louis never auditioned for the X-Factor. Years later, Harry’s just another gay ex-boybander who lives alone with his cat… until Niall decides to take matters into his own hands and set up a profile for Harry on a dating website.

Under The Same Sun - FeelsForBreakfast
Louis and Harry live 400 miles away from each other. Sometimes it’s hard.

Truly, Madly, Deeply (10 Things I Hate About You) - sunsetmog
They’re all in sixth form together, and Harry auditions for X Factor without them.

Fall Into Your Gravity - zarah5
Harry is an overnight pop sensation and Louis steals plants, Zayn pulls Liam’s proverbial pigtails and Niall’s really just pleased there are more girls for him.


For making me avoid looking up the tag because of a certain group of shippers.

Seriously, guys/gals/people, it really blows about the fact that I can’t even look up nice art, funny text posts, etc. without seeing nothing but hate for certain ships. It’s really bullshit and you guys know it.

The game ends in 13 DAYS!!! Chloe is DEAD, Rachel is DEAD, Arcadia Bay is going to be annihilated, and Max and Victoria is in serious trouble. Does ships really matter that much to you people that you can’t get your heads out of your own asses to see the bigger picture?

I’m all for people having their ships and everything, don’t get me wrong. But spreading hate, rude comments, shamming another person for not going with your ship, and even death threats??? That ain’t cool, y'all. We’re suppose to be accepting of people and everything because we all have this indie-ish game in common, right? Its no wonder why it is that people hate this game’s fan base. You guys are acting like dicks.

So, please, can we go back to the point where we all shared theories, headcannons, and accepting each other’s ships? Please?

anonymous asked:

My heartbreaking truth is that I've officially decided I'm going to kill myself.

Let me tell you something, dear; life is not like the video games that you love to play so much. There is no ‘try again’ button. You can’t just press a “shut off” button because things aren’t going fine right now but you want to try again later on. Instead of that you have to keep going, and fight for what you want. You can’t just give up now and try again later, you have to keep fighting, and better things will come your way.

If you killed yourself today, tomorrow you could have found the love of your life; you could have rekindled your relationship with your old best friend and realized that your parents love you more than you think they do. How can things get better if you don’t give them time?

Place your hand over your heart. That pulsating beat you feel is what you call purpose. You are a human being made up of over 7,000 atoms and you want to destroy each and every one of them. God put you on this earth for a reason, and it is up to you to find it out. There may be something bigger waiting on the horizon after death, but your time on Planet Earth isn’t up yet.

It might not be going good right now, but that doesn’t mean that tomorrow or the day after it still will be? You’re a great person, you’ll find something that makes you feel better and makes your days better again. Or maybe you’re not looking for someone, but something, you never know. Life isn’t easy, and it never will be, but please don’t consider giving up yet. 

You’re great, you’re amazing, you’re sweet, you’re nice, you’re funny, and you’re so much more worth. There always will be people who will care for you, always. They might not always show it, but trust me, they still care for you, more than you’ll probably ever realize. 

And just like my little blue buddy here told me several years ago