it barely has a name

A reminder that the “Borderline” in Borderline Personality Disorder does not mean someone barely has a personality disorder or that they’re almost neurotypical. The name “Borderline Personality Disorder” comes from the fact that the initial doctor to study it said sufferers live on the border between psychosis (disconnection from reality) and neurosis (having anxiety, depression, or obsessive tendencies, etc that don’t quite cause disconnection from reality). 

Everything I Didn’t Know I Wanted (Snowbaz blurb)

“Oh my god.”


“I mean… Oh my god!”

“Don’t you dare speak of this ever again, Snow, or I swear I will–”

Your full name is Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch?!”

Fuck off, Snow. I mean, your last name is literally snow. It fits though because snow falls from the sky and you fall down stairs,” that smirk turns up the corners of Baz’s lips. His perfect lips. I mean, not that I’d ever given much thought to his lips.

“Okay, but your name sounds like a really spiced up dinosaur. How ridiculous is that?” I can’t keep the laugh from escaping. It was just too ridiculous. This extremely proper perfectionist shares his first name with a dinosaur that barely has any arms. 

“Yea? Well, your last name literally has a piss joke made about it all the time.” The smirk was gone and was replaced by a frown. I knew I should feel proud to have made a Pitch feel ashamed, but I oddly didn’t. I felt…guilty.

“Aww, I’m sorry.. Did I upset you…..Tyrannus?” Okay, moment of guilt was gone. His name would never cease to amuse me.

“Shut up, Snow,” was the surprising response I got. He..wasn’t fighting back. Now that I looked at his expression, he just seemed tired. Not like the I’m-gonna-go-to-sleep-now tired. More the, I-can’t-deal-with-this-any-longer kind of tired. I guess he just didn’t to deal with me anymore. Aaand moment of guilt has returned. 

“Baz,” I say normally, all amusement gone from my voice. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

He looked about as shocked as I did from my words. I was apologizing? To Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch? 

“I’m not upset because of a bloody name, you idiot. I’m upset because, well because…”

“What? Dinosaur got your tongue?” I smirk at him, taking a step closer as if daring him to do anything to me. 

“Shut up, Snow,” he glares at me sharply.

“Make me.”

I smirk, knowing what I was doing.

He kisses me, and suddenly, I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m kissing back and it feels good and right and like everything I didn’t know I wanted.

Okay Cassie said about four is gonna die so let’s hope to god she spare these people

Malec(of course my OTP go first)
Mark & Kierian(I can barely spell Kierian moe likely there ship name HA)
Kitty(There is so much to explore)
Livvy(A part of ty would die if she does)
Tavvy(I cannot re live Max’s death again)
Drusilla(My fictional courageous twin)
Anyone else from the T.M.I (I am attached)
Emma(My favorite heroine role model)
Diego(He wouldn’t be perfect if he died)
Cristina (Who else is gonna look after Emma when Julian is busy)
Julian(The blackthorns cannot lose another dad)
Jemma(Jem just got her back)


Do you like science fiction?

Do you like military fiction?

Do you like badass leading ladies?

Do you like cats?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have a book series for you!

The Honor Harrington Series by David Weber is a space opera that takes place 2000 years in the future and centers on a 6'2" lady space navy captain who is capable of killing most human beings with her bare hands. Also, she has been adopted by a sentient hexipedal cat named Nimitz.

You’re welcome.

let’s see a smile

gif fic; suicide squad (2016); joker/harley; SPOILERS

The Joker has but one signature laugh, but he has over fifty different kinds of smiles that all mean different things and all meant for different people.

He has one particular teeth-baring smile that he had specially named Harley’s Smile because it was her favorite. It was a smile that said heh heh oopsie, or a sheepish little ummm, this is awkward and it drives Harley nuts, because in her words it was sooooooo adorable that she couldn’t even resist giving him that machine gun when he asked for it.

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anonymous asked:

Remove the capitan armband from Neuer since he has been named he has barely gone to the international matches due to "problems" when in reality he is just hanging out around Germany. That is not how a capitan should behave. I know his calf has been giving him problems since a couple of weeks back but why would he play for Bayern but can't go on int. break, he could have sitted on the bench during the games while training the bare minimum.

I would never ever chose him as a captain and I hope Carlo will not chose him for next season as a captain. I have no idea why he said he is injured again because he isn’t.


Briggs Doctor (she has no name so I call her Patricia) has barely any page/screen time but I love her A Lot so here are my fave panels of her (AND HER BIGGEST BRO)

First name basis

Summary: It’s been nearly ten years since then, and only now has Oga decided to call Furuichi by his first name.
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: OgaFuru
Word count: 1.6k
Notes: My submission for ogafuru week, day one: First Time.

The first time Oga calls Furuichi by his given name, barely a day has passed since Oga finally came back from the Demon World.

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A reminder that the “Borderline” in Borderline Personality Disorder does not mean someone barely has a personality disorder or that they’re almost neurotypical. The name “Borderline Personality Disorder” comes from the fact that the initial doctor to study it said suffers live on the border between psychosis (disconnection from reality) and neurosis (having anxiety, depression, or obsessive tendencies, etc that don’t quite cause disconnection from reality).

A follow up reminder that people with BPD are not “manipulative because they just want to be the center of attention”, they are often in a lot of distress that they don’t have the skills to handle and are often desperate to prove they’re worthwhile or prevent a potential abandonment.

Additional reminder there are some professionals who think it should be recategorized from a personality disorder to a type of PTSD, because it is really similar on a lot of levels.

archer’s existence is just so so fascinating to me because he’s so many concepts. and not even on a narrative level he’s literally the concept of “humanity’s idea of justice”, the concept of “swords”, the concept of “a person who makes swords”, all those concepts taken to their logical extreme and combined into this one existence known as archer.

and he embodies those concepts but he wasn’t created as the embodiment of those concepts. he was a regular human that those concepts were imposed on, a person who latched himself on to those concepts and shaped himself to represent those concepts until eventually only the concepts were left. 

the human “emiya shirou” no longer exists within archer. the person “emiya shirou” barely still exists within archer. he’s barely a person at all he’s a concept, he has no name, we call him “archer” to identify him but that’s just an empty title shared with several others. “EMIYA” isn’t truly his name either because that refers to the human he no longer is. all that’s left is conceptual titles like “wrought iron hero”, “blacksmith hero”, “hero of justice”, nothing that identifies him as a person anymore.

but!! at the same time!! he’s still a person!!! he’s not purely concepts he wasn’t MADE as purely concepts. no matter how many concepts are layered onto him his core is still that of the person named Emiya Shirou who wanted to save the world, who wanted to help people, who simply wanted for the people in his view not to cry. the embodiment of humanity’s idea of justice lists having his own brand of cooking utensils as his dream.

Dead Circus

Alois was bored. Or, as bored as one could be after watching a circus performance. Perhaps the dazzling costumes and dangerous stunts just didn’t interest him as much as it did commoners. That, or it was just because he was here to help solve multiple missing children cases.

Which, the Queen’s spider thought, was going absolutely nowhere. Actually, the whole night had been a bore so far. Claude was being an ass, per usual, and the people Alois was supposed to be helping hadn’t shown themselves to him yet. The Queen’s letter didn’t mention who he was supposed to be accompanying, just that they would approach him first.

“Well, they’re right asses, they are, for being late to their own case!” The blonde mumbled to himself as he stood outside of the main circus tent. Even he could see that this was going nowhere, fast.


I’m just saying, we all thought 1989 Taylor was confident AF, I mean this new era has barely even started, not even a name yet and I can already tell Taylor’s confidence levels are going to reach new, fantastic heights

In the Morning

Pairing: aou!Pietro x reader

Prompt: My darling friend over at kamalas-fanfiction tagged me in this and I honestly felt my writers block being smashed into oblivion whilst reading that fic, so here we are!

A/N: Bit shorter than what my stuff normally is, I apparently haven’t posted any writing in 4 weeks (thanks writers block lmao) so let’s call this a re-warmup period, so this is only 1100 words! Feel free to send in drabble requests to help me get back into the swing of things!

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