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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 5

A/N: I was gonna update yesterday, but yanno school is stressful yet a top priority. I don’t have much to say, but I'm glad you all like the last part and I’m thankful for all of the nice feedback in my dms. (You get to learn a small ounce about my childhood you guys lmao) I hope you guys enjoy part 5 and remember as always I need 100 notes to release part 6💕

I coulda ended it better too, sorry bout that. It’s past two in the morning on a school night and I ran out of ideas…

**WARNING**: Slight smut, not much though

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

“Y/N…” Calum grumbled, flipping onto his side to see you better and rubbing his eyes tiredly.


“Do you think fish go to heaven?”

You couldn’t help but to snort as the sleepy boy asked the question. You were currently in his bed and watching Law&Order SVU on Netflix as he struggled to stay awake. He had called you over an hour or two ago because he was bored out of his mind and now it was just a little past two in the morning. You were hesitant at coming over at first, not wanting to be seen by his roommate, but he convinced you his friend was heavily sleeping since it was so late at night. You also gave into coming over because you hadn’t seen him in almost a week and missed his scent and cheeky smile.


“I’m pretty sure they do, Calum, why?”

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À Triomphe - BTS AU

AU:  Art Thief!Bangtan

Description: You are a curator at one of the many museums in Paris, and have finally earned the bosses trust.  But after a strange meeting with a new coworker and his friends, you begin receiving messages from an unknown party.

Part: Seven / Six / Five / Four / Three / Two / One

Warnings: Swearing, Suggestive Situations.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

The house had become quiet, something you had longed for.  You began to wonder what would become of you.  

How long can I last here?

What’s going to happen to me?

Does anyone know I’m gone?

Your mind cluttered with worrying thoughts, sending you back and forth as question after question drowned you. Your back was pressed against the wall beside Jin’s door.  You’d assumed he had fallen asleep as he hadn’t bothered to come out.  It’d been hours.  Your head rolled as you grew drowsy, a jolt of energy springing through you just as your eyes would fall shut.  

A door slammed, the noise ricocheting throughout the house.  Footsteps gained on your position, accompanied with a pair of long legs; it was Jeongguk.  He stopped in front of you, multiple bags in hand as he cocked his head to the side.  “What the fuck are you doing?”  He laughed to himself. “Did Jin toss out his toy?”

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Stuck: Part 2 -- Bughead Au

Word Count: 2,483

Rated: R

A/N: Click here for Part 1. The widely anticipated part 2! Betty and Jughead are out of the elevator, but is the spark still there? Sorry it came out a bit later than expected, but I think the extra time was worth it. Enjoy!

“Hey, kid.” Jughead felt a nudge on his shoulder. “Wake up. I think it’s about time you head home.”

Jughead eyes fluttered open, finding a man in grey coveralls kneeling beside him, looking at him quizzically. Where the hell-? Something moved against his leg and he glanced down. A sheet of blonde hair fanned across his thigh and a name popped into his head. Betty. Jughead smiled at the beautiful girl and remembered the night before; the strawberry daiquiri taste of her lips on his, her nimble fingers pulling at the short hair on the back of his neck.

“Are you okay?” The man said, pulling Jughead out of his daydream. “When did you get stuck in here?”

The dark haired boy stretched his arms, trying to push the sleepy fuzz out of his head. A pink cardigan fell into his lap. “We uh- it stopped around nine-thirty last night.”

“Really? And nobody found you?”

Jughead shrugged. “Apparently not. And nobody answered the call button.”

“Well, you better wake up your girl and head home.”

“Oh, she’s not-” As Jughead spoke Betty rolled onto her back, long eyelashes fluttering as she woke. She looked up at Jughead and pulled his jacket up to her chin. Betty smiled at the boy who’s lap she’d fallen asleep on. While she was acutely aware that she was laying on the dirty floor of her apartment’s elevator, she couldn’t stop thinking about Jughead’s hands running across her naked back, his lips traveling down her body.  She just wanted to get out of this elevator so they could finish what they’d started and fulfill the promise Jughead had given her. Betty’s hand slid along the seam of the boy’s black jeans until her hand reached his.

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Hateno Housemates Pt 1 (Post-BOTW Zelink)

Some domestic Zelink fluff as requested by @liv-andletdie. Part One of Four!
|Part Two| Part Three | Part Four | AO3 Link |

Pairing: Zelda x Link
Setting: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild (postgame)
Words: 770


It’ll have to do Link decided the evening before Zelda was due to arrive. You can stop cleaning now, Hero.

He’d spent the past two, maybe three days cleaning out his Hateno home to make way for the Princess.  Hyrule Castle itself was still in disrepair; most of it was untraversable, either caved in or crawling with Malice. And after one too many times losing her work to a gust of wind and a gap in the wall, Zelda decided she would just live somewhere else while repairs were being done.  

Link couldn’t quite remember offering for her to stay. They had been walking along the battlements together, Link listening as Zelda lamented the state of the castle. She’d asked him what he thought they should do – and Link had tried not to sound too hopeful as he mentioned that he’d bought a house in Hateno. The next thing he knew they were planning living arrangements and discussing how to split up chores. Zelda would take the loft, and Link the main floor, and it all seemed a wonderful idea until her arrival actually neared. Link was unable to stop fretting, and so had been furiously cleaning to try to dampen his nerves. 

Neither of them planned to be there very often anyway, preferring the road to being cooped up at home; Zelda was about to begin a tour through the major settlements of Hyrule, and Link had business in Akkala aiding the restoration of the Citadel. The Hateno home would be little more than a base of operations until the Castle was done – they couldn’t call it living together.

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The Protected, Part 2

Pairing: Bucky x OFC

Word count: 953

Warnings: Drama, intrigue, humor, and a little romance. Slow burn.

Originally posted by laurenkmyers

They walked in silence until the end of the tunnel presented itself with a small wooden door near the floor. She leaned down and flipped open a panel to reveal a keypad. Typing in a few numbers, she put a hand on the door and with a loud scraping noise that didn’t seem proportional to the size of the door, it opened.

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First Day of School

Rated PG, no warnings. Artemis’s first day at St. Vitus Academy means changes for the team. 2356 words. Young Justice/Arrow crossover. Part of the Artemis & Felicity Verse: Not That Kind of Hero || Council Meeting || Responsible Parenting || First Day of School || Saturday Morning TV || Moving Blues || Carnival Dreams || The Peanut Gallery|| Youth Culture

“Well, c’mon, stand up straight.”

Artemis gave her the most impressive eye-roll to date. “This is stupid.”

“Indulge me.”

If anything, the girl slouched more. “It’s not even my first real day of school. I’m not five.”

“Yes,” Felicity said, still holding her phone up and zooming in a little. “But it’s your first day at St. Vitus, and we’re going to document these things properly.”

Artemis’s chin rose. “Why?”

“Because that’s the way these things work. To embarrass you. Because I want to. Pick one of the above. Now, c’mon, smile.”

Artemis made a face that was more of a grimace, all of her teeth showing.

“Close enough,” Felicity said, and she snapped the picture, taking two just to be safe. “Look at that. Instant memories.”

“Lame,” Artemis said, re-shouldering her backpack.

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