it badger

Vulture culture help needed!

Not my photos but on a local photography page, someone found this skeleton. They were thinking badger but nobody is 100% sure.
Can anyone on here ID it? I’m in the east of England if that helps at all.

Apparently the skull is about 4 inches and from nose to end is about 25/30 inches.

I’m going to try and find it in the next 3 days as the man who posted the photo was kind enough to give me directions as to where it is.
I’m hoping to god it’s still there as it will be my first ever Vulture Culture piece and It’s in brilliant shape.
I’ll be devastated if I can’t find it. Such a good find.

Newt isn’t just a Hufflepuff Badger, he’s a Hufflepuff Honey Badger.  

Everyone:  Newt you can’t bring all these illegal magical beasts into New York.  You cannot set them loose.  No stop trying to pet that it’s dangerous NEWT.

Newt:  *literally doesn’t give a shit*


Nightshade’s homework session was interrupted by a sharp rap on the front door - his old(ish) friend, Rosemary Breeze-Peach! Her birthday was the same day as his and Juniper’s, and she’d cut her hair short in a fit of teen rebellion. He felt a little awkward around her now, noticing things about her that he’d never noticed before, like her piercing eyes or strikingly pink lips… 

ft Rosehip, thinking about herself. Of course.

  • So they have parseltongues right. Talking to snakes is totally a thing in the wizard world. But do they have other animal languages too? like idk eaglemouth for example
  • Also Harry: *flaps arms in a bird like fashion
  • Hermione: Harry, there's a reason the symbol of Ravenclaw is an eagle. Rowena Ravenclaw was an eaglemouth. She could talk to eagles too

 feliz navidad y feliz año nuevo!! ^_^

its been a though year, but finally we are here!

another one its coming.. we’ll make it through guys, together

the best wishes and hope you like it!!


A relaxed game of horseshoes was the perfect time to catch up on how they’d both been lately. Frenchie and Salem, although an unlikely combination for various reasons when they were living in Mari - like Frenchie being somewhat dead - found that once they moved to Linmeadow and parted ways, they found space to miss each other. Frenchie coyly remarked on how she wasn’t sure if they were done having children yet.