it b1a4 was hard :(

Not to sound dramatic but becoming a Kpop Fan is one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made, and I do not reget it at all.

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I'm not sure if this is something weird to be upset about, but I get quite upset at Gongchan's lack of lines. It makes me worry a lot, I'm not sure who decides line distribution, but I've also noticed that he doesn't have as many solo activities as the rest of the boys. Am I being stupid? Sorry to get all emotional on you, I love your blog xxx

Hello!!! You’re definitely not stupid because as a Gongchan’s voice enthusiast I’ve thought similar things in the past, but I feel like this is something that you don’t particularly need to be upset about. As far as things go I think Gongchan is happy with everything as it is right now! (of course I can’t guarantee but it seems like it). 

Since I’m not entirely sure what about it all upsets you I’m just gonna do my best to make you feel better about it haha

I don’t think it’s a case of “Gongchan’s the weakest singer so we’ll give him the least parts” because in this radio interview they talk about how they distribute lines. CNU said that when he writes a song he writes it with parts for each member in mind, and Jinyoung said each member sings the song and they choose who did which part best for the different sections of the song. They choose the voice with the tone that suits the song you know? Like in this vlive (around 31:40) CNU talks about how Gongchan’s part in Nightmare is his favourite part, and that his voice is what helped the most make the song so colourful (”Gongchan completed the song”). SO if you’re upset about him not being as appreciated like, sure, he generally doesn’t get as many parts as the others but he is still a valued member of the group!!!

Also, if Gongchan had an issue with not getting a lot of lines in songs, I really believe he’d talk to everyone about it since they’ve been so set on communicating clearly since the early days.

As for the lack of solo activities, I think that is completely Gongchan’s choice. He seems to have a more introverted personality and I think he’s content with his level of visibility in the public eye as it is. Actually in this interview with a WM Entertainment representative she explained that they basically get to decide what solo activities and such they want to do. I don’t think he has little schedules due to people not liking him or not thinking he’s good enough, but rather that’s simply what he’s decided. 

This got really long really quickly but I hope you feel a little better about it all!!💖💖 Gongchan has a lovely voice and everyone in B1A4 loves hims so much!! 

 If anyone has anything to add feel free!  

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Hamlet was fun!!!
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For the playlist thing, rainy afternoon chilling with your pets in bed! /shinwosmile

this…. is such a good concept i love it

  1. Winter Bird - Suran
  2. Agit - Oh My Girl
  3. When it Snows - B1A4 ft. I
  4. Coffee- BTS
  5. Hard to Love -  Bolbbalgan4
  6. The Rain - Ladies’ Code
  7. My Old Story - IU
  8. Rude Love - f(x)
  9. Cat’s Eyes - Astro
  10. The Moment I Fall For You Again - B1A4

send me playlist: title and i’ll say which songs i think belong in it