it b1a4 was hard :(

Not to sound dramatic but becoming a Kpop Fan is one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made, and I do not reget it at all.


*DAY6 as in the entire every day6 project

Tagged by @oseunghee (thank you !! ily 💕) for my favourites 2017 albums!

I’ve tried to include the albums I liked and listened to the most but this is hard ahshskgshsjsj
Special shout out to LOONA because every single song/album they’ve released were pure perfection !!! Also other albums I wanted to include:
- ‘0M’ by Park Won (thank you kim minhyuk for introducing me to his music)
- ‘Signal’ by Twice (idc what people say the songs on that album are freaking amazing)
- ‘Brother Act.’ by BTOB (what a masterpiece)
- ‘Gravity’ by KNK (another masterpiece)
- Pentagon, CLC, Gfriend, NCT, EXO… (I just wanted to thank them for keeping blessing us all the time with amazing music)
- Not an album but ‘Love is gone’ by MAP6 for not only being the song of the year but the song of life
There are so many other albums and artists I’d love to include but this is already getting too long so I’ll stop here 😂

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[TRANS] B1A4 ROLLIN’ thanks to. messages


We’re experiencing this great day again! It’s comeback day! hehe Our album preparations were fun, but I think lately my thoughts have become deeper through the process of working on our album. Since our debut up to this moment, we’ve spent time together with our BANAs right? I started to wonder how I could freshly express this time we’ve spent together into music. Every day with our BANAs has been fun and filled with happiness, but there were also some BANAs who appeared to have a sad look. That’s why this time, I wanted to recommend the song ‘Smile Mask’. It’s a song about this ‘smile mask’ syndrome that a lot of people appear to be experiencing nowadays. It’s a sad reality where you want to cry but you have to smile, and you’re suffering but you still have to smile.. It really hurt my heart during our fansigns to hear some of our BANAs’ stories about these tough times.. Even if it’s just during the brief moment that you’re in front of me, you don’t have to smile. I can listen to all of the stories you have to say! They say a smiling face is a happy one, but I think it’s a happier thing to be able to express exactly what you are feeling inside~ Of course, not all of this is easy, but let’s have strength and fight it together! I think this is why this album is very special. I hope it can be a source of strength for our BANAs! If you can feel happiness through our music, is there anything better in this world? This time I put on a more serious tone, but I really wanted to pass strength onto you. And of course, I have to receive strength from our BANAs!! hehe I am always thinking of you and I treasure you. I love you BANA.


To be truthful, we experienced the most ups and downs with this album. It’s because through this album, we deeply thought about the direction we wanted B1A4 to take. As we worked on our albums we’ve taken lots of risks and made first-attempts, and I think that all of this remained as important moments for us. I wanted to say sorry and thank you to all of the BANAs who waited so long for B1A4′s album, and I wanted to say thank you to the many staff members who worked hard until the completion of the album. I hope you can look forward to our new and growing image. We will stay devoted by continuing to think hard and work hard. 


Because we’ve returned to you after 10 months with Rollin’, I think I feel thankful and sorry towards our BANAs who’ve waited for B1A4′s music up until now. So we worked really hard to present you with an album filled with our songs. This album is even more meaningful to me because it contains the song <Like A Child>, which is one I participated in the making of. This album is being released 7 years after our debut, but it contains B1A4′s efforts to maintain the spirit and intentions that we had at the beginning of our journey. This is an album in which we’ve worked hard to make each member’s unique strengths shine, and we poured great passion into it, so we hope it becomes an album that is loved by many for a long time. I want to say thank you to everyone who loves this album.


You’ve waited long right, finally our new album has been released. My fellow members, all of you must have been tired with your individual activities, but you found time in between to work on music and help create such a great album, so I’m so thankful. For this album’s promotions as well, let’s make it to the end nicely!! Without getting sick! And to my mom who always greets me by asking if I did a good job after my schedules, to my dad who only thinks of us as he works hard in our hometown, and to my awesome younger sister Yoonji who has achieved her dream of debuting, thank you all so much, and I always gain strength because of you! Love you! And our BANAs!! It must have been hard waiting for our album, but thank you for waiting, and I feel so comforted knowing you are always by our side, whether we’re sad or going through a tough time!! Moving forward, let’s only walk on a flowery road!! Love you!! 


BANA♡ It’s already the 7th year since we’ve been together. I think time flies too quickly. A lot’s happened in 7 years right? So much that we can’t count :) Up until now though, there’s something that really amazes me. It’s the fact that we’ve become a lot like each other over the past 7 years, isn’t it fascinating? We first met in 2011.. when we first met there was a lot we didn’t know about each other yet, and we were quite different, but as we spent days and months and years together, we started to share the same thoughts, same feelings, and even the same heart. We laugh and cry with our BANAs, and the fact that we are able to share these emotions with each other makes me feel so happy. I especially feel this when I see our fans from the stage. Even if you don’t say it, even if we just look each other in the eye, we’re able to know what the other is thinking, and we’re able to experience that moment with the same feelings. At first it made me feel shy and I didn’t know what to do, but as I continued to see you I started to miss you, I didn’t want to leave you, and I wanted to stay by your side. When we stay together for a long time and part afterwards, it hurts my heart. I want to stay and chat with you longer… but I can’t do that. That’s why since last year, I’ve tried to be more active through my SNS. I like uploading my stories and sharing them with you, but even more than that, I am curious about our BANAs’ day, and I want to communicate with you. Of course there must be lots of people who are curious about my day-to-day. So I do share my stories, but I find our BANAs’ stories much more fun. Other than the emotions we feel together when we are on stage, I am able to experience more diverse feelings and emotions through our BANAs’ stories. Even in the little things our BANAs experience, there are many emotions spread throughout them, and as we communicate with each other about these things, it brings me great happiness to be able to share these new feelings with you. As the days pass I am drawn to it more. I love these moments when we can share stories, and I want to chat with even more BANAs. We may be far apart, but in that moment, I feel our emotions coming together as one. Moving forward, I’ll only do it more and more, I will never stop~! Thank you for supporting us for 7 years and staying by our side. I love you for loving us. I’m excited about moving forward with these emotions we’ve shared, and about the future emotions that we’ll experience as we stay together. Let’s share even more of these these moments together! 

<Special Thanks to>

Firstly, we want to say thank you to Lee Won Min CEO for investing a lot of energy up to the release of our album. To Kim Jin Mi director who always works hard for B1A4, Cho Ji Hyun director who works hard day and night, and Park Dong Joo director, thank you. We also want to say words of thanks and love to all of our WM family members. Though we usually don’t express ourselves, we always have a heart filled with thanks. We hope that we can continue on together for a long time. To our make-up artist Hae Ran, hair stylist Tae Jin, Yu Mi, So Jung, stylist Hae Ryeong, team manager Mi Kyeong, Hee Seung, Soo Ji, director Gwi Hoon of Korea’s greatest dance team Free Mind who made up the incredible choreography, and our genius coach Jung Wan, we love you. To Jun Sung, Eun Sook, Ja Yeon, and Hwang Min Hee who are our sound engineers from W Sound, to Lee In Hoon director and Gye Myeong Hoon PD from Segaji Video who made our incredible music video, and Hwang Hye Jung manager who took the beautiful jacket photos for us, thank you all so much. It is because of all of you that B1A4 could exist and that this album could be released. Thank you once again..

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Random Questions Tag !

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  • relationship status: I have a boyfriend!!! His name is Man ([m-ahn] i cant even joke)
  • chapstick or lipstick: chapstick all day every day
  • favorite colors: golden yellow n light pink!
  • last song i listened to: With You by ASTRO (my fav nontitle astro song :’) )
  • last movie i saw: Miss Hokusai (its a movie about the painting, the great wave)
  • top 3 tv shows: Chopped, Knowing Bros, and The UNI+
  • top 3 bands/artists: NCT, A.C.E, and B1A4 (this was so hard hhhh)
  • books i’m currently reading: deadass the prince of tennis manga !!! but actually, I just finished Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro 10/10 it’s a nice, interesting read

im tagging @laibaehwi bc you’re like, my only friend ._.

Male Idols ' s unique types

Pann: Male idols’ unique ideal types

Infinite Hoya

Woman who is respectful, 4-D, skinny, sexy, and good with foreign languages

Block B Zico

Woman who has long hair, cool personalities, pretty butt & pelvis, and with no thigh gap when wearing short shorts


Woman who is kind, sexy, with big eyes, chubby cheeks, and who can give him protein drink after exercising


Woman who has kindness and white mind (as white as snow), who has pride and passion, who doesn’t open the door when he’s taking a shower

Bangtan Boys Suga

Woman who likes hip-hop and hates clubs, who suits skinny jeans and who wears expensive headphones

BTOB Sungjae

Woman who has big cat-eyes, who is skinny and glamorous, and with a pretty belly button

Winner Seunghoon

Woman who’s good at exercising with a pretty body line when riding a bike, who’s healthy and sexy, who doesn’t hit him hard when she laughs

B1A4 Jinyoung

Woman who’s calm and like a sunflower, who’s respectful and knows how to treat elders, who carries a grandma’s bag on a subway


Woman who’s feminine with pretty eyes, with unique morals and clear uniqueness, who doesn’t have guys around her


1. [+226, -2] Congrats, you guys are appointed to live as single forever

2. [+156, -1] Upvote if you read the whole thing to see if you fit in one of them…

3. [+116, -7] Woah I paused at Zico’s picture ㅋㅋ

4. [+59, -1] Nope, Zico’s ideal type is this


5. [+53, -0] What Jongin meant by “as white as snow” is not the skin, it’s the mind ㅋㅋ He said he doesn’t mind skin color

6. [+47, -8] Being specific with ideal type means they’re in a relationship

7. [+44, -1] I know Jiho would be there… Congrats on your future as an old, single man. How does he expect thigh fat to be smooth, it’ll just be a chunk of fat

8. [+41, -1] Suga’s ideal type is someone who wears expensive headphones ㅋㅋ He can find his ideal type at an electronic shop