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hey not to be a buzzkill, but can some of you guys stop acting like the whole hivliving thing is some hilarious tumblr drama for you all to laugh at? i’ve seen a post with like 30k+ notes referring to it as ‘the hamilton fanfic controversy’ appear several times on my dash, and like.. the lack of understanding/empathy is just astounding? 

a popular blogger lying about having HIV, and taking advantage of vulnerable people isn’t funny. hivliving gained the trust of HIV+ people, and encouraged them to share, and talk about their own trauma on her blog. she also financially profited from deceiving people into thinking they were someone in need. treating this like some hilarious comedy, or downsizing her actions to ‘hamilton fandom drama’ is pretty disrespectful towards the people hivliving hurt and deceived. it’s also disrespectful towards anyone currently living with HIV/AIDS, and to the millions of people who have lost their life to the disease in the past

how can you not understand jon and dany though they compliment each other beautifully and want to help people in the best way they possibly can and both would literally die to save the people they care about/to do the right thing and they are the literal embodiment of ice and fire and yet some people still think jon-dany is just fan service and not something which has been building since book one

There are some merits about dating an angel and I bet Dean would exploit every single one. Like Cas materializing in front of him for a quick make-out session while on a hunt. Or misusing prayers as booty calls. Or seating him on top of the christmas tree or whatever


✨ I submitted some designs for WeLoveFine’s MLP Fan Forge! ✨

Check out these pony artworks I drew, and feel free to rate them! I’m glad I got an opportunity to draw ponies again~

Rainbow Ride
Teacup Besties

Why You Should Be Watching The Get Down

I finished watching it over this weekend and I thought I’d do a list for this Netflix gem because it’s nowhere near as appreciated as it should be:

- the fantastically talented young cast, there seriously isn’t a weak link anywhere here, but justice smith, herizen guardiola and shameik moore are absolute stars
- well realised three-dimensional lead characters, with realistic arcs and conflicts
- engaging secondary characters: like, there’s not really one secondary character who isn’t interesting in some way, shape or form
- poc representation, it’s seriously refreshing, speaking as a white person to have a show where almost none of the characters are white men, let alone white at all
- it’s co-created by baz luhrmann of moulin rouge fame, and if you like that you will most likely love this
- the scripting really really tight, with clear themes, satisfying plot progression and pacing, and fantastic dialogue
- fascinating mix of the historical and political, if you’re into that kinda thing
- positive female friendships and interaction!!!
- it’s seriously feelgood…not like in a cheesy, glee kinda way (sorry glee fans), the characters do have hardships and triumphs but the script never emotionally manipulates you, unlike certain other shows
- it honestly feels like an antidote to 2016 in general
- that being said, it explores some very serious themes and concepts and refuses to shy away from them
- the direction and art design…this is an incredibly stylistic show and looks amazing, the way it expresses its themes with some of the cuts is beautiful
- the original music… it’s just sex for the ears, frankly
- ezekiel figuero and his poems/raps
- mylene cruz
- herizen guardiola’s voice (technically an extension of the previous)
- shaolin fantastic
- lgbt representation, okay there’s only 2 characters thus far (both male, one white, one not) but a certain scene in the last recent episode and the cast hint at this being expanded in future episodes
- everything else…these are just my personal highlights but there is frankly so much to enjoy on this show


Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 (April 1)
Natsume Yuujinchou Roku (April 12)
Kenka Banchou Otome (April 12)
Sakurada Reset (April 5)
Kabukibu! (April 7)

I just finished watching the full SSDCC17 panel and I gotta admit, I actually really enjoyed it. Bit too much talk from Singer and Jared, but I don’t get the upset over ‘Misha’s treatment’.

You guys do realise that it was all in jest to distract from the fact that they COULDN’T talk about Cas at all?

There was a reason that they didn’t mention any spoilers about Cas and instead just pretended he was dead and gone? Because ANYTHING they DO say would be a major spoiler and that leads me to believe that whatever happens to Cas will be a HUGE part of the premier and the start of season 13.

Jensen talked about how Dean is gonna be focused on whats going on in their world, whilst Sam will wanna find Mary. Which, as I was talking to @tinkdw about earlier, is a huge subversion of season 1 with Dean being all focused on finding John, but Sam being thirsty for blood following the death of Jess. Now, Sam is focused on finding Mary whilst Dean is thirsty for blood (Jack) because of the death of Cas. I’m loving all the parallels to Eileen and Jess we are getting with Cas so far. What could it POSSIBLY mean?!?

The other major take away I got from this was actually IN the teasing of Misha. Because Bob Singer said “We go where the story takes us” in relation to Cas’s death, as a joke. Now, why would he say that? WHY would he use that EXACT phrase about Cas knowing as he does that Cas is coming back and is THE most beloved character on the show?!

Because Bob Singer is FINALLY FINALLY aware of the impact of his words, of the fandom and how important these characters are to us. Bob Fucking Singer used that EXACT phrase, to tease and try to bring humour to the panel.

He was trying to engage with the fandom. This is his way of saying ‘I know I hurt you, but we won’t do that anymore’. It was him ‘playing a role’ of the mean guy and understanding that it was a mean thing to say. That fandom HATED him after that and now we know that he KNOWS that. He was using it to play that role again but this time in good humour to show us that he ISN’T that guy anymore. He has had a change of heart. 

I saw that as a huge positive in terms of where they are actually taking this show. If Singer is now finally understanding the fandom and how fucking important we are to this show, then it only means good things for us.

And yeah before you say it I KNOW that they still killed Eileen. They better damn well bring her back. I just don’t think this panel was half as negative as people made it appear to be when I browsed my dash earlier.

the news from SDCC has made me even more positive about season 13. If that is even possible. They are keeping something BIG from us that’s for sure… and I am quite hopeful that it will be something amazing.

As that post says that’s going around about Dr Who and the female Dr…

We are about to hear SPN say “hold my beer”.