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I love this blog it is full of the most adorable squishiest fluffiest tiny borbs i have ever seen and my heart jumps up and down like a basketball every time more little rowls appear on my dash, thank you for blessing us with so many smol blobs of joy it amazes me how they just keep appearing??? here is a tribute to you and your infinite rowls YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!!!

Why You Should Be Watching The Get Down

I finished watching it over this weekend and I thought I’d do a list for this Netflix gem because it’s nowhere near as appreciated as it should be:

- the fantastically talented young cast, there seriously isn’t a weak link anywhere here, but justice smith, herizen guardiola and shameik moore are absolute stars
- well realised three-dimensional lead characters, with realistic arcs and conflicts
- engaging secondary characters: like, there’s not really one secondary character who isn’t interesting in some way, shape or form
- poc representation, it’s seriously refreshing, speaking as a white person to have a show where almost none of the characters are white men, let alone white at all
- it’s co-created by baz luhrmann of moulin rouge fame, and if you like that you will most likely love this
- the scripting really really tight, with clear themes, satisfying plot progression and pacing, and fantastic dialogue
- fascinating mix of the historical and political, if you’re into that kinda thing
- positive female friendships and interaction!!!
- it’s seriously feelgood…not like in a cheesy, glee kinda way (sorry glee fans), the characters do have hardships and triumphs but the script never emotionally manipulates you, unlike certain other shows
- it honestly feels like an antidote to 2016 in general
- that being said, it explores some very serious themes and concepts and refuses to shy away from them
- the direction and art design…this is an incredibly stylistic show and looks amazing, the way it expresses its themes with some of the cuts is beautiful
- the original music… it’s just sex for the ears, frankly
- ezekiel figuero and his poems/raps
- mylene cruz
- herizen guardiola’s voice (technically an extension of the previous)
- shaolin fantastic
- lgbt representation, okay there’s only 2 characters thus far (both male, one white, one not) but a certain scene in the last recent episode and the cast hint at this being expanded in future episodes
- everything else…these are just my personal highlights but there is frankly so much to enjoy on this show


Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 (April 1)
Natsume Yuujinchou Roku (April 12)
Kenka Banchou Otome (April 12)
Sakurada Reset (April 5)
Kabukibu! (April 7)

can people just be aware that the narrative some mentally ill people are just “anti-recovery” is one that was created to justify giving us involuntary treatment aka abusing us with aba therapy/psych wards/ect

so regardless of whether you support those things or not if you promote this idea you are in fact helping them

consider that perhaps the “anti-recovery” mentally ill people youre referring to cannot safely access the recovery methods youre suggesting, have different methods of recovery that work better for them and/or are content with their current state therefore have no need to recover

you being mentally ill yourself doesnt change this one bit you still have no right to force your concept of what recovery is on someone