it annoys me when people say the title of the things theyre in

title: redamancy

rating: t

pairing: kagehina

tags: fluff, just PURE fluff, post-canon/aged up (theyre in college), long distance relationship, bathing together. guess whos in volleyball hell again! its me


Hinata laughs behind him, and it’s just as beautiful as it’s ever been. It’s been almost two months since Tobio heard that laugh in person. God, he missed his boyfriend.

It’s with that thought that he un-tangles their hands and turns around so they face each other. Hinata, still laughing, asks, “What’re you doing?”

“Kissing you,” Tobio says, before doing just that.

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anonymous asked:

So I'm new to this Stella argent thing.. Not really.... I've been seeing gifs and I'm getting hecka confused bc other people are posting different story lines... So can you please explain the whole thing about her life, like who she's friends with, her family, and etc just everything bc I've seen other gif sets with Stella argent with a different story... Like why the gang is looking for her.. JUST EVERYTHING bc I'm really getting confused

Sorry you’re confused because that’s most likely my fault because in my mind her story kinda flows because I come up with stuff that happens in between gifs or just little things i dont actually gif and stuff but when I look at the gifs I’ve made her story seems kind of….choppy? so im very sorry about that Also my stella story is kinda it’s own track like sammy who almost created stella makes gifs on her but they kinda don’t go together but they do at the same time because we sorta have different ideas of how certain things go? I don’t know if this makes sense but now to answer your real question

I’m just going to give the whole break down here. its wordy

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