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Carrie was always getting me to do… crazy things. In other words, if you see me in that floral robe, walking around the desert, that was Carrie’s robe. She goes ‘you put it on,’ and I just… Without thinking, I did it because I wanted to please her. And this was funny to her. She thought of me as her own personal paper doll.

I’m so happy to see there’s so many people who wants Mutsumi with Serinuma!

I mean, it’s ok if you like better another guy(or girl) but he was the one who have always being by her side, as a friend! He never made fun of her looks when she was fat and new it was here when she first see her again.

He would never take advantage from the situation (this was a really precious moment for me)

He wants her to choose without any pressure (+ not taking advantage again)

And he cares about her safety and want her to trust him. He doesn’t try to talk in a way to conquer Kae, he says what he really believes.

Be together please

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,099

Summary: A look at the reader through Dean’s eyes, focusing mostly on Dean’s emotions throughout the day and how he reacts to even the simplest of words. This is the raw and vulnerable side of Dean. 

A/N: I haven’t written something like this, I think ever before. It’s heavily focused on Dean (especially since it’s his POV). Even so, the reader is a huge part of it, but once again, through Dean’s perspective on the matter. Hopefully, you love it. I spent a long time on it, trying to really get into Dean’s head. It’s not the light side of Dean, not many jokes or wise cracks – it’s him in his raw emotional state. Also, this would not be possible with @thefangirllifeismine who not only corrected all of my shitty grammar, but stayed an inspiration throughout. Please, send in your feedback. It’s extremely important to me, I’d love to hear what you thought about this, especially since it’s definitely different from what I usually post.

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– – – – 


Her lips were moving, but my eyes were stuck on her hair. It was wet, and dripping a river down her shirt. I don’t think a towel ever touched her head.

“Dean?” Her voice was warm, inviting. It always was. She was never harsh with her words. Sam constantly tried to poke at her, just to see what her voice would sound like if she raised it.

“Yeah?” I met my eyes with hers, catching her gaze.

I felt my brother’s eyes on me as well; his brow was raised and a smirk played on his face.

“We were asking if you wanted to go to the bar tonight.” Sam filled me in.

A laugh came up from my throat as I raised the glass of whiskey in my hand. “I’m fine right here.”

Y/N smiled and looked at Sam, “You’re still in, right?”

He nodded and got up from his chair. “I’ll go shower.”

I tipped my glass in response, and took another swig from it.

“Have you been out in the sun?” Y/N asked, suddenly.

I furrowed my brows, “I was working on Baby earlier, why?” Then, proceeded to lift up my shirt and smell it. “Do I smell that bad?”

“No,” She let out a light laugh, “Your freckles are darker.”

“My- my freckles?”

She leaned forward in her seat, her nose a mere foot from mine, “Freckles get darker in the sun.”

“Huh.” I muttered and took another sip of my drink.

“It’s cute, Dean.” She said and the whiskey managed to go down even slower. My lip twitched upwards.

Without waiting for me to respond, she gathered her hair to the side and wiped her now wet hands off on her jeans before jumping out from her seat.

“I’ll go change for the bar. Invite’s still open.” She smiled, turning on her heel.

I watched her leave, shamelessly.

The first time Sam and I met her, it was an accident. Neither of us knew we had been working the same case, so when I approached who I thought was the legitimate FBI agent on the case, Y/N’s face beamed back at me instead. After a few back and forth questions, the three of us discovered none of us were agents, and went to grab drinks instead. It was supposed to be a one time deal.

But, one night turned into two. Eventually, three. In no time, I was helping her bring boxes into the bunker from the trunk of her run down car.

“We can’t let anything happen to her, you know that right?” Sam said to me the night she moved in. The shower water was running loudly, and in that noise, we had a discussion.

“I know.” I replied to my little brother. Worry etched itself into every wrinkle on his face, just like it did on our mother’s. He would never know just how much he looked like her.

“That means relationships, too.” Sam narrowed his eyes at me.

I looked away, forgetting how easily he was able to read me.

He continued speaking, “Everyone we get too close to…”

Sam never did finish his sentence. The shower water shut off abruptly and out bounced Y/N. Her face was flushed and her hair dripped down her bare shoulders.

My thoughts were interrupted as Sam strided into the room.

“You sure you’re not coming?” He asked, cuffing up the sleeves to his shirt.

It was tempting. I knew the bar had better whiskey than the shit that was currently burning its way down my throat. Better yet, the bar had Y/N. Whenever she entered a bar, I could see everyone’s attention land on her. Her warmth radiated through her big eyes and genuine smile. Who wouldn’t be attracted to that?

“Nope,” I shrugged, “Not tonight.”

He nodded his head and walked towards the door, waiting for Y/N to meet him there.

“See you.” Sam shouted, his voice echoed down the hall.

Moments later, Y/N came out from her room. A short navy dress was hugging her skin, but what stole my attention was the jacket draped across her shoulders.

“I hope you don’t mind.” She said, pulling my black jacket around her.

“Looks better on you, anyways.” I said. It was the truth.

“Thanks, Dean.” She smiled at me before opening her small purse, reviewing whatever items lay inside of it. “See you later.”

With that, she was gone.

It may have been another hour before I got up, but when I finally did it was solely because I needed to go to the bathroom.

I stopped at the mirror. My reflection stared back at me, but this time it was different. Usually, I don’t look in the mirror.

Not when I wake up.

Not before I go to sleep.

If I do, I hate it. Plain as that. I never did like the man staring back, and I don’t know if I ever fully will. What changed though was that this time, someone liked what they saw on me.

My fingers reached up to my cheeks, running along the freckles on my skin.

Y/N liked them.

She honest to god, found something of mine that she liked. So, I did too. Immediately, I loved my freckles. I loved that my cheeks and nose were dusted with them, and that the most beautiful woman that I had ever laid eyes on, had found beauty in me, as well.

– – – –

It couldn’t have been earlier than two o’clock in the morning, when I heard familiar footsteps stumble down the bunker’s staircase. I kicked the sheets off of myself and went to see the state they were both in.

“Come on.” Sam mumbled, trying to hold Y/N up, but he was hardly walking himself. “Dean!” Sam shouted, his drunk self wearing a huge smile.

“Oh, it’s Dean!” Y/N exclaimed, a laugh bubbling out from her lips. She gripped the edge of the staircase with both hands, leaning forward as she spoke.

I crossed my arms and raised my brows, watching the two of them stumble through the bunker like baby deer.

“Here-” Sam tossed me a pair of car keys, “We called a cab, the car is still in the bar parking lot.” The keys hit the floor with a loud jingle, his aim completely skewed from the liquor.

Y/N rounded the edge of the table and began to fall towards me.

“Woah, there.” I grabbed her by her arms and steadied her.

“Thanks.” She laughed once more, at nothing in particular.

Behind me, Sam had already found his way to his room. Eventually, I’d have to check on him. For now, I gripped Y/N’s shoulder and guided her to her own bedroom.

“Oh- I forgot!” She looked up at me with wide eyes. “Remind me in the morning.”

I looked at her, waiting for her to explain. When she didn’t, I asked her what she was talking about.

“I have-” she stuck her hand in the pocket of my jacket that she was wearing and pulled out a napkin. A number was scribbled onto it. “His name is Matt. I have a date with him tomorrow night. Remind me, ok?”

I took the napkin from her, fighting the urge to rip it to shreds.

“Okay.” I stated, turning on the lights as she walked over to her bed.

“Promise me.” She kicked off her shoes sloppily. “He’s so nice-” I could tell she was beginning to ramble. Once she’s had enough to drink, she tends to.

“I bet he is.” I cut her off, helping her unzip her dress.

“And Dean-”


“He just has the most gorgeous freckles!”

In that moment, I worried that she could actually hear my heart drop into my stomach. I swallowed thickly, and within seconds, she continued on her drunken ramble.

“Goodnight.” I stated, simply from habit.

“Night, Dean!” She dropped onto her bed.

I should have gone back to bed. I should have crawled under the covers and shut my eyes. My feet had other plans, though. Step after step, I was trudged through the halls and into the library where my hand found a bottle of brown and an old glass.

Sam’s words spun through my head. She had to be protected. I thought back to everyone I had ever gotten close to; Charlie, Jo, and Bela were long dead. Just like every other fucking hunter that I had ever met and let into my life.

Sam tried to show me the positives. He brings up names like Jody and Cas – but who knows what will happen to them too?

I took another shot.

Eventually, it got dark.

– – – –

“Hey, sleepy.” Y/N’s hand gripped my shoulder. “Wake up.”

I opened my eyes and everything was sideways. Fuck.

“You fell asleep here, again.” Her soft voice explained my current situation. It was embarrassing. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, looking at the scene before me. A mostly empty bottle, a half drunk glass, and what I think was a little bit of drool, lay on the table.

“What time is it?” I asked, quickly getting up from the chair and brushing past her. She smelled like her shampoo. Always vanilla.

She turned her wrist towards me. Nearly noon, her watch read.

“Thanks.” I muttered and began walking towards the kitchen.

“I should be thanking you.” Her voice called from behind me. Then, her footsteps began to draw nearer. “I couldn’t have been easy to take care of last night. Sam and I, we kind of let loose.”

I grabbed the coffee pot and turned it on. The sound of boiling water dripping down filled the silence.

“No, it was fine.” I replied, then remembered what she asked of me last night. “Except-” I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a crumpled napkin. “Matt.”

Her eyes went wide, “Oh god.” She took the napkin from my hands. Her hair fell before her face as she read the number, and she combed it back with one hand.

“I totally forgot. Shit.” She pulled out her cell phone and checked for any notifications. “I’ll just text him.”

I turned from her, unable to watch her any longer, and grabbed a cup for my coffee.

“Want some?” I asked over my shoulder.

“No, thanks.” She said, just as her phone beeped. “He already answered!” She exclaimed.

I kept my eyes glued to the cup in front of me, not daring to see her face light up as she saw his name and not mine.

“Smells good.” My brother’s voice carried into the kitchen. He opened the cabinet and grabbed a cup as well, waiting until I finished pouring my own before taking the pot.

“Feeling good, Sammy?” I threatened a laugh and he rolled his eyes.

“I haven’t been this hungover in ages.” He grabbed a bottle of Advil and returned to the table. “It was worth it though, you should have joined.”

I shrugged and took a sip of my coffee.

“Who are you texting?” Sam directed his question at Y/N, who still stood in the middle of the kitchen.

She looked at him and dangled the napkin in the air, “Remember that guy at the bar last night?”

“The really funny one?” He asked.

She nodded fervently, “Yeah, Matt. I got his number and we’re going to grab dinner tonight.”

Sam glanced at me, before returning his gaze to his breakfast.

“He’s a good guy.” Sam said. I think it was more to me, than Y/N.

“I bet.” I mumbled into my drink.

– – – –

Sam decided to watch a movie tonight.

“Batman?” I questioned. He wasn’t one for the superheroes.

He popped it into the disk slot and dropped onto the couch. Looking at his huge frame swallow up the furniture, I remembered being able to hold him in my arms.

“Last time Y/N picked, it’s your turn.” He said while pressing play.

“Good. Wouldn’t want one of your history documentaries to bore me to death, tonight.” I began to laugh and he rolled his eyes.

“Whatever.” He muttered and grabbed the bowl of popcorn he had prepared.

An hour into the movie, the bunker door swung open. The loud creak it made reminded me to oil it later.

“Y/N?” I called out her name. The heels she was wearing when she left were no longer on. Her bare feet padded against the hardwood floor until she finally reached us.

“How was it?” Sam asked, lowering the volume.

Her lips formed a fine line, “I’m just going to go shower.” She grabbed a fistful of popcorn before disappearing.

I looked at my brother. His brows were raised as he shook his head in confusion.

“I’ll go-” I sat up from the chair, “I’ll go check on her.”

Her door was shut. I raised my fist to knock, but she opened it before I got the chance.

“You walk loudly.” She stated. My lips formed at ‘O’.

“What was that about?” I motioned towards the other room with my thumb.

She shrugged and put her heels away in the closet.

“Sorry about that.” She looked up at me with her big, bold eyes, “I think Matt was a lot nicer when he was drunk.”

I crossed my arms and sat on the edge of her bed. “Huh?”

“Well, we ordered our food and everything was great. I mean finally, a break from hunting.” She explained, and I sighed.

She pulled her bouncy hair out from the pins it was in while she continued, “He was sweet at first, really. But I could tell something changed. Matt wanted more than what I did…”

My arms fell to my sides, “Did you leave?”

“Yeah, but that was only after he asked me four times to go back to his place.” She was on the floor, her legs bent underneath her. She dropped her hands onto the floor from frustration as she spoke.

“What a douchebag.” I stated, no other word was able to form itself. “You don’t deserve that.”

She looked up at me, and a smile formed itself against her cheeks.

“I’m gonna be single forever.” She joked. “I mean, who am I kidding?”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

From her spot on the floor, she reached out and gripped my leg with her hand. “Come on, Dean. We’re hunters. Let’s say it did work out with Matt – who’s to say he wouldn’t freak out the second that I brought him down into the bunker or told him that vampires are real!” Her grip tightened as she spoke, “It’s so fucking frustrating sometimes.”

“Dating is the worst.” I agreed with her.

“No.” She ran her hand down my leg and to my ankle, where she removed it.

I furrowed my brows and looked at her, every bit of me confused.

“Then what?”

“Being alone.” Her eyes dropped from mine and my chest suddenly felt heavy. I knew the feeling of being alone, too well. It was heartbreaking, yet familiar at the same time. It was relief, yet yearning.

“You got me.” I blurted out.

She got up from her spot on the floor by my legs, and situated herself on the bed so she sat next to me.

“I know that, Dean. I meant… more.” Y/N’s voice dwindled into a whisper. I turned my head to face her, and in that moment, I couldn’t lie to her.

“Exactly.” I stated, and her eyes first searched my face. They traveled from eye to eye as she thought of what I could possibly mean, until her lips parted.

I didn’t know what to expect. My heart hasn’t raced this fast since for someone else since high school. I either just started the relationship I had been waiting for, or ruined a friendship that was worth more to me than anything else.

I was so focused on her face that I hadn’t realized her hand found mine.

I wanted to keep her hand there, to squeeze it tight. But, Sam’s words found their way back into my head.

“I’m selfish.” I stated simply, standing up from the bed.


“I’m being selfish, you deserve better.”

She tilted her head at me, her hair falling with it. “What are you talking about, Dean?”

“Everyone I touch, they-”

“I know what you’re going to say.” Y/N cut me off. “Don’t you dare say it.”

“They leave.”

“You know I’m not going to.” She stood up from the bed and walked up to me, placing her open palms on my chest. “I’m not just somebody.”

“That’s the point!” I exclaimed, voice rising. “You aren’t just somebody! What if something happened to you? I can’t let you get hurt.”

“You’re not my keeper, Dean.”

I laced my fingers around her wrists, holding her palms tightly against my chest. “From the first time you walked through those bunker doors, I wanted no one but you, and you know why I haven’t told you?”

She looked up at me through her lashes.

“I have been torturing myself every day, because I want you safe. I need you safe.”

For a few moments, no one said anything. Y/N just stared up at me with a look I had never seen before.

Then, she stood on her toes, and pressed her lips to mine.

And God, it was everything I thought it would be. She was warm and sweet, like honey. Her hands were squeezing at my waist and I knew right there that I was done for.

My hands traveled up to her neck, grazing every inch of her skin.

“Since the first day?” She teased, speaking slowly against my lips.

I laughed, “Since day one.” I affirmed and she smiled so wide that all I wanted to do was kiss every inch of her bubbly cheeks.

“How about we get dinner tonight, sweetheart.” I asked, hoping she was still hungry after the shit dinner she described with Matt.

“I’d love to.” Y/N’s fingers found mine and she led me out of her room.

Sam was still seated on the couch. His hand was glued to the remote and I could hear the channel being changed every other second. When we passed through, my hand still in hers, he raised his brows and stared at me.

“Woah, wait-” He called out behind us.

“We’ll be back soon!” Y/N called over her shoulder.

A smile remained on my face for the rest of the night, never faltering.


meet ariel aries! she’s a classic aries; slightly hot headed, a bit of a perfectionist, but an insider to all the coolest groups. her aspiration is to be the leader of the pack.

this is apart of a sim request by a fabulous anon! ariel will be the first zodiac sim in the series, to be followed by many others :) inbox me if you have any other sim requests!

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  • tag me in any posts you use her in! i’d love to see them!!
  • download her here :D

to get ariel into your game, download the zip file, extract the files, place the files in your tray folder, go to your sims 4 gallery, go to library, go advanced, select ‘enable custom content’ and she should show up! :) from there you can use her however you wish! make sure you’ve downloaded her custom content too otherwise she might look a bit funny XD


love always, lilssims xox

“Prompt: Maggie says no.” from the hard-hitting (and I effing love it) @foreverblueraven and @goodslothnoodle “Please fix the proposal   That one kind of sucked” and @laurarasmith “ Also sanvers rationally talking about getting married cause like ok. They can be engaged. Sure. But can we plz get the logistics conversation” and @ahhveee “I’m really conflicted about the proposal…but like post-proposal Maggie saying yes but also her getting assurance from Alex that this isn’t only a reaction to everything that happened and it’s really something Alex wants” and @sanvers-cuddles “In anyway you see it but like could there be more of a build up to the proposal”

Other proposal fic here:

There was a time when she would stiffen and grab her gun and body slam anyone who came up behind her and touched her like that.

But Maggie has asked – “May I?”, she’ll always say, always softly, never expectantly – so many times that Alex has just told her, please, please, please, I love when you hold me like this, you don’t have to ask.

So there was a time when she could have literally killed someone for doing just what Maggie does.

But now? Now, Alex sinks back into her touch, her warmth, her comfort, her love, her support, immediately. She revels in the feeling of Maggie’s chin on her shoulder, Maggie’s body solid and strong behind hers.

“She’ll be okay,” Maggie tells her, and Alex tries to believe her.

“I hope so,” her voice trembles slightly, because a week ago, Kara almost lost her.

Yesterday, Kara almost lost Lena. Today, Kara lost a piece of her past. Today, Kara watched her city exploding around her, and Alex knows – because Alex feels it too – that Kara is blaming herself.

She feels Maggie staring at her, and she thinks about her promise to Kara.

To never let Maggie go.

The tears in Kara’s eyes, the lilt in her voice.

How far she’d come with Maggie, how much she tried.

How much Alex’s almost dying – almost, almost, almost, she reminds herself – had brought her sister and her girlfriend together.

But she doesn’t want Maggie to just be her girlfriend.

Not anymore.

“Hey,” Maggie is saying, pulling back slightly and taking Alex’s hands into hers. “I know the Danvers girls, you don’t break easy – “

Her voice is soft and it’s smooth and it’s the most soothing thing Alex has ever heard, and Alex has always been impulsive, but Kara had basically given her blessing, and she needs her, god, she needs her, because what if she lands in the hospital during the next war – and there will always be a next war – and Alex can’t get to her without being her wife, her wife, god, Maggie Sawyer’s wife.

It’s never appealed to her before. She’s never understood it.

But this woman, this woman with the calloused heart and soft hands, with the tender soul and sharp wit? This woman, comforting Alex about the Danvers girls, her Danvers girls –

“Marry me.”

Her eyes search Maggie’s face and she watches as the slight smile, the affirmation, on Maggie’s face melts into terror. Melts into incomprehension. Melts into disbelief.

Because she’s always been worthless, and she’s always been disposable.

And when she hasn’t been, she hasn’t trusted it. She’s blown it up in her own face. Like she deserves.

But Alex Danvers? Alex Danvers, with the wide eyes and the desperate voice?

Alex Danvers who has almost died more times than Maggie can count in the last few weeks alone, Alex Danvers who has held on for her and is holding on to her hands and is saying… What the hell is she saying?

“Excuse me?”

And Alex nods before she speaks, like she understands Maggie’s disbelief, like she understands Maggie’s shock. Like she’s feeling it too, but god, god, god, Alex took her by the forearm and pulled her into their first kiss in the bar, and she’s doing it again, now, because we should marry the girls we want to marry, and she wants to…

“Seriously? Marry me. Please?”

She breathes the last word and Maggie doesn’t know when Alex’s hands went to her shoulders, and she doesn’t know when her heart started flying out of her chest and her ears started buzzing, but she knows her mouth is smiling, her eyes are smiling, because god, god, god, she loves this woman.

She loves this woman, loves her like she’s never loved anything, and she’s never been wanted like this, wanted like…

Wanted like Alex nearly died, and Alex nearly blew up her own sister, and Alex nearly cost planet Earth its existence, and Alex nearly lost everything.

“Yes,” Maggie whispers in tandem with her eyes. 

“Yeah?” Alex breathes, and Maggie nods, but then she shakes her head, because yes, yes, yes, but also no, no, no.

“Yes, one day, Alex. One day, I want to marry you.” She stops smiling and she steps back, and she hates herself – hates herself like she hated herself the night Alex first kissed her – and she shifts Alex’s hands from her shoulders to her own hands.

“One day,” Alex repeats like she was just punched in the gut, and Maggie brings Alex’s limp knuckles to her lips.

“Yeah. Yeah. Yes. But Alex, I don’t… I don’t even know what marriage means to you. What it would change for you. For us. We don’t live together yet, not really, and finances, and our dog – when do you want to get a dog? – I just… I want a lifetime of firsts with you, Alex, and I want marriage to be in there. Once, to be clear. Just once. To you. But not… Alex, you almost died, and then the Daxamites, and then – “

“What, you think I haven’t thought this through?” Her eyes are wide and her eyes are pain, and Maggie steps back closer to her and thanks the goddesses when Alex doesn’t shrink away from her touch.

“I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been thinking about it, Alex. With all that’s been happening… hell, even before that. But we haven’t figured out… what does it mean to you? To get married?”

“Till death do us part and all that. Seems pretty relevant nowadays, huh?” Her eyes are wet and so is her voice, and Maggie gives a dry chuckle.

“But that’s exactly my point, Alex. I don’t want you to… I’m ride or die for you, Danvers, you know I am, but we don’t have to rush, we don’t have to – “

“But what’s the difference? Between you saying you want a lifetime of firsts with me and me saying I want to marry you?”

“Babe, getting married… that lifetime of firsts suddenly includes a lot of joint housing and financial decisions, and a lot of… it’s forever, Alex. And I want forever with you. But it’s miles from where we are: we just started this thing, you and me. And I want to treasure every bit of it. I want to treasure the conversations we have to have about dogs, and kids, or no kids, and careers and apartments and bank accounts and life goals and compatibilities and where we want to be in five years, ten, forty. I want to treasure the conversations we have to have about my parents and your extended family and planning mutual proposals with Adrian. I want to treasure talking about what kind of rings we want and designing wedding dresses or suits with Winn – do you want to get married in a dress? – and I want to treasure figuring out retirement funds and taxes and last name changes and illness and health care and all of it. I want to treasure all of it, Alex. I don’t want to do it while we’re mourning and grieving and recovering.”

“But we’ll always be mourning and grieving and recovering.” Alex’s voice is small, and it breaks Maggie’s heart in as many ways as a heart can possibly be broken. And more.

She pulls her down for a soft kiss, and Alex parts her lips, kissing her back eagerly.

“Yeah. But not like we are today, babe,” Maggie tells her when they press their foreheads together, and Alex nods.

Nods because the taste of water still burns in her lungs and the taste of Daxamite ash still chars her nose.

“So you’re not saying yes, but you’re not saying no.”

“I’m saying, not right now. But ask me again sometime,” Maggie smiles, and lets Alex draw her close into her body somewhat warmly, somewhat possessively.

“You love me?” Alex asks, because the logical part of her brain hears Maggie, understands her. Agrees with her, even. But every single other part of her is trembling with fear.

That she’s said too much, that she’s offered too much, that she’s demanded too much. 

That Maggie will leave because she’s failed. Again.

“I love you through and beyond, Alex Danvers,” Maggie whispers against her lips, and that?

That is good enough for Alex.

Vixx reaction to wanting to fuck in public (M)

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I kinda changed the request (thank you wonderful anon *cough* Jess *cough*) so it could be either Vixx or their s/o wanting to fuck in public and the other persons reaction to it. So yeah, hope you enjoy. This is my first reaction post so let me know if you want me to make any more. Also these drabbles for the members are inspiring me to write full smuts by using these as prompts to continue so let me know if you want to see the full version for one of them.

My fave admin J from @ahgasgay-baby wrote out the Taekwoon one for me so I could get this posted quicker (god bless her soul) so please make sure to follow her and read her stuff because it’s really spicy and you’ll love it!

(P.s. I already started writing some of them as a full smut so just lemme know which one(s) I should post!)

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Why do you even keep watching and blogging about the show if you hate it so much??

See that’s the thing though. I don’t hate the show. I love it fiercely. I love Emma Swan and I love Killian Jones and I love their love story and I love this small town and magic and fairytales and Snow and Charming and Henry and adventures and sweeping romance and all the stories I loved growing up coming to life. I love this world. I love it so much.

Which is why seeing the show dip in quality has been so heartbreaking for me. And which is why, now, when they’re talking about a show recreation, I’m a bit more heartbroken. Because, yes, it could be something wonderful. But I’m in a bit of mourning for the show that could have been. In my mind, they’ve left so many stories untold. So many details we haven’t gotten to see. Why couldn’t we have had an actual arc where the biggest problem was where to get enough apple carts for the fall festival? Or a holiday episode where Elsa stuck around and used her magic to make an ice skating rink and Killian and Charming had a town wide, overly dramatic snowball fight? Why couldn’t we see family dinners or grocery shopping? Helping with homework and failed science experiments?

This show has always been special because it’s about something extraordinary in the ordinary. Fairy tale characters in our world. I think they lost sight of that, and it’s devastating for me.

I have loved this show so much, so please don’t think I hate it and all my posts come from a dark place within my heart. I’m just sad.

Sleep Tight

Prompt: There’re somethings Bucky will never get out of his mind and there’s only one thing that calms him down
Inspired by the word “Cafuné” (Brazilian Potuguese) - Physically running one’s fingers through their lover’s hair.- For Kayla’s Languages of Love writting challenge

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of bruises and death
*If you do feel triggered by anything else, let me know so I can add here and warn other readers!

Word Count: 557

Author’s Note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLA!! Sorry for posting a day late :P
As mentioned before, this was writen for @howlingbarnes writting challenge, so you should definetly check-out her blog to see other amazing works
As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

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He was surrounded, he could listen to the steps on snow around him. He wished he would never come back here and in all honesty he didn’t know why he did. Maybe his mind wasn’t completely cured, maybe he would always be under their control.

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  • What she says: I’m fine
  • What she means: Hayley Kiyoko has written multiple songs about loving girls that, unlike the work of other artists I've grown up listening to, don’t rely on fetishising them for the purpose of men in order to appeal to a general audience. She has also featured a trans woman in her recent video, who has a cute and happy ending. It makes me so happy that young girls will grow up hearing these songs, especially from a former Disney star, and hopefully know that they are not wrong or just there to please men. That they can think that girls are pretty and want to be with them and that this is okay. Young trans girls will see that they can have happy endings, that they can meet people who care about them. That they can form positive relationships. I hope this continues with other celebrities. I hope more girls are growing up and loving who they love. I hope they’re loving themselves. They deserve that. They should always deserve that.

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Can you please post your jonsa headcanons for the letters that make up the word DIREWOLF?? Thank you!!!!!!

Thanks for the ask, nonny and sorry it took me so long!
DRESSES: Jon loves Sansa’s dresses and he always takes great care when he undresses her that nothing happens to her clothes apart from the one time.. See F.
ICE : Sansa is not cold easily, but sometimes her feet are. Jon doesn’t like her icy feet, not at all. Nothing to be done, but feet rubbing.
REASONING : with teenage children is so difficult. Thank the Gods, there is Uncle Bran and Aunt Arya.
EARLY PREGNANCY : For all their children Sansa has morning sickness the first 12 weeks and is in a miserable mood and somewhat cranky and swears she’ll never let Jon near her again. She doesn’t like lemon cakes in this period, but after 12 weeks, everything is wonderful and Jon loves the 4th to 7th month of her pregnancies because he never gets better treatment.
WEDDING : Jon steals Sansa, no marriage in a Sept or under the weirwood tree either.
OH: That’s the sound Sansa makes when she first learns that she can have fun in the marriage bed.
LEMON CAKES: The minute Sansa starts disliking her favourite, Jon is equally happy for a new baby and looking forward to the magic of later pregnancy. He also looks for an excuse to leave Winterfell for the next 10 weeks or so. He never does it though. See above E.
FIGHTING: They don’t fight often. If they do, it’s usually Sansa who tries to initiate reconciliation. She seeks Jon and touched his hand and he just can’t stay angry with her, because the kind touch of her slender hand never ceases to affect him. Apart from the one time, they had angry sex that led to the utter destruction of one of Sansa’s favourite dresses. See above D.

Here anon, hope you like it!

@jonsa-creatives for the Jonsa alphabet!
你丫上瘾了 - Are You Addicted (Chapter 1-111).pdf

Hi everyone! Sienna here~ Sae has given me permission to use her tumblr account to spread the good news~~ (And the liberty to post inappropriate things LOL).

As our translation of “Are you Addicted” earlier chapters was taken down, we will be sharing the unedited version of chapter 1-111 (sans chapter 2, 3, 4, and 6 since those have not been translated yet) while waiting for the revamped version. (I just realized that it’s almost 500 pages on word after seeing the document LOL)

Please pardon us if there are any mistakes. And please do not repost or re-translate without our permission. As always, thank you for supporting us. So, here you go. Have fun taking a stroll down the memory lane :D Have an addictive day and see you on the next chapters!



Credits and huge thanks to the wonderful @jfmistaken0309 for compiling all the posted chapters. :*

Brave Boy

Brave boy

Please be safe, boy

No one to help you now

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Brave boy

Please be safe, boy

We’ve all let you down

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Brave boy

Please be safe, boy

It’s okay if you’re scared

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Brave boy

Please be safe, boy

This trial won’t be fair

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Brave boy

Please be safe, boy

Don’t want to see you cry

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Brave boy

Please be safe, boy

Promise me you won’t die

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Brave boy

Please be safe, boy

You’ve done so much for us all

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Brave boy

Please be safe, boy

You’ve even taken her fall

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Brave boy

Please be safe, boy

Don’t want to see you hurt

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Brave boy

Please be safe, boy

You don’t know how much you’re worth

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Brave boy

Please be safe, boy

We love you more than you know

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Brave boy

Please be safe, boy

Even if it didn’t always show

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Brave boy

Please be safe, boy

If this is really the end

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Brave boy

Please be safe, boy

Remember us, my friend

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So I was weirdly inspired to write a poem about Steven. I hope y’all like it. If you reblog, please give me credit. Also, I’ll probably post this with better gifs from the new episodes on Monday.

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Hey I really liked that Coffee shop au! I was wondering what about a blogger/YouTuber au? Like what kind of channel would the paladins have and what not?

Ahh thank you so much!! And YES I LOVE YouTuber AUs here you go my buddy my pal please enjoy



Channel Name: PidgeGamerson

Channel Type: Gaming

Most viewed video: “Twelve Minutes of Me Destroying Lance At Mario Kart and Him Claiming I’m Cheating”

  • Sure, people subscribe for the gaming, but they stay for the gossip
    • “And sure, I love petty rivalries as much as anyone else, but holy shit that is a powerful Charmander, at some point….”
    • “Then she said ‘but is it gay if you’re non-binary?’ and I said ‘honey, everything’s gay if I’m non-binary’ then fUCK IS THAT A ZOMBIE”
  • Has a huge collection of fun graphic tees and they wear a new one every video
  • People love their horror game videos, not because they get scared easily, but because they never get scared ever
    • “Oh wow, there’s Slenderman. Not like that’s the whole point of teh game or anything. How terrifying”
  • Never Uploads On Time
    • “Please like and subscribe! And this is the part where I’m supposed to say that I post every Tuesday and Thursday, but since this is me we’re talking about, I’ll see you on Saturday”
  • Roomates with Hunk, so they collab often. Hunk is terrible at gaming and Knows It, but plays anyway because it makes Pidge happy


Channel Name: xxHUNKxx

Channel Type: Cooking/Advice

Most Viewed Video: “Surprising My Girlfriend Shay With Her Favorite Cookies!!!”

  • Has a huge collection of really really fun aprons and fans send him aprons all the time and it honestly makes him so happy
  • His Q&A’s always just turn into huge advice sessions but he doesn’t mind because he just loves helping people so much
  • His goal in life is to make cooking more accessible
    • “My friends say to me all the time ‘oh I can’t cook!!’ and that’s not true. Anyone can cook. You just need to learn how!”
  • Every video features Pidge as a taste tester
    • Pidge pretends to love spicy food
      • Hunk pretends to not know that Pidge hates spicy food
  • Signs off every video by saying, “and remember, you are beautiful, you are important, and I love you. See you next video!”
  • Out of all of the gang, his meet and greets always are the biggest because so many people want nothing more in life than to get one of his hugs
    • His channel has a huuuuge cozy family vibe
    • “I can’t wait to see all of your shining faces!”
    • Think Thomas Sanders vibe. But with cooking.


Channel Name: Life of Lance

Channel Type: Comedy/Vlogs


  • Is that one YouTuber who’s always collabing with someone
  • His channel is almost entirely memes and puns but people love it
  • Has the most subscribers out of everyone
  • His viewers roast him because he has Zero Fashion Sense
    • “You guys can meetup with me at Anime Expo! I’ll be cosplaying as Oikawa Tooru, and I’ll be in front of the convention center at four!”
    • His fans give him so many gifts
    • He loves it
  • On the first Monday of each month, he and Pidge collab for a prank video
  • Is super active with his fans on twitter
  • “Lmao I’ll never be one of those YouTubers who writes a book. It’d be a trainwreck” *one year later* “So my book, How to be a Really Hot Hot Mess is releasing next week”

Shiro and Allura

Channel Name: Fitness Planet

Channel Type: Lifestyle/Fitness

Most viewed video: “💞Couples Workout💞”

  • Manages to be both a hella professional channel and also really personal with their audience at the same time
  • Shiro and Allura alternate posting fitness video
    • Shiro posts on Mondays and Allura posts on Fridays
    • Shiro’s videos are paired with his gentle encouragement
    • Allura’s style of encouragement is more like an army general
    • Fans of the channel debate over which of the duo’s motivation type works best
  • One Wednesdays, they post miscellaneous videos, including, but not limited to:
    • Makeup tutorials
    • Diet tips
    • Fashion advice
    • DIYs
    • Day in the life videos
    • Collabs with friends

Not YouTubers


  • Lance’s roomate
  • Common victim of Lance and Pidge’s pranks
  • Is seen in almost every one of Lance’s videos
    • “Keith, will you be in my video?” “No” *Lance makes him be in the video anyway*
  • Is concerned with how many of his friends are YouTubers
  • “Keith, if you just made your own channel, you would have so many subscribers” “Not gonna do it Lance”
  • All of Lance’s viewers ship them
    • All of them
    • Keith pretends he doesn’t know that the ship exists
      • He knows it exists
        • Pidge writes Klance fanfic under an alias to piss Keith off 


  • Allura’s stepfather
  • All of Shiro and Allura’s fans reached out to him in support on Facebook when he and Alfor got married
    • He cried a bit
    • Alright he cried a lot
  • Is often used as a makeup model by Allura and Shiro
  • Doesn’t really understand YouTube but Tries His Best™
    • Is mostly just happy that Allura is following her dream
Mistakes & Regrets (Angst)

Anonymous asked: Hi I love late nights BTW. Can you write a bts scenario (can be with any member) where he’s popular and you’re an outcast yet you guys are best friends anyways. You have a crush on him and you confess to him hut he rejects you, revealing that he has a girlfriend. His girlfriend starts bullying you because she hates you and she lies to her bf about it. Soon he starts distancing himself from you and you feel lonely. You can figure how the ending goes. :)))

Title: Mistakes & Regrets (V/Taehyung)
Genre: Angst, fluff (?)
Warning: Slight depiction of parasuicide and violence
A/N: I’m sorry this took long, lovelies. It was hard to think of a scenario but I got a brain fart recently so here goes! Anyway, it’s not that the same but I hope you’ll still like it. Enjoy!

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You were harshly pushed against the locker. The pain stung on your back and you grimace.

“Worse things happen to people like you, you know,” Mina snickers and throws a punch at your stomach. For a pretty girl, this was unexpected but you knew better. You were her best friend, three months ago. You were always behind her, watching other kids beg for mercy.

Now you weren’t in the background. You were the puppet. You didn’t even dare to beg for mercy, you knew what you did. You goddamned confessed.

“Mina…” you groan once she stops the punches.

“Aww, is our little whore apologising?” she gives a bitter laugh as she slams a hand beside you, making your ears feel weird.

“I’m not…” you start to defend yourself but give up.

“You are.” she says, glaring daggers at you.

You weakly look at her.

“You…you tried to steal my boyfriend. Now, look what you made me do (Taylor Swift!), Y/N.“ she backs away, raising her arms. You wince not because of the pain but because of the memory of it all.

“My own best friend,” she growls. “After all these years, it comes down just because of a boy.”

“I’m sure you never expected him to tell me,” she laughs and bends down to pick your scattered papers. Mina starts tearing it one by one. You didn’t care already. “Because let’s face the facts, I’m not under the shadows like you. I’m not some submissive shit like you.”

That’s the last you hear before she slams your head hard on the locker. You crumple down the floor and your former best friend walks away. Your consciousness drifts away. You wished it would be like this forever.

You lost a lot these past three months. You lost two friends because you made a confession. What did you really expect? Him to leave her for you?

“Ready?” your mom looks at you from the driver’s seat. You look uninterested and fumble with your fingers. You hated talking to your shrink. He kept pestering you to take your meds and stop with the homeschooling.

“Y/N, ready?” your mom repeats and her worried tone pull you back. You hated making her worry. You hated the memory of her tear-stained face when you opened your eyes. You hated that you survived from your attempted suicide. You tried to kill yourself by overdosing. It didn’t work, you remember. Someone entered your house in time to rush you to the hospital. You didn’t remember who, though.

After the thirty-minute session with your shrink, you decided to wander around the hospital. You aimlessly walk around, until you see a figure walking towards you. Out of all the figures you have encountered, something about him made you look up and stare at him a bit longer.

Then, you recognise the perfectly chiselled face, the pink lips, the eyes. Taehyung.

You were too late. Taehyung ran in front of you. What was he doing here? Everything around you radiated anger. You were pissed off at him. You hated that he had to break your friendship with Mina. You hated that he had to make you an outcast after rejecting you. Taehyung was pain itself.

You bowed your head and started to run off but he grabs your shoulder. You stiffen at this but your heart rebelliously beats hard. Why did you still like him after everything?

“Y/N…” he says, you slowly turn around and his arm falls beside him. Touching your shoulder left a cold feeling in Taehyung’s hand.

What was he going to do now?

“Yes,” you say, forcing a smile. I’m fine, you mentally tell yourself.

Taehyung was taken aback by this. He suddenly realised how much he missed your smile. How much he missed the sound of your laughter echoing around the halls whenever he told you the cheesiest joke.

“Are you just wasting my time?” you say, your anger was showing. You didn’t care anymore. You were tired of caring anymore.

“N-no. What are you doing here?” he says, suddenly becoming curious. Sometimes, Taehyung felt like he had ADHD.

“You?” you say, also curious. Surely, Taehyung didn’t need help. He couldn’t be like you.

“My grandmother…” he scratches the back of his head.

You nod knowingly, “Okay. Bye.” You turn around and start for the exit. You had to get out. Fast.

“Wait, Y/N!” he runs reaching for your hand but once he got close enough, you pull it and face him again. He abruptly stops.

“Just leave, okay. You’ve done so much damage in my life, I need you to leave.” you firmly say, holding back tears. You leave Taehyung’s crestfallen face and you turn around and walk as fast as you can. You hated that your mom wasn’t there to fetch you. You walk a few miles away from the hospital when you hear a familiar female voice shout your name.

“Y/N!” Mina says as you turn to see the owner of the voice. “Is that you?”

You froze. Everything inside you said ‘Run’ but your body wasn’t following.

“My…you’ve grown,” she snickers. There were boys and girls behind her and they looked dangerous. You stiffen. Why was everyone walking into you?

“Huh? No greetings? No hellos? No ‘How are you’s?” she gives a sarcastic face.

You only give a whimper.

“Idiot. Stupid. Whore.” Before you knew it she was punching you in the face, repeating those three words. Her companions were cheering. You remember when you used to be one of them but you didn’t cheer or anything. You just watched.

You fell on the ground and you use your palm to hold your weight. You could feel blood trickling from your nose. Another mess, you had to clean before your mom comes home. Another lie to make.

Mina walks near you to throw a punch again but a hand stops her. You look up to see Mina with a horrified expression. She was looking at Taehyung who had a hard expression. You’ve never seen him this angry before, it was a bit unnerving.

“We’re over. Leave,” he says, letting go of Mina.

Mina trembles and reach for him but he backs away, “Taehyung, please. Let me explain.”

“So…it was you all along,” he bitterly laughs. “It was you who always left her on the halls. It was you who posted all those threats on her locker. You promised, Mina. You promised.”


“Tae…jagi,” she whimpers, her mistake suddenly getting heavier and heavier. Regret rushes through her.

“Mina, you promised you’d change. You promised that if I leave Y/N. If I gave her the cold shoulder…If I reject her…” he says. Regret fills him too. How could he be so blind? How could he have traded his feelings for you for some…promise?


“Leave. LEAVE.” Taehyung angrily says making Mina run away with her companion. Taehyung sighs at them and bends to help you stand up. He sits you on a bench nearby and cautiously sits beside you.

Both of you stare in front of you. You let the earlier conversation sink into you. You couldn’t believe it. Your feelings were mixed and you didn’t know what to do next.

“Thanks,” you softly say as to you really not knowing what to do or say.

“Oh…uh, welcome,” Taehyung becomes an awkward mess too. He looks at you and his eyes widen, “You’re nose is bleeding!”

His expression makes you giggle, “I know, I know. I’m fine.”

“No, you aren’t,” Taehyung scoops you over and carries you. You giggle and blush at this. Everything felt silly. Taehyung saving you from Mina brought back the feeling of comfort and safety inside you. Warmth bubbled inside you.

You let Taehyung carry you over to a startled nurse and he explains the situation. The nurse gestures the two of you over at an empty room that looked like a clinic. She attends to you and cleans off your nose and your bruises before leaving the two of you alone.

“I’m…sorry, Y/N,” Taehyung carefully says. He really was sorry. He regretted everything. He hated it.

You give a faint smile, “It’s okay. Not really…but I feel okay right now. Thanks.”

Silence falls between the two of you.

“I see a shrink, that’s why I was at that hall.” you break the silence. “I overdosed…you know. I just couldn’t take the guilt of taking you away from Mina. I couldn’t take the guilt of betraying her.”

“I know,” Taehyung lowers his head and you look at him.


“I know you overdosed,” he says. Your eyes widen and everything around you freezes. Was he…? Was he the one who brought you to the hospital? “I was there. I’m  sorry I didn’t step up to see that as a sign of your suffering. I’m so so so sorry, Y/N.”

“You saved me twice, Tae,” you whisper. Louder, “But you left me a lot of times. I don’t know what to do.”

“Do you know how it felt to be alone? How it felt to lose your friends because of something you couldn’t prevent? Do you know how it felt to want to end your life? How it felt to be so cold from the loneliness?” you say, tearing up. The weight of everything was suddenly loosening. “I was so alone, Tae. I needed someone but everyone ran away from me. Everything felt so heavy, Tae. It hurt me so much. It was even more painful than overdosing myself or cutting myself. Everything hurts…”

You break down and Taehyung stands up to gather you in his arms and rub your back. He hums softly and lets you cry on his shoulder. You were happy that someone was finally offering a shoulder. That someone actually cared for you. You couldn’t actually comprehend the fact that someone was hugging you.

“If I had known…Y/N. If I had known…I wouldn’t have made those mistakes. I’m sorry,” he says and you bury your head in his shoulder. Taehyung felt terrible. If he had liked you back, why didn’t he reject Mina’s offer? Why didn’t he think of that?

“Y/N…you could always lean on me. You can tell me everything. I’ll be here for you,” he says when you break the hug and look at him. You smile through your tears and nod at this, “Me too, Tae. Me too. I’ll be here for you.”

If he could turn back time–if he had made a different choice–he would have been the best guy for you.

He smiles back at you and wipes your tears with the cuff of his sleeve and hugged you tightly again, silently vowing to never let you go again.

Harold was a Liar

by reddit user AtLeastImGenreSavvy

I’ll be posting new, different stories on my personal blog, please be sure to follow @sixpenceeeblog

My brother, Harold, almost never told the truth. He was six years younger than me, and, although our mother tried to hide it, he was her favorite. It was easy to see why. Harold was adorable. He had round apple cheeks, curly blonde hair, and big blue eyes. Even at age seven, he was a social butterfly. He was always on the move, always playing with a different set of friends every week, and always charming.

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“Warrior, do not compare her with the others”

I’m going to share this video again because it’s in the most watched videos on YouTube right now and there are almost 1 million visualizations and almost 100k people who liked the video. But as it is in Portuguese not everyone will understand. But with two friends Kaah (who translated) and Sofia (who reviewed the translation) I will post the lyrics here. Please share so that others can watch.


I always loved you

Even from afar, without having you

You gave me the strength to live.

And become who I wanted to be


You’ll never see a girl like her.

More beautiful in feelings than a novel romance

Beautiful, naive, as kind as Cinderella

Lucky is the man standing beside her

Warrior, do not compare her with the others

She fought to fulfill his parents’ demands.

Her strength goes beyond what you think she is capable of  

This girl doesn’t give up on what she wants, but

I was so blind not to see

That just beside me she wanted to live

While with another person I was deceiving myself

She did not give up on me even if I made her suffer

What an idiot, how could I not perceive it?

That the girl who loved me was always there for me

I know this feeling I don’t deserve to receive

But this time I’ll try to learn from my mistakes


I always loved you

Even from afar, without having you

You gave me the strength to live.

And become who I wanted to be


She was always there to help me.

When I fell, she  made me get up.

I fought so hard for my dreams that I wanted to reach

I ended up blind without being able to see

I didn’t notice

That in front of me was who I should love

I always thought I was right and could not go wrong

But only when I lost her did I valued her

And I lost her, and I finally understood

That who I wanted was always there

It took a long time to realize

How idiot I was, I have to admit it

This girl managed to surprise me.

Her gaze was always beyond what I could see

I had to lose her , to realize

That beside her is where I wanted to live


I always loved you

Even from afar, without having you

You gave me the strength to live.

And become who I wanted to be


I had to lose her, to realize

That beside her is where I wanted to live

Yes, one day may be the end.

It may be too late and everything will end suddenly.

But toher I will say

I will not go backwith my word,

With you I want to live


I always loved you

Even from afar, without having you

You gave me the strength to live.

And become who I wanted to be

It may be too late and everything will end suddenly.

But to her I will say

I will not go back with my word,

With you I want to live


I always loved you

Even from afar, without having you

You gave me the strength to live.

And become who I wanted to be

Okay guys, Mikala and I were talking yesterday and we have been noticing something lately…

So our activity/traffic on this blog is pretty low lately. Now, we know this has A LOT to do with the fact that we have been inactive for so long and when we are active it’s pretty inconsistent. Neither one of us blames you guys for losing interest a little in our posts. That being said though, we talked, and we are both pretty committed to being more active starting now. I am finally down to one job which frees me up quite a bit when it comes to spare time. I can’t speak for Mikala’s schedule but I have noticed her enthusiasm for writing returning and that’s a great place to start. So here’s what we need from you guys…

First, let us know what kind of content you’re wanting to see! As always we do technically take requests (and y‘all should know the drill by now that we may or may not get to them). So if you have an idea or would like to suggest something for us to post (a specific character maybe?) then please SEND IT IN!

And second, we really really would appreciate it if you guys gave us your feedback when we asked questions. If one of us makes a post that says “NEED IDEAS!” or “WHO WOULD YOU RATHER SEE US POST TONIGHT??” it would be super helpful and so motivating for us if you guys let us know what you wanted. I think I can speak for Mikala when I say that when we get no responses from anyone we get a little beat down and assume you aren’t interested in our work anymore. Just a quick reply or message would do wonders for us, both to help us cater to what you guys want more and to give us that extra little boost of enthusiasm (what can we say, we’re hella needy!)

Overall though we just want to let you guys know that we are going to get back to running this blog like we used to and we’re excited to hit some more milestones and have a lot of fun with you guys in the process:) You’re the reason we write and we love each and every one of you for following us! 

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Compliment 5 mutuals!

PAPA BLESS - MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN HEARD! ofc i’m can’t limit myself to 5 mutuals loooooooool (i am full of love)

@yixingminseokjongdae i love christine with all of my heart. i spend the entire day looking forward to talking with her! she’s honestly one of the most amazing people i’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and i find it hard expressin my love for her in word haha

@deathbyvixx mal is such a sweetheart!! and so beautiful!! speaking with her is so much fun and she’s just so kind aaaah

@rapperravioli such s lovely sweet girl! she’s a pure soul and such a leasure to talk with

@honeyjaehwan samantha always makes me so emo with her tags, she’s literally the biggest sweetheart and i’m so happy to have meet her!

@merlionmen @animeotakupooh @ah-theelementofsurprise @kpop-loving-noona @whinytaekwoon @jaellyhwan i met all these crazy peepz thorugh the notorious milky chat, and talking with them every day fills me with love! their all so beautiful and funny (i am honestly not worth of being in this chat

@wonhonnie one of the friends i’ve had the longest on this website. she’s a great listener and talking with her always makes my day better - she’s an angel

@brekineee bre is my editor friend lol. she’s so kind and helps me with editing! and other than that she’s super funny and interesting to talk with~

@princessu-sumi I CAN’T BELIEVE I ACTUALLY FOUND ANOTHER DANISH STARLIGHT. her art is honestly AMAZING and her videos are so funny, i’m so happy to have met her

@tranquies rica! just like her url is amazing, she herself is, and she’s so much fun to talk with!!

@nxnight bernice is one of the sweetest people i’ve meet on here! so lovely!! (it’s been far too long since we last spoke aaaaaa)

@ottokaji-vixx another sweet bean. agata is so kind, and such a great friend! she deserves nothing but happiness in this world 

@chained-up-taekwoon we are so lucky to have xenia in the fandom!! her gifs are great and she herself is amazing! i had a lot of fun with her, discussing theories about ‘tunnel’ haha~

@saltykong how i ended up being mutuals with riri i don’t know, honestly i still don’t feel cool enough to talk with her haha~ she’s just so great, and i’m so happy to have her as a mutual!

@wonsik-chic daisy is a sweetheart, and honestly such a kind person. she checked up on me, a day i was feeling really down, and her encouraging words meant so much! i hope she’s doing well 

@incorrectvixx uhm an actual queen, i can’t believe we’re friends asdfgnbvc. karlie is such a pleasure to talk with, and she is a blessing to this earth lmao

@wonsiks-hamster-taek anwar!! anwar is the gif queen of this fandom! she’s a great friend, and one of the first starlights i talked with (also i helped her with a thing recently, and i don’t know if she knows, but the fact that she trusted me made me feel so happy and honored) she is amazing honestly 

@hakyeon-go-go such a great listener! and such a joy to talk with! + she has tagged me in stuff to inspire me for a fic - which is the cutest thing ever (i apprecited the leobin)

@burnt-enough-starlight it’s been a while since i spoke with widad, buuuut seeing her on my dash always makes me so happy. she’s such a lovely sweetheart 

this was a long post, i’m sorry lol~

i have more mutuals, but i had to cut this post somewhere haha. BUT! if we are mutuals and for some reason you don’t find your name on this list please know this: i care for you very much, and all of you have helped me get to a better place. i’m so etenally gratefull to the people i’ve met on here. ilysm~

ok i’ll end this sappy post rn lol

anonymous asked:

U don't even post about lauren its CAM+REN pls change ur blog if u don't like lauren anymore ur always bitter abt her and 5h when all of us know the whole narrative is planned since d beginning yet u act like 5h r d villains. Are u joining the bandwagon hate towards lauren?? Why have a camren blog when u hate d other half ?

Omfg seriously?? When did I EVER said that 5h are the villains??? WHEN??? WHERE?? Please! Give me ONE example, ONE moment where I said this, just ONE, I’d like to see it! 

When did I ever hate on Lauren?????? WHERE??? WHEN??? Send me a screenshot! Send me a quote! ANYTHING

All I’ve ever said was that I was disappointed by the last twitter incident with the whole “wet dreams” thing and that it was going to take a little while for me to get over that! That’s all I’ve ever said! I think it would be quite hypocrite of me to reblog recent Lauren pics when I don’t know where I stand with her right now!

As for Camren I always said that I ship them for what they WERE, that means I get to be a Camren blog for as long as I fucking like because those moments aren’t ever going away!

But you know what? If you’re so displeased by my blog content then by all means unfollow me! Please! I won’t mind! Tumblr is supposed to be an happy place and if seeing my posts on your dash is making you so angry than spare yourself the disappointment! Or even better, start your own Camren blog! Give out the content you wanna see! Go ahead! Answer 50 asks a day! Anons asking for your opinion and then insult you and call you fake when your answer is a little bit too opinionated or isn’t what they want to hear! See how fun it is when anons twist your words because they didn’t take the time to read the elaborate answer you spend half an hour writing! Please, see how fun that is! See if you’re able to answer all those asks as nicely as I did over the past year, please go ahead! And then come back to me, we will talk! 

I won’t change anything about the way I run my blog because it’s MY BLOG, just because it’s a main Camren blog doesn’t mean you get to dictate what’s supposed to be on it, how I’m supposed to respond to certain situations or whether or not I’m a real Camren shipper. I share my personal opinion, I’m someone who has set opinions on certain things, and who doesn’t worship artists blindly without caring about what they put out in the world. 

If you don’t like it then you unfollow, it’s that simple.

Have a good day!