it always makes me miss you

Battle Royale

Pairing; fbi assassin!reader x rogue assassin!jihoon

chapter 1 ↔ chapter 2

Summary; killing your target was always an easy job, best of your class even. But when you come face to face with an assassin who goes against the rules, has the smirk that you can only describe as the smirk of the devil, and can always make you weak in the knees; you feel as if you’re beginning to climb down to the bottom. But not to the bottom of your class.

word count; 1,655


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Cute Things I’ve Seen the Types Do

(these are things i’ve observed from the types. unfortunately, i’ve never met an ENFP or INTP irl. so what i said, i have observed online)

ESTP: be completely carefree, rolling the windows down, blasting their music, laughing without caring about the fragility of being a human, being fearless, being true

ISTP: staring off into space while trying to figure out how to make something work, and when they noticed I was watching them, looked right back at me and smiled kindly, was not weirded out at all by my staring (thank you)

ESFP: quick-witted and caring, always remembers little things about the people they love, and never miss a chance to tease and pick up on people’s endearing quirks

ISFP: be quiet about their curiosity, take a couple beats to come up with the question they really wanted to ask, loves to know themselves more intimately so that they can know others

ESTJ: been broken by someone else, but still cares for that person and their well being, wanting to protect everyone around them, but still speaking in a way that makes them seem untouchable

ISTJ: completely mom’ed me honestly, always being organized and tidy but not minding when I am a bit messy myself, working as hard as they can to accomplish any goal they’ve set

ENTJ: be protective of their significant other, quickly shut down negative input towards those who are close to them but who they see as vulnerable, able to motivate and organize in a way that takes stress away from the group

INTJ: have completely messy handwriting because they have to write quickly to keep up with what they’re thinking, but every other aspect of their life is perfectly organized, it’s adorable how ordered they are

ENFJ: admitting that they love being part of teams because not only do they love the feeling of being able to depend on others, but their favorite thing is to be depended upon

INFJ: drawing into themselves while still emitting a warm and kind energy, looking at the stranger at the table next to us and saying to me, “people are absolutely beautiful.”

ENFP: admitting to me that they feel lonely and that all they want is more connections to other people, encouraging others to trust in themselves, and being carefree and genuinely kind

INFP: being so achingly in love with characters that they cry while reading books or just have to gush about the fictional people they’re in love with, and when the people in books are happy, their joy level is increased by 5000

ENTP: act like a cat because they knew it would make me smile when I was upset, also getting really excited about getting a new dog and not being able to stop talking about it

INTP: be so unashamed about their geekiness, proud of their fandoms and their ability to stay away from all people, be interested in multiple different subjects and stay up late studying one thing after another

ESFJ: watched heartbroken as one of their friends abandoned them, but still waited with trusting, loving, and open arms for said friend to return, still has fear in love, yet opens their heart unconditionally

ISFJ: care so much about the people around them that they cried when they thought they let others down, been very self conscious about how they affect others and just really love to watch out for people


Dress Shopping Pt 3

Genesis changes into her dress then goes to the mirror where Charlene is waiting for her.

Charlene: You look so pretty Gen. 

Genesis: Thanks Char. I feel pretty. 

Charlene: Does it fit okay? Do we need to make any adjustments?

Genesis: No. I think it fits like it should. I can’t wait to come back here for my prom dress when I’m a senior. 

Charlene: Uh prom! You are making me feel old. 

Genesis: Giggles  I’m just a freshmen so you got few years to still be your young self.

Charlene: You are so grown. I wish Mom and Dad was here.

Genesis: I miss them too. You always have me though. 

Charlene: Teary eyed Of course! I don’t know how I could’ve made it through by myself. You were there for me then and you are here for me now. I want to be there for all your big events too. Making you my sister is the best gift Mom and Dad have ever gave me.

Genesis: Awe Char. 

Genesis hugs Charlene.

Genesis: Okay enough with the gushy stuff our makeup will run. 

To read more about this story or other stories I’m doing you can find them here!(Link doesn’t work well on mobile)

I forgive everything. the stomach pains. the words lost between languages. the worst headache of my life. if nothing else, you make my hands feel like hands. listen: I’d collect your ghosts. I’d swallow them whole. once on a plane, I cried about the blanket the flight attendant gave me. it reminded me of you. there’s a love that exists somewhere between new york and cairo that has your name on it. I hope it finds you. I don’t want the pictures. I want each memory to live inside of me forever. I want the songs back. the ones the storeowners play in bayridge when they’re missing home (which is to say the songs are always playing). I forgive it all. the woman who did unforgivable things, the food that went bad too early, the impatient drivers, my stomach always leaving me. you make my heart feel like it could get something right. I want dreams for you. I want to say I’ll see you soon, but who knows when I’ll see you. you break my heart a little, but don’t let it get to you. everything breaks my heart a little. I just want you to know I remember you. you exist everywhere I go which means you’ve been across the state, across the country, across the world by now. you make my poems wilt less. you make everything wilt less. I want a world of flight for you. which means you could land anywhere. which means I already forgive if it’s a lifetime away from me.

  • *The first time they reunite*
  • Aelin:*Sobs* Aedion, I miss you so much. I can't explain how I feel right now but I always thought of you. Ever battle I fought, you were there by my side. Please don't leave me.
  • Aedion:*Smile* It's been so long since I seen my Queen. I will fight and protect you from our enemies. Even though the years have gone by quick, I'm proud of you. I will never lose you again.
  • *After a while*
  • Aedion:MAKE ME
I never wanted to fall in love with you but I guess there are a few things that just make you fall for a person and you can’t help it, and once you’re in there’s no going back. Like the way we talked and instantly connected, how I knew you’d pick up the phone in the middle of the night, even if all I needed was someone to listen to my worries and fears, learning you’d always try and make time for me, because you told me an hour spent in my company was better than an hour spent missing me. I didn’t want to fall in love but you taught me that being in love doesn’t equal being in pain, that it’s not a lost battle and that the only time it really hurts is when it comes to an end.
—  I hope it won’t end. Not just yet.
Billions and Billions of souls and I had to run in to yours, for the the rest of my life, when I meet someone new , you will always be the face that pops up in my mind, it will make me sad because I know I’ll never meet anyone as beautiful as you, I will continue always and forever missing you darling. Take care.. good bye
Bottom!Yoongi masterpost


you make me crazy (you know what you do)

You Always Disappear, But I Want You to Stay


call me on my cell phone (late night when you need my love)

let me tell you about this (you and me)

Times Three




nothing makes sense when you’re in love

Say it, Baby


you say you want passion (I think you found it)

kiss me underneath the mistletoe

lets go home

Blue Jeans

Guilty Pleasure

Ten Years.

come closer, tell a secret boy

Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)


when the lights go out (run away with me)

vexing my world (and my nether regions)

c'mon, c'mon (show me what you’re all about)

I wanted the world (but then you came along)

hold me down (and be my anchor)

grindin’ on that wood

never settle (chasing down the devil)

all I want

Oh Baby Let’s Get Naked

₩20,000 for the Panties

Inspired Now?

Silky Bunny

Boy, I’ve Been Watching You Like a Hawk in the Sky

Rap Monster

you need him (I could be him)

can’t feel my face (when I’m with you)


Choked Up

I Will Have You(contains rape/non-con)

salt skin, lazy smiles

Nice Legs (Daisy Dukes)

(before I let you walk) you gotta show me how you crawl

yeah, I’m the trend (yeah, we’re the culprits)

six to nine (we’ll play the game)

All In

Drunk in the Morning


untitled #35

Help Your Leader Out

unmannerly (hands before caution)


Min is Hoseok’s Favorite

I’ll have you, just watch

All Unnies call me Beep Beep


Kiss me through my laptop

when i’m with you (the sun shines my way)

call me if you’re feeling lonely

Too Far Gone

Late Night Business Meetings

some kind of idiot

Jung Hoseok (Is Not a Poet)

Daddy Can Do That


Blanket stains

good little omega


Hey baby boy (stop spinning me around and around)

call me yours

Shining Silver

nice to meet you


Converse High (I Really Hate Converse)

‘I’m a thousand miles away, but tonight you look so pretty.’

Flip the Switch

Cold Air

take me away

Good Boy


Made For You


A Little Less Fuck Off, A Little More Fuck Me

Maybe it’s not just the music….

Underneath the Starless Nights

You’re The Gin Inside My Tonic

Bitter & Sweet

seize my careless heart

pretty please

set the price how I want to

H-H-H-Hot Pink!!!

The Stone Inside You Still Hasn’t Hit The Bottom

Bite as Hard as You Want

Let Me Hold You, Touch You, Feel You (Always)

Lace And Snow

just for me

lil red

Up and coming (Like we’re fucking in an elevator)

Grant Your Wishes, I Leave You Four Senses

nice legs daisy dukes makes a man go

Hoseok x Yoongi

Giving You The Power To Take Mine Away



It’s a Terrible Love (And I’m Walking In)


My Druggy

Nothing on but the Radio : Alternative Ending

play with me

Goose Chase

Hopeless Hope



what’s the world (without you in it)

Falling Apart Together

Under My Skin

Neck Deep

Ice Cream Cake


do not choke on or swallow the thermometer

i can’t hide it (i’m like this every day)

Pretty Baby


(yes, yes) I like it

Pros and Cons

The Wolf and the Lamb


Baby, show me what you’ve got (and I’ll tell you my secret)

The Bet

Kerosene and Desire

Tail Twitches

Yoongi’s bad day


show me how it do



Imma Give You What You Like


I bet the neighbors know my name

“Room Service!”

Favorite Hyung

beating you

The consequences of messing with Min Yoongi

oppa I like it

soft melodies and softer touches

livin like beep

Hold Me Tight



It would be a lie to say that Yoongi regretted this turn of events


Only For Tonight

beg for it

Shared Showers

Don’t be angry Hyung


Love You Till Your Eyes Roll Back

cause you’re perfect (just like that)

You can’t dominate me Hyung


You’re losing your words (We’re speaking in bodies)

Love Can Make The Darkness Sing

I’ll take care of you

I Can Feel Your Vibes, Baby

Red Lace

Look What You Do


Please, sir

The Flick Of Your Tongue

Study Break

I just wanna look good for you


How to be a Good Assistant

I Waited

let me mark you

Afraid of the Dark

Your lips (they got me going)

We are Ours

Lost In Lust

you think i give out all my shit for free?

i’ll press you like some juice

Of Spiced Honey and Apples

Yes, Daddy


앞태도 최고 뒤태도 최고

I’ve bloomed in the direction of you but I keep becoming thirsty


Did You Do Good or Bad?


let me hear you (loud and clear)

No Words

yoongi is very gay and seokjin agrees

This And That

Doctor, Doctor (Make Me Feel Good)

Bow on my Panties

Perfectly Unique

Beyond Perfect

Dirty Laundry

I Need Your Love Before I Fall, Fall…

Voices and Happiness


Love on Top


keep you runnin’ till you whimpy



I’ll Always Be Your Good Boy

So Your Mom Hates Me

the only thing i know is you’re my baby

home early

Make Me Come Alive, Come On Turn Me On

chink in his armor

Daddy’s Bored

forever sealed

fuck kim taehyung

the definition of hate

Take Care.

Just Skin

a bolt out of the blue




Little One

twos company, threes a party


풀어 (Pour Up)

New Neighbors

for you (I’d leave it all)

Mating Of Three


Hotline Bling (Doin things I taught you)

Daddy’s Home (be a good boy for us, baby)

look at me (you’re pretty as can be)

Warm Bodies, Full Hearts


Yoongi’s a kitty in heat

Spread Your Legs (Open Wide)

hey, yoongi-ah


his weekend

run it back like you owe me some

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait



Damn It, Jungkook


Never Mind

this is mine (like everything else)

Put On A Show

Dolje na koljena

you got the magic touch (touch me everywhere)

kvp loves his mom so much and he’s so protective of her like he calls her every day and asks if she’s okay and if she needs anything and (for the thousandth time) if she’s SURE she doesn’t just want to move to vegas with him. one time she casually mentions that she’s been seeing someone and he straight up flies home for the weekend just to check out who it is and make sure they’re good enough for his momma (spoiler alert tho, no one’s good enough for his momma) and whenever he’s asked about heroes or ppl that got him here or best friends, momma parson is always #1 on his list. whenever he misses her he just buys her tickets to his games that week and books her flights and emails her the deets. she’s always like “honey you can just ask me to come stay with you” but she always always goes.

Hoseok As Your Boyfriend

Seokjin || Yoongi || Hoseok || Namjoon || Jimin || Taehyung || Jungkook

Thought I’d end the day with something fluffy so I hope you like it~

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  • he worships you
  • sometimes it might seem like he’s being sarcastic
  • like “jagiya you are the most gorgeous person in the entire world”
  • “hoseok shut up i know i look like a mess”
  • “no really you’re gorgeous jagi how
  • “hoseok i just woke up i look terrib-”
  • “jagiya shut up and let me kiss your pretty face”
  • he’d pepper your face with kisses a lot
  • but he always ended it with a sweet
  • because he really loved kissing you
  • and he wasn’t going to miss out on a kiss to tease you
  • even if he loved teasing you
  • well, not so much teasing
  • he just loved tickling you until you couldn’t breathe
  • or interrupting you
  • acting like he had something important to say
  • only to make a dumb joke
  • “we’ll need to go to the grocery sto-”
  • “jagi, guess what!”
  • “what?!”
  • “chicken butt”
  • “… why are you like this?”
  • cuddles 24/7
  • he was always throwing his arms around you
  • leaning all of his weight on you
  • forcing you to bend so that he could drape himself over you
  • no matter where you were
  • in front of the oven
  • on the couch
  • in the shower
  • pretty much anywhere
  • there really wasn’t much of a difference
  • between your public and private love life
  • he still devoted nearly all of his attention to you
  • save for when the maknae line needed someone to play with
  • and sure he was cuddly with them too
  • but then he’d realize that he hadn’t cuddled you in a while
  • and then he was pretty much sitting on top of you
  • nuzzling into your neck and kissing you
  • ignoring the boys telling him to get a room
  • unless you wanted to get a room
  • there were a few times when he wasn’t being cuddly
  • normally, during those times, he was dancing
  • either to girl groups, trying to make you laugh
  • or to their songs, thrusting his hips
  • but he was “just practicing, jagi, calm down”
  • but he was smirking at you the whole time
  • he couldn’t cuddle or hip thrust while on dates, though
  • so instead he stuck to threading your fingers together,
  • pulling you so close that you nearly tripped over each other,
  • and smiling into your hair/kissing your temple constantly
  • the dumb jokes didn’t stop during the date, though
  • they continued on through the night
  • and they didn’t stop until you’d groaned particularly loudly
  • “god, I love that sound”
  • hoseok we are in public
  • “turns out i love it even more when you whine my name”
  • “… i’ll call a cab”
  • no matter how annoyed you’d gotten by his teasing hip thrusts
  • you weren’t complaining about the extra practice
  • because damn was he good at thrusting his hips
  • that wasn’t all he ever did, though
  • - not that you’d be complaining if it was the only thing he did -
  • depending on the date or his mood
  • he could either be hip-thrust-central
  • hitting the spot that made your toes curl each time
  • no matter what position you were in
  • or he would be a teasing jackass
  • kissing and touching everywhere except where you wanted him most
  • pulling you so tightly to him that you could feel nothing but his skin
  • but you’d have to snap your hips if you wanted friction
  • he’d eventually make it easier for you
  • but he was going to get as much pleasure as he could
  • out of making you squirm and groan and moan
  • before he finally started thrusting those hips of his
  • the morning after, he always sang
  • it was a different song each time
  • whatever song happened to pop into his head first
  • mirrors” by justin timberlake
  • bleeding love” by leona lewis
  • i’ll make love to you” by boyz to men
  • sexual healing” by marvin gaye
  • never gonna give you up” by rick astley
  • really anything he could annoy you with by belting it off-key
  • it was both the best and the worst way to wake up
  • but you loved it
If anyone asked me a year ago today if I thought we would have gone through what we did in the last year, I would have never believed them. I would have never believed that I would fall in love with my best friend, but that the timing would be wrong. You loved and cherished me for years, and deep down inside we both know you still do, even though you’ve blocked me from social media and you blocked me from texting/calling you. I was too naive and dumb to realize that you are all I’ve ever wanted. Every New Year’s Eve will be flooded with memories of you and me- I was your first kiss after all, I even made you wait until midnight. I saw sparks that night, my love, that were brighter than any firework could ever be. I guess what they say is true, relationships ruin friendships. We crashed and burned but my God was it beautiful. I will always love you, B, and I will wait for you, until the end of time- I promise.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write (#6).

MY FIRST FOLLOW FOREVER!! I recently (finally) hit 1k followers and got super emotional and flashed back to the past five years on this blog (holy shit) and I’ve always wanted to make a follow forever so here we are ;A; I know that I missed so so so so so so many people because I’m me and how could I not, but know that even if you aren’t on this list, I love you so much and am jealous of everything you do and say and that is the truth. Seriously guys, thanks so much for being here and doing your things and interacting with me and posting such quality content that I want to cry. I love logging on to see all of you, and I look forward to continuing to do so. Bless you, guys. Bless you. And seriously, everyone I follow needs to follow everyone on my blogroll because all of those blogs are absolute gold.

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The thing is I’ll compare everyone to you. You were the first boy To ever break my heart. And now that I’m finally with someone who makes me comfortable and really likes me i can’t help but wish it was you, and can’t help but wish he made me feel the way you used to. With him things are safe and I feel loved but with you I was always on my toes seeking your approval. But for some god forsaken reason I miss being insanely obsessed with you.
Hi, I am the definition of complicated but I can make really good grilled cheese and if you ever don’t know where I am find the best spot to look at the sky and I’ll be sitting there. I might be complex but I promise you I’ll let you see beauty in all things. And even when you think it couldn’t get any worse I’ll point out all the positive things, I’ll make sure you know failure doesn’t really exist because you can learn from every situation. Some days I’ll be like a labyrinth but I assure you my hugs are the best and spreading love and being happy are my only goals in life and I’ll make sure you always know how important you are, not only to me but to the whole world. Sometimes I’m really difficult to deal with but I’ll love you with all my heart. You’ll learn your future loved one to adore the sky just like I did and you’ll miss how grateful I was for the ordinary things like doing the dishes or remembering my favorite fruit. You’ll miss my hugs and on some days maybe even my complexity because our days where always full of laughter and silly games and feeling loved. You’ll miss me because I never judged your choices and I always asked how your day was. You’ll miss me because I might be complicated, but no one can love you like I did.

After watching Khadgar’s Harbingers short, I feel like the Legion wouldn’t even bother sending a dreadlord to manipulate Rommath.

Spirit of Kael’thas: “Rommath, my loyal servant! How I have missed you! I can entrust only you with this mission. You must–”
Rommath: “No.”
Rommath: *sets dreadlord on fire”

Lor’themar Theron: “Rommath, I have thought long and hard, and I believe that the only way to save Quel’thalas is to make a pact with the Burning Legion.”
Rommath: *laughs so hard he can’t breathe*
Rommath: *sets dreadlord on fire*

Shade of Grand Magister Belo’vir: “Rommath, you have always been like a son to me. I am so proud of all that you have achieved. Quel’thalas is in great danger, but I have returned from my eternal rest to tell you–”
Rommath: “No.”
Rommath: *sets dreadlord on fire*
Rommath: *frowny face*

I got my first tattoo(s) on July 26, 2016.
I decide to get the “Missing You” chorus done because when I first heard this song, it became very close and dear to me. It holds a special place in my heart.
All Time Low has been the air to my lungs ever since I started listening to them a couple years ago. I don’t know where I’d be right now or they kind of person I would be without them. Their love keeps me going. Seeing them and listening to them, makes me the person I am. These tattoos will always be special to me. All Time Low is the air to my lungs, the beat to my heart, the light of my life, my everything.

“Is that my shirt”-Jswazz pt.3

part 1 part 2

You woke up by smelling bacon and the light shinning through your white curtains. You laid there examining your charm bracelet. You shook the memories and got out of bed. You walked in to the kitchen area to see your mom drinking coffee and making breakfast. “I don’t remember the last time we’ve had breakfast. You’ve always opened the diner. You didn’t go in today?”,she asked cracking some eggs. “Maggie didn’t ask me, I’m guessing someone else took it”,you said getting a coffee cup filling it with coffee. “Well I’m glad you didn’t go in, I miss my little girl”,she said poking your dimple. “So, tell me about the party”,she said with excitement. “Nothing really happened”,you said buttering the toast. “Really, so you didn’t come in last night all mad and blazing hell”,she said raising her eyebrows. “I hate thin these walls are”,you said quietly. “So, are you going to tell me, or do I need to hear it from someone else who’s twisted the story”,she said making the plates. “Fine”,you said taking your plate and sitting down. She sat down with her plate and look at you, waiting for you to talk. “I was at work yesterday and John and the boys came in and John invited me to a party. I asked Maggie if she would close and she said sure. So as you know I came home and got ready. John got me a california charm and an envelope filled with 3,000 dollars worth of cash. I got ready, went to the party, and now totally regret it”,you said drinking your coffee. “What happened at the party”,she said taking in the gossip. “I got there and saw Lainey. She told me about her Sorority and I was trying not to be jealous”,you said giving a little chuckle. Your mom gave you a sad look. “Honey, you know if i could afford it I would-”. “Mom, I know. It’s fine. Don’t feel guilty”,you said. “And then I went to the backyard and saw John. And he was playing beer pong with this girl that was really pretty mom, like god she was pretty”,you voice cracked. You took a deep breath and continued the story. “And so I tried getting away from that, but he saw me before I could escape. So he convinced me to play, and it looked like he was rubbing it my face that he had other girls wanting him. So Nate and I kinda pissed him off, Nate was pretending to be flirty with me and John got mad. Then all of your true feelings came out then”,you said. “I doubt she was that pretty”,she said. “Mom, its Heather. Heather Chandler (lol if you get the name ref than I LOVE YOU) remember her mom is the head plastic surgery in the state. And let’s just say she practiced on her daughter if you know what I mean. I bet she’ll get into med school easily, unlike some people”,you said raising your eyebrows. “You deserve so much, I’m really sorry I can’t provide for you like I used to”,your mom said wiping her eyes. “Mom, its okay. I’m glad you don’t provide me with everything, it makes me independent and not depend on people”,you said smiling at her. “I raised a beautiful, responsible, independent woman”,she said. “So what happened between you and John”,she said. “Well he tried to make me jealous and he succeeded. I told him i still had feelings for him and he asked why I ended things. I told him I didn’t want to tie him down, that there would be beautiful girls there. He’d meet someone better. I told him waiting for him is like waiting for rain in a drought. I told him I didn’t want him to leave and I didn’t want to wait. I gave him his money back and told her I didn’t depend on anyone for anything. I told him if you care about something, it always goes away”,you said looking down at your food. “Then he said ‘You’ve become a real bitch since your dad died. That that was the real reason he left me for california”,you said with your eyes watering. “Then I told him the reason I became that way was so I didn’t get heart broken again. He then got mad and said I told him to go. The only reason I told him to go was because I thought about him first, that I didn’t want to hold him back. He told he I wished I did. And then I said at least one of us deserves to be happy and I walked about from him. I came home, threw a tantrum, put on his shirt, and went to sleep. Happy?”,you said getting up from the table and walking out of the kitchen. “Hey, look you don’t have to take this out me okay. I am and will always be here for you. I am your best friend. So here’s my advice, you go back to bed, eat nothing but gallons of ice cream and tons of pizza. Don’t think about work or school and go watch a ton of Nicholas Sparks movies. Now while you do that, I’m going to go pay a visit to the police station and get the guys to go kick John’s ass”,she said grabbing her purse. “Mom, just let it go. It’ll be okay, come watch the movies with me”,you said taking her hand and going to your bedroom. “Alright”,she said putting her purse down. 

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You two were laying your bed under your big white down comforter. “Mom, how could she just left Noah and not came back or thought about him? If you love someone and you break up, where does the love go?”,you asked looking up at her. “Well, you might not in love with them honey, but you never stop loving or caring for them. They’ll always be in your heart”,she said playing with your hair. 

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Just then you heard a knock at the door. “Must be the pizza guy, I’ll be right back”,you said getting your wallet. “Honey, want me to pause it”,your mom said. “Mom, we’ve both seen this 10 times each”,you said chuckling. You walked down the hall to the front door. You look in the little mirror by the front door, and you looked like hell. You tried making your hair better, but nothing helped, whatever. You opened the door to see no pizza, but there was instead a dickhead. “Can I help you”,you said. “Look, can we talk”,John said. “About”,you said putting your hand on your hip. “Oh gosh sorry was that ‘too bitchy’,you said putting your hand over your mouth. “Look, I came here to apologize”,he said. “It’s fine, I’m fine”,you said crossing your arms. “Is that my shirt?”,he raised his eyebrow. “Yea it is, and here take it back. It means nothing anymore”,you said taking the shirt off to reveal your victoria secret bra. You threw the shirt at him and he caught it. “So, is there anything else you need”,you said crossing your arms again. “You”,he said. “You were happy with me once”,he said with his voice cracking. “I’m so sorry for what I said last night, I didn’t mean it. I was just upset”,he said stepping toward you. “Looks like we both regret saying something we didn’t mean”,you said looking down. “I’m sorry I left you, I should’ve just took you hostage and brought you with me”,he said laughing trying to make the situation less awkward. “Wish I was selfish and told you to stay”,you said looking at him with glossy eyes. “Wish I never broke your heart like I did”,he said wiping a tear before it fell. “You didn’t break my heart, nobody breaks my heart”,you said drying up the tears. “Would you stop with the steel heart thing. Let me in and let me love you again”,he said. 

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“No, I’m finally over you”,you lied. “No, no you’re not. You told me last night you had feelings for me still. Deep down you and I both know we still love each other”,he said raising his voice. “YOU SAID I WAS A BITCH EVER SINCE MY DAD DIED AND THAT’S THE MAIN REASON YOU LEFT ME! BECAUSE YOU COULDN’T TAKE ME ANYMORE! YOU KNEW WHAT I WAS GOING THROUGH, YOU LAID WITH ME WHILE I CRIED FOR WEEKS. SO I’M SO SORRY I LOST MY BESTFRIEND AND SHOWED A LITTLE BIT OF SADNESS THE WHOLE TIME WE DATE JOHN, I’M SO SO FUCKING SORRY!”,you said pushing his chest and letting all the tears flow. Your mom came out of your room and saw that you were finally letting it all out. She took off her sweater and put it around you. “Let’s get inside, honey”,she said. “I-i’m so sorry baby, I should’ve been there for you more”,John said trying to get to you. “John honey, just go home. She needs some time. I’ll call you when she’s better, but if you ever call her a bitch or bring her father into a stupid argument like this one again. I do have some good friends at the police station who would anything for us”,your mom said shutting the door on John. She took you into your bedroom and laid there with you. “Mom I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to turn this into a drama show. I was never ready for him to leave”,you said crying into her chest. “It’s okay honey, i’m here”,she said smoothing your hair.

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You wokeup hours later and noticed your mom fell asleep holding you. You wiggled out of her arms and went to drive dressed. “Do you want to go out for dinner? My treat”,your mom said stretching from sleeping. “No thanks, Maggie texted me and said she had extra hours tonight and I took them”,you said putting on work uniform. “Why? You need to stay home and cry and eat pizza”,she said. “I’m tired of crying. I need to stop thinking about him”,you said putting your hair in a ponytail. “I’ll see you whenever I get home”,you said walking out to your car. You pulled up and walked inside to see Maggie cleaning plates. “How’s my favorite girl doing? How was that party you went to”,you said smiling. “I’m fine, and nothing special”,you said grabbing the broom. “That’s not what I heard”,she said raising her eyebrows. “Well, what did you hear my dear?”,you said putting a hand on your hip. “Well, John did come in here looking for you earlier today, and you know my famous pie makes people’s troubles come out”,she said drying her hands. “Is it me Maggie? Am I reason people always leave?”,you asked looking into her soft blue eyes. “I mean first my dad who had a heart attack on scene, then my brother who I haven’t spoken to since my freshman year of high school, and now for the first boy I ever truly love”,you said looking down. 

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“You are definitely not the reason baby. They just don’t know what of an amazing they lost on their own. And you know your daddy loved you, you and him were inseparable. It was just his time and he’s always looking over you. He is always with you, and he will always protect you”,she said hugging you. “He’ll even protect you from stupid guys like me”,you heard a voice say. You turned around to see John standing there. “How much of that did you hear?”,you asked. “Enough of it to hear that I broke you, again. I did it once when I left and I knew you didn’t want me to. Then I do it again by saying something that first wasn’t true, and second something that I knew would break you. Baby, I came back to be with you. I’m still in love with you and I can’t stand to not be with you. I miss you being next to me, kissing you, and holding you. I want to be here. I want to have everything with you. I want it all, I want us”,he said. 

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“Well, I’ll be counting the money in cash register”,Maggie said walking out of the kitchen. She winked at you and knew she had something to do with this surprise encounter. “Did you really mean the things you just said”,you voice cracked. “Every last word, I’m here”,John said hugging you. “I missed you so much it hurt”,you said holding on to him tight. “I’m sorry for what I said to you. I was a total douchebag and you didn’t deserve that”,he said tucking some hair behind your ear. “I forgive you, just don’t leave me ever again”,you said. John then gave you a passionate kiss. “I love you”,he said rubbing your cheek. “Forever”,you said kissing him again.

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Love your blog ♥ Can you write jaehyun as a best friend?

Thank you anon! I’m not really sure how you wanted me to write this but since there wasn’t much detail I assumed it was a masterpost or an imagine. If I’m missing something or this is not what you wanted, let me know :3 In the meantime, enjoy! (Bonus : mood board because why not?)

Jaehyun as your best friend…

  • Making fun of each other
  • Fake flirting
  • Showing up at your door at random times
  • Actually, he basically lives with you
  • Brings you food the minute you need it
  • But when you have food, he steals it
  • “I won’t do it unless you do it with me”
  • Trying to teach you how to cook
  • Showing off his muscles to you because none of the members want to know
  • Always knows when you’re feeling sad
  • And when you are, he does aegyo to make you feel better
  • Begs you to play basketball with him
  • But laughs if you fail
  • Going to get coffee together
  • Jogging together
  • Random adventures together
  • Even late at night
  • He’s scared when you’re mad
  • So he lets you rant to him as much as you want
  • And even adds his view on it too, if it makes you feel better
  • Would probably beat up your significant other if they hurt you
  • Definitely gets very jealous if you’re hanging out with your other friends
  • But you know no one could ever top him as a best friend

- xxx, Bambi