it always had been his whole life

hey guys so my grandfathers been a cubs fan his whole life and baseball had been a really big part of his life and it’s always been something that he’s loved and cared about so much. baseball and the cubs team has given my siblings, cousins, his children, and myself something to connect to him with.

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We’ve always wanted to see Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare to be performed by Yuri and Victor, and it was delievered to us beautfully.
This truly was a beautiful scene.

I was reading the translation of the lyrics and the only thing I could think of is…

Victor, with all the fame and glory, felt lonely. Despite all the achievements he had gained he wasn’t truly happy with his life, he knew he was lacking something, and meeting Yuri filled the hole inside him. He realized that this was what he had been missing from his whole life… love. Someone who will stay by his side, no words needed, and will never leave him no matter what. He found that in Yuri. And, I think that’s beautiful.


This will always be one of the most memorable scenes of the whole Bnha series. Izuku had to endure so much through the years and this is finally his moment, the moment he has been waiting for since he found out he was not like the rest, since he found out he may never become what he desired more than anyone, finally someone said to him the words he had been waiting for all his life. AND IT WAS ANIMATED PERFECTLY.

Jealousy (Draco Malfoy Smut)

In which Draco is jealous of your friendship with Cedric

Requested by @pansexualpamandabear

Warnings: LOTS OF SMUT

I smiled as I felt his hand in mine.It was always Cedric that was there to comfort me when I was down, now was one of these times. I had been with him for my whole life, he’d practically been there from the start. The both of us were best friends, we always had been. Out of all the people at Hogwarts we’d always been the closet. Yet the reason I never quite knew but I was glad it was the way that it was. I squeezed his hand a little tighter looking up at him.

“Thank you for staying for Christmas break with me.” I said smiling a little larger.

“No problem, anything for you.” He said smiling back as we continued walking down the main hall of Hogwarts. I blushed as we continued walking the both of us stopped once we were outside of the Slytherin common room. “Well sleep tight.” He said to me.

“You too.” I said as I let go of my hand. “I’ll see you in the morning.” He nodded before turning around and walking away. I watched him for a second smiling knowing that already I couldn’t wait to see him in the morning. I sighed turning around myself and entering the common room. As I went over to the girls dormitory I smiled to myself as I saw a familiar face lying on my bed.

“Draco?” I asked stopping in my tracks and looking at him. “What are you doing here?” I asked. “Aren’t you supposed to be with your parents.” He shrugged.

“Well I was, but I decided to pay you a visit since I thought you were alone.” He said I sighed looking at him as he got up walking towards me. “I didn’t realize you were with your little boyfriend.” He said. I shook my head looking down at my shoes. Was he really jealous about this?

“Draco, Cedric is not my little boyfriend for your information.” I growled at him.

“That’s not what it appeared to be.” He said placing his hand under my chin and lifting my head so I could look him in the eye.

“We are friends.” I clarified rolling my eyes. Draco backed me into a wall as he walked towards me. He slammed his arms on each side of the wall next to me catching me off guard.

“So are we but you don’t go around holding my hand and sucking up to me do you?” He asked.

“Dra-” Before I could finish off my sentence Draco smashed his lips into mine. He pulled away looking at me. “You don’t see me going around letting him kiss me do you?” I asked. Once again Draco crashed his lips into mine this time letting his hands drop from the wall and lightly wrap around my waist.

“Shut up.” He whispered in my ear as he grabbed my arm leading me back over to my bed. I smiled as he lightly pushed me down onto it before crawling on top of me. I smirked letting him kiss me once again. I didn’t know how much I had wanted Draco more than a friend till now.

“I’m going to teach you who’s you are.” He said to me before he started to kiss my neck biting and nibbling lightly. I held back a small moan as he worked his way down to my chest feverishly unbuttoning my white button up shirt. “Lift up.” Draco demanded. I did as told and lifted up my arms, Draco pulled both my shirt and my bra off of me before throwing them and going back to working on me this time going even lower down to my breast. He looked up at me smirking as he licked my nipple.

I felt myself dripping in my pants. Draco bit down on my nipple lightly before he began to massage my other breast with his other hand.I moaned softly no longer being able to hold myself back, he was too good. “You like that don’t ya’”? He asked I nodded as he picked up pace now sucking. Draco lifted his head and hands away from my body. I whimpered from the loss of his touch.

Draco chuckled as he placed his hands on my hips pulling my skirt down to my ankles. He stroked my heat through my underwear. I watched as he licked his lips. “You’re so wet.” He said with a smirk as he pulled my underwear off of me throwing them to the floor. Draco brought his hand to my pussy and rubbed my clit lightly. I moaned softly.

“Malfoy, stop teasing.” I demanded through moans. Draco picked up pace as the smirk on his face grew.

“You know Y/N, I don’t understand why you being so quiet, no one’s even around to hear you.” He said as I felt two of his fingers enter me. I couldn’t keep quiet any longer. I moaned loudly as he kept a pace pounding into me harder and harder each time. I continued to moan louder each time. Draco laughed pulling his finger out of me and unbuttoning his shirt and throwing it aside. Draco grabbed my knees pulling them apart before dipping his head down in between my legs licking my heat. I cried out, he felt so good. He kitten licked my clit nearly sending me over the edge.

“Draco! Don’t stop I’m about to come!” I screamed out. As soon as I had finished my sentence Draco lifted his head from in between my knees looking me straight in the eyes as he wiped his mouth.

“I couldn’t let you have all the fun.” He said smirking, I groaned watching Draco as he took off his pants and boxers. Draco climbed back on top of me placing his hands on each of my shoulders as he lined himself up with my entrance. Without warning, he slammed into me pumping himself in and out of me repeatedly. I screamed in pleasure as he continued. “Fuck Y/N.” Draco murmured in my ear only turning me on more.

“Draco, I’m gonna-

“Me too.” He said right before I climaxed with him. I smiled as Draco collapsed next to me.

“That was good.” I said giggling.

“I bet Cedric couldn’t do that.” Draco said looking over at me.

“Oh shut up.” I said rolling my eyes. It was a few seconds of silence before I felt a hand slip into mine.


Gif source:  Eric

Imagine having been insecure about your looks your whole life but when you join Dauntless Eric is totally into you and always says stuff like, “Your looks aren’t going to get you any special treatment here,” basically implying that you’re really pretty until you confront him about it, saying that you’ve never had anyone think that before and he doesn’t believe you.

——— Request for anon ———

“Pick up the pace,” Eric taunts, slowing his own speed to linger around where you were at the back of the pack of initiates led by Four. “Your looks aren’t going to get you any special treatment here, or any extra points on the ranking board.”

Letting out a labored breath, you speed your pace, just managing to pass him as you retort, “They never have before, so why would they now?” He lags behind you for a bit, but you don’t look back to see why until he easily passes you when his jogging speed picks up again.

Looking straight ahead, Eric’s voice is filled with a scoff as he replies, “I find that hard to believe.”

Night Time Wishes

Celebrity/Character: Michael Fassbender

Requested: Yes

Warnings: None

Your parents were away for the night at a party and so you had the place to yourself. You didn’t like the idea of staying in the house all alone though and decided to call up your best friend Michael to ask if he wanted to stay the night. “Sure.” He answered through the phone, you could hear the smile in his voice.

Michael had been your best friend for literally your whole life, the one person who knows you inside out and back to front. He has kept your secrets, made you laugh and given you a shoulder to cry on in times of need. Somewhere down the line though, the friendship you held for him turned to love. Sure you had always loved him as a friend, but this was a different kind of love. This was the kind of love that you would kill for, die for and everything in-between. The kind of love that makes your heart beat fast every time you see that person but rips it apart at the same time because, deep down, you know that you could never have them.

The thing about Michael is that he can have any girl, and he usually does. One sideway glance at them, one smirk in their direction, and they’re his. He calls them his ‘powers’ and powerful they are. “How come my powers never work on you?” He’ll ask. “You’ve never tried them on me.” You’ll answer with a laugh and he’ll just look down at the floor and stay silent. The other thing about Michael is that he can’t seem to keep a girl for a prolonged period of time, or rather he doesn’t want to keep them. “Maybe they aren’t the one I really want.” He’ll say when you ask him about the girls. “Who do you want?” You’ll ask with a laugh. “Now there’s a question.” He’ll say to you with a closed lip smile before turning to take a cigarette from the pack in his hand. Complicated was one word you would use to describe him…yes, he was a rather complicated boy.

“I’ve got ten movies and chocolate.” Michael proclaimed as he walked through the front door of your house. “Do we really need that many?” You asked him. “Probably not, but they are all movies that you like so you can pick.” He said, placing them on the coffee table and throwing the chocolate towards you. You chose a film from the pile and put it on. You sat on the couch, feet up, your head resting on Michael’s lap. Occasionally he would pop some chocolate into your mouth. That’s the way the two of you always watched movies together and you stayed like that for most of the night until you got tired.

You were woken up to the sound of Michael moving around your room in the dark. He did that sometimes when he stayed over and found it hard to sleep. You decided to pretend that you were still sleeping and then suddenly spring up and scare Michael.

You felt the right side of your bed sag under the weight that had just been placed on it and felt Michael’s hand on your head. He stroked your forehead with his thumb as you continued to let on you were sleeping. Suddenly, just as you were about to rise up and scare him, you felt, what could only be Michaels lips, on your forehead. You were confused, why was he kissing your forehead? He has never done that before. Your heart was pounding fast against your ribcage and you fought to keep your eyes closed.

“I wish you knew how much I love you.” He whispered into the dark. “I wish that you could love me back." He sighed. "You always ask me who I really want and the answer is you. It’s always been you and it always will be. But you don’t seem to notice me. You don’t notice the glances and the way you make me smile and you don’t notice the way I look at you, willing you to love me back. Maybe its best you don’t notice though, because I don’t think I could ever bare being turned down by you.” It went silent for a moment and you thought that he was finished, but he wasn’t. “You’re the only person who can cheer me up when I’m sad and calm me down when I’m angry. You don’t value yourself at all, but if you were mine I’d tell you how much I love you every single day. I’d tell you how your smile brightens up my day, how your eyes glisten in the moonlight and how you are the most perfect girl I have ever known. If you were mine…oh, if only you were mine!”

“That can be arranged.” You said, opening your eyes.

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Impress you (Bruce Wayne Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: Hi love, can you do a Bruce Wayne falling with a rather unpolished woman fic? All cute and stuff
Summary: Not being used to the fancy life. 
Word count: 506
Warning(s): fluff

Fancy was never your thing. You had always been simple, much unlike your date Bruce Wayne who had lived his whole life in luxury. You had been obviously hesitant when he had asked you out, not because you weren’t interested in him, but because he was way out of your league.

When Bruce came to pick you up, your jaw nearly hit the floor, his car was expensive and he even had a driver, Alfred from what you understand. The ride to the restaurant was pleasant, but quiet, you didn’t dare to say a word in fear of saying something wrong.

The restaurant was fancier then you thought it would be, and you felt underdressed. Your clothes were nowhere near good enough to be here but Bruce didn’t seem to care at all. 

You were quickly sat at a table and given menus. Half of the words you couldn’t even pronounce and a look of fear was making its way on to your face. Bruce quickly noticed. “Tell me what you want and I’ll order,” He smiles, 

The wait for food was pleasant and the conversation seemed to flow. You were trying to ignore the uncomfortable knot in your stomach from looking at all the silverware on the table. 

once the food was set in front of you you couldn’t bring yourself to eat. “Is there something wrong?” Bruce asks politely, you shake your head “No” But still don’t touch the food. “What’s wrong,” Bruce asks finally, holding your hand.

I don’t even know where to start,” You sigh, looking at all the forks and knives. “We could go somewhere else, where you’re more comfortable,” He says, and It wasn’t up for much debate, as he called a waiter over, asking for the bill.

After paying you two stand in front of the doors looking around. “So where to?” He asks giving you his jacket when he saw you shivering from the wind. “A burger maybe?” You say pointing at a burger joint not far away.

He smiles, taking your hand. “Well as long as you’re happy,” he chuckles, opening the door for you. 

You order your food, sitting down at the food. You feel so much more in your element, a true smile on your face. It was captivating for Bruce, even contagious as he smiled brightly.

They brought you two the food and you quickly dive in, Bruce not waiting long either. the conversation flowed better than before and He was happy to see you happy and free.

Sorry about the restaurant, “ You apologize sadly, after finishing your food. “I prefer this over that anytime,” he smiles playing with your fingers gently. “I’m not used to the fancy stuff, I’ve always lived pretty simply,” You confess, his smile not faltering. “ It was my fault for trying to impress you, I should have known.” 

You were trying to impress me?” You smile, eyes bright, looking up at him finally, to which he nods. You chuckle, causing him to let out a heartfelt laugh. 


With love,

Bet he couldn’t do that - Matthew Espinosa (requested smut)



Y/n’s POV

“Its like I’m not even there to you, you only notice him and  never me!” Matthew’s voice furiously boomed as soon as the door closed. His hands went to his hips as he looked at me accusingly.

“He’s my best friend Matt! You know that we’ve always been close! And anyway, you’ve hung out with us a million times, and you choose now to bring it up?” My arms locked over my chest as I rolled my eyes at Matt’s jealous behaviour. It’s not like he had anything to fear.

“Yeah, well we started off as friends too!” A prominent vein bulged out as he screamed at me. My hands tightened around me, his anger rolling off him in waves.

“Stop! I’ve known him my whole life! And during that whole time, I’ve never once had feelings for him!”

“He tried to make a move on you! Couldn’t you see?” He took a step towards me, I took a step to him too, not afraid or ready to stand down, “He was going to kiss you!”

“Maybe I should’ve let him” I menacingly whispered, regretting what I said soon after. It was completely unlike me, but somehow Matt’s anger for such a petty thing clouded my common sense.

Matt’s eyes widened, his hands slowly balled into fists. He takes a step towards me. With me being stubborn, I had no intention of moving. Soon Matt’s strokes came faster, I didn’t have time to react before my back hit the cold wall, my wrists being moved above my head. Matt moved his face to the crook of my neck, kissing and nibbling on the sensitive skin.

The anger I had for him soon became clouded by my overwhelming lust for this boy. His hands wandered from my wrist down my body, ridding my shirt up, squeezing my waist. I bit back a moan as his hands began massaging my right breast. Matt moved back enough to pull my shirt off my body, throwing it behind him. His hands hungrily began palming my breasts before taking my bra off as well. He lowered slightly and licked my nipple, before sucking it, his eyes boring into mine.

I didn’t try to hide the low moan released form my lips as Matt’s tongue moved against my nipple. His tongue ran across to my other breast, sucking and licking my left nipple. Seconds later, his mouth left me, his hands gripped my thighs, pulling me on to his hips, carrying me to the couch. He threw me down, careful not to hurt me, but enough strength to know what he wanted. Before Matt could get full control, I grab him by the tie, pushing down on the couch, straddling him.

I grind slowly on to the bulge of his tight dress pants, my hands over his head on the arm of the couch. I watched as Matts eyes wandered down to our bodies moving against one another, his hands gripped my ass, helping me move. I grab his face, moving him to look at me, my lips crashing into his. It was sloppy and all teeth, the lust and anger coming back. It was going to be love and gentle kisses, but fucking with love bites. Just the way I wanted.

“Fuck babygirl, I want to cum in you, not in my pants,” his hand moved down to my panties, rubbing his fingers against my clit, “it seems like I’m not the only one that’s going to cum, c’mob babygirl, do it for daddy.”

I moan as I get off him, his hands grabbing me by my waist pulling down to the edge of the couch. He lands on his knees, spreading my legs, his hands gripping my panties, pulling down the material excruciatingly slow. His thumbs press my thighs, before he leans in, licking a strip up for my slit to my clit. My head moved even deeper into the couch, my eyes screwed shut as Matt started to teasingly suck my clit.

I felt his warm fingers trail up my thighs to my clit, plunging in without warning. Whilst Matt’s mouth moved slowly on my clit, his fingers were moving in and out harshly, his long, slender fingers curling inside me.

My fingers tangled in his hair, pulling him ever so close to my heat, a gesture to try and persuade him to go faster. Suddenly Matt’s fingers began moving even faster somehow, and soon I was nearing my high. The knot began to grow, nearing my orgasm. But before i could reach climax, Matt removed his mouth, his fingers, slowly sliding out of me. I looked up shocked, to see Matt shoving his fingers into his mouth, sucking them clean.

“W-Why’d you stop?” I was trying to regain breath from my almost-orgasm. The ass didn’t even reply, instead began unbuckling his dress pants, pulling them down and off, his unbuttoned his buttons and pulled his shirt off. Then he moved me so I was laying horizontally against the couch, my head now resting against the arm of the couch.

Matt moved to the place between my legs, hooking them around his waist, before thrusting into me. He didn’t even leave time to adjust, before he began pounding me.

“Tell me who makes you feel this way? Huh? Tell daddy who makes you feel so good,” his hand came in contact with my thigh, the slap making me even wetter, “Who’s the one fucking you, making you cum? Huh? It’s not that loser, who is it baby girl? Tell me or I’m gonna stop.”

“Y-You, daddy, you make me feel so g-good. You’re the o-only one who can make me c-cum again and a-again. Fuck!” Matt moved my leg up on to his should, making his cock go deeper into me, hitting my g-spot repeatedly. My moans were filling the air, along with the sound of skin slapping against one another.

It wasn’t long before I hit my high. I was moaning, my head being thrown back. Matt’s fingers decide to rub my clit, making em orgasm last longer, and my legs to shake. The euphoric feeling felt never ending, Matt’s cock, continued to thrust into me mercilessly until he came. I felt his sticky cum leak out, thanking the heavens I’m on the pill.

Matt pulls out shortly after, crashing on top of me. His heavy breathing making me smile.

“Bet James couldn’t do that.”

“I don’t know, maybe you have to try a little harder next time?”

“You’re gonna get it baby girl.”

Forbidden Fruit - Chapter Three

A/N: First attempt at Sons of Anarchy fanfiction. It’s been awhile since i watched the show, so i’m sorry if my characters aren’t in character. This is part 3 of maybe 7. I have it plotted, but not really sure how many chapters it will take to get through it. Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks to my beta @thorne93. You rock.

Characters: Reader, Jax, Opie, Chibs.

Pairing: Eventual Reader x Jax

Warnings: Language, angst,

Wordcount: 1900


Originally posted by stilinski-ortiz

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long post ahead

Collecting together all the information about Victor’s backstory and there’s nothing good

beside that he won 5 gold medal of GPF continuously - but with what prices, I’ve always been wondering. He clearly lives for skating so that’s what made him happy to do that but the audience and his career where also important for him, but in the present, he had been really tired and unhappy, and we still has no idea about his family circumstances and he seemed to be completely alone before he went to coach Yuri, and he said himself that life and love is like a completely new thing for him and neglected them during his whole career.             …   And so now in the present we sees that he still works hard but there are many hints that his career is dying.

I like how much Yurio knows about him and around this is the only moment when he speaks about him with respect then next moment he starts shouting again but whatever, he is the only one who spoke about him this much and until the 10th episode where Victor starts commentating no one reveals too much more 

and this is the point where you realize that he gained no life and love from working hard and winning all the gold medals for 20 yyyyears, sounds really dark but if he would say that so seriously he would be dead already inside and not being so successful and cute, so to reduce that it means he just didn’t care about life and love so basically didn’t care about himself during his career and working-practicing his ass off  —- but to think that rather seriously he where really melancholic and lonely after all 

I mean if you think about it he and Yuri has the opposite problems: Victor lacks life and love -so friends and family members around him and caring about himself    

 meanwhile Yuri has friends, family, cares about himself a lot and eating katsudon and drinks if he looses and has the onsen all the time but unlike Victor who winning so much he lacks the ability to win any gold medal 

but together they saved each other

omd I hope he not literally means it I mean I really worries about his past at this point when he says “a brand new world I’d never known before” 

in this whole episode he is so cute commentating all along and expressing how happy he is to met with Yuri and saying he finally lives and loves and he didn’t experienced these before

then next day is GPF and he reveals some thoughts about his career and we can actually see him how he is like outside of the shining

and below here you can notice the two frame is the same, very similar side view of him slowly fading over each other from smiling to being really sad

so that is what he shows on the outside but meanwhile he is being alone with Makkachin and looks like being so lost and unhappy 

and someone who knows Japanese said here that the “but that also held me back” line where literally translated instead “but that was like a leash around my neck”  — and to interpret what he says is a bit difficult like: where surprising everyone being like chains for him ?  and from what? 

he looks so sad T-T

 he says “I can ONLY find new strength on my own” I hope this is translated right tho - “that’s what I always thought” means he thought that being alone is the only way to find new strength and it’s sounds and looks like he always pushed everyone away from him  

and it’s again the same side view showing him smiling and saying “now” so I guess he not thinks that way anymore and being happy about finding strength with Yuri / being inspired by Yuri 

a kiss

and in the last episode he is completely confused and showing up true feelings without hiding them 

and I love this because until this you can think he is absolutely insensitive and unable to cry but then Yuri says he decides to retire which shocks him so much he cries like a fountain - which is understandable cause to suddenly think loosing Yuri and that he will not skate anymore sounds pretty bad especially when he started to be finally happy and having someone beside him +if he cries now then he could cry before 

-I hate this translation that talking about Yuri in third person, agh-  -I think he says selfish at Yuri -who not being offended at all by that-  because of a sudden reaction that feeling hurt and that Yuri not cares about him 

Yuri is like “oh sorry I didn’t expected you to take this so sensitively” - it shows how Yuri where always seen Victor, as he never saw him showing tears, and thought that Victor is strong and insensitive enough to say such rough things to him so suddenly - which is pretty unfair - because Victor became very careful with him after seeing Yuri crying 

tbh Yuri didn’t wanted to be rude, Yuri just not realizes how important he is and their relationship to Victor 

but I love that both of them fights back and letting themselves raising their voice up it’s just shows how honest they became towards each other

here Victor says “chikara” means “strength, power” so it can mean “I thought you need strength from me more” basically he really wants to continue coaching Yuri 

and he is almost shouting and cut - 

I think Victor surely wanted to continue skating, it’s nothing like he ever wants to stop it, the case is, he wants to return with Yuri together, so for him to continue skating without Yuri became a pretty terrible thing and this scene just shows how much he is important for him now, and it’s not reveals anything about Victor’s background but a lot about their relationship and that he has a sensitive personality like this 

so in next season he gonna continue to coach Yuri and return skating at the same time [which is gonna be hard as fuck] and living together in Russia and I hope we can learn a lot more about him TwT 



I finally decided to stand up to him.
The one who had bullied me my whole life.
He was going to fight me with his bare hands.
Real men don’t need guns or knives.

But was I really going to fight him?
I heard most bullies are cowards anyway.
If you just show you’re not afraid,
You can overpower them any day.

I’ve always been told to never run,
And to stand up for my beliefs.
Most bullies are misunderstood people,
Who are always searching for peace.

I’ve been told to reason with them,
And find the source of their woes.
Most bullies are really scared people,
Who need more friends than foes.

So there I entered the circle,
My head dripping in sweat.
I was nervous as all hell,
But he was calm I bet.

I walked right up to him,
And looked him in the eye.
That’s when he punched me relentlessly,
But never once did I cry.

I yelled at him to hit me,
And sure enough he gave me his best shots.
To many I might have seemed crazy,
But I assure you this wasn’t all for naught.

After, I laid on the floor.
I was a bloodied, battered mess.
But I felt more confident than ever,
Because I proved he was so much less.

you know what really kills me? Regulus Arcturus Black. his whole life, he was scared, afraid. too afraid to rebel, to go against his parents. he watched his brother, his brave, beautiful brother, get beaten down and hurt for his beliefs. so he went with his parents, not brave. not brave enough.

until he was. the last hours of Regulus’ life, he was brave. and it killed him. he drowned, in the knowledge his brother would be proud. he had been brave. but you know what really sells all this?

the star Regulus. part of the constellation Leo, a symbol of bravery and pride. Regulus had always had the potential to be brave, to escape. he just never used it.

and when he did, it killed him.

Zimbits Fic- Teacher AU

Hold On Forever

Chapter 2 /2 (Warnings for mild violence, ptsd, and anxiety.  See ao3 for full warnings)

Rating: Mature

Part ONE


Jack woke, hazy and warm and sleepy, a firm hand pressed against his sternum, and a body curled up against his side. It took him only a second to remember the night before, Bitty coming over, snuggling on the sofa as the ESPN special played, and how well he fit there with the people from Jack’s past.

Sometimes it was hard to have Kent, Tater, and Holster over. He stayed friends with most of his ex-teammates, but those three had been the closest, and they were still playing like Jack had always imagined he’d be doing. And most nights he was fine, but having Bitty there as they watched his life play out for the whole of the world to see, had been grounding. Because Bitty had been after that. Bitty was a different universe from who Jack used to be, and although he fit seamlessly with Jack’s past, he was more. He was something separate, something just for Jack.

And he hadn’t realised how much he needed that until Bitty was draped over him, kissing him, fingers finding every over-sensitive spot on his body and making him orgasm—nearly crying with the pleasure of it all. Bitty had crawled out of the bed, stumbling a little as he found a flannel, and wiped them down. They hadn’t bothered with clothes after that, happy to curl up into each other and fall into a sated, contented sleep.

It had been a long time, Jack realised, since he’d woken up feeling this happy.

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Happykittyshop Story Time!

Inspired by my good friend @pdubbery for sharing his story I like to share mine.

Most people know me as many things, but before I got into my plush making I was big into art. Art was my escape from the real world. I grew up with no friends from middle school to college. I had a lot of people I thought were my “friend” always end up stabbing me in the back and turning against me. My family was no help they have been hard on me my whole life as well.

So I turned to burying myself in Anime and art. Always in my room avoiding my family and kids at school. I was bullied for being a good student I was called “teachers pet” there was even a time I nervously laughed in class and got yelled at by the teacher and the kids said “Bernadette should be yelled at more often” and the teacher agreed. I was just a shy girl and kept to myself. Many times I cry myself to sleep cursing me being born and wished I was dead. There were times where the boys picked on me, spit on me on the bus and throw me into the bus seat.

So I couldn’t take it anymore if no one would fight for me I was on my own. If the boys spat on me I spit back a girl told me to watch my fat ass I take my hat off and slapped her in the face. I was my own fighter because no one else can make your better if you’re not strong willed person. That was my slogan I was on my own no one was there for me I was a loner. Past boyfriends lied to say they loved me but just dated me for my looks not caring about the inside.

I built a wall and full of barriers to not let anymore in. I hated everyone and got mad over stupid shit and was always worry over little things and find things to push people away. The brony fandom didn’t help at all it caused a great deal of more stress on me that I was at the point of still “why do I exist?” I was only making MLP plushies and I was told by other plush makers I will “Never get better” my Mom saying “I will never make it as a full time plush maker you’re better off as a waitress”

Then I found my way into Undertale. I started simple with my plushies and started with my first Temmie plush. People really liked her and someone made a vine video on the post pic I did of her. I have @kyleehenke and @solar-citrus to thank for playing the “Let’s play” and eventually found my now best friend in the world @kimiwillsinforever from just watching my streams and bought her husband Edge plush from me. Then I find @yamsgarden amazing stream were Yam herself was so kind and welcoming as well as her group. Here I’m thinking I was meant to be alone and worthless, but I was too stubborn to give up. As I learned from Undertale “You gotta stay determined!”

Thank you so much for giving me a new hope. I’m learning to trust and love again and thank you for being patient with me guys you been the best!! @lovelyladyartistk @mnstrcndy @v0idless @pyramidheaddezby @kaweii and @cursetale


Nathan could still feel his cheek aching from when Madsen had pressed his face into the cold tiles of the girls’ bathroom before there were policemen handcuffing him and hauling him off. Since then, he had been getting yelled at for hours – loud, gruff voices ordering him to tell the truth. Normally, this would have made him angry, because he always got angry when people told him what to do or when he was scared. Now, however, Nathan just did not have the power to scream back. He was empty.

There was a loud banging sound when the interrogator slammed his fists down on the table, seemingly having enough of his suspect’s lack of answers, and it made Nathan flinch and wince quietly. “Tell me what you know already!”, the man shouted.

“I’m sorry”, was all that Nathan got out.

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Why I Love Anakin And Padme #10

Reason #10 (No particular order) 

I realized I started this list about two years ago and haven’t updated for quite a time. Well, I still have a lot more to add so here’s the next reason.

  • Darth Vader, since ESB, has always fascinated me. When Luke was declared the biological son of Darth Vader, from the villains own lips, one had to wonder how could that even be? Was it actually possible Darth Vader wasn’t a supremely evil being his whole life? Did this monster really love somebody at one point in his life? Or is the better question, was is it possible somebody loved Darth Vader? That alone was and is enough to lure me into in any story. It’s often been the case that I’ve fallen for these romantic back-stories about parents more so than the adventures of their children. The tale of Anakin and Padme is nothing but one huge back-story. It’s no wonder I’m drawn to them.

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Why the chicken crossed the road.

This was it, the day he had always waited for. Although the chicken was excited for this momentous occasion he was understandably a little anxious. “What if I mess this up?” he thought to himself. He was always making a mess of things, he knew this better than anybody. But today he was more anxious than ever as this was the day he had waited for his entire life. If he made a mess of this how could he face his family, how could he face himself. “No” the chicken thought to himself, he couldn’t mess this up, this is the one thing he was born to do, his whole life has been building to this moment and he wasn’t going to give up so easily. As he stepped towards the traffic lights he thought about that phrase again, “his whole life.” Is this really what his whole life has been building to? “When I’ve crossed the road,” he thought “what next?”. The chicken had no other goals, he hadn’t planned for this contingency. Is this really the meaning and ultimate goal of his sad and somewhat disappointing existance? “Why would I cross the road?”
In this moment the chicken was struck by an overbearing sense of existential dread. Overwhelmed and incapacitated the chicken was incapable of crossing the road any longer. Even if he were physically able to why should he? How could he, knowing what he knows now? To cross the road would mean to carry on living the life he once knew which he knew would be insincere, if not impossible. Mentally crippled by the choice between living a lie or giving up entirely the chicken took a while, standing on the edge of oblivion, gazing endlessly at the far side of the road, the goal he was always destined to reach.
The chicken began to ponder and after a while came to the conclusion that perhaps it is better to not focus on these questions as life is too short to spend worrying about such things. He decided it would be better to live a life in ignorance than to not live at all. “This is why I will cross the road.”
With this new found knowledge the chicken was ready to face this brave new world with a smile on his face and prepared himself to take the first step of the rest of his life. He brushed off his feathers, took a deep breath and proudly strode out into the road.
But before he could even finish his first step in a split second his life was stolen from him as he was crushed by a speeding truck.

Beautiful Pain [ft. Joshua]

Originally posted by jishooua

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”

- Buddha

Genre: Two scoops of angst and a few sprinkles of fluff

Words: Too many to count!

WARNING! Contains bullying, depressing af thoughts etc. Not edited.

You had always been that kid no one liked. Depressing would be a suitable word to describe your whole life as you were always picked on, teased and the center of all hate.

And what did you do to deserve all these shits that life had been throwing at you since the moment you opened your eyes to meet this dark world? And only to get your mother taken away from you before you could even call her ‘Mom’. What is the point of living when all you’d ever felt was pieces of you shattering down and thrown into the hole of Death?

But then he came. With his dazzling smile, a look was all it took to make you stop breathing as his eyes met yours. Before you became too embarrassed and looked away.

It was Thursday.

The darkest day of your week, every week.

You didn’t even fight back the kicks nor the punches thrown at you, ‘cause you honestly no longer cared.

The pain wrapped itself around the softness of your neck, making you cry for oxygen.

“What are you guys doing?”

His voice was like melted butter, the sympathy in his eyes was clearly visible as he looked down at you and then them.

“None of your goddamn business!” Areum, the pretty one yelled at him without lifting her gaze from your face before turning to the side just to gasp dramatically when she saw who it was. “J-Joshua- I-”

“Let’s go, Areum!” The taller girl hissed silently against the shorter one’s ear before they both stood up and left.

“Are you okay?” Silent. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked that. Since you obviously aren’t.”

A soft yet nervous chuckle left his lips before he took a step closer and bent down in order to take a closer look at your bruising face. “U-Uhm, I-I can take you to the school nurse if you want to.”

“I’ll be fine.” You mumbled silently, before heaving yourself up but not without the helping hands of his.

His hands on your arms tingled, causing you to draw your body away, creating a larger space between the two of you.

“Thank you.” You looked down at your own feet, not daring to meet his curious eyes.

“There’s no reason to thank me.” A small smile grew on his plump lips. “I didn’t do anything.”

Yes, you did, you just saved me.

After that day, you couldn’t seem to be able to shut out the curious gazes that were constantly thrown at you. Everywhere you went, he just seemed to always be there.

At one point, you wondered if it was all a coincidence or.. could he possibly had done this to protect you?

The bullying seemed to dramatically lessen for no reason at all. You were now treated as a wallflower instead.

And you had never felt so relieved.

Weeks passed by, and you felt… at peace.

No fear, no sadness longer filling your bruised heart, it felt like time was slowly healing the wounds they had left.

However, as smoothly as everything seemed to be, the flower boy seemed to have taken a sudden interest in you which made no sense in your head.

Why the hell would he? There were so many wrongs with you, so many missing pieces and so much damaged had been done.

You were one broken soul.

Yet, it didn’t seem to stop him from convincing you into giving it a try.

Flowers and chocolate, handwritten letters with his sincere words and feelings, his adorable attempts to capture your heart made you fall a little more for this strong headed guy with the heart of gold.

Dating Joshua meant everything you never dared to imagine, not even in your ildest dreams, his sweet yet passionate kisses, the way he gently caressed your lips with his own, his strong and warm hugs…

It was your own fairytale.

A fairytale that came to an end sooner than you wanted it too.

It was Thursday.

The most beautiful day of the week, every week.

A day you were meant to spend with him, just the two of you, watching movies at his dorm with his arms wrapped around you, loving kisses against the base of your neck.

But not today.

With Joshua, taking a flight back to his hometown to visit his parents, you were left all on your own. And it was when it all happened.

You woke up alone in an unfamiliar room, with only your unmatched bra and panties covering your body and a headache that stopped you from remembering the previous events. And then the panic attack came, the possibility of you being used by some stranger clouded your thoughts, but then, you realized that beside the headache that you were currently suffering from and the lack of clothes, you were perfectly fine.

When you looked around for your missing clothes and then finally found them neatly folded on a desk at the corner of the bedroom.

As you walked closer towards it, you also noticed a piece of paper on top of the pile of clothes.

‘Nothing happened. Thank me later.”

It wasn’t until a few days after the accident that the pictures of you, basically naked, together with a guy you never talked to were spread like fire on social media. Not owning a phone definitely had its disadvantages as you didn’t understand what was going on until Jisoo walked up to you with his phone tightly clenched inside the palm of his hand.

“So this is what you’ve been doing when I’m away, huh?” His words held so much disappointment and hurt and so did his eyes that used to be clouded with so much love and affection for you.

“Jisoo-” You found it hard to breath, and for the first time in your life, you were desperate to explain yourself. To tell him that you were just as confused as him.

“Save it.” His eyes turned cold, his words icily cut their way deep into your heart. “I’m done listening to your sob stories. You disgust me.

And things slowly went back to the way it was before Jisoo came into your life. Every Thursday-night was spent cleaning the bruises of their punches, biting down your lip until it started to bleed because of the pain.

The pain of loss.

And the loss of him.

Hong Jisoo.

You fell asleep with his name leaving your bleeding lips.

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anonymous asked:

Did you ever anticipate that your music would reach so many people, and effect them on such deep levels?

hard to say. 
i been rapping my whole life. even when it was spittin in school for small circles of homies i always had the glo. i can remember being a freshman in high school and my older brother tellin his boys i was his favorite rapper. you kno what that’ll do to your self esteem? your focus? i been supported by the people i *love* since day1… so i never really thought about reaching anyone else. i’ve been trying to maintain what i been blessed with from the j u m p.