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I'm a middle class who goes to school with kids who's parents are millionaires. It's really hard finding groups there bc you constantly have to conform to their likings and you can't be individual. I am an individual and idc about their dumb interests but y'know… people give you shit so. I'm not gonna say all rich kids are like this (BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT) but majority of them need to take their heads outta their asses.


where i went they also talked shit about the town i lived in like how it was a “dump” or “dangerous” or whatever and it always me and my friend (who’s from the same town as me) feel really awkward/uncomfortable. they just had this weird superiority complex coming from a rich town when it’s 15 minutes away from mine lmfao. there was one kid in particular who did this a lot (he actually got suspended so nice) and i remember crying at one point.

ofc i met some really nice people who werent super wealthy but overall the experience was bad. i had a much easier time bonding with people at the elementary school i went to in my town.

and don’t even get me started on what my little brother has to deal with from these rich kids oh my god…he’s scared to even invite them to our house because it’s under construction / not as big / not as “fun”.

well that kind of turned into a rant but ty for sharing.

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I'm super ashamed and embarrassed of being/identifying as bisexual because of all the biphobia I've witnessed. It's really fucking with my mental health and idk what to do. It's to the point where I just want to identify as straight, but I know that giving into biphobia and heteronormativity aren't the answer. I'm just lost. Our sexuality is always trivialized and I can't complain about it without being mocked. How do you guys deal with this?

I feel this. Biphobia is the largest cause of creating what is known as The Silent Majority - Bisexuals being the largest percentage of queer people and yet the most misrepresented.

I deal with it by surrounding myself with people who accept Bisexuals, people who cheerlead Bisexuals, and people who love me for me and for my Bisexuality. Aside from it being a good way to maintaining a positive self-image in regards to your own personal Bisexuality, it’s a good rule to live by in general. I also deal with it by educating and stepping in when I see Biphobia.

Spreading information to those otherwise unaware to Bi stigma helps! That’s why it’s always important, for those who aren’t Bi and care, to be a good Bi ally and educate people on the effects of Biphobia, including studies showing, for example, Bisexuals suffering from more mental health issues like depression and anxiety than their Gay/Lesbian counterparts. When we see biphobia existing in general cishet society (where we’re facing homophobia on top of biphobia) we turn to our safe spaces, our queer spaces, but in our safe spaces as well we’re not as safe as we should be. We desperately need these spaces especially since studies show Bisexuals face more sexual violence than their Gay/Lesbian and Straight peers. So when this support system we should have gets taken away for who we are - that’s Biphobia. And it does real actual harm towards Bisexuals. 

“No one is hanging you for being Bi, Biphobia isn’t a thing!” well that’s the interesting part! In addition to dealing with Biphobia, which has its own ugliness as briefly mentioned, Bisexuals also deal with homophobia! (internally and externally, as previously mentioned). So in these moments, when we retreat to our safe spaces to recoup, and we’re forced to behave differently or be not what we truly are, or constantly questioned in regards to the validity of who we are, it does damage! It’s a cycle of violence and further reinforces this notion that, in LGBTQ+ spaces - despite being a very present letter in the acronym, queerness is conditional instead of something inherent. Bisexuality is inherently queer, has its own unique queer experiences, is a marginalized identity through and through, deserves better treatment, and deserves equal support. 

This being said, cause these things need to be said, understanding that these concepts are present and being able to live a happy life are possible. What helped me out of my internalized biphobic/homophobic rut was coming to terms with the fact I wanted to be happy. My bisexuality wasn’t going to change, so I knew the only thing to do at that point was to accept it and learn to love it. There are also SO many Bisexual allies out there! The real world isn’t Tumblr discourse 24/7 I promise you and I can’t tell you how many times my gay and lesbian friends stop me whenever I start thinking biphobicly and step in to reinforce I’m queer and worthy. Bisexuality is beautiful. Your bisexuality is beautiful. It may be hard right now but I promise you it does get better.

i always forget that brook is probably going to be the last straw hat standing and i am Hurt by the thought that he could very well drift the seas alone once again

Breakup Imagine Part 2

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Part 2 to this imagine

The party was going okay, you and Harry hadn’t really crossed paths yet. You couldn’t tell if you two were purposely avoiding each other or if it just so happened that you two were sort of spending time on opposite sides of the room. 

Harry was watching you from afar and he really wanted to go and talk to you, but he felt like he couldn’t because you were the one who wanted space, so it should be you to make the first move. 

He was hanging out with a group of his friends, when he looked over in your direction. You were standing next to some guy, who was making you laugh. Jealousy flowed through his veins as he watched you and the guy together. He was pissed and hurt all at the same time. He knew that you knew he was there and to be openly flirting with another guy in front of him, was just too much. 

“Who wants drinks?” Someone close by shouted. 

“Me,” Harry said quickly taking one from them before downing the entire shot and grabbing another. 

“Woah, slow down there, buddy,” Nick said grabbing the third shot from Harry’s hand. “Why don’t we switch to something you can sip on for a bit.” 

Harry rolled his eyes and grabbed a cocktail from the table. “Happy?” 

“Ecstatic, now let’s make a toast, shall we?” Nick smirked. 

Harry sighed putting his drink up to toast as he looked back over in your direction. The guy was now handing you a drink and you willingly took it. If all of what was going on wasn’t already bad enough, he lost it when you leaned over to whisper something in the guy’s ear. 

He downed what was left of the cocktail in his hand before pushing his way through the crowd and out the door for some air. He couldn’t believe what was going on. You were flirting with some guy in the same room as Harry, while wearing a necklace that he gave you. 

Harry was pacing the backyard now, well as much as he could now that the shots and drinks were starting to hit him. 


You were hanging out with your brother’s new boyfriend, while the two of you waited on him to arrive. You had actually introduced the two of them, so you all three were really close. When your brother finally arrived, the two went out on the dance floor, leaving you at the refreshment table grabbing a slice of pizza. 

You wanted to get out of the crowded room, so you decided to go outside to the backyard, when you saw Harry stumbling around. You put your plate of food down along with your purse before walking over to him. 

“Harry,” You said softly. 

Harry stopped walking around and looked up at you. 

“Are you okay?” You asked reaching out towards him. 

“Fucking peachy,” he mumbled reaching back away from you. 

“How many drinks have you had?” You sighed. 

“Why do you care? You’re not my girlfriend anymore,” he said. 

Ouch, that stung a little to hear. 

“Maybe not technically, but I still care about you,” you sighed. 

“Yeah, just like you cared enough to hook up with some right in fucking front me  tonight,” he practically shouted. 

“What are you even talking about?” You said. “I haven’t hooked up with anyone since we broke up, much less tonight in front of you!” 

“Don’t lie to me! I saw you, okay. I saw you laughing and touching him and he bought you a drink. I’m not fucking dumb, Y/N,” he said. 

“I can’t believe you’re jealous,” you laughed. 

“Of course, I’m jealous! I fucking love you Y/N and I thought that maybe there would be a chance that we would get back together, but apparently not,” he said tears forming in his eyes either from emotion or from being drunk. “And the fact that you’re laughing at me makes me feel like you don’t give two shits about me or our time together.” 

“I’m laughing because the guy that you saw me with tonight is my brother’s boyfriend,” you said. 

“O-oh,” he said looking down. 

“Yeah,” you whispered walking toward him. “I know it might not have looked all that great, but did you honestly believe that I would be with anyone else especially when I knew you were there?” 

“No,” he sighed looking at you. “I didn’t know what to believe, honestly.” 

“Harry, I didn’t ask for space from you because I wanted to date another people. I wanted space so I could figure out what I wanted for myself,” you whispered. 

“And you couldn’t do that and be with me?” He asked sitting down on the grass. 

You sighed sitting down next to him, trying to figure out how to sit without your dress hiking up in all areas. 

“The logistics of our relationship were getting to be too much,” you sighed. “I started feeling like I’ve given a lot of my dreams up to be with you. I’m not talking about being with you in a relationship, but more as in if I wanted to spend time with you, I had to give up a lot. I don’t regret going on tour with you ever, but a lot of my dreams and things I wanted to do were put on hold for it.” 

“And you started wondering if it was always going to be that way with us?” He asked. 

“The thought did cross my mind,” you admitted. 

“I would never want you to feel like you have to choose between doing what you want and being with me,” he said. “And I know the majority of our relationship was crazy with me being gone all the time, but it’s not going to be like that again.” 

You sighed looking down as you pulled a piece of grass out. 

“I was going to propose,” he whispered. 

“What?” You asked looking over at him. 

“I was going to ask you to marry me,” he whispered. “I designed an engagement ring and had in my pocket the night that you told me you wanted space. I thought we were happy together and then you… I was crushed, I still am,” he sniffled. 

“We were happy,” you whispered. “i was happy, I love you and I want to be with you.” 

“Then why are we apart?” He whispered. 

“I honestly don’t even know anymore,” you sighed. “I thought being away from you would give me the time to figure out what I wanted, but all it’s done is made me 100% sure that you’re what I want.” 

Harry smiled a little bit at that. “Really?” He asked. 

“Yeah,” you whispered. 

“But what about your space?” He asked. 

“I’m still young, I have my whole life ahead of me and time to do whatever I want. And even if I don’t ever get to do everything, the biggest regret I would have is if I never got experience any of it with you,” you whispered. 

Harry leaned in and put his hand on your cheek before pulling you in for a kiss. You smile into the kiss and put your hands on his cheeks before deepening the kiss. You both laughed when you two fall back against the grass and he looked down at you. 

“I love you,” he whispered. 

“I love you too,” you smiled. 

“And as much as I love you and I don’t want to let you go, it’s probably best that we continue this back at my house instead of hooking up in our friends backyard with a party in the background,” he laughed. 

You giggled nodding as he helped you up to your feet and kissed your forehead. Since Harry’s house was within walking distance, you jumped onto his back and he carried you in the short distance to his house. 

“Now, about that ring…” you smirked. 

“You’ll see it soon enough,” he smiled as he walked down the street glad that the day you two got back together was sooner rather than later. 

My thoughts on Beauty and the Beast (2017)

• Luke Evans’ Gaston is my sexuality
• LOVE the new bimbettes and the middle bimbette with the strong eyebrow game is #me
• I’ve always felt that the beast needs a song, even if I’m iffy about the placement of it
• also why did “come what may” feel like a nod to moulin rouge (I hope it was)
• learning about belle’s mom was kind of anticlimactic but still I cried
• why did Dan Stevens look so hot in the beginning???? Also in that ponytail
• they did SUCH a great job addressing the major plot holes of the original (why the whole castle was cursed, why none of the village knew, the beast’s age, etc)
• I still feel that they shouldn’t have auto tuned Emma’s voice, though it wasn’t as bad as I had feared
• Lefou’s character development is giving me life (his line in “kill the beast” ???? 🔥🔥🔥)
• the parallel of “now i’m wiser but unsure” and “and now he’s dear and so unsure” had my heart grow three sizes
• I was so glad that Belle didn’t change her dress before going to save her dad bc I’ve always thought it was a waste of her time
• I loved the choreography for the ballroom scene!!! It was a perfect mix of the beast rediscovering dancing, the sweetness of how a little girl would dance (because honestly I’m sure Belle has only ever danced with her own father), and the iconic romantic moment that it should be for the story

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I get that not everyone needs to identify with every character, and obviously every character has traits some players dislike. BUT, and I'm not saying this is the case, but hypothetically, if the traits that made Jace the most popular player stand-in were also traits that many players "un-identify with" for the specific reason that they're stereotypical derogatory "geek" characteristics - such as "socially awkward" and "thinks he's much smarter than he is" - would you consider that a problem?

No one is being forced to like Jace. I hope people actually learn the character before hating him because a lot of people seem to judge him by his leftover from Ertai counterspell smart ass flavor text that should never have been attributed to him.

But if you are disinterested in him or dislike him or hate him, that’s fine. We have a whole lineup of diverse planeswalkers for you to choose from that are not at all like Jace.

All I ask is you stop accusing me of lying that players like Jace. There’s no reason for me to lie to you about it. We move toward what the players want. If characters are popular, they’re more likely to get screen time.

And we are working hard to give screen time to as many planeswalkers as we can. Kiora, Ob Nixilis, Ugin, Sorin, Nahiri, Tamiyo, Tezzeret, Dovin, Saheeli, Samut and Nicol Bolas have all gotten screen time in the story in the last two years, not to mention the Gatewatch.

Just remember that how you and your friends feel is not always indicative of how the majority of players feel. And the vocal part of the internet is not always a good sampling.

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sis i love your kpop recommendations! can you give us some more current kpop bops?

You want some kpop bops? I shall give you some kpop bops!

These are the 3 hottest kpop bops at the moment imo.

🥉 3rd place: Gfriend - FINGERTIP 🥉

Eternal high school girls Gfriend finally gave up on their virginal high school girl themes and finally hoed it up stepped up their game and gave us this retro bop. This song is a kbop but I feel that it still needs to grow on me a little bit so I give them the third place (also the MV is a bit weird and doesn’t really make any sense so I always end up watching the superior choreography version). If Gfriend are the next Girls’ Generation, FINGERTIP is definitely their Genie era.

🥈 2nd place: gugudan - A Girl Like Me 🥈

After a HORRIBLE debut (song wise) gugudan decided to forget that they ever debuted with an awful song that nobody liked (not even them) and decided to re-debut again with the major kbop A Girl Like Me. Best decision ever.

🥇 🔥 💥 1st place: Brave Girls - Rollin’ 💥 🔥 🥇

Underrated KWEENS Brave Girls snatched everyone’s wigs and ended your faves’ careers by releasing this early kpop summer bop. Rollin’ is the perfect bop of 2K17 so the rest of the kpop artists should hide until 2018 comes because they’ll never be able to touch the masterpiece that Rollin’ is. Too bad few people actually care about Brave Girls and thus this bop will probably go unnoticed.

Anyway, this song keeps slaying me.

Literally me every time Rollin’ starts playing on my playlist:

Brave Girls are here to save Kpop so show them some love and listen to Rollin’ and stream the MV for it. Every time you listen to Rollin’ a Sailor Moon Crystal animator’s animation skill levels up.

How to write a Love Letter (Tim Drake x Reader)

-“We are not writing on how well Tim is in bed, That’s so unclassy!” Dick yelled across the room defensively putting an arm around the paper.

-“Hey might as well cut straight to the chase right?”

-“You know what?” Tim said bringing his hand to the branch of his nose and exhaling a great sigh.

-“Forget the letter. It’s stupid now that I think of it.”

For the past half and hour he has been trying to write a letter to you. He wanted to explain his feelings and tell you how much he admires you. Since verbal conversation was a positive mess up, a letter would be nice and romantic approach right?

Both men gasped in surprise as Damian snorted, obviously enjoying the comedy from above.

-“You guys are ruining Tim’s one and only chance of a lover.”

-“Well right now Tim has a better chance of finding someone. He’s kind. Have you heard of that word before?” Jason retorted.

Now it was a surprise that Jason wanted to be involved with Tim’s love letter and even Damian joined to supervise things. Dick was ready to help as soon as Tim said the word love, but it was a surprise his other brothers wanted to be involved.

This was a secret unsaid rule the boys had. No matter how much Tim annoyed or bothered them he had a special place in all of their hearts. Tim sometimes needed a push, he locked himself in a lot and there’s probably many things that they don’t know. So if the boys had the chance to make himself truly happy with a lover they were all in for that.

-“Okay Okay, Tim it’s not stupid, it’s honestly the most romantic thing. Heck, I should be doing this too.”

-“Well technically you are writing the letter.” Tim gestured to the paper in Dick’s hand.

-“Oh, my bad.” Dick replied returning the letter.

-“Just write what you always wanted to say to her. Even the most cheesiest things.”

-“But not too cheesy.” Damian shouted.

-“Yeah, not to cheesy.” Jason agreed.

The three boys left the room and suddenly it was peaceful again. There was no shadow looming over his frame or an annoying voice commenting on everything. He had time to think and soon it was as if the words were pouring out from his brain.

With a signature he sealed it in an envelope and grabbed his bag. Looking at his watch he cursed lightly. He’ll be late to meet up with you and that’s not a very good impression when you’re going to confess your love. Grabbing his bag he quickly jogged out the door. Hoots and cheers were heard from the open door as Tim left.

-“Sorry I’m late Y/N.” Tim said, jogging to were you sat.

You looked up at him with an amused glace. Did he run the whole time?

-“It’s just a minute, I had worse waits.” You laughed slightly to yourself.

Standing up you stretched your arms before giving a grin.

-“With all that running you must be hungry, so let’s eat.”

Tim nodded and gave a uneasy smile. His attitude was odd the whole lunch too you noticed. What was usually a flowing conversation became short and sparse. He wouldn’t look at you in the eyes and fumbled over his words more than usual.

He was nervous. Why?

-“What caused you to be 60 seconds late to our lunch date?” You questioned. Maybe that was behind the reason he was so nervous.

-“Ah, my brothers, they were… giving me advice.” Tim said, in an skeptical tone.

-“Was it love advice?” You teased.

You met his brothers before and they were the funniest people. Every time he brought you to the manor someone had to ask if you were his lover. Dick always dropped not so subtle hints about Tim having major feelings for you.

-“Actually yes.”


-“Mhm, they gave me horrible advice.”

You laughed and gave Tim a hopeful glance.

-“Well what did they tell you to do though?”

Tim opened his bag and searched the contents. He furrowed his brow and looked deeper in the bag.

The letter wasn’t there.

Before he could look up a loud ruckus was heard entering the door and three shadowy figures were zooming past tables towards you. Damian placed the letter on your table before slumping into the seat breathing heavily. Soon Dick caught up and sat on another seat.

-“Did he… Did you get the letter Tim?” Dick said in between gasps.

Tim nodded wordlessly shocked that his brother ran all the way here to give the letter he forgot.

-“Y/N this shouldn’t be a deal breaker.” Jason said tired as the others.

-“I think it's quite the opposite.”

Picking up the letter you gave Tim a smile before reading it’s contents.

No matter what Tim did to annoy them last week or even today, they always had his back.  

Love you more - Jimin scenario

A/N: Okay so I’ve suddenly got major Jimin feels and somehow this song got me more Jimin feels so I will drown you guys  in the Jimin feels too. Listen to this song while reading this to experience it full. Have fun!

(Racoon - Love you more. Seriously this song is always giving me the feels ugghh)

Genre: Angst/ Happy ending (woooohoooooo!)

Wordcount: 2.9 k

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It wasn’t what you could call a beautiful day, well that was what most people thought but to you it couldn’t be more perfect. It was lovely enough to lay down in the meadow between the dandelions to look at the clouds floating by. To feel the grass tickling your skin as the wind softly blew. Your eyes wandered back to look out of the window from the taxi, seeing people walking past as they all seemed to be in a rush. Not even sparing a glance at one another as they wanted to reach their destination as fast as they can. No one seemed to smile and you knew that out of all these people marching past, one just one would have still dreams, working for it to come true as the others just lived to work. At least that is what you read on their faces as you scanned each one of them.

Shaking your head in disagreement, your eyes found the blue sky again, blue surrounded by white patches, going on an adventure. you leaned your head against the window as your thoughts wandered back to a couple of months ago.

You were exhausted and all you wanted was to get home, leave your jacket, shoes and purse somewhere in a corner so you could plant your face in the couch and maybe, maybe your boyfriend was home and nice enough to cuddle with you as you both would rant about your day  but that was thrown out of the window when loud voices filled your ears once you opened the door. Letting out a sigh, you took of your shoes and put them neatly next to the others. You threw your purse and jacket in the corner and dropped the housekeys on the table.

Before entering the living room, you ruffled your hair and shook your head to get rid of the irritation which was already starting to boil. You noticed how you were never alone with Jimin anymore. He always brought someone with and left with them too, telling you he needed to get up early to practice and you understood that but it hurt. As if he was trying to distance from you, as if he was afraid to be alone with you.

‘’Hey guys.’’ You greeted them while you walked over to the kitchen to make some tea. ‘’Oh hello y/n.’’ Seokjin greeted you back with a smile who was sitting on the kitchen table, typing away on the laptop. Hoseok, Namjoon and Yoongi welcomed you back too but the other three just mumbled a ‘’hi’’  too much into the game to really acknowlegde your presence.

When you finally had put the water in the kettle, you crossed your arms over your chest and leaned down against the kitchen table, hoping the water would boil soon, so you could retreat in your bedroom,already feeling the pounding of your headache.

‘’I’m sorry y/n.’’ The sudden apology from Yoongi who had sat down at the kitchentable to join you and Seokjin surprised you. ‘’What do you mean?’’ You furrowed your eyebrows not understanding why he was apologizing. ‘’I can tell you’re not really happy with us being here.’’ he shrugged, turning around in his chair so he could face you. ‘’I mean, I understand.’’ Yoongi quickly continued as he saw the guilt written on your face. ‘’You must be tired and than you’re not waiting for a bunch of people lounging in your house.’’

You pouted your lips, feeling wrong you wanted to be alone and actually wanting them out of the house for now. ‘’It’s okay really. We understand. We were about to leave anyways.’’ Seokjin closed his laptop, stood up and patted your shoulder and gave you a reassuring smile, silently telling you, you shouldn’t feel guilty.

‘’Guys we should leave. it’s already late and we have an early schedule. So chop chop, get your shoes and jackets.’’ Seokjin announced. The rest of the boys mumbled and got up from the couch trailing behind Seokjin and Yoongi who were already in the hallway.

The waterboiler clicked, indicating the water was ready so you turned around to get your well deserved tea.

After quick goodbye’s you sat down at the table. The warmth of the tea soothing your headache and relaxing your body but that was for a short notice when you saw Jimin entering the kitchen with an annoyed look on his face. You just rolled your eyes and decided to ignore it, not wanting to fight. ‘’Did you send them away?’’ he asked you, voice laced with irritation. Turning your head around to look at him, you saw him standing with his back against the fridge, looking pissed. ‘’What’s wrong Jimin?’’ you sounded exhausted, your voice monotone. ‘’Well did you send them away or not?’’

‘’No I did not.’’ you answered his question and turned back to sip from your tea. ‘’And besides it’s my house so what if I did?’’ you added, getting annoyed aswell. ‘’Oh that’s just nice y/n. That doesn’t give you the right to do whatever you want’’ What was he saying? ‘’Are you fucking serious right now?’’ You raised your eyebrows in disbelief, standing up from your chair to face him.  ‘’Yes I am serious y/n. Do you see me laughing?’’ he scoffed, stepping away from the fridge to stand closer to you. ‘’unfortunately not. I wish you were because you’re being ridiculous right now. It’s my house but you’re saying I can’t do whatever I want and that I have to suck it up. wow that’s real rich of you Jimin. really. Actually it’s really funny now I think about it.’’ you laughed humorlessly.

‘’I am tired Jimin. All I wanted was to get home, get in bed to cuddle with you and coming home to 7 people in the house is not what I need at this moment. So please.. please stop this nonsense and tell me what’s wrong’’

You were mentally and physically drained. Your boss who had been yelling at you for your incorrect Korean. The clients who have been nagging all day, wanting to speak to someone else since you were having trouble with understanding them because they were speaking so fast. So this was not what you needed right now. You needed his comfort, you needed him to tell you it was alright and you were doing your best.

Rubbing your hands over your face, to ‘wipe’ away everything from today before grabbing his hand and lacing your fingers together as you smiled at him. ‘’No y/n.’’ he yanked his hands from yours and walked away. Your heart skipped a beat when he dissapeared in the hallway. Was he leaving again? ‘’Where are you going?’’ You followed him, seeing he was putting on his shoes. ‘’Are you leaving again? Seriously Jimin?’’ quickly grabbing his other shoe you retreated back to the living room. Yeah maybe you were childish but you did not want him to leave. The past couple of weeks have been hard. It seemed like you and Jimin were on difficult roads now since the only thing you have been doing is fight which always ended up in him leaving, so you did what you could think of at the moment to stop him from leaving and that was his shoe.

‘’Y/n. give me back my shoe.’’Jimin sternly said when he stood before you, reaching for it but you turned away. ‘’Not until you tell me what’s going on? We are never alone anymore and when we do, you’re always angry. Have I done something wrong? ’’ The exhaustion you felt at first had been replaced by anxiousness. This feeling you felt right now, felt not right, not right at all.

‘’Don’t be so childisch now. Give me back my shoe.’’ He ignored your questions, still trying to get it back ‘’You’re not getting it back until your answer my question Jimin.’’ it was you who sounded stern now. Demanding an answer.

‘’For fuck’s sake y/n. Give it back!’’ He slammed his hand on the table, causing the little vases to rattle. You froze from his sudden outburst as you looked at him shocked. He was heavily breathing, his face was red, his hands were clenched against his side as he looked down, his fringe hiding his eyes.

‘’J-j-jimin. I..” you didn’t know what to say. If you were honest, you got a bit scared.

‘’Just give it back.’’ He demanded cutting you of, holding his hand out, daring to look you in the eyes.

Not wanting to provoke him any further you placed his shoe in his awaiting hand but before he could turn around, you pulled him into your arms, holding him tightly. The tears that pooled in your eyes, escaped the prison now rolling down to freedom. The pain you felt in your heart was unbearable. The emotions running wildly through your body, not knowing which emotion to choose from as you felt them all. Anxious, overwhelmed, tired, love and above all heartbreak. You could hear the crack in your heart as you silently wheeped on his shoulders. One hand clutching his shirt as the other rubbed his neck.

Jimin wasn’t moving at all. He just stood there with his hands by his side.  ‘’Please come back okay? I will wait for you. You know I will. Just try to understand your feelings. It’s not wrong to feel like this Jimin. It’s human. Lots of people feel like this. You shouldn’t bottle them up, not for the sake of others. Think of yourself Jimin.. you know I’ve been telling you this so please listen to me for once hmm?’’ You rambled on. ‘’It’s okay. You will be fine.’’ you sushed him, well you tried to comfort yourself more with those last words, knowing when the door clicked shut, your heart would drop but since it was for his happiness, you could handle it, you had to handle it. You catched on, finally understanding what was going through his head when you saw the hurt and confusion in his eyes.

You were so into comforting him and yourself, you did not notice that he wrapped his arms around you and buried his face in the crook of your neck. ‘’I’m sorry y/n.. I really am. I don’t know how to feel right now. I still like you but.. but for some reason it feels different than before and I’m confused.’’ Jimin softly spoke when he felt you stop rubbing his neck. He sounded a bit shaky and his arms felt suffocating instead of comforting what you hoped for.

Pulling away from the hug, you held him at arm distance. You just looked at him with a sad smile, tracing his cheek with your indexfinger, feeling the soft skin on yours as you tried to remember how he feels. “Now put on your stupid shoe and go. I will be waiting, yeah?” you giggled through your tears to lighten up the mood a little.


‘’No Jimin, please don’t say anything.’’ you started,not wanting to hear another apology. Cause what was he apologizing for? People don’t apologize in this kind of situations. You just watched him getting himself ready to leave.

You could see he didn’t know what to do. Jimin was fumbling with the strings on his jacket, ready to leave but not quite yet.

‘’Just so you know.. It’s not a break up it’s just that..’’ He paused, slowly walking over to you as his hands fell on your shoulders. ‘’I still like you I really do but to figure somethings out I think time apart will do us good.’’ he finished, showing you a light smile, squeezing your shoulders in reassurance. You nodded, sending him a little smile back. Stepping back, Jimin turned around and walked out of your house, leaving you in this empty hole.

That really were some tough 3 months. Three months without Jimin. 12 weeks without his laugh, without his voice. But you survived. He was right it had done you good. The first month you were pissed. Pissed at him. How dare he to leave your heart in that state. You couldn’t see things positive anymore. The sky wasn’t blue but grey and you hated those bright sunny days. How could the sun shine so fully and warm while you exactly felt the opposite. Scoffing at couples who dare to held eachothers hand in public and at people who dared to smile.

Yep you were pathetic the first month so you decided to leave the country for awhile and get on the first plane to your fatherland. Dropping everything to help your breathe normally once again and you were right, it had done you good. You had to get used to it at first since it had been a while you were here but eventually you got the hang of it and it went well. Yeah you still missed Jimin but not seeing his face everywhere helped you cope with this break thingy, whatever it was.

The other two monts went by quickly. You visited your family ofcourse, went to your favourite dessertshop, which was still there, luckily for you and just do things that sparked your childhood memories. And it was on that day, that you suddenly got a call from Jimin.

‘’Jimin?’’ you questioned when you saw the caller id.

‘’y/n! where the hell are you?’’ he sounded out of breath and you heard some shuffling in the background. ‘’and why are some of your stuff gone? Those drawers are pretty empty and your toothbrush is gone and so are you morning and night creams. Where the heck are you? Waa I don’t like this at all. If you are doing this to get back at me, than please stop right now because it’s working.’’ he rambled on and on. His gentle voice dripped with fear and his breathing quickened with every word he spat out.  Was he at your house? Of course he was… but did that mean? You couldn’t help but to smile at the thought.

‘’Jimin.’’ you giggled, placing your phone between your ear and shoulder, quickly running to grab your suitcase, throwing it on the bed and started to pack.

‘’Why are you laughing y/n!? This is not funny you know.’’ He whined. You assumed he sat down when you noticed his breathing seemed to be more natural. ‘’Calm down, you don’t have to worry I am already packing as we speak.’’

‘’Packing?! What do you mean packing? Where the heck are you?’’

‘’Packing as in packing Jimin. I don’t know what you’re doing when you’re packing but I am packing as in packing. You know clothes and toothbrush.’’ You jokingly explained. It was weird when he only had to say your name, your heart did backflips. ‘’and to answer your question i’m in (y/c/n). Don’t panick, I will get the very first flight to Korea. So wait for me, yeah?’’

Jimin mumbled, complaining that you were doing this on purpose, that you were an evil woman to scare him like that. After easing his worries, you uttered quick goodbye’s and jumped in the car heading to the airport.

Thanking the man for getting you safe at the house after you paid him, you snatched your lugagge of the backseat, threw the door closed and ran up to your house, your hands already searching your pockets for the keys. Your heart was hammering in your chest, and your face hurt from smiling so wide but the only thing you could think of was Jimin waiting inside your house.

Just as you wanted to put the keys in the lock, the door flew open and arms were thrown around your neck. This caused you to stumble from the sudden force and weight and well you fell down. But you didn’t care.. the familiar scent calmed your fast beating heart immediately as you finally felt whole again. The tightness of his arm around you did comfort you this time and you quickly returned the hug. ‘’I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.’’ Jimin whispered in your hair repeatedly, taking in your warmth and scent. ‘’I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for hurting you. God I missed you so much. I didn’t know what I was thinking.. I was a fucking idiot. A real fucking idiot. I’m an ass..’’ Laughing out loud, you smacked his butt to stop him from swearing at himself. ‘’Oooohh…’’ Jimin groaned. ‘’Gosh Jimin. Stop it yeah. First let’s get up. My butt is getting cold. ‘’Oh right. Of course.’’ He held your hands and hoisted you from the ground after he got of off you.

‘’Here let me wipe your butt.’’ He smirked, smacking your butt as he did so. to get ‘rid’ of the dirt. ‘’Jimin! stop it!’’ You scolded him, embarsassed because you were standing outside. ‘’Come here.’’ he said softly, cupping your neck with his hand to bring you closer. ‘’What is it?’’ you smiled, stroking his cheek in admiration. ‘’I missed you.’’ Jimin whispered and closed the gap, gently placing his lips ontop of yours. ‘

To you it felt like the first kiss all over again. Your heart exploded in little butterflies, as your stomach churned in excitement. Lips moving insync, hands gripping onto his hair as his tightened around your waist, holding your body as close as he could. The once innocent and sweet kiss turned into desperation and need. The moans that left his body aroused you more than you already were. The heat and love were overwhelming, you couldn’t take it anymore and broke the kiss lead him to sought after your lips and whined.

‘’Catch me.’’ You jumped, wrapping your arms and legs around him. ‘’Now shall we take this further inside?’’ you whispered and kissed his ear what provoked a moan out of him.

‘’I love you.’’

‘’Hmm I love you more’’


anonymous asked:

I know you guys are scanlating jealousy now, and I just wonder how you can get past his actions in the original manga? I know the characters moved on from the repeated rapes unrealistically quick, but I find myself having nothing but contempt reading his backstory after everything he does in the future.

Okay let me say this real quick: 

I can only speak for myself and this is how I personally see this story, the characters and what happened. 

I don’t think they moved on unrealisticly fast. They had a big showdown…

And you have to concider where they’re coming from. What world they grew up in. And what a fckng amazing person Tatsuyuki is. He’s wonderful but still a Yakuza. 

To dwell on that incident would be painful for Nozomi too and he doesn’t want him to hurt, so he decides not to drown in hate and sadness. He’s also just not the kind of person who would do that imo. His no1 priority was that Nozomi is safe. He is, so time to move on.
Also, he spent some time in the hospital and we don’t know how long. 
And maybe there is still some trauma left… who knows. But the manga was over…. and I’m glad the extras weren’t about Tatsuyuki getting therapy hehe jk 

And Tatsuyuki kinda explained why he had Sakazuki (the sake cup exchange) with Rogi.


And this

is just him being the most precious being on earth. 

He has the biggest heart. He always did. It wouldn’t fit his character to get depressive or whatever. 

But this is just my personal feeling and opinion. 

Regarding Rogi…

We know he’s an asshole and a sadist… and a masochist xD
We’re aware of the fact that he’s a manwhore and that he has major issues lol
He’s not a supercute sunshine uke or whatever.
He doesn’t give a fck about people, except for Reika and Akitora.
He might be completely unlovable but that’s what makes him lovable for me. 
He’s a dick and he doesn’t hide it. And I’m fine with that. 
I think he’s super interesting and entertaining and beautiful and hot. 

Maybe he will change in the future, maybe not. I think it will be interesting to see how Hachi will fit into his story and how he will interfere with his life.

Scarlet Beriko has never let me down with her stories and her characters. In my opinion she is a BRILLIANT story teller and I’m sure she won’t disappoint me. 
Jealousy has just started but it has already more than one volume confirmed and that’s probably for a reason. I expect great things to come ^^

And yeah what he did to Tatsuyuki was more than wrong. It was horrible, but it made a great and entertaining story that kept everyone reading ^^ 
And he had his (absurt to normal people) reasons (that made total sense to him), we just don’t get yet because we basically know nothing about him and Akitora and what kind of relationship they have/had. Maybe we will understand him more in the future. We still won’t like what he did, but maybe we can understand wtf went on in his head. 

You either love him or you hate him. I decided to love him, it’s more fun ^^


Ps: Yondaime is in my Top 5 favorite manga list. I love Tatsuyuki (and Nozomi) to deathhhhhhhhhhh. <3

Writers Creed Interviews: @bumbleblossoms

It has been so much fun getting to know the wonderful Miriam( @bumbleblossoms) Please do take a moment to read this interview and find out about her writing experiences, what happens when an 11-year old ends up on the wrong plane, a glimpse of how a first grade novel looks like, and more! Thank you for sharing with us glimpses of your life!

Writers Creed: So tell us about you username and how would you like us to call you?

Miriam: My username was partially just an in the moment decision where it popped into my head and I loved it. The other part of it was that I wanted to express the way I feel about writing, and often times, things feel so accidental, like I’m just bumbling along with no idea what I’m doing. The rest of my poetry is passion and love combined with that bumbling, and I felt that flowers really showed it. But once again, it was nearly accidental where it popped into my head and I loved it. You can call me Miriam, I don’t mind going by that or by my username.

WC: Aha that’s a good enough reason for a username. Alright Miriam sounds good :)

So tell us how you got into writing. What made you start?

M: My mother is a writer, she loves poetry and novel writing, and I grew up listening to her stories every night. When I was in first grade, I decided I wanted to write a novel just like my mom. Obviously, because I was in first grade, it was an amusingly awful novel. I still have my old journals saved and go back to look at it every now and then. Somehow, I managed to spell the word ‘beautiful’ about 20 different ways and never stuck to the same one. The book was based off the Jewish story of Purim with many creative embellishments. After that, I kept on trying to write novels and ended up writing 3 during middle school and 1 during high school. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I started writing poetry, and the thing that had always held me back in the past was that because of my experience with writing novels, I tried to structure the poems too much and never let myself free with my thoughts and imagination. During this past year, I fell in love with poetry as a form of freedom. I’ve used it as a sanctuary to express myself and work through struggles, and I’m really glad I started.

WC: Aw, like mother like daughter. Sweet. Wow what a great story, I mean I think we would all love to see a fun glimpse of your first grade writing 😂

M: Ah well, I may actually be able to follow up with that. I’ll see if I can dig up some fantastic quotes

WC: Now that would be amazing! :) Now that you have discovered poetry, could you pick between the two if I asked you which you like more?

M: Honestly I could not pick because it’s all what stage of my life I am in and what I need at the moment. Novel writing was kind of my ultimate goal in life for a long time, but I think at the moment I am at my peak of growth and emotional flexibility, and I have really needed something that had this flexibility and freedom. I do expect to shift in and out of which one I like more over the years.

WC: Do you have anything published? Would you like to?

M: [I] have never published anything, and although I would love to be published, I also know that I might not be ready yet. I am comfortable letting myself grow and learn and improve until I am in a better place to publish my work.

WC: That is a great idea. We should always be striving to improve ourselves.

M: Here is a wonderful glimpse into the first chapter of my first grade novel:

“My name is Ester. I live in pershaw. in the palace the Queen Vashti is having A party so is the king. the king desides to show his ghests bateful vashi. he tels his servants to go tell vashti to come and dance but when they ascked her she refewsd. the king banashed her but after that he became lonly. he desied to throw a sleep away for all the girls of persha. When i got the letter I began to cry. I know I was the most buteful of all the girls and he woud pick me for Queen but I had to go. my uncle put my best gown on and butiful slipers for the wack.”

The spelling is 100% accurate, as one might be able to guess.

Oh wait, I have to include my favorite line

“Finnilly we reached the palace. It looked like it was just silver and gold no really thats all.”

Really can’t be complete without that one.

WC: That was just amazing. My cheeks hurt from smiling. Adorable

M:Thank you, thank you. I am glad I could share it. My first grade self is quite proud right now

WC: And we are too (of both)😁. What would you say inspires you to write? What do you usually write about?

M: Often I just get filled with this feeling that I have something to write about, even if I’m not sure what it is. When I don’t have an idea, but I know I want to write, I go to my best friend and ask him for a writing prompt. He has always loved to read my poetry so I love getting prompts from him because he gets to see his words turn into art. Sometimes though, I am just struck with a word or idea, and I start writing and the poem just takes me somewhere. I write about many different things, I think two of the most common themes I have noticed are the most negatives aspects of my experiences such as abuse, and the things which I am most in awe of. I adore writing about my friends, even if the poem just begins with the thought of them and somehow ends up having nothing to do with them, which is quite common for me. I often feel like the poem writes itself because I allow the process to simply take me somewhere and it can be very unexpected.

WC: That is great. It is so amazing to be able to have someone so close to you that can encourage you and support you. Those are the kind of people you want to keep in your life. And that is a great balance. Seems like you are taking both the good and the bad from your life and turning it into art which people can just resonate with. “the poem writes itself”- that is amazing. I feel like many writers can agree with this.

This may be something you’ve answered already, but why do you like writing? What makes you come back to it?

M: I’ve always filled my life with art, I was a visual arts major in high school and studied ballet for 10 years. I think that art in and of itself is as close to magic as we can get, and I want my life filled with it. Writing specifically has always been my favorite art form though. For me personally, I find writing to come most naturally to me, and my heart really fills words well. Words by themselves are tossed around so carelessly, as so to use them to create art is a powerful and beautiful feeling. I also find the writing gives me a big feeling of accomplishment, and it’s really rewarding to be able to look back on my own work and smile at my accomplishments. 

WC: Earth without art is eh. Cheesy I know haha. But that is so true, art is quite magical. That is wonderful! It is always great to see how we have changed and how much we grew as humans and writers

M: I definitely agree

WC: So did anything interesting, odd, bizarre, happen because you write?

M: This isn’t really odd, but I think the most interesting advantage of being a writer is that I can pull right out of my head all the plot lines I have planned for novels, and tell them to young children as stories. Its wildly fun to entertain children by telling them an adventure that keeps them captivated, and it always makes me so happy to see them hanging off of every word and begging for another story at the end. It’s possibly most rewarding than even writing the stories themselves, children are the best audiences.

WC: Aw, that is so sweet and special. Must be a great experience. Where do you get to do that?

M: I’m a nanny so I take care of kids as my job I guess. But I also have 4 younger siblings, and spend a lot of time with my younger cousins as well. It’s really nice to spend time with them especially now that I’m an adult in their eyes (although I care to disagree) because they really look up to me. It’s a nice feeling.

WC: Aw haha that is great. And if you can take care of kids, you are an adult even if you weren’t legally in my opinion 😁

So for our final question, can you tell us a fun fact about you? Anything :)

M: I think the most random thing about me is that I was on Fox news once because when I was 11, I was flying as an unaccompanied minor, and the flight crew accidentally put me on the wrong plane. Instead of going to Ohio, I went to New Jersey, but I had no idea because I read comic books for the whole flight when they announced our destination repeatedly. I waited in the airport for about 3 hours before a staff member asked me if I knew I was in New Jersey, and I responded that I had no idea I was not in Ohio.

WC: Oh wow haha that sounds like quite the story that would make it on the news. I hope you got to your destination!

M: I did eventually. Took a few extra hours and was worth the adventure

WC:  Haha sounds like a great adventure! Well that is all, I am really happy you took the time to answer my questions.

M: I loved answering them, thank you!

Celebration Time!

I’m officially at 1.5k followers! 

Originally posted by distinguidos

And my birthday’s coming up! 

So I thought it would be fun to host a prompt challenge for you guys!  So there are two parts to the prompts: 26 Quotes, from The Office and Parks and Recreation (my two favorite shows) and 26 generic sentence prompts.  This challenge is designed to be double prompted…I understand that could be difficult for some (but it is a challenge ;), so if you want to pick either a quote or a prompt, that’s also fine!

*Since I am a multi-fandom blog, please feel free to write for characters from the Marvel Universe, Supernatural, or Star Trek.  Get creative!


1.      Send me an ask (no messages or reblogs) with the letter of the quote, the number of the prompt and the character you’re writing for. First come first served! (I can’t imagine I’ll have more than 26 people participating, but if by some miracle I do, I’ll either add more or double up prompts)

2.      Fics should be Reader Insert for the most part, because I am a ship free blog.  But! If you don’t write reader insert and still want to participate, just ask! I’ll probably approve, I just would like majority reader inserts.

3.      There’s no word limit for fics, but please, for the love of God, use a Read More.  I won’t reblog it if you don’t.  Sorry, it’s just my pet peeve.

4.      Tag me in your A/N and include Atari’s Birthday Challenge in the first five tags.  (If you tag me and I don’t like it within 24 hours, please shoot me a message.  Tumblr doesn’t always give me my notifications).  I’ll make a Masterlist after all the fics have been submitted!

5.      Fics are due August 31, my birthday! Feel free to post any time before then, and if you need an extension, please just ask!

*You don’t technically have to be following me, but since this is half a follower celebration, it would be nice :)

Prompts under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

hi! I've always seen ppl saying that jj abrams is a bad person but i never rlly found anything telling why... i was just wondering what he did? i mean honestly i don't know much abt the guy + i could care less abt him i just kinda wanna know. (u don't have to answer if u don't want to! ik u have been getting a lotta stuff like this)

in all honesty i think the ‘fuck you j.j. abrams’ sentiment is essentially the fandom’s pure pissed-off energy at how the reboots have been bigoted (against women in particular). i am not sure – and have never been sure – exactly how much of it is j.j. abrams’s specific fault. in fact, i think a lot of the blame should be on the writers – but i’ll give a general overview of the concerns i’ve seen expressed.

in st2009 and Into Darkness, the two films directed by J.J. Abrams, women have no rank tripes on their uniforms; they all appeared to be ensigns (even uhura, a lieutenant). men, however, displayed their rank clearly. this was probably not abrams’s fault, but in Beyond, a movie he did not direct, the problem is fixed and women have rank stripes and are addressed by rank, the same as men are.

in st2009, you have the idea of a womanising kirk, which is not only inaccurate to the original series (here’s another entire essay on that) but insulting to me, y’know, as a woman – it seemed like having kirk sleep with gaila only served to make gaila “the slut” and show her and uhura in their panties. oh, but because we had a shirtless chrispi there too, it’s all equal, right? mmmm, except it’s not, because we all know that straight male viewers (and that movie was made for straight male viewers and straight male viewers only) are gonna jack off to the shirtless green lady and zoe saldana almost-naked. but female viewers are not nearly going to salivate so much over 30 seconds of chris’s chest. why? we’ve not been conditioned to accept the other sex as our toys.

people have said the following about st2009:

“an over-abundantly high emphasis on action & spectacle over story & character, two things Star Trek is almost exclusively known for” (x)

“I genuinely still believe that the 2009 Star Trek is one of the stupidest movies I have seen in my entire life. That movie is awful on almost every conceivable level. The plot, the structure of the film, the characterization, the action set pieces (…) it’s supposed to be a reinvention of characters that you grew up emotionally invested in. And it felt like, well, this is not Star Trek.“ (x)

“The new film’s key plot points — like a fatherless farm boy challenged by an elder to leave his home and venture into space, and an entire planet being destroyed halfway through — were completely derivative of Star Wars.” (x)

my twelve-year-old sister is no professional literary critic. she saw st2009 and loved it, rated it 10/10. a couple weeks later, i showed her The Voyage Home and a couple episodes of TOS. after that, she told me “i liked [the reboot] at first, but when i saw the old ones, i didn’t like it so much. it’s really different from the old ones, and i didn’t like uhura and i didn’t really like spock and i didn’t really like any of the characters. the uniforms were different also. i just didn’t think they did the characters well enough. and it didn’t even have a plot, except destroy the romulans, y’know.” get rekt by a 12-year-old, AOS.

boy howdy are there problems with Into Darkness too. CAROL MARCUS, okay? and i’m not just talking about the shirtless scene. as it happens, abrams was not the person who wrote that into canon – that was Damon Lindelof, who apologised for the moment with a misspelling of misogynistic. gee, thanks.

Abrams didn’t even see the giant objectification in it. he stated “it was a sort of balance. There’s a scene earlier where [Kirk]’s not dressed either, so I thought it was a trade-off.” HE THOUGHT IT WAS A WHAT? He then he showed a deleted scene of benkydonk cumbutt showering. right, because that’s what female viewers want to see??! jesus f. christ! there was no reason to show a woman in her underwear and it made kirk into some sort of peeping tom. like what the fuck. i’d pay Actual Money for the next reboot movie to include some version of the the “a woman?” “a crewman” scene from TOS. also, the scene where kirk wasn’t dressed was just after he had a threesome with two (ALSO NAKED!!) female aliens. and that disgusted me. like, TOS kirk did have his faults; that’s undeniable. but misogyny was not one of them. the only episode (in three whole seasons) where he has a one-night-stand was, I think, Elaan of Troyius. but in AOS we have two casual-sex scenes in as many movies. i have sincere difficulty making this AOS chris pine character any version of the earnest and sometimes goofy but exponentially more respectful shatner kirk. in Charlie X, he said “You go slow, be gentle. It’s no one-way street — you know how you feel and that’s all. It’s how the girl feels, too. Don’t press.”

in TOS, kirk remembered all the names of all his exes, even ones he hadn’t seen in years. tell me, would st2009/Into Darkness kirk remember the names of all the alien chicks he supposedly banged when he doesn’t even know who Christine Chapel is?

(by the way, why isn’t Chapel in the reboot? too many women? why isn’t Janice Rand there for more than half-a-second of her hairdo running into the transporter room?)

i guess another major problem was that abrams didn’t even like star trek, yet was given the reins to reboot it into your typical sci-fi action sequences with women mostly shunted to the side or given the job of kissing spock to make him seem more loving and human. He said this about TOS:

“Star Trek always felt like a silly, campy thing.”

yikes. not the kind of person i’d hire to reboot the iconic franchise to a worldwide audience.

he continued with “I remember appreciating it, but feeling like I didn’t get it. I felt it didn’t give me a way in. There was a captain, there was this first officer, they were talking a lot about adventures and not having them as much as I would’ve liked.” (x)

he also said “It always felt too philosophical for me.” (x)

call me weird, but star trek’s philosophy is precisely what i love about it, and i think it is so relevant to the modern day – they even addressed fuckin’ contraception, for pete’s sake. if any of TOS’s thoughtful reasoning had made it into the reboot movies, even in a diluted and more uncontroversial form, we might have had something really, really special.

instead, we have explosions, brightly-colored warp trails, and carol marcus in a push-up bra.

nakamatoo  asked:

Ereani and rivamika for the song question ^_^

Hey hey hey ;) my otps! 

Below are playlists for the lovely couples <3 Enjoy!

And thanks, @nakamatoo! :)

EreAni Playlist: listen here~

1) Stolen - Civil Twilight

2) Daddy Issues - The Neighborhood

3) Coming Home (Part Two) - Skylar Grey

4) Love The Way You Lie - Eminem ft. Rihanna

5) Call Your Name - Hiroyuki Sawano

*****If the last two songs don’t scream EreAni, I don’t know what the meaning of life is lol

RivaMika Playlist: listen here~

1) Killing Strangers - Marilyn Manson

2) Awakening - Young Guns

3) Wait - NF

4) Come As You Are - Civil Twilight

5) Hurt - Johnny Cash

*****Track 4 always gives me the major rivamika feels, man…

Bts needs to win the BBMAs

I’m not going to rant abt how much I love them(I do trust me) and that’s why they need to win. No, them winning could mean big social change and how we view language here in the US. I can’t even count the number of times someone has told me they didn’t want to listen to bts bc the song was in korean, not even that they didn’t like, no, only bc it was in a different language. And it pains me to say that even I was hesitant bc of the difference in language, but I took a leap and feel in love.
As a citizen of a small white majority town in the US, I can tell you from first hand accounts how poorly we view people who speak different languages, especially minorities. There is so little representation of different languages in the media, like every celebrity, social media star, or musician is almost always an English speaker, and it’s just weird to me bc English isn’t our official language yet we constantly frown upon or deem it weird or not normal when someone speaks something other than english.
If bts wins this gives them a platform to gain more popularity here in the US. This gives us a chance to have a mainstream, korean speaking band in the US. Think abt the benefits them getting popular here could have on our language views. People who sing or speak different languages can see them, see how popular and gain confidence and solace in there being someone like them.
I’m often given the comment that they need to speak English to gain popularity here, which I will call bullshit on. Not only did gondum style, or what ever ya call it got popular and people can still remember and do the dance but that song was sung completely in korean (I think). So saying they need to sing in English to get popular is a joke and untrue.
English may be a popular language, but music is a universal one. You don’t need to understand what someone is saying to truly feel the music.
Ugh, I’m just tired of hearing excuses and seeing people on Twitter call people like army’s crazy for voting so much, it may just very well be we have an appreciation for music with social issues and taboos as subjects instead of sex and shitty “love yourself” songs (yes, ik wjat that song is really abt, no I don’t want to hear you tell me)

Sorry for that shitty grammar and stuff, school is hard and I am running off like 3 hours of sleep, but if you wanna here my occasional sleep deprived rants, follow my shitty blog and ask away, cause I’m cool and worth it👈👈😎


I’ve posted on here before so why not do it again? I met some great people from this so why not meet some more!
Hello I’m Katarina just call me Kat, I’m sixth-teen from nj but I spend a majority of my days taking buses & trains to nyc.
I loooove animals so much, like I’m a dog person for sure. I love my current friends so much they mean the world to me and I just want to give everyone my all undivided attention & love.
I plan on majoring in architecture and buisness and play volleyball in college but if all goes downhill my back up is theater. I love being around actors and actresses and currently have the best director and assistant directors and they inspiring me so much. No I am not in the spotlight but I am who runs them! I guess you can say my life is bit interesting but who knows. Any of you seeing this post can contact me at @kathasaboner, my inbox/messages are always open. I love giving advice and hearing people out if need be, so feel free to contact me- no I do not bite :-)

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I'm trying to talk myself into making a big trip by myself; can you give me the pro argument?

OMG yes! You get to do every single thing you want to do and never have to make a single compromise! If you want to have ice cream for dinner, you just have ice cream for dinner! If you want to do it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, you just do it! If you want to spend hours touring old mansions because you have a weird fixation with old mansions, you can totally do that. And if you never want to pretend to be excited about views of trees, you never have to!

That was all semi-facetious, but as someone who has taken a major trip by myself and also taken major trips with others, there are pros and cons to each, and I think it’s probably a bad idea to ALWAYS travel alone, but it can also be a really, really good idea. When I do it, I generally have a list of the things I am most excited to do, and that gives me some structure. And because I am an extrovert, I spend a lot of time out in public with people around me, which alleviates feelings of loneliness. And finally, the Internet means I’m never really alone, so when I took my big trip to Paris by myself, I literally Skyped home for my sister’s birthday party one of the days I was there and sang “happy birthday” to her from my hotel room across an ocean. 

I might possibly spend more time alone than many people do? I don’t know, I don’t have a clear idea of that, but I can tell you that that solo trip to Paris was one of my all-time favorite trips. I spent a lot of time literally just wandering the city, popping into cafes and wasting a whole afternoon, and it was heavenly, because there was no pressure to do anything other than exactly what I wanted to do at that moment. 

The only con was when a mouse showed up in my hotel room and the only person around to deal with it was me. 

I hope this helps! 

Rose and her two daughters, Baby June and Louise, play the vaudeville circuit around the United States in the early 1920s. Rose, the archetype of a stage mother, is aggressive and domineering, pushing her children to perform. While June is an extroverted, talented child star, the older girl, Louise, is shy. The kiddie act has one song, “Let Me Entertain You”, that they sing over and over again, with June always as the centerpiece and Louise often as one of the “boys” (“Requiem For Evita”). Rose has big dreams for the girls but encounters setbacks, as she tells her father (“Oh, What a Circus”). When Rose meets a former agent, Herbie, she persuades him to become their manager using her seductive and feminine wiles (“On This Night of A Thousand Stars”). The girls grow up, and June, now billed as Dainty June, and her act have a chance to perform for Mr. Goldstone (“Eva and Magoldstone”). Meanwhile, Louise celebrates her birthday alone and asks her birthday present, a lamb, just how old she is this year (“Buenos Aires”). After Rose rejects Herbie’s marriage proposal, he considers leaving, but she asserts that he could never get away from her (“Goodnight and Thank You”). Now billed as “Dainty June and Her Farmboys”, the act finally performs on the Orpheum Circuit (“The Art of the Possible”). June is soon offered a place at a Performing Arts school after an audition. However, Rose turns this down, refusing to break up the act. Louise and June fantasize what life would be like if Rose were married and finished with show business (“I’d Be Surprisingly Good For You”). A few months later, still on the road from show to show, Tulsa, one of the boys from the act, confides in Louise that he has been working on his own act (“Another Suitcase In Another Hall”), and Louise fantasizes that she and he could do the act together. Shortly after, June is missing, and in a note, she explains that she has grown sick of her mother and the endless tour and has eloped with Jerry, and they will do a new act. Rose is hurt, but then optimistically vows that she will make Louise a star, proclaiming “A New Argentina”.

Louise is now a young woman, and Rose has built a pale imitation of the Dainty June act for her. Using all girls, Rose and Herbie try valiantly to sell “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” to a fading vaudeville industry. However, they are still together (“High Flying Adored”). With no vaudeville venues left, Louise and her second-rate act wind up accidentally booked at a burlesque house in Wichita, Kansas, as a means to deter police raids. Rose is anguished, as she sees what a booking in burlesque means to her dreams of success, but Louise persuades her that two weeks’ pay for the new act is better than unemployment. As they are introduced to Louise, three of the strippers on the bill advise her on what it takes to be a successful stripper, a “gimmick,” something that “makes your strip special” (“Rainbow High”). Backstage, Rose proposes marriage to Herbie. He asks her to break up the act and let Louise have a normal life, and she reluctantly accepts, agreeing to marry the day after their show closes. On the last day of the booking, the star stripper in the burlesque show is arrested for solicitation. Desperate, Rose cannot resist the urge to give Louise another nudge toward stardom, and she volunteers Louise to do the strip tease as a last-minute replacement. Disgusted at Rose’s blind ambition for her daughter, Herbie walks out on Rose forever (”And The Money Kept Rolling In (And Out)”). Although reluctant, Louise wants to please her mother and she goes on, assured by Rose that she needn’t actually strip, but simply walk elegantly and tease by dropping a single shoulder strap. Shy and hesitant, she sings a titillating version of the old kiddie act song, “Let Me Entertain You”. She removes only her glove, but she speaks directly to her ‘audience’, which becomes her “gimmick” (“Waltz For Eva and Che”).

In the months that follow Louise becomes secure, always following her mother’s advice to “Make 'em beg for more, and then don’t give it to them!” The song becomes brasher and brassier, and more and more articles of clothing come off. Ultimately, Louise becomes a major burlesque star and does not need her mother any longer. After a bitter argument between Rose and Louise, who has become the sophisticated “Gypsy Rose Lee,” Rose realizes Herbie and June are both gone, and now Louise is lost to her as well. Rose, feeling sad, useless and bitter, asks “Why did I do it? What did it get me?” (“Lament”). All of Rose’s unrequited dreams of her own stardom and her personal demons surface. She fantasizes about her own lit-up runway and cheering audience, but finally admits “I did it for me.” After her admission to Louise, Mother and daughter tentatively step toward reconciliation in the end.

kent is a people-pleaser kind of like bitty but also really not.

bitty likes to please others by disappearing and helping and being helpful and useful and invisible. he wants to give you what you needed before you even knew you needed it. he wants to figure people out and he wants to make them feel safe and listened to and understood and cared for. he’s supportive in one of the best ways, just doing his best for everyone because he doesn’t want anyone to ever feel alone the ways that he sometimes did growing up. but he also doesn’t want to draw too much attention to it and he gets embarrassed if you give him too much credit for how much he does for others. but he does so much.

kent wants to make himself pleasing. he likes crowds and he likes entertaining people and every second of his life he is trying to make sure everyone around him is having good time and feels cool and fun and funny. kent pays attention to you and remembers your major and gives you his full attention, always, because that makes people happy, and he wants people to be happy because they are around him. he wants you to feel amazing when you spend time with him, because then you will like him and you will like being around him. kent parson is great at parties.

and like. the thing is. people-pleasing is a trait usually adopted by socially anxious people who are really really really worried about being disliked. it’s a defense mechanism. it’s “i am afraid everyone hates me so i am going to do everything i can to be the most Likeable person possible so that maybe marginally fewer people will hate me.” it can be a great, lovely trait, but it’s also one that can be indicative of some deeper self-esteem issues. and bitty and kent absolutely both have those in spades.

which is one reason why i love bittyparse. because bitty and parse’s people-pleasing traits are so different but they actually complement each other so well. these two dudes are legitimately good for each other.

kent’s version of people-pleasing makes the other person feel like they are cool and interesting and awesome, which is something bitty absolutely is but doesn’t quite believe he is. but kent parson is great at making people feel like they are great. being around him would make bitty feel sexy and fun and likeable, to the point that bitty would really start to believe it. i think being around kent would inspire bitty to some confidence he doesn’t quite have yet, which he really really deserves and needs. because bitty would try to deflect and say, “aw, thanks, but it’s no big deal,” and kent would stare him down and say, “no, it’s awesome, you’re awesome, i can’t believe how thoughtful you are.” kent parson would not let bitty disappear. he wouldn’t take for granted all that bitty does.

AND THEN KENT. kent needs someone to watch him and care about him and help. quietly. because if someone helps him too loudly kent is just gonna get embarrassed and shut down (at first; he gets better about it over time). but making a scene is not bitty’s style. instead, bitty is just. there. noticing and observing and helping. making kent feel like he is worth the effort and time and care. bitty would make kent feel like there is always someone noticing him and paying attention to him and. just. kent needs that. he needs to know that someone cares about him for him, because part of him is afraid that people only like him because he makes them feel good, that it’s all fake, that if he turns it off for one fucking moment everyone’s going to leave him. but bitty would never make him feel like that. bitty is just. steady. always, always steady.

anyway i love them and they’re great together.