it always feels like an eternity waiting

The multitude of lives I will never be. 

The people, alive or dead, existent or non-existent, who I will never meet. 

The future that waits for the stranger in the crowd but never waits for me.

The other side of the world, where lives intersect, where events vibrate and colorize; but I sleep. 

Those experiences that maliciously hide from me—

the mountains, seas, and flowers that I am eternally blind to, 

the conversations in  corners and alleys that my ears are closed to, 

the other pieces of my love and darkness that tightly curl themselves away in the cracks of existence. 

I can never be whole because there is too much I want to be but also not one thing in the world I want to be. 

All possible lives, experiences, and dreams, are simply not enough—not enough. 

Marin is the dream girl, the wish, the sealed up secret desire, when she was free of that dream I imagine she awoke in his world- Ready to meet him (We never did find out where that Link went at the end of Awakening) Link may be Hylia’s chosen- But Time has proven again and again that Link’s chosen is Malon/Marin… Say maybe that’s why she’s always reincarnated save for the timelines downward of OOT- Where hers and Link’s descendents are the mixing of their blood and her living legacy and eternal timestamp of her existence. Link chooses her. Link chooses Malon. Link chooses Marin. Because she is the one that can make him happy like that in his dreams…

Do you think.

Link sleeps so much? Because? He’s waiting to meet “her” again? Ready to find Marin and keep her forever? Holy shit dude… No wonder Link feels peace he feels no where else but at the ranch.

She’s here- So he’s home. He’s safe. He’s F r e e. From everything- Fate, duty, destiny, hylia, ganon- all the rampaging lunacy and expectation- and just be with the girl that he chooses to be with- the dream girl… With her.

I regret the moments I don’t spend with you, because I feel like we’ve spent from the beginning of eternity until now apart, and I want to make up for lost time. The minutes and hours that I count when I’m away from you don’t add up to the small amount of time we are together. There’s always a clock ticking, waiting to chime to send you off and away again. I want- no, I need to be able to come home to your sweet oceanic eyes every night, to wake up each morning wrapped in the silk of your skin as your arms entangle me into you, to simply be with you, and to know that you are the sun and the moon; the start and the end to all of my days.
The time apart only makes my love stronger, for I fall more in love with you after the days away when I finally get to see the enrapturing joy that is the corners of your lips rising to your eyes. I fall for you harder and harder each time I write you “goodnight” instead of kissing your stubbly cheek one last time for the night; I fall for you deeper when you squeeze my hand back as we stroll past the stores under a darkening skylight ceiling; I fall for you always, no matter if we are fighting or crying or not talking at all. You’re the light at the end of the tunnel; my very own sunshine.
I just wish we didn’t have to take a train to get there.
—  I miss him so much and I just saw him four hours ago

I feel like I yearn for Autumn more and more as the years pass. I can hardly wait to feel the slight cool breeze and watch the leaves fall quietly onto the grass. To pull out my first sweater of the season and wear it with my favorite scarf. To watch the first Halloween movie that comes on with a mug of hot chocolate and big blankets. I wish I could live in an eternal state of Autumn. My heart would be happy, always.

nico di angelo

I have lived for too long and have felt too much pain.

She was stolen from me in the accident.

He stole my identity and inner thoughts.

I hated him for it for too long.

I was alone, always so alone on this path.

“Name one hero who was happy,” they say.

The problem is that I’m no hero.

All my fears confront me in the dark, attacking me.

Ironic how the dark was always my safe haven.

They clear a path for me when I visit my father’s house.

All the lost souls of eternity waiting for something more.

They don’t dare get in my way, I’m a ticking time bomb .

I wanted to die, I wanted to die so bad.

Even though I knew well enough what the sweet release of death was like,

I wanted to feel it and get away from everything.

I had no one permanent  in my life so why bother living.

Then the sun came out of nowhere and saved me.

So sweet, so golden, my solace, my love.

It seemed like we would have forever.

Frost did warn me and I didn’t listen.

“Nothing gold can stay.” not even golden hair with blue eyes and freckles.

My sun was ripped away from me way too soon.

He cared so much about others, and died saving a little girl from a monster.

I saw echoes of his bright smile everywhere I went.

I may have the angel’s name, but he was truly sent from Heaven above.  

Now there is really nothing up here for me anymore.

So with that, I descended back down to my father’s house.

Not really dead, but dead inside was enough.

“Make way for the Ghost King, he’s claiming his throne.”

i know we’re all excited for star wars and it’s hard to contain it but in all seriousness please be respectful and don’t spoil the movie for anyone. some countries get to view the film before a lot of others so please don’t come on here or other social media and spoil the movie. not everyone has a blacklist add on installed so ‘tagging your spoilers’ doesn’t always work and you are risking spoiling the movie. also, people will be waiting in line for the movie after you’re done watching it so be careful about what you say when you’re exiting the theater. others will have to wait a while to get tickets for the movie and it’ll suck if they hear or accidentally read spoilers. we’ve all been waiting for what feels like an eternity and everyone should enjoy the film when they watch it for the first time.

Beauties, guess what? Less days to see again our gay swimmers. The time is running and I can’t wait. God, this fight between the OTPs will be awesome. Start to prepare your ovaries for the fanservice (like always) and the tears too, because (maybe) will be the last time that we’re going to see our boys.


A few days ago I had prom and coincidentally twinned with Taylor’s tour costumes! Since prom I have graduated high school and cut my hair! I never thought I would ever want to cut my hair and then Taylor did and I appreciated how cute short hair looks, after MONTHS of deliberation I cut it! I feel like a new person (even though I’m definitely not) I think the haircut just gave me a fresh start! This coming September, I am going to university and cannot wait to show off my short hair because let’s face it once you cut your hair short it’s hard to want to grow it out again! Taylor has always influenced my life in a POSITIVE WAY! And I am eternally grateful for this, one day I hope to be able to give her a hug and thank her in person! Taylor radiates courage, beauty, strength, and kindness; and it shows in her music and in everything she does! The fans, like me, start to emulate these traits and end up being kinder, stronger, and more courageous.
TAYLOR, I really hope that I’ll be able to properly thank you for EVERYTHING you’ve done for me! Also I really want to show you my new hair! Ps I’m seeing the tour October 3rd, section 217!


BAP's Lawsuit

It took BlockB more than 8 months to sort out their lawsuit and release a new album(from the time it was announced). I’m also pretty confident when I say it would have taken more than 8 months had their ex-CEO not committed suicide. It’s been almost 4 months since BAP’s lawsuit was released to the public and it’s feeling like eternity. But that’s okay right guys? Cuz the real fans wait however long it will take. And they do it without complaint. It’s gonna be hard but we stick by their side right? They don’t have powerful connections in the industry. They’re not super famous. And they certainly have no money. So what’s really left is just their family, their friends, and their fans. So please let’s keep being their support. No matter how often they fall back, let’s always make sure that there is something for them to fall back on. No matter how far they fall back, let’s always make sure we’re there to boost them up again. This way, when they come back, and they will, they have something to go back to. BabyZ.

The boys can do it. We can do it. Peace, I love you all.