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hey mittens! i just wanted to squee about the promo a bit (despite being prob the last one to figure this out lol) bc cas just walking into the bunker like that confirms that he has a key or something and also that there was no warding up! aka dean powered it down so his boyfriend could come back home eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Eh, I’ve always assumed that if someone has a key, that “depowers” the warding to let them in. Hence why they absolutely did not want to let Abaddon get her hands on it. She could’ve strolled right through the front door.

Like after 8.23 when the bunker went on “magical lockdown” and Kevin couldn’t even get OUT, but Sam and Dean had no problem getting in because using the key on the front door “deactivated” the alarm system.


(just like all the stupid MoL around the world)

(Sam and Dean REALLY need to change the locks on that place I mean REALLY)

But just the fact he DOES have a key means Dean trusts him completely, that he KNOWS it’s his home.

And that also means that Cas has probably had his own key since at least early s11, probably since late s10 (because he was in the bunker in 11.02 when Sam and Dean arrived home). And Dean was entirely unsurprised to find “Cas” there in 11.11.

We’re always talking about how Cas doesn’t feel like the bunker is his home, that he’s truly been offered a place there, that he doesn’t understand that the Winchesters WANT him there… yet he’s had a key to the place all this time…

Seems like a pretty clear sign (or would to a human) that a person’s wanted there. You don’t hand out spare keys to your secret underground magical bunker all willy-nilly, right?

But the ball’s been in Cas’s court for a lot longer than he’s understood. I think it’s only now after 12.09 that he really DOES begin to understand– hence his confession in 12.12.

Red House on a Hill

this Is the first painting I’ve done in a while, after having my mini break from the game etc which ill all tell you about once I get the chance.

How’ve like Ive always said on this blog once I take a break I come back matured and stronger than before. This is probably one of my better landscapes actually and its been said. However there could be improvements here and there of course.

Hope you like it!!

I let my cat out and its been awhile maybe about an hour ??? which is fine i usually let him out at night and im ready for bed and ive been calling him and shaking his treats and hes not coming and i cant hear his bell and its stressing me out because i don’t know where he is and he always comes back

You Break, We All Break [Part VII]


Where is he?

A technological and magical wonder of fel iron and energies from the beyond.

Vynthius feels out his surroundings, testing, trying, wondering what is where and what isn’t.

Shapes, forms, feelings, thoughts have changed…

But the cave doesn’t.

Things begin to fall apart again.

“I knew you would always come back.”

A voice.

Low, morose, brooding… familiar.

Vynthius struggles. He sees the room, a cavernous thing with a high curved ceiling. Various spires rise from the floor, a shape, a form, a being chained to them…

His comrades. The young Illidari struggles against his bodies, breathing, huffing.

Failure. He cannot tolerate it. He tries to call upon the ink within, but finds it stuck, unmoving, unshaped.

An oddity. He has no toleration for such devastation of his body, of his powers.

“Your ink fails you, just as it did then.”

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4/26/17, H

I am always on the edge
of something, rushing
and worrying that it all
crumbles away if I look back.

I know the cost, I’ve counted
and it tastes like rust,
an old penny in my mouth;
it always comes back to blood.

Caked in the beds
of my fingernails and
on my face, in my hair.
Brown like the earth,
I must keep paying a price.

The burden falls to me,
to run the race, and well;
if I falter there is none to replace me.

So I go on, unswervingly,
praying to the wind for luck,
I play with the hand I am dealt
and am hoping a good future
can be read in the cards.

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Binary Star though. Can't we work things out so Y/N keeps them both? Both is good. Both is good. I mean, free love and all, the 3 of them could share right? Just one big house in the future, everyone gets it with everyone and that's it. Just happiness. No tears. A lot of... well, you know..... LOL

Ahahaha the love triangles in my fics always seem to come back to this 😂 


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 … stares at my ask box and waits for the shippers. LOL

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You know something that always struck me about Ymir is that when she was in moments of life or death with Christa never said goodbye to her, she never said "goodbye Christa" did not do it in the Udtgar Tower where she was going to commit suicide, When they separated he said "I'm sorry" but not a goodbye even in the letter he was sincere with what was going to happen I even spoke of marriage but never said "goodbye my beloved Christa" I always found myself curious what do you think is the reason?

Huh, I’d never noticed that before. That’s really neat.

I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but if we’re going to go ahead and call it significant, saying farewell is a verbal acknowledgment that someone is leaving.

She is still a teenager, and death, even when you’re surrounded by it, can be a strangely distant concept when you start thinking about your own (besides that, no matter her willingness to step into situations where she’s in serious mortal peril, she does not intend to die; it’s just one of those things that’s likely to happen). If she says goodbye, then there’s an extra awareness that it really could be goodbye.

Ymir’s willing to throw all caution to the winds just to see Historia again when Reiner and Bertolt take her. She’s never going to want to say goodbye.

Also, I think each time she has the chance, the other things she can say hold more meaning to her. At Utgard, it means more that Kristoria hears her wish for her life than it does to bid her farewell. When she’s chasing after Reiner and Bertolt, “sorry” won’t make anything better, but that’s the emotion in her heart. Similarly, with the letter, telling Historia about her life and making her feelings clear (she. tries, I guess.) are what matter to her.

Social conventions like words indicating a clear departure don’t seem to be her thing. I think it’s just how Ymir does interpersonal communication.

Thanks for pointing this out! I like tiny character details. They’re cool. :)

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Hello~ Can you do Infinite as mythical creatures please?

Well hello there~ I think this sounds fun and I hope you like how it turns out!



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A phoenix! A golden bird that bursts into flames when it dies and is reborn in it’s ashes. He’s taken down a lot but always comes back strong and does his best.


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A hobgoblin! A humanoid creature who is playful and mischievous but can get rowdy and even confrontational when antagonized. 


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A pixie! A supernatural humanoid creature with pointy ears that likes to cause mischief. He’s cute, playful, and endearing.


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A dragon! They are fire-breathing reptiles with wings that often hoard treasures. I feel like he’d be purple and hoard anything that goes well with him.


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A banshee! For anybody who’s ever heard his high-pitch screams you’ll understand. They are spirits that shrieks/wails to tell of an impending death.


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A vampire! A charming being who is immortal and lives by drinking blood. He’s got the looks, the walk, the talk, and a gaze that will draw you in quickly.


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An alicorn! This is the name for a winged unicorn. It’s magical, mythical, mysterious, and beautiful to look at.

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I'm sorry but it's just too painful to see the Sherlock stuff now... so I'm going to have to unfollow you. Your blog was amazing to read in the run up to the fucky problem and in the few weeks after... we had a good run! Good luck with your blog!!! Thanks

Hi Lovely! <3

Aww, well I’m sad to see you go, but you need to do what you have to to be happy and healthy <3 You are more important than some rando blog like mine on Tumblr, and you need to take care of you <3 You are beautiful and wonderful, and if you ever decide to come back, you are always welcome here <3 Please be safe, and have a wonderful day <3

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No matter how infuriated I can be with different Baekhyun ships... I always come back to SeBaek and BaekXing. These two are polar opposites but at the same time they show Baek's personality in it's all diversity and complexity: literally most hardcore/thirsty/ass grabbing/eye sex ship and most innocent/sweet/adorable/pure ship

😛king of ships

“Unfourtantely, yes. They’re not as vivid as the one from the magic anon, but they have been similar. It’s been rough for him. He’s used to me always coming back to him, but I never do in the dreams. When he wakes up, I do what I can for him. I wish there was something more that I could do that would stop the nightmares.” 

HAPPY EASTER!!♡ U( ˃ㅅ˂ ✿)U


magnus + favorite eye makeup looks (a.k.a. “i’m glad his colored streaks are apparently making a return, but when will his more unique makeup designs come back from the war”);

1x01 - smoky dark grey undereye // 1x02 - exaggerated inner corners // 1x06 - champagne shimmer undereye liner // 1x08 & 1x09 - iridescent black triangles // 1x12 - full black smoky eye

( my other shadowhunters edits )


tag someone who will do the same to Haechan’s cheeks😂