it also stands for the doctor

One of my favorite panels from the new scans, Giorno dropping medical terms before he hands a six-page beatdown to Cioccolata who’s a stand user and former doctor.  He’s Dio’s son, he knows how to sass.

Can’t say this enough, reading Pt.5 with the corrected translation is like reading entirely new content. For reference, the old scan:

(And yes, he’s using precise anatomical terms in the raws.) 

I am reading a lot of Humans are weird things recently you know the things about Aliens and Humans. One strange thing is I haven’t noticed that anyone has mentioned anything about how Humans have a lot of extra “Stuff” like we have extra teeth that don’t fit in our jaw and often have to be removed. We have a bunch of useless body parts that we don’t even know what they do like the appendix that CAN just suddenly be like:

“nah fuck you I’m gonna get inflamed and you will die if you don’t remove me”.

We can also survive with only one lung
or kidney just fine. Humans are super weird when it comes to a biological stand point I feel bad for Alien doctors imagine them finding out about human’s appendix, we don’t even know what it does and we can live fine with out it and he can potentially kill us how do we just don’t remove it by standard before it becomes a problem

One foot in the grave

From the age of two Lance never stopped moving.
He would crawl through his house making it impossible to keep track of him.
However it was nothing compared to what he was like when he learned how to walk.
Soon as he could stand on his own two feet he was gone.
He would run through the garden chasing birds.
He would run to his classes in school.
He would run to the store.
He would run across the road.
Without looking both ways.
He would run straight into the path of a truck.
While he was lying in the hospital bed with his legs shattered all the doctors would tell him was how lucky he was to be alive.
For a while Lance thought that his luck would also save his legs.
But it wasn’t to be.
The doctors did all they could, using pins to try and fuse the bones back together.
However after only two days infection had set in and they had no choice but to amputate the first leg.
The second came a week later after it became clear that the bone just wasn’t fusing back together.
For months Lance was trapped in a chair, healing and waiting.
He never cried though. If he cried then his mama would cry.
Lance wouldn’t have his mama crying because of him.
When he finally got prosthetics it wasn’t what he had been hoping for.
It was a long painful process full of disappointment and failure before he could walk again.
And an even longer time before he could run again.
However Lance was determined and never gave up.
By time he moved to a new high school no one could tell he was missing both legs.

Lance was walking home from class grumbling to himself. He was pretty annoyed that his best friend Hunk had decided that he would prefer to hang out with Pidge then him.
Well not decided more like had to do he wouldn’t fail the project they were working on.
But Lance felt like being petty.
It had been raining that day, the humidity made his stumps painful which made him irritated.
To make things worse he had no choice but to walk home in the rain since his car had gone and died on him that morning.
Lance was so busy wallowing in self pity that he didn’t even notice he was about to walk into someone.
He managed to walk straight into a figure huddled inside their jacket causing the two of them to fall to the ground with a thud.
“What the hell man!” Lance yelled before stopping when he realised who he had just walked into.
Keith glared at him the rain plastering his dark hair to his face “not my fault! You walked into me!”
“Yeah well your still a jerk! You park in the handicapped space yesterday at the mall!” Lance yelled pointing at him accusingly.
“Why the hell do you care where I park! It was like 4am and it wasn’t like anyone needed it!” Keith snapped getting to his feet and trying to brush some of the water away.
“You didn’t kno-” Lance had tried to stand but when he was halfway up a cracking sound echoed around the empty campus and he went flying forwards right into Keith who caught him out of pure instinct.
Keith’s anger quickly turned to concern and nausea at the sight of the unnatural angle the lower half of Lance’s leg was now bent.
“Oh my god! Shit I’ll call an ambulance!” Keith stuttered as he carefully lowered Lance to the floor and looked for his phone only to find it cracked and unresponsive.
“D-don’t worry I’ll erm I’ll… why are you laughing?”
Lance was laughing hard as he watched Keith’s panicked actions.
“Relax dude I’m fine. See” he grabbed his foot and pulled making Keith have to fight the urge to throw up as it came away in his hand.
“See just plastic.”
Keith’s eyes widened at the sight of the prosthetic. He had no idea that Lance, the over confident narcissistic pretty boy was a amputee.
Suddenly him getting upset about Keith taking the handicapped spot makes much more sense.
“Shit… I’m sorry.”
Lance shrugged, “nah you were right it wasn’t your fault. But erm if your still riding the guilt train I could use a ride? I mean if you don’t mind.” He looked away blushing and Keith couldn’t help but smile.
“Yeah sure.”
He didn’t wait for permission, instead he simply scooped Lance up princess style and walked him to his car, a small beat up red thing that could almost pass for home made with all the repairs done to it.
“H-hey I don’t need carrying!” Lance’s blush deepened as he wrapped his arms around Keith’s neck for stability only. Or at least that’s what he told himself.
“It’s quicker then you just hopping along.” Keith shrugged as he deposited Lance in the passenger seat and took his place behind the wheel.
“Still dude. It’s humiliating. Bad enough you know about my legs.”
Keith rose and eyebrow as he pulled out of the parking lot. “I only knew about one of them.”
“Fuck…” Lance hissed under his breath.
Keith couldn’t help but chuckle quietly at that.
“Man I really am an idiot, can you keep this between us… it’s just I’d prefer everyone not to know.”
Lance sounded so small and vulnerable in that moment that Keith glanced over to check that it really was the same obnoxious guy he knew from school.
“Look I promise I won’t tell anyone… but maybe you should.”
“What would you know about this?” Lance huffed crossing his arms.
“More then you would expect, my brother Shiro lost his arm and he was suffering in silence for a long time. I just don’t want you to do the same.”
Keith glanced over at Lance to see him looking very embarrassed.
Keith’s eyes widened “b-by that I mean anyone in your situation not j-just you specifically!” He rambled on quickly.
Lance laughed that strong joy filled laugh of his That always seems to light up the room. “It’s cool man. I knew what you meant.”
They pulled up outside Lance’s home and Keith offered his shoulder for support this time rarther then carrying him in.
After ringing the bell and waiting on the door step Lance looked up at Keith. “Hey Keith.”
“Yeah Lance?”
Lance kissed him on the cheek just as the door opened and Lance launched himself on his older brother closing the door behind him.
Leaving a very confused, very wet but also very very VERY happy Keith standing outside.

TNT announced Wednesday that the Tony-winning Hamilton star will lead the network’s adaptation of Bong Joon Ho’s original film, which starred Chris Evans, Ed Harris, Tilda Swinton, and Octavia Spencer. Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange) will direct the show’s pilot and act as an executive producer along with writer and showrunner Josh Friedman (Avatar 4, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Tomorrow Studios’ Marty Adelstein (Prison Break, Teen Wolf), and Becky Clements (Good Behavior, Last Man Standing). Joon Ho, Park Chan-wook, Lee Tae-hun, and Dooho Choi are also executive producers.

Set seven years after an apocalyptic ice age leaves Earth as a frozen wasteland, Snowpiercer will focus on the survivors who “inhabit a gigantic, perpetually moving train that circles the globe,” per a press release. Diggs will play Layton Well, “a prisoner barely surviving the harsh conditions in the tail end of the train. A quiet thinker who spends his days sniffing the industrial-waste-turned-drug Chronole and tending to his cage full of rats, Layton becomes a reluctant participant in a struggle that could upend life on the train.(x)

*low whistle* Go, boy, go.

NHL Departments & Officials

  • Referee = basically bats because they can’t see shit during the day or at night.
  • Coaches = Angry bench bear
  • Assistant coaches = Angry bench bear 2.0
  • Equipment staff = wizards
  • Medical staff = also wizards
  • Goalie coaches = keeper of the mashmellow optimus primes
  • Owners = people who get involved in shit they probably shouldn’t.
  • Player safety = five dudes standing in a dark room picking punishments out of a hat.
  • Penalty box attendants = pout palace knights
  • Toronto Review board = people who sit in a dark room and flip a coin to decide calls.
  • Arena announcers = voice of hockey gods
  • Official doctors = not Joffery Lupul’s friends
  • Gary Bettman = Mr. Crabs from Spongebob
Humans are Space Orcs: Berserkers

So I have researched a fair amount of Viking history and I came up with a concept. In human history battle rage has been a useful tool in any form of combat. You choose fight instead of flight and you become stronger, faster, and almost immune to pain. No group mastered this better then the legendary Berserker. They used drugs and rituals to make themself fall into a battle rage of epic proportions. They were so fearsome. viscous, and unsettling that they were actually outlawed. Now imagine they made a comeback.


I was on Glunoff 4 when the humans were attacked. The colony was standard for humans, 1200 human souls, most devoted to taming the area near their colony site to raise crops and livestock. There was also a standard human security force of 75. I was there serving as the ambassador to Tromidal 5, my home world which had claim of this system. The humans had asked us to allow them to put a colony on Glunoff 4 so they could have a resupply point between Sol 3 and a mining operation nearer to the galactic center.

The humans had done a remarkable job taming the wilds of this world. Their colony was almost ready to begin building their orbital elevator when the Valran [see species reference material] arrived.

The humans only warning came when they lost contact with their orbital station. Within a minute the orbital charges began raining down from the sky. The charges hit many of the buildings killing dozens of people. Everything was chaos when the first ships landed. The Valran emerged from their ships and began killing and grabbing people dragging them back to their ships. The Remaining security force and civilians put up a good fight, killing a good number of the Valrans but it wasn’t enough. The Valran dropped a holoprojector as they departed. The message was simple, choose 50 people to be given as slaves as well as 5000 kilos of produce. Otherwise they will take everyone and sell them as slaves.

I panicked but the humans became… strange. They knew we were outmatched, outnumbered, and outgunned. After they finished with their head count there were only 903 alive, 162 dead, and 135 missing. The injured were treated with an almost mechanical efficiency. I was checked over by the physician and she told me that there was no way they were going to give up anyone. The next day they held a town meeting. I came along to see if the rest of the humans seemed to agree with the doctor. At first the people were afraid of what may happen, but within an hour they had all convinced themselves that fighting back was the only way. They immediately began asking me to give them any information I had to offer about the Valrans. I obliged them but I also told them that there have been few standing armies that have been able to compete with the Valran’s ferocity. To this the “Mayor” [Tina Chao] gave me the most wicked grin and said, “Never underestimate the ferocity of a cornered animal.”

Within days the Humans were already cannibalizing anything they could use to make weapons, armor, and traps. With this they also started training in hand to hand combat. They trained to use knives, swords, machetes, shivs, clubs, and those who could shoot were given firearms. Those who couldn’t fight were given support rolls. There was one group though that was far stranger.

The doctor was working very closely with a group of 20 people. These people were receiving the same training as the others but the doctor was also giving them what seemed to be some kind of stimulant before they trained. Within a few weeks they were not aloud to train with the other people because they were too violent. They would disappear off into the wilderness for days or weeks at a time hunting the indigenous animals, mostly predators. They would come back wearing the pelts of their kills and their behavior always seemed that much wilder.

When the Valran returned they were met by a group of 50 people standing next to large crates. The Valrans opened their landing craft and began to swarm around the people. When a sharp whistle echoed across the area the crates exploded open revealing the “Berserkers” [See human history for reference]. They came out of the crates in a screaming, roaring, fury. They fell upon the Valrans and began to dismantle them.

The Valrans were stunned and slow to respond, but when they did they swarmed down on the berserkers like a wave. This just seemed to make the Berserkers try harder. Also at this time the humans armed with firearms began picking off the Valrans around the outside. Then the other humans appeared out of the are around the Valrans. It was a slaughter.

When the humans had finished with the Valrans who landed they began bringing the fission batteries used to power their settlement and the mining tools. They loaded them into the ships and began rewiring them. I asked Mayor Chao what they were doing and she responded, “They are going to destroy their ship in orbit.”

“But you will need pilots… who… who will do that?” To this question the remaining 9 berserkers stepped toward the ships. “Why are you the ones going? Tyler, you are leaving your wife?”

Tyler, whose eyes are bloodshot and wide with fury, takes a few moments to respond, as if speech seems difficult to formulate, “I… I am to angry to stay. My daughter is gone because of them and I want… no I need to make them suffer.”

With that they all boarded the vessels and flew off into orbit. within a few minutes there were bright flashes. Those on the ground watched in silence for some time before everyone eventually walked away to do other tasks, like take care of the dead. The Valran were thrown in a pile and burned while the humans were given individual funeral pyres.

Help arrived in the form of a resupply ship three months later. By that time most of the humans had returned to their normal selves, except many of the humans didn’t sleep much anymore.

To Build a Home

Summary: Reader and Bucky are trying for a baby
A/N: I was going through my prompt tag and came across this prompt and had to write it. It’s named after this song which helped inspire me To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchestra. Please come let me know what you think.
Word count : 1419

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You stare at the test in your hand, a tear slipping down your cheek. It’s only when you feel a warm hand wiping the tear away that you remember Bucky, your husband is sitting next to you. “It’s okay darlin’, we can try again” he murmurs pressing a kiss to your temple. It was the third test in the last few months and you wondered if you would ever have a baby. “It’ll happen” he whispers, taking your free hand in his. You knew he was also trying to reassure himself. Both of you had been tested after fears of infertility but the doctor had claimed you were both fine in that department, so now it was a waiting game. 

You get up throwing the test in the trash before laying down on the bed. Sadness tugs at your heart as your mind races with questions and possibilities. Bucky kneels on the bed gently rolling you onto your back, he leans down kissing you gently.

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Daily Telegraph, bird cage liner and waste of a dead tree, has published a picture that says being same sex attracted is a health risk and that the youth have only themselves to blame for it. Australian hospitals are being surrounded by young gay men. Every morning the ambulance drivers must clean out the rainbow glitter that has accumulated on their floors. “Please,” hospital staff beg “please just… choose not to be gay… and also leave us alone. We can’t stand this any longer. When will this homosexual siege end? I just don’t understand!” But it doesn’t. The gays keep coming. The emergency room has never been so colourful. The hospital hallways never so clogged. People are getting better and the Daily Telegraph is declaring their broken legs “just a phase.” Our health system can’t handle this anymore. A doctor brings in a patient and asks what’s wrong. “Say no to a harmful plebiscite. Parliament needs to have a conscience vote now,” the patient whispers.

Being pregnant with Negan's child would include

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• Him being really exited from the very beginning 

• Him only wanting the best medical treatment for his and your unborn child and always letting his doctor look after you even when its about something really small

• Him doing his best to help you through the morning sickness and often sitting next to you, holding your hair and rubbing softly over your back while hating to see you that way and cursing about the fucking shit you have to go through 

• Him thinking loudly about how your kid will be and look like

• Him consciously teasing you with weird name combinations out of your and his name for your baby

• Him telling his men that his and your kid is about to become the best one ever

• Him laying with you on the bed and talking to the baby in your belly and next to a lot other things also about how much you and him already love it

• Him being extremely exited when the baby kicks for the first time and wouldnt get his hands from your belly for the next time just waiting for the next kick

• Him amused ascertaining that in a few months he’s actually a motherfucker, only to get slapped on the chest by you before you laughing shake your head about him

• Him laying in bed with you while holding you tight and stroking over your belly 

• Him telling you how much he loves you and how happy he is to have you both

• Him bringing back clothes, furniture and toys back from runs for the baby and showing it all to you while becoming more and more exited  

• Him being even more protective than normally and always having an eye on you

• Him accompanying you to every appointment with the doctor and getting especially exited when it comes to the ultrasound-appointments, where he sits next to you, holding your hand and looking fascinated at the display 

• Him telling the doctor to not tell him the gender of the baby because he wants you both be surprised and also because he wants to be able to philosophy even more about it

• When you’re in the final weeks of the pregnancy him leaving you almost not alone and becoming next to exited also pretty nervous, even when he does everything to not show that in front of his men

• Him getting you every kind of weird food combination you want while laughing his ass off when you come up with some new combination

• Him getting you pregnancy clothes and literally everything else you need and doing everything to make you feel comfortable

• Him giving you back massages and even more ones when your belly becomes heavier and your back suffers

• Him cooking you everything you fancy at the moment

• Him bragging before his men about you being the greatest woman ever and no one but him will ever get the chance to get a woman like you pregnant

• Him keeping Lucille close to the bed because he wants to able to protect you both and him immediately grabbing it whenever he hears a suspicious noise in the night

• The days before the enumerated birthday, him becoming even more exited but also really tensed and beginning to deeply worry about what could happen or possibly go wrong

• Him trying to not show it to you to not make you uncomfortable or nervous

• When you begin to get contractions him directly getting you to the doctor and staying by your side the whole time

• Him doing his best to stand by your side and willingly letting you squeeze the living hell out of his hand while doing his best to stay calm even though he hates to see you being in such pain

• As soon as he sees you and your baby together, he would sit down next to you and watch you both realizing once again that you theres never gonna be something more important than you both to him and being overwhelmed with happiness especially when he gets to hold your baby

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    “Ha, you French! You make me scream with laughter!”
    “I am glad… but also Belgian.”

    anonymous asked:

    How does your experience of being a medical student compare to practising as a doctor? And do you think having been a medical student and being a doctor has changed you in any way?

    That’s a really interesting topic. Sometimes my friends and I reflect on just how much we have all changed.

    Med school is intense, but it’s very theoretical. It feels like a superpowered version of school. You still have homework, you have lectures, and you have lots of exams. It’s scary, and you’ll spend the entire 4-6 years constantly worrying you’ll fail your exams or get kicked out. When you’re a clinical med student, you are there in the background. People aren’t always sure where you are meant to be, or what you are meant to be doing, and you have to work to make opportunities happen, or learn as much as you can. You get put on the spot a lot, because people want to make sure you are learning. You might see patients (if your seniors think it is appropriate), but you don’t have any *real* responsibilty. It’s very protected in that way.

    And then you graduate, and people ask you to make decisions that actually impact people’s lives; that’s a huge responsibility for any new graduate! It’s scary, and you feel out of your depth, because no matter how much theory you learned in med school, it’s nothing like knowing what to do in practise. Fortunately, you have seniors to supervise you and to ask for help. But the higher up you go, the more you become the senior who others ask for help, whilst still being far from all-knowing, yourself! And medicine is vast, and things are difficult, so you can work for a long time and still have so many things you don’t yet know. The most important thing remains that you should always seek help if you need it.

    I still feel like the same science-obsessed arty teenager that I was at school. But I think it’s also changed me a lot, in many ways. University makes you more organised and responsible with your studies; you become used to planning your life, juggling lots of responsibilities, and doing things that have to be done, regardless of whether you like to do them or not. Which, if we are brutally honest, is kind of what adulthood is about. Things that just feel really awkward and unpleasant (like calling up an important senior, who is a stranger, to argue for something I know they will give me a hard time about, but I have to advocate for my patient, so I have to do it) become easier and less scary.

    I think the fact that we are exposed to life-and-death situations and people’s personal lives also makes you mature quickly. By being exposed to so much illness, suffering and death, you learn a lot of lessons about life and people.   Where most of your peers might be spending their early 20s getting drunk or out on the pull, you try to balance having a social life with holding the hands of dying pensioners or comforting people whilst they cry about their life. You still get time to ‘be a young person’, but at the same time you have to balance it with trying to shoulder heavy responsibilities. 

    Even if you’re introverted, you slowly learn to cope with a world that values extroversion. You talk to so many people in your professional life, and though it’s really intimidating when you start, it gets a lot easier with time. You learn to work with a lot of other students, nurses and doctors, until it becomes second nature to walk into a room full of important people and announce ‘Hi, i’m X and I’m the on-call doctor’, and people actually care that you walked in! It’s so strange. Teenaged me would never have had the guts.  

    You meet a lot of patients, who absolutely need you to present the image of a doctor. You learn to present yourself as a confident and competent clinician, even though inside you’re still a nervous person working out what you are doing. You learn to fight your corner when it comes to requests and referrals, and know when you have to stand your ground. You slowly learn to look and act like a professional adult, developing a manner and body language that both engenders respect, but also puts people at ease. It’s funny to think of it, but none of us were like this back when we were teenagers, and even when you are out of university it doesn’t exactly come naturally to you.

    I know a lot more, obviously, and that’s not a knowledge you can switch off; medicine becomes like a sort of lens through which you view life itself. Evaluating evidence, and thinking critically are also things that you don’t just use in your day job, but something that become part of your life. I do think medicine changes your outlook on life, though perhaps each  of us take away slightly different lessons. It might teach you how short life is, and how insignificant most drama is. Perhaps it teaches you that hell is other people, and that we can all help to reduce human suffering. It might teach you to be efficient, hardworking and focused.

    Nowadays I’m not fazed by seeing a deceased person, and I can handle really quite scary medical situations without feeling traumatised by it all. I deal with hostility or abuse from the public, and though it’s still draining, it’s less scary than I thought it would be. When you realise most people are really scared and upset and acting out, it makes you see interactions differently.  I’d go as far as to say it makes you see a lot of things differently; it really helped me put a lot of people and things into context. And the more you work with people, the better you become at reading them, and knowing just how to act and what to say to make them feel better. And actually, being introverted and insightful can be great when it comes to observing people and learing to understand them.

    People think a good bedside manner is innate, but it’s really not! I was a shy, introverted teenager with a nerdish streak, the kind who might not speak up at all during some lessons because the ‘loud students’ were answering all the questions, only to eventually pipe up with something insightful. My teachers (bless them, where would I be without their patience?) would always give me feedback to speak up more in class. “She has lots to say, if only she would speak up”. Every year, in every school report. So I’m not a natural born leader, nor an extrovert, and yet I love the communication aspect of medicine and have always tended towards specialities where you could make people feel, as well as be, better.

    Perhaps it’s hard to truly tell how med school and medicine changed me, or any of us, because we all change with time anyway. It’s not really impossible to truly remain as we are. We experience lots of interesting things that make us grow as people, and we mature as we reflect on the things we’ve learned throughout out lives.

    But I’d love to read what other people have to say about this. Medblr, how has med school or being a doc/nurse/etc changed you?


    Now my room is actually somewhat tidy I can finally take some photos of the finished bookshelf! Awkward angles are awkward because there’s not enough space in my room to stand back far enough.

    I’d love to go into details about everything, but we’ll genuinely be here forever. Just know that I like young adult books, am a weeaboo (hence the manga, figures, and obsessive Gurren Lagann collection), am a nerd (hence the Harry Potter lego, comic shelf and Doctor Who shelf), like Final Fantasy, Zelda and Vocaloid (if you didn’t notice the figures and artbooks/strategy guides) and also really really like art books and Japan in general. Also notice the special Alice in Wonderland dedicated shelf.

    I don’t want to think about how much this all cost…

    anonymous asked:

    How would the rfa+v+saeran react if mc got in a really bad car crash?

    Here you go! Hope you like them. 


    • He was riding his motorcycle to clear his head
    • He ran into some traffic, and he figured there was an accident up ahead
    • Because of his small vehicle, he managed to weave in between cars to the scene
    • It was a really bad car crash involving three cars, one of which was flipped
    • He was going to keep driving, but he remember how thankful he was when V came to save him years ago
    • He hops off the bike and goes to save the person out of the flipped wreckage since the cops still weren’t there yet
    • He didn’t expect that person to be you ‘
    • He gets you out of the flipped car as soon as possible
    • He’s so close to tears when he finds you unconscious
    • He doesn’t remember much of what’s happening
    • He keeps calling your name and asking someone to call for an ambulance
    • When it finally gets there, he doesn’t leave your side
    • At the hospital, they had to have guards block him off because he kept trying to force himself inside
    • His emotions finally break down when he sees you’re okay…injured, but okay
    • He’s so careful with you during your recovery, but he doesn’t let you behind the wheel for months
    • He’s so scarred from holding your broken body in his arms


    • He was becoming a vet, but a nearby hospital offered him an internship and he accepted
    • The hours were pretty late that night and things were slow
    • He was finally glad to be able to do something when his superior rushed in and said someone had just been brought in after a bad crash
    • He was briefed on the injuries as they’re making their way to the patient
    • He was wincing internally because they sounded pretty bad
    • When he sees you on the stretcher, everything freezes
    • He turns into a full on doctor mode
    • He’s shouting out orders to the other nurses and doctors
    • They completely forget he’s an intern and not a superior
    • Despite being emotionally connected to you, he’s pouring out everything he has to keep you alive and out of pain
    • When it’s all over, he just spends his break in your room
    • He’ll hold your hand while you’re sleeping, still on edge, but happy that you’re alive
    • He still treats as his patient though, and the nurses won’t go against him
    • When you finally wake up, he’s so relieved that his body just shuts down
    • After making sure you’re okay, he ends up falling asleep
    • No one moves him, but the staff starts telling you about what he did and you’re just so touched


    • You had said you were only going out to pick something up from the store
    • It’s been two hours since then
    • She thought you went out to meet another member spontaneously, but she didn’t see you in the chat at all
    • So, she tries calling once….twice….it’s now her seventh time
    • She starts getting worried
    • She’s just about to have Seven track your phone when she gets a call from the hospital as your emergency contact
    • They tell her some vague details on the phone about some car crash
    • She’s frazzled but she quickly makes her way over
    • She’s really shaken up seeing you on a hospital bed with all the IV’s and tubes trying to keep you alive
    • She barely goes home after that, getting most of what she needed when the RFA members would drop things off for you two
    • You’re not conscious, but she talks to you still
    • She’ll sometimes read the texts from the messenger or just talk about memories
    • A few days later, you actually respond to one of her comments
    • She jumps up and is about to hug you, but remembers your injuries
    • So, she’s just blabbering on about how happy she is with tears in her eyes
    • When you finally are allowed to leave the hospital, she insists you try to go together to run most errands


    • Normally he doesn’t pay much attention to the TV in the office
    • But there’s a live coverage of a really bad car crash downtown
    • For some reason, he has this sick feeling in his stomach when he sees the mangled up cars
    • He picks up his phone and calls you, but you don’t pick up
    • He tries to reason his worries away
    • After all, you haven’t driven your own car in awhile, and Driver Kim mostly drives you during the day
    • Just to soothes his nerves, he calls Driver Kim to ask about you
    • To his horror, the man replies that you refused his services, opting to drive yourself because it was a nice day
    • Jumin rushes out of the office without leaving so much as a notice to Jaehee
    • When he gets to the hospital, they let him in right away to see you
    • At that point, you were stabilized and awake
    • He rushes to your side and gently grabs your hand
    • He’s pressing kisses to it while asking what happened, but he doesn’t let you answer because he keeps talking
    • He’s just so on edge and both worried for your injuries and relieved that you’re okay
    • You finally have to cut him off at one point
    • When you’re done explaining, he scolds you for not going with Driver Kim
    • For a few long months, Driver Kim isn’t allowed to accept your refusal without Jumin’s okay
    • It takes you awhile to convince him otherwise


    • He was in the car with you when it happened
    • You wanted to drive your car since he had a headache earlier
    • You two were just returning home late one day and out of nowhere a drunk driver sideswiped your car
    • You tried to lessen the damage, but the driver hit the car so hard the car flipped a few times
    • The drunk driver sped off, leaving you two on the side of the road
    • Seven sees you all twisted up and crying out in pain
    • He’s so concentrated in getting you out and crying out for someone to call for help
    • When the ambulance comes, they almost have restrict him to his own stretcher
    • Despite screaming out that he’s fine and trying to get to you, they insist on the procedure
    • It isn’t until your gingerly reach out and grasp his hand in the ambulance does he calm down and realize his own gash on his head
    • He can’t stay calm knowing you’re more hurt than he is though
    • The second they clear him, he’s rushing to your room
    • He’s crying when he sees all the bandages and IV’s on you
    • He keeps apologizing, saying it was his fault because he gave you wrong directions
    • You’re really weak, but you still try to tell him off for blaming himself
    • It gets so bad that he’s even refusing treatment for his own injuries because he doesn’t want to leave your side
    • You have to intervene and call Yoosung to physically drag him out of the room for treatment
    • When you’re both released, he’s a little better
    • But he doesn’t let you drive anywhere for months
    • And you even notice he doesn’t drive himself unless he has to


    • It started out as a normal day, but then it quickly got odd
    • He realized his twin was taking extra long on his “shopping trip” which seemed to arise out of the blue
    • And the RFA members were speaking very strangely in the chatroom
    • To make it worse, you seemed to be ignoring him
    • Finally, he gets fed up and calls Saeyoung, demanding to be told what’s going on
    • He feels dread quell in his stomach at the hesitant sigh over the phone
    • Saeyoung tries to be gentle about the news that you had gotten into an accident, but all Saeran hears is that you’re at the hospital and he’s out the door
    • He sees everyone was already there, and it just makes him angrier
    • But at the point, he’s more worried about you
    • You’re awake, but a little groggy, when he sees you
    • He’s too much in shock to really say anything, so he just holds your hand for a long time
    • The doctor comes and explains what happened
    • Saeran feels guilty for thinking it, but he can’t help but feel mildly happy that the person at fault for the crash was worse off than you
    • He’s so gentle with you as you recover, and when you’re well enough to stand, he pulls you into a gentle hug
    • While he seems okay on the outside, he’s so scared of losing you without him knowing like that
    • He’s ten times more attentive to you
    • He also doesn’t speak to his brother or the RFA members for awhile, considering they hid it for so long


    (He can see in this one)

    • You two had planned to meet up after work at some cafe downtown
    • He’s waiting by the window and suddenly hears a loud crash
    • He already is frazzled by the magnitude of the accident
    • He’s even more horrified when he sees your car being in the middle of the chaos
    • His phone is out and he’s calling for an ambulance while stumbling to the crowd towards you
    • He’s in his right mind enough to make sure you get into the ambulance and that he gets there
    • But once he’s at the hospital, he’s asking so many questions to the doctors as they prepare to treat you
    • After the procedures are all over, he’s the first one in your room
    • He’s pretty calm at first, asking if you’re okay
    • But a few days pass, and you can tell he’s still worried
    • While he won’t restrict you from driving anywhere, he does ask that you text him when you get to wherever your destination is from  now on

    Check out our other headcanons~ Masterlist

    anonymous asked:

    can you please do elorcan 1 and 3 ? :))

    Cuddling Headcanon:

    - When in public Lorcan will pat his thigh and Elide will sit on his lap. She sits on Lorcan as if she is a queen on a throne.

    - Lorcan will chuckle at anyone who dares call Elide “child-like”. They have no idea that a wicked beast lies beneath that innocent exterior.

    - And Elide swiftly shows them that even though she looks tiny compared to Lorcan that doesn’t mean she can’t destroy them with her withering glare or words that leave the nobility struck in shock.

    - When Elide is leaning against Lorcan with her feet propped up, he’ll use magic to massage her ankles. 

    - This instantly tames his feral wildcat from going on a rampage against those who thought her to be weak. (Though he is quite tempted to take his axe and teach those nobles a lesson for insulting the woman he loves.)

    - In privacy Elide will curl up against Lorcan and he’ll teach her to read as they cuddle in the library on a window seat or in bed.

    - Elide will burrow as far as she can underneath Lorcan arm to rest with her head on his chest. 

    - He’s so warm and Elide wants to be surrounded by it and his scent which drives away her nightmares.

    - Lorcan is incredibly large compared to Elide.  He easily encases her within his muscular arms. The corded muscles known for breaking bones gentles when it comes to her.

    - Elide loves to snuggle. So much so that her legs will wrap around Lorcan’s thigh and her hands unconsciously reach for him until she’s hugging his arm tightly to her chest.

    - Lorcan will smile at Elide as she sleeps. And he is not opposed to her latching onto him even though in the past Lorcan would have snapped at anyone who got that close to him. 

    - The Cadre know it and tease Lorcan relentlessly, but Lorcan couldn’t care less. So long as Elide is with him that’s all that matters.

    - Eventually Lorcan is dubbed the nickname “teddy-bear” one fateful evening when Aelin caught him and Elide cuddling in the library fast asleep.

    Injured Headcanon:

    - Elide’s legs never properly heal. It’s something that frustrates her to no end as it serves as a constant reminder of her Uncle and all the horrible things he did to her.

    - Sometimes the pain is so intolerable that Elide collapses to the ground.

    - She’ll bite her bottom lip as a strained cry attempts to escape her throat.

    - Lorcan can sense her pain even from the farthest corner of the castle or estate. One time he even felt the jolt of agony while on a hunting trip in the mountains with the Cadre.

    - He’ll rush back to her with astonishing swiftness for one his size.

    - The moment he finds Elide his overprotective fae instincts kick into overdrive. His eyes are blazing has he glares at those who dare approach. He’ll also examine her for injuries before taking her in his arms in seconds and carrying her back to their room. 

    - Lorcan eases Elide onto the bed and gingerly examines her leg. His magic working to help ease her pain until a doctor arrives.

    - The whole time he’s frowning and pacing as the doctor works on Elide.

    - At times Elide will hiss in pain and Lorcan is immediately at her side and growling at the doctor. 

    “Don’t worry,” Elide tells the doctor. “His bark is worse than his bite.”

    - Lorcan remains by the bed until Elide is feeling well enough to stand.

    - Lorcan’s eyes gleam as he checks over her again before sighing and helping her stand.

    - As they leave the room Lorcan leans down to Elide’s ear and whispers:

    - “Don’t think I forgot about the ‘my bark being worse than my bite’ comment.”

    “Good, because I was telling the truth,” Elide smirks. “Your bite is far more pleasurable.”

    - Lorcan gives her a heated look before picking her up over his shoulders and carrying her back to bed.

    - “I believe you need more bed-rest Lady Lochan.”

    “And by rest I assume you mean something else Lord Lochan?”

    - Elide doesn’t need to see his face to know that Lorcan is grinning as he closes the door behind them.

    Imagine You Have a Rare Disorder

    You’re a sophomore in college when you start noticing some odd changes.Every month, about two weeks after your period, you’re easily distracted, especially by men. A professor’s cologne in the hallway can send you into a wild daydream that makes your cheeks flush and pupils dilate. As a conservative girl saving yourself for marriage, you’re worried, so you make an appointment with a counselor. The counselor reassures you that feeling more easily aroused during ovulation is perfectly normal.

    Month by month, the symptoms gradually get worse, but you do your best to work around them. You start packing several extra pairs of panties in your schoolbag on “those days,” because by mid-morning, you’ve soaked through the originals and are paranoid about the smell. You drop an art history class because the male anatomy on display makes you lose all concentration; you avoid the gym two days a month for the same reason.

    * * *

    By the middle of your junior year, your symptoms have worsened drastically. Not only do you get wet and flushed at the slightest suggestion of testosterone, but thanks to your hypersensitive clit and lips, you’re also prone to spontaneous orgasms. Thankfully, there is usually at least a second or two of buildup, which enables you to brace yourself and disguise the climax when in public. But with each new cycle, your orgasms are triggered more randomly, and they’re becoming longer and stronger.

    You eventually figure out that you can stop having orgasms at inconvenient times… if you release the tension yourself, at regular intervals. So when you feel the onset of your heat, in addition to extra panties, you pack a massive vibrator and spare batteries. (You try using a more discreet one at first, but you seem to build up a tolerance to it; it isn’t long before you’ve upgraded to the biggest one on the market.) Whenever you get a chance between classes, you run to the nearest private washroom and unwrap the silicone savior with clammy, shaking hands. You can’t rip your panties down and shove it in fast enough. You brace yourself on the edge of the sink with your left hand, convulsing again and again as you thrust the vibe into yourself with your right, panting like a bitch in heat, exploding with fluid nearly every time, fluid that somehow never runs out, fluid that streams down your hand and thighs and soaks your jeans and puddles on the floor until your body finally gets what it needs. You clean your vibrator as well as you can, touch up your makeup, and make the most of the few hours of freedom that follow.    

    After hitting rock bottom in your parents’ bathroom over Easter weekend, you finally put your denial aside long enough to do some research. As you feared all along, none of this is normal. Not even close. You see a GP, who refers you to a series of specialists.

    The invasive examinations inevitably cause you to dig your nails into the paper and climax violently. Each doctor awkwardly asks if you’d like to reschedule, but you beg them to keep going, to find out what’s wrong.

    * * *

    It turns out that what’s wrong is your ovaries.

    Or rather, your extra ovaries.

    As the MRI scans show, you currently have three pairs of full-sized ovaries, plus at least a dozen more pairs of varying sizes, all growing rapidly. This steady but dramatic escalation in fertility has been causing you to get increasingly high on your own hormones each month.

    The doctors believe that a genetic mutation is probably involved, but agree that in the short term, the ovaries will need to be surgically removed before your symptoms get any worse.

    Unfortunately, the only surgeon qualified for this procedure is booked solid for another month. The doctors estimate that you will have a fourth pair of functional ovaries by then, so your next ovulation – due in three weeks - is likely to be even more intense than the last.

    “It is absolutely essential,” intones the gynecologist, “that you use birth control responsibly in the meantime, and ideally that you refrain from sexual intercourse of any kind.”

    “I’m abstinent by choice,” you reply proudly. “I may need to physically… handle… my urges, but when it comes to guys, I can control myself.”

    “Ah… well, even so,” the neurologist says, frowning, “You can’t afford to take any chances in your condition. Even if you’ve stayed out of trouble so far, your hormones have already caused serious behavioral changes over the past year. I don’t mean any disrespect, but I highly doubt that your purity ring will stand much of a chance once that fourth pair matures.”

    “And if you get pregnant during this kind of ovulation, we’re looking at guaranteed multiples,” warns the obstetrician. “You don’t need that on top of everything else. Incidentally, we’ve also detected some other hormonal and physical abnormalities that may have repercussions on pregnancy – we’re still waiting on those tests. So for those reasons, you really need to do everything in your power to prevent impregnation for the time being. Okay?”

    The other doctors concur. They prescribe a birth control pill, sedatives to calm your nerves during your next ovulation, and a morning-after pill (“in case something happens”). They also recommend that you employ female supervision, and perhaps even physical restraints, to keep you from having sex with a man before your surgery.

    After your appointment, you go to the pharmacy and buy the sedatives, but you crumple the other prescriptions into a ball and toss them in a trash can. Birth control? Plan B? Restraints? How dare they. You’ve gotten this far without their condescending advice. Your body may have betrayed you, but your virtue has been unflagging through it all.

    And it won’t let you down now.

    * * *

    In the days before your next heat, you get ready. You fill your studio apartment with food, water, vibrators, and batteries. You get a vague doctor’s note from a clinic and reschedule an exam. You plan to take a double dose of sedatives as soon as you feel your time coming on, which will hopefully make the physical distress more manageable.

    You’re a little nervous, but you’re sure that if you stick to the plan and stay indoors, everything will be okay.

    * * *

    …You come into heat a full day ahead of schedule, in the middle of the night, your hormones surging and overwhelming you so quickly that they jolt you awake.

    “Ohh… oh God…”

    You fumble for the lamp on your nightstand, manage to switch it on. Your need is already at a critical level; this is happening too fast.

    You try to think. What was it you needed to do? You needed to take… something…

    “Nghhaaahhhhh— oh fuck, fuck, fuck…”

    It’s no use, you can’t remember. The plan is gone. All you can think about is filling yourself, now. You yank the nightstand drawer off its rails; the vibrator rolls under the bed.

    “No! Shit! Wh-where… is…”

    As you drop a foot to the ground to get out of bed, your pussy brushes against the edge of the mattress.

    “Ahhhh… fuuuuuuuck!”

    An orgasm rocks through you. You hold on for dear life. This is not how it usually goes. Usually you have much more time before it gets this intense.

    The orgasm drops off, and your desperate arousal instantly returns. Carefully this time, you lower yourself to the ground and grope around frantically for the vibrator. It’s no use; you can’t locate it.

    As if enraged by your failure, the throbbing heat in your hugely engorged clit and lips flares inward and upward, inflaming every square millimeter of tissue between entrance and cervix.

    “Haaaaahhhhhhhhh… oh God! Oh God please fuhh—ooooohhhhhh God…!”

    You’re out of your depth now. Even with your biggest vibrator, you’d be powerless to meet this kind of demand. You’ve never experienced anything like this before.

    And yet, shuddering alone in the darkness, you recognize it. It’s your primal instruction, your absolute purpose. But to overcome your own refusal of it, you need to say it out loud, to hear yourself name it.

    “Need to… m-make…”

    You sob as tears flood your eyes. You try again.

    “I… need to make… babies…”

    Your innermost Truth is so beautiful, so simple. You want to kill yourself for denying it for so long. But if you do that, your babies will never grow inside you, will never be born. And that would be a thousand times worse that death.

    Lurching to your feet, you manage to soothe yourself slightly by murmuring your Truth under your breath. It’s the only thing that gets you from your bed to your door without collapsing.

    Need to make my babies. Oh my babies, oh so many, oh so big and strong. My babies. They’re going to grow so strong, so big, so many, so many, so many, my beautiful, precious babies.

    You find yourself going down the hall. Your body leads the way; your mind follows by quite a distance. Even so, you know where you’re going, because it’s the only place that exists anymore.

    The apartment next door, where the young male lives.

    * * *

    There’s light under his door – he’s a night owl. You knock. No answer. You knock again.


    When the male sees you in his doorway, his look of annoyance turns to shock. You’re wearing a threadbare t-shirt that accentuates your erect nipples. A gold crucifix pendant. No panties.

    Before he can say a word, you shove a hand down his boxers. Just the sight and smell of the male should have caused you to climax immediately, let alone the warmth of his thick member, but your adrenaline-fueled sense of purpose buys you some time.

    Staring up at him with your hugely dilated pupils, you manage to communicate some of your Truth as you stroke him hard, but you can feel your furious need surging once more.

    “Y-you… you need you to fffuck me and put… put you cum-m in… ahh— inside me. Right now-ohhhhh. Ahhh—f-fuck. I’m gonna… I’m gonna come, but it’s just–haaahhhh… shit… listen… y-you need to fuck me after this bec-auunhhhaaahhhhse… haaaaah… becauss’ I need to get so fucking ­big I can’t move… and I… I need… my… my… my precious babi— oh! Oh God!-AAAHHHNNNN—!!!” You barely have time to pull your hand away and throw both arms up against the doorframe before an orgasm seems to electrocute your entire body from within. You feel more liquid than ever gush out of you, and your vision blurs.

    When the world comes back into focus, you look up to find abject horror in the male’s eyes. But it doesn’t matter; you know without even looking that his cock is hard as iron. You stumble past him into the flickering light of his TV. There’s a beat-down, stain-covered couch against a wall. You kneel, facing backwards, on one of its filthy cushions, gripping the seat back for dear life with both hands. Then you raise your ass and display your throbbing wet entrance to the male. You pray silently, feverishly, not daring to look behind you.

    My babies. Need to feel my babies and grow them and make them, so many, so big and so strong and so precious. Please God, please God, I need my babies, my babies, oh please… fuck, fuck, why isn’t it in me yet? Why isn’t he filling me with my babies? Please, please, I can’t take this anymore…!

    But just as you’re about to turn around, you feel big, warm hands on your hips, and finally, finally, the male plunges into you.

    * * *

    Thanks for reading,
    Body Hostage

    SEP: Sunsets

    I wrote this based on the comic “SEP Days” that my friend @vapewraith drew - I love silly SEP and Crisis interactions between Gabriel and Jack so I loved this comic and really wanted to show how much Vape’s art and colors inspire me.

    Thank you again, Vapewraith - thank you for nearly nine months of your wonderful Overwatch art!  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️


    “Soldiers, line up here.”

    There are tart groans and muttered whines as the SEP candidates shuffle to a stop and the group practically collapses against the walls and waist-high concrete barriers.  The exhaustion and aches are practically tangible in the air as the supersoldiers-in-training ease themselves into sitting or leaning or even lying positions - Number: 37 practically throws herself on the group even though it’s as miserably comfortable as sleeping on broken groundstone.  Number: 123 next to Gabriel rolls his shoulders, hissing every time the right one moves back too far, exactly where one of the rubber bullets had hit him earlier.  Number: 88 on the other side of Jack seats herself and then curls up into a ball, pulling the drawstrings on her hood to shut the world into what Jack assumes is blissful darkness.

    They’re in one of the halls of the SEP facility - tucked away into a deep mountainside “somewhere out west,” the building is hard angles and brutal concrete and cut-steel, as soft as titanium and as gentle as the injections they get every morning and evening.  Yet even here, in “wherever’s-range,” there is still beauty: the massive windows, normally just cold, crystalline glass, are open to the sunset, bleeding colors across the land and sky, dripping into the hallway with the vibrancy of oil paints.  Reds smoke into bright, endless pinks, golds melt into bold, sunshine yellows, oranges shift into liquid amber, and at the edges of the atmosphere, velvet purples sigh into silky blues, tinting the more vivid colors and steeped clouds with the dusk of night and the emerging stars.

    It’s a sight neither Gabriel nor Jack will ever get tired of -

    No matter how exhausted they are.

    “The doctors will see you shortly -” the SEP instructor starts to say, reappearing at the far end of the hallway, before he looks up from the papers on his clipboard and scowls at the group of crumbling supersoldiers, snapping, “Is that what you call ‘lining up?’”

    “Maybe if y’all didn’t work us so damn hard,” Number: 141 growls, his voice climbing into a hoarse yell, “We’d still have the energy to fucking stand!” 

    (The rest is under the cut!)

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    I got quite a few asks about my eye color in my selfie today, mostly people going “wait what, I thought you had blue eyes not green!” so I’m bringing back these photos so you can get a better look.

    Yes those are all me, no I haven’t photoshopped my eyes, they are indeed changing color from picture to picture. It is however, nothing to do with my ~emotions~, but a genetic mutation called heterochromia iridum. 

    For some people that means one eye is one color, say, blue, and the other might be brown. If you punch heterochromia iridum into google image you’ll see lots of results. That’s a pretty rare form of it though, as most people seem to have only one eye affected, and it’ll usually be blue with brown markings in it, usually central (around the pupil) or sectoral (elsewhere in the iris like an outer corner)

    And then there’s weird mutant bastards like me who have central and sectoral heterochromia iridum in both eyes. So while a lot of the time it looks like I have blue eyes, that’s usually because I wear a lot of blue and my eyes pick up the color.  Up until recently I used to put down “blue” for my eye color when asked but recently switched to “hazel” for my US immigration papers because their cameras kept picking up the two-tone color and didn’t match what was in the data base and the technician got fussy. What my eyes actually look from a distance is a sort of muddy hazel, until you get up close and then you are able to see the blue with shades of dark brown (central) radiating out from my pupil (again, in both eyes), with shades of lighter brown and green taking up sections of my iris like a pie chart in various different corners. I also have gold freckles somewhere in there too which eye doctors like to point out as being rather unique in someone with predominantly blue eyes, as opposed to wholly grey or brown and then make worried humming noises, but thankfully they are not cancerous so there’s that. 

    So whatever I am wearing—or if my environment is particularly bright—will determine what dominant eye color stands out. So as you can see while my eyes looked green today (photo on the right) I was also in direct sunlight looking out the window, so my eyes look green. On the far left I am actually wearing black and in artificial light which means you can see the blue more clearly cause there’s nothing to interfere with it, but you can also see some of the green and light brown there too, I think. Mostly you just see my freckles :D

     The middle pic is probably my fave however cause it shows just how much whatever I am wearing can change the predominant color, cause I’m wearing purple and my eyes look almost violet, but you can also see the distinct different hues going on which is kinda neat. I’ve also only got one eyebrow penciled in cause I wanted to snap a pic before I lost the natural light but hey, worth it :)

    I am indeed the main protagonist with changing eye color writing advice blogs warned you about.