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“Because I love you” a Theo Raeken Imagine -> FINAL CHAPTER SIX

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Hi everybody,

now, just before the big Teen Wolf final, it’s time: my Theo Raeken story comes to an end ☹.

I thank you all for reading, likening and sharing. You are the best.

And who knows, maybe we’ll read again when Season 6 B appears in Germany 😊.

Until then, I wish you all a great time, and Theo a worthy farewell from Teen Wolf. And of course, all the other Teen Wolf characters, I will miss you!

Xoxo Anne

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Warnings:  love, love, love <3

P.S. Please think of it, that English is not my first language, because I´m a German Girl :). 

Chapter ONE

Chapter TWO

Chapter THREE

Chapter FOUR

Chapter FIVE

Theos View:

When he heard her voice, he thought he was dreaming.

He thought he was suffering from hallucinations.

But over and over again she said his name, and hearing his name from her mouth was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard.

And to be really sure that it was not a dream to hear her voice, he looked up, and what he saw then took his breath again on that day.

She was awake and looked at him with her beautiful (y / e) eyes.

He wanted to say something, but she held her finger to his mouth and shook her head.

So, Theo stopped, listening to what she had to say.

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Kiss Me, Kill Me

Title: Kiss Me, Kill Me
Member: Chen
For: autonemesis 

The first time you met was less than romantic, or really, anything but romantic. Leaning more towards bizarre than anything else.

It was with a confident, somewhat naive mindset in which you were able convinced your father that no, ZiTao would not need to escort around university.

And yes, you would definitely call each hour to update him on your whereabouts even though you knew the man and your head of security had a GPS tracking device embedded in your phone and locket father insisted you wear each day.

You wondered how different things would have turned out if ZiTao had performed his assigned tasks and had followed you around campus that day. For certain you would have never met him, or more so, he wouldn’t have lived to meet you, not with ZiTao’s extensive years practicing various, deadly, martial arts techniques.

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