it also makes me troll blogs

Hahahahaha, I am crying!! 

So I started making my own cat food after we moved to Canada and I took a picture of today’s batch. Now, I’m also living just above a Subway, so ever attentive Google Maps prompted me if I wanted to add that photo to their location. 

“Eeehh, could I get a footlong, extra meaty and extra raw please?” :’D

Remember when people claimed the ace and aro communities were widely using the term “ala” so they could be like “ace tumblr stole this, they love stealing things!”

And they all kept making and reblogging posts about this without even checking if it was true first.

Also makes me think of the time when they took a lone old post from an almost certainly troll blog and claimed we’d made up a slur “to be oppressed” lol

I just can’t with anti-”ace tumblr”

I just realized I never posted this like I wanted to. At some point in the past @bloodlily16 mentioned that she drew the human girls and Calliope so I decided to draw the boiz.

I really love how John and Caliborn came out. (Also why did I make Dirk hot? goddammit-) Jake’s hair is a bit too dark for the lineart. hhnnnngggg-

I might draw the trolls at some point. 

Oh! Btw if anyone sees these and wants to crop out one to use as an icon feel free to; just be sure to credit me in your blog description~ ^v^


hello everyone ~ ^^ the blog just reached 15,000 followers ♥ thank you very much for following! i hope you’re all having a nice day ♥ ♥ 

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: though johnkat at this point has little to no hope of becoming canon, I should find comfort in the amazing fanworks that is ship has been blessed with such as featherbent, the boyfriendleaders blog, marchingstuck and promstuck, everything everlind ever writes, Battlefield Terra, etc. Promstuck even includes pale karkan, which has a chance of becoming canon, so I should take comfort there, as well. Johnkat probably never had real hope of becoming canon (you're my favorite troll karkat, okay no, no, calm down) and I should not shame ships that are in all probability canon because my ship didn't make it.
  • Me: also Rosemary is canon af so there's that
(Eng.ver) How to make your fake troll teeth

I see many requests in the russian blogs about fake teeth or how to do this every day. Also I saw before few not really good tutorials explaining how to do them using fimoplastic, but it costs too low. Also my past variant was crafted from fake nails, but it looked not so perfect and natural as I wanted. Recently I found another way of how to do this. It seems not expensive and practical to me.

To say briefly - Polymorphus  is a plastic, that melts in water at a temperature that is higher than ~ 65° , also it is similar to clay, perhaps a little more sticky.

The benefit of this plastic is:

-         In contrast with polimer clay, after curing the plastic becomes very light.

-         While polymorphus hardens you can easily cut and shape it.

-         Polymorph dries veeeeeeeery quickly.

-         It doesn’t stain the mouth while wearing: you will not need to put anything additional on It, ‘cause mold made from the shape of your jaw will perfectly fit your teeth.

-         You can use your polymorphus many times: it can be shaped again if you place it in a hot water.

-         It doesn’t break (if you’re not Equius, of course :D)

So let’s get started.

Before you try to do something, you will need:

- Polymorphus

- scissors

- a little bit of dye (it can be two kinds: liquid and granulated, but ways of using it are similar).

- Super glue, which has cianoacrylate (it usually is put into small tubes and helps to glue the material literally forever in 2-3 seconds. As example, my poor fingers xD)

- 2 disposable plastic cups (folded into each other, so hot water won’t burna  hole in it) and a disposable plastic cutlery (except forks!).

Please, don’t use your real cutlery, if you don’t want to drink/eat the chemicals!

- The most important thing for us – hot water! You only need to boil your kettle to get the right temperature, we need 100°C.

Fill the plastic cup with the boiled water, pour in a small amount of polymorph (yes, that’s right, because the main thing - do not overdo it) and wait. At first we’ll have stuck together bulbs

but then it turns into a sticky substance that can be rolled out and shaped.

Important: do not hurry to immediately take your polymorph out of the water and touch it: it saves the temperature of water for some time and you can easily burn yourself. Therefore mix this substance in the water and took by some disposable device - in my case it was a plastic knife.

Take out obtained bulbs with a knife and wait for a short time, then remove the polymorph. It is important to work quickly and efficiently, just to prepare all the tools, ‘cause polymorph, as mentioned, dries quickly.

Take 1-2 granules of the desired color and press it onto polymorph, stretching it and thus put the color over the entire surface. I inadvertently picked up as much as 4 red granules, so my foundation has turned deep red (well yeah say hello to Karkat). With less granules jaw turns into natural light pink color (close to red). 

When you get the color you need 

roll it so that you have enough amount  for the front end and the inner side. It is important to roll out a thin layer for foundation, otherwise it stick off from the teeth and will not hold as you want.

While the foundation is still lukewarm and shapeable, put it on your teeth (dry your teeth by wiping with your fingers or a towel) and form so that the lower part is in contact with the oral cavity and the front can reach the gums. Do not try to cover all the teeth, including the back - while wearing your mouth is partly opened, so that the front half will create the illusion of fangs everywhere you need them to be. Also you may have troubles If you attach your teeth on the back sides: you just won’t be able to close your mouth without damaging the oral cavity.

4)Yeah really looks as if chewing gum stuck to the teeth. With this “gum” you have to wait 1-2 minutes until the morph completely shapes.

5)When you remove it, you’ve got a cast:

As you can see in the photo and see by yourself, on the part of the cast, there is extra on top and inside - we cut them with scissors.

It turns out in neat basis.

6)Next step: sculpt our teeth!

Again we pour in a small amount of polymorph, pull and cut off small stripes of  a length that we need, with the addition to the part which will be mounted on the base. In the process, you can safely cut our morph forming sharpness canine and surface mounting, so it will not move. Part that will be attached should be thin enough, or it will easily fall off. Do not forget about the fact that morphs dries quickly. I attach a photo for comparison.

It turns  into a bunch of canines. On the basis of the right place take a few drops of glue and keep your finger on tooth in attachment place ~ 3-5 seconds.

Again we try on our jaw with the already dried teeth. It looks not so pretty for now, yep? We need a top piece that is attached to the teeth and would create realistic streaks above.

8) During an operation, do not throw away the remaining pieces from the base of the red morph (especially if you, like me, poured all at once :B). Throw them in hot water to the remaining part of the teeth and mix it all. If it’s not enough - take another pellet and mix up your solid color morphs.

Roll our morph into a small sausage that will cover our teeth from the upper side.

We mash this sausage on top and bottom by fingers, a little bit close to our teeth, and then manually adjust the shape of the device: making streaks in the gaps between the teeth as shown.

Wait until it dries out the top layer. Carefully remove it and get a separate part.

However, it will not keep as long as you do not secure it to the jaw! Remove the jaw, apply glue to the back side of the upper layer and then glue this side to our base.

So again, try it on, and if you like it ( personally I remade this five times until I got it perfect) leave it to dry for a short time.

Wait until they dry - and that’s the end of our work.

Your jaw will serve you long and productive, and most importantly - not so expensive!

  • me: i just think ace and aro people should be loved and-
  • ace dicourser 1: *bursts through the door* did you know an asexual person killed my dog? they also burned down the entire house, then brutally murdered my whole family and that's why everyone who's not attracted to anyone makes me (and every lgbt person ever) uncomfortable
  • ace discourser 2: *jumps through the window* here I have a huge post with no sources and ass-backwards logic to tell you I'm right and you're homophobic
  • ace discourser 3: *falls through the ceiling* i fucking hate everyone and everything makes me angry
  • ace discourser 4: *crawls out from under the floorboards* here sweaty :) let me explain why you're wrong and asexuality is valid and cool, but I have 12 bullshit sources on why its inherently sexist and homophobic-
  • ace discourser 5: *from outside, screaming* get the fuck away from our resources that I'm going to talk about like there's a fixed amount and it's a constant battle for
  • me: what the fuck

I made pixel trolls to go along with the pixel kids I made! The god tier wings are semi-transparent. Feel free to use them on your blog provided you credit me.  If you need any help cropping/re-sizing, just let me know.

Also, you can suggest one of them for me to animate like I did with Roxy and Rose!

Honest Question
  • Troll: Hey. Hey. I've got a question.
  • Moderator of SJW blog: Ummm...I dunno.
  • Troll: No, hey. Hey. It's okay. It's an honest question.
  • Moderator of SJW blog: But you've said that before. I don't think I believe you.
  • Troll: Hey, seriously. This time I'm serious, honest. I'm also being honest, seriously.
  • Moderator of SJW blog: I'm not falling for that one again.
  • Troll: No, hey. Hey. Sshh. I'm for real. Really, this time, I'm seriously honestly curious and have a serious honest question I'm curious about. For real.
  • Moderator of SJW blog: Well...okay.
  • Troll: Why do you do things that make me fucking hate you so much???
  • Moderator of SJW blog: ...
  • Troll: Pssht, fucking SJWs can't even answer an honest question! That totally proves they do all the bad stuff I think they do. I knew it!
  • Moderator of SJW blog: (blocks Troll)
  • Troll 2: Hey. Hey. I've got a question. And I'm totally not the Troll you just blocked.
  • Moderator of SJW blog: GO AWAY!!!
  • Troll 2: See? See? SJWs refuse to answer my honest, for real, curious questions. That totally proves they do all the bad stuff I think they do. I knew it!
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so there’s a post going around that’s once again mocking the use of “aplatonic.” I’m not going to reblog it bc it contains a screenshot that could be from a minor, or it could be a troll blog tbh.

aplatonic was coined by the aro community; there’s some disagreement over the definition but there are two main ones:

  1. someone who doesn’t feel platonic attraction
  2. someone who is not interested in having a qpp

either way, aplatonic is an identifier, not an orientation!! most aros agree on this!!!

as an aro (and other aros have agreed on this) it makes me really uncomfortable when non-arospec people use this word.

i.e. if you’re not aro-spec you really shouldn’t use aplatonic to describe yourself?

it’s also important to note that it was coined by specifically ND aros (with schizoid-spec personality disorders iirc) so it’s really gross to mock people who use aplatonic as “having no friends” or “being asocial” etc?

bc. recognizing that you have worth as a human being despite not feeling a desire to have romance or friends is something aplatonic aros struggle with?

tl;dr: if you’re not aro-spec, you’re not aplatonic. aplatonic is not an orientation. mocking the word “aplatonic” is ableist don’t do it.