it also makes me look great!!

Update on my first month!!

Thank you to everyone who shared and donated to help me in my time of need. I am so grateful for such a supportive community of sisters and brothers.

Just an update on how things have progressed during my first month in LA:

So far things have been picking up for me. I was able to find a room with someone, and once I start making income we will go half on the rent.

I’ve also been able to start working with a staffing agency and am currently working with Lucky Brand HQ as an administrative assistant to a CEO at an incredibly great pay. Lol it’s still my first week but already I’ve made so many friends and connections of people who are looking out for me.

Never once did I look down on myself during my hard situation, just used it to fuel my hustle to make it. So keep me in your prayers and continue to be amazing brothers and sisters.

I’ll keep you posted as things progress☺️


Am I the only one who sees this as a purposeful image and not just making fun of him being a bad cook?

Those both look like fish.  They look like someone designed them to be fish and then arranged them on the plate like swimming fish quite purposely. 

He’s great with creating images and messages.  

These look like piranhas to me. 

He’s created an image.  Look at it like a painting.  He’s saying something. 

(There sure are a lot of piranhas swimming around the press these days trying to get a piece of him)… (There’s also a lot that’s pretty fishy about that birth certificate that was published really not long before he posted this).

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More Coffee shop AU? (´∀`) May I request Sakura telling Hinata about the cute Sasuke that works for the coffee shop and they both went there the next day, and she whispers to her about him, and would tell her, "That's him." Then Sasuke would look at the girls, having a slight blush on his cheek, and wondering what they're talking about?

[1000 years later] ENJOY! ☆゚・*:。.:(゚∀゚)゚・*:..:☆ 


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Burning red


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What's your own Ryden theory?

I’ve been thinking about the best way to answer this question. I was so fired up and ready to type out my answer but then I was stumped. I don’t know how to organize my thoughts because there is so much I want to share and so many possible theories, but I will stick to the ones that in my opinion make the most sense and are most realistic.  Let’s start from the beginning.

In early Panic! Days I believe Ryan and Brendon were best friends and just that. Granted, they meant in their teen years, which naturally leads me to believe they started as just that- friends. But during their prime time (2005-2008) is when I think Ryden was also in its prime time. The chemistry the two had cannot be denied. I mean


They obviously cared about each other to great extents. Remember the bottle incident? And how Ryan painted a black eye on himself on their next show so Brendon wouldn’t be alone?

 Now if that’s not love then I don’t know what love is. Brendon was Ryan’s super hero! Remember that time during Green Gents when Ryan fell off the trampoline and Brendon swooped in form nowhere to catch him?


I do believe they had something, I just don’t think it was ever official to everyone in their circle. It seems like Brendon in particular forgot that they were meant to be privately exclusive. There were times where he seemed to slip up.

(Like ryan was always backing away! In my head he was like “damn it bRENDON, we’re on stage!)

They also fought.

Like in this interview where Brendon says something and Ryan is clearly pissed off but Brendon recognizes right away he fucked up and is quick to apologize. (Also note how Jon and Spencer just causally accept this, like its a common thing, and move on) 

But there were also those beautiful moments where Ryan would give his part on some Ryden love.

Ryan lean in for kiss

My favorite idea is that Ryan and Brendon were so in love with each other they just refused to confirm it. There’s an interview where Jon and Spencer are asked

They brought this up on their own! To me it seemed like *eyeroll* who cares if they were? (But Ryden refuses to admit it!) Also, when Jon mentioned Ryden during an encounter with a fan he stated in the years knowing them he never knew anything about them dating- thus neither confirming or denying.

There’s also so much evidence that Ryden existed, I don’t think I have to prove it, just take a look at the tags. But I think Ryden was just kept between Ryan and Brendon.
Which the leads to the question, well what the fuck happened?

I’ll tell you. Cape Town. That’s what happened. I think in Cape Town is when they officially broke up. I believe that Brendon (aside form musical differences) wanted something more in a relationship with Ryan (perhaps going public to their friends and/or inner circle) but Ryan did not want that. Later on, Ryan mentioned regretting having left (in both tweets and lyrics) which goes to show he still had feelings.

Wishful thinking leads me to believe Brendon realized he couldn’t love him anymore and so he has attempted to moved on (but is failing miserably), but a part of him is rooted in Ryan (memories, friendship, love, etc.) which is why he is so cold whenever talking about Ryan or the band’s past. I don’t  think Brendon has fully moved on. Ryan on the other hand is a different story. I sincerely think he has done his best to move on and I think it is working. He declined to be interviewed for the AFYSO anniversary, he took hiatus form social media, he has never made a negative claim (or denied knowing Brendon). He is mature about it and is making a life of his own.

(PS none of these pics or gifs are mine, credit to original sources, so if one of these is yours, let me know and I will grant credit!)

these books are so great. obviously they have a great plot and some brilliant characters and mysteries that make them enjoyable even as readers get older, but also look at this for an example of something to find in a children’s book. i think i probably gained so much from reading these without ever realizing it.

Hello! Welcome to an art collaboration for KAITO’s birthday. This year is his 10th anniversary! Let’s make it a great one for his birthday week!! I’m looking for other artists to draw any official, module or PV version of KAITO you can! (PSST, Mikucolle or official collaboration outfits (Snow/Skytown Kaito, etc) are also okay!)

If you would like to participate, please email me at!

Here’s the form:


Tumblr Url (OR a website where you can be found):

Which KAITO you’d like to draw: (Provide a PV link or image)

And a piece of your art attached!}

Once you’ve been accepted (and I’m online pretty much 24/7 so don’t worry), you’ll have until about February 29th to finish your piece, and have it up on the 29th to March 1st. Email me the image when you’re done so I can give you the final OK!

If you aren’t a tumblr user and would like your art included, let me know if you’d like me to post it with your credits.

Here’s some guidelines:

0) Image dimensions are 600x800! All images must be on a transparent background, but your personal version can have whatever background you wish. Traditional Art is okay, but it must be clean and on a transparent BG. Fullbody image, but the pose is all your own.

1) No doubles! If someone else has already picked the KAITO you want, you’ll have to find another one.

2) Keep the character looking like himself please! This isn’t Homestuck. I want this collab to be cohesive and flow.

3) Please don’t post your image up until you have the OK and it’s last week of the month! WIPS are okay though!

4) Tag all images with Kaito Birthday Collab when you’re done!

If you have any other questions or are a contributing artist and need help (such as an extension), email me at any time. I realize this is kind of a late start, but I was unsure as to if anyone else was going to make one.



Hi guys ! Here come one of my favorite set that I really wanted to share with you ! I know that the kelbi bow isn’t that Op on MH4U, but it is (according to me) still a good weapon to use, and have still a great explosion power (power that you can increase by having pyro). This set also have an amazing skin, so its always a pleasure to not look like an ugly rainbow :D with this set and some skill, you will definitly make the monster fear the kelbi power !!

How this set works : spam spam and spam, don’t charge the bow, just spam dat monsta. For those who don’t know, the kelbi bow have an hidden explosion element and at level 1 charge is able to throw 5 “arrows”. If four players have this set, you will just keep cancelling the monster, making him look like a vegetable. (hum hum sorry)

Thanks for your attention and have an amazing huntin’ day



Got my binder in today!! The pictures aren’t the best but it does show first and foremost how utterly happy I am with how I look!! Also it makes it look like I have pecs now that are defined but not overly so. @haydenxbro also sent me some @lllads stickers with the binder!

I was so lucky to meet the lad named Anthony (anyone have his tumblr name lets tag him!), who was t using his binders so he gave them away! I am so thankful for this group who has supported me and allowed me to grow with them and support them as well.

Today has me soaring and I feel so amazing and feel like I look great! Smaller shirts that once conformed to my curves now show off how proud I am to be myself and look more as I see myself on the inside.

@transbutts, @trans-positivity and @lllads (!!!!!) thanks so much for your pages and your constant body positivity posts and your communities. What you all do is amazing. 💯💯💯

Here’s to 2016 buds! 👊🏽

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ohhh gosh. Joe loves Caspar SO much. these LA vlogs show us a lot. 'i missed you. i was so worried', 'we're gonna miss you. look after him pls, he's precious', 'who am i gonna explore with? we had such a great time yesterday', Joe being annoyed that Caspar hugged Oli and gave him only a high five, his happy face when Caspar run back to hug him, also him trying to grab Caspar's attention every time and being jealous abt 'random girl'. ugh. kill me. pls just kill me.

sTOP ur killing me:((( im so glad these vlogs have happened. i mean, joe seems to be becoming more comfortable with expressing himself and showing affection??? it just makes you think, like, he’s probably been thinking cute things like this the whole time, but now he’s becoming more comfortable with saying them


To the show that changed me, thank you. You have taught me so many important, beautiful life lessons. Coach Whitey Durham taught me never to be afraid and that I’m stronger than I seem. “Mouth” taught me that I matter and whether or not I see it, I do. Brooke Davis taught me many things like realizing that it’s okay to have a tough past that you’re not proud of- you can still change and become the better person who you wanted to be all alone. Brooke also taught me a lesson that really hit home with me- it’s a great feeling to be independent but its also great to let love in. Nathan and Haley showed me what true love looked like. There will be good days, there will be bad days. There will be days where it feels like nothing is going as planned and you feel hopeless. No matter what kind of day it is, Nathan and Haley taught me to make the best out of it-love and support those in your life and never take them for granted. Through the good times and the bad times, Nathan and Haley stuck together and loved each other with all of their heart. I hope that some day I find someone who loves me the way Nathan loved Haley- unconditionally. 

“You ever heard the expression ‘The best things in live are free.’ Well that expression is true.’ Every once in a while, people step up they rise above themselves sometimes they surprise you and sometimes they fall short. Life is funny sometimes. It can push pretty hard but if you look close enough, you can find hope in the words of children, in the bars of the song and in the eyes of someone you love. And if you’re lucky, if you’re the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back.” -Nathan Scott

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Hey, I'm a high school student and I'm starting to look at colleges and stuff and I was wondering what college (if any) you went to and what courses you took. As well as what you did to prepare for college. If you could get back to me that'd be great, thanks!

When you’re looking at colleges, remember that you have to live there. You have to learn there, yeah, and the academics and the programs and the opportunities are all very important, but remember that you also have to live there. Don’t go to a rural college if that’s gonna drive you crazy, no matter how cool their academics are. Don’t go to a big city college if it’s gonna stress you out and make you miserable. Your health and happiness are as important as your work and learning– it’s okay to prioritize both. If you’re unhappy, your work will suffer– also, like, you will suffer, too, and I care about that.

(Side note to that, just to be confusing: it’s also good to push your boundaries and have new adventures and witness new cultures– big cities, rural farmland, actual seasons, whatever. So pay attention to yourself. Think hard about what’s a challenge (something to conquer and learn from and maybe enjoy) and what’s just a sacrifice or a detriment. Trust yourself– what makes you recoil v. what just makes you nervous. It’s okay to be nervous– college is a big change, and scary. Ask yourself what you can live with– and what you *want*.)

For what I suppose the actual question was– I’m a University of California Santa Barbara alum with a BA in History and a BS in Mechanical Engineering. My advice for college folk: if you have to choose between sleep and studying, choose sleep.


Reds sign England international Greenwood

Liverpool Ladies have completed the signing of England international defender Alex Greenwood.

The Reds have secured the signature of the highly rated defender from Notts County Ladies having competed in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup for the Lionesses’ as they finished third in Canada.

On making the move to Liverpool Ladies, Greenwood said: “This is a fantastic move for me and I am really enthusiastic about the new season. This move also offers me with an opportunity to return home to Liverpool so I am delighted that the move has finally been completed.

“I had a great year at Notts County but this represents an exciting, new challenge and one that I am really looking forward to.”

Speaking on the acquisition of the England defender, Reds manager, Scott Rogers said: “I am delighted to have signed Alex who will be another important player for us next season. Alex is a top quality defender and is another crucial addition in helping us to improve on last season.

“Alex also offers us with a real threat going forward as she is outstanding offensively as well as offering us a threat from set pieces as she possesses superb delivery from dead ball situations.”

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Are you at all jealous of other trans men who have had phalloplasty without all the complications? And if you had the choice to do the surgery again knowing how hard it would be now, would you still do it?

I think this is a REALLY REALLY REALLY great question. And to be completely honest, at first, yes. I was insanely jealous and wondered why me. It took me a couple of months to get off the couch and stop feeling sorry for myself, but once I did, everything changed. I now look at it like this: i want to do these surgeries right, and now i will be able to explain to every patient what every single complication feels like and what the healing process is like first hand. It also makes me so much better of a surgeon because I know how one little complication can and does effect a person’s life. 

I don’t regret a single thing. 


Holy shit, dude, that looks amazing.  I think we should definitely try that. Great, now my stomach is growling and the protein bar on my desk looks less than appealing.  Add whatever we need for that to the list!  

Also, did you actually invite Raven to dinner so she could invite Clarke?  

Great! I’ll find some side dishes to work with it. Do you know what a cast iron skillet is and do you have one?

That was my job… You’re right. Let me umm make sure she talked to Clarke!

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Please tell me more about how sweet micolash is; it's great to see you talk about him tbh!!

i was walking around absent mindedly and kinda just 
idk i’m very spacey and i managed to fight him by accident while looking at the walls 
that sounds weird but i really like looking at things in this game 
so much detail on some things! i don’t know where to look a lot of the time so i get distracted

so anyway
 i was chasing him around 
and i love his boss fight! i haven’t beaten him yet and he’s killed me a lot but the whole thing feels so friendly
he giggles when he jumps through mirrors
and he will wait for you to catch up to him when you’re chasing him and then he’ll dart away and sometimes he’ll zoom behind you and it’s so stupid 
and then howls and for some reason i get really bad secondhand embarrassment but it’s cute
and he TRIPS and repeats his lines until you find him 
also he just shoots eyeball spaghetti at you and punches you but he’s so hype about his lil nightmare palace and there doesn’t seem to be the slightest bit of malice in his tone
so much so that i forget that he’s one of the Big Bad Guys
the whole fight feels so childlike and he’s so artless and fanatical and mad with wonder and observant and he’s a dramatic NERD about it all

and as someone who gets equally animated when i love something it just makes me really really happy to see a character act similarly in a game like bloodborne
micolash is very nice 

Not much annoys me about any of the AC games, but the one thing that does is the unrealistic map of the River Valley in AC Rogue. That is the thing that make me want to break the disc is how unrealistic that map is. There is no rover valley in the world that looks like that, especially not the Saint Lawrence and Hudson River valleys. What they should have done was the Montreal area and Lake Champlain. Either way the graphics were still great.

In Syndicate, I also really hate the unrealistic railroad lines. There is not a single one that goes out of the city. In the game it makes me think of a subway system or the L-Train in Chicago. In reality, London is a huge train hub where trains enter and leave city all the time, not just make loops around it. I find this in a lot of games. I think the people who create the scenery and art are afraid to show that there is a world outside of the city. At least the boats don’t turn around on the river.