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The 28-hour Marvel Marathon nearly cost our writer his sanity

We sent one intrepid writer to the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 Theaters in New York City to take on “The Ultimate Marvel Marathon” and, well, things got weird. Here’s how he felt about watching Guardians Of The Galaxy, the final film screened before watching the new Avengers: Age Of Ultron…..

I feel great. It’s inexplicable. I mean, it makes no sense whatsoever. I have been sitting in this chair for almost 26 hours. Sure, I’ve stretched between films, tried to purchase the least objectionable food, and drank a metric ton of seltzer water, but there is no explaining this feeling. But it also seems like people in the theater are giving me weird looks, so I don’t want to go too far down this road of self-investigation. Some doors are best left closed.

The movie induces a sense of floating. All cares have subsided, all desires sated, all needs met. It’s like 1984: I’m at a Marvel movie marathon. I have always been at a Marvel movie marathon. I will always be at a Marvel movie marathon. This is life. Words are becoming other words. Up the down staircase. Here we go.

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Anonymous Confession #1

As much as I love Narusaku, I can’t help but ship Sasusaku as well. I used to think I could never ship them; but then I realized that all the hate I felt came from feelings of delusion. That made me “blind” to Sasusaku’s (and Naruhina’s) dynamic and I admit… their great potential as well. Now I acknowledge Sasusaku’s chemistry, and also the angst that makes the ship what it is.

Anna | Russian | 19 | Canada, BC | Theatre Major | 5′6″ ft | Single and looking

Fashion and video games are everything to me, I’m also really good at making really bad jokes. Waiting for my Alex Vause to save me from my boredom (and from making good life choices, obviously). If you’re taller than me and have a badass leather jacket just call me and I’ll be yours forever :D

It would be great if you’re at least 19 years old :) 

Shoot me an ask, I always answer privately so no one can see your pick up lines (no matter how good or bad they are hahaha) :D

I hope my future senpai will notice this post xD

Phan One-Shot

Title: Possible proposal?

Summay: Phan One-Shot. Dan is going to propose to his boyfriend, Phil, soon.

Genre- Slight Angst and Slight Fluff

Side Note: Second Phan One-Shot in one night! Woot woot! This one is much shorter. Again, same as my first, please be respectful toward my writing, don’t bash on it, and give constructive criticism please! Deeply appreciated! :D Have a great day everybody!

Also, thank you dansdimplesxx for encouraging me to post this! :D

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Idk what this is i just felt like sharing it

The whole body positivity selfie thing is great and promotes being comfortable with ur own skin but it made me realise how uncomfortable with and critical i am with my body like i look i the mirror and all i see flaws and shit but i don’t see that with other ppl. This sucks alot cause i’ve come a long way, i had an eating disorder and at one poing i weighted 45kg and was 1.75m tall making me severely underweight, i was also bulimic at some point. And it’s cool that i’m more comfortable with myself now but still i have alot of complexes and issues with myself. Like i really want to have a proportional body u could say cause rn some parts of me are quite large and some r super small. This literally makes me feel so unattractive cause on one side i love being skinny and petite and having a really defined body but on the other side i’m really bony and no one really wants that, like all my reltionships made me feel really insecure about my body because at the end they all made me feel like they were the best i could get and wouldn"t find anyone better (i was with 1 girl and 3 guys). Idk imma delete this later but yeah

Knowing that if acting didn’t work out, Jensen was gonna pursue sports medicine and then seeing the Tough Mudder pictures makes me feel really giddy because he’s in like idk, compression socks(??) and under armour and headbands and frankly, looks like he just walked out of a Champs Sporting Goods right into mud.

It’s a beautiful thing to see, Jensen serious about training and sports and stuff. 

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Shawn Dickinson

One of my favourite cartoonists right now.

He has a great sense of fun. You know how sometimes you can look at an artwork and get an idea how the artist felt while making it. His drawings look like a labour of love.

Very rubber hose, 1930′s inspired designs. Look at this Louie C.K, his body is very Fleischer Popeye.

Great composition and a fantastic crowd. Everyone is different and interesting to look at. Is that Screwloose Jr?!

He’s also great at drawing women. These two kinda remind me of Grindhouse.

He’s on Tumblr, follow his blog now if you’re not already


So I normally don’t do this but my sister, (twin sister) has also a tumblr blog. And I’ve noticed how great her blog has become. It’s about all sorts of fandoms. She is in a lot, trust me, even in more than me. And I can’t help but feel like she deserves more. So If you want to help a sister (me) supirse another sister [She], then please go follow @fangirlsfancyfandoms

I made her look at the amount of followers she had [tonight] and I am gonna make her look at the amount of followers she has [tomorrow] and I hope she got a couple followers from this. Even one new follower would be awesome. 

about lowell

I know it’s super great that Bradley’s in iZombie and is Liv’s love interest, and they’re really really cute from the beginning of their relationship, but look at this:

Lowell puts a buttload of hot sauce in Liv’s drink, but only a drop in his. Which makes me a little bit suspicious of whether or not he actually is a zombie. Also, the fact that Liv didn’t ask where he got his brain food from may indicate that he either a) doesn’t need them or b) is working for Blaine.

I really don’t want Lowell to be the bad guy, because the Livwell ship is adorable, but I’m reserving judgement on Lowel for now.


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You know, I feel like I’ve been complaining a lot lately and making stress relief-sketches because of my back and school projects etc and I honestly feel bad for only telling you people when I’m having bad times, so I thought I should also let you know that this weekend was good for me and that I was and still am very happy.

My back has gotten better, I’ve been doing my exercises, I met my best friend again, I’m making plans for something I’m looking forward to with all my heart, I’ve been making progress with my project and you people are still here with me and it’s great. 

I just felt the need to thank you people again for sticking with me, I’m trying to not complain too much when things don’t work out, especially because they’re usually minor things that just mess up my day, but you people are always so lovely to me and you’re all precious to me. 

So yeah, because I don’t want to only make personal posts when I’m unhappy: I am happy right now, and I wish all of you a wonderful day and a wonderful night, I hope things aren’t grim for you and I wish you all the Best. <3

David Tennant Appreciation Week - Day 7 - Why I like him

wellll this could take some time. Lets put aside his attractive little face and great hair and huggableness for a second

and let’s talk about that fantastic personality.

First things first, he is so amazing with his fans. You can always tell that he really cares a lot, and not to mention he’s great with the little ones

Also, he seems to always be sincere (and adorable) on his interviews. I like a man who doesn’t lie to the press.  He’s so genuine and I think that’s awesome

He also seem to be so friendly. He makes friends all the time, and he looks like such a great guy to hang out with. Not to mention he can be super goofy and awesome with them. I wish he was my friend.

In fact, David Tennant embodies what I see as perfect friend. A lot of my friends tend to leave me after a year or so, because they think it’s weird that I don’t change my interests to fit in to society. I don’t conform, I like who I am and some people just can’t learn to respect that. And you know what I say to those people?

Well, it’s David that taught me to think like that. To be myself, and not care how anybody else thinks. I’m allowed to be a geek, and i should be proud of it.

David was always proud of the geek he was, and I admire him for that. He gives me the self confidence I need. He has taught me that I am who I am and no one can change that, and I admire him for preaching that to this generation.

He inspired me to pursue my writing, the same way he pursued his acting, so I look up to him a lot for that

I have had a lot of bad experiences with obnoxious people, and one point in my life I honestly stopped believing good things happen to me, that anything in my life can go well. And then came the absolute radio interview, and things started looking up. David has done so much to restore my faith in the fleeting race that is humanity with his kindness and generosity and compassion that I rarely see elsewhere.

He is that celebrity that embodies how celebrities should be. Adorable and caring and kind and always reaching out to people. And he’s normal. He’s not spoiled rotten or anything like that, he’s just another human being, and he proves that to us by being his adorable self.

I hope I get to tell him all this when I meet him at comic con in may. My life has started to finally go somewhat ok, and I believe he is the reason for a lot of that

So happy birthday David and thank you for everything

Jasper in the princess dress because of this text post.

Please appreciate this fabulous old man in a dress because I sure do.

anonymous asked:

NME has always been like a hub of musical elitism. Anything that isn't considered 'cool' or 'edgy' is looked down upon. So it is very interesting how positive they have been about 1D recently. Also Noel Gallagher from Oasis (who makes great music but is a musically pretentious twat, in my humble opinion) has publicly shared his disdain for all things pop including One Direction and Taylor Swift. So I thought it was very brave of Liam to compare the sound of the new album to Oasis.

Oh interesting…this will be fascinating to watch play out, I think.