it also looks like they might be returning with a darker concept

I remember Animal Farm

This is maybe relevant, maybe not, but I just remembered the first time I read Animal Farm, by George Orwell.

    I was 13, and I was having one of the worst years of my life (back then). My mother and I were homeless, which meant we were trash to basically everyone who knew or found out. It meant we were less-than-human to certain government agencies, in particular. This also meant that, because we were kind of living between her friend’s house and a shelter, that she wanted to send me up to my grandparents so that I could have a ‘fun’ summer instead of a stressful summer. The thought was nice, and I did have more fun up in the middle of the woods than I did when I returned ‘home’, with the cockroaches and the bloody knife I found hidden above the bathroom mirror of our shelter room. I was still stressed, though. Really stressed. Stressed and kind of bored, because there wasn’t anything I could do about the situation, and neither of my grandparents had a lot of money, themselves, and we were all basically trying to pretend this wasn’t happening. 

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Beltane: The Feast of Fertility

Beltane, Bel’s Feast, Beltaine, May’s Day, Boaltinn, Boaldyn….they all mean the same thing. The annual celebration traditionally held on the first of May (though some celebrate it on April 30th) It is steeped in a thousand traditions that come predominately from Irish history, but are certainly not limited to that. While there are many ways to celebrate this particular holiday…there is one consistent ever-present theme: Fertility.

And to a lesser extent…sex.

Gasp I said a naughty word…twice! And I’ll be saying it a lot throughout this post. If you don’t like it, are uncomfortable with it, or what have you…go click somewhere else.

Now that that’s been said, let’s do this!


  1. Fertility

    1. Beltane’s primary theme is about fertility. Rain and warmth have made the ground quicken and it is ripe for growing things. Seeds are breaking open, birds are ready to lay their eggs, animals have been gathering their homes and preening themselves for find mates. It’s time to get down to those brass tacks and get to…uhm…business.

    2. This is the fest where the God and Goddess unite. And I don’t mean on paper. They share that universal melding that quickens the world with ripeness. It’s often referred to as the Divine Union. The Lord has become worthy and the Lady has grown to fertility, and they do what couples do when the mood strikes. It is not uncommon for us little humans to emulate.

    3. All gods and goddesses of sex and fertility are honored here. If I attempted to name them all this post would end up ridiculously long. Do some research into mythology and see if/who you’d like to honor.

    4. Humans are animals. Plain and simple. We spent the winter covered up and hiding away and then the spring came out. Have you noticed more flirting going on? Have you noticed men and women noticing one another. More skin is showing and there is a simmering revelry just waiting for an excuse. That’s the brush of spring my friends…embrace it…but don’t be too foolish.

    5. Sex magic. Yup. All prayer, all spells, all rite and incantations are about bringing energy to a place or a time for a purpose. Sex does the exact same thing. You can focus that energy for a specific purpose, and this is the day to do it.

  2. Fire

    1. I mean this in both the internal and external way. You’re own boldness and personal fire may light itself during this feast. Tonight is a good time for seeing where that can take you…within reason.If you live in a place where you cannot have an open flame, I suggest a false one (there are websites that have fire on them…neat, huh?) keeping a nightlight going as a type of ‘flame’ like those fake candles that many Christians put into the windows during Christmas, anything that can represent light. 

    2. Fire is a big part of Bel’s Feast. Beltane falls opposite of Samhain, and it is a fire feast. Many traditions will have a fire to be lit as the sun sets so that it will keep going all night. This signifies many things for many people.

      1. The passion of the night

      2. the heat of the earth beginning to quicken

      3. the light of the Sun/God throughout the night.

  3. Marriage/Handfasting

    1. Handfasting is a pagan ritual for a temporary marriage or union. It lasts a year and a day. I will probably do a post dedicated to handfasting sometime soon to explain the process in detail. The quick and dirty of it is the idea of being married to one person for this time as if it were forever, it’s a trial marriage to discover if everything between you is what it should be. Handfasting is a large part of Beltane and many couples choose this day/night to be hand-bound. At the end of the year and a day the couple may choose to part ways or become permanently bound.

    2. Marriage. Most of us live in places where the christian concept of marriage reigns supreme. Handfasting is not legal in most areas and many pagans choose this day to be wed by the established government. They will get the paperwork squared away and then have a gathering on this day to celebrate.

  4. Feasting

    1. Food. Alright, you may notice that food is a part of most pagan/Wiccan celebrations. It’s not a surprise. Pagans and Wiccans tend to form a community that gathers infrequently and often views the celebrations themselves as a party…and food goes well with a party. But lets be honest, it’s more than that. Food has it’s own energy, and for rituals we need it.

    2. When the earth grows lush and the ground breaks to the plow…people get hungry. Not only this but this is a night of revelry and passion. Food goes hand in hand with these acts. There are some traditional foods that I will talk about later in the post.

  5. The Veil

    1. Once again, Beltane falls opposite Samhain., they are the fire feasts and they are also the feasts where the Veil between the worlds is very thin. I know that the phrase is cliché but it is appropriate to the night.

      1. Samhain is associated with the spirit world, where ghosts and darker things may pass through. Beltane is a different time, and a different energy. This is a night for faeish revelry and mischievousness. DO not be surprised if you find yourself swept up in the energy and making decisions you wouldn’t normally. Boldness of the god, lust from the goddess, and playfulness of the fae can make for an intoxicating time. Try your best to keep your head.


  1. The God is no longer a Youth this night. It’s the night where he 'becomes a man’. And no, I don’t mean because tonight he lays down with the Goddess. He get’s to unite with her because he has become a man, not the other way around. There are plenty of stories about how he proves himself to her, sometimes through a hunt, through a battle, or through a quest…but what matters is he DOES prove himself and the Goddess takes him to her celestial bed.

    1. Do not be surprised to be the recipient of some aggressive pursuits…or don’t be surprised to be a pursuer depending on whether you fall to the Gods sway or the Goddesses.

    2. If there is someone you have been craving, this might be the time to let them know. Offer them something, a gift, yourself, the blood of your enemies. (I’m kidding about one of those…) However, don’t be too disapointed should they not return the desire…there are so many out there this night…one who might be seeking you.

  2. Remember what I said about there being an incredible amount of fertility gods out there? I wasn’t kidding. Seriously, go research it and find one that calls out to you, personally.


  1. The Goddess goes from Maiden to mother tonight. She accepts the Lord as her Consort and together they create the energy that will ripen the world. If you are one of the people more in tune with the Ladies energy do not be surprised if you find yourself putting yourself out there to be…chased. The Goddess didn’t just hang around and wait for the God to peak at her, she seduced him with…large tracks of land. (*giggle*)

    1. Do not be surprised if you find yourself showing off more, wearing the clothing that you feel makes you look better. It’s not just because the temperature is changing. Show it off, lure them in. It’s a wonderful time for it.

    2. Tonight is the night to show it off, to get lost in that Goddess energy. Dance, move, flirt, harness that energy to carry with you for the weeks to come.

  1. Seriously though…go look those sex goddess up.


Anything that deals with fire. Red, yellow, orange. Green to honor the God for becoming the Lord of the Feast/Hunt is also acceptable. If you are honoring a fertility/sex god/ess research their colors to be more in tune with the holiday.


Decorating your altar for the holiday is simple and rather easy to do. Whatever items you have there traditionally are fine, no need to exclude anything, but adding things to honor fertility and passion are always good…and what those items are is sort of up to you. For myself I have the representation of the god and goddess, with a horn at the base of the god, and a wrap of flowers at the base of the goddess. But that’s just me.


Told you we’d get there. As those of you who follow me may know I am big into kitchen witchery. It’s just not a festival without the feast. Traditional foods are Scottish Oat cakes, Green Man Cake, Fertility Bread, and Meade. If you would like recipes as I did for previous holidays Inbox me and I’ll write those up as well.

I might write them up anyway.

Also, any food that might be considered an aphrodisiac. Chocolate, honey, oysters, or wine.

The Ritual

  1. First things first…Intent. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, doing any spell or rite without clearly defining your intent is like running your hands over a keyboard and expecting epic poetry to come out. When it comes to Beltane the intent is pretty cut and dry but just because it is the biggest fertility rite doesn’t mean that this is all it has to be.

    1. Passion

      1. I don’t just mean sexually, though that’s certainly acceptable. I mean passion for another person, passion in life, passion for yourself. Have you got self image issues? Today is the time to use that spell to kiss all that goodbye. We are all children of the Lady and the Lord and they reside in each of us. Their magic stirs in us and we are all beautiful for it.

    2. Sex

      1. Giggity. If you want it, go for it (with a totally willing partner or partners)

      2. If you’ve been having trouble in this area, not just a dry spell, but serious issues with sex and sexuality use the energy of this night to fuel healing magic for you.

    3. Fertility

      1. So you want a baby. Good for you! Go get pregnant. It is said children conceived on this night are special. I, for one, think all children have the ability to be special…but hey…more power to the evening. Also..make sure your partner (or partners) is (are) aware of your intent.

    4. Fae Magic

      1. The Veil is thin between this world and the next. The Fae can peak through or join us. If you’ve got a spell or rite that needs some faerie magic then get to it!

        1. Fae magics can include

          1. Glamour/Beautification

          2. Youthful temporary energy

          3. some forms of divination

          4. Some blessings

    5. Fire

      1. Fire can be an intent. It’s an elemental energy that you can pull into your life. Ask for a fire blessing to give you energy to pursue those goals that have been haunting you.

  2. Cleansing

    1. Fire cleansing is the way I like to go about Beltane. Using incense or smudging to clean an area. Like a candle to walk the space you plan on using for your ritual place. But if you wish to use your besom have at it!

    2. It doesn’t matter what you decide to use to clean the area. What does matter is you need to be thinking about Energy. Beltane is full of it. Harbor it.

    3. And as per usual, don’t forget self cleansing. If you, like myself, prepare a bath before every ritual for yourself, make it a candle lit one, add some sage or vanilla to the water. Whatever spice or scent makes you feel romantic.

  3. Grounding

    1. After your bath meditate, prepare yourself. With Beltane I always suggest the moving meditation of getting dressed. Tonight is about looking and feeling your best. Feel your robes or clothing when you pull it on. Look at how it fits you. Remind yourself that you are a child of the God/Goddess, they made you beautiful. Apply scent or make up or whatever it is you want.

    2. Focus on your intent tonight. If your intent is to frolic with the fae, frolic for yourself, or frolic with a potential partner…picture it!

  4. Circle Casting


  5. Rite/Spells

    1. Time for spell casting! In large groups this can be done a multitude of ways, dancing around the Bel Fire, the maypole dances, drumming, there are so many rites and rituals that take place here that I couldn’t begin to name them all. But whether with a group or by yourself remember that this is a time of high energy. The god and the goddess are creating the life of the world between them.

    2. Keep in mind that some Beltane gatherings will last all night (teehee) but some, like the group where I live can go for the weekend.

    3. Enjoy life.

  6. Opening the Circle

    1. Say thank you to the god and goddess you picked.

    2. Say goodbye to the elements.

    3. Picture the circle opening.

Details about Genji’s appearance after cyberization.

…for the fanfic writers and fanartists. Because I’ve seen some works that make me scratch my head sometimes. 

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor or any kind of physician. Take everything with scepticism and if there’s any doctor or knowledgable of head anatomy, go ahead and correct me.


Go suck your egg, youngling. Figuring out stuff like these is what fandom is about. If you don’t like it, shoo. 

Without further ado, let’s touch upon the three things that every Genji writer or fanartist has wondered when writing or drawing this darling greek cyborg sparrow-ninja. And not only. 

1. Genji actually wears armor. The silver plates are not supposed to be permanent on him and he can survive without them.

In the picture where he’s a newcomer in Overwatch along with Lena, Winston and (maybe?) Jesse, Genji has no metal on him except on his head:

(he smol)

Compared with his usual appearence…

Genji lacks the metal plates on his arms and his (rather tight) shirt doesn’t show that the ones on his pectoralis. However, he does have the ones on his collarbone, which is weird, since he lacks the ones on his nech and shoulders, which are attached to his collarbone ones. The back of his hands are different as well. 

What is more, moving lower on his body (mind off the gutter, pervs!), the round illuminating buttons on his abdominals seem to be missing as well.

So, arm, neck, chest and stomach metal plates are his armour, rather than a permanent part of his cyborg body. The collarbone ones, however, are.

Then, we have puffy pants for some reason (more on this later), but they end right at the knee and we can see that the plates under the knee are there normally. However, there’s a catch: The picture it too dark, but his lower legs seem too dark to be the metal plates we see in the second picture, especially if he consider that they have a lighter colour than his synthetic flesh, yet they look darker. 

So, even if they’re not these particular plates on his legs, he still wears something there. 

So, if you ever want to write Genji finding/having his sense of touch, it should return to that brown artificial tissue that looks like naked muscles, rather than on the silver plates of his body; that’s his armour and we can see that yes, he can take it off. 

2. Genji has no hair on his head whatsoever, including facial hair and most probably, not even a lower jaw.

That’s one of the big debates about Genji’s appearance: what does his face look like?

The only clue we have is from the Dragons animated short:

Again, comparing this with his younger skin…

We see no eyelashes in the upper picture and they’d be really hard to miss, as we see in the lower one. (Damn, he rocks that mascara!) 

Also, we see no eyebrows and he used to have some seriously strong eyebrow game there. 

It’s safe to assume that the lack of any facial hair, along with the marks and scars on his facial tissue mean that Genji was probably burnt enough to have his hair roots removed for good, thus leaving him bald all around his head. 


And now the other big question: does he have a mouth?

Now, Genji as a cyborg can obviously talk normally. For this to happen, he needs not only a mouth with lips, but also teeth, tongue, alveolar ridge, hard palate, velum (soft palate), uvulaglottis and of course vocal cords. Also, lungs, so that he can give out air to produce sound. 

Regarding the upper organs, it’s safe to assume he still has them, along with his upper face. 

The lower, however, tells a different story:

He doesn’t seem to have any vocal cords that could help him produce the vowels correcty; the place seems synthetic. Now, he could have the cords inside, supported by synthetic flesh, or he could have gotten synthetic cords as well. The latter would mean that Genji could not talk normally for a period of time. 

Also, looking again at the shot of his face from Dragons and comparing it to his younger skin…

…we see that Genji used to have a rather big jaw and the plates right now are too high to just cover the lower part of it.

What makes more sense is that Genji has no lower jaw, hence why the facial plates are so high and close to his cheekbones and eyes:

(please, excuse my shitty lines; I have only my mouse with me)

So, since he has no lower jaw, he ought to have no togue, since the tongue is rooted to the lower jaw. No lower teeth, either.

How could he speak, then?

Blizzard was crafty and made sure not to let Genji talk at all in the animated short while he had the mask off; he starts talking again only after he has put it back. So, while we know that he has a metallic voice with the mask on, we don’t know if the metallic effect was because of the mask, or any kind of artificial vocal cords that give it to his voice.

So, no lower lip to kiss either. Darn it.

To illustrate my point, I see Genji like a cross between these two:

Raiden, as we’ve seen him without a lower jaw in Metal Gear: Rising Revengance

And Murphy, the well-known Robocop with no hair whatsoever.

(…what a roadkill.)

This fanart by @ninjasexrobot is what I think Genji looks like.



Also, I think he has no ears either. It would make sense that they had melted off, givel how burnt the rest of his face looks like.

Weirdly enough, he seems to have a properly shaped nose. Things to ponder.

(oh and to clear this up: no dick)

And now, last but not least, all the above bring me to my biggest question:


 Unless Genji’s body is a result of him agreeing to actually get rid of almost all of his body to become a badass cyborg ninja (and I simply can’t see him agreeing to throw away his fucking vocal cords ffs!), it’s either:

  1. Hanzo actually did all of this. Not only did he cut him down, he pulled the dragons on him and opened him from jaw to belly. We know that Hanzo had used the sword to cut him; the fuck the dragons were for?!

  2. Hanzo might have just cut him enought to cause sever bleeding and leave him for dead and Genji was left dying for a long time before the Overwatch agents found him and Angela saved him. His body had started deteriorating and Angela had to cut off the pieces that had rotten away in order to save at least his brain.


The official story for Genji says this: 

“As Genji’s injuries left him clinging to life, Overwatch offered to rebuild his body in exchange for his help.”

In other words, what caused Genji to be on the verge of death and needing to have his body turned cybernetic, was his injuries. Which Hanzo inflicted on him.

…the fuck, Hanzo.

The fuck.

[Summary] K of Radio 4th Episode 4

Radio Personalities: Tsuda Kenjiro (Mikoto’s VA), Horie Yui (Anna’s VA), Nakamura Yuuichi (Kamamoto’s VA)

Episode Highlights:
✧ We’ve got the two Red Kings and every seiyuu’s favorite character, Kamamoto, this episode! In other words, Team Homra!
✧ Horie is around, so we get a clean episode this time. (Well, mostly clean.)
✧ Horie and Tsudaken are afraid of Nakamura?!
✧ They revealed a ranking of who the fan favorites are in Homra, and who people would like to be a subordinate of.
✧ The two Kings should be dominating these rankings since they’re the kings…right?
✧ The minor guys in Homra are unexpectedly popular. XD Do you guys even know who they are?
✧ If K had a third season, they speculate that there’ll be a new Red King, and it’s probably someone you wouldn’t expect. XD

Summary under the cut!

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The Real Pink Diamond - Steven Universe Theory

Rose can’t be Pink Diamond. We’ve already seen two Diamonds at this point and both are exceedingly large compared to other Gems. The elusive Pink Diamond is rarely if ever hinted at in the series.

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just between friends

Fandom: Until Dawn
Pairing: Climbing Class
Rating: NC-17
Words: 2,627
Notes: Uhhhhh… ahahahaha. I wrote this because of this post, and I hope @climbingclasshell doesn’t mind? I kind of wrote it for you tbh. I saw it and was like “BROJOBS. I TOTALLY WANNA WRITE BROJOBS” soooooo… here we are! There’s no way you can cONVINCE ME THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN BETWEEN THEM. No way. I hope everyone enjoys? :’)

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What a time to be alive.

It’s their ability to pull you in. That sort of magic they have when all the elements of the medium come together. Voice acting, visuals, scoring, and stories, when done as right as these shows do ‘em, can create unbelievable experiences.

And what I find so fantastic is just how many cartoons today actually do craft their own worlds and invite you in. They’re not all perfect or even complex, but these are the shows that really make a case for why cartoons are an art form.

While I could do a top 10 here, I’d rather just geek out over what makes each one unique, because in a lot of ways it’s hard to compare them. So instead, it’s probably easier to divide these badboys up by the genre they best portray. 

Now, that doesn’t mean these shows only have one feel to them – in fact a lot of them could qualify for multiple genres – but for simplicity’s sake, let’s do one per show. You’ll see what I mean.


Regular Show

Alright, so not all episodes are action-oriented. Not even a majority. Why put in under the action heading, then?

Well, while a lot of the show deals with the everyday happenings of the park and its crew, RS is undeniably a product of the 80s (and 90s sometimes, too, but mostly the 80s). It’s pretty glorious. Not only do a lot of references to the decade pop up, but a lot of the stories are structured like 80s movies, with very clear goals and stakes. They can build up tension really well in a short amount of time because we know what’s going to happen if Mordo and Rigby don’t win the day. So, even when nothing spectacular is going on, it can still feel like there’s something to lose. 

Star v.s the Forces of Evil

This was the hardest one to place. It actually does three things equally well and in pretty much equal proportion: sci-fi, slice-of-life, and of course, action. That said, I went with action for one reason: whenever it does go full-on butt-kicking mode, it kicks serious ass.

This is like if Hotel Transylvania had fighting scenes. The comedy in the show is top-notch, and I always have fun with it, but I so enjoy the idea that a comedy/slice-of-life show like this could also be a magical girl show. That high-octane pace with cross-dimensional battles? It’s the best of both worlds!


Steven Universe

Now here’s sci-fi done right. The use the big concepts like aliens and intergalactic warfare to tell very simple, yet profoundly meaningful stories. 

Overall, Steven Universe has a very emotional story to tell, and it talks about it all with respect and dignity, but also a tenderness. It’s friggin’ fantastic.

On top of that, the art style – from the flexible character models to the gorgeous colour scheme – sets such a wonderstuck tone for it all. That, combined with the techno/piano background music, gives the show an elegance you might not expect at first glance. It’s heartbreaking, yet soothing. Beautiful, yet light. Just a wonderful world to be a part of.

Wander Over Yonder

This is contender for the most beautifully animated show on television. I have to admit I haven’t personally gotten far into WOY (mostly just because I tend to look for continuing stories in the cartoons I watch nowadays), but the kid in me who used to stay up all night to watch the whole saturday morning line-up on Canada’s equivalents of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network is screaming with joy.

No matter what age group is enjoying it, I’m so glad a show that’s animated like this can exist for kids. The comedy shines with the fast pace of the movements, the expressions are glorious, the colours are so nice to look at, the character models are cute and interesting, and I’ve always said you could stop the show at any point in any episode and get an amazing screen-shot. It’s just a blast to watch.

What can I say? This is a show that deserves the fandom it has and then some, it’s too freaking beautiful. But, beauty aside, what tone does it set with all this splendor? Well, the show’s largely about space exploration – never stopping anywhere for too long and rarely (if ever) returning to the same location twice. The universe feels neverending, and the lovable excitement Wander brings to this already energetic show give its young target audience a feeling of true space-adventure. There’s always another horizon on another planet to find, and awesome life-forms to meet there.


Adventure Time

An obvious pick, but a well-deserved one.

I’ve talked about AT’s world-building before more in depth, so I won’t go too nanners here, but with the constant addition of new characters, settings, ideas, and even animation styles, this show packs a serious punch. It’s really no wonder why it’s gotten as popular as it has.

Yup. From the simplistic, yet hilarious Adventure Time-y lingo to the epic battles with inventive monsters to the AT philosophy, Adventure Time really does feel like the imaginings of a precautious little boy. Like I said for Wander Over Yonder, an expansive world, like the land of Ooo, can really drag you into the show by force.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Technically, since it’s finished its run, I probably shouldn’t include Korra, but it’s recent enough to deserve a spot here. Plus, dat unbelievable animation, tho!

Like it’s predecessor Avatar: The Last Airbender, LOK takes inspiration from the more detailed art-styles of anime. So, just like anime, the budget goes into making the world look great, and making sure the battle scenes are well-animated, while keeping low costs on the movements of the characters during most normal talking scenes.

LOK used this to its every advantage. A captivating score and exciting story brought the world of benders back on screen in a satisfying way. Plus, unlike all the other shows on this list, Korra had a higher target audience: teens. That meant a lot of things, aside from the infamous love triangle of the first season. It meant they could tell darker stories, including an entire story-arch where Korra has PTSD and depression, as well as a “tasteful” yet very obvious queer canon couple at the end. Uh, spoilers, btw.

So, while the first show didn’t shy away from darker concepts, either, this one definitely felt like a mature show, while still keeping a feeling of adventure present.


Gravity Falls

Why watch other shows when you could be watching Gravity Falls? Seriously. This is the question that haunts me.

The most recent episode, Not What He Seems, was so satisfying in everything it set out to do, paced so well, littlenightwing and I absolutely couldn’t believe the run-time was only 23 minutes – it felt like a movie, and a flipping fantastic one at that.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself, clearly, because I should be talking about the enchanting mystery aspect of GF. Like Alex Hirsch, the show’s overlord, once said, it’s a cross between The Simpsons and the X-Files, with one heck of a continuing story that never stops giving us questions to wonder about and conspiracies to sniff out. It even hides codes for the viewers to follow along with, creating a theory-making community that’s just as paranoid, yet intelligent as they come. Its unbelievable how well this show sucks you in.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I promise I’ll be quick. I know the fandom makes some uncomfortable, and I apologize, but the show itself is quality and deserves its praises sung, just like the others on this list.

While they’re not always on adventures, it’s almost like if Lord of the Rings had an all-female cast. It’s been called High Fantasy before, meaning it has a huge lore of history along with its fantasy setting (not mention a world filled with creatures from  all sorts of different mythologies, like Greek, Aztec, etc). When it goes big, it feels grand. When it stays small, it feels like I’m in a sleepy town like Hobbiton; with the show entering into its fifth season, it’s getting even more obvious that Equestria is definitely a land worth exploring.

Over the Garden Wall

Short, sweet, and magical: just how I like ‘em. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s only ten episodes, if you have yet to check it out, it’s a story that’s well worth your time.

This one was hard, too, because there’s a very strong mystery element all-throughout that almost made me want to switch its place on the list, but the way the story’s paced – and, I’ll admit it, the fact that Elijah Wood voices Wirt – made it pretty impossible for me to avoid the fantasy category.

The art direction in this mini-series adds so much to the atmosphere it’s stunning, as well as the gentle horns backing it up on the soundtrack. It really feels like you’re venturing into a dark forest, a strange and unknown territory that may very well be dangerous. Even horrifying. 

You’ll have to be patient with it, because it uses a fantasy pace: slow for the journey and building up to more plot-oriented parts. But, with the forest theme, and style choices from Americana folklore, this is a series that screams October, which is ironically when I’ll be screaming Over the Garden Wall from now on.


The Amazing World of Gumball

Where Gumball shines is where a kids show should shine. It’s comedy. With it’s multiple-art style approach, and wacky, out-there theme song, Gumball sure is an oddball of a show thank I’m here all wekk. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first glance, but a few things have won me over.

First, the the characters. The two brothers and their non-conventional family are what it’s all about, and watching Darwin and Gumball bond is very sweet.

Second, the episode The Shell. ‘Nuff said, because oh my GOD, was that cinematic af and beautiful.

Third, screw your normality, the Amazing World of Gumball does what it wants.

Fourth, the background is done with beautiful photography, and with the cartoons to contrast it, it almost feels like we’re watching home movies.


The heart is undeniable. From the get-go, this show doesn’t let up with how charming it is, which makes sense, because pretty much the whole feel of the shows mirrors the feel of Clarence himself.

Clarence’s world is a friendly one. It’s not like things can’t go wrong- I mean they almost always do, but I don’t know, there’s something about the show that feels just as eager to include everyone and have a good time doing it as Clarence is, and let me tell you, that’s a really likable thing to do. Especially when it means including gay couples, because teaching kids about that is just rad. Rock on, little buddy.

Oh, and the simple, yet pleasing art style matches this really well, too. Like Clarence drew it himself.

Oh again, and by heart, I don’t mean heart in the way Steven Universe means heart (this is why I couldn’t make a top ten list). Because the show mirrors Clarence so much, it takes on his attitude toward the harsher realities in his life, and it’s a very innocent and comforting one.

I have to acknowledge the controversy with the creator, but only to say that the creator has been punished and doesn’t work on the show anymore. The show doesn’t support that type of behaviour, and neither do we, so everything’s good.

Phineas and Ferb

Now, this is an impressive show. Creating new worlds to explore is so imaginative and cool, but writing so many seasons of a show that’s this formulaic, and still keeping it fresh? That takes a lot of ingenuity.Almost Phineas and Ferb levels of ingenuity.

I couldn’t imagine this show as anything but a Disney Channel show. Gravity Falls is it’s own entity, which is rad, but P&F has that classic light-heartedness, that well-meaning goodness that’s just so admirable.

Phineas especially captures this Mickey Mouse-esque spirit. Ferb brings his own brilliance to the show, as do the rest of the cast, but Phineas in particular really gives the show a hopeful feel.

And you know, the art style matches the quick, clever humour with geometric shapes, and the simple colour scheme keeps with that bright atmosphere I was talking about earlier.

Uncle Grandpa

I have to admit, it’s not my personal favourite, but I didn’t want to exclude the fandom.

If I had to guess at the overall feel of a show I haven’t watched that much, (bad idea but) I’d say it’s probably just the goofiness. Maybe there’s something more I haven’t seen, which is totally possible, but that seems about right. Taking everyday problems and looking at them in the silliest, goofiest way possible. Not a bad thing.


All that said, we have so many wonderful worlds to visit today, so many adventures to have and mysteries to solve and characters to spend time with. 

I feel like we’re in some kind of cartoon renaissance- but that’d probably go to the 90s, huh? Well, then we’re in the cartoon Age of Enlightenment, where it’s the thought and care that these teams put into crafting their worlds that makes the difference. 

Moga Village

All aboard! We’re headed to Moga Village!

Moga Village was the offline village for Monster Hunter 3 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.  It is a small tropical fishing village, built on rafts of wood planks and rope netting on top of floating barrels in the ocean, and attached to a small chunk of rock within which the blacksmith’s forge is set up.

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Anchor part 2

A/N : some of you requested a part 2 and it made me really it is, a bit long but i hope it won’t disappoint anyone cause i squeezed my brains. 

It had been three days since Peter had his claws in Isaac’s neck and Isaac was missing. You were often asked if you knew where he was, since you were the last person to have actually seen him, but you yourself had absolutely no idea ,and were worried sick.  

You were at Derek’s place with Peter , waiting for Derek to return. He had gone on another search for Isaac and the agony was making you sick. Stiles was supposed to arrive any minute, since he had no intentions of leaving you alone with Peter ,what so ever.  

‘’can you stop that ?’’ Peter asked and you turned to him with a questioning look.  

‘’stop what ?’’  

‘’your heart’s beating too loud. It’s annoying. Really.’’ He said and kept reading whatever it was that he was reading.  

You felt deeply offended but where in no place to argue.  

Peter sighed and rolled his eyes placing the book he was reading down. He dragged his chair across the couch that  you were seated.  He sat opposite you and supported his elbows on his thighs and then his chin on his hands. 

 ‘’ I don’t get you teenagers and your drama’’ he commented looking at you waiting for some response of some kind.  

‘’being worried about someone does not classify as teenage drama’’ you said biting your inner cheek in anticipation. 

 ‘’ it clearly does when you’re not just worried. You’re missing him and I don’t get it frankly cause he is thug and it is your fault he’s gone.’’ He blurred out causing your eyes to widen.

  ‘’oh really ? how am I responsible then ?’’ you asked certain of the fact that you had nothing to do with his disappearance. 

 ‘’ Like I said. Teenage drama. Unrequited love and that tasteless crap..’’ Peter got up and headed to the fridge to make coffee.   

Your jaw dropped. How could Peter know of your love for Isaac?  

‘’’s not like that. I mean yes, I do love him but I don’t see how this makes up a good reason for me to be blamed..’’ you mumbled feeling confused. 

Peter chocked on his coffee spitting some of it out.  

‘’You ?’’

  ‘’huh ?’’ you questioned.  ‘

’ YOU love HIM ?’’ he asked placing the cup on a table. 

You nodded in a ‘’duh’’ manner since you thought this was what he meant when he said unrequited love. Peter rubbed his forehead with his hand.  

‘’ Why don’t you people talk ? like what is it ? do you sign a silent treaty once you reach seventeen or …’’

  ‘’okay. I have no idea what you just said’’ You answered back and then the door opened, Stiles entering. 

 Once you saw Stiles you felt guilt taking over you as Peter chuckled biting on one of his nails.  

‘’different lover different anchor huh ?’’ he said to himself and you brushed it off. 

 ‘’Shouldn’t he be back by now ?’’ Stiles asked referring to Derek.

 ‘’maybe he died’’ Peter said vaguely. 

You two shot him a look and waited in silence.  

—————COUPLE OF DAYS LATER————————– 

Isaac missing had been having an obvious impact on you and everyone had 

noticed.  You were at Stiles’ house , watching a movie, but he ended up kissing you hungrily. However you could not find the mentality to do it. Kiss him. Not when Isaac was missing.  

Stiles fell back on the couch and sighed. He looked at you and brushed some of your hair that were getting in your face aside. 

 ‘’y/n’’ he started. You thought he was going to complain about you not kissing him.  ‘

’I think I know where he is…’’ he whispered and your eyes widened , gaining interest in his words.  

‘’WHAT ? and you haven’t told us ? Stiles ? where? Why did you not say this sooner…?’’ you brought your knees close  to your chest on the couch.  

‘’because Y/N I think I also know why he left..’’ Stiles said and you looked at the ground.  

 ‘’I’m not stupid Y/N I can see it in your eyes. Hell I could see it before I asked you to be my girlfriend. I just, well part of me just thought that maybe I could make you think of me instead of him..’’ 

 ‘’Stiles I’m really sorry..’’ you whispered unable to deny your feelings for Isaac. 

 ‘’ no it’s okay. I know it’s not your fault. I mean, we don’t get to choose who we fall for. If we could I wouldn’t choose you, since you..’’  

‘’where is he Stiles ?’’ 

 Stiles sighed rubbing his lips once. He knew he’d loose you as soon as he’d tell you. But then again, you can’t lose what you never had.  ‘

’the nemeton, or at least that’s where he said he might go…’’  

‘’when did this happen.?’’ You asked. 


Stiles had heard Isaac talking to Allison about pulling through. He thought he might appear and enter in the discussion but then realized what Isaac wanted to pull through. He wanted you but  you were Stiles’ right ?  Every one knew you were his. He finally had someone to himself. 

Stiles waited until Allison and Isaac were done talking and then he approached him.  Isaac was walking fast so Stiles had to jog to catch up to him.  

‘’Please stop’’ Stiles said and Isaac stopped thinking he meant his walking. 

 ‘’Hey Stiles.’’ 

 ‘’I want you to stop Isaac…’’ he continued. 

 ‘’stop what?’’ Isaac asked.  

‘’ chasing her. Just , leave her be please, leave her be with me. ‘’ Stiles begged.

  Isaac’s eyes turned darker once he grasped the concept Stiles was referring to.  

‘’ I’m not doing anything’’ he said staring into Stiles’ eyes.  

‘’ yes. Yes you are, you might not understand it but you are. I  want you –scratch that – I need you to stay away from her for a while’’ Stiles demanded and Isaac snapped , grabbing the collar of his shirt and lifting him up against the school’s lockers.  ‘

’you. Do not tell me what to do Stilinski’’ he said growling.  

‘’ You want her to be happy don’t you ? I think I can do it Isaac, I think she can be happy with me. ‘’ Stiles raised his hands and Isaac let him drop to the floor. 

 ‘’is she ?’’ Isaac asked looking at the floor. Stiles was not a werewolf but he heard Isaac’s heart.  

’ I think she is. ‘’ He reassured him.  

Isaac readjusted his back bag on his shoulder and fixed his black leathered jacket. He greeted his teeth together and walked away.  

‘’ will you ?’’ Stiles yelled at him. 

Isaac raised two fingers not bothering to turn and look at Stiles. 

 ‘’I’ll stay away. Make sure she’s fine.’’  

 Stiles run up to him.  

‘’wait where will you go..’’  

————–END OF FLASHBACK————–  

‘’and then he said something about the nemeton…’’ Stiles finished telling you the events.

 There was an evident smile not leaving your face, You know you should not be happy right now cause Stiles was obviously sad but you could not help it. 

‘’what..what should I do ?’’ you asked in complete frustration.

 You were more than confused.  Isaac cared about you ? maybe even loved you ? How did that, when did that happen. Why did he not tell you ? why did he not stop you. Why did you not stop him ?  

‘’ Go find him I guess..’’ Stiles said. 

You got up too eager running to the door leaving a  sad Stiles on his couch.  Your heart was beating so fast you thought it would come out of your chest. You opened the door but before getting out you rushed back to Stiles, grabbed his cheeks and kissed him.  ‘

’Thank you’’ you said and he smiled at you. This time you left without hesitations .

 You got into your car and started driving towards the woods.   

Isaac was leaning against the wall of the underground room at the roots of the nemeton, scrolling down his phone but he stopped and panic when he hear the sound of a car stopping. 

 Your car.  

‘’ shit shit shit’’ he mumbled getting up.

 He fixed his jacket, and ruffled his hair looking at his reflection on the screen of his phone.  

‘’ I look terrible’’ he mumbled to himself. 

 ‘’ uh..i don’t know…I kind of like it…’’ You said standing opposite of him.

 You wanted to hug him and squeeze him and slap him and kiss him and cry and laugh while shouting and erupt at the same time. But none of this would happen until he admitted it. 

 And you were gonna  make it work for it.  

‘’..Y/N..’’ he begun 

‘’what the hell where you thinking you asshole ? the whole pack was searching for you. I went mad !’’ you exclaimed and his eyes light up at the mention of you worrying for him .

 he tried to fight back a smirk but was unable to sustain it.  

‘’ Well I’m perfectly fine as you can see.’’ He made a circle and you chuckled.

  ‘’if you ever do that to me again I swear I’ll kill you with my non werewolf hands’’ You said and he smiled coming closer to you.  

He looked at you. The wound in his chest had not yet healed and he feared it never would. Not until you were his. And since that was not an option he had accepted that the fragile muscle in his chest would always break a little every time he’d see you.  He stared at you as if you were the most fragile thing in the world even though he was the one sin dire strains.  ‘

’I’m going to hug you now’’

 He warned. He too had missed you more than words could explain. He grabbed your waist and twirled you around hugging you. Taking in your scent. He was savoring the moment pretending you were doing the same. 

 ‘’Let’s go’’ you said but stopped when you noticed he was not following you. 

 ‘’I’m..i;m not coming’’ he said. 

 ‘’WHAT ?> why ?’’ you asked. 

 Because I bloody love you. He thought. He did not phrase it though.,  

The thing with Isaac Lahey was that so many of his thoughts remained unspoken. He never shared them, and then they lost their meaning and value.   

‘’Because it would be selfish..’’ he said , you not really getting his point.  

‘’ Isaac , be serious and let’s go home’’

 ‘’Y/N..i…I don’t want to be selfish anymore’’

  He thought of what had happened to him. The bite , the death of his father, the constant war with the supernatural. You were the one true thing that made some sense in his life, and he feared that if he confessed he’d ruin that. He knew you could never be his. Not anyones. You did not liked to be owned, because you managed to own everyone else.  You walked closer to him. 

 ‘’ selfish about what ?’’ 

 He was again in a dark cold enclosed space , he was alone and scared but this time there was a way out, a glimpse of light and that , that was you.  

‘’Selfish about loving you…’’  He said it in a low whisper as if he voiced it louder it would break you. 

Your heart skipped a bit and you felt your eyes burning.  ‘

’That’s bullshit Isaac Lahey’’ you exclaimed confidently taking him by surprise. 

He furrowed his brows. 

‘’That’s bullshit, cause love , at least the one  I know of, is the most selfish thing there is. You want the other person to be happy because it makes you feel good and if , if you don’t want that then not only do you not love me , but you don’t love yourself and frankly I don’t know if I want to be with someone that thinks like that’’ You said in one breath. 

 The nemeton feeded off of energy. You both knew that, you just never believed that the two of you could create that much energy to get a reaction out of it. But you did. 

 Suddenly  something like a light started coming out of the cracks of the old tree’s roots. And then you did not need to take a closer look to know what they were.


 A million fireflies illuminating the room.  

Making isaac’s eyes shine and yours reflect all that you were feeling. 

 Isaac chuckled impressed by you.  

The background got lost between the two of you. Not averting your eyes from each other. What would be the point? Isaac was looking at everything he ever wanted and he felt every gap, every wound that life had thrown upon him slowly healing, being replaced with only one constant erratic thought.  


You were so close your noses were touching  and your breathes seemed to be one.  ‘

’Fun fact’’ he begun saying’’ you’re my anchor and that means-‘’ you did not let him finish. 

You could not take it anymore. 

You smashed your lips onto his and he was quick to kiss back, bringing his hands to your cheeks as you wrapped yours around his neck.

  You kissed until there was No Y/N and no Isaac but a muffled mix of both. 

And he smiled because his world was no longer his, You had engulfed into it and he could not be more happy. 

Lapidot (Human AU): Confession

It was a cold and breezy day, typical having that kind of weather on a barn. The barn was very huge, and it appeared to be modified with style and many other things like cartoony alien pictures or drawings and some leaves. Inside the barn there was a tall girl with blue hair, had some black pupils, and was wearing a dark blue t-shirt with the ocean as the main drawing on its front. It appears that she was working on a piece of art since she was finishing painting a barn with all kind of vegetation making an illusion to the barn she was in. The name of the girl is Lapis Lazuli. Just as anyone could see, the inside of the barn was very huge since the living room was very huge and connected towards three doors on the lower part and four more doors in the upper section of the living room and not only that, but also the living room was filled with a lot of artistic things, and photos showing Lapis with a group of girls and a little boy with curly hair, and other photos showing her with a blonde girl wearing glasses and the hairstyle was kinda weird with a mix-up of triangle, and dorito shaped. Judging by the photos, Lapis wasn’t exactly the one with a joyful or at least cheerfulness personality as she appeared in almost all of the photos with a serious face or emotionless expression except on some photos that was with the little boy or the blonde-girl; it almost seemed that she was blushing just by being on the side of that blonde girl. Not only the living room was filled with all that, but also had a huge plasma television, and a huge couch that could probably fit in three people. It seemed that Lapis was finally finishing doing her art.

“Hmm…just a little bit more, and….yup. Its finished.” Said Lapis while finishing her art. Lapis seemed very satisfied as she putted away all the painting. Just as soon as she putted away her painting, she changed her expression and was very emotionless. Lapis turned at all directions to see the barn, she was very bored, and didn’t find anything to do. “Great…now I got nothing to do.” Said Lapis with a bored and tired tone. She didn’t do quite much after that, she just sat on the couch and tried to find anything on the television just to be disappointed at finding nothing. “Not even Camp Pining Heart? Man…this will be a long day.” Said Lapis now laying down on the couch while putting a pillow on her face.

Lapis was the kind of the person that would get bored very easily, but she had her reason on acting like that. She got her face out of the pillow and saw a photo close to her of the blonde-girl with her. She grabbed the photo and saw it on a closer look and almost blushing.

“Peridot…” said Lapis while looking very closely to the blonde girl in the photo. She blushed upon saying her name and putted away the photo. “Ughh…of all the days, I need her to be here.” Said Lapis while putting back the pillow upon her face. Normally Lapis would spend most of the days alone in the barn, but her loneliness only endures for a short time since Peridot has less work and would return to Lapis as soon as she can.

Peridot in fact, was the first one to live here in the barn thanks to the help from the little boy with curly hair which name was Steven Universe. Lapis moved in after she got out from horrible abusive relationship she had in the past, and unfortunately Peridot knew about the mate of Lapis in that time. Peridot at first wasn’t very nice to anyone, but herself but she manage to change over the time thanks to Steven and she is completely a new person and everyone could see that, but she still retained some of her childish behavior. Peridot was now friendlier and she even gets along very well with Lapis…even at some point that anyone could say that they’re more than friends….and Lapis could notice that as well. Lapis couldn’t stop thinking on Peridot change of behavior and sudden kindness over the course of the time, and she decided it would be best to ignore it by falling asleep.


A blonde girl that was wearing glasses and also wearing a green hoodie with an alien on the center meaning that it was Peridot was sitting on a café with two persons.

“Sooo…why did you want to see us Peridot?” asked a little boy that had curly hair. This boy was Steven and he was being accompanied with a tall girl that had afro-hair and was wearing shades. The name of this girl was Garnet.

“Well…its just….urgh…how do I put this…” said Peridot in a nervous tone and blushing. Steven and Garnet could tell that Peridot was very nervous and was fidgeting with her fingers.

“Peridot, its okay! You can tell us anything.” Said Steven with a happy tone trying to encourage Peridot. Peridot was still blushing a lot and was trying her best to get the words she wanted to speak.

“Grr…urgh…well…you remember that…five months ago…you brought L-Lazuli?” said Peridot with now a darker blush on her face when she mentioned the last name of Lapis. Garnets took off her shades and raise her left eyebrow when she saw how Peridot was very flustered, but she manage to get what was going on.

“(Heh, Peridot likes Lapis. After all this time she finally realizes it.)” thought Garnet.

“Yeah I remember.” Said Steven.

“Well…I….I-I-I think that I might like her.” Said Peridot with a really bright red blush that could confuse anyone into thinking that she had fever. Steven got huge stars in his eyes and Garnet simply smiled seeing that her thought were right.

*GASP* FINALLY!!! After all this time, you finally said it!!” said Steven with a huge grin and excited tone.

“Y-Y-You mean that you know?!” said Peridot very embarrassed at seeing how Steven pointed that out.

“Everyone knew.” Said Garnet with a smile.

“WHAT?!?!” said Peridot more embarrassed than ever.

“Yeah!! Everyone could see it! Garnet and I were the first one to notice it.” Said Steven with a smile. Peridot couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but she was very skeptical on believing Steven.

“Arrrgggh!!! Please stop!!” said Peridot now covering her face from embarrassment.

“Maybe even Lapis knows about it.” Said Steven. This hit Peridot like a thousands of brick falling into a sensitive flower. Not only that, but now her face could literally be described as a burning tomato.

“Y-Y-Yeah right…I doubt that Lazuli will return the feelings. You know how she is most of the time.” Said Peridot now in a sad tone. While its true that Lapis would be very emotionless most of the time, and even be rude with most people, there has been times that she showed even more feelings with her or Steven.

“Awww, don’t think like that Peridot! I’ve seen her face and her attitude when she is close to you. Even if it doesn’t look like it, she has a crush on you.” Said Steven. Peridot wanted to believe Steven, but she wasn’t very sure about it. One part of her body tells her that is true what Steven was saying, but the other part is saying to her that she shouldn’t risk all the friendship that she manage to achieve throughout the five months….which was a lot of progress in fact.

“I’m still not sure about it. Maybe she’ll start to hate me if I tell her that.” Said Peridot with a worried tone. Garnet standed up from her chair and went towards Peridot.

“Peridot, I know that all this concept of love is weird, but the truth is…love is something all of us is able to do. At first is very confusing and you have some doubts and that is fine since its natural to feel that way. But when you manage to find yourself and your heart, then I can reassure you that you’ll find the happiness in love from you and your crush…even if she acted hostile at the beginning.” Said Garnet with a determined tone and putting her hand on Peridot shoulder. Peridot felt more easy after Garnet told her that.

“Wow, thanks Garnet. That was….quite informative. And that is why…I want to do something special to Lazuli.” Said Peridot with a little blush.

“Oh!! I can think of something.” Said Steven with a smile.

“Me too.” Said Garnet with a smirk. Peridot only gave them a nervous smile as she already knew the wacky personality that had Steven combined with the unexpected attitude of Garnet.

Back to the Barn….

It hasn’t passed more than 15 minutes since Lapis was laying on the couch trying to get herself to sleep. She was changing position every ten seconds and nothing seemed to be working out.

“Aaargh!! I can’t!! Why?! Why can’t I just simply…lay down on the couch, and sleep!?” said Lapis with frustration. All this time her mind was trying to be calmed, but was very filled with thoughts of Peridot. When Lapis even tried to imagine something with Peridot she would blush a little bit, and then change the postion with a faster pace. “Darn it…why do I feel like this? Do…do…do I like Peridot??” said Lapis finally stop moving and standing up from the couch.

Lapis was feeling like this on the course of three months ago, and simply ignore…no…perished the thought of something like that happening, but she was feeling like that most of the time especially when hanging out with Peridot most of the time. After Steven, Peridot is the second person that made her smile, made her feel somewhat safe and secure, and even show her some new perspective of having fun and spending time with friends. As a matter of fact, Lapis would even think of Peridot as cute and funny, and there was two occasions that Lapis told Peridot that she was adorable, but thankfully for her she didn’t hear it.

“ARRGH!!! No! No! No, no. NO!! I can’t like her, I simply….cannot. What if…I hurt her.” said Lapis while grabbing her hair and her tone was getting more worried and depressed. While Lapis changed as well, she retained some of her memories when she was in her past abusive relationship, and even dare to think that she wanted to come back on that horrible experience. Thanks to the therapy that she went through, she manage to control herself, but there were times that some horrible flashbacks would come and hit her out of the blue.

“(Oh no…its happening again…)” thought Lapis as her breath was starting to get out of control. Lapis tried to do her best on doing what the doctor told her and that was to breathe slowly and relax. She tried her best, but she couldn’t find herself on breathing normally and she was getting a little bit dizzy as some tears appeared on her eyes.

20 Minutes Later….

“Lazuli! I’m home.” Said Peridot as she opened the barn door and entered the barn while putting away her backpack. When Peridot entered the barn the first she noticed was the pillows from the couch being on the floor and some of her photos with she and Lapis were off the place, a painting of a mermaid and Lapis was nowhere to be found. “Lazuli?? Heeelllo??” said Peridot as she looked everywhere and found nothing. Peridot then walked around the couch and saw Lapis lying around the floor in fetal position. Peridot was shocked to see Lapis and immediately went towards her and help her. “Lazuli!! Lazuli! Can you hear me?? Are you okay?” said Peridot. Lapis was barely moving, but Peridot manage to sit her up once again and saw that all of her cheeks was filled with tear stains and her eyes were almost dead. Peridot couldn’t see what happening to her, but later she understood.

“(It must happened again. Lazuli must have suffered another post-traumatic memory.)” thought Peridot. After that, Peridot immediately hugged Lapis very tightly and began to breath very close to her. “Breath…breathe Lazuli and relax. I’m here…you have nothing to worry.” Said Peridot as she hugged Lapis. Lapis wasn’t reacting at all, but after feeling Peridot hug and calm words, she snapped back to reality, and let out some tears as she hugged back Peridot. Peridot could feel her chest pressing against Lapis and she blushed a lot.

“Peridot!! Thank goodness you’re here.” Said Lapis in tears. Peridot was blusing, but nevertheless she patted Lapis back.

“Hey, hey, its okay. Stop crying, you’ll make it worse for yourself. Relax and breathe.” Said Peridot. Lapis couldn’t help, but to laugh.

“Thanks Peridot…but you should practice more on you supporting words.” said Lapis as she giggled and stopped crying. Peridot giggled a little bit, and now was relieved to see that Lapis calmed down.

“Actually…there is something that I need to show you. You think you could stay here?” said Peridot while blushing a lot and looking away from Lapis. Lapis was sort of confused, but she agreed.

“Sure. I’ll be fine, don’t worry.” Said Lapis. Peridot nodded and she broke the hug and headed where her backpack was. Lapis stood up and cleaned away some of the dirt. Peridot returned to Lapis and now was blushing harder than ever and both of her hands were in her back.

“Lazuli…” said Peridot with a blush and flustered tone. Peridot took some steps closer to Lapis which made her blush a little bit and also very nervous.

“Uhmm…what is it?” said Lapis in a confused way.

“Well…is just, it has been five months since we’re roommates and ever since you came in…you…you made me feel very special. I tried my best on trying to amend the things, and while I succeed with some help, I’m very glad that you are my roommate and even that you consider me as your friend.” Said Peridot blushing even more as she was saying more words. Lapis was getting flustered as well, and she kept listening to Peridot words. “Throughout the time we have fun and learning new things about each other, and well…over the time… it seems that I grew a feeling…t-t-to y-y-y-you.” Said Peridot as blurted out those final words and her face was all red. Peridot handed a little green box to Lapis. Lapis was now blushing harder, but she accept the gift nevertheless and was definitely surprised at seeing Peridot doing something like this.

“T-T-Thanks.” Said Lapis with a nervous tone.

“I really appreciate that you consider me a friend…but it seems that…you quite grown up on me since..ugh…since….grr, urgh…” said Peridot trying to speak those last words, but it seems that it could do it. Lapis was getting now confused at seeing Peridot struggle with her own words…not that it was the first time. “Since….I-I-I-I-I-I….I LIKE YOU!!!!” said Peridot finally spitting out those last words. It wasn’t easy for Peridot since now her face was now like an active volcano that could erupt three more times with more lava. Lapis was astonished and Peridot was now covering her face and all of her body was in a condition that could faint in any moment.

“(She….she said that she like me….)” thought Lapis with a surprised tone. Lapis couldn’t believe it, but she finally snapped back and decided to open the green box and was surprised upon seeing the gift.

“(Oh no…no, no, no, no, no, no, no…she isn’t responding back…I probably shouldn’t said that…I’m so dead.)” thought Peridot with a worried face, but Lapis couldn’t notice it since Peridot was covering it with her hands. Peridot couldn’t notice, but Lapis was smiling a lot and had some tears on her eyes. “(Oh no…Lapis isn’t talking to me…I definetly ruined this, I shouldn’t have even gave her that kind of gift…probably just buying her a new meepmorps would be better.)” thought Peridot while sweating nervously. Peridot then felt that her hand covering her face was being removed, and later Peridot saw that Lapis was holding her hand and had a flirting smile.

“Relax, you nerd.” Said Lapis as she leaned closer to Peridot and press her lips against Peridot’s lips. Peridot couldn’t believe what she was experiencing! She was kissing Lapis Lazuli, and it felt so good. Peridot closed her eyes and kiss her back. Lapis was feeling it, so she decided to take more action and kiss even more harder and even gave Peridot some tongue-action which shocked a lot Peridot. Peridot was very surprised, but she also feel it very good, and decided to flow with it and tongue-kiss Lapis too. Both of them began to moan, and kiss a lot until finally Peridot broke the kiss. Both Peridot and Lapis were out of breath like they ran through a marathon, and of course they were very sweaty.

“Holy smokes…” said Peridot as she was trying to recover her breath from all that kissing action. Lapis was also breathing heavily and after she finally regained her composture Lapis smiled which made Peridot yelped a little bit.

“You kiss good and smooth.” Said Lapis with a smirk. Peridot only responded with a little and nervous smile.

“Lazuli…does this mean that…you like me too?” said Peridot. Lapis raise her left eyebrow and just snorted.

“Geez Peridot, wasn’t that kiss enough for you to notice it? Of course I do you dork.” Said Lapis as she giggled. “Maybe another will convince you…” said Lapis with a devilish smirk and tone. Peridot was surprised and now nervous.

“No! Its okay, I get it, and that makes me happy!!” said Peridot as she jumped towards Lapis and hugged her very tightly. Lapis was surprised as well, but she smiled and returned the hug.

“Me too Peridot…me too.” Said Lapis as she hugged Peridot. After all that, the hug seemed like forever as Peridot and Lapis were close to each other, seemingly never letting go in the most beautiful way. As both Peridot and Lapis were hugging each other, the gift of Peridot was laying around closer to them revealing that the gift was a necklace that had a heart on the center with the words I love you.

Chapter 2: The Misconception Of Me track list


2.Excuse Me Miss 


4.Like A Fire 

5.Why So Serious? 

6.Can’t leave

7.Music Box 


9.It’s You. 

Will be released in April which also includes a photobook

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Michael Ford’s Top 30 Worst Movies of All Time

I’m sure you all know I LOVE movies. I review movies, I talk about movies a lot… movies are one of my favorite artforms, and they really mean a lot to me. But as with any great artform, there’s always some shitty stuff in there too. I don’t like absolutely everything I watch, that’s for sure. Here are the 30 films I found bad, insulting, disgraceful, mediocre letdowns, or what have you. Some of these choices may even surprise you; there’s a lot of odd movies I have a great hate for.

As a quick note, the following films are not on here, because these are probably the stereotypical things you’d imagine to be on the list:

  • Minions: As I mentioned in my review, it’s not bad. Yes, it stars Minions, but they’re not as intolerable as I would have suspected, and for something so blatantly cashgrabby there’s a shocking amount of heart and effort in it.
  • Anything by Michael Bay: I hate Pearl Harbor as much as the next guy, but overall I like quite a few of his films. Yes, even a couple of the Transformers films, 1 and 3 particularly (2 was dumb but not dumb enough for this list)
  • The Star Wars prequels: Setting aside 3, which is a great movie, 1 and 2 are kinda pointless and dumb, especially 2, but I have a bit of nostalgia for them, though that’s not why I’m not putting them on. Even all the nostalgia aside, they aren’t awful, just… mediocre.
  • Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: This is one of my favorite movies. No joke. I love this film. Yes, it is the weakest Indiana Jones film, but even the weakest Indiana Jones film is still a fun time for me. I wasn’t even too bothered by the fridge or aliens, only thing that bugged me was the fucking CGI prairie dogs.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and 4: While three is a bloated mess and four isn’t amazing, they’re both perfectly decent films in their own right.
  • Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice: I like both of these movies. I don’t love them, but they’re both pretty good, especially the latter. Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor, on the other hand…
  • Battlefield Earth, The Room, Foodfight, any other infamously bad movie: They’re not on this list for a very special reason which will become apparent soon enough.
  • Anything else not listed: Just ask, I’ll tell you why it’s not here.

With all that aside, let’s begin:

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