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We Are Young: Chapter 11

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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Silence. All Aelin could hear was silence.

Well, besides the wind blowing past the car and the other cars on the road. But other then the sounds from the outside world, all she could hear was silence.

Neither she or Aedion spoke as they drove down the road. Aedion simply kept his eyes forward, never glancing over at her once. Even the radio was off, and neither one of them moved to turn it on.

It had been just over a week since Sectionals. Since Aelin skated her two worst skates in years. Also since Aedion had to watch a pregnant Lysandra skate. It had been weeks at that point since Lysandra told him she was pregnant. Since he found out he was going to be a father at eighteen.

So you could see why neither cousin was really in the mood to have a conversation.

Aelin sighed, turning to look out the window.

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dam-iminalotoffandoms  asked:

If you still want to write stranger things may I request fluffy mileven? Literally anthing post season 2 like I dont mind if its snowball, a week later, a month, a year, whatever inspiration hits. I'm desperate for post season 2 mileven fluff so anything you got would be awesome :)

Mike has a collection of flashlights.

They are overwhelmingly gifts from Jim Hopper.

“In case the power goes out.”

“Can’t have you tripping.”

“You can’t fight if you can’t see.”

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Interesting facts from interview with CCS Clear Card producer Chiyo Kawazoe

The most recent issue of Animage, the 12/2017 one, features one interview with the producer of the upcoming Card Captor Sakura Clear Card anime, Ms. Chiyo Kawazoe. You probably remember her because she was attending the first world screening of Sakura and the two teddy bears OAD at AX back in July 2017!

This interview turned out to be as interesting as the one with character designer Hamada in Animedia!! I was able to read it, and while I’m not doing a complete translation, I will write here some interesting tidbits about the upcoming anime, including A MAJOR SPOILER about the gender of the Mysterious Cloaked Figure. I suggest you to skip the part surrounded by asterisks if you want to keep the surprise a bit longer.

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Something quick and fun that came to mind when i saw this fanart by askjxc2

[Part 2]


Jesse watches Gabriel in profound sleep from under the doorframe of the rec room. He can’t help smiling at the peaceful picture his commander makes when he’s not scolding him, or pinning his face to the mattress in front of the other agents. Watching him sleep comfortable on the sofa makes Jesse want to join him. Turn the lights off and curl up beside him with a blanket for both of them before their mission later. Jesse forgets why he searched all over the base for his commander in the first place.

“There’s your target, McCree,” Rainer whispers by his ear, almost startling the cowboy. The older agent pulls out a twenty dollar bill and displays it in front of the newly turned 23-year-old’s eyes.

Jesse’s eyes turn wicked as he smirks. “Easiest money I’ll ever make.”

Rainer pulls the bill away and Kimura, another agent, chuckles behind them.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” Kimura says. “He can’t wake up for five seconds.”

“And we all know Reyes gets on his feet at the sound of a speck of dust hitting the floor,” Shannon, another agent, adds.

“Relax, fellas,” McCree says with a calm tone, waving them off with one hand. “I know what I’m doing. I might talk a lot, but I do my best work silent. Watch and learn.”

He hears a few more chuckles and hums of disbelieve as he steps away from the trio. His knees start to feel like jelly the closer he’s to Reyes, still peacefully asleep, with no idea of the trickster that’s a few feet away from him. Jesse’s lips go dry even when he licks them. His breath catches in his throat and the room starts feeling smaller.

But none of this is visible to the other agents. The room is empty except for Reyes and McCree. That’s how it would feel anyways, even if it was crowded. There is something of that dark, rough man that keeps Jesse on his toes and makes him feel like he’s alone on this earth when Reyes’ brown eyes fall on him. Is too bad they’re closed now, but that’s how he wants it right now. How he needs it.

He steps right in front of his commander, with spread legs that don’t help Jesse in anyway, but he ignores it. He focuses on his parted lips as he breathes softly. How soft and tasty they look. Jesse smiles as he bites his bottom lip, ready to try them out. He wants to drink and taste everything that has gone through Gabriel’s mouth and leave his own mark.

Jesse takes off his hat and brushes his hair back before leaning down. Gabriel’s name almost sings out of Jesse’s lips like a whisper before he kisses the older man. God, he wants to savor more the second their lips touch. He wants to dip his tongue, saddle his commander’s lap and wrap his arms around the thick neck. But there’s no time. He can feel the earth shaking. He can already taste the sour words of Gabriel’s scolding on his tongue and the furry, burning red on his eyes when he opens them.

But nothing ever comes.

Jesse gets lost in time and five seconds turn to twelve and he even moves his own lips, pretends his commander responds to the act. He’s about to lean closer, make it deeper, before Rainer pulls him off and out of the rec room.

“You have a death wish, my man,” the agent says with eyes full of surprised as they shove the bill on Jesse’s hands.

“Can’t believe he’s still asleep,” Kimura says as he looks at their commander.

Jesse also looks. Gabriel looks almost death and if Jesse hadn’t felt the warmth of his mouth, he would have rushed to check his pulse.

“You are lucky,” Shannon pokes him.

Jesse shrugs as he puts on his hat. “Nah, I just have a real gift to leave people speechless with my mouth.”

The floor vibrates under Jesse’s black boots. The platform starts to open and the wind rushes in, almost knocking Jesse back. He looks over his shoulder, every other agent looks comfortable with a parachute on their back. Some look ready to jump before their commander’s signal. Kimura gives him a thumbs up. Is the first time Jesse’s jumping of a flying plane into a mission and his nerves are on full drive. He wants to vomit the light dinner he had before coming.

“Alright!” Reyes says over the sound of rushing wind. “As soon as you hit the ground, run for cover! There’s no sure sign of them knowing we’re coming! There’s an abandoned mechanic shop, near, my sources found no sign of our targets in it! Use it for shelter! Rainer, Shannon, place all our supplies there once they fall!” Reyes says to the pair with a strong metal crate between them. “Hastings, McCree, Taylor, Vaez and I will take the open field! Nahir, Stamos and Marks got into the trees! Understood?!”

“Yes, sir!” The agents choir together, even McCree with shaking voice.

“Alright, ten seconds to jump, and McCree?”

Jesse almost misses his commander’s words between the noises. He looks at Reyes a millisecond before he’s pulled by his tactical vest towards the older man.

His eyes snap open and he’s sure his pupils blow full black when Gabriel kisses him. It’s deep and there’s something feral about it. Like the world’s about to end. Or they’re about to jump to their death. Time freezes and Jesse feels like he’s not in his own skin anymore. There’s a warmth crawling in his bones that ceases his nerves. Gabriel pulls away too soon and he feels his commander’s hand also slipping out of his back pocket.

Gabriel smiles as he shows him the twenty dollar bill Rainer gave him earlier from doing his dare. Reyes slips the bill deep into his pocket, looking as calm as ever before he jumps off the plane.

Jesse watches how the other agents pass by him, laughing and shaking their heads as they jump off. His mind is a blank space before he really focuses on Rainer who grabs his hand.

“First one to hit the ground gets to get that money back from Reyes,” Rainer falls back from the platform and Jesse realizes too late they have taken the cowboy with them along.