it almost makes you forget about the finale

OK, I know that this beautiful and jaw-dropping scene is what’s making the ENTRE Yuri!!! on Ice fandom cry, scream, and bless the YoI creators for practically being gods to us fujoshi. Believe me, I did all three…but isn’t anyone going to talk about these moments:

Yuri is basically getting revenge on Victor for pretty much shattering his heart a few moments ago by playfully poking and patting his receding hairline.

Yuri is making fun of Victor’s expression. Keywords: MAKING FUN OF. Yuri, the nervous and timid guy is MAKING FUN OF his idol and coach.

Yuri’s calling out Victor, the “Living Legend” who’s been viewed as this perfect human being by almost everyone else in the series, for his inexperience as a coach (in other words he’s basically saying “You suck at consoling your skater.”)


What I basically got from these scenes is that Yuri is FINALLY 100% comfortable with Victor enough to tease him and call him STUPID. He literally says, “Victor no BAKA.” The tone of his voice alone shows his familiarity with Victor. 

I’m so happy to witness Victor and Yuri growing closer and closer with each episode until they broke the distance completely with that god-given kiss. I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH!

Aftermath of Abuse

Emotional abuse is a real shitty thing. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I’ve dealt with a bunch of it, and it’s caused a tremendous amount of damage to my psyche, my self esteem, and pretty much every other aspect of who I am as a person. 

What people forget to mention is how it almost makes you long for it when you’re finally getting happier, getting better. I’m in a really healthy relationship now, with a person I care a lot about. But there are still days when it doesn’t feel real and it doesn’t feel enjoyable for god knows what reason. Like you almost wake up craving to be hurt and to ache again. You almost want someone to kick you down. It’s what you’re used to. 

I don’t know, it’s probably why I’m not over it. I don’t really know how to go about getting over it. I know I don’t wanna check every outlet of someone else’s life every day though, because it’s keeping me from enjoying mine. I don’t want to feel those kinds of ties anymore.


1 am writings

You make me weak. The weakest I’ve ever been. Almost made me forget who I was. Luckily I remembered. I think about you before I go to sleep and as soon as I wake up. You’re constantly in my dreams. Daydreams and nightdreams. Is it a nightdream or a nightmare? I’m not really sure where the line is drawn. You give me a feeling of hate and love all at the same time. Hating the fact that I’m in this position but loving every moment of it. Dreading the day that this misery will finally end. Is this what I want? Or is this what needed to happen? I didn’t want any of this. But I needed all of it. I needed to see that you were possible. That you were real. That this was real. But was it? Was all of this really real? Or did I conjure this up in my head? I set this all up for myself. I knew that this would happen but yet unsure of what the outcome would be. It’s over, finally. At least for reality. But mentally, I’m stuck. Mentally, it’s not over. Mentally, hoping it’s not over. Mentally, realizing that it’s over. Mentally exhausted from playing this game. Mentally exhausted because I want it to start all over again. Mentally exhausted because I don’t know how to make you want me more than you want her. Mentally exhausted because even though that everything is now clear as fuck, my head is still cloudy. Stuck in the clouds until these feelings fade. I don’t ever want them to. But they have to. I am not the desired one and it’s reality. I must face it.

SasuSaku Month 2015

Day 24- Day Trip.
: I’ll See You Soon
: Sarada finally convinced her papa to take her with him in one of his missions. It was up to her mama to make sure she didn’t forget anything.

“Did you take your spare glasses?”

“Yes, mama.”

“And did you remember to take the sun protector?”

“It’s in my bag, mama…”

“And…. The repellent? There are many insects around those woods and they may carry diseases.”

“I did not forget that, mama.”

“And… Oh, Yeah! What about clean underwear? I know it’s almost that time of the month again so I already put some tampons in your father’s bag just in case.”




A blushing Sarada, an anxious Sakura and a patient Sasuke were the three elements that were composing that scenario. The three members of the Uchiha family were all reunited in the entrance hall of their house, as two of them were taking care of some last minute details before they could leave the village for the weekend. The mother was worried about her daughter for it would be the first time the pre-teen would be going on a journey without her. She wanted to make sure Sarada had everything she was going to need for her three days trip and she wanted to prevent any possible emergencies while she was not around. She wanted to do everything she could for her little girl while she was still close and not miles away from her. Uchiha Sakura wanted her to enjoy her journey without any possible worries. Sarada deserved to have fun during those three days, after all, it would be the first time her papa would take her with him.

After months of trying, and a lost bet, the Uchiha princess finally convinced her father to take her with him on one of his investigative missions. Since the ninja world was no longer that dangerous and since his wife agreed that there would be no problems in doing so, Sasuke decided that, when the Hokage’s orders didn’t send him too far away from home, he would be taking his little girl with him. He would help her discover the world outside Konoha’s walls and by doing so she would see its beauty through her own dark pearls. She would spend time with him and that was the one thing that was making him satisfied the most. After so long and after so many turbulences, they would finally be having some father-daughter time. They would have the chance to learn a little bit more about each other and they would have a chance of strengthening their bond. It would be a quite interesting mission. If only the rosette could join them, then that whole mission would be simply perfect.

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Captain Swan

How I feel about you, it would never let me forget who I am.

© Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I was re-reading one of my favourite books, where the main characters are my biggest OTP when it comes to books, and this part almost made me cry, ‘cause it makes me think a lot about the spoilers, the season finale and all the speculations about Killian saving Emma from the darkness. So, this is what turned out.

BamBam’s friend with benefits means...
  • you keep things pretty hidden from the other guys
  • at first, he didn’t really want to have this type of relationship
    • out of fear that you or him would develop feelings
  • but you’d promised each other, if things ever got to that point, you’d end it
  • he wouldn’t be very flirty or anything like that with you in front of the guys
  • he’d save all of that for when you two were alone
  • he was normally the one to ask you to come over
  • “hey, you busy?”
  • “can you come over?”
  • “I need you”
  • because you couldn’t flirt or be very close with bambam around the other guys you found other ways
  • you enjoyed texting him or sending him suggestive pictures
  • knowing it would get his mind racing
  • when he could finally get home to you, he’d make sure you knew how those texts/pictures made him feel
  • he’s the type to try and please you in bed, and almost forget about himself
  • so you often take charge to make sure he’s taken care of
  • he likes you to stay the night, even though you know you shouldn’t
  • you two at much differently during and after sex
  • after he’s very cuddly and cute
  • which makes it hard for you to not catch feelings
    • and even when you do somewhat think you are starting to feel a certain way about him, you won’t tell him

I think part of the reason that Fury Road works is because of its simplicity. Yes, there is a lot of depth to this movie, with its characters and symbolism and world-building, but at its core it is profoundly simple. It has an almost fairy-tale quality to it. It’s a story about warriors and princesses first fleeing the dragon, then conquering him, and finally winning the castle and cleansing the land of evil.

A good children’s story is the kind that stays with you long after you grew up, the kind that makes you forget that you ever grew up at all. Suddenly, when you hear it or read it or see it, you’re five years old again, sitting rapt with attention on your grandfather’s knee. When an entirely original children’s story appears that has the same effect, it’s a rare feat. I’ve really only had Spirited Away, The Last Unicorn and The Secret of Kells do this for me, in terms of films. All of those were animated features, aimed at children but enjoyable for all ages.

But when an entirely original story aimed specifically at adults does the exact same thing, it’s more than rare. It’s borderline miraculous. When a movie for adults renders its audience childlike - whether in wonder, terror, or confusion - that’s a truly unique occurrence.

Adults need fairy-tales, too, and Fury Road is one.

- bai-xue


This cute Indian promo for ‘HIMYM’ almost makes you forget about the finale. Almost.

I mentioned to my friend that AoU is now ranked at the bottom of my Marvel list (not counting the first 2 Hulk films). She hasn’t seen AoU yet.

“Omg age of ultron is THAT bad?” she asked.

I asked, “It’s…do you want me to tell you spoilers on why Age of Ultron made me Very Angry?”

She gave me permission to drop the spoilers. I ranted in detail for…almost 45 minutes straight and still had a lot more to say, and finally just had to stop myself because I am just getting angrier, and I was turning red and forgetting to breathe.

I get angrier about AoU every day—which in itself makes me angry, because I have never gotten invested in a cinematic fandom IN MY LIFE, and now there’s this glaring part of it that is like an open flesh wound that, rather than get to treat or stitch up, I keep having to pour salt into every time I remember it exists, because the asshole who caused the injury also cut off the hands of anyone qualified to fix it.

Fuck. AoU.