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Love in Color

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Written by Danielle

Word Count:2,059

Category: Fluff with slight angst?

Warnings: I don’t know if this is really a warning, but I felt like I should add it. If you’re color-blind in anyway or deal with anything similar this may be sensitive to some. Writing this definitely me think about how some people may not see colors and I tried to grasp the feeling in this fic.

Request from @palebun-16 :  Hello!! Could I request a peter Parker x female reader soulmate au where when you see your soulmate you start to see colors and peter sees them but only as spider man? And then the rest is up to you! Thank you!

A/N: Thank you for your request @palebun-16 ! This request really made me think. I thought it was a super clever idea and then I got scared because I had no idea how I was going to do it justice. It’s such a cool concept that I didn’t want to ruin. It was definitely a challenge for me! I’ve always struggled with writing but really appreciate the support and feel like I am improving. :) I hope you like it! Let me know what you think and requests are still open! We do have a few still were working on so it might take a while, but we are determined to do them all so thank you for your patience! 

Living in a colorless would can get quite boring, well to you at least. Everyone seemed to be used to seeing in black and white until finding their soulmate. A lot of people didn’t even seem interested in seeing colors, but that was not your case. Being a hopeless romantic gave you the dream to find that one person that would be your true love, and along with that came with the dream of seeing color. You couldn’t help but imagine what it felt like to have that one person that cared for you so deeply, and to care for them as well; having each other’s backs and going through life together as a team.

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Best Undressed: Josh Dun smut

Y/N: Sorry I fell off the face of the earth. I was super busy and I still kind of am but I’m going to just see where this goes and keep doing requests and stuff whenever I get a chance. Okay love you all xoxo

Anonymous said:
concept: y/n is supposed to have dinner with tyler and jenna but while y/n is trying to get dressed, every time y/n puts something on, josh takes something else off…?

*female reader, smut

Water rushed down against your skin, hair tousled between your fingers, soapy suds sliding down your back, steam rising from the shower, your lips pressed together, eyes closed, humming a soft tune of a song your boyfriend had been caught listening to earlier that day. Warm showers were always something you enjoyed, the way the water glided down your body, messy hair cascading down your shoulders, steamy hot air surrounding you, able to close your eyes and be alone. Although you had enjoyed some pretty amazing shower sessions with your boyfriend Josh in the past, you had to admit that sometimes being alone was just as pleasurable.

As you rinsed yourself off and stepped out of the shower, you looked in the mirror, drawing a smiley face in the foggy glass simply for your own amusement, then snatching a towel and wrapping it around your body. You walked out of the bathroom and stepped into your bedroom, picking up your phone and eyes going wide. “Fuck,” you gasped.

“Something wrong, sweetheart?” Josh raised an eyebrow, turning around to reveal his outfit, a fine tuxedo with a tie to match your outfit. “Oh gosh.”

“Yeah,” you gulped nervously. “I’m going to make us so fucking late. In fact, I think we already are. Geez, I am so sorry.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Josh reassured.

“Not it’s not,” you argued, crossing your arms over your chest. “Dammit I even called to make sure you were already dressed when you came home from work and that I’d be ready for you to pick me up and I just feel-”

“Sweetie, it’s fine. Really,” Josh insisted, sitting on the edge of the bed across from where you were standing, nervously biting your lower lip. “We have dinner with Tyler and Jenna every month. I’m sure being a little late once won’t totally ruin our relationship with them. They’re very forgiving.”

“No, no, no,” you shook your head, closing your eyes tight, cursing yourself over and over in your head. “You don’t understand. Jenna’s been trying to get these reservations for months. It’s one of the fanciest restaurants in town and they’re constantly busy, I can’t believe I’m already running late.”

“Y/n, trust me. It’s going to be okay,” Josh explained.

“Why didn’t you knock on the door and tell me?” you groaned.

“I just got home,” he told you. “I thought you were just in the bathroom or something. I didn’t know you were taking a shower.”

“I’m so screwed,” you muttered under your breath, running a hand through your hair. “Please call Tyler and tell him we’re on our way. I’ve got to get dressed.”

“Babe,” Josh eyed you up and down slowly. “I’m telling you, honest, it’s fine.”

“Shut up and call him,” you insisted, rushing over to your closet and trying to find the dress you had agreed on wearing for over a week now. Your stupid ass ruined everything, and it was something you and Jenna had planned for almost forever, everything down to the smallest detail. You felt like crying, but forced yourself to suck it up, try to clear your mind, forget about it, and instead, use as much time as you had right now to change things and make it right. You were so angry at yourself, knowing you had already fucked everything up. You fumbled for the dress, finally picking the hanger out of the closet and taking a step back when you felt two arms snake around your hips, pulling your back so it was pressed against his chest.

“I think you need to lose the towel, sweetheart,” Josh whispered in your ear.

“I think you need to prioritize,” you narrowed your eyes, turning around and pushing him back.

“I am,” he nodded. “You’ve always been my number one priority.”

“Jenna’s going to be pissed,” you grumbled.

“No she’s not,” he rolled his eyes. You discarded your towel and Josh instantly smirked, eyes gazing at your exposed body. “Besides, we’re already late anyways.”

“Exactly. That means we need to hurry the hell up,” you argued. You paced over to the dresser, tugging it open and bending down to pick up your bra and underwear, Josh raising his eyebrows and eyeing you carefully. “Oh stop it. We don’t have time for this.”

“We always have time for this,” Josh reminded. You glared at him and slid on your panties, watching as he skillfully removed his tie from around his neck, then the suit jacket.

“We’re supposed to be getting dressed,” you snapped, fixing on your bra as he began to unbutton his shirt. “Not undressed.”

“I know,” he shrugged, undoing the last button and tossing the dress shirt across the bed.

“Josh,” you hissed, grabbing your dress and stepping into it, pulling it up towards your body as he unbuckled his pants, unzipping them, slowly sliding them down as you adjusted your dress. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“You tell me,” he winked, kicking off his pants and walking over to you slowly.

“Joshua,” you stated his name more forcefully this time, trying to stay serious and angry. “Put on your goddamn clothes. We’re so fucking late.” It took every particle within your being not to stop and stare at his chest, the way his muscles accentuated his tattoo sleeve, how wonderful he looked, how you just wanted to run your hands down his skin and kiss him all over. No, you couldn’t think about that. You had to get to the restaurant and you needed to do it now.

“Mmm I think I’d rather stay in for the night,” he insisted. “I mean, my clothes are off, I’m kind of comfortable, and you look really lovely in that dress. Kind of makes me want to see what’s underneath again, for a longer period of time than the last maybe. I mean, you did get dressed sort of quick-”

“Goodness gracious, Josh!” you finally lost it, rage boiling up inside of you, fists clenched at your sides. “We plan a dinner for how many weeks and then we can’t even get there on time, much less get dressed? This is ridiculous!”

“You’re cute when you’re angry,” he smiled, managing to somehow look past all the fury overflowing from inside you.

“Shut up,” you maintained your glare, glancing down for a split second to realize he had a hard on before flickering your eyes up to meet his, still trying to fight the temptation.

“Come on baby, you know you want to,” he sighed, slowly moving his hand down his chest to his boxers. He dipped his thumb underneath the fabric, outlining the waistband, slowly moving it lower, exposing his hips. “I’m already hard.”

“Fuck it,” you instantly placed your lips on his, both of you sharing an open mouthed, passionate, desperate kiss. He quickly went to work on the zipper of your dress, tugging down the fabric and picking you up out of it, placing you onto the mattress of the bed and laying down on top of you.

“Shouldn’t have even bothered getting dressed,” he mumbled in between greedy kisses.

“I should’ve known,” you chuckled, kissing him one last time before his lips trailed down your neck, nipping at your skin and gliding his tongue across the pain and replacing it with pleasure, leaving hickeys as he traveled towards your breasts, unhooking your bra and sliding that off of your shoulders before grazing his teeth past one of your nipples, massaging your other breast with his hand.

“So beautiful,” he barely breathed as he placed kisses on your chest.

“Shit,” you gasped, tilting your head back into the pillows as he started to move lower, palms slowly gliding down your stomach, pressing soft kisses to your belly, then your waist, and lower, until his thumbs hooked the waistband of your panties and slid them down. Before you could even say another word his mouth was on your core, licking stripes up and down your folds, making you let out a loud moan. “Holy fuck, Josh.”

“That’s right, y/n,” he mumbled, moving his hand over your entrance and slowly inserting a finger, pumping it in and out, flicking his tongue against your skin. “Say my name.”

“Oh god, Josh,” you moaned even louder, him inserting another finger and picking up the pace, his tongue tracing circles over your clit, making you grab fistfuls of his hair, tugging at it desperately. You were so close to cumming when he pulled away, making you whimper for more, and he licked his lips, smirking as he slowly sucked your fluids off his fingers, remaining eye contact with you the entire time.

“You want this, baby?” he stroked a hand over his clothed cock. “You sure you don’t want to go to the dinner? I mean, if you really insist, I’m pretty sure you were set on going. I’m sure we can just-”

“No,” you shook your head. “Josh, don’t tease me.”

“I don’t know,” he looked away innocently. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s best we just go back, apologize, still try to make it.”

“Shut up,” you demanded, turning him over onto the mattress so you were straddling his hips, tugging down his boxers and sliding them off his ankles, tossing them off of the bed. “I want to fuck you so bad. You keep tempting me, keep teasing me, I can’t take it anymore. I need you.”

“Then do it,” he stared at me, brown eyes intimidating and overwhelming yet so fucking tempting. “If you want it so badly babe, all you need to do is fuck me. Fuck me good and fuck me hard.”

“Whatever you say,” you smirked, carefully taking his dick in your hands and lining him up with your entrance before pushing down, sliding every inch inside of you, gasping and tilting your head up, listening to Josh let out a soft moan.

“Oh fuck y/n,” he bit down on his lower lip. “Ride me, baby. Fuck me so good.”

“You don’t have to say it twice,” you narrowed your eyes, thrusting your hips and pushing him even deeper, moving up and down. His hands gripped your waist, pushing you faster, harder, putting you at an even quicker pace. With every thrust you grew closer, your legs trembling, gasps and moans starting to get harder to restrain. Josh was a mess too, and you could feel from the way his movements began to get sloppy, more desperate, both of you barely hanging on.

“Shit,” he moaned as you both orgasmed, riding out waves of euphoria as you both came, your sweaty and exhausted body soon collapsing on top of his, the two of you trying to regain a steady breath. “Dammit you feel so good, y/n.”

“Totally worth it,” you let out a light chuckle, his arms wrapping around you and placing a soft kiss to your forehead. “What are we going to tell Tyler and Jenna though?”

“We’ll figure something out,” Josh reassured. Just then, his phone rang from the nightstand and you both stared at it. “Maybe I should get it. It’s Tyler after all.”

“Yeah,” you sighed, reaching for it and then handing it to Josh. You were surprised there weren’t any missed phone calls or texts.

“Hey Ty, look I’m so sorry-” Josh began to say but Tyler was already speaking.

“I’m so sorry, look, Jenna and I got a little distracted and I guess we weren’t keeping track of time. We didn’t make it to the reservations, I’m so sorry dude, you must’ve been waiting forever,” Tyler quickly explained. Josh blinked for a few seconds, staring at you and then laughing. “Wait. You’re not mad?”

“It’s kind of a funny story,” Josh stifled a laugh. “Me and y/n never ended up making it either. We sort of had the same predicament you guys did.”

“Ah, I’m not sure it was quite the same,” Tyler insisted with a small chuckle. “I’m sure you both had quite the uh, distraction though, too.”

“Believe me, I did,” Josh grinned. “Anyways, we’ll do dinner some other time I’m guessing?”

“Sure,” Tyler decided. “Anyways, you two enjoy your uh, whatever it is you’re doing.”

“Why? What were you two doing?” Josh raised an eyebrow inquisitively.

“Watching a movie,” Tyler stuttered.

“You sure it was a movie?” Josh persisted.

“Oh shut up,” Tyler argued, you could practically hear the eye roll from on the other side of the line. “Dinner next week work for you?”

“Yeah,” Josh nodded. “See you later.” He hung up the phone and then set it on the night stand before turning towards you again.

“So, we’ve got the rest of the night to ourselves I assume?” you asked.

“You bet your ass we do,” Josh smiled. “You know what that means?”

“We put our clothes back on like normal people and go out to dinner ourselves?” you raised an eyebrow. “Come on, Josh. I didn’t buy that dress for nothing.”

“You always looked best undressed, sweetheart,” he insisted. “I was thinking something a little different.”

“Then what?” you narrowed your eyes.

“I was thinking we should just stay in for the night,” he winked. “That means we have time for round two.”

Sugar Sweet | 4 | (M)

word count: 9k (god damn it’s more than the first chapter!!)

genre: smut + fluff + slight angst; college AU + fuckboy!kihyun

pairing: reader/kihyun

summary: your best friend & roommate changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. instead you found solace in a pink haired man named kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you, as long as he didn’t mind you hurting him a little too.

a/n: i just really wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who’s been with me as i’ve written SS so far & all the gorgeous people who sent cute asks & beautiful compliments on the series. it really makes me so happy to see people enjoying my works. don’t fret my loves, this is nowhere near ending even though lots of things happen this chapter. expect a lot more to come, i love you all  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 5 | part 6


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anonymous asked:

Would you please rec us some fics that will totally wreck people? like ugly crying after reading them? Thanks!

  • Take the Dive by @jinxedambitions, 62K words, E, No archive warnings.
    Hux is the top diver in the world coming back for his third Olympic Games. However, this time he’s bringing more baggage than just his equipment.  His former partner, Ben Solo, is also competing with his new partner, and Hux’s greatest rival, Poe Dameron. Hux needs to prove he’s still the best in the world, but more than that he wants to prove to himself that he can move past Ben. However, Ben seems dead set on reminding him about the past at every turn.
  • all that you love will be carried away by @ceruleancynic, 125K+ Words, Series, WIP, T, Creator chose not to warn.
    Hux, sent to retrieve Kylo Ren from the dying Starkiller Base, has lost almost everything, and has little patience or tolerance left for anyone or anything–particularly not Snoke’s pet pseudo-Sith and his amateur theatrics. But you do the job that is in front of you, to the best of your ability, and you hold on as long as you can.
  • Stars Hung With String by @armisticehux, 24K+ words, WIP, E, No archive warnings.
    Kylo stared across the packed room at the man who so effortlessly walked out of his life five years prior. They might have been stuck at the same wedding for a weekend, but that didn’t require interaction. He had no reason to feel anything but bitterness and resentment towards him. And yet.
  • shadowplay by @irisparry, 2K words, E, No archive warnings.
    “Why are you still here?” Hux asked, as if it wasn’t obvious. He tensed in Ren’s grip, just enough to make him push back, and his weight felt good. “Don’t you have mystical things to do?” He punctuated the mystical with a squeeze of his thighs around Ren’s. “Somewhere else?”“I’ll be away at least a month,” Ren said. “Maybe I’ll miss you.”
  • Aware of His Own Halo by @badspacebabies, 33K words, E, No archive warnings.
    What are you doing here,” he says, finally. It almost makes him sober, the petulant effort of forcing it out between the grit of his teeth.  “Heard there was some garbage that needed carting off,” says Ren. Placid like the compressed, glassy center of a dark and dying star.  “Right,” says Hux, flicking open the clasp on the holster of his blaster. “That’s it. You can definitely fucking leave.”
  • Don’t you forget about me by @ellstra, 9K words, M, Major character death.
    “The first time was a lot different.”  “Tell me about it,” Ren pleads, “how did it happen?” It’s an odd feeling, telling your lover how you got together. Hux takes a few moments to arrange his thoughts before answering.
  • Grievous Injury by @vadianna, 8K words, E, No archive warnings.
    When Starkiller Base collapsed, Ren and Hux didn’t make it out in one piece, Ren moreso than Hux.  But because of his important work with the Force, Snoke demands that drastic measures be taken to preserve Ren’s life.  Ren tries to reconcile himself to the changes.
Bi Rogers

(A/N): Heyyyyyyyyyy, guess who’s so sorry about her fanfic recently :D it’s me!

Summary: Steve is officially Bi, he’s known it since the forties, his only problem is how does he tell (Y/N)?

Warnings: none

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor, @livandlilah

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   Steve gulped as (Y/N) stirred beside him; he had to tell them- he needed to tell them. They pressed against him, nuzzling their face into his chest, shivering a bit when the cold air of their apartment seeped through their sheets. 

   He couldn’t keep this from Them, this secret was too big, it was something they needed to know. He could barely stand to lay next to them knowing he was lying to them like this, pretending to be something he wasn’t.

    A shaky sigh falls from Steve’s lips as (Y/N) presses a sleepy kiss to Steve’s chest, their lips slowly curving upwards in what Steve assumed to be a smile. 

   "Good morning,“ Their voice was hoarse, raspy, and oh so cute. 

    "Mornin’” is all Steve whispered, his voice cracking even with the small word.  

   "You sleep well?“ (Y/N)’s lips move against his chest with every syllable, nearly sending him into a giggling fit but not now- not with such a serious issue hanging over him. 

    "Well enough,” Usually Steve would ask them how they slept as he swept them up in his arms, holding them to his body as he pressed a tirade of kisses to their skin but that wasn’t the case today. All he wanted to do today was get away from (Y/N) as quickly as possible. 


    “I guess you could say that,” (Y/N)’s messy head of hair perked up at his statement, their sleepy eyes looking at him curiously as though he were some strange animal.

    “Is something wrong Stevie?” Fuck- if there was one sure fire way to get him to melt it was to have (Y/N) call him Stevie, or any nickname for that matter. 

   "No, no, sorry, I just- mission stress and all,“ (Y/N) nods in understanding, pursing their lips in thought.

    "Do you need to go workout?”

    “Yeah, a workout would be great,” Steve sighs, finally grateful for having an excuse to leave (Y/N) behind.

    “I can make you some food afterwards?” Steve nods even though he knew he wouldn’t be able to eat until he told them.

    “Yeah, food sounds great doll,” Steve threw in the pet name for good measure, hoping it would convince (Y/N) he was fine. With a tired smile (Y/N) kissed Steve softly and even with all his guilt and shame he’d be crazy not to kiss them back. With their lips pressed to his he felt as though he could almost forget about the nagging little thought in the back of his head, screaming at him to tell (Y/N) about his huge secret but as soon as they pulled away the scream returned, louder than ever. That’s why when (Y/N) began to pull back Steve pulled them back in, whimpering against their lips, a quiet plea for them to continue. 

   "Steve- Stevie,“ (Y/N) broke away from him, leaving his lips tingling and feeling cold. "Are you sure you’re okay?” Now, now would be the perfect opportunity to tell them- 

    “Yeah, I’m fine,” Steve smiled softly, “I just- I love you,” (Y/N) smiles at him gently as they reach up to affectionately ruffle his hair, something he rather enjoyed.

    “I love you too Steve, now get that cute butt down to the gym,” (Y/N) gave his leg a firm smack and flashed him a wink before they sauntered off into the bathroom to get ready for the day. Steve watched them longingly, wishing for nothing more to join them, take a bath with them, kiss their hair as he rubbed the tension out of their shoulders- no, he needed to go to the gym, hit a few punching bags until the sand began to bleed onto the floor. Yeah, that’s what he needed to do. 

   Steve quickly got dressed and grabbed some materials before heading down to the gym, locking himself inside so as not to be disturbed by anyone for a few hours. As soon as he stepped foot into the gym he was eyeing the punching bags as he wrapped his hands up tightly, perhaps a bit too tightly. He hoped by the end of his session the punching bag would be nothing more than a sad bag of leather and a few grains of sand- guess he had been quite right because by the end of his workout the punching bag had been beaten into nothing, all the sand having dribbled onto the floor. He knew he should clean it up but the promise of food upstairs and a warm shower was too tempting.

    “Jarvis, can you clean the floor up or send for someone who can?" 

  "Certainly sir,” And with that and a shaky sigh Steve tracked back up the stairs, up to his floor, and into his kitchen where (Y/N) was no doubt cooking him breakfast.

    Steve was silent as he walked in, his throat full off too many words, so many that if he opened his mouth they would come spewing out without an warrant so instead he kept his mouth closed and locked, not even the slightest distance between his lips.

    “Hey big guy,” (Y/N) smiled as they turned to face him, a pan in one hand and a spatula in the other. Steve gulps as he takes a seat at the kitchen island, his eyes trying desperately not to rake up and down (Y/N)’s form. “I’m making pancakes and coffee, sounds good?” Sounds delicious is what Steve wanted to say but all they got in reply was a small grunt of approval. (Y/N) eyes Steve warily but they dismiss it, after all they had earlier asked if he was okay and he had responded with yes so why question it again?  So with a concerned gaze (Y/N) goes back to cooking, unable to shake the feeling that something was wrong with Steve. 

   “Here ya go cutie pie,” (Y/N) placed Steve’s food before him, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek as they did, not even caring about the sweat still dripping off his body. 

   “Thanks,” Steve’s voice was hoarse and raspy, just as it had been this morning but a thousand times worse now. He winced softly as he took a sip of his coffee, letting the warm drink soothe his nerves a bit. 

  “I’m gonna go shower and get ready for work, are you gonna be okay while I’m gone?” Steve nods his head as he takes a bite of pancake, barely registering the taste in his mouth.

   “Yeah, I’ll be fine,” 

   “You sure? I can take the day off if you’d like-”  

   “(Y/N),” Steve’s tone was soft but firm, his captain side starting to shine through a bit. “I’ll be fine, promise,” (Y/N) sighs softly, giving Steve one last look before muttering an ‘okay’ and making their way towards their bathroom leaving Steve to sit all alone and dwell in his thoughts. 

   His coffee had small bubbles rising to the surface and his pancakes were slowly starting to soak up the copious amounts of syrup (Y/N) had piled atop them (Steve had always been a sucker for anything sweet) as he sat there alone, wallowing in his thoughts. 

   Steve had known he was gay the minute he reached elementary school, he remembered looking at the boys and liking them just as much as he had liked the girls but he was too young to understand what that meant and even into his early teen years when he started to develop crushes on the neighborhood boys he still didn’t quite get it. It wasn’t until he was nearly 25 when it suddenly clicked for him; he was gay. Not completely gay, just a little gay. He had actually found out using an unsecured laptop (Tony was always so nosy) that he was actually bisexual and from there it just clicked for him. He had accepted it and he was finally comfortable enough to admit it but was he comfortable enough to admit it to (Y/N)? The answer was no and that’s why he could barely been look at them right now. 

   So many things could go wrong if he told them- what if they found him repulsive or strange? What if they resented him for not telling them sooner? Or worse what if they left him? Steve chokes a bit on the tears caught in his throat, a sad whimper leaving his lips at the action. God- he was so pathetic, here he was, a grown man, crying all alone in his kitchen. And of course that’s exactly when (Y/N) decides to walk in (they always had the best timing) when Steve is whimpering and wiping at his eyes, a towel wrapped around their body as water drips from their hair. 

   "I forgot soap and- Oh my god Steve, what’s wrong?“ (Y/N) rushes to the man’s side, more than concerned with the way he was sniffling and rubbing at his eyes. 

   "I-it’s nothing (Y/N)-" 

   "That’s bullshit Rogers, tell me what’s really wrong.” Even though their words were harsh their hands on either side of Steve’s face were soft and kind, more caring then anything else. Steve sighs shakily as he unconsciously rubs his cheek against (Y/N)’s hand, sniffling once again.

    “I have uh- I have something to tell you. I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time but I never had the courage and- god,” Steve sighs as he slumps back into his chair, rubbing at his aggressively red eyes.

    “C'mon Stevie, you can tell me, I won’t get mad,” Yeah right, like they wouldn’t be mad the man they’d been dating for nearly a year suddenly decided to tell them that he was gay. 


    "I promise,” as extra reassurance (Y/N) presses a kiss to Steve’s eyebrow, allowing their lips to linger there before they pulled back, looking at Steve waitingly. 

    “So- so, I’ve been hiding this for years,” Steve bites his lips as the words finally reach the open air, something he had wanted for so long. He’d never admitted to anyone about his feelings towards men, back in his day it was frowned upon and he couldn’t stand the thought of being ridiculed even more. A sickly, small gay man? Steve was sure to get the hell beaten out of him for sure. So for 70 years he kept his secret with him, that was until now. “I uh- fuck,” 

   “Take your time,” (Y/N) gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, the small bit of contact grounding him back to earth. 

   “I um, I’m- fuck it- I’m gay,” Steve blurts out, feeling the words fall from his lips almost instantaneously. 

   “W-Wait, you’re gay?”

   “Not completely gay….” Steve trails off, biting his lip as he attempted to figure out how the hell to phrase his words. “I’ve always viewed men and women the same…I don’t really have a preference is all,” Steve mumbles, feeling his tears pricking his eyes once again. Now was the time (Y/N) would yell at him, punch him maybe, demand they break up, probably call Steve a whole slew of names but suddenly (Y/N)’s reaching up with their hands to cup Steve’s cheeks and run their thumbs under his eyes to collect his tears. 

   “Is that why you’ve been so strange lately?” Steve nods meekly which rewards him with (Y/N) gently kissing his forehead again. 

   “Why were you so scared to tell me?”

   “I thought you’d resent me, maybe you’d hate me, I thought that if I told you that I liked guys too then you wouldn’t love me anymore…” 

   “Steven Grant Rogers, that’s ridiculous,” (Y/N) kisses his lips firmly yet sweetly all the while wrapping him up in a nearly bone crushing hug. “I could never stop loving you and I don’t care that you like guys too, okay? I accept you the way you are and I wouldn’t have you any other way,” (Y/N) smiles at him their hands slowly playing with his hair at the nape of his nec. 

   “R-Really?” Certainly Steve was dreaming, (Y/N) wouldn’t be this calm about Steve being gay, it wasn’t just possible-

   “Really,” (Y/N) smiles at him. “I’ll love you no matter what, got that Stevie?” Steve smiles up at (Y/N), sniffling just a bit. 

   “I love you too (Y/N),” 

   “I still have to shower and I’m pretty sure you do too, how ‘bout I show you just how much I love you, hmm?” (Y/N) gives Steve a little smirk (one that had him nearly whimpering) and their hands upon his face suddenly feel like they’re burning his skin but in the best kind of way. 

   “I’d like that,” 

   “Then get your cute little ass into the bathroom,” (Y/N) gave Steve’s lips a peck before sliding off his lap, looking at him expectantly. Steve smiles as he slides out of the chair, following after (Y/N) as they led him towards the steamy bathroom. 

   (Y/N) accepted Steve as he was, they loved him despite the fact that he just so happened to like men and women and that’s all that mattered to him. 

Pinky Promise: a Josh Dun fanfic

Y/N: Okay this might not be factually accurate but again, it’s called (fan)fiction for a reason. But I did have a little fun with the formatting and structure of this one so I hope you like it!!! super fluffy stuff!

emute28 said:
Could you do Josh x reader when they were friends when they were little kids and Josh had crush on reader.Josh star touring and some how forgot about reader and they met like after 10 years?:) By the way you are amazing writer :)

*gender neutral, warning: fluff overload lol jk


“Three, two, one. Ready or not, here I come!” Josh’s voice echoed throughout the house. You giggled, trying to stifle your laughter as you crouched down even lower into the laundry basket, the weight of a sweatshirt draped over your head drooping ever so slightly as to block your vision. It was uncomfortable, but by far, probably one of the best hiding places you’ve picked. Spending time with Josh was one of your favorite past times. Every single day after kindergarten, you’d ride home with Josh and his mom and spend time with him coloring with crayons, eating milk and cookies, or in this case, challenging each other at a game of hide and seek. It wasn’t long before he was shouting your name desperately, sure he had lost you for good. “Y/n! I give up! Please come back!”

“Fine!” your small voice shouted out. You poked your head out of the laundry basket just in time to see him race into the room, panting for breath, desperate expression fading away and replaced by a hopeful one.

“Thank goodness!” he sighed, running over to you and picking you up out of the laundry basket, giggling. “I thought I lost you for good, y/n.”

“Nah,” you shook your head with a smile. “I’m just really good at hiding.”

“Don’t be too good,” he pouted, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’d be really lonely without you.”

“I won’t leave you,” you rolled your eyes, picking the sweatshirt up off of your head and tossing it back into the laundry basket. “We’re best friends forever, remember?”

“Pinky promise?” he raised his eyebrows, reaching out his hand and sticking out his pinky.

“Pinky promise,” you grinned, linking his with yours and giving it a good shake. Your kindergarten teacher had taught your class a couple days ago that pinky promises were the most powerful promises there were. Ever since, you and Josh had sealed every deal with a pinky promise. It was like your own little personal handshake.


Everyone was supposed to stay in their seats. Your teacher had specifically told you that you’re not allowed to leave your table. You were all instructed to cut out hearts from the red, pink, and white construction paper, pick up a chocolate and tuck it in between the paper, and write who it was for and who it was from in pretty perfect cursive on the front with a silver marker. So you were probably on your fifth valentine when your best friend Josh came walking over to your table, sitting down beside you with a pink valentine in his lap. “Josh,” you hissed, staring at him. “What are you doing? You’re going to get in trouble! Go back to your seat!”

“I have to give you something,” he mumbled, fidgeting with the piece of paper between his fingers. His brown eyes started up into yours and you forgot about the possibility of getting in trouble for a split second. You looked down at the valentine in his hands and then flickered your eyes back up to his, letting out a soft laugh.

“We’re not allowed to hand them out until tomorrow,” you reminded. “Remember? When Valentine’s Day actually is?”

“I know, I know,” he sighed, running a hand through his hair and looking around nervously. “I just um, it couldn’t wait.”

“Really?” you looked at him, confused.

“I kind of wanted to tell you a while ago,” he shrugged. “I thought maybe right now would be a good time.”

“Okay,” you decided, watching as he handed you the pink heart and you unfolded it carefully. There, written in his usual all capital letters rather than the loopy fancy cursive, was his words. (Dear y/n, I really like you. I was hoping maybe you liked me too? It’s okay if we stay friends though. I just thought you should know. Xoxo, Josh.) Noticing he had picked out your favorite chocolate from the selection and tucked three pieces in between the pink paper, you smiled before looking up at him again, noticing how scared he was. He was fiddling his thumbs, biting his lower lip, eyes darting around the room anxiously.

“So, um, uh…” he stuttered out, not even able to string together a sentence of words.

“Hey,” you put a hand on his shoulder. “I like you too.”

“Really?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah,” you nodded. “You’re my best friend forever. Remember?”

“Oh,” his face fell. Why did he look so sad? He was your favorite friend. You had just told him this, too. “Yeah. We are.”

“What? Do you think I’m lying?” you tilted your head to the side, frowning. “I really do like you.”

“Pinky promise?” he whispered, eyes still full of uncertainty.

“Pinky promise,” you reassured, hooking his pinky with yours.

“Thank you,” he laughed.

“No problem,” you grinned, leaning over and pressing a soft kiss to his cheek, which surprised him completely. “Now get back to your seat before you get in trouble, silly.”

“Yeah,” he blushed, trying to hide a smile before rushing over back to his seat. Little did you know, it was Josh’s best day of his life yet.


As soon as the poster for the middle school Winter Wonderland dance was put up, your heart fluttered in your chest. Who the heck was going to take you? You barely even had any friends at your new middle school, and sure, you talked to your best friend Josh still, but mainly because he was just in your neighborhood. You had sort of forgotten about each other ever since middle school started, and grew distant, especially since you went to different schools. So a day before the school dance, absolutely desperate for a date, you nervously walked over to his house, poster clutched in hand. Right as soon as you were about to knock on the door, to your surprise, the door swung open and you backed away, startled. “Oh,” Josh’s eyes went wide, realizing you were right there. The two of you burst into giggles, then he opened the door even wider, his eyes darting to the paper held in your hand as your eyes realized he was holding a paper in his. “Uh, I was just about to head over to your house actually.”

“That’s funny,” you gave a small laugh. “Looks like I beat you to it.”

“Yeah,” he nodded slowly. He looked nervous, the same unsure eyes, lower lip bite, fiddling thumbs, anxious expression on his face. You had known Josh for years, and by now, knew very well he had horrible anxiety. You put a hand on his shoulder, something you’d learned that sort of helped him breathe a little better.

“What’s up?” you asked.

“Uh, you can um, come inside,” he decided, ushering you in and letting you sit on the couch. When you got there, he sat next to you, taking a deep breath before unfolding the piece of paper in his hand and showing you. “So there’s this dance tomorrow and I know I’m sort of asking last minute, but everyone in the grade is going and I don’t really have a date and uh, I was wondering if you wanted to come with me maybe?”

“That’s what I was going to ask,” you chuckled, showing him your poster. “Looks like both of our dances are on the same day.”

“Well uh, maybe we don’t have to go to a dance at all,” he shrugged. “Maybe we can just get some milk and Oreos, come to my house, watch a movie?”

“That sounds a lot better than a school dance,” you admitted. “I don’t really care for social situations. Or dancing. Or people.”

“Me either,” he agreed.

“It’s a plan,” you grinned.

“Pinky promise?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Huh?” you wondered. “Oh gosh, I almost forgot about that.”

“How could you forget?” he chuckled.

“I don’t know,” you mumbled. “It’s been a while since we’ve hung out I guess.”

“Yeah,” he frowned. “So let’s make up for lost time tomorrow night then?”

“Definitely,” you smiled, hooking your pinky with his. “Pinky promise.”


Research papers, finals week, the end of the semester, standardized testing, all of it was getting to you. It was four in the morning and you had gone three days now without sleep, your bloodshot eyes staring at a computer screen for who knows how many hours now, the seventh empty cup of coffee sitting beside you, an empty bottle of caffeine pills rolling off the bed, and you just about to lose your mind. If this is how high school was, you couldn’t imagine college. So you brushed off the mess of papers and pencils from off your lap and walked outside, deciding to clear your head on a long walk. You started down your sidewalk, when all of a sudden, you felt something hit you in the back of your head. You did a double take, looking behind you, but finding nothing. Hell, as sleep deprived as you were, you wouldn’t be surprised if you were hallucinating or making things up. You began to walk down the sidewalk again when you felt something hit your back, and you looked behind you to hear a voice whisper your name from… above? Yeah, you must definitely be going insane. But you heard it again. “Y/n! Up here!” You turned around and looked up, blinking twice when you saw Josh outside of his open window, waving at you. “Don’t make me have to throw another eraser at you.”

“Is that what those were?” you scowled, looking at the ground and realizing that indeed, that’s what had caught your attention.

“Come here,” he beckoned. “I’m dying of boredom and I haven’t seen you since sixth grade.”

“Fine,” you complied with a smile.

“I’ll open up the back door,” he decided. You walked over to the backyard of his house and watched as he was waiting at the door, opening it up and ushering you inside, letting you up in his bedroom. When he finally closed the door and you sat beside him on his bed.

“Woah,” you laughed, looking at him.

“What?” he raised an eyebrow.

“You got gages,” you smiled. “And a nose ring.”

“Oh,” he chuckled. “Yeah. Pretty sick, huh?”

“I think it’s cool,” you nodded. “It’s been a while. What are you up to?”

“Studying,” he groaned, showing you the plethora of textbooks and notebooks that scattered his floor. “Judging by the dark rings around your eyes I’m guessing you’ve been doing the same?”

“Yeah,” you sighed. “Geez, I haven’t talked to you in forever.”

“I know,” he frowned. “I miss you. A lot.”

“Me too,” you agreed. “Hell, before we know it, we’ll both be in college.”

“That’s a scary thought,” his eyes grew wide. “It feels like just yesterday we were playing hide and seek in kindergarten.”

“I remember those days,” you chuckled. There were a couple seconds of silence before you decided to speak up again. “Hey, are we still going to be best friends after high school? I mean, we don’t talk anymore, and I know we’ve kind of grew distant but-”

“Y/n,” Josh laughed. “Are you crazy? Come on, we’re best friends forever. Remember?”

“Oh yeah,” you rolled your eyes. “Want to pinky promise?”

“Sure,” he giggled, hooking his pinky with yours and giving it a shake before meeting his gaze with yours. “But uh, I think maybe we’re getting a little old for pinky promises.”

“What do you mean?” you wondered, confused.

“I think we should come up with a different way of sealing promises,” he shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe, uh, a little of this?”

“A little of wha- oh woah!” you began to ask when he leaned in to kiss you. His lips pressed against yours and when he pulled away, you were both bright red, wide eyes, staring at each other. “Woah.”

“I really like you,” he whispered.

“Me too,” you gave a nervous smile. “But uh, I think I need to um, get back to studying. I have a research paper due tomorrow and some tests and I just…”

“It’s okay,” he nodded, turning sort of shy, not sure how to react. “Um, good luck.”

“Yeah,” you took a deep breath. “You too.”

Leaving the room, and then the house, walking down the sidewalk, you weren’t sure how to feel. Maybe you overreacted, maybe you should go back and apologize, maybe you should’ve at least kissed him back. It wasn’t like you didn’t like it, fuck, you loved it. You wanted more, but you couldn’t. Josh was your best friend forever, your pinky promise, your childhood crush. It would never escalate to anything more than that, right? You shook those thoughts out of your head, thinking maybe he just wasn’t thinking right, maybe this was just another crazy hallucination, maybe this was just even a dream, or just the sleep deprivation getting to you. Either way, you decided to go home, give up on homework, take a nap, and let all that happened fade away. That was the last time you talked to Josh since graduating college.


Not to over exaggerate or anything, but your job actually sucked. After working your ass off in high school, getting a handful of years at college, and earning a degree, you were still stuck in your hometown working at a cheap coffee place making just a little more than minimum wage. You wished you could find a better job, or at least move out, but that costed who knows how much money, and you were still in student debt. It was a slow day, and you grew tired of staring at the empty atmosphere of the hotel, so you decided to get out from behind the counter and take a seat. You snatched a newspaper off the rack, made yourself a cup of coffee, and then sat down, flinging open the newspaper and starting to read. It was just the usual stories. Someone attempted to rob a nearby bank, a local bakery was closing down, there was a house fire a couple miles away, nothing much. You flipped the page, not really sure what to expect, but what you found absolutely blew you away. There he was, on a picture probably bigger than your thumb, memorable shining smile and those adorable squinty eyes, in your town newspaper. You read the headline: “Twenty One Pilots #1 on Top Charts.” Your eyes widened, staring more closely at the newspaper and doing a double take. Sure he looked different, but it was still him.

“Twenty One Pilots, consisting of band members Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, a musical duo from Columbus, Ohio place number one on the Billboard Top Charts this week,” you read aloud. “Their hit single Stressed Out has soared to the top of the charts and instantly become a worldwide favorite. With their eerie melody, unique lyrics, and strange vibe, the duo’s new album Blurryface has also skyrocketed up the charts, giving them a newfound recognition and reputation within the music industry. With Joseph’s profound delivery of lyrics and Dun’s steady beat on the drums, combined, they create an absolutely irresistible record that will be sure to get you singing along.”

“What are you mumbling about?” one of your coworkers snapped. “You look like you just found the cure for cancer or something.”

“No, no,” you laughed. “Uh, one of my childhood friends, he’s in this band.”

“Twenty One Pilots?” they raised an eyebrow. “I’m surprised you’re just now hearing about this. They’ve been playing nonstop on the radio for the past couple weeks.”

“I don’t listen to the radio,” you narrowed your eyes.

“They’re on tour right now,” they explained. “If I’m right, they’re coming here in about a week I think. They’re sold out.”

“Shit,” you frowned. “I was hoping to talk to him.”

“Well if you’re friends like you say, just hit him up,” they shrugged. “I’m sure he’d be able to get you in. Which one is he? Tyler or Josh?”

“Josh,” you explained. “We went to elementary school together.”

“Wow, must’ve been a real long time then,” they raised their eyebrows.

“Not really,” you shrugged. “We still talked in high school a little bit.”

“Ah, I see,” they nodded their head slowly. “Well I wish you luck and all, but there’s some stuff that’s got to be done around here. No time for coffee breaks just yet. Just because we don’t have customers doesn’t mean we don’t have cleaning to do.”

“Right,” you sighed. “Just give me a minute, I want to finish this article. Cool?”

“Sure thing,” they decided.

The next couple days, your mind was spinning. You had looked up all you could about this band. In fact, you couldn’t even believe it was real. Although you had sort of forgotten about Josh in college, you hadn’t forgotten about your entire childhood with him. You remembered all the hide and seek games during kindergarten, the constant flirting in grade school, skipping out on the dance and cuddling with a movie in middle school, and even your awkward kiss in high school. You quickly learned about how famous they had become, listened to some of the music, which was actually extremely amazing, and watched a couple interviews. Some things about him had changed. He wasn’t as nervous as he used to be, he had dyed his hair different colors, he had lost the nose ring, and he was definitely more confident and looked happier. But some things about him never changed, such as his sunshine smile, the way his eyes crinkled up when he got happy, his little laugh, the way he stared into space when he was trying to think, the lower lip biting, the small things that made you fall in love with him. Hell, he hadn’t even told you he loved you, and you hadn’t done the same. He probably actually hated you, especially after everything that happened, how you ran away after he kissed you, how you ignored him after all those years, how it was like you just flushed every single pinky promise down the drain.

So you told yourself to forget about him. Even when you heard one of the songs play in the coffee shop, even when his face showed up on the front page of the newspaper, even when you saw a customer come in wearing one of his band’s t-shirts, you told yourself to forget. You forced yourself too. Your insecurities and doubt ate you up, convincing you that he didn’t want to talk to you, that he probably forgot about you a long time ago, how those stupid pinky promises were just figments of your imagination. You prepared yourself for the worst. You thought he’d never talk to you again. You thought he’d forgotten about you. You thought he was officially out of your life. And when you expected it the least, that’s when everything got flipped upside down.


As soon as he walked into the coffee shop, you wanted to disappear. Shrink, hide, just plain teleport out of there, anything to keep him from seeing you. It had been so long, and it had ended on such an awkward note, you felt like it would just be extremely strange to talk to him again. Much less, he was famous now. Hell, he probably met so many other people and went so many different places he wouldn’t even remember you. Wasn’t he dating Debby Ryan anyways? Oh right, you weren’t supposed to know that, you just happened to accidentally discover that when you were high key stalking him online. Ugh, sometimes you hated yourself. You were almost about to make a bee line to the drive thru line when your coworker pushed you towards the cash register. “This one’s yours,” they hinted.

“Fine,” you glared at them, turning around and not ready for when you came face to face with him, the only thing separating you being the counter. You swallowed nervously, looking around before meeting his eyes with yours. Ha, and he was supposed to be the one with anxiety. “Welcome to the café. What would you like to order?”

His colorful dyed hair, those dark cocoa brown eyes, the way he wore a backwards snapback, the X-Files tank top, his gages, even the way his lips tugged up at the side and he tilted his head, it made your stomach fill with butterflies. You couldn’t lie, you missed him. He had changed, but he was still Josh. “You don’t remember me?” he frowned, eyes as if they were trying to search for something in yours. “Come on, y/n.”

“It’s been a while,” you sighed.

“It always is,” he rolled his eyes. “These days, anyways.”

“Look at you,” you pointed out. “You’re basically a celebrity now.”

“Me?” he laughed. “Nah, I’m just another dude from Ohio.”

“Sure,” you gave a small smile. “So what would you like to order?”

“I’ll take a black coffee,” he shrugged. “Something simple, you know?”

“Yeah,” you nodded.

“But more importantly,” he cleared his throat. “I was wondering if maybe I could have dinner with you.”

“With me?” you raised an eyebrow. “Hell, why would you ever want that?”

“Y/n,” he narrowed his eyes. “I’d love that. It’s been so long.”

“Yeah, but I mean, I don’t know. You could literally have dinner with anyone in the entire world you wanted. You’re famous now,” you explained. “Why me?”

“You make it seem like I’m not even human anymore,” he rolled his eyes. “Come on. I’d love to catch up. Isn’t that our thing now? Not talk to each other for a million years and then all of a sudden pick up where we left off?”

“Pick up where we left off?” you repeated. “I believe that was a kiss.”

“Yeah,” he smirked. “It was.”

“You really want to pick up there?” you laughed.

“I wouldn’t mind,” he winked. “No, but really y/n. We should talk.”

“I missed you,” you admitted.

“I always miss you,” he told you. “You’re my best friend forever, remember?”

“How could I forget?” you chuckled. “But hey, how’d Tyler feel about that? It looks like he’s been your replacement best friend lately.”

“You were there before Tyler,” he whispered playfully. “And he’s my best friend. You’re my forever. Don’t forget that.” You both shared a moment of laughter for a second.

“So later, um, is that a dinner or…” your voice trailed off.

“Date?” he finished.

“I’m good either way,” you shrugged. “It’s been a while since I’ve been on a date though.”

“We never really dated before, have we?” he wondered.

“No,” you shook your head. “We haven’t actually.”

“I think we should give it a shot,” he grinned. “You?”

“I’m up for that,” you agreed. “Later this afternoon work for you?”

“That’s perfect,” he replied. “I’ll see you then.”

“Pinky promise?” you asked, smile curling up on your lips as you reached out your pinky to meet his.

“Pinky promise,” he burst out laughing. “Always and forever.”


When you woke up, there were warm arms wrapped around you. The ghost of his lips pressed against your neck, the whisper of his words lingering in your mind, his dark eyes envisioned in your mind as you close yours. You fluttered opened your eyelids and yawned, turning around to face him. He smiled and you frowned. “You’ve been up this entire time?” you scowled.

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “You’re cute when you snore.”

“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes. “Don’t you have a show tonight?”

“Tonight,” he reminded. “I still have the entire morning to spend with you.”

“Won’t Tyler be wondering where you disappeared to?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Nah, he doesn’t need to know,” he reassured. “It’s just you and me right now, y/n.”

“Thank you,” you whispered. “For last night.”

“Anytime,” he smiled. “You know I’m always up for a tub of ice cream, a Disney movie, and a deep conversation.”

“Don’t forget cuddling,” you reminded.

“I never forget cuddling,” he sighed. “Who do you think I am?”

“Hey Josh?” you barely whispered. “Can I tell you something crazy?”

“Well knowing that you’re a crazy person, I assume everything you say is crazy,” he teased.

“Hey!” you giggled, playfully shoving him away. He captured you in his arms, pulling you closer towards him and pressing a soft kiss to your forehead.

“Yes, you can tell me anything,” he reassured.

You took a deep breath, closed your eyes, and then opened them, looking into his. There was something you read online once, something about how people’s eyes never change since the day they were born. That’s why babies’ eyes look so big, because their size doesn’t increase or decrease. The eyeball is the only organism that doesn’t grow from birth. It was something peculiar to think about, especially at then at all times and places, but you couldn’t help it. His eyes were something you had fallen in love with the first time you met them. You saw how big and full of concern they grew when he was worried, how they darted around the room when he was nervous, how they grew soft when he was sleepy, how dark and intense they could become when he was concentrated. But most importantly, you loved the way they became all squinty when he smiled. It meant he was happy, and more than anything, you wanted him to be happy. “I know this is long overdue,” you began. “But um…”

“Yeah?” he wondered, looking at you, the anticipation hanging thick in the air.

“I love you,” you told him. “I always have, Josh.”

“Really?” he asked. There was a pause. “Even when you ran away that night? The first time I kissed you? In high school?”

“Even then,” you nodded. “I guess, I don’t know. I was nervous and scared and didn’t know what to do. I was stupid.”

“Like I was in third grade,” he laughed.

“What?” you inquired.

“When I gave you that Valentine card and told you I liked you,” he recalled. “I was so terrified.”

“I remember that,” you chuckled.

“Hey y/n,” Josh cupped your cheek with his hand, gaze caught in yours. “I love you, too. Always have, always will.”

“Pinky promise?” you smirked.

“Pinky promise,” he grinned, both of you linking your pinkies together and giving it a good shake. He wrapped his arms around you and gave you a tight hug. “Listen, it doesn’t matter where I am, what I’m doing, or how much time has passed. You’ll always be my best friend forever, kiddo. And I’ll always love you.”

“I missed you so much,” you sighed, closing your eyes tight and getting lost in the embrace. “I promise I won’t run away this time.  Think I’m here to stay.”

“Yeah?” he wondered.

“Definitely,” you answered. “I don’t think I would last another million years without talking.”

“Me either,” he admitted. “I think I’m going to keep you for good this time.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” you smiled, pulling him in for a kiss. When you pulled away, he let out a small laugh. “What’s that for?”

“I’m just surprised, that’s all,” he shrugged. “You’ve never really been one for a kiss on the lips.”

“Well you said it yourself, remember?” you smiled. “We outgrew pinky promises in high school.”

“We’ll never outgrow pinky promises,” he laughed his eyes. “You know that as well as I do.”

“I guess so,” you joked.

“So um, you said something crazy. My turn?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Sure,” you decided.

“Would it be okay if, I don’t know, we were more than best friends?” he wondered. “Forever?”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying, Joshua Dun?” you asked.

“It sounds absolutely insane, but we’ve known each other for a little while now, and I know this is only our first actual date, but I want to live my entire life with you, y/n,” he whispered. His voice grew even softer. “I think I want to marry you.”

“Only if you seal it with an official pinky promise,” you decided with a grin.

“Then I pinky promise,” he reassured. “I promise to love you forever and always.”

“Then how could I ever say no?” you smiled.

Speed Date (W/Kenny Omega)

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This is a new short series I’m starting based on an idea from @waynscastle thank you for this marvelous idea <3 They’re going to be short because it’s all about speed dating and I might end it with a longer story where the reader picks one of the guys and goes on an actual date. I’m not sure yet but anyway, enjoy speed dating with wrestlers lol. I have three guys already planned but I need five more to do so if you have someone you want to see in this, let me know.

Tags: @daintymissdevitt @sarahmatthews7 @shadow-of-wonder @happiness-in-reznor @tooweirdforlifex @fan-fiction-galore @omgmissmillie @thedeboniardevistation @jazzytoosweet @mindsetcalamity @alexispoo @mermaidfett @thathpchick @skyrina @laziestgirlintheworld @ang-78 @valeonmars @laigy2213 @squirrel666 @brooklyns-scumbag @megan-monroe @wweximaginesxd @lclb13 @phlebotomyprincess1 @awkward-potato-imagines @effy-christine @pjanina13 @fearlessflawlessdior @wrestlingnoob @fandom-preferences-imagines @superkixbaybay @wrasslin-x @xxmaddhatter39xx @legitlunatic

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“Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.” maybe?

I love this prompt so much omg. by @neglectedrainbow 

Jared’s hands are sweating. A lot. And maybe his entire body is, too, because what if this doesn’t work? There’s no way this is going to work. 

He continues to button and unbutton the top of his shirt, his fingers fumbling, clammy, and shaking. He exhales deeply, remembering Alana’s words of encouragement from earlier in the day. He can do this. This is fine.

Evan rounds the corner of the street, his backpack still slung around his shoulders as he slowly approaches Jared, his eyebrows furrowed. He looks around, probably wondering why in the world Jared is currently standing outside of his house, dressed in a neat blue suit and carrying a satchel on his shoulder.

Fidgeting with the straps on his bag, Evan walks over. “Jared? What’re you doing here?” Instantly, he freezes, “Not that I, like, don’t want to see you or whatever, I obviously do, just… Why?”

Jared exhales deeply, shakily motioning for Evan to put his things down. Luckily, Evan’s street is pretty much separated from the rest of society, full only with other homes holding very old people or very young people. So, thankfully, there’s no one else out on the street at four o’clock in the afternoon. They’re alone.

“Evan,” he says, and his voice wavers embarrassingly.

He clears his throat and starts over. “Evan.” He swallows. You got this, you got this. “This is the exact place where I first met you. I was like eight, I think, and you had just moved here. And your mom called up my mom and suggested that we all get together, and-and I saw you, for the first time ever, out here. And there was still a moving truck in your driveway and boxes all over your house. But I saw you, then, and I just thought…”

Jared shifts his weight from one foot to another. “Well, and I just thought, like, ‘Damn,’ to be honest. Because-because, well, I mean, because, what else would I have thought, really? You were this kid with these ridiculous green eyes who always wore these little blue sort-of button-down shirts and who just-”

He swallows again, wiping his palms on his pants nervously. “And I remember the first time I ever saw you smile, and I just thought… There’s nothing I wanted to do more, after that moment, than make you smile as much as I could, to see that smile over and over and over again.”

Jared crosses and uncrosses his arms. “I picked you up, right here, before our first date, and I’ll never forget that. You just talked and talked about all these trees and nature and I’d never seen you talk that much before.” The memories flood his mind, almost too much. “I-I could barely respond. Because the only thing that was going through my mind was…was how much I loved you. How much I love you.”

He finally looks up at Evan, having previously been too nervous to see the other boy’s reaction. But, Evan’s looking at him with those same beautiful green eyes, the edges of which are crinkled in the most dazzling smile Jared’s ever seen. It takes his breath away.

“And I, and I-I-” His words are tumbling over each other. He can’t focus, can’t take his eyes off of this beautiful person, this incredibly strong and amazing and absolutely stunning person. 

The love of his life. 

“Quit smiling at me,” he chuckles, trying to keep his heart from bursting. “I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that!”

Evan laughs, tossing his head back, and if that isn’t the most gorgeous sound that’s ever blessed this Earth. “Uh huh,” he replies, the words barely forming through his even wider grin.

Jared looks down, trying to stop the blush spreading hotly over his cheeks. “Well, I was wondering, if–you know how much I love you. So, I was wondering, I was curious, if maybe-if maybe…”

“Yeah?” Evan eggs him on, taking a step forward, gently grabbing one of Jared’s cold, shaky hands within his own, pressing a swift kiss to the back of Jared’s knuckles.

Jared stops breathing for just a moment, before coughing and trying to restart his sentence. “I was wondering if–I know this is probably really lame or whatever, but I was wondering if maybe you wanted to possibly go to prom with me?”

Immediately after the words leave Jared’s mouth, he’s being wrapped up into a gigantic hug. He thinks that Evan is saying something, but honestly his brain is too overwhelmed right now to comprehend any of it. 

Then, Evan’s kissing him softly, his hands resting gently on either side of Jared’s face, and the bag Jared was holding falls to the ground.

Slowly, Evan pulls back, resting his forehead against Jared’s, catching his breath, an uncontrollable smile spreading across his face. “Of course I’ll go with you. Of course I will.”

Jared pulls away for a second, kneeling down to grab the bag and handing it over to Evan. “I got-I got you some flowers, too.” He feels a bit like he just won the lottery. He can’t stop smiling.

Evan looks in the bag, and he seems to smile even more, a feat which Jared would’ve otherwise thought was impossible. “Meconopsis betonicifolia…” he whispers, his voice filled with awe.

Jared shrugs, like it was no big deal to find one of the most rare and complicated flowers known to humans: the blue Himalayan poppy. Evan sighs again, like he’s in a dream, “One of the only naturally blue things in the entire world.” He delicately places the flowers back into the bag, once again pressing a kiss to Jared’s lips, their hands intertwined. “Thank you.” 

He kisses Jared again, slowly, like honey. “I love you so much.”

Jared’s heart soars, because he’ll never get sick of those three little words, no matter how many times he hears them. “I love you too.”

My pleasure

Pairing: Momo x Reader

Genre: smut

REQUEST: Momo + First time for anonie 

A/n: I decided to move my notes up here, just so I don´t forget to write them after I finish the scenario. There isn´t much of a storyline since I´m rushing so I also want apologize if this sucks, but I´m terrible at writing first time smut. Anyways, enjoy~

*gif not mine unless stated*

Originally posted by freshstatiic

“Wait.” You stopped Momo´s hand before she could move it any further. Sudden feeling of shyness overcame you as you realized what was about to happen. You were about to sleep with one of the most popular girls in school, somewhere along those lines forgetting to tell her you were a virgin. The mastery of Momo´s lips and touches was enough to almost, key word almost, forget it.

“Did I do something wrong?” She asked, pulling away from you. You covered yourself up, trying not to make eye contact. Momo looked at you worriedly, still trying to make you tell her what the problem was. You finally blurted the words out, your cheeks turning bright red. For a second Momo was in disbelief. You half expected her to laugh at you, no doubt being experienced beyond wonders. When she finally realized what you said, she shook her head with a smile.

“Is that it? I thought you felt sick or something.” She made you look at her and shot you a reassuring look. Something about the expression in her face made you feel at ease and you gave her a nod, allowing her to continue. Leaning in, she placed a gentle kiss on your lips, her arms snaking around your waist. While she preoccupied you with her kisses, her hands travelled higher and higher up you back, quickly unclasping your bra, making it fall. You tried to cover yourself up but Momo was having none of it, pulling your hads away from your chest.

“You have nothing to be ashamed of.” She whispered against your lips, her fingers travelling all the way from your wrists, across your stomach and into the valley of your breasts, making goosebumps appear on your soft skin. A gasp left your mouth when she ran the tips of her fingers across your nipples, your head leaning back. Moving from your lips, she kissed across your jawline and down your neck, occasionally sucking on the gentle skin, leaving light bruises. You were moaning softly, the sensation new to you since the furthest you´ve ever gone was a kiss. She took one of your nipples into her mouth, sucking and licking over the hardened nub. You cried out when she unexpectedly bit it, moving to pay the same amount of attention to the other one.

With her mouth still placed over your breast, she let her hands slide down your sides, fingers hooking behind the waistband of your skirt. She pulled at it, letting it snap against your skin. You raised your hips, letting her pull it down and throw it god knows where. As she once again started placing butterfly kisses against your skin, all the way down towards your lower abdomen, you blushed deeply. Before she had the chance to touch your lower regions, even if it was through the fabric of your panties, you pushed your legs together tightly. Momo didn´t seem to be phased by the action, and started to rub your thighs reassuringly. 

Spreading your legs again, Momo stared into your eyes as she bit down on the waistband of your underwear, pulling it down with her teeth. Despite wanting to look away, you couldn´t. Your breathing fastened as her mouth got closer to your womanhood, her hot breath fanning over your glistening folds. You cried out at the moment Momo´s tongue came into contact with your lower lips, licking up a long stripe all the way to your clit. She repeated it a few times, each time swirling her tongue around your bundle of nerves, jolts of pleasure making your raise your hips. 

You soon felt Momo push a single digit inside of you, curling it upwards each time she went to pull it out. By now you were a moaning mess, your skin covered in thin layer of sweat. Your cheeks were flushed and eyes closed as you desperatly pulled on the bed sheets. Unknown feeling started growing inside of you the more Momo worked on you, your voice louder with each moan. Finally, a wave of incredible pleasure washed over you, your walls thightening around her finger, her tongue licking up all your juices. 

After you calmed down you finally opened your eyes, meeting Momo´s gaze.

“There, it wasn´t that bad, or was it?” Momo chuckled as she noticed you blush for the third time that day. Your arms were shaking as you tried to sit up which didn’t go unnoticed by Momo. She pulled you to herself, both of you quiet. When you were about to pull away, Momo prevented it and whispered in your ear.

“You know, I feel proud for being your first? Maybe even last if you let me.“ This time it wasnt you who blushed. You smiled at the indirect conffession and placed a chaste kiss against her lips as an agreement. 

 “It would be my pleasure.”

anonymous asked:

#95 w/ j-hope pls!

Prompt request: “I don’t know how you convinced me to do this.”

Pairing: Hoseok (J-Hope) x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Hoseok’s dance competition takes place during his birthday, leaving you in Seoul and him in New York. Luckily, you, being an amazing girlfriend, are able to pull some strings.

Word count: 1.3k works

“I miss you, babe,” Hoseok said, pouting dramatically. The video call was grainy and the sound was terribly distorted, but it was enough. “I’m so lonely.

“It’s only been a week,” you laughed, even though you felt the same way. “I think we’ll survive.”

“I know, I just wish you were here,” Hoseok said, serious this time. “I don’t like being away from you. And I don’t even get to spend my birthday with you!”

“I don’t like it either, Hobi,” you agreed with a sad smile. You yawned loudly, almost succumbing to the immense tiredness you felt. “I need to go to bed soon.”

“I keep on forgetting about the time difference,” your boyfriend said sheepishly. “Go to sleep now. I’ll talk to you soon, okay?”

“Okay. Good luck at semi-finals today,” you grinned widely, your eyes turning into little crescents that Hoseok adored. “I know you’ll advance.”

“Thanks, Y/N,” Hoseok laughed. “I’ll do my best.”

“Bye, Hoseok,” you said, moving your cursor to end the call. “I love you.”

“Love you, too!” he shouted, making a heart sign with his arms. You laughed as you ended the call.

Immediately, you jumped up. You grabbed the backpack that sat beside your bed. With our passport in one hand and your boarding pass in the other, you slipped out of your apartment. As if you were going to miss your boyfriend’s birthday!

You hurried downstairs where a taxi was waiting for you. Once you had settled in the car, you told the driver you’d tip him extra if he could get you to the airport as quickly as possible. After all, you had a plane to catch and a cute boyfriend to see.

The flight was long. Torturously long. Luckily, it was one of those planes that had WiFi, so you were able to talk to Hoseok. Just like you expected, he and his crew advanced to the finals. He was in a hip hop group that originated from Seoul but was notorious worldwide. They were going to face off against another crew from London.

Best of all, Hoseok didn’t expect a thing.

Currently, you were waiting for the airport shuttle with a few other passengers. Since you had some time to kill, you pulled out your phone to message Hoseok.

SENT 10:53 AM

Happy birthday boo!!!! Good luck today 💕


Thanks Y/N 💘 I’ll win for u!!!!

SENT 10:55 AM

Ur always #1 in my heart 😘 but I know you’ll win anyway

The shuttle finally pulled up in front of you. You boarded the bus and sat near the back, your backpack clutched tightly against your chest. You were nervous travelling in a new city alone, but for Hoseok, you’d do anything.

A little while into the ride, you remembered to message Jimin. He was a member of Hoseok’s crew and had also agreed to help you with your birthday surprise.

SENT 11:26 AM



wtf ok

SENT 11:27 AM

Just remember to stick to the plan ok


i don’t know how u convinced me to do this

SENT 11:29 AM

For the sake of true love???? Anyway, if anything goes wrong it’s on u

After about an hour, you arrived at the hotel Hoseok was staying at. Luckily, he wasn’t sharing a room with Jimin. Your wingman provided you with his suite number, so you attempted to navigate the huge hotel. The competition was also being held at this luxurious complex, since it was equipped with a stage and theatre.

Eventually, you found yourself in front of Jimin’s suite. You knocked on the door furiously, and you could hear Jimin cursing as he hurried to let you in.

“Goddamn, Y/N,” he hissed, throwing the door open and ushering you in. “Please relax.”

“I can’t,” you said, flopping onto Jimin’s unmade bed. “I’m so nervous. How is Hoseok? Confident? Sad? Excited?”

“He’s pretty calm, actually,” Jimin informed you, sitting beside you. “You know how he gets, though. He’s been reviewing our choreography nonstop.”

You and Jimin talked for a few minutes before a text alert interrupted your conversation. Jimin checked his phone and stood up.

“Hoseok wants us to practice one last time before we compete,” Jimin explained as he slipped on a pair of sneakers. “You know where to go, right?”

You nodded, feeling butterflies in your stomach at the prospect of seeing Hoseok perform. Once Jimin left, you dumped the contents of your backpack onto his bed. You had thrown in an outfit to wear. It was chic and all black, which you figured was suitable for a hip hop dance competition. After half an hour, you had gotten changed and applied some light makeup.

Your phone buzzed quietly. You patted around the messy bed, finally locating the device. It was a message from Hoseok.


I know you’re probably asleep, but I just wanted to say I love you a lot. I’m pretty nervous, but thinking about you makes me feel better. I’ll do my best for you

You felt yourself smiling, a few tears pricking your eyes. You blinked them away and stood up. The finals were starting soon.

The other crew performed first, but they were no match for Hoseok. His team performed crime-inspired choreography. It was raw and powerful, and each member moved in perfect unison. Then, Hoseok performed a solo piece. Each move was sharp and strong, and the fluid dance was punctuated by athletic displays if flips and rolls.

It was no surprise that the judges announced that, unanimously, Hoseok’s crew had won.

The entire crowd roared in congratulations. Even Hoseok’s opponents were cheering. You watched happily from the sidelines. But once Hoseok and his crew took the mic to accept their victory and the trophy, you knew what you had to do.

You snuck backstage, greeted by the Hoseok’s sound technician, Namjoon. He grinned at you, realizing your plan, and shot you a thumbs up.

Slipping through the curtains, you were immediately met by blinding lights. Hoseok was addressing the crowd.

“This means so much to all of us,” Hoseok said. “These dancers became my brothers, and we have sacrificed our blood, sweat, and tears to get where we are now. I would never have become the person I am today without them. I’d also like to thank my girlfriend who has supported me through everything, and even though she couldn’t be here–”

Jimin tapped Hoseok’s shoulder, cutting him off mid-sentence. Hoseok looked him, confused, until Jimin motioned to look behind him. Slowly Hoseok turned, and then he saw you.

It was like time slowed. You saw his eyes widen in slow motion and his lips moved silently. You both stood there, unmoving, for several moments.

Then, time caught up, and you were in each others arms. Hoseok spun you around, before setting you on your feet and kissing you roughly. His hands held your face gently, and your kiss turned salty as Hoseok began to cry.

Gently, you pulled yourself away.

“You really came,” Hoseok whispered, smiling radiantly despite his tears. “I love you so much, Y/N. Seeing you makes me happier than any damn trophy I could ever get.”

“Happy birthday,” you laughed, a few of your own tears sliding down your cheeks. “I would do anything for you. And I missed you too much to stay away.”

Hoseok pulled you into a hug, pressing kisses to the top of your head. In the background, the crowd applauded thunderously.

“For the record,” you said, “I told you that you would win.”

- Girl in Luv

I really wanted to post this request on the 17th. But I got stuck working till 12:30 AM so missed Hobi’s bday 💔 Also I wrote another story but I hated it?? So here I am, it’s 4 AM, and I hate myself. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed. J-Hope, stay gold!! Happy birthday

Blue Velvet

FIC REQ: Hi baby( sorry I call everyone cute names hope you don’t mind) could you do a one shot or whatever where the reader is a singer in the bar the team went to celebrate their just closed case,and them Reid falls in love with her? Thx baby

WARNING: it does get slightly steamy towards the end. The song in the fic is Blue Velvet by Lana Del Rey if you guys wanna go check it out.

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It’s All Fun & Games (pt. 3)

( ‘till somebody loses their mind )

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Drabbles

Summary: In which you and Jungkook attempt to fake a relationship for revenge and end up with a lot more than either of you expected.
Genre: Angst/Fluff, Fake Dating!AU
Word Count: 6,031


November slowly starts to blend into December as the autumn colored levels that plague the trees against the sky turn bare and the sky maintains its same gray appearance. The ground starts to be bathed in pure white snow, but you don’t care much about any of that.

If anything, all of this chilling atmosphere has given you and Jungkook more of a reason to hold hands against the bitter cold, the gesture becoming so unconscious that you start to do it without even checking to see if the boys are paying attention to you both or not. You often enjoy holding hands with Jungkook, taking particular joy in the way his thumb comes out to brush almost unconsciously at the skin of the back of your hand.

Ever since you accidentally kissed Jungkook upon the cheek following his win at the ring toss booth, it had been like another gate of physical affection has opened between the two of you. Much like the hugging and public cuddling, kisses on the cheek start to become a regular occurrence as well. Sometimes, just to be playful with one another, you start having competitions to see who could kiss the other person on the cheek faster. It gets to the point where if you see Jungkook with Taehyung or any of the other boys (or vice versa), you would dash over to Jungkook, wrap your arms around his waist from behind and press a chaste kiss to his cheek. Or, again, vice versa.

And yet still, your hangouts are maintained under the public eye, rarely calling up on one another for reasons beyond hangouts involving the boys or checking in to make sure that Hoseok or Taehyung don’t get too suspicious.

Until one fateful evening, when November as just started to fade away into December and the snow litters the ground and you have to start wearing sweaters and fuzzy socks inside the apartment because of Hoseok’s refusal to turn the heater up too high. At the present moment, he’s not home but it hardly matters because you’re much too emerged in trying to finish up a homework assignment. It’s Friday evening, and it’s the last thing that you had wanted to get done but you figure that perhaps trying to get a head start has never hurt anyone.

That is, until your phone rings and you notice that Jungkook is calling you.

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Little Letters

(A little something I wrote about a month back. Some post-finale feels for everyone!)

The hug was warm, close, sweet. It didn’t last long enough though.

Before Stan knew it Dipper and Mabel were pulling back from the embrace, causing the weight on his shoulders to lift. From the side of the road, he clasped his niece’s hands tight in his own, words failing him as he looked into their eyes. Both children were a picture of absolute adoration, faces flushed and cheeks shining with tears, and for a moment he could only stay crouching on one knee, smiling fondly at them as he struggled not to let his own tears fall.

They moved away from him then, and Stan’s hands remained hovering in the air before he lowered them and stood up. Two sad, warm smiles were directed at him before Dipper and Mabel began gathering their luggage together.

Well, this is it.

Stan watched from afar, perched between his brother and his coworkers as the twins stepped toward the bus and exchanged a few words at the foot of the stairs. They climbed on after a few seconds of conversation, the doors shutting with a hiss behind them, and proceeded to wave at the group from their seats. The sad smiles never left their faces. Even Waddles was waving, Mabel having grasped his tiny hoof to mimic the motion, and it made Stan chuckle at her silly antics.

However, their happy little moment was shattered as the bus sputtered back to life, spewing out smoke and exhaust. As the tires began screeching forward, the small, odd family followed alongside of it every step of the way, chanting tearful goodbyes and take-cares and be-safes until the vehicle became only a small dot in the horizon.

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Broken Kind of Perfect (Yoongi X Female!reader)

(This is a little glimpse of how I write out ideas to remember for later. Thanks to my bestie for this plot idea.)*smutty smut smut* tag geekynerdiegirlie* jealous* make up sex*

“Yoongi. Come on. You’ve been at the studio all day. Can’t you just come home for a few hours. You need rest and I miss you,” You huff into your cellphone.

“You know I can’t babe. I have work to do. These songs aren’t going to produce themselves,” Yoongi replies.

“You need sleep! My god Yoongi you haven’t been home in a week! A fucking week! For gods sake we live together and I haven’t seen you in a week!”

“It’s always about you. I have a life too. A job.”

“Excuse me!? I’m not making this about me. I’m worried about you. This is unhealthy. You need sleep, you need to relax and take a break. You need to eat an actual meal. Christ you need to worry about yourself for once!”

“Fuck off Y/N.” He snaps and hangs up.

You try calling him back a few times, but then give up. Throwing your phone to the floor you get up with a huff. No way in hell were you going to sit here and wait for some half ass apology from Yoongi that you would accept then two weeks later go through the same shit again. No, this time you’re not going to just sit and wait. Something has to change. Someone has to change. And it sure as hell isn’t you.

You get up and lock the door and head to your bedroom. Yours. Not his. Not ours. Only you. This is your bed. Your nightstand.


Knock knock knock knock … BAM BAM BAM.

“What the hell?” You hiss.

“Y/N! Y/N! Fucking hell Y/N, I’m sorry. I’m fucking sorry. Let me in. Please babe. I’m sorry.” You hear Yoongi shout through the door.

You throw yourself out of bed and shuffle to the door where Yoongi is still knocking and pleading.

“Please. I look like an idiot out here.” He whines.

“Good. You better look like a dick-faced idiot who can’t get his shit together. You better look like you made a huge mistake.”

“Babe. I’m seriously sorry. Let me in please.”


“I’m sorry.”

“You already said that.”

“But I am.”

“You always say you are. Everytime. Every. Fucking. Time. I’m sick of it.” Then you start to mock him, “I’m so sorry, babe. I love you. Let me in.” You sneer. “Then the next day you’re screaming at me to fuck off and leave you alone.”

“I really am sorry, Y/N. I was just stressed.”

“Then you have a problem because being constantly stressed is a problem.”

“Please just let me in. We can work this out, I promise.”

“No, we can’t.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m done, Yoongi. It’s over. This is over.”

“No, Y/N please. Please I swear I’ll fix it.”

He starts to slam into the door, the whole frame shaking. You jump back as he keeps slamming into it.

“Yoongi stop! Just stop!” You scream but he doesn’t.

You know your neighbors must be awake by now, most likely looking to see what was going on. You finally decide to open the door, sending Yoongi stumbling into the apartment. He falls to the floor and slowly pushes himself up. He grabs onto your shirt as he stumbles and almost falls again. The thing you tend to forget about Yoongi is his ability to pronounce words so well, even after consuming massive amounts of alcohol, his only problem was standing and walking.

“Hands off,” You hiss.

He rolls his eyes and lets go of your shirt. You drag him to the couch and make him sit down. You then go to your room and throw all of his stuff, what little of it there is, into a bag and throw it at him. After that you grab you phone and call Namjoon, who doesn’t answer pissing you off more. Yes it’s two a.m. but you had a drunk ex-boyfriend who you want to murder sitting on your couch staring at your ass like nothing is wrong.

You try calling Jin, who doesn’t pick up the first time, but you try again because you know Jin always has the volume on his phone on incase anybody needs to reach him. The third time you call he picks up.

“This better be important, it’s two in the morning and I’m trying to sleep,” He groans.

“Would I have called you three times if it wasn’t important? Nevermind. I need you to come pick Yoongi up. He’s at my house throwing a tantrum.”

“Why would he-? Why can’t-? Wait. Did something happen between you two?”

“Yes. I’m going to deal with him until morning so I suggest you, or one of the guys, comes to get him.”

“Okay, yeah. I’m coming. Give me a a bit and I’ll get him.”

“Thanks Jin.”

“You’re explaining everything to me tomorrow.”

“Fine. Just get him out of here.”

Jin hangs up and you sit in a chair as far from Yoongi as possible.

“You look cute when you’re mad,” Yoongi tells you with a small laugh.

He sits on the couch wriggling around like he can’t get comfortable. And of course staring at you like you might dissappear.

“No I don’t,” You mumble, mostly to yourself.

“Don’t be like that I’m seriou-”

“No. Shut the fuck up. I don’t want to hear your crap. The cutesy lovey dovey comments are not going to help. I tell you I care about you and that I want you to be healthy, and you shut me down. You tell me to fuck off and hang up then come home hours later drunk and slamming on my door, begging for me to forgive you. You know what? Fuck you! Fuck you and your stupid games! I’m so sick of this! How many times do I have to say it before you ignolage the fact that I’m fucking done? We are over! And there is no way for you to fix it.”

His eyes glaze over and he stares at you in shock. Even with an alcohol clouded mind everything became clear and you can see it in his face. He reaches his arm toward you only to realize you’re too far away to touch. He doesn’t attempt to say anything. He now realizes it won’t help. No he just sits there with a sad look on his face his eyes pleading for you to take back what you had said. But you’re not going to do that.


“I’m really sorry Y/N,” Jin tells you as he drags Yoongi down the hall. “He didn’t mean it, whatever he said.”

“Doesn’t matter. It keeps happening. He’ll get over me.”

Jin sighs and continues walking. You’re so done with all the bullshit. Done with all of it. You turn back and slam the door behind you. One reason. Fuck this. Fuck all of this. You don’t need it.


“Give it a couple more days. It’ll stop hurting at some point.” You tell the bottle in front of you. “You said you were over him. But you obviously are not.”

Yes. You were in fact talking to a bottle of wine. But hey, you’re out of beer, what else are you going to spill your feelings to.

The sound of a loud bang makes you jump. Realizing it had come from the hall you get up and look through the peep hole. You couldn’t see anything in the hall, so being the smart drunk person you are you open your door. Min Yoongi stumbles into your apartment, hair tossed about his head, shirt wrinkled, and missing pants. The boy is laying on your floor in only a baggy shirt and boxers.

Half of you said it was just your brain playing tricks on you, the other half was screaming ‘holy shit this boy is hot like that’.

“Um. Yoongi?” You ask standing over him.


“What are you doing?”

“I came to see you. You wouldn’t answer my calls.”

“I know. It was on purpose.”

“I know.”

Yoongi slowly gets himself off the floor.

“The guys let you leave the house without your pants?” You ask him.

“No. I don’t think they know I left.”

“Gives us more time to talk, right?”


“Yes, Yoongi. Talk.”

“You really want to talk?”

“We’re going to have to eventually.”

A wide smile appears on Yoongi’s face. It almost makes you smile. He then proceeds to move to the couch and sit in his usual spot. You move to sit beside him, he shifts slightly.

“I’m sorry.” He tells you.

“I figured as much.”

“I really am.”

“I know.”

“Do you forgive me?”

“Not sure yet. Keep talking.”


“Just do it.”

“Okay. I’m sorry for the way I treated you. That I was never there. That I fucked up do many times. I’m just sorry.”

“It wasn’t just about what you did to me, Yoongi. Look at what you were doing to yourself. You weren’t sleeping. You weren’t eating enough. You stressed too much. I just wanted you to be okay, but you just threw it back in my face.”

“I-I didn’t mean to.”

“I get it, Yoongz. You get caught up in your work and forget about everything else. I get it but that doesn’t make it okay.”

Yoongi made a sound that seemed like a mix of a squeal and a huff. You look over to see him staring at the floor, he seemed sad but also frustrated at the same time.

“I don’t know what you want me to say,” He finally speaks.

“I don’t know either,” You tell him.

“Then what do I do?”

“How about not say anything?”

“That seems counter productive.”

“That’s a big word.”

“You used to use it all the time.”

“I’m drunk.”

“That makes more sense.”

“Does it?”

“It does.”


“I thought you were acting strange. And not as stubborn.”

“I think I take offence to that.”



When the silence set in you began to shift. It makes you uncomfortable when this happens. Neither of you have anything to say but you both want to say something.

Yoongi stands and starts to move toward the door but then stops. He turns back to you and before you could ask him what he was doing he sits back down right next to you and kisses you. You jump back at first but quickly kiss him back. You pull him into your lap and he groans in response. He the pushes you down into a laying position on the seat of the couch, leaving you feeling almost exposed.

Yoongi then shifts to position your hips between his legs. He kisses you again in a reassuring manner. You carefully lift his shirt over his head, throwing it to the side. He in turn pulls your shirt off and awkwardly shifts you to get it all the way off. He then trails sloppy kissed down your neck, down to your bra. He stops momentarily to take the bra off, kissing around your nipples a few times before continuing down your abdomen. You squirm a little when he reaches a ticklish spot on the bottom of your rib cage, he smiles against your skin and unbuttons your pants. In turn you slide his boxers down to his knees.

Your phone was buzzing somewhere on the floor, you deside to ignore it. Nothing beats this. Nothing beats make up sex with Yoongi, why stop to check your phone?

Yoongi slides his hand down your body, you moan as he sticks a finger into your pussy. He pumps his finger in and out before adding in another finger. He pumps a few more times before puking his fingers out and repositioning his cock to line up with your entrance.

Yoongi starts to finger your clit as he enters you causing you to wriggle underneath him. He starts his thrust slow, moving his hand over your clit at the same pace. His thrusts get faster as he moves his hand up to grope your breast. You become a moaning mess, the only sounds in the room were Yoongi’s grunts, your moans, and the sound of skin hitting skin.

“Yoongz,” You moan loudly.

“I know, baby, I know,” He says in huffs.

He stops moving and pulls out of you, grabbing your hair and bringing you to kneel in front of him.

“Suck me off, babe.”

You nod in response, bringing your lips to his cock. You circle your tongue around his head, playing with his slit the way you know he likes. You open your mouth and press it around his cock, licking it as you move your head down his shaft, lips never leaving his skin.

“Holy shit, holy fucking shit,” Yoongi moans.

You let out a laugh making Yoongi squirm. He grabbed onto your head, pulling your hair slightly. He pushes your head, forcing his cock against your throat, then down further. You choke slightly, letting him take control of how fast your head bobs. He pushes your head back and forth along his cock, you move your head faster and he let’s go of your head.

“Holy hell.”

You smile as little at that, grabbing the base of his cock where your mouth couldn’t reach. The faster you pumped the more rapid his breathing became.


You nod in understanding, giving him permission to cum in your mouth. He grabs onto your shoulders as you slow down your movements. He groans  as he cums, filling your mouth. You pull your mouth away and Yoongi leans down to wipe off some cum that ran down your face.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to take care of you,” Yoongi whispers.

You nod and lay back down, spreading your legs wide. Yoongi leans down and licks across your pussy. You squeeze your eyes closed, completely engrossed in the pleasure. He laps his tongue around your clit and teasing around your entrance.

Damn rappers and their tongues

Licks and teases until you start to squirm, then he moves to lick around your entrance. You squirm more as he continues this. You buck your hips as you cum, Yoongi licks up your mess the best he could before moving to collapse and pass out beside you.

You get up, stumbling a bit. You make your way to the bathroom and grab a rag, wetting it and going back to Yoongi.

“Yoongz, Yoongi.” You say shaking the sleeping figure.

He let out a sad groan.

“I’m going to clean you up, okay?”

“Mhm,” came quietly from his lips.

You went to wipe him down, cleaning all the cum off of him before cleaning yourself, too tired yourself to take a shower. You pick up your phone from the floor, opening it and squint at how bright it is.

Eight missed calls.


Two missed calls for Joonie and six from Jinnie.

That can’t be good.

I called Jin back knowing that Joonie most likely called to see if I was just ignoring Jin.

“Why haven’t you answered any of my calls!” Jin says as he answers the phone.

“I was busy, what’s up?”

“Yoongi left the house while we were out and we can’t find him. He left his phone here. Have you seen him?”

“Yeah. Yeah he’s right here.”

“Thank goodness. Is he okay? I’m sorry he’s bothering you. I can come and pick him up right-”

“No. No its fine, Jinnie. Really. He’s not bothering me.”

“But. I thought…”

“We’re talking things out.”

“You guys are talking?”

“Yeah. Well kinda. He fell asleep.”

“Are you sure you don’t need me to come get him?”

“No. I’m not mad anymore. We’ll figure things out in the morning. I bring him back when we finish talking.”

“As long as you’re okay with that.”

“I am, Jinnie. I am.”

You look down at the sleeping Yoongi and smile. This is what you wanted. You wanted to see him fall asleep after talking and paying attention to you. You wanted to see him happy and not as stressed. It almost seemed like a broken kind of perfect.

elvhenyoung  asked:

Hey there~ First time asking. So, how about Sans and Papyrus (UT, US, UF and SF) with S/O that is really quiet and coldly polite to most people, sometimes even downright mean but in that sarcastic-black humour-ironic totally civil way, and discovering that they are that way because they had been bullied constantly through the school and they taught themselves to don't care about most of people (excluding friends and family) and how they feel?

This is a very specific situation are you ok? ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

That… Surprisingly made sense. Humor makes a great coping mechanism, and seeing as you were mean, but not cruel, it seemed right. He tries to comfort you, and tell you that they don’t need to be that way down here. Everyone’s a friend.

UT Papyrus

He hugs you instantly. He’s sorry to hear that you went through such hard things, and that it’s made it hard for you to make friends. But, he’s your friend, it seems, because you’ve told him. And, he wants to remind you, if he’s your friend than so is Sans, Undyne, and Frisk! And maybe Flowey, that one’s still up in the air, though. He’ll start paying more attention to your soulwaves and making sure you’re actually happy.

US Sans

Much like UT Papyrus, he’s hugging you instantly. He’s almost at tears from your story, and wants to comfort you. The next thing you know, you’re in a blanket with tacos in front of you. He’s making a list of all the people you can trust and all the things good about you. He doesn’t want you to forget you’re a good person and get more mean. He’s there for you no matter what.

US Papyrus

Somehow, he already knew you had a pretty intense reason for acting the way you did, he was just waiting for you to explain it. He hugs you in a way and says that he’s glad you finally trust him enough to show your true self. He won’t push it, and he’ll help you find other things to help.

UF Sans

He’s somewhat surprised. He didn’t think the surface was hell as well, but he’ll be more than glad to tell you how it’s fine. This world requires you to be tough, and he’s fine if you’re still alive. Which you are, so just don’t get too cocky and he’ll be fine.

UF Papyrus

He’s ready to try and break the barrier himself to kill those who have wronged you. He’s not going to hesitate if he gets there. Fortunately, he can’t.

SF Sans

He’s screaming curses at these humans who have wronged his mate! He’ll hug you and assure you that he’ll be there no matter what and you will get vengeance. Also, he finds a way to let people know you’re his mate, so that you can speak how you wish to most of the underground.

SF Papyrus

He hugs you tightly, assuring you it’s alright. He’s not the best at being himself to those he does care for, because he doesn’t want to scare them. He’s going to assure you that he loves you anyway, and that you’ll need to be careful who you are like that to. He doesn’t want to lose you.

Something has been on my mind all day on Sunday, and I can’t keep it inside anymore, I have to say something! 

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I know its normal for Jack to feel like “someday we will probably forget about him one day”! 

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(I know crazy, right, hahahahaha) How can someone forget about you :)

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 That lovely smile

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Your bubbly personality

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Your highly infectious laugh (I can hear this from here, hahahahaha)

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 (Those gorgeous baby blue eyes *blush*) 

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What was I talking about again

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I’ve been subscribed for almost 2 years now, I’ve been subscribed since late 2014 early 2015, and Jack your not getting rid of me that easily 

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You make me smile and laugh everyday and I will be forever grateful of it :)

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 If for some reason if I forget about Jack or anybody else for that matter (again its hypothetical) if there is something that I will remember forever will be this 

He and other YouTubers (Markiplier, Matthias, Patrckstatic, GMM, Lordminion777, Muyskerm, Wiishu, Robertidk, and so many others) have taught me to accept me for who I am and just to trust and believe in myself :)

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I didn’t mean to go on a tangent there, oops, hahahaha For anyone who read this from start to finish I really appreciate that <3 

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Resistances and Dalliances

Chapter 15: Flurry in the Sand

“The wind… the sand… the cliffs,” Ryder murmured, shading her eyes as she scanned Elaaden. “Very scenic!” she pronounced.

“I have sand in my… no, I have sand everywhere,” Jaal complained.

“Let’s find these prisoners and get off this cursed rock before we cook,” Evfra muttered darkly.

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