it almost loops perfectly

Because of the mess tumblr’s image posts has become, I will no longer be making graphics and gifs. Instead, I will be writing text posts describing the graphics I otherwise would have made. Here’s my first:

It’s a gif. A gif of your favorite character. They’re doing that thing you really like and it is making you smile. The gif is high quality and loops almost perfectly. It’s a very nice gif–9 out of 10.


Video Games I love: Professor Layton and the Curious Village (2007)

Luke, my boy, do you really think I would take on such an ordinary request as that? Oh, no! This is an altogether unique and exciting situation, and it has piqued my intellectual curiosity.

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been so slow about updating, it’s been a pretty busy couple days. I’ll be posting some animation stuff over the next couple days, and then it’s INKTOBER! :D

One of my first 114 tests–animate a guy lifting a bucket and throwing its contents. It’s super duper rough, and it almost loops perfectly! I don’t know why he’s so angry XD