it almost looks like a propaganda poster

now that i live in DC I’m acutely aware of all these organised protests and the like and there are a few things bothering me about this “march for science” coming up tomorrow

first: the posters i’ve seen everywhere have enough clearly-biased-towards-the-Left language that it kinda feels like it alienates me even though I support research into the sciences! just because i tend towards the conservative! geez.

second: these same posters look an awwwwful lot, design-wise, like those for the Women’s March, which makes me think of a couple things: A. are they organised by the same people and if so who are these rich professional rabble-rousers and B. they eerily ring of Russian Communist-era propaganda, stylistically, and that just makes me uncomfortable.

third: this is almost certainly my years as a March for Life attendee speaking but like, what exactly makes anyone think this is going to be recognised or make any difference? half a million people REGULARLY flood the streets of this city – on a weekday, mind you! always a weekday, never a weekend! – to protest a decision about human rights made 45 years ago and only in the past two years has it gotten ANY media whatsoever

not even to mention that if the current administration is really as incapable as everyone is making them out to be, why do you want them making decisions on what gets funded in the first place, and do you seriously think they of all people will listen, and i’m personally not sure how much i like the government’s hand in basically anything these days (not that global conglomerate corporations are any better, don’t get me wrong)

and that this is like. yet another march. and i’m getting nervous about the amount of rabble-rousing and polarisation going on in the political sphere. we will never understand each other if we don’t speak reasonably or respect the Other Side as human beings and it’s making me super scared

i am too conservative to live in this bougie establishment not-a-place city okay