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Damien Headcanons

・Damien usually keeps to himself, and it takes a bit to get him to open up to anyone.

・He’s has separation anxiety, and gets scared people will not like him anymore if he reveals the ‘uncool’ or ‘strange’ things about himself.

・He always treats his son with respect because his own father never did. He wants to be a better rolemodel for his child than his father was.

・He grew up feeling like a guy, but never discovered the trans community until he was a teenager or young adult.

・He wasnt too keen about the subject, and just sorta rushed into things. He probably used bandages to bind his chest since he didnt know it’d be bad for him.

・Probably got really nice victorian styled binders. He probably wore them all the time and would sometimes forget to take them off (dont do that kids).

・He’s probably too anxious to get a sex reassignment surgery, but he is considering it.

・He probably had a really big dog. Like really big. Big and short haired so the fur wouldnt get everywhere. But when Lucien was born and he found out that he was allergic to dogs, he had to give them away.

・He started working for the animal shelter so that he’d still have touch with animals, while also keeping his son safe.

・Mary has to convince him not to take literally all the dogs home with him.

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31 with taehyung please ^-^

thank you for requesting! i hope you like it! 

31. “I’m trying to flirt with you.” 


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of   monsters   and   men   /   starter  sentences.

all   these   starters   are   taken   from   the   2011   album   “my   head   is   an   animal”.   feel   free   to   change   the   pronouns   as   needed!

  • ❛  my head is an animal.  ❜
  • ❛  i think i taught you well.  ❜
  • ❛  we won’t run.  ❜
  • ❛  we’re here to stay.  ❜
  • ❛  you’re a king and i’m a lionheart.  ❜
  • ❛  we’re still the same.  ❜
  • ❛  i’ll be here to hold your hand.  ❜
  • ❛  i’m already there.  ❜
  • ❛  the books that i keep by my bed are full of your stories.  ❜
  • ❛  i met a man today and he smiled back at me.  ❜
  • ❛  there are thoughts like these that keep me on my feet.  ❜
  • ❛  hold my hand, i’ll walk with you.  ❜
  • ❛  it’s keeping me awake.  ❜
  • ❛  some days i can’t even dress myself.  ❜
  • ❛  it’s killing me to see you this way.  ❜
  • ❛  the truth may vary.  ❜
  • ❛  there’s an old voice in my head that’s holding me back.  ❜
  • ❛  i miss our little talks.  ❜
  • ❛  soon it will be over and buried with our past.  ❜
  • ❛  some days i don’t know if i am wrong or right.  ❜
  • ❛  your mind is playing tricks on you, my dear.  ❜
  • ❛  don’t listen to a word i say.  ❜
  • ❛  the screams all sound the same.  ❜
  • ❛  all that’s left is a ghost of you.  ❜
  • ❛  there’s nothing we can do.  ❜
  • ❛  please hang around.  ❜
  • ❛  i’ll see you when i fall asleep.  ❜
  • ❛  far from home, all alone, but we’re so happy.  ❜
  • ❛  keep your heads held high.  ❜
  • ❛  slow me down.  ❜
  • ❛  shake the rust.  ❜
  • ❛  alone, i fight these animals.  ❜
  • ❛  i’m coming back.  ❜
  • ❛  maybe i’m a crook for stealing your heart away.  ❜
  • ❛  you know i can’t love.  ❜
  • ❛  i think it’s best we both forget before we dwell on it.  ❜
  • ❛  hold on.  ❜
  • ❛  hold on to what we are.  ❜
  • ❛  hold on to your heart.  ❜
  • ❛  i miss the comfort of this house.  ❜
  • ❛  can you chase the fire away?  ❜
  • ❛  i’m looking for a place to start.  ❜
  • ❛  everything feels so different now.  ❜
  • ❛  just grab a hold of my hand.  ❜
  • ❛  i will lead you through this wonderland.  ❜
  • ❛  ignore all those big warning signs.  ❜
  • ❛  i dare you to close your eyes.  ❜
  • ❛  get out of here.  ❜
  • ❛  go away.  ❜
  • ❛  your waves are rocking me.  ❜
  • ❛  i am all alone.  ❜
  • ❛  i move slow and steady.  ❜
  • ❛  i feel like a waterfall.  ❜
Dylan request #1

Request: Dylan request — you moved to Littleton when you were in 4th grade, then Eric moved in a little bit later. The 3 of you grew up as best friends. While you and Eric had a small middle school past (that didn’t last long as you both realized you’re better off as best friends) you did develop a crush on Dylan in high school. You don’t know it but Dylan likes you too. It’s senior year, and Eric has realized what’s going on ages ago. You’re at a party, 7 mins in heaven is the game - go from there :)            

((im so sorry this took me so long!! I’ve been working so hard on this. I hope you enjoy!!))

“Hey, Reb, pass the lighter.” I fumble with the cigarette hanging off my upper lip. Eric threw a red lighter to me. I lit my cigarette and inhaled, staring off blankly in the distance before handing it back.

Eric had been my best friend ever since seventh grade, even though we had a little fling in middle school. We made out one time, behind the shed where they kept all of the P.E equipment. All of those raging 13 year old hormones were pumping and we smooched. I expected it to be magical, like in the movies, but no. It was wet, sloppy, his tongue was like a dagger stabbing in the back of my throat, it was wayyy too toothy, and he left half of my face covered in spit. Needless to say, we decided to go back to being best friends a few days later and agreed to never speak of the event again.

“Yo, y/n.” Eric calls, taking a puff off his cigarette.
“Sup.” I looked up at him from where I was sitting.
“You coming to that party tonight?” He leaned against the fence stood behind us.
“Probably not,” I shake my head. “Everyone that goes to those stupid parties makes me want to kill myself.” I said with a harshness in my voice. I meant it, I really did hate the people that went to our school.
“Okay, listen,” he paused to take another drag of his cigarette, “I hate those fuckers just as much as you, if I had the chance to blow their fucking heads off I would in a heart beat. But this really hot girl invited me and-”
“absolutely not.” I cut him off. “I am not going to be your wing woman at some fucking party.”
“When have I ever been invited to a party by a hot chick before?”
“Never.” I sigh, a slight bit of guilt in my voice.
”Exactly. Fuckin never. Just do me this solid.”
I didnt want to, I really didn’t, but Eric was my best friend. I exhale sharply, “Fine.” The way his face had lit up made it all worth it.

Me, Eric and Dylan had all grown up together. I moved to Littleton, Colorado when I had just turned 9. I met Dylan on the first day of 4th grade in school. I was late for school due to my stubborn Mom who insisted she knew a quick route to the school, despite having lived in the town less than a two weeks. By the time I reached my classroom, I knew that all of the seats would have been taken and I was frantically searching for a place to sit. The class teacher was nice, she spoke sweetly to me and asked my name. I saw one kid gesturing for me to sit next to him. It just so happened that the boy who offered me a seat was Dylan. We instantly hit it off. When you’re 9 and 10 you don’t care who your best friend is or whether you have common interests, but me and Dylan did. After school every day, we would rush home as quickly as our legs would take us so we were home in time to watch our favorite cartoons. My Mom would always have baked goods ready for us as soon as we got home for me and him to binge on. He was like an addition to our family. Dylan struggled a lot when middle school came around, as he was excruciatingly shy and quiet. We got picked on a lot for being weird and quiet. We were outcasts to everyone else. We sat by ourselves for the first year, neither of us having many friends other than each other and Nate. Over the years there, Dylan was my security blanket. He would make me feel better about all the horrible things girls said to me. We boosted each others confidence a lot. We met Eric in seventh grade, and became pretty close rather quickly. We would all hang out every night and play video games.

Me and Eric were standing by our lockers when Dylan approached us.
“Hey, V, guess what.” Eric said through a toothy grin.
“You got invited to a party by a hot girl.” Dylan replied with a slight bit of annoyance in his voice.
Eric’s grin quickly vanished, “Yes. How’d you know?!”
“You’ve told me at least six times, dude. I’m still not going.” Dylan hissed back.
“C’mon, dude, y/n is coming.” Eric nudged Dylan.
Dylan looked towards me in confusion because he knew I hated parties, “I’m being forced too, V.” I shook my head.
Dylan laughed under his breath a little bit, “Nah, dude, I’m not-”
“I swear to God, Dylan. I know where you live and I know how to make pipe bombs.” Eric said in an almost threatening tone but it still had a slight playfulness to it.
“Fuck, fine I go. Don’t blow up my house, Jesus.” Dylan let out a barely audible laugh under his breath and smiled towards us.
“Fuck yeah, V, cya tonight.” Eric smirked like a kid who had just won first place in a race.
Dylan walked off to whatever class he had next, leaving me and Eric alone. I lean against the lockers, throwing my head back and let out an audible groan, “Why is he sooooo cute.” I whimper out.
“This whole ‘crush on Dylan’ thing needs to stop.” Eric sighed.
“Yeah…” I suspire heavily whilst I followed Eric to our next class, “I know.”
“You know what I hate?” I prepared myself for one of Eric’s long-ass speeches about bitches standing in the middle of a corridor or something but the words that escaped his lips were actually quite wise. “When girls wait for the guy to ask them out. Like, Dylan’s a shy guy, he can hardly look at a girl without cumming in his pants. What makes you think he’s going to get the balls to ask you out? Like, I know we’re just friends ‘n’ shit but fuck, y/n, you’re pretty fucking attractive.”
“That was over in middle school, Reb.” I joke.
“Shut the fuck up and listen for a second,” He pauses while he thought of something to say, “What I’d do in this situation is 1 of 3 things. 1,blow their fucking head off, if you can’t have them then no one can. 2, get the fuck over them, no time for moping over some pussy you’re never going to get. Or 3, get over self, walk your ass over to them and tell them you fucking like them. Like a bitch can’t blame you for trying, right?” 

So many questions ran through my head after he said that. Should I really just get over Dylan? How? Why? Should I tell him how I feel? Should I blow his fucking brains out? I know i was thinking irrationally but I really cared about Dylan. Ever since my first year at Columbine High School I had feelings for him. I don’t know when the feelings began but after it had a been like a roller coaster. That’s the perfect simile actually. It was like a roller coaster. When I first started getting feelings for him it was like being in the queue, thinking what the hell am I doing? This is bat shit crazy! Who’s idea was this?! This isn’t safe at all!  And then when I realized my feelings for him was like sitting in the seat, waiting for the safety barriers to come down. Just wanting to jump off and scream ‘I WANT TO GET OFF!’ but then it was too late. The ride started and I couldn’t get off. Every time I would see him was a big, steep drop shooting down; every time I heard his voice it was like going around a big loop; every time he touched me there was a big twist. I wanted him so badly, I just didn’t know what to do. I loved the roller coaster but it terrified me at the same time. Whenever I thought I had it under control, there would be another drop, loop or turn thrown my way. I couldn’t believe something Eric fucking Harris said made me have this epiphany.
Me and Eric arrived at the house where the party was being hosted. Eric pulled out a cigarette. Needless to say he was shitting himself. None of us had ever been to a proper party before. A party to Eric was 4 of us sitting playing Doom with a bottle of some sort of alcohol but now we were at an actual party. It was filled with at least 50 people.

Eric smoked slowly trying to avoid the huge groups of people within the house. We could feel the vibrations of loud music shake the nearby ground outside. We were nervous, although Eric didn’t want to admit it.
“S-should we just go in?” His voice cracked.
“I guess so…”

I felt like holding his hand as if he had to be guided in by a parent or guardian; my nerves made me want to grab his hand even more. Eric stamped out his cigarette and we etch close to the house.

The scent of cheap beer and the loss of virginity filled my nose, making me cringe. Eric’s eyes scanned the room, most likely looking for the ‘hot’ girl who invited him.
“Maybe we should look around?” I suggested while looking at his scared, little face, which I found adorable.
“Yeah.” his breath rasped in his throat, it sounded as if he just dry-swallowed a big pill.

We didn’t really search, him and I just kind of hid away from the big crowds of people making us feel uncomfortable. Eric had never been good with the ladies, I don’t know how he ever got me in middle school.

We hadn’t really followed a pacific path, we just went where we went and followed one another. I eventually found a drink in my hand and after a few I was beginning to feel a little tipsy. We slipped down some stairs into a room where the party continued, but in much smaller numbers. I, fortunately, glance in a corner where I saw a few familiar lanky figures. I felt relieved to see some people I actually knew in this house, other than Eric. I staggered over to the group of boys. Dylan had his cute little smile on his face as I approached.
“Sup, V.” I beamed at him, wrapping my arm around his neck.
“H-Have you been drinking?” He sounded a little nervous, probably because I was cuddling him.
“Just a little,” I giggle, “ Why? Do I smell like alcohol?”
“No, just…” His sentence trailed off, not really knowing what he wanted to say.
“I think you,” Eric pulled me off Dylan, keeping me balanced, “need to sit the fuck down.”
“Yeah.” Dylan laughed, searching for a place for the group to sit.
We sat for a while, just cracking jokes and laughing, and before we knew it a bottle of Jack Daniels had come and gone. .
Eric shook the empty glass bottle in the air, “Truth or dare, anyone?” He asks the group.
We each nod out head and Eric spins the bottle.

After a few rounds, it landed on me.
“Truth or dare?” Eric grinned.
I think for a moment, “uhh, dare.”
A smirk grew on his face “Seven minutes in heaven,”
“Eric,” I sigh, “I love you ‘n’ everything, but you’re my best friend.” I place my hand upon his shoulder, “this isn’t middle school anymore and I-”
He swiftly interpreted me, his smirk growing wider and keeping eye contact with me, “with Dylan.”
My face was wiped of all expression, I wanted to knock the look of his smug-ass face look of his face so badly. I pause, trying to comprehend what he had just done. “uhum, what?”
“You heard.” He folded his arms, his eyes flicking from me to Dylan.
“Reb, dude I-” Dylan stuttered nervously.
“A, a, a, it’s a dare. You have to do it.” Eric replied, folding his arms.
“Stop being so childish, Reb.” I slur and rolled my eyes.
“I’m not being childish, you’re just being a pussy.” He sneered.
“Am not.”
“Are too.”
“Am not
.” “Are too.”
“Fuck sake, Reb.” At the time I didn’t know whether to punch him or thank him. Then I realised, I was drunk enough to do it without everything being awkward at school if Dylan didn’t like me but if Dylan was into it then I could say I was sober enough to be into it too. Fuck I loved Eric.

“It’s funny,” He snickered, “you’re such a prude, y/n, I knew you wouldn’t do it.”
“Y'know what, fine.” I pulled myself up, “come one, Dyl, let’s go find a closet.” Eric looked genuinely shocked, as did Dylan.

Dylan didn’t have time to comply or protest, before what I had said sunk into his brain I had dragged him up and was already trying to find a free closet. It was more difficult than I originally thought to find an unoccupied closet. Eventually, we did find one, I shoved Dylan and quickly locked the door behind us.
“Sorry ‘bout that, Dylan,” I leaned against the door, “I just wanted to prove Eric wrong.”
“Ah, it’s fine.” He said, sounding slightly disappointed.
“W-Well it’s not that I don’t want, Just I…” I looked down at my shuffling feat, I felt nervous, not too sure what to do.

There was a few moments of silence, during this silence I found myself sliding my back down the door, sitting upon the floor. Dylan eventually joined me. He leaned his head against the door and spoke softly:
“Remember in 5th grade when I had a crush on that Amanda girl?”
“Yeah, what about her?”
“Remember when I spilled apple juice on my pants right in front of her.”
I giggle at the fond childhood memories, “Yeah, you were so sad.”
“Yeah, I know. I think that’s where my fear of walking to women came from,” He ran a hand through his hair, “ That’s why I’ve never been able to confess my feelings for this girl that I’ve liked for a while.”
“Oh,” I look at the ground, fiddling with my hair, “that’s shitty.”
“Yeah. You know,” he took a deep breath, “I used to think you could never get over childhood fears, the little anxieties that would keep you up at night as a kid. Everything seemed so big and important then. Even the smallest thing felt like it would change everything, but it didn’t and it never did. I don’t know anymore. You can’t run away from your fears forever, right?”
“Right.” I nod, turning my head so I was looking at the side of his face.
“I think I’m ready to overcome a really big fear I’ve had for a long time.” Dylan interlocked his fingers around mine, causing me to blush, “I really like you, y/n.” He spoke gently, the words left his mouth softly and soothed my body.
“I really like y-you too, Dylan.” The roller coaster feeling felt really real at that moment. It was exciting, I was loving the twists and turns, even though they made it feel like my heart was going to pound out of my chest.

I leaned in and stroked his cheek softly, which turned his face towards mine. Dylan’s lips brushed against mine, it felt so innocent and so sweet. His lips were like silk that ran across mine. Dylan’s hands caressed my cheek. His movements weren’t lustful, they were kind and I could feel the good intentions in each of his touches. My heart fluttered as he whispered my name into the kiss, he prolonged each syllable which caused me to shudder. My fingers ran through his dirty blonde locks and stroked his soft curls. I pulled him as close as I could, until there was no space between us. Dylan could feel the pounding of my heart in my chest but I didn’t care, I wanted the kiss to last forever. His hand being placed ever so carefully on my cheek, just below my ear, comforted me. He moved one hand to my waist, causing my breath to sharpened. It became heavier, deeper, and more heated. The kiss was becoming more passionate and was rapidly losing it’s innocents.
“Yo, faggots.” A voice, presumably Eric’s, yelled from behind the door of the closet.
“7 minutes already?” He giggled and placed a sweet kiss on my forehead.

Thanks so much to @dreadpiratedee for commissioning me to write this fic in my househusband!Steve verse! Get more info on commissioning me here. Enjoy the lovey fluff:)

“When I was little I asked my papa why he always held my daddy’s hand.” Sarah smiles, waving her arm in her parents direction. There Papa is, his hand intertwined with Dad’s. Papa’s hair is gray finally. Daddy went gray completely almost decade and a half ago. Sarah remembers them looking younger, but this is just as good.

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Aria is A.D I'll fight you on it

I’m still keen on the Aria is A.D/uber A theory. It does add up.

My theory is that at some point, perhaps after Alison went missing, Aria had some kind of mental breakdown and was in Radley. Whether or not she actually went to Iceland I don’t know. It would be a fair cover for being in a mental institution. This would explain why Eddie Lamb recognised her when she volunteered at Radley. She did seem pretty surprised and uneasy when Eddie recognised her.

Also, another major point is the fact her medical files were missing but all the other girls’ files were still there. Then at the end we see A with Noel and Aria’s files. Why Aria? Unless she stole it herself or is working with Noel (unless he’s dead, I can’t remember lol). Even Ezra would do something like that. There’s obviously something worth seeing in it. What if it was records of a mental illness or her stay at Radley? I’m pretty sure the girls might have a few questions for her if that is the case.

I just wonder why they aren’t acting more suspicious towards Aria now. One, we still don’t have definite proof that Aria and Ezra didn’t kill Charlotte. Aria was the only one to say she wanted Charlotte to stay in Radley. Maybe she truly was scared and she killed her out of fear and anger. Aria does tend to have violent, explosive outbursts, sorta like Charlotte. It wouldn’t surprise me if she did kill her. Maybe she killed her because she wanted to take over the game.

Aria seems to be the most affected by what happened to them. Or that’s how the portray it at least. Maybe it’s all just a cover and Aria has been the real A since episode 1. Mona started it, but Aria and Mona have an interesting relationship. Mona did call Aria ‘big A’ in like season 1 or 2. If that’s not a dead giveaway then idk what is. They don’t seem to hate each other, it just feels like there’s something unspoken between them. There’s a lot of little looks and queues they make, and when they work together they are a pretty good team. Aria is the best liar of them all, she’s secretive and mysterious. All key traits a psychotic stalker/abuser would have. Mona even respects Aria in a way, like that time they were at the movies and Aria said something into Mona’s ear that made Mona cry. Mona said something akin to 'you know where to stick the knife and how to twist it’ meaning she didn’t just go for the kill, she doesn’t mind letting the victim suffer a bit too. To me this was a big moment. Not many people can get Mona to break with just a few words. Maybe we weren’t meant to hear it because it had something to do with the A game? That’s unlikely but just speculation.

What we do know is that Aria has massive potential for being a much darker character, all the prerequisites are there. I’m not psych but I am studying to become one, and I would be pretty concerned about Aria, even from season 1. She’s volatile, her moods change very quickly, she gets irritable and impatient easily, she’s destroyed other people’s property in her anger outbursts, she’s very paranoid and suspicious of people and in general, she looks in the mirror a lot which I used to do when I was going through derealisation and depersonalisation. It’s a strange feeling, but I suffer from anxiety, depression and bpd, and I know the signs of dissociation. Aria is the most likely suspect in my opinion. She dresses eccentric which could be from a lack of self image, some speculate that she has DID dissociative identity disorder formerly known as split personality or multiple personality disorder. This could be true, but I feel like at least her parents would notice her changes and get her some help. Who knows? After all it is just a TV show.

I feel like she has something similar but on a lesser scale. Severe anxiety can cause paranoid thinking and even hallucinations, but that would be at the point of psychosis. Psychosis can form as a result of trauma, which Aria has certainly experienced. Spencer had her thing with the meds, Emily and her drinking, Hannah and her drinking, what about Aria? Maybe her trauma manifests differently, in the form of mental illness. Mental illness cannot always be detected easily, and I mean by others who you spend time with. They won’t always notice and sometimes the sufferer will purposely hide it because they’re embarrassed or whatever. Aria could be aware of her illness and now she’s better at hiding it. All the evidence is against her. Guilty, I say. I say, you are A.

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matt and aaron thoughts pt3

pt1 ; pt2

  • aaron doesn’t know why he spent so long distancing himself from matt or any of the upperclassmen
  • andrew has renee. why couldn’t aaron could have had matt or dan?
  • he’s always been one to never regret the things he says because he doesn’t say things without meaning them, just like andrew. it’s one of the few things him and his brother can relate to each other with
  • but aaron is hung up on the fact that when he came to matt’s dorm after him and neil switched, he told him that they would never be friends
  • that him being his roommate would be it
  • he told matt never to speak to him
  • aaron’s not about to apologise out of nowhere but he still feels guilty

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Scan - Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and (in the background), Kevin Harrington, EMI Studios, Abbey Road, 1968. Photo by Linda McCartney.

“At some point during a break [at Abbey Road Studios] I was trying to hide behind a big box on a stand (I discovered after this was a monitor!) when George [Harrison], sitting on the floor cross legged, looked at me and said ‘Hey Kevin, come and sit down and tell me all about yourself.’ So I sat down and we chatted for a while, and slowly I started to feel more at home. George was good like that, always looking to make people feel comfortable. After that conversation I felt relaxed, my nerves had gone. Thank you, George.” - Kevin Harrington, “Who’s The Redhead On The Roof….?” My Life with The Beatles [x]


Chapter 5: Stupid Smile

Evan got off the plane, scanning the airport as he looked for piercing blue eyes from the crowd.

“Where’s he meeting us?” Georgia said, trying to follow her partners eyes, but failing.

“He said somewhere in here. The guy’s never been very good with detail.”

This caused Georgia to laugh. Evan had said so much about Jon. So much. She knew how much he wanted her to meet him, and how much he wanted to see him.

“I think that’s him.” Evan said, frowning slightly.

Jon looked different.

He was wearing a beanie over short dark hair. His jaw had got more defined and so had his high cheekbones. His eyes were still a piercing blue but were held down by dark bags. His arms were covered in fresh ink that Evan hadn’t seen before and he had new piercings. One on his eyebrow, another in the centre just below his bottom lip and a load more ear piercings.

Basically, he looked fucking hot.

Jon caught his eye.

“Hey, Jo, long time no see.” Evan cried, pulling him into a hug before the other had a chance to say anything. He had grown taller too, now he towered above Evan’s height. It was weird.

“Hey, man!” Jon exclaimed excitedly. It was Jon. It was his best friend. But Evan couldn’t help but still feel this tingly nervousness in his stomach. “Everyone’s dying to see ya! Oh, and you must be Tylor, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“It’s Georgia.”

“Shit.” Jon looked sheepishly at her. “That was the last one.”

Evan started to laugh, which didn’t look good when Georgia frowned at him.

“I told you he had a bad memory.”

“No, I don’t!”

“Well, for pointless shit you don’t, but important things just go in one ear and out the other, I swear!” Evan laughed harder.

Jon pouted slightly, looking towards Georgia.

“Sorry…” He mumbled, staring intensely at her.

She smirked, grinning. “Hey, don’t worry about it. At least Evans having a good time.” She punched his arm lightly.

“Anyway, let’s find the others. They should be at my house.”

The ride back was strange. They had caught a taxi back to Jon’s and it was a mostly silent one. Evan wasn’t sure what had gotten into the pair that hadn’t seen each other for a year, but he couldn’t bring himself to speak. He didn’t have the courage to ask his best friend how he was, about his piercings and tattoos, about school. His bottled excitement was stuck in his gut and he couldn’t force a sound out. Jon was silent too, was he tired? Sad? Evan wasn’t too sure. He had never seen Jon so out of focus from his giggly nature.

Jon sat next to him, his eyes darting towards Evan ever so often almost in encouragement. He didn’t know what to say to Evan either, somehow scared he would stutter his way through even though he knew Evan wouldn’t judge him. It was a weird feeling. He had almost gained enough confidence to speak before the taxi driver stopped, ushering them out onto the street in front of his house.

It was quiet as they entered the house, before Evan heard the muffled laugh of who he guessed was Lui, and then the hush of Tyler and David. It was them. It was all his friends. Yeah, he had made friends who liked him for the quiet side he had. But these guys were different. They knew him.

“Welcome home!” They all shouted, jumping out from behind Jon’s sofa and from his kitchen. Evan started to laugh as David missed his queue, jumping and falling over the sofa.

“Hey, man!” Tyler sung, bringing his friend into a big hug. He had shot up since last year and now towered above Evan as Jon did.

The rest hadn’t changed at all though. The only differences were that Luke and Ryan had both grown bulky beards, Craig and Marcel had been to the gym and Anthony had new ink just as Jon had. But it was them.

He greeted each person, one by one in their own unique ways. Some hugs, some high fives and some handshakes, in the ironic way of course. He really did feel at home.

“Why you’ll welcoming me home? This isn’t even my house.” Evan smirked.

“It might as well have been, you two were always around each other’s.” Tyler pointed out, grinning. This made everyone laugh. It was weird how they all fell back into place again. All but one.

He could feel Jon staring. He needed to get used to him again. The intense stares were making his spine tingle. Was it different or was he just weak to it after not seeing him?

He turned to catch the blue orbs in his. Jon was laughing along but watching him. He didn’t break eye contact as others would if they were caught staring though. He kept it, smirking.

‘What?’ Evan mouthed, causing Jon to shrug. Only then did he break the stare, his eyes going towards Lui who seemed to be up jumping on his sofa.

“So Evan, how’s life been?” Ryan mumbled over the sound of shitty speakers.

“Good, man.”

“So I’m guessing this is the lucky lady then?” Ryan said, catching Georgia’s eye.

Ryan was about Evan’s height, with brown hair and beard, and a freckled face. His eyes seemed to be some sort of hazel mix, which were soft. She could tell he was a charmer just by the eyes. They were beautiful.

Evan turned his head, almost surprised to see Georgia there. To be perfectly honest, he had become so overwhelmed from the past, he had forgotten she had been by his side. He felt a wave of guilt pour over him. He wasn’t normally this ungentlemanly.

“Yes!” He exclaimed, Ryan raising an eyebrow at his sudden loudness. “It’s more like I’m the lucky guy though.” He slipped in subtly causing Georgia to giggle.

Ryan rolled his eyes, smiling.

“It’s good to have you back.” Ryan stated.

“It’s good to be back.” Evan replied, grinning as he watched Ryan’s eyes dart to Jon who was talking to Brock and Brian. “How’s he been?” Evan asked and Ryan’s eyes shot back to him, his lips humming before answering.

“To be honest with you Evan.” He responded, keeping his eyes on Evan. “Not so good. It’s been bad not having you here. He’s really felt it the worst.”

Evan bit his lip, looking at Georgia when she gripped his arm. She looked up to him with an emotion he couldn’t quite read.

“How bad?”

Ryan sighed, now looking away and towards Luke who seemed to be coming over. “Well, his mom’s in a bad way at the moment. He’s trying to look after her as his sister’s left. It’s affected his grades and he’s convinced he hasn’t passed this year as well as the dyslexia. They still haven’t given him help for it. You were his only help. I would help him but he said he doesn’t want it, so I left it.” Ryan paused for a second as Luke came over, tucking his arm around him.

“Alright, sugar tits.” Luke laughed, pushing into his friend slightly. Ryan frowned, staring at him.


“I’m being serious here and you’re calling me sugar tits.” Ryan replied, still pressing against him. “I’m talking about Jon.”

“Oh, and how he rejected you?” Luke smirked.

“He rejected you too, you idiot.”

“Oh yeah.”

Evan coughed, causing the two to look at him. “Anything else? I need to know this stuff, Ryan. He hasn’t asked me for help either or said anything about family shit to me. Why’s he being all secretive?”

“I don’t know. He’s locked all of us out since last year.” This time it was Luke to speak. He was now watching Jon. He could feel Ryan’s gaze on him though making him smile.

“You should talk to him.” Ryan stated, watching Luke’s grin grow.

Evan nodded, looking towards Georgia who frowned. “Could you stay here, G? I really need to-”

“I get it.” She said smoothly, the voice didn’t match her face though as it was still frowning at him. “Go on, I’ll stay here with these two handsome gentlemen.”

Evan felt his heart ping slightly. Of course she was joking, but it felt real. “Okay.” He mumbled monotone making his way towards Jon. “Look after her, guys.”

“Sure man.” Luke said, still cuddled up with Ryan who clicked his tongue as Luke put his head on his shoulder.

Jon could feel the force come up behind him as it brushed his back. Hands came down over his eyes as he stood talking to Brock and Brian about who they thought was the worst teacher at school.

“Guess who.”

He instantly knew it was Evan. His voice was deep and husky as he whispered, hot breath hitting his neck.

He was so close.

“Is it… Santa?” Jon joked. He heard Evan huff in disbelief at the childish choice.

“No! Guess again.” Evan mumbled, his voice just as childish as he verbally made his pout know. Jon’s laugh caused his hands to vibrate. He had missed his laugh so much.

“It’s that damn chicken-uh-owlman.”

Evan started to laugh, moving his hands from the other man’s face. He hadn’t just missed his laugh, no, he had missed all of him. Every little thing. From his dimpled smile to the silly stuttering.

“Chickenman! It’s batowl, you bitch.”

“I forgot, okay!” Jon exclaimed back, smiling. Evan grinned.

Brock laughed, causing Evan to jump. He had forgotten they were even there.

“Hey man, can I take this handsome man for a second? I need to interrogate him.” Evan asked. Jon lifted an eyebrow at him, his stupid grin still planted on his face.

“Go for it. I already have a handsome man here.” Brock laughed, bumping into Brian who snorted.

“What do you want me for, Evan?” Jon now asked seriously when they had gone up stairs into his mom’s room; that actually had a door.

Evan loved the way he said his name. It was endearing.

“I just wanted to see how you have been.”


“Truthfully.” Evan said, turning to stare back at the eyes which were piercing him. Evan could feel his face start to flush as he watched the teeth grind on Jon’s abused lip with Jon humming into it slightly.

“Like I always say, it’s shit without you here.” Jon sighed, watching Evans eyes soften. He loved the shape of his eyes, the rich brown that was so warm it could light a fire, the crinkles as he smiled and the way they were so kind and caring when they looked at you. There was no intensity about them, they were just soft and calming.

“You know you should’ve asked me for help.”

“Well… I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“What? Disturb me? From what?”

Jon paused for a second, his hands curling into each other.

“Well from like other friends, and like, studying and things. You wouldn’t reply for like hours anyway, so I assumed you were busy.”

“Jo, I’m never too busy if you need help. I would have sat down and stopped everything if I knew you needed me. I thought you were busy too.”

“How could I be busy? Doing what?” Jon mumbled, remember the nights he’d let the time tick for hours without realising it as he waited. He didn’t know what for. Maybe something that would make him stop thinking?

Evan shrugged. “You have a life outside of me. I assumed you were out with the gang or something. But they said you have been to yourself.”


“And I don’t want you to be. It’s bad to keep shit to yourself and to bottle stuff up, Jo. You know it. Tell me what’s up.”

“The sky.” Jon smirked jokingly. Evan didn’t laugh though, and gave him such a stern look he actually thought he had pissed him off.

“It’s the ceiling actually, get it right, you idiot.” Evan smiled, bumping against Jon’s shoulder lightly, causing a giggle from Jon.

“Alright, alright, the damn ceilin’ then.” Jon muttered, starting to lay back, feet dangling from the bed.

“Hey, you still haven’t answered me seriously. Don’t start going to sleep!”

“I’m not,” Jon replied softly, watching Evan join him on his back. “I can still hear you.”

“Then tell me. What is up? What’s been wrong? Tell me everything you haven’t in the last year.”

Jon hummed as he thought. Turning his head to see Evan watching him, giving him a small smile. He had missed that smile.

He exhaled loudly before telling Evan everything he could remember, he found it hard to get into words as he stuttered, his brain not cooperating with him.

He told him about how he was already behind a year and had made a new friend in class called Bryce who helped him through the day, how his mum was getting worse as she laid in her bedroom for hours without a word, how he hadn’t seen his dad this year, how his sister had found dealing with their mum too much and left, how sometimes he’d lay there like his mum and think whether he meant anything, how he got called gay for the purple sheet, and how Tyler and Craig beat the shit out of that guy, how he missed being little again, how he missed having a door and how he missed Evan. God, he had missed Evan.

Evan laid and listened, with Jon actually at one point stopping to check if he hadn’t fallen asleep, he was that quiet. But he was awake, listening to the strain in his friend’s voice, the way he laughed after pain and the way he began to hold himself. He hadn’t seen him so hurt before without him unable to do anything. It hurt him too. He was useless.

“And you know, I really have missed you big, big, big time. Like massive. God I have missed you.” Jon said gently. His eyes darted over to meet Evan’s.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to sit at your old house and play video games with you, whilst eating oreos and milk, and having your dad bring us up more dinner than we could eat! He cooked such awesome shit. And your mum, walking in on us laughing and doing that smiley tutting thing she’d do. And your sis’ calling us to play Mario Kart downstairs with her when she didn’t have her own friends over.” Jon mumbled, his voice barely audible over the loud music downstairs. “I just miss you and your family being here.”

Evan clicked his tongue, coming to sit up but keeping the stare. “Well guess what?”


“I haven’t missed you at all.” He smirked, Jon hitting him lightly.

“You bitch, I pour my heart out and you shit all over it.”

Evan laughed lightly, coming to embrace his friend, inhaling the scent he hadn’t smelt for over a year.

“Of course I missed you, you idiot.” He whispered deeply causing Jon to shuffle against him. “I really have. I miss your stupid laugh, and remarks, and stuttering, and the way you have to use your hands to explain things, and the way you smile, that sounds so gay, but I do man, and the way you have to laugh at everything and the way you talk to yourself to get motivated before doing something, and just like every retarded thing you do. You just make me laugh so much, and it was so quiet without you, and I never want anything to be so quiet ever again.” Evan exhaled harshly, Jon looking somewhat astonished that Evan had said something so sweet about him.

“Wow, you should be a damn rapper with those skills.”

“What?!” Evan exclaimed before laughing. There he was, there was his best friend.

“What you guys doing up here? Making out? Come on Evan, this is your freaking party man!” Tyler remarked as he found the two in the bedroom together.

Evan huffed, getting up off the bed. He wished he had been making out up here rather than pouring his heart out. It had made him tired.

Evan led Jon down the stairs as they followed Tyler. They hadn’t realised they had been up there for a solid hour. Everyone else was hammered apart from the pair, and Luke who didn’t drink.

“Let’s get this party started bitches! I found them upstairs having sex in the bedroom.” Tyler sang making everyone ‘ooo’ in surprise.

Evan tutted.

“We were talking about shit, you bitch.” He laughed. Tyler was a dick sometimes, but that’s why they were friends.

Tyler smirked, looking over to Georgia who looked annoyed. “Chill your tits, women, I’m joking. No finger poppin’ each others asshole’s tonight.”

“Evan, I think I’m going to leave.” She mumbled into his ear. He frowned.


“I don’t fit in here, Evan, and it’s not like you have any interest in me right now, you didn’t even defend me then.”

“He was joking-”

“Why did I even come? I thought this was going to be a nice holiday for the two of us, and just me meeting a couple of your childhood friends who would go quicker than come. But no, they’re all over you like some stupid kids. Especially fucking Jon-”

“Oi.” Evan gave her a stern look. “You wanted to come, so I said yes. I didn’t invite you to. And they’re my friends, I haven’t seen them in a year and you’re getting on me for being clingy to them and vice versa?” He huffed in annoyance. “Says you who is clinging to me. Go make some friends or something.”

Evan had never been so bitter in his life. The silent bicker caused only a few turned heads. Only when she stormed off did everyone look over.

“What’s going on?” It was Brock to come over, his face flushed with alcohol.

“Nothing, she just wanted to go home.”

Brock hummed, looking towards the door.

“And not come back?”

“Something like that.” Evan shrugged. He whipped out his phone as he tried to call her.

“Georgia, where are you?”

“Evan, fuck off okay? You know what? Fuck off forever, you stupid cunt. I have had enough of you talking to your friends like they’re more to you than I am.” She was crying hard on the other end as the wind crackled the connection and the alcohol slurred her words.

“G, they’re my friends. You can’t compare them to you.”

“I am and I will. I’m getting the next flight back up country, and delete me off your contracts. I don’t want my new boyfriend to think we have anything between us. Bye forever, asshole.” And with that the phone went dead. Evan brought it down slowly and stared at it. What the fuck had just happened?

Everything had happened so fast.


“More like fucking dumped, jeez.” Evan mumbled, he wasn’t sure what he felt.

It hurt.

“Hey, what’s up, w-what’s wrong?” Jon said, coming over with the drink he had grabbed. “Do you want me to get you a drink?”

“He just got dumped.” Brock replied, watching Evan’s face. It didn’t show anything and yet Jon seemed to realise something was up.

“Wanna talk about it, Ev?” Jon asked, lightly touching Evan’s forearm. He shook his head gently before staring at his best friend.
Without another word he grabbed the drink Jon was holding and within a swig it was gone.

“Oi bitch, that was mine! I asked you if you wanted one!” Jon exclaimed causing Evan to giggle.

“It’s mine in my belly now, bitch, come get it if you want it!”

Jon chuckled his high excited giggle which Evan felt like he hadn’t heard since they were little. It was hyperactive, like he was ready to start running away from him, like he had done with Luke so many years ago.

He wasn’t going to let one woman ruin a night he wanted to remember as being the best reunion ever.


tafferlicious  asked:

Domestic Ask! Guess who! Tracemaker ;)

Welp, that was quick^^

  • Who’s more dominant: I think it’d be fairly even with Amélie having a slight edge in the dominance factor.

  • Who’s the cuddler: Lena.

  • Who’s the big/little spoon: They’d try to switch around, but Amélie would end up being the big spoon because Lena would get a mouthful of long hair otherwise.

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Amélie would love cooking with Lena and Lena would love lazing about watching a movie together.

  • Who uses all the hot water: Lena. Amélie’s sense of temperature is warped, she’d be fine with lukewarm.

  • Most trivial thing they fight over: Whether or not a tracksuit is something you can go out in public with.

  • Who does all the cleaning: Amélie would start and guilt Lena into helping.

  • What has a season pass on their DVR/Who controls the Netflix queue: If Westworld exists in 2087, that would be a staple. Nobody really controls the Netflix queue, they’d just try what the other likes.

  • Who calls up the landlord/super when the heat’s not working: Lena can be terrifying when she’s mad.

  • Who leaves their stuff around: Lena.

  • Who remembers to buy the milk: Amélie, Lena gets distracted in the supermarket.

  • Who remembers anniversaries: Both. They’d try to surprise each other with something nice.

  • Who cooks normally: Amélie, and Lena would help most of the time. Leaving Lena to do it alone doesn’t end well.

  • How often do they fight: Not very often, and if they do, it gets resolved pretty quickly.

  • What do they do when they’re away from each other: Amélie would read a lot, train or listen to music, Lena would watch shows or movies Amélie doesn’t like (and probably make a mess with popcorn)

  • Nicknames for each other: Amélie: chérie, minette. Lena: Blue. That’s the only one Amélie accepts because she really doesn’t like nicknames.

  • Who’s more likely to pay for dinner: Whoever has cash, otherwise they just split the bill.

  • Who steals the covers at night: Lena. If you could hook up a generator to her while she’s asleep, she’d probably power an entire watchpoint.

  • What would they get each other for gifts: Amélie would get the special edition holovid set of that series Lena loves for her. Lena would get her new cook books for not entirely selfless reasons.

  • Who kissed who first: I’d spoiler you if I told you that.

  • Who made the first move: Does making someone defect from Talon count? If so, Lena. If not, spoilers.

  • Who remembers things: Both.

  • Who started the relationship: More spoilers.

  • Who cusses more: Lena. You’d have to make Amélie really mad before she starts cussing.

  • What would they do if the other one was hurt: If it happened in battle, the attacker would die within seconds. Generally, they’d care and worry about each other.

  • Who’s the dirty talker: Both, but Amélie is better at it.

  • A head canon: Amélie always wakes up first and then she’s torn between making breakfast and just watching Lena sleep.

I’m sorry I couldn’t answer a few because it would be spoilers for my WIP. I’ll have those chapters out as soon as possible™.

anonymous asked:

My brain simply cannot comprehend the fact that Defenders is coming so soon! It got me thinking that the Defenders might be getting extremely popular (which I think it will, touch wood) are you aware then that you might be establishing something big for the marvel universe going forward? I feel like the definition of ''street level'' has never been this greatly defined before. And btw when are we gonna get a variant cover in the style of abbey road? I can't be the only one who thought of it.😉

My entire queue is filled with questions and comments and worries about defenders. I’m so excited everyone’s excited. I love All of these character so much and starting Wednesday we get to have a lot of fun together. 

 personally, I think the street level of Marvel has been greatly defined over the decades.  maybe, its just one of those things we take for granted once in a while. 

 if so, not anymore…

 here’s another exclusive page by David and Justin


I found a new job. A better job. With better wages. And stronger benefits, which also cost me less each pay period. And regular hours with evenings at home. And an employer that actually avoids working me to death (and, in fact, insists that I stay at 40 hours per week to avoid overtime, what a novel concept!). And weekends REAL weekends. And lunch breaks! Did you know people get to eat food when they’re working for 8 hours - because that’s new to me, haha! And holidays, of which there are more days considered holidays than my last job, and I get each of them off with pay instead of “I guess you can have time-and-a-half for working on Christmas (unless you’re already on overtime for this week; then you’re just getting paid your normal 1.5 times overtime pay).” And almost no screaming-directly-at-me. And an office. With windows! And a computer. With Windows! 10! And two monitors! And my office has a real fake tree. And it’s all so surreal actually being happy at work and not-dead-from-overwork-and-stress at home, I’m still a little paranoid that the floor is going to come out from under me at any time, haha! But honestly I’m so happy and I feel so lucky and I’m never going to complain about bad lootboxes in games again. ; u;

I’ve spent my newfound time-to-have-a-life just kind of reveling in it and I think I’m ready to start drawing a little again, so hopefully I really and genuinely will have some stuff to show soon. In the meantime, I’m going to queue up a bunch of reblogs of stuff that I’ve been diggin’ lately.

Thank you all so much for your patience with me while I’ve been powering through this. I really hope you all have been doing well through it all, and that things just keep getting better for y’all from here. <3


HELLO EVERYONE. So, kind of a big update, mostly/especially to those who are on my current commission queue.

I just got a job back in Vancouver, and it starts super soon so I will be scrambling to get stuff together for the move. I should be moving up there around September 2nd, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to bring my art stuff up right away. I will post another update if stuff changes, but it’s all kind of up in the air at the moment. It will likely take me another month or so to finish the current commission queue. It might take a bit longer or a bit shorter depending on what happens but I will make updates here and on twitter (I’ll be more active with updates on twitter, though). If anyone in my current queue list has any issues or would like individual updates, please do not hesitate to send me a message or twitter DM!


Hufflepuff Trait Analysis


Hufflepuff folks will usually be fair, but it can work in different ways. For some, it’s making sure everyone is included, for others it means fighting for equality or using the threat of karma if a person is unkind to the Puff or anyone the Puff cares about, even if it’s a complete stranger. As kids, Puff’s will always try to share their toys and happiness, and will get upset when others won’t share with them. As teens, a Hufflepuff will start caring about social issues, and begin deciding what matters most to them, and begin fighting for at least one cause, even if it is only passively, and online, and as an adult, a Puff will speak up about injustice in the world, close to home and within themselves.

Hard work:

While people will imagine hard work as trying really hard with schoolwork, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Many Hufflepuff’s can be laid back, and only work hard on projects they really care about. For example, a Puff will choose to work on a personal project, like making a cosplay or drawing before doing study, because if the work doesn’t interest them, or isn’t urgent, they won’t choose to do it. A Puff will however, work super hard to make sure justice is served, and that people are happy.


A Puff is like a dog, loyal to the end to anyone who cares about it, and will attack anybody who hurts their friends. In a way, you can describe Puff’s as pack animals, who like to be with their friends (when they’re up to it) and will fiercely defend them, and even a stranger who needs help. A Puff’s loyalty is never ending, but if a friend of theirs breaks their trust or can’t show loyalty to them, the Puff will feel immensely hurt, and perhaps even cut ties with that friend, because ‘if you can’t be loyal to me, then you aren’t my friend’.


Hufflepuffs are often portrayed as over-the-top sweethearts who bake everyone cookies and apologize if they sneeze within a five mile radius of someone. This is not an accurate portrayal of a Hufflepuff’s kindness. To begin with, Hufflepuffs aren’t kind to everyone. They hold grudges, they get in fights, they get mad at people, they are human. They, like everyone else, have people they detest, people they despise. Unlike everyone else, they are very good at hiding it.

 A Hufflepuff’s kindness comes across in three ways. First, to the people they love. For their friends and family, Hufflepuffs are willing to do anything. They’ll help them out of the roughest patches, help them get back up whenever they fall, sit and listen, and do whatever is needed to make them feel better. As a friend or a family member, a Hufflepuff’s kindness knows no bounds. Second, to strangers. To strangers, Hufflepuffs put on a smile and hold pleasant conversation as needed. If they bump shoulders, they apologize, and if a meal at a restaurant takes a few extra minutes, they tip the waitress anyway. To strangers, Hufflepuffs shine as an example of how people should act. Third, to people they hate. Hufflepuffs hide distaste beneath layers of fake smiles and laughter. They have pleasant conversation with the people they dislike, and their cool facade keeps everyone from noticing their passive-aggressive attitude. They pretend to be kind to people they dislike, but inside, they are seething. They show it in the smallest ways: leaving for the bathroom and never coming back, hiding their shoes beneath the couch, and disagreeing with everything they say. It’s hard to tell if a Hufflepuff hates someone because they hide it so well, but that distaste, that disgust, is there (and don’t even think about hurting their friends, they’ll deck you right then and there.)


Patience is an interesting trait for Hufflepuffs. While Hufflepuffs are wonderful at waiting, it doesn’t mean that they always enjoy it. Patience, they know, makes whatever they’re waiting for that much sweeter, for they’ve been waiting for it for so long. However, that does not make the practice of patience enjoyable. Patience is hard. It’s boring. It’s long. It feels like a waste of time. Hufflepuffs are able to push through this. They are patient despite the downfalls because they know, at the end of everything, that they will have grown as a person and that they’ll be happier than they would have been if they hadn’t waited at all.


Much like hard work, it is important to note that Hufflepuffs aren’t dedicated all of the time. Hufflepuffs are heavily familiar with procrastination, as they often try to ignore projects and push them off until the last minute. It isn’t that they don’t want to do the project at all, it’s just that big projects tend to stress them out and they prefer to hold them off until later. True dedication comes in when a Hufflepuff is passionate about something. When a Hufflepuff cares about a project/person/thing/e.t.c, nothing can stand between them and their goal. Once a Hufflepuff starts on something they love, they will not abandon it until they can see it through to the end. Hufflepuffs might take a little while to start a project, but once they begin they will never ever give up.

Honestly, Overwatch is in need of some major quality-of-life improvements.

Namely for it to do a better job at finding people waiting on matches instead of spending a minute with both teams missing 1 person before booting them to the menu, as well as finding new players for a match at the START instead of dropping people in at the last 20 seconds of a match, which then usually results in a big chunk of players quitting which leads to situation A again, especially since a player who undergoes both these situation basically queues up twice and doesn’t get to play at all for either queue.

Hermione crossed her arms over her chest with a sigh, watching an awfully slow queue in front of her. She stole another glance at a big watch on the wall. Half an hour until her first lecture. Fuck. This was so not the morning she wished. Why so many people? Did all coffeeshops in a mile close? 

When she only had three people before her (two middle aged men and a girl in a green dress with a very sharp profile), Hermione wanted to kill. No matter who, just kill. She started to doubt that coffee was worth such torture, but she couldn’t function properly without her morning dose of caffeine. Maybe Ginny was right when she banned caffeine from her life. Maybe it wasn’t because of her obsess with health, but because of the queues.

Hermione sighed exasperatedly. The girl in the green dress standing right before Hermione was rummaging in her bag and already nudged Hermione twice, not bothering to apologize. She finally pulled out a phone with a victorious smirk on her face and another poke in Hermione’s arm. Hermione clenched her teeth tightly. She was too annoyed and this girl only added fuel to the fire.

“Problems?” the girl scoffed, examining Hermione’s tight expression. She didn’t wait for the answer and turned around, her short black hair almost touching Hermione’s face. Damn, she was gorgeous. But gorgeous is not enough to forget her rudeness.

And apparently she had the cutest lock screen Hermione had seen in months? A cute pug with a bow tie looked weird in the phone of someone so brash and totally didn’t match its “Fuck off” case. Hermione giggled quietly.

“Anything funny?” the girl snapped at her immediately. If possible,  Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at her indignant expression.

“Okay,” she rolled her eyes, “I get it. It was my friend’s idea and I’m too lazy to change it.”

“Looks cute,” Hermione smiled. She was actually quite excited now. The picture took away her irritation and she enjoyed her sudden acquaintance’s low voice. “But seriously, would you mind sending it to me?”

The girl looked at her suspiciously. “Fine,” she finally gave in and grinned. “You’re lucky I like your face, otherwise I’d think it was creepy.”

“Aren’t I glad to know,” Hermione scoffed.

“WhatsApp?” the girl asked, raising her eyebrows and ignoring Hermione’s comment.

This is creepy. But okay, I should hope you’re not a serial killer.”

“I am not, thank you very much,” she murmured as she typed in Hermione’s number and chose the picture to send. The man standing in front of her walked away and the girl quickly turned to the barista, giving Hermione a playful wink, “Not gonna stalk you, don’t worry. Unless you’d prefer I do.”

Hermione felt her cheeks burning. Was she flirting or what? When her brain turned back on, the girl already was walking away. Hermione stuttered on her order.

She tried not to think of it in the evening. She really did. She just wanted to relax from her crazy day in college and Harry and Ron’s attempt to drag her to the club. Hermione didn’t actually know how she found herself texting the number she got the pug’s picture from.

“Will you at least tell me your name? Or I’ll call you The Pug Lover.”

She got the answer almost instantly.

“Pansy Parkinson. You can call me The Queen of the World. What about you, princess?”

“That was awful. Hermione Granger, and I’m free on Friday in case if you might want to learn to flirt better.”

“My flirting is very advanced and elegant, just so you know. But I really want to hear your suggestions on improving it, maybe we can practice ;) Friday sounds perfect.”

Hermione smiled. Mysterious Pansy Parkinson was an enough reason to look forward to Friday.

“And this, kids, is the story of how I met your mother,” Pansy finished with a wink, carelessly throwing her arm around Hermione’s shoulders.

“First of all,” Draco rolled his eyes, “I would really appreciate if you stopped calling me and my boyfriend kids,” Harry nodded in agreement beside him.

“Aww, you wound me,” Pansy interrupted with a sad face.

“And secondly,” Draco continued, ignoring her, “Our story is better.”

“Lies,” Pansy snorted. “Your story is shit.”

“At least we didn’t start dating because of a pug,” Harry chimed in.

Hermione let out a quiet laugh, blushing slightly when Pansy kissed her knuckles with a big grin.

“Yeah, you started dating because of the poor lighting in cinema. That’s much better, right.”

Pansy laughed at the sight of her friends’ pouting faces and let her fingers tangle in Hermione’s hair. That pug did her a good favor.


Thank you all so much! I didn’t expect anything like this when I started, and I’m so glad you all chose to follow along on my adventures through Street View <3

Pardon the lack of content (yet again), life keeps catching up to me and my queue runs out far too soon. More dogs will show up soon enough!

As a thank you, have this picture of some greyhounds that were part of my town’s Pride parade!

PSA to people who sell commissions 

If you’re having a bad mental health day/week you need to tell your clients about any set backs. Once you start accepting money for your hobby it becomes a job and you need to treat it like one.
Whats a person supposed to think when you go MIA for 2 months and ignore all their messages asking about progress for their commission? ESPECIALLY if they spent a large amount of money for your work.
What are they supposed to think when they see you active and drawing for yourself but ignoring their messages?
I know it’s nobodies business what you spend your money on but when a client (or multiple clients depending on how big your queue is) has been waiting 5 months for their art they’re going to question why you keep accepting commissions and buying yourself stuff but not working on any of the commissions. People are going to side eye you and not want to commission you ever again.

Having depression or any other mental illness is no excuse to not communicate with your customers.

I get it, I do. I have days where my fatigue is so bad I can hardly do anything. I have days where I do stuff for myself to de-stress.
I got sick for a week and took time off for myself and I messaged all my clients about it. It’s a simple “Hey there! I’m taking a few days for myself and I apologize for the set back!

And I’m writing this for personal reasons right now having to wait months upon months and having the artist dodge my every question meanwhile they take more and more commissions and doing personal art but not actually doing any of the work with the excuse “Well I have depression and responding to messages make me anxious
And they have a queue of over 20 people.
If you have issues when people sending you a professional message about the product they gave you money for so much that you flat out ignore them you probably shouldn’t be selling commissions. 
I know you need money but there is no excuse to this. You. Need. To. Communicate. You can’t take peoples money and run. You can’t leave them in the dark for 3 months. You can’t get pissy like that when they ask you why you’ve been ignoring them. 

Because it looks like they’re getting scammed. No one wants to get scammed. And after they’ve waited 6 months after you went MIA they’re not going to care about your “Sorry I have depression pls be patient with me uwu”
because they’ve BEEN patient and at that point it sounds like an excuse!

If you keep conducting your work like that chances are you won’t have any recurring customers. If you treat your clients like that they won’t want to buy from you anymore. 

Because seriously. Treat it like a business. Communicate. Don’t spend 6 months procrastinating. Don’t take on 30 people at once.