it all started when i decided to be an anon

So earlier today I got rather pissed off when some rude anon who has probably never made a GIF in their lives decided to attack my friend (and one of the best GIFmakers I know) for no reason telling them not to talk about GIFmaking like it’s a big deal since it’s just taking clips from existing video. I was hoping to forget about this, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how many non-GIFmakers really do think that’s all GIFmaking is (including myself before I started making GIFs to some extent). Luckily, most people aren’t that rude about it and know not to insult content creators over a topic they actually don’t know much about…but I still feel the need to discuss some of the often lengthy effort that goes into making medium to high quality GIFs.

As a disclaimer, I’m NOT trying to be elitist and I honestly don’t consider myself one of the top tier GIFmakers. I also don’t think that GIFmakers HAVE to put in a lot of effort to alter GIFs from the original video frames if they don’t want to. It’s just a hobby where we try to capture/highlight cool moments using a severely limited and dying file format lol…so it’s really up to the individual how much they wanna put into it. However, the truth of the matter is that many GIF and graphics makers that contribute greatly to numerous fandoms DO put in a significant amount of effort to make their GIFs look different from and better than the original video.


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anonymous asked:

hi, sorry if this is a dumb question but, it's revealed that viktor was in love yuuri the whole time in that one episode where it reveals yuuri doesnt remember that one night, and before that they got rings. did they actually get engaged is that what yuuri really meant when he bought those rings ??? and when did they actually start dating?? im a lil confused. especially abt when their relationship turned romantic

Hi anon!!! Not a dumb question at all! All of the things you asked about, I’m afraid, are pretty subjective, but here’s the timeline of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship as I see it. Also, I’d like to note that I’m not going to fill in the gaps (i.e. assume their first kiss was before The Kiss™), I’m just going with what’s canon.

The Victuuri Timeline


  • Victor is on top of the skating world and has lost inspiration. Yuuri has lost the GPF because of his anxiety and is ashamed of himself.
  • The Sochi Banquet Scene (Episode 10) - Yuuri dances with Victor and asks him to be his coach. Victor is enamored at first sight because Yuuri is bright and blazing and beautiful. He hears Yuuri’s request and the idea starts as a spark in his mind.


  • Yuuri skates to Victor’s routine, Stammi Vicino (Stay Close to Me) and the triplets record it.
  • Victor sees the video and decides to be Yuuri’s coach. He does this because he remembers how he’d felt during the banquet and because “he skates like his body is creating music.”
  • Victor shows up at the onsen, Yuuri essentially rejects him because he’s Shook™.

At this point in the show, we’re working with two types of love that are not the final product. Victor is infatuated with Yuuri, but he knows next to nothing about him. Yuuri, on the other hand, knows everything about Victor’s public persona, but knows nothing about his private persona. They’re in love with the idea of each other.

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anonymous asked:

rfa (or maybe a mini fic with jumin/zen?) when their s/o comes home looking really down and troubled, and when they ask, she just starts self-deprecating, insulting herself, particularly her appearance, because earlier that day someone told her that, "she isn't a girl lol look at her front, it's flat lolol" or something...? i just want to be comforted aah, someone was very rude today and my insecurities just...bursted out;;;;

I saw these as having pretty similar reactions so I decided to put them in one post ^^ also, I’ve kept MC genderless for all except Jaehee and Seven. and anon, I know the feeling of people saying rude things and bringing out insecurities, but most of those people are just assholes who can’t deal with their own lame lives and make fun of people to mask that, so just remember that you are 100x better than them and I’m here for you <3

-Admin Ace in Space


  • this poor little bean is so confused when you come home talking about how much you dislike yourself
  • you are perfect??? and he loves you??? and he could never imagine someone like you being insecure??
  • he gets surprisingly serious and wraps his arms around you
  • “MC… I never believed anyone would love me. I mean, I’m short, I have a horrible work ethic, all I do is game… but you love me. And I love you, no matter what you think about yourself.”
  • for the rest of the day, you can expect surprise kisses and hugs at any moment
  • he holds you really close to him at night and murmurs how much he loves you until you fall asleep
  • he may be new to romance and stuff, but he never wants to see you upset and does whatever he can to make you smile


  • dating him, you’re bound to have some insecurities
  • I mean, the guy is a God
  • but he soon manages to pick up on the tell-tale signs that you’re wallowing in insecurities
  • and he hugs you from behind and kisses your cheek
  • and tells you how much he loves you
  • when you come home one day self-deprecating because of what some stranger said, he’s really pissed
  • how dare anyone say something bad about his angel???
  • he’s EXTRA romantic for the rest of the day, constantly doing little things for you
  • if you’re okay with it, he has you lay down and kisses every part of your body that you’re insecure about


  • she’s been there, she’s had her fair share of guys tell her she doesn’t look feminine enough and that no guy would want her
  • joke’s on them, she’s dating the best woman in the world
  • and she makes sure you know it
  • she curls up on the couch with you, a movie running in the background, and whispers sweet nothings in your ear
  • Baehee is the sweetest
  • you two share stories about bullshit guys have said to you and end up laughing about it
  • and you make fun of them instead of yourself
  • she leaves cute notes on the mirror reminding you how perfect you are so that you can start every day feeling a little better about yourself


  • he won’t let you be insecure for even a few moments
  • immediately puts Elizabeth 3rd on your lap because we all know cats are perfect distractions
  • wraps his arm around your waist and holds you close
  • when you tell him that you’re feeling even more insecure than usual because of what a stranger said to you, he’s livid and ready to sue the bastard
  • pulls you in his lap and buries his face in your neck
  • when you ask him what he’s doing, he says, “This is now your insecurity-free zone. As long as I’m holding you, you’re surrounded by my love and can’t feel bad about yourself”
  • what a dork he’s perfect
  • it surprises you that he’s going for the “distract you by being funny” routine, but honestly? it works
  • the great Jumin Han making jokes to cheer up the love of his life
  • he’s still ready to sue whoever said anything bad about you


  • MC is insecure???
  • no no no no
  • sure, he’s insecure as fuck, but YOU’RE not allowed to be insecure
  • he sits you down and cups your cheeks
  • “MC, being insecure is my thing. You’re so wonderful and perfect and I love you, and if you think you’re ugly, then what am I?”
  • tickles you to make you laugh and tells you how much he loves you
  • when he hears someone said you’re too flat-chested he gets pissed
  • “I love your boobs!”
  • vouches to find that asshole and hack his bank account
  • whenever you feel down or bad about yourself, he distracts you with jokes or just hugs you really tight
  • “I’m hugging the bad feelings away! None of them can escape God 707!”
  • honestly who can focus on disliking themselves when you have this wonderful mess of a human being wrapped around you


  • the SECOND you have even the SLIGHTEST insecure thought, this boy is there
  • it’s like he has a built-in radar or something
  • and he takes your hand and kisses it softly and asks you to tell him what made you feel bad
  • when you explain that a stranger made a rude comment about you, be prepared for the shock of your life
  • Kim Jihyun, the world’s softest man, is angry
  • he may be an absolute pacifist, but he is so mad at whoever made you feel bad about yourself
  • because you deserve so much better
  • and he isn’t afraid to tell you that
  • he has a grumpy lil pout as he hugs you tightly and you can’t help but smile
  • because how is this man even cute when he’s mad
  • if you still feel bad after that, he talks about his own insecurities and how he also has to try every day not to let them get the best of him
  • and you two manage to have a good talk and let everything out
  • which is followed by you trying to out-pamper each other

anonymous asked:

Yeah imagine... imagine if he actually had a team with his best interests at heart. Imagine if Epic actually did their jobs properly. Pushed the song in the start like they did but not completely stop pushing it when the song was about to break the top 20 in the US. Cause it sure as hell wasnt all the radio stations collectively that decided to stop playing BTY when the song was #23. Imagine if he had actual excellent promo. Imagine if his management cared for him and wasnt in bed with Syco.

What Pretty Is

Prompt: Riley grows insecure about the triangle that once was and fears Lucas will get bored with her and realise he chose the wrong girl. 

Note: I have written something similar to this before which you can read here. As I was sent similar but more specific prompts I decided to write another version. All anon asks are attached at the bottom of the post :)

Word Count: 2268

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

Unfortunately, Riley Matthews is no stranger to being bullied. Also, the quirky brunette has gotten used to other people having a say in her relationship, even though it upsets her. So when the two insecurity triggers collide Riley’s reaction is anything but rational. 

It all started one afternoon at school. Classes had ended and Riley fiddled in her locker with her books when two girls whom Riley had never met before approach. There was a stranger leaning against either side of Riley’s locker, one blonde and one redhead, each with devious looks on their faces. 

“Hello,” Riley gave them a smile each and held back her nervous laughter at how odd it seemed. 

The blonde girl nudged her head down the hallway and Riley followed the direction she was trying to highlight. Riley spotted Lucas and Maya walking together. Riley knew they had last period together and was waiting for them to all go to the bakery to study. Her best friend and boyfriend were in hysterics, laughing at something. Riley smiled at how happy they looked and the redhead let out a patronising ‘aww’. Riley turned to give her a funny look when the blonde girl snickered, “She doesn’t get it.” 

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Hey you guys! Just wanted to pop in real quick and send a little ‘I love you’ note your way ❤️

I’ve reached 5k followers here and damn it’s been a weird journey! You guys are super amazing and I love each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. You guys send me such sweet asks/messages and you just fill my day with so much positivity and I can’t express how much that means to me. 

So here’s what I propose:

A small bit of positivity can go a long way! Help me spread some positivity through Tumblr! 

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Know an artist who puts out breathtaking fanart? Let them know! I’m sure they would love to hear from you.    

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The list is endless! Pick any blog on Tumblr. A blog that you lowkey enjoy. A blog that you love seeing on your dash. It may be a newbie blog or it could a well known blog - all of them deserve love and positivity. 

You can do this on or off anon and it’s completely your wish but starting from now, send a sweet and heartfelt message to one blog a day and trust me when I say that it’ll make an amazing impact!

Let me start this off by listing my favourite mutuals who are awesome sauce people who post amazing content:

@generally-fantastic-things : Thank you so much for being with me from the start of this weird blog Megan! You’ve seen me at my embarrassing times and you decided to stay. Thank you so much dude. ILY ❤️

@alittlebitofanna : asdfghjkalhdsjakhf you’re an amazing writer! Oh gosh check out Anna’s supernatural fanfiction blog ( @suckerfordeansfreckles )!! Her Destiel fics are beautiful and oh gosh she’s amazing! Definitely follow her! Love ya loads Anna!

@whovian1077 : She’s the dorkiest dork to ever dork and I’m forever grateful for @tumblrbot which prompted me to start a chat with her! I love you to the moon and back!

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@funnycas : I had no idea that you were following me!! You’re one of the best supernatural blog out there and I love love love LOVE everything that you post!! You’re wonderful ❤️

@casdean1967 : We talked only once but I absolutely loved geeking out about spn with you! And omg you have the cutest dog EVER. I’m gonna message you once I’m done with this cause I’ve missed talking with you! ILY!

And down below are other blogs that totally make my day: 



























I’m sure that I’m forgetting butt-loads of people but I love you all so damn much! 

Those Few Seconds- Peter Parker

summary : Y/N has to cope and learn to be wheel chair bound for the rest of her life, and while she adjusts to the situation, Peter stays away from her because he believes that all of it was his fault.

word count : 1.3k+

warnings : angst, sad reader, lots of angst, probably more angst, crying, ENDS WITH FLUFF YALL.

paring / characters : wheelchair!reader x peter parker, Ned Leeds, Michelle, douchewad Flash.

prompt : “hi! I loved your peter parker stories ‘barley’ and 'superhero hatred’ and would love to see a part two to either if you had time and were willing to! have a lovely day 💓💓” / “HELLO!!! I requested Barely and now Part 2 to Barely?? Where the reader is paralyzed from the waist down and has to learn to cope with being in a wheel chair and Instead of helping her adjust Peter stays away because he blames himself “If only he hadn’t hesitated for those few seconds.” You can decide if it ends fluffy or angst. The first part was amazing by the way, exactly what I had in mind I love your blog btw I check it at least twice a day😂❤️” -  random anon and the anon that requested ‘Barely’

A/N : I just started school so I’m trying to find time to write and finish all of these requests, so idk when any of them will be up. Also, having writers block doesn’t help either sooo. Anyways, I’m sorry for the lack of fanfic, I’ll try to post more and get more writings up soon. :) But for now, enjoy this second part to ‘Barley’

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Originally posted by parkrpeters

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Music Series: How Would You Feel (Paean) by Ed Sheeran

This one is for my Christmas lovers out there. You know who you are…those who can’t get enough Hallmark Christmas movies this time of year?

I’m sorry to say, I’ve not enjoyed the holidays the past few years, having lost my dad in 2012 and my mom in 2014, and not having a romantic partner in my life to enjoy the romance side of the holidays (will always be a hopeless romantic at heart). But I’m determined to try and enjoy it this year! I’ve always been the weirdo who listened to Christmas music all year long, until recently, and the past few years I’ve barely even decorated. So this year I am in Holiday Blues Recovery, and I’m going to enjoy something this holiday if it kills me.

This song has been on my imagines list since I started writing imagines, so when someone sent the suggestion, I decided to try it again, and this is what happened. I hope you all enjoy it, and thank you Anon for the request and sweet message. Sweet and cheesy this one is, and I wanted to post it before I leave for my songwriter’s night tonight, so I hope you like it!

PSA: Don’t forget to show love and kindness to those who maybe have nobody else at Christmas, and if you can afford it, share something with them, whether a meal, a gift, whatever you can manage. It may be the only nice gesture they receive this year.

This is “How Would You Feel (Paean)” by Ed Sheeran. You can listen HERE via Spotify, and on my Harry Styles Imagines playlist. xo



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“I’m Pregnant.”

Request: “73. Monsta X’s Changkyun. Can you please make it angsty, I have a thing for angsty fics😅😂. Thanks💟 “ - anon

Huehue, thank you so much anon for sending this request. I hope you enjoy reading this! Huehue, I’m so happy right now, I can’t explain what I feel ;u;

Ship: Changkyun x [y/n]

Genre: Angsty

Word Count: 1474 words

credits to the owner for this gif. all of my oneshots/imagines/scenarios are written by me, omgxiaoch.

Originally posted by seunqyoun

Two straight red lines.

It was unlike you to skip a month of menstruation. You were starting to get nervous as you felt something was wrong. Totally wrong. It was around seven in the morning when you decided to buy some pregnancy test kit at your local drugstore which was only a few blocks away.

You slipped right out from your boyfriend’s, aka. Changkyun’s hold, making sure that he doesn’t wake up. Tying your hair into a ponytail, you pulled your knitted sweated over your head, and grabbed your purse and went straight out of your apartment.

Once you successfully bought the pregnancy test kit, you hurriedly went back home, hoping that Changkyun was still fast asleep. As soon as you unlocked the door, you tiptoed your way to your room, only to be stopped by a voice.

“Where have you been?”

You turned your head towards the kitchen and saw Changkyun preparing breakfast with his usual pokerface on. “U-uh, I-I just went to the drugstore to buy something.” Changkyun didn’t looked convinced by your alibi.

I bought some napkins since I forgot to buy some supplies.” you blurted out, finally, Changkyun believed in your alibi. “Oh, okay. Why don’t you come here and eat?”

“I-I’ll go to the bathroom first since I really need to pee.” You went dashing towards the bathroom before Changkyun could allow you. Slamming the door shut, you locked the bathroom door and set the pregnancy test kit on the marbled sink and opened it up. You read the instructions first and finally proceeded on doing it.

Waiting for a minute or two, you worriedly back and forth, hoping that it would be negative as it would be the end for Changkyun’s career if people knew that he got someone pregnant.

After minutes passed, you gathered up the courage to finally look at the pregnancy test result. Two fcking straight red lines. You were too shocked to move, thousands of thoughts came rushing in as soon as you’ve realized that you’re pregnant.

Changkyun waited for you for about five to ten minutes, tapping his foot on the ground nervously as he started to get weird thoughts like you slipped or something. Having enough of the wait, he trudged towards the bathroom and came banging on the door. “[y/n]-ah, are you okay?”

You cursed under your breath. “I’m a-alright, babe.” covering your mouth right away after realizing that you only call him babe when you’ve done something wrong or you’re nervous about something.

[y/n], come out this instant.” his voice was stern and orotund. Trying to hide the pregnancy kit on your drawer, you heard the door click as it swung open. You hid the pregnancy test behind your back as big drop of sweat starts forming on your forehead.

What did you do?” Changkyun gets really irritated whenever you don’t do what he wants you to do. “What did I do? N-nothing.” you looked at him innocently, slowly pushing the pregnancy test behind your back when you saw from your peripheral view, Changkyun looking at your hands from the mirror.

What’s that you’re trying to hide?” Now, it’s really obvious by the tone of his voice that he’s already pissed off. He never liked the idea of you trying to hide anything from him as he has been really open with all his secrets.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, Changkyun.” you slowly backed away from him as he slowly inched closer to you. He knows your hiding something. He knows you better than you know yourself.

We’ve been dating for three years, [y/n], and now you’re hiding something from me. Are you dating someone behind my back?” you stopped, eyes widened from his sudden outburst.

W-what are you talking abou?” Changkyun rolled his eyes in frustration as he pulled something out from his pockets. You froze on your spot when you saw a picture of you and Jooheon feeding each other, hugging and Jooheon kissing your cheek.

Where the hell did he get those photos? you thought as you felt your blood boil, eyebrows furrowed. “Where did you get those?” Changkyun threw those photos on the sink, his tongue poking the side of his cheeks as he ran his fingers through his locks.

So you’re dating someone behind my back. And to think it’s my hyung that you’re dating.” you stared at the photos, thinking that those photos were taken by his hyungs when they planned to make Jooheon’s admirer hate him.

Could stop sprouting nonsense?! You clearly don’t know what’s behind those photos.” you retaliated, having enough of his bullcrap. Changkyun looked like he didn’t give a damn on hearing you explain.

“Tss, you don’t have to hide it anymore [y/n]. I thought that I’d spend my whole life with but I guess I was wrong. Thanks for enticing me, filling my mind with stupid yet false fantasies.”

Tears started to form on the corner of his eyes, knowing where this conversation is going to. You, too, also know where this’s going. You didn’t know what to do anymore, should you tell him about the pregnancy or break up with him and never see him again.

Changkyun, let me explain–”

“I don’t want to hear any of those lies, [y/n]. I’m tired of hearing shit. Let’s break up.” and with that Changkyun turned his heel, and went straight out of the bathroom. He grabbed his bag and started packing up his things.

Changkyun, please listen to me. Those pictures were taken by your hyungs–” you trailed right behind him as tears started to fall down your cheeks. He didn’t bother talking back. You kneeled beside him, holding the hem of his shirt with all your might as he tried prying your hands off of him.

Let go–” “Changkyun, those photos were for Jooheon’s admirer. I’m not dating behind your back, why would I even date behind your back? You’re the only one that I love.” Changkyun scoffed, turning around to face you.

“Didn’t I say that I didn’t want to hear your lies? Let go!” Changkyun successfully pried your hands off from his shirt and zipped his bag close. You couldn’t help but sob.

Don’t do this to me, Changkyun.” you begged, holding him once again at the hem of his shirt. “Don’t you get it, [y/n]?! We’re fucking through!” He yelled, making you freeze on your spot.

You let go of his shirt, making him continue his way through the door. Before he could twist the knob, you gathered up all your courage and decided to tell him the truth.

I’m pregnant.”

This stopped him from his tracks. He slowly turned to you, his anger washed away when he saw you pull out the pregnancy test from your back pocket, putting it right in front of you why crying.

I’m pregnant with you child…”

You repeated once again, loud enough for him to hear you. “What?” he asked. Tired of repeating yourself, you pushed the pregnancy test towards him. Changkyun picked the pregnancy test up and looked at the result.

You’re pregnant with my child?”

You nodded your head, trying to wipe the tears falling down your cheeks. “I-I’m so sorry for jumping into stupid conclusions, [y/n].” Changkyun was now crying, he went to your side and hugged you.

I-I got caught up with my anger. I-I’m so sorry, I’m such a jerk… I didn’t mean to break u-up with you.” Changkyun tried his best to say the whole sentence without his voice hitching.

You shook your head as you caressed the small of his back. “N-no, I should be the one asking for your forgiveness. This wouldn’t have happened if I-I didn’t had to hide this from you.” As you were slowly calming down from crying, you wiped your tears and pulled away from the hug.

Kissing his tears away, Changkyun looked at you while cupping your face. “I’m really sorry for what I’ve said [y/n], I really am. B-but why did you have to hide it from me?”

Changkyun lifted your chin, forcing you to look at him when you looked down  after his question. “I-I was scared t-that you’d get mad at me and not t-take responsibility of our child.”

“What made you think like that?”

I don’t know…” your voice trailed off, making Changkyun chuckle. “You’re so cute, jagiya. I’ll take full responsibility of our child even if it means that I have to marry you and end my career.”

“B-but, your career–”

“Shuush, let’s not talk about my career anymore and let’s say that what happened a while ago never happened, okay?” you nodded your head in obedience, only to receive a kiss from Changkyun. Smiling, you cupped his face and pulled him into a kiss once again.

Now, how about we go to the hospital and have you checked?”

A Kiss To Start It All

Title: A Kiss To Start It All

Word Count: 732

Requested By: @aestheticsepticeye (Tyler Schied one shot), anon (plot)

Summary: Reader is an animator working for teamiplier and Tyler likes them. One day when they’re left alone in the main office area, Tyler gets bold.

A/N: I kinda changed the request because I was having a hard time writing it but hopefully you don’t mind.

Originally posted by jiminy-krispies

Becoming a part of teamiplier was a dream come true. Mark had reached out to you after coming up with the idea to make a short series of animated sketches. You were amazed that he’d decided to ask you to take part in the project. It had started off fairly small. Mark would get some friends together to record a short scripted comedy sketch. He’d send the audio to you and you’d animate it for him. You’d all worked on it for months. Seven short videos scheduled to come out daily for a week. You all expected that to be the end of, but the fans seemed to adore it, so you were brought in full time. You never failed to put out a video at the end of every month with the team’s help.

The deadline for the next video was coming up fast. Due to some personal issues, you’d fallen a little behind. Now you were working on finishing the video that had to be released in less than twenty-four hours. Ethan was recording for the day and Mark and the girls had gone out to grab some food. You and Tyler were the only people left in the office. Tyler was more than likely asked by a worried member of the team to stay and keep an eye on you.

You and Tyler were never super close. That’s not to say that either of you disliked the other, still, you’d be lying if you said he didn’t intrigue you. You’d told Amy and Ethan that before, but nobody else knew about your interest in the curly haired boy. Tyler was complicated to you. For as long as you’d known Tyler, you’d never really had deep conversations like you had with everyone else, you chalked that up to him just being quiet, but you always seemed to flirt with each other easily. It confused you day after day.

You couldn’t be sure what Tyler was doing just from the few spare glances over your shoulder. When you looked back, you saw Tyler moving to grab a drink. You once again reminded yourself to focus on your work. Once again, this didn’t last long.

“Hey, (Y/N), there’s another water if you want it.” Tyler’s voice startled you from behind.

“Oh, thanks.” A few unproductive moments later, you decided that maybe hydration wasn’t such a bad idea. You stood and walked to grab a bottle of water. When you turned, you came face to face, or rather face to chest, with Tyler. Flustered, you took a step back, but he followed.

‘This is it, (Y/N).’ You thought to yourself over the deafening pounding of your heartbeat. ‘If he can’t hear my heartbeat, it will be an actual miracle,’

“So there’s someone I really like.” Tyler’s voice was surprisingly soft as he backed you closer to the wall. All the while, he was close enough for you to feel his breath fanning across your skin. You both knew that if you wanted him to stop, all it would take is one word and he’d leave you be. Even more so, you both knew you didn’t want him to stop.

“Yeah?” Your voice came out much more steady than you’d assumed it would have.

“Yeah. And no matter what I do, they never seem to realize how much I want to kiss them.” You weren’t entirely sure how to react to this statement, but something in you made you speak anyway.

“Maybe you aren’t the only one who wants it.” You answered confidently. After what seemed like an eternity, Tyler lowered closer to your face, his lips meeting yours. It started off gentle, but once he knew you weren’t going to be angry or push him away, he slid a hand around your back and pulled you closer, the kiss becoming more and more heated. Your lungs were screaming for air but you’d rather pass out than stop this moment.

Who’s to say where the moment would have gone had you not heard Mark’s voice from the stairs as he talked with Amy and Kat. You and Tyler sprung apart. You opened your water and took a gulp in a desperate attempt to clear the heat from your face. You and Tyler shared a look as Mark and the girls came in.

This was going to be the start of something great.

Hey guys! How are you? I’m doing pretty good. I’m exhausted and I’m trying to think of a good excuse for my being inactive. Guess what? There isn’t one. Please don’t hate me. In other news, my mom and I hit a car this morning. We’re all okay but that was interesting. REQUESTS ARE OPEN!

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Hey first of all I absolutely love your blog. But I really wanted to know what do you mean by Painfully Thick. Everytime I come across your posts on my dashboard I mean to ask you, but then for some reason I completely forget to ask. I'm just really not sure what it means.

Sooo one day I was scrolling tumblr, and I came across this post:

It was before I even started this blog, so when I finally decided to start writing more and dedicate a blog to it, I couldn’t think of a better name than Painfully Thick ;D

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42. “I’m pregnant”

I suppose I could have made this into a joke, but I decided to take it seriously. Initially, I was going to have Edward become pregnant despite being on T (PSA: that can actually happen, use contraceptives y’all) but I wasn’t sure how that would ultimately effect a developing fetus so I went with an alternative. This is also 100% Safe for Work.

­Edward hadn’t planned on having children. When he’d first started to transition at the age of 20, he was largely uninterested in the possibility. He’d undergone top surgery a few years later, though it wasn’t until he was 27 that he decided to begin taking testosterone as well. His doctor had warned him that his fertility might be permanently affected, but Edward had declined the option to bank any of his eggs. If having children was of any interest in the future, he was just as interested in adopting. He’d never felt any inherent desire for biological children, and he would much rather offer a home to a child who didn’t have one than deal with the stresses of having a child himself.

He’d been told there was still a possibility of becoming pregnant despite being on T, but it had barely registered. He was only interested in women at the time (if he was being honest, one woman named Kristen Kringle in particular). When he became involved with Oswald, he’d been on T consistently for three years, barring his stay in Arkham, where he’d missed a few doses. Six weeks into his sentence, he’d experienced his first period in two years. Though it did not rank as his most miserable week in Arkham, it was a near thing. Towards the end of his stay, his dosage was finally approved by the new Warden, though Oswald managed to have him released before he could even enjoy the benefit.

Everything has happened so quickly after that. Edward hadn’t been sure that the midst of Oswald’s campaign was a good time to be blackmailing a pharmacist into letting him purchase hormones, so he’d decided to forgo it just a little longer. He wanted Oswald’s election to be squeaky clean, and he would not risk becoming the source of a scandal. After the success of Oswald’s election, he’d become somewhat preoccupied by the Red Hood Gang, and the apparent involvement of Butch Gilzean. It was the day after the incident at The Sirens that he’d finally been in a position to arrange for the resumption of his testosterone injections through more legitimate means. Edward had made an appointment with a doctor he’d carefully vetted, and in two weeks’ time he was certain that he’d be able to start T again. It was a relief to have the arrangements in order, and he’d allowed himself to focus on finding Butch Gilzean in the meantime.

That same day, Oswald had confessed to being in love with him. It was perhaps an understatement to say that Edward had been over the moon ever since. Yet he still had some trouble reconciling the wide range of emotions that fateful day had brought him. By evening, Oswald had expressed that he believed Edward was his one true love; yet that very morning, Edward had been worried about his standing with Oswald. About an hour after he’d scheduled his appointment, Oswald had come to his desk with something urgent to relay, only to tell him an obvious lie about ‘forgetting’ what he had to say.  Given everything that had happened the night before, Edward was worried he’d overstepped, despite Oswald’s sincere assurance that he wasn’t disappointed in Edward’s performance as chief of staff. Oswald had later asked him to dinner, and Edward had been pleased that Oswald was no longer going to avoid telling him what was on his mind. Of course, he hadn’t exactly expected Oswald to be so forthwith about his feelings, nor could he have anticipated the strength of those feelings. In a way, Edward had been a bit blindsided. Up until that point, the relationship between himself and Oswald had been that of a close friendship. To hear Oswald professing his love had been startling, but Edward couldn’t deny that his interest in Oswald went beyond mere friendship.

For lack of anything of equal magnitude to tell Oswald in return, Edward had told him just that. He liked Oswald as more than a friend. Oswald had been elated, practically knocking his chair over in his haste to take Edward’s hand in his own and press a kiss to the back of it, fervently asking Edward if he’d like to go out with him, as though his entire world hinged on Edward’s answer. Edward had blushed furiously and eagerly agreed. In the days that followed, there was scarcely a time that Edward and Oswald were not in each other’s presence. They only ever parted when Oswald had criminal dealings and left Edward to mind City Hall, or when they kissed one another good night and went to their separate beds. A week into their whirlwind romance, Edward took a chance and asked Oswald if he’d like to come to bed with him. Oswald, red-faced and stuttering, had mumbled something like agreement and allowed Edward to take him by the hand into his bed.

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WHAT IS ALL THE NEW SKAM INFORMATION I just saw it's trending number one and !!! I'm confused and I need to know !!

ahhh my amazing anon i knowwww!! i was just a girl having her dog’s birthday when i decided to check my dash, just a quick little look, and my dash was a huge screaming mess and i was confused and shook and excited??? apparently a new facebook profile was created for the character yousef (whose name was mentioned in the very first clip of s3!!) and there are pictures of even and mikael on it. so it seems like even’s closest friends in bakka were muslims and it’s all starting to make so much sense! the pictures in his room, the mentions of the quran, everything is connected! also mikael and yousef seem to really like touching each other in their pics?? the profile is private now but it does seem legit. these are exciting times i’m going to faint!!!

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I just thought of this just now and I wanted to send it in. How would Tsukishima, Lev, Yaku and Tendou do in a game of twister? Like, would their team put them in embarrassing positions? How would the game go?

Lol, I think this is freaking adorable! Because Twister with these guys would just be freaking amazing! And it also reminded me that it’s been a looooong time since I’ve played myself - I’m not very good, but it’s freaking fun! Also, I did these as headcanons since I thought I could get more out of them!

Hope you enjoy, Anon!

Tsukishima Kei

  • I feel like this is a game that Tsuki would reluctantly participate in. Not only that, when he did finally decide to play, he declares himself the spinner and makes everyone’s time a living hell on the mat. Doesn’t matter if they’re on his team or if he’s dating them, he has no mercy.
    • LOL, he probably just starts calling out random things, too, just so he can see everyone struggle so hard. “Right hand green, no, blue” and then Hinata or someone would be all like “YOU’RE NOT EVEN SPINNING THE THING” with their body all twisted around.
  • But of course, he’s forced down onto the mat - surely by his significant other - and Noya’s got the spinner, which means it’s total payback time! Dude, next thing you know, Tsuki’s forced into a downward facing dog kinda pose with a hand or foot on each corner. And then they just stop calling things. LET HIM SIT THERE, lol!
    • Aww, and then his significant other would squirm their way under him, just laying on the ground looking up at them with a wide smile of their face. Almost tormenting him as he his face starts to redden from holding himself up for so long. It doesn’t take much longer before he just collapses on top of them though, snickering as they complain about how heavy he is.

Haiba Lev

  • Oh god, this boy would be so freaking excited to play this game. He’d immediately volunteer himself and his significant other to go first on the mat. Not only that, he’d 100 percent think that he’s just got it in the bag. Limbs are a little long and everywhere, but he’s gonna win!
  • And he would start off awesome, probably delivering some light smack talk through the first couple of spins and all. But then… what do you mean he has to stretch his foot all the way across the mat diagonally when he has three spots filled on the other corner?
    • It’s at this moment that this tol cat realizes just how much he might have overestimated his abilities in this game. “Yaku-san, I don’t think my arm can stretch all the way over there.” There’ll be snickering from everyone as he’s trying to twist his body to reach his hand underneath his significant other’s leg.
  • haha, they totally bonk foreheads or noses in the midst of trying to resettle themselves in their awkward positions. Like, they shift and next thing they know they’re both groaning in pain but refuse to move because THEY ARE WINNING THIS GAME, DAMMIT……… Lev does not win.

Morisuke Yaku

  • At first when I thought about this, I was like, eh he wouldn’t care, but then I was like oh HE’D CARE. Right out the gates this boy would probably take this game waaay too seriously and it wouldn’t until he’s sitting like a frog trying to figure out how to move his hand behind him that he realizes just who stupid the game actually is.
    • Further, it wouldn’t be until he’s practically on top of his significant other - but with his face positioned nicely near their crotch - that he then realizes how embarrassing this game is. And he is surely red throughout the remainder of the game. (P.s. it’s Kuroo who took advantage of that one)
  • But despite realizing these things, this kid still goes hardcore on it. He’s a competitive guy, no way is he going to lose here - especially not to Kuroo or Lev - and he pushes himself a lot harder than anyone else through necessary.
  • Oh, oh! And he would totally be so close to winning, right? And then Kuroo decides to be a little shit and mess it all up by knocking him off balance or pulling his foot out from under him. Boy would be so PISSED. Immediate face off!

Tendou Satori

  • Legit, I don’t think anyone else would be better at this game than this tender salami. Boy twists his body around as it is, this is what he was meant to do! And he is so STOKED about playing, he just jumps right in, doesn’t even need to know what the spinner says, just starts putting himself across the mat.
  • Fight me on this, but I think Tendou is a petty cheater when it comes to friendly competition. He’d totally be the type to lean against someone ‘innocently’ when their in a tough position until they can’t hold themselves up anymore. And when he get called out on it, he’s all shocked “me cheat? whaaaaaaaaaaaat?”
    • Lol, his significant other probably starts to catch on real quick and the next time he starts putting weight on them, they take one for the whole team and complete drop, throwing him off balance and taking him to the floor with them. 
    • Dude, and you think he’d be done, naw, not only does he just lay on top of his significant other, trapping them for their betrayal, he keeps it up and starts trying to push Goshiki and Semi down with his feet! He doesn’t win, but he feels satisfied that he did what he could!

I know I’m a blog that tries to be discourse free, but I wanted to share something I feel really bothered about.

Cringe “culture”. Especially with art work. Look, everyone starts somewhere. Everyone has a perk, and everyone has something that needs work.

Cringe culture is hurtful. It can actually cause someone to lose a passion easily. I’m going to use an example of myself. When I was still big into Undertale, I drew TONS for it. Especially my ships.

But one day, an anon told me my art was awful and to either post when I was better or just not do it at all. I decided to be civil and said “I am still learning. Please don’t be doing this and give critique instead.” They HARASSED me on anon until I was emotionally through and turned off anon. Even asking they block me if I was bothering them with my art wasn’t enough.

I was hurt, didn’t feel good about myself, and stopped drawing for a month.

This is why I try to be nice and give pointers instead, even compliments. I know from first hand experience how it feels to be told your art is cringey. It sucks, and it’s fucking hurtful. Do beginners a favour.

Compliment and critique. Don’t be a dick.

Thank you and goodnight.

(Note: do not use this as a way to validate minor/adult ship art/writings. I am not a supporter of this)

A World in Which You Don’t Exist (Part 4)

New? Start HERE!

I’ve done it. I’ve finished this beast of a series. I hope it was good for all of you like it was good for me. Hats off to the anon who started this fiasco, I bow to you. 

I purposely wrote this last one, Prompto’s, as a conclusion of sorts. I still can’t decide on which one is my favorite. Argh. The sadness. ;_;

{1,872 words}


“So I’ve been doing some thinking— I do that a lot now— think— and I… I understand now what you meant when you told me what you did.”

Prompto sat against the weathered stone, gazing across the plains of Cleigne and to the mountains of thickets in the distance. He twirled a small yellow feather in between his fingers rhythmically, around and around.

“Before, I don’t think that I— wanted to understand, you know? But now… now I do, and that’s why…” he let the words trail off his lips, evaporating with the breeze. A loud chirp echoed in the distance and Prompto’s mouth curved in a small smile.

“Chichiri is here to see you,” he said as a chocobo rounded the copse of trees. It ruffled its feathers at the sight of him, excited to see its rider and gave another chortle. Prompto reached out a gloved hand, running his fingers through the scruff of its neck as it leaned into his touch.

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BTS: Reaction to their child kicking for them when they return from promotions (Hyung Line)

This is so cute dskfjff thank you for requesting this anon!! I decided to split it into two posts instead of one long one, so this is the hyung line version. Maknae line version will be posted soon! I hope you enjoy!!

Maknae line version (x)


Jin didn’t want to leave you all alone, but he had no choice. Him and the boys had been preparing for another comeback for a while now and finally, it was time for them to start promotions. Before leaving, he promised to call or text every day and told you to make sure you rested as much as possible. He kissed your belly before placing a gentle kiss on your lips and bidding you farewell as he boarded the plane. Now, three months later, Jin was finally able to return home to you. When you walked into the house you two shared after picking him up from the airport, Jin holding your hand and back to support you, you felt tiny movement in your belly. Startled at first, you gasped and quickly grabbed your stomach, which made Jin worry. “What’s wrong,” he said with a concerned look on his face. “I think she might be kicking,” you said as you felt your stomach. Surely enough, as both you and Jin waited in silence for another kick, the baby did it again. “Oh my god, it kicked! It’s kicking!!” Jin moved his hand around your belly to see if he could feel anything else. “I suppose we’re both happy you’re back home,” you said into Jin’s neck as he hugged you tightly. “Well, I’m glad to be back home, too.”

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“The taxi driver said it would be five more minutes until we get there. I’ll be there soon, baby.” “Yoongi, I don’t even know why you got a taxi instead of having me pick you up,” you said as you lit the candles on the cake you prepared for his return. “I’m not letting you drive, you’re almost five months pregnant.” Yoongi paid the driver and thanked him quickly before stepping out of the car and walking up to the apartment door. Grabbing his key, he unlocked the door and was greeted by you. Hugging you for what seemed like forever, he let you go and knelt down to feel your stomach. “Have you been a good boy for mommy,” Yoongi questioned. “He started kicking earlier this week. I think he was excited for you to come back.” Looking up at you with surprise evident on his face, he returned his gaze to your stomach, rubbing it gently. “Without me? Wow, what a traitor.” Chuckling to yourselves, you grabbed his hand and guided it on your stomach in the way you had done when the baby first kicked. You both seemed to hold your breathe as you waited for your baby’s response to Yoongi’s touch after so long. However, just as he did for you, he kicked your stomach softly and Yoongi couldn’t hide the shock in his face. “This is amazing! You’re amazing,” he mumbled into your stomach as he kissed it sweetly, a grin spreading across his face widely. 

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Despite Hoseok being beyond tired, the excitement of returning to his home where his wonderful girlfriend and daughter was outweighed the complete exhaustion he felt as he paced the aisles of the grocery store. Deciding on the beautiful array of daisies, he quickly made his purchase. Hoseok was disappointed, yet comforted by the fact that you were asleep when he walked in. Hoseok couldn’t stop the smile from creeping up on to his face as he tip-toed into the bedroom, the blanket wrapped around you tightly. You were faced towards Hoseok’s side of the bed with your arms around his pillow, hugging it. “Baby,” he whispered as he shook your arm slightly. “Baby, I’m home.” It took a while before your eyelids started to flutter open, but when they did the realization hit you. “Hobi,” you drowsily exclaimed as you tried to sit up and hug him. “I’m sorry I woke you up, you’re probably tired. I brought you flowers,” he said with a wide grin on his face as he raised the bouquet to you. With sleep still in your system, you smiled and thanked him for buying them. “How’s she been,” he asked, gesturing to your belly that had grew over the few months he was gone. Just as you were about to respond, you felt a slight pain on the right side of your stomach. Placing your hand over it quickly, Hoseok looked at you, clearly startled. “What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” “No, I just… I think someone misses you. She’s kicking. Do you want to feel?” Hesitantly, Hoseok reached out his hand and you grabbed it, placing it where yours previously was.  The tremble in Hoseok’s had was soon forgotten as tears began rolling down his cheeks. “Aww Hoseok,” you said as you swiped away his tears. “I love you so much,” he said. “I love you, too.”

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“…all in all, I think it went really well. It was our best promotion period in a while.” After Namjoon had returned home from being away for months, he began telling you about what he did while he was gone. You two snuggled in bed as he softly rubbed your head, left hand rested on your belly gently. “That’s amazing. I heard about all your awards, too. I’m so proud of you guys.” Pecking your cheek, Namjoon focused on your stomach. “How has everything at home been?” Sighing, you sat up. “We’ve been good. When you first left it was difficult to deal with everything on my own, but my mom helped out a lot. We missed you.” Nodding as he listened, he began rubbing small circles on your stomach. Just as Namjoon was about to respond, the baby kicked your stomach. “Woah, she’s kicking now? How come you didn’t tell me?” “Actually, this is the first time she kicked,” you said as you looked down at your belly, a bit of shock in your face. “She must’ve really missed you,” you said. Smiling down at your belly, Namjoon’s face held nothing but pride.

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Masterlist | Requests are open!

Kinda Outta Luck

A story was requested for Billy Russo, including him and the reader being fwb and him wanting more, unlike the reader, with a probability of a happy ending. I’m a sucker for happy endings so that was good news. But how happy the ending actually is, that’s up to you to decide :)

It’s obviously my first time writing for Billy Russo and I hope I didn’t do my worst :) Thank you, dear anon, for your request, I hope you’ll enjoy!

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How are you selling the hats and when can I get them

A brilliant question!

I am starting my own Etsy shop called Spooky Stuff Designs that will be launching soon, and I will most likely be selling the hats on there, but I haven’t totally decided yet. Since there’s such a small number, I have to really think about it.

I’ll also be selling enamel pins (when they arrive at the end of the month) and lots of buttons inspired by Unsolved! So keep an eye out for when those go up!

I’ll keep everyone updated on the timings and all that, so don’t worry!

So, long story short (for people who haven’t seen it yet):

A year ago, I was friends with an SJW. We were good friends. I usually just ignored the SJW bullshit that she spouted, and she respected that I didn’t want to get involved. We had plenty of other things to talk about, and we’d been friends for most of my time on tumblr (she was one of my first followers after I started using my main for personal over roleplay posting), and in October of 2012, I was comfortable giving her my cell phone number. By December, we were exchanging addresses (although I gave her my mother’s P.O. box; I’ve always been cautious about my address).

About Christmas of 2012, we got into an argument. She had posted something about all pornography being degrading to women. I disagreed with her; there is plenty of pornography that is consensual, and while it’s unrealistic, it’s not degrading. We argued for several posts, until she started yelling and I decided I wasn’t going to be lectured. I told her to text me when she calmed down, and we didn’t speak until just before New Year’s Eve.

She finally texted me, apologized for getting angry, we agreed to disagree, and the matter was dropped. A few days later, I got a weird anon on my personal blog, saying things like “I’m sorry for what I did to you, please forgive me, I want to be in your life again”. I deleted it. I kept getting similar messages on my Facebook and in my email. I only ever responded to the emails. They were from the man who raped me when I was younger. I told him several times that he was not welcome in my life, and to please stop contacting me. Eventually the messages got threatening, and I started deleting them without reading.

While this was going on, I ran into him a few times. Now, he still lives in the same town, and it’s a small town. The first couple of times, I didn’t think anything of it (apart from one panic attack when he showed up at Rocky). I was texting my friend, and I mentioned it to her. She assured me that it was just coincidence.

Until he started showing up everywhere I went. I started getting unmarked mail at my house, threatening me with death and rape. I was getting death threats and anons telling me to commit suicide in my tumblr inbox. I would get weird phone calls and texts in the middle of the night telling me that I was going to be killed.

I was sick all the time. I would black out for hours, and wake up the next morning to find that I’d relapsed and cut. I was falling back into bulimic behaviors. I was suicidal, and I was terrified. I made my mother check my email. I made my girlfriend answer the phone for unknown numbers, and check every text before I would read it. I lost ten pounds in a month, and there were days that I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed. I all but moved in with my girlfriend because I was too afraid to be at my house.

All the while, I was texting my friend. I was telling her how scared I was, how much I wanted to die. She never really responded; she would just change the subject. Meanwhile, I was cutting and purging. I wasn’t sleeping, I was barely eating, and I wouldn’t leave my girlfriend’s house except to go to Valley. Those were the only places I felt safe. And even then, I was taking four or five anxiety pills a day, and usually just throwing them back up and taking more. I was in the hospital several times because I was dehydrated, since I couldn’t keep anything down.

Finally, in June of last year, it stopped. By that point, it had been six months of absolute terror. I had a bad panic attack because I’d gotten the last and worst email from him, and I couldn’t breathe and had chest pains. I was texting my friend from the ER, and she was being strangely uncaring about it. Finally she just said “leave me alone, we aren’t friends anymore, and I don’t care if you die”. I got a text from a mutual friend a few days later informing me that she had posted all of my personal info, given my contact info to my rapist, and was telling my rapist everything I told her, which included pretty much my every move. She deleted the post with my info not long after I found out, and she deleted her blog shortly after that.

Even to this day, I’m dealing with the aftermath of her actions. I get sick when I think about her. I don’t understand how she could do something so awful, and over such a stupid argument. I had to make new email accounts, set the highest privacy settings on Facebook, and change my tumblr url several times in quick succession to ensure that he wasn’t able to find me. I refuse to use my real name anywhere but Facebook. I lived with my girlfriend until November, when I moved in with my mom after my surgery. I’m still afraid to go near my dad’s house without several people with me and my dad at home. And almost nobody knows where I live now, even among my offline friends that I’ve known for years. My therapist is still trying to sort out the mess she made of my life.

For a while, I was angry. I wanted revenge. But I never could bring myself to do it. And I finally realized that I shouldn’t stoop to her level. If I did the same thing to her, then I was no better than her. And it wasn’t worth it.

That’s why I’m so against doxxing. Because I’ve been there, and I don’t want to see anyone else suffer the way I suffered. It’s just not worth it to endanger someone else just because you’re upset. You’ll get over it. The person being doxxed may end up dead. And no one’s life is worth satisfying your petty revenge fantasy.

-Dany (sorry this got long, but trust me, this is the short version)