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god y'all were so funny in the new sports video!! also i want joan's shirt

Haha thank you!! And yessss! I love it! I wanna talk comics with them! They know their stuff!

By request (which are open fyi)

Sebastian Stan with a Curvy Significant Other:

  • running his hands up and down your waist
    • “You’re gorgeous. How’d I get so lucky” 
  • kissing you all over
    • “Whats so funny?” When you laugh
  • him waking up at five am to work out
    • “come with me, babe. i promise it’ll be fun”
      • working out is a pretty big part of his life, and working out or just going to sit and keep him company is fun for you, too.
    • breakfast after
  • being rough during sex
    • “do you know how hot you are, huh? so fucking hot i swear to god”
  • sometimes he says stuff that hurts you
    • he wouldn’t notice at first
      • “what? what’s wrong? shit, did i say something? oh god, i said something, didn’t i?”
      • holding onto you really tight
      • “i’m such an asshole, i’m so sorry. i don’t deserve you.”
      • “you’re beautiful and i’m so stupid.”
  • your weight doesn’t really make a difference

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Honestly, Bruce is standing on top a damn grim reaper statue is so funny to me, but all jokes aside they really is a amazing shot and I feel like I'm looking at a comic panel come so life so kudos to Zack

He really climbed his ass on top of that grim reaper statue to look like he’s literally “standing above death”, that’s the level of extra I want from my Batman. Comicbook panels come to life is really Zack’s trademark at this point. You can say whatever you want about this guy, but in my opinion he’s brilliant visual director.

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okay but just for the sake of fairness, Knight (as well as others I'm sure, probably) were also in high school when they joined the national team

Oh yeah all the high school seniors they’ve asked are on the U-18 team, it’s just funny to me. Picture a teenage girl sitting down, going through her email, seeing what USA Hockey sent her, then tweeting out that she’s turning them down? Not only is that a funny visual for me, it’s also pretty impressive. These girls (who are like my age btw) are turning down what could be their only shot to be on Team USA and represent their country on an international stage. That takes guts, bc they are probably going to face some consequences for that, like never making the team at all, even if they could. So, it’s funny, impressive, and it’s great how USAH is getting told to shove it by teenage girls who want to be paid when they get on the national team, dammit! 

Funny how all the youtubers who are so worried about free speech on youtube had a meltdown when people started criticising pewdiepie but are dead silent when youtube started restricting LGBT videos. 🤔


love you like fireburst (4/8)
↳ from jungkook to taehyung