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I'm black and I've noticed the black community generally looks the other way when it comes to mental illness. Mental illness is seen as a "white person" thing and therapy is seen as weak and yet they wonder why a black person commits suicide

Lol.. when my family found out I cut myself they all started calling me “white girl” and talking all kinds of shit about how I ain’t black. Going in about how they’ve never done some shit like that or needed therapy. They all thought it was so damn funny that I needed help. “White people shit” ..Then had nerve to act concerned when the suicide attempts came…but still making fun.

But anyway, I also imagine there’s a good amount of ptsd going on. Yknow, people who’ve had to witness all kinds of violence, their friends and shit being shot down in front of them or seeing their parents going at it…seeing some psycho ex come smash up their daddy’s car…or set it on fire. Gang wars and block fights…mom cracked out. Yknow, hood shit.

But that’s the issue I suppose, it’s just hood shit instead of yknow, the worst shit a child could grow up around. Tbh I think mental illness is just straight up part of the culture and that’s why there’s so many crazy ass people, and drug abuse, in those parts. It kind of blows my mind when I stop and think about it…

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can u rec some funny kpop blogs like yourself

“like yourself” pls im love you…

bri was the first person i thought of so @markleeloveblog @oddeye @knj @cowboyjin @btswonartistoftheyear @colonizedrice @btsartistoftheyearbitch @jiminiebby @undepressioncherry @yoongisofficialwife @jaehyunhoe @milkbyfx @jungkooksangelgf @jhope1 @jinspettywife @bangtanboysgf @biyoons @preciosito @memesyoongi 

im sorry if i forgot anyone all my mutuals are so funny ily all

My Birthday!

Hey guys!!!

I just wanna say that tomorrow is my birthday!!!

18 years of living on this Earth, always been worth it, and still is!!

I wanna say thank you all so much for everything!

You all have been so kind, caring, generous, funny, and amazing people!

I love you all! 😊😃👍🏻❤️

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Would you mind doing a favor? I don't have tumblr so I can't see/post on Eternity's blog but I so very much love everything she posts and all of the funny gifs she posts. In fact, I scour other blogs hoping they re-blog her posts, that's how much I love her snark. Please tag her to let her know that she has fans outside of tumblr who appreciate her wit and talent. I know I'm not the only one and I hope she never stops. So sorry for her family tragedy. Thank you.

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Deep down inside we’re all jackasses…more so than others but a jackass nonetheless.

I’m honestly so sick of seeing women post “funny” facebook posts about their lazy/incompetent husbands and bfs where the joke is like “haha i have to do all the work and he does sweet fuck all, so ~cute and funny~”

my cousin just shared a thing that was like “what my xmas shopping list looks like” and the list was like “kids, husband, parents, in-laws, grandparents, nieces & nephews, siblings, teachers, friends & neighbours”, and then next to it was “My husband’s shopping list: wife” and she and her female friends were like “lol yes so true! haha!” and her husband was like “AND i still manage to leave it til the night before lol!” 

i’m seeing so many of these types of things recently and i’m so sick of it. men’s laziness and inconsiderate behaviour and assumption that their wives/gfs will just do everything bc it’s her “job” or she enjoys it or whatever isn’t endearing or funny or ~natural, it’s fucking infuriating.