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hi, can you do seventeen as typical characters in anime? like popular guy, magical girl, etc (i hope this makes sense) thank you so much!

S.Coups: Inspirational team leader
Jeonghan: Senpai
Joshua: Nice and popular guy all the girls are in love with
Jun: Handsome yet mysterious guy, and there are sparkles and flowers whenever he appears
Hoshi: Goofball who’s always late for class and runs out of his house with toast hanging from his mouth
Wonwoo: Cool guy who always pushes up his glasses and they shine
Woozi: Tsundere
DK: Character who’s always happy and smiling no matter what that when he cries, everyone cries
Mingyu: Character who eats 17 bowls of food in one sitting
The8: Secret superhero/magical girl
Seungkwan: Underdog who actually has a hidden, powerful ability
Vernon: Main character who’s always looking outside from his seat next to the window
Dino: Kouhai

thank you for your request!! ^^

Tbh this fandom is freaking amazing only 7 episodes in only 9 weeks as being a fandom, and there’s already so many great theories, there’s so much fanfiction, every character is shipped one way or another, so many new friendships between us all it’s honestly just great.
But srsly the theories are my favorite like they make so much sense there’s so much to back them up like wow props everyone this fandom is so smart 👏👏👏


this scene does so much with so little for jaha’s character, i love every bit of it. the way he simply thinks things through and connects the dots in order to make sense of everything and find answers, or how his line “because that’s what i would do” just rings true to his character and his story line (i trust him waddup).

i’m seriously psyched.

6x21 - San Diego

I loved this episode. 

First of all, I’m glad Nick and Reagan broke up. It was a mistake to make them a couple in the first place, though. Reagan’s exit was disappointing. Some of you may not like her character or Megan Fox, but she’s an amazing woman with a great sense of humor and she did her best with the material. She didn’t have much to do this season and the writers wasted so much potential. A Schmidt/Cece/Reagan storyline would’ve been so much fun, tbh. She deserved a better exit. If there’s a season 7 I think we could see her again. 

Schmidt’s name reveal was hilarious, imo. It was time for another Schmidt/Winston storyline and connecting it with Schmidt’s name was pretty great. I was hoping for Nick Schmidt, but Winston’s also good. Loved how they fought and Cece and Aly were just sitting there, watching. Had to shoot those scenes several times, lol.

Next week: NESS! And so many more great stuff is also coming next week.

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My first thought when this whole thing started was they are trying to drive Robert crazy and I hope that's still the case cause as much as I love him, all the other storyline routes are crappy to me. It makes sense, he spent the whole year doing stuff to protect Aaron and Liv, planned a romantic wedding to now think he's failed after being so content and promising Aaron so much is a hard thing to take even if they were broken up.

Yes yes yes anon!!

I’m convinced this sl is about breaking down the boys as individuals and as a couple (and then building them back up).

I know that a preg sl is a good way of doing that, but flat out, it’s ~boring. You know what’s more compelling? R (and Ross probably lol) messing with Roberts head. Making Robert paranoid af and just making life hell for him while he tries to reconnect with Aaron and keep his infidelity a secret.

I’m still holding on to the hope that R/R didn’t have sex. Cause that would be so great to see. Just R holding on to that secret so she can gaslight the hell out of Robert.

We wanted to see Robert break down right? Well his breakdown has only started. Ed isn’t done with him yet and I think this would be a great way to fuck with him. They have already done a great deal of damage to Aaron and I know they sure as hell aren’t done with him either. They have mentioned his mental health being addressed and so it kinda gives me hope this is all leading somewhere.

They have talked about putting robron through the wringer. Testing them. This is ed testing robron.

I’m sorry, but regardless of which way the sl goes (pls ed not the preg way pls spare me the bs) they are doing what they said they would, and I truly believe this is all to build robron back up. And no matter how much I hate what they do, I’m gonna take the good stuff they give us and run with it while ignoring the stupid stuff I don’t like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ life is too short to pay attention to canon :)

The incentive to build a proper team should be sky fucking high right now. The AFA, if they had any sense, would have a fire lit under their asses to make Argentina a functioning team and not a Messi-dependent one. There’s so much young talent chomping at the bit waiting for their chance to play for this disaster of a federation. And I guarantee they could make this side pretty damn incredible but all the bullshit behind the scenes needs to be pushed aside and pushed aside quick because time is very much running out. The panic over the suspension of ONE player is insane. Get it together, AFA.

like in some way marvel’s attempts at putting tony in literally every marvel movie nowadays are kind of backfiring in the sense that in civil war and now in homecoming he’s, if not fully, then partly to blame for all of the conflict bc people blame him for so much whether it’s sharpe’s dead son in civil war or vulture’s distaste for how people like tony don’t care about him or his family while every other avenger isn’t being blamed like… Yikes™ when ur so desperate to put him in everything you’re willing to make him the cause of all problems

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Didn't make sense not to live for fun. Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb. So much to do, so much to see. So what's wrong with taking the back streets? You'll never know if you don't go. You'll never shine if you don't glow. Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play. Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid. And all that glitters is gold. Only shooting stars break the mold

i read all of this in a very serious tone until i got to the “rock star” n i must say i was very confused

Styles & Co. Part 9

Authors Note: The italic paragraph is Harry describing Elise an event in his point of view. (Sorry if it is confusing, but it will make sense once you reach it).
Thank you so much for reading my work!!
Previous parts found HERE Xx

When Harry told me to pack a bag for the weekend I did not take him seriously one bit, I assumed he was just trying to be cheeky and make up for our previous disagreement; turns out, he was serious about the weekend. He — presumably with the help of Anastasia — Planned a small getaway just for the two of us, promising that his phone would be used at a minimum and I was *all* his for the whole weekend, no interruptions, no business talk, no business problems, or even clients that need to be seen. He is absolutely, one-hundred percent mine for at least the next forty-eight hours.
Oh, how so much can be done in forty-eight hours without interruptions…

Despite having a splendid cabin to relax in and partake in various activities with my boyfriend, I find myself hand in hand with Harry while we stroll along a hiking trail he specifically selected.

A walk within nature is refreshing; the rich air fills my lungs with a sense of clarity.
The worn trail leads a route through a chirr of insects sounding while within the terrain of old decayed logs, some softened by rot, along with many forest-y like shrubs, towering trees, and tussock grass.
Thick grass carpets contoured lines as a border for the narrow pathway we travel on— between the rich verdant woodlands on either side of us. The further I advance the more of a lush scent radiates from the various grasses that line the channels, the dips and curves of the uneven terrain. 

“Harry, are you sure there are no snakes?” I challenge while I continue to gaze over the region, feeling as if I have been undividedly swallowed by a viridian forest of chaparral.

“Elle, you’re in the heart of nature. Just relax and enjoy the walk.” Harry responds, appearing to appreciate the calmness of the trail and the greenery it contains. I have never really been fond of walking trails, I find them rather boring, in my eyes all I see is greenery and random shrubs that may or may not be poisonous, but, Harry seems to appreciate the walk in nature, the least I can do is smile and breathe in the fresh air. After all, there have been things over the years he has done for me that he has thoroughly despised, such as attending a few theatre productions with me, and not complaining through the Nut-Cracker — that he found to be unquestionably tedious and torturous.

We subsequently reach the top end of the trail, the peak of the trail allowing us to appreciate a promising landscape. My eyes set themselves among the breathtaking panoramas over the edge — it’s almost as if the whole world is at the edge of my feet, — Rugged Alpine mountains line the distance where the snow caps peak the skyline, the mountains accompanied by a thick mist at the base where rolling land dip and curve in the spaces between the hilly mountains and the valleys.

“It seems so peaceful out there.” My eyes continue to gaze over the view thoroughly, taking in the beautiful detail and picturesque scenery offered, from the rigid cerulean mountains to the shadow the mountains cast over the scattered villages — almost as though the mountains are nature’s shielding casings for the settlements before them. 

Harry’s arm benevolently encloses itself around my waist, a small kiss becoming pressed to my cheek. 

“It does, it’s a lovely view, I love the colour variations between the landscapes, how the colours elegantly dip and transition. It is remarkable.” He agrees with the sense of peacefulness the distance emits. “Tell you what else is lovely?” He begins with a slight chuckle, 

“You’re about to say something incredibly cheesy and cute, aren’t you?” I smile, my eyes turning to gaze at him, his view being one of my all time favourites. I can never get enough of his features, his blue-green eyes that sometimes turn to grey, his pink lips, or even the way his nose crinkles at times.

He shrugs, his eyes moving back towards the landscape before us, “I was,” he nods, “But since you just outed me, I will refrain from my comment.” He continues as I lean into him, his arm becoming tighter.

“I want to hear it,” I gently poke at him, 

“Nope, are you ready to go back down the trail?” He questions and I nod, taking one last look at the view before I move from Harrys embrace and begin to step away from the edge. 

“You coming?” I turn to smile at Harry, holding out my hand. I observe as he timidly nods, his hand fidgeting in his pocket. “Harry?” I narrow my eyes onto him and he catches onto my glare, he makes his way closer to me and takes my hand, his fidgeting making me curious. “Why are you fidgety?” I softly question as we begin to walk back down the trail.

“Uhm,” ..“Sorry, love. I couldn’t help myself and quickly checked my phone.” he clears his throat, seeming a little apprehensive and nervous. I shrug it off and kiss his cheek, assuring him I am not mad — if that is what is making him timid and nervous. 

My eyes stay focused on the rocky trail while I continue to admire the surroundings I missed on the way up the trail.
Harry’s voice distracts me at a distance and it takes me a moment to realise he isn’t right beside me, again.

“Elise, wait a second.” He affectionately calls,

“This is the third time-” I begin as I stop in my tracks and turn around, immediately freezing when my eyes coincide with his. He returns to me a grinning smile, his eyes glistening a penetrating bluish-green from the rays of sunlight radiating down on us. I stand speechless, a tiny box in his hand, a diamond shining radiantly from the sun. 

“Since the day I met you, I knew I wanted to one day marry you.” He stammers, appearing nervous, a tone I barely ever catch. 

A stuttering Harry is scarcely every detected. He’s always calm and confident when speaking, it’s how he tends to make his territory. The only other times I have seen him seeming timid or nervous was for a few major business settlements, and a wedding toast he was terrified as hell to make. It took him two glasses of strong liquor to calm him down and convince him that his speech was perfect and that he, in fact, did not need to prepare an expeditious getaway.
“For almost five years I have looked into your beautiful eyes, witnessed your adoring smile, and have had the privilege to wake up beside you for the last two years we have lived together. I have fallen in love with you, every inch of your personality, your body, and soul; your witty comments, and your touch. I love you,” he continues, gaining a little confidence as his hand shakes a little. “I have come to realise that you have put up with a lot of my shit that my business throws at us; you have been one of the only ones to stick by me, even when things go south, you are there… you are the girl that my Mum used to tell me about, she told me that I would find a girl that starts a wildfire in my soul, a girl that is captivating in every way, talented, caring, loving, and most of all a girl that will stand by me even when things get tough…” ..“She told me to marry the girl that I wouldn’t want any other man to be with, the girl I want to dance with it at random hours, to marry the girl that stays even when she has seen me at my worst….., and I was wondering if you’d take the next step with me and marry me?” The proposal makes my heart skip a beat. A question I didn’t think he’d ask me, at least not for a while. 

We’ve never discussed marriage, I honestly did not expect to hear this speech for a while; I thought he would drop hints, or I would have to drop the hints by bringing it up or leaving my laptop open on a wedding dress page for him to find and freak out over, but none of that seemed to have happened… Neither of us has dropped hints. But here he is on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring cushioned within the box. 

 I stare down at him, lost for words, lost in my own thoughts. 

This, this is really happening.

“Really?” My voice comes out as more of a squawk rather than a regular tone, my own nerves beginning to rapidly pulsate.
He nods, a smile spread across his face, his dimples becoming exhibited. I stare into his eyes, bewildered and clouded. 

This explains why he was timid before we started walking down the trail again, why he was fidgeting his hand in his pocket, blaming it on him just wanting to check his phone… 
Was he wanting to pop the question with a stunning view in the background? Was he just too nervous to do it?

I open my mouth, promptly closing it as a sense of nerves takes control of my body, I can’t tell if I’m incredibly dismayed by the sudden question or if I’m about to throw up from being put on the spot.

His eyes soften as they do their best to interpret my own, “Elise?” a delicate film begins to cover his eyes —  a covering that looks as though a tear is threatening to spill from his gorgeous eyes. 

Without much more consideration I find my head nodding, a “yes,” slipping from my lips. The moment the word escapes my tongue my lungs fill with fresh air, a smile embroidering itself across my lips.
His smile stretches wide, his agile fingers taking the delicate ring from the box, gingerly sliding the ring onto my finger before I’m kissing him ever so sincerely. We pull away, still smiling at each before he breaks the silence, 

“For a minute I thought you were going to turn me down.” He clears his throat, placing the ring box back into his pocket. 

“I uhm.. I stopped breathing for a moment.” I chuckle, 

“Yeah I thought so, you just looked at me with a stunned expression.“ 

"Well, you did just out of the blue propose to me,” I remind him, wondering just how much thought he put into this. 

“It wasn’t entirely out of the blue.” He shakes his head while we begin to continue to walk down the trail. 

“We have never discussed marriage." 

"Well… true, but we have been dating nearly five years.” He acknowledges my point, reminding me that our five year anniversary is swiftly approaching, along with his twenty-sixth birthday.
Damn, how time goes by moderately quickly.

Harry catches me admiring my ring while I sit relaxed in the bed, the comforter draped over my legs. He leans on the doorframe, a smirk coated cutely across his face, a mug cupped in his hand. I bite my lip and give him an innocent smile, blushing at the fact he caught me watching my ring glisten in the lighting. 

“Is it real or fake, darling?” He questions, seeming to be amused by the fact I am delighted with the diamond on my finger. 

“Oh ha-ha,” I roll my eyes, “It is extraordinarily beautiful, you have a good eye,” I confess, rather surprised that he chose so well and selected something that suits my style.

“Mhm,” he hums, stepping into the room, leaning over the bed and handing me the mug he was previously cupping in his large hand, “Here, sweetheart.” I take the mug and press my lips to the rim, relishing in the aftertaste of the tea he graciously made for me.

“So, can I know the details?” I reference to the whole proposal, curious of his thoughts and planning involved. He crawls onto the bed and lays himself down beside me, 

“What details?”

“How you asked my Dad and stuff.”

“I have had the ring for six months sitting at the jeweller, I had both your parents look at it before I bought it. I was going to propose on the trip, but I had to go back and deal with my bloody business, then I thought of doing it on our anniversary in a few weeks, but I thought it would be far too typical and public at a restaurant.. it has been in my pocket waiting for the right moment.” He explains, once again surprising me with the fact that he had the ring six months ago and never dropped a hint about it. Not one. “As for asking your Dad, that was the hard part.” He admits with a low voice.

The thought of marriage lingered in my mind for a while, in fact, it was March of last year when I decided that I wanted to propose to you. The moment I knew I wanted to marry you is a whole other story that will have to wait for another time. Anyway, when the idea arose, I began to ponder on different things, whether you would say yes, whether your parents would give me their blessings, I even had to think about whether the two of us would be better off staying the way that we were — happily in a relationship as we had just crossed the four year mark. I sat at my desk trying to think of a way to ask your Father, preferably in a way that he would give me a yes. I wondered about it for quite a while, it wasn’t until mid-May that I gathered up the courage to speak to your Father about marrying you. It worked out kind of perfectly, it just happened your Dad asked if I could have a car organised to pick him up at the airport, so I did, but I decided to accompany him. Your Dad played along perfectly into my plan, inviting me in once we arrived at his house —  we spoke about business, his trip to Chicago, the stock market, all that nitty-gritty stuff you hate discussing with me. It was nerve-wracking, sitting in front of your Dad while he sipped on a glass of bourbon, explaining to me his own business things. It was in the moment that your Mum walked in with the lovely smile that you got for her, that I realised it was now or never. Well, it was also in that moment you began to call me and interrupt my process, making me even more nervous and uneasy. I managed to calm myself down after getting off the phone with you and I looked over at your Dad.. with a nervous breath I politely asked your mother to join our conversation, that is when I proceeded my speech, and yes, I remember it all like it was yesterday. “For a while, I have been thinking about what I am about to ask, I have put a lot of thought into this and think it is the right thing to do. I love Elise, it has been evident since the first time she introduced me to you two as her parents. Your daughter… your daughter is the girl that I would go to the ends of the world for, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. We have been together for four years, and I would like to vow to her to stay with her for another seventy-four or for how many more years I live. I am asking for your blessing to marry Elise.” I am pretty sure I stuttered through the whole damn thing, and I remember staring at your Dad as he gave me his answer,
I was devastated, I kinda just looked at him, unsure of why he turned me down, and that is when your Mum burst into laughter, making me feel even worse about myself. I thought she was laughing at me. turns out that wasn’t the case. “You should see your face,” Your Dad chuckled, extremely amused by my lack of words and expression. 

“Put him out of his misery, you had your fun.” Your Mum piped in, giving me a grinning smile.
“We actually spoke about this the other week and wondered when you would finally ask us. Yes, you can marry Elise… It is about damn time you bloody ask, thought it would never happen.” Your Dad smiled, giving me his blessing to marry you, along with a fucking heart attack.
“Even asked while in a suit and tie, how could we say no?” Your Mum continued, settling the situation and assuring me that they would not have said no and that it was purely a joke. So, that is how that went…..

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Didn't make sense not to live for fun. Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb. So much to do, so much to see. So what's wrong with taking the back streets? You'll never know if you don't go. You'll never shine if you don't glow. Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play. Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid. And all that glitters is gold. Only shooting stars break the mold

thank you

PriPara 140

I thought I might have a huge rant on this episode, but I don’t. So I think I can crank out this post before work. 

What a…. really really nice episode…..  Considering this season as a whole, it’s odd to have the finale be pretty much all about Falulu. But if you consider seasons 1-3 as a whole, it’s a nice thing to do.

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Before I begin final edits I always read from the very beginning, to check for consistency, make sure the pace is what I want, the tone is right, make sure the parallels make sense, etc.

It has taken me the better part of the evening. By the time this shit is done it’s gonna take a whole day.

So much happens too? Like it’s all kind and jumbled in my head, like the other day I was gonna talk about something from the episode in relation to the story but I realized that you hadn’t read that yet, it’s just kind of a jumble.

Also, I am ridiculously in love with this story, it’s all coming out exactly as I wanted it, I love them so much.

And I love YOU so much, every single person who read and reblogged and commented and made me beautiful things I will always treasure. You have no idea how much that means to me.

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4. “Who gave you that black eye?” for the meme thing pleaseeeeee

4: “Who gave you that black eye?”

Sorry for taking so long, I suck!! And what’s up with this? Does it make sense? Probably not xD again sorry :P hope u like it anyway! On FF

Also, If you want one!

Neighborly Love

Caroline looked in the mirror, touching her eye and feeling the sting of it she shrugged, it wasn’t all that bad and she had been through so much worse. She thought of covering it up with make-up, but first she should probably wash the sweat and blood away.

Noticing someone’s eyes on her she looked out of her window, “Hey creeper, like what you see?”

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What made Hanzo pursue a professional career in baking? Was Genji joining him and building the shop together planned?

Ahhh, awesome question!! 

On a personal level, I think for him baking combines something very creative (the design of a dessert, what it looks like, what it tastes like, the experience of seeing and eating it and what all that evokes) with something rather technical (proofing bread correctly so that it rises, getting fondant perfectly smooth, techniques that are as much tedious chemistry as anything else). In that sense it’s a challenge, to push both of those things to a limit: how creative can you push with something that still needs to be edible? What are the physical limits of chocolate, of candy, etc. in terms of what you can create? I like to think that Hanzo enjoys exploring those parts of baking in addition to creating unique experiences for his customers, and above all, fucking excelling at what he does. His idea of technical perfection is something that drives and motivates him profoundly.*

As for how Hanzo got into baking - this story is set in the US, and I think that Hanzo didn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps or the family business, as his parents imagined and wanted him to do. So he struck out on his own to become a chef. He trained in Paris for some time, and when he returned he opened the bakery - and some months later, Genji joined him. I think Genji probably got a degree in something he knew would compliment Hanzo’s skills and dreams, knowing they could work together and work better together, and wanting to be supportive and also get out from underneath their parents’ expectations. So now they run the bakery together!

* If there’s any advice I can give it’s that don’t be a Hanzo and let technical perfection become an obsession, lol.

@obaewankenope replied to your post: in the past i’ve taken anti-anxiety medications…

actually makes a lot of sense. neurochem was never my favourite psych topic, but i do believe caffeine can help with adhd symptoms (and asd in general) so perhaps try tea? i drink a fair amount of it and i tend not to have panic attacks or get hyper stressed as a result (tho when i have no tea for two days i am a MESS)

my dude I drink soda and tea like my life depends on it. most of the tea i drink is decaffeinated but you can’t all the caffeine out of something. and i drink so much soda it’s not funny nor is it healthy but that’s neither here nor there.

i was thinking about it more in the sense that i was trying to treat ADHD with an anxiety medication when i should have been treating it with an ADHD medication.

i don’t have panic attacks. my anxiety is very lowkey always on my radar but sometimes it rears its ugly head and it manifests as stomach aches and general feelings of unease.

honestly i should talk to my psychiatrist about it but i’m scared to bring up the idea of ADHD for fear of her being like “you’re just making stuff up”, etc. 

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Didn't make sense not to live for fun. Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb. So much to do, so much to see. So what's wrong with taking the back streets? You'll never know if you don't go. You'll never shine if you don't glow. Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play. Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid. And all that glitters is gold. Only shooting stars break the mold


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Didn't make sense not to live for fun. Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb. So much to do, so much to see. So what's wrong with taking the back streets? You'll never know if you don't go. You'll never shine if you don't glow. Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play. Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid. And all that glitters is gold. Only shooting stars break the mold

this is so inspirational thank u so much

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I have Mars in Pisces in the 9th and all my exes have been mixed-race like me AND on top of that I despise guys who live near me. They have to live an hour away. I like guys who live far because then I get to know about new cities and shit.

lmao that makes so much sense but it’s gotta be tiring at the same time too, always fun though

my views have changed and i no longer stand by a lot of the things i’ve said here. since this blog is supposed to be an archive, i can’t in good conscience take it down, but i want to be clear about the fact that i was prejudiced and wrong, and it would be my personal preference that readers in the future will understand that all of my commentary is something i now regret and no longer agree with.

my views have changed in the sense that i don’t think it’s accurate to say that banana bread is okay. banana bread is an outdated social construct and lesbians in particular are invested in upholding it to justify what they want to eat, at the expense of cornbread and pumpkinbread and other kinds of flavored bread.  on a personal level i’ve realised i really don’t care about what flavor a piece of bread is. there’s so much posturing in the lesbian community to make sure they’re all Women Who Love Banana Bread and Females Who Love Banana Bread but those labels are arbitrary, nobody can properly define them, and the whole thing is just so fake. it’s all fake. if lesbian radfems want to move away from social constructs they should take a step back and realise that their entire community is rooted in them, obsessed with them, and personally invested in upholding them for their own personal validation. in this sense they’re no better than genderists. 

obviously food preferences are innate in the sense that we can’t choose if we want to eat something or not but as to whether there are two vaguely-defined classes of bread and some of us want to eat only one of them based on features of their taste that we can’t even be sure they have, no, i don’t think this is innate. and yes i can confirm i’m the original creator of this blog. 

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okay so what's your take on what's happening right now?

I think none of us know anything adkjfhskjd

and everything we think we know or think makes sense doesn’t even matter becasue there’s just too damn much we don’t know