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The Time The Power Rangers Organized A Pride Parade:

(Okay so all of this came from me holding onto hope of a female Tommy Oliver who flirts with everyone but is actually a huge softie dork who starts crushing on Zack cause she saw him save a puppy AND find it a new home once, enjoy)

  • Tommy Oliver just strutting up to the group one day in full suit after the Rangers fight an enemy and introducing herself
  • Tommy Oliver blatantly flirting with all five of them
  • Kimberly flirts back, Trini just scrutinizes her and doesn’t say anything (she’s not used to the whole trusting people who haven’t sworn their life to you thing) she’s not jealous at all what do you mean, Zack always stumbles out a reply – witty or otherwise – not really used to new people blatantly flirting with him but not really minding it either he’ll never admit he enjoys it, Jason is just business as usual and goes off to talk to Billy, Billy doesn’t catch on at first because he doesn’t see the point since he’s dating Jason but as soon as he does he shuts her down by explaining and she just nods in understanding
  • That nod is what ultimately gives her away, as Kimberly will later tell her “Douches don’t back off when someone says they’re in a relationship. Not saying harmless flirting made you a douche, power to you on using your talents, we’ve just had bad past experiences with haughty Green Rangers so I needed reassurance”
  • Tommy Oliver becoming best bros with Kimberly because Kim’s learned to see through when people are putting up an act “takes one to know one” and all that so Kim approaches her wanting to become friends and succeeds
  • Tommy is the first one who figures out Kim’s crush on Trini
  • Kimberly’s the first to figure out Tommy’s crush on Zack
  •  Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart hanging out together, training and taking their zords out for spins together
  • Both of them teasing the other, trying to get each other to make a move on their crushes
  • Trini and Zack are highkey lowkey jealous cause they think Tommy and Kim are dating
  • After a couple of weeks Trini and Zack are finally done with moping and being jealous and they just want to be happy for their friends so they just walk up to Tommy and Kim on one of their, what they assume to be, ‘dates’ to finally settle the issue
  • They start heading towards them to confront them when suddenly Tommy and Kimberly start to leave
  • Kim’s the first to see them and goes “Well we were just discussing this and you guys appeared so I guess it’s a sign. Trini, will you go out with me? On a date? the romantic kind?”
  • Tommy joins in “Zack, I know we haven’t hung out much outside of protecting the world but I’d really like to change that, would you like to grab coffee with me sometime?”
  • And they’re both super nervous waiting for a reply
  • And Trini and Zack are just so??? Confused??? They came here to have their hearts broken and this is the literal opposite???? They just nod their assent and Kim and Tommy happily skip out together
  • GiANt RaNGEr TRiplE DaTEs
  • Angel Grove is still a really small town and soon everyone knows about them and sometimes the less accepting residents pick on Billy and Trini and Tommy who are all quieter in school to avoid drawing attention to themselves (All of them being in the same friend group is already suspicious enough. They’re pretty sure Saturday detention is the only thing holding up their cover) and Kim, Jason and Zack take none of this shit and shut everyone down -0.2 seconds before they even start talking (at least whenever they’re around to see it happen) but people still don’t listen and Kim, Jason and Zack are so d/w everyone’s shit
  • So the Power Rangers have an honest to god pride parade to get people to get their heads out of their asses and its all beautiful and more importantly a huge success cause who in their right mind would want to go against people who control giant fucking robots that could step on you who also saved your entire town
  • (The Zords had to sit it out cause the town is still being rebuilt. Kimberly did, however, fly her Zord over the town and showered it with rainbow dyed flower petals towards the end of the day.)
  • The Power Rangers themselves make an appearance wearing their pride flags as capes
  • Kimberly and Jason have the bisexual pride flag as their capes, followed by Zack with the Pansexual pride flag, Billy with the Demisexual pride flag, Tommy with the LGBT+ pride flag because “Labels aren’t my thing” and finally Trini with the LGBT+ flag because she still isn’t comfortable with labels because of everything with her parents, but she wears arm bands with the Lesbian pride flag’s colours, a small sign of rebellion against her parents and a huge symbol of how much the Rangers have helped her overcome.
  • And the pride rally and the media go w i l d
  • The more conservative media publishes titles like “So the flamboyant suits were just SJW propaganda this WHOLE TIME” (Shoutout to @trinis-beanie-says-it-all for the title) the next day while everyone else just celebrate that the Earth’s protectors stand with equality for all
  • Even with the media frenzy, for the next few days all that’s being posted on the Power Rangers social media accounts, handled by Billy and Zack obviously, is every cute LGBT+ couple they see (whom they always ask for permission, while in full suit as per Zordon’s request). Also, people are a lot more comfortable coming out in Angel Grove with the knowledge that the Power Rangers have their backs
  • The media is just losing its shit, both good and bad, while the Power Rangers are just hailed as LGBT+ icons
  • No one important really notices as the group quietly slips in pictures of them with their significant others into the ever-growing collection of cute couples on the Rangers’ social media accounts.

I just really love these dorky kids who love their s/o’s with all their hearts and just want other people to   a p p r e c i a t e  them  p l e a s e, okay?

Also, this got way longer than intended, I apologise.

Imagine there’s a war going between Asgard and Muspelheim and all the soldiers in Asgard have to fight. You are a formidable strategist who works with the council because of your skill. But the things seem to be too good for Asgard so you are required to fight alongside Thor, Loki, the Warriors Three and Lady Sif. You all know each other and you have such a huge respect for each other.

At the dawn of what will be the final battle, you are all getting ready and Loki goes to your tent. The truth is that he had admired your work at the palace and finds remarkable that you will fight though it’s not your speciality. He asks you to be near him in the battle, swearing he will protect you no matter what, something that surprises you because you are not close. Before going back to his own tent, he cups of your face and kisses you. At the beginning with desperation, but once you reciprocate, with sweetness. When you both pull apart and before he leaves, he whispers:

“It was now or never.”

ch. 3

Bad Habits || Jaebum

Originally posted by jjaenyoung

Reader (you) x Jaebum ft got7 members

Word Count: 1442

Warnings: violence (this chapter goes from 1-100 real quick lmao)

note: hii~ hope everyone is having a good day! for those who don’t know, i’ve finally created a twitter account so you should all follow me haha (the username is the same as my tumblr url) anyways, happy reading and take care! -admin

The weekend was finally over which meant I had to go back to classes and listen to boring lectures. However, I would rather go to my classes than stay at home and think about the events that happened over the weekend. I needed a distraction. Ever since the incident at the bar, I couldn’t take my mind off of Jaebum. It was something about him that seemed intriguing to my eyes. The way his fingers touched the soft skin of my waist made me yearn for more. It was a horrible feeling I wanted to get rid of because I swore to myself I would never get mixed up in any dangerous business. But my heart told me differently.

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MATE I feel you so much hOW ICONIC is the call ur girlfriend scene honestly it's such an amazing clever song choice hECK it's so good like the moment when isak looks at even right when it goes BUT YOU JUST MET SOMEBODY NEWWWW and then even looks back and they make eye contact and Robyn is like AND NOW ITS GONNA BE ME AND YOUUU iconic!!!!!! fucks me up every time I think about it and I think about it A LOT that's all I wanna say

this is such a mood every single day ,what a cinematic masterpiece

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top 5 kiho moments? (:

okay this will be a lot more difficult in comparison to favourite pictures because i have a lot of fave moments, but lets get it.

#1 - that time when wonho goes to kihyun right as he’s singing “oh i loved you more than anyone else” and poked his nose and then kihyun’s smile afterwards :( // full gifset here

#2 - when someone said smth funny and wonho gave kihyun a back hug whilst laughing like i’ve always wondered why exactly wonho needed to give kihyun a back hug to laugh like, he literally did not have to in that moment?? //  full gifset here

#3 - so kihyun was asked to dance to all in choreo alone whilst wearing a gudetama onsie and like he was shy to do it alone?? so he goes to wonho immediately?? to ask him to dance with him?? and even though wonho doesn’t?? he gives him the confidence to go dance on his own?? like my heart??? also the way he grabbed wonho’s hand too?? //  full video here

#4 - okay this just makes me :(( like wonho touching his cheek with such tenderness and kihyun not even flinching like is this something that happens often?? probably // full gifset here

#5 - i loved this fansign bc wonho was just determined to be as annoying as possible and it was just a lot of touching and teasing and melting my frozen heart // full gifset here

Choose, Part 2, Conor and Jack Maynard Imagine

-Gif not mine-

-This was a really hard choice, enjoy!-

-Y/N makes her choice on which brother to choose-


“Who is it?” Joe and Caspar ask you at the same time when you grab your jacket.

“You’ll find out” you say winking at the two of them.

You walk out of Joe’s apartment and make your way down to the lobby. The elevator ride seemed to be taking forever and you started to doubt everything that was going on around you.

‘Did you make the right choice? What if they don’t really like you back? What if something goes wrong?’

All of these questions went through your mind and you began to freak out.

‘Bing’ the elevator door opens and you fling yourself out running for the main entrance. You open the door and instantly gasp for fresh air.

When you began to calm down, it took all of your power not to run back upstairs to Joe. You wanted to back out of the situation but you knew you had to make the choice sooner rather than later. You knew it would hurt the brother you didn’t choose, but it would hurt them both if you continued to play both sides.

You walk to your car parked outside and make your way to Starbucks. As you drive you roll your windows down trying to make it easier to think. You play the radio and are taken by surprise when you hear Conor’s song. You sigh and switch the radio station.

“I can’t listen to that, I need to think about myself right now” you tell yourself aggressively.

You drive calmly for the next few minutes, trying your best not to think of the boys. Truthfully, no matter how hard you tried, they were always there.

Jack was fun and protective of you.

Conor made you laugh and you were comfortable.

Both dates were amazing and you knew you were bad for feeling the same for both of them.

You chose the person you chose because you knew they would do anything for you, they were good for you. They made you happy and you knew it. Ever since day one you wondered what it would be like to date him. He understood you better than anyone else.

Even though the other brother had similar perks, you knew the one you chose was the right one.

‘DING’ you phone goes off and you pull over to check the message you got.

‘Hey can’t meet at Starbucks, friends came over with no warning, you can come by’

You sigh in response because you had to completely change your direction to head back to his house. Now you didn’t even know if you would have the chance to express how you feel with all of his friends there. You turn your car around and drive towards his house windows still rolled down and the wind flowing through your hair. You were confident with your choice now, after going over it on your own.

When you arrive, you buzz his apartment and he lets you in. As you walk down the hallway to his apartment door, you could hear a group of guys laughing. He was always lucky no one ever complained about noise.

When you knock, one of his friends from Brighton answers and wraps his arm around your shoulder. He walks you into the living room telling you awful jokes, clearly tipsy. You pretend to laugh at a few jokes until you see that both brothers were sat on the couch together.

“Look who I found!” his friend says slurring his words, clearly thinking you’re someone he knows.

Both brothers come and greet you one at a time both offering you drinks. You declined both offers, not because you didn’t want a drink but because the sight of both of them together made everything even harder for you. You sit down on the couch in between both of them. One of them had their arm around your shoulder and the other with his hand on your thigh.

You were now in the worst situation possible and you let out a small sigh not thinking anyone would hear it.

“What’s wrong?” Conor looks at you concerned, moving his arm away from your shoulder.

Your face goes red and Conor laughs at you. He always said he loved when you were embarrassed because of how red your face got, and whenever he mentioned it, it always got worse.

“Guess i’m just upset that i said no to that drink” you laugh standing up to walk towards the kitchen.  

Conor laughs lightly and then continues on talking with the group of boys. He always made everyone laugh, it was just something he was born to do.

You open up the fridge to find a few packs of beer and you reach in to grab yourself a can. You pull a glass down from the cupboard and put it down on the counter. You sigh as you hear laughter and you knew it was going to take a lot to get your choice alone.

“Looking for ice?” Jack says from behind you, scaring you a little.

“Of course, considering she is looking at the counter” one stranger says joining you two.

Jack gives him a mean look and you laugh at the joke.

Jack grabs you ice from the freezer and kisses your forehead. You smile at the contact and continue to pour your beer into the glass.

“So, still not wanting to talk about your convo with Joe?” Jack says interested in finding out.

“Basically” you say giving him a smile as you slowly walk away.

You hear him sigh and you laugh at how much he was trying to find out. He continued to talk to the strange guy who’s name you never found out and you chose to ignore them.

When you sit back down on the couch Jack shortly follows after. You were back sitting in between the two brothers. You knew you needed to tell the one how you felt but you didn’t know how. That was until he gave you some leverage after half an hour of you sitting silently.

“You’re not ok, do you need to talk?” he whispers into your ear.

“Yes, meet me in your bedroom?” you whisper back.

You get up pretending you had a call and walk towards his bedroom, shutting the door behind you. After a few minutes of waiting patiently, you hear the door crack open causing you to spin around. You smile when you see him and he leans in for a hug.

“What’s wrong?” he asks concerned.

“I’m ok, i’m just nervous” you say shakily.

“For what?” he asks sitting you down on his bed.

“I have something to tell you” you say giving him a nervous look. He nods at you too carry on and you do,”I have… feelings for you, like romantic on-“.

Before you could finish your sentence he brought his face to yours, kissing you softly.

“I’m so glad you said that” he says in between kisses.

The kiss was everything you had hoped it to be, it was soft and warm. His kiss made you feel special somehow and you could tell he truly meant it. It was passionate and slowly lead to a make out session. He lays you down softly on the bed still kissing you and you wrapped your arms around his neck. He ran his hands up and down your body and you loved the feeling of his touch. You wished this moment would last forever and were heart broken when it didn’t.

“Conor?! Wtf?!” you jump up when Conor was pulled off of you and you see Jack angry.

“Dude stop” Conor says putting up his hands trying to calm him down.

Jack looks to you with a hurt face, it was the most hurt that you had ever seen him. You hide your face into your knees shamefully.

“Y/N…I see how it is” Jack says to you with a shaky voice.

You look up and see Jack with tears starting to form and you look to Conor. Before anyone could say anything, Jack walked away shutting the door behind him and you could hear him announce to everyone that he was leaving.

When the door slammed you let out a sigh and Conor came to sit next to you on the bed.

“I feel like a dick cause he really liked you” Conor sighs, “but it’s not fair because i really like you too”.

You give Conor a hug and whisper to him, “Well i like you and he’s just going to have to live with it”.

Conor gives you an unsure smile and you kiss him.

“It’s worth it for you, I really fucking care about you, more than I’ve cared about any girl before” he says after leaning away.

You smile at him and he leans in for a kiss again. You were happy that you were going to have kisses from him more often. You knew you had made the right choice. Losing Jack as a friend was just something you were going to have to deal with if you truly wanted to be happy. Conor was everything you needed and you were happy.

You were over filled with joy and Conor was too, the two of you couldn’t stop smiling. Even when you joined his friends, you were smiling and couldn’t keep hands off of each other.


To anyone who wanted the choice to be Jack, I’m sorry!

It was a hard choice for me considering the two of them are both amazing, but a lot of you wanted me to go with Conor and gave valid reasons why.

Thank you all for being so involved! It definitely helped and I hope you enjoyed:)

Hot Oil Prompt

Hi!  So…I haven’t written in awhile and I wanted to pick back up so…here goes nothing! I’m a massive Inuyasha fan and love reading Inufics so I figured I would start there~  I love @mustardyellowsunshine ‘s writing prompts so this is what I did with their 3rd prompt.  I’d love to know what y’all think of my little fluffy one shot.  <3  (Plz be kind.  I’m new to le tumblrzzz.  I’ve just been silently loving the Inu-community for years!) 

“So there I was, like, covered in hot oil!”

“How did you get away without a single burn?”

“Oh, well, I suppose it’s wasn’t that hot,” Kagome quickly corrected, the two girls walking with their heads together, their laughter floating up into the air and swirling into the evening sky above them.  “I was so embarrassed!  I had finally gotten the lead in the school play and what do I do? Sneeze into a candle during the climax of the entire story!  Oh, I could have died right then and there.”  Giggling over the memory, the young priestess looped her arm through the taijiya’s, bumping her hip as they continued along their path.  

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My issue with cooldowns

Cooldowns are weird. 

Take Ares chains for instance. He shoots em out, they go on cooldown. Why? 

(No not game balance this isn’t that type of post)

He has to bundle them back up obviously to do it again.

Ullr launches an axe. Wtf does he not have spares? It’s not like he goes to collect the axe after.

Artemis’ steroid, makes sense, you can only shoot ultra fast before taking a break I mean she’s only a GOD.

Change’s can’t touch this dance, like she can only do that in sequence after a period or the move becomes stale obvs.

Ra’s ult: I’MA (solar) CHARGING MA LASER

Cerrunos is just collecting enough tumbleweeds to perform his 2 all day.

Chaac just runs out of rain. Plain and simple, he needs the tears of his enemies.

You can dislike the dress all you want, but please don’t comment on Jen’s social media’s telling her how much you hate it. I’ve seen so many nasty comments on her latest instagram and it’s just plain mean.
We all know Jen has been involved in the creative process with this dress. She’s researched, and had a say in what the dress should look like, so this is special to her. We can tell that just by how much detail she goes into when talking about it (e.g her instagram post.)
Now think back to a time where you’ve done/made something that you were really proud of - maybe it’s a fan fiction you’ve wrote, a video you’ve made, a drawing, some school work etc, and someone has said that they don’t like it. We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling you get when someone says something like that - especially when it’s something that you’ve made or something that you’ve been involved in the creative process of. Your heart sinks and you start to feel sick.
Now let’s think back to Jen. She’s obviously so excited about the dress. So yes you may not like it - you were probably expecting it to be something else. But don’t comment saying that you hate it or what not. Obviously you have the choice to express your opinion, but imagine if that was you. I personally, would be absolutely crushed if it was something I was excited for and that I had worked hard on.

K_ _ _ _ _ _y’s submission

This will seem all over the place but I swear there’s a connection lol.

I was just browsing on my blog and this gif set came up of G (I won’t write her full name because I don’t want this to pop up in the tags and cause drama for you) giving an interview during Paleyfest 2011(1). Her answer was a little odd for me because of the way she phrased it. She said that she loved going back to set and it was fun to the episode(2) because it was poking fun at Hollywood(3). She goes on to say ‘our lives are amazing we have millions of dollars’ and started laughing. Just seemed a little odd to throw in that your lives are amazing. Shouldn’t it be amazing? Not because your celebrities but because you literally just married the ‘love’ of your life the previous year? Later on J does an interview and explains that G was incredibly apprehensive to be back on the show and he really had to see it to her. The interviewer say this to G (what J said) and G get’s all flustered and looks honest to God mad! G immediately backtracks what J said and gives a line of garbage (basically saying the fans were protective of Ruby, she went it a different way, she doesn’t take criticism well at all etc.) and the night goes on. Also, fun fact, she said she took a year off because she got married (why take a year off?) and how she was auditing and was hopeful to book something soon. Later that year she gets pregnant the first time and J praises her for putting her career on the back burner for T. Seriously, J?(4)

Now let’s take a look at her Instagram, shall we? Everything seems to pretty damn amazing and damn near perfect. The kids eat their vegetables without a fuss, they have chickens that eat organic worms (she took a pic on her twitter of that), she uses all organic face products, she loves home birthing, she can mediate with her kids, they let T explore the world around him (nail polish, dolls or whatever. I swear I have no problem with this!(5) I actually applaud them on that end), the flowers and loving the outdoors. That’s not a lifestyle Instagram. That’s a celebrity bragging about her amazing life and showcasing how much better she is than everyone else.

Just seems a little funny how she enjoyed working on that episode because it made it seem like they lived wonderfully amazing lives but now she has an entire Instagram dedicated to showing off that amazing/perfect life.(6)

Gotta get your story straight, G.(7)

Yay I got my first submission! I love submissions! With y’alls’ help I can be lazy (writing long post is hard!) & spend more time reading wincest smuts haha jk-

Here’s my little side notes (according to the numbers I added above) :

  1. Watch interview HERE
  2. Meaning 6.15
  3. Poking fun at Hollywood? More like poking fun at her husband’s gayness with his co-star! ;) 2.18 is a better episode with HW jokes imo
  4. Their answers just don’t match anyway. Like always. That’s why I think G doesn’t do cons a lot, a high possibility to fuck things up. Also she has a trait in explaining everything with her social awkwardness
  5. I agree
  6. They indeed have millions of dollars aren’t they? What she selling on her IG isn’t something we “normal” people can do. With 3 children I sure can’t mix vege smoothies elegantly without destroying my kitchen. T&S are sweet kids but kids are energetic. And arranging flowers isn’t that easy like how she poses to cut some stems in her clean sweater lol
  7. More like get bearding stories straight. Oh no, please don’t. lol

Thanks K_ _ _ _ _ _y! You know my blog is anon protective so I half hided your name. Next time you tell me it’s ok to share or not! Looking forward to your next submission! What you’ve found is interesting ;)

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How would one give someone back tickles ?

Back tickles are so soothing for some people but so torturous for others. I think if you lay down on your belly and have your shirt off and let me sit on your legs, I could give you all the back tickles you need.
How about trace your back with one finger. The one finger slowly goes up and down your spine and makes shapes as I travels all over your ticklish bare back. After a while, I could use all of my fingers. How about I claw my hands and run my finger nails all over your back. I think it would tickle a lot when my clawed hands tickle under your shoulder blades! Then, after I softly claw your back, I will spider tickle you until you are really squirming. My tickling fingers will gently spider tickle every inch of your back while I giggle along with you. This will really get you giggling and squirming, won’t it, my little lee?

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Another question about yoga, since you've been answering some already! When you began practicing, did you have any trouble with your wrists hurting? Everytime I take a class or do yoga on my own, downward dog absolutely kills my wrists and hands. It feels like all my weight is on them, even though I try to distribute it back onto my feet. Any suggestions for me?

I didn’t but i know a lot of people that do! It can help to do fists in poses instead of flat hands because it takes some of the pressure of your wrists! Another things is to play around with how your hands are down, there are tons of tutorials and tips on how to place your hands when doing yoga (there are much more that goes into that than you would expect) So i would say look into that! Some little tips that come to mind about that are to keep the creases of your wrists parallel to the top of your mat, push down with all of your knuckles and also try to rotate your arms so your shoulders are away from your head!

I’ve been reading all these glitch in the matrix posts and I thought I’d share mine so here it goes lol. So in my elementary school you’d get to go to the library once a week with your class and pick out new books and stuff. At the time I was re reading the eragon series Bc the last book had just come out. I had finished the second and needed to go back to the library to get the third book but for some reason our class never went to the library. I had the second book for almost a month when I told my teacher how upset I was that we never went anymore. She told me “we were just there yesterday” and I was confused but didn’t say anything. We went to the library the next week and I got the third book.

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so I saw that some anon recommended you a song from Kaneki's perspective which is absolutely fire!! the song is really beautiful!!If If you don't mind i want to recommend you a song from Touka's perspective. "come home" by one republic goes so well with touka's feelings for Kaneki!! please go and listen!! Pleaseeeeee!! *puppy eyes intensifies*

how could i resist the puppy eyes from such a cute anon?! o)-(

ahh, i’m actually familiar with this song from way back when, and i agree, it definitely fits touka’s feelings towards kaneki, especially the chorus. 

“Come home
Because I’ve been waiting for you
For so long
For so long
Right now there’s a war between the vanities
But all I see is you and me
The fight for you is all I’ve ever known
So come home”

touka yearned for kaneki to return to her one day, however at the same time, she was very understanding of the circumstances he had been put under as haise. while the chances of haise ever regaining his memories were seemingly low at the time, as long as he was living a happy life, touka found consent in that. 

as she expressed towards tsukiyama, such a lifestyle was much more preferable for haise and she’d rather not have him return to his life as a ghoul and eventually suffer as he did as kaneki. even if it meant being forgotten, as long as he was happy, so was she. touka was willing to sacrifice all of that for kaneki’s sake. she felt fortunate enough that he even frequently visited :re as haise, despite not even remembering her or their over all past relationship.

but, there was that side of touka that really couldn’t help but want kaneki to return. she always had him in mind, and the thought of something bad happening to him both frightened and remained with her for years on end. touka didn’t want kaneki to go off and disappear somewhere without her knowledge….and as kaneki admitted in the recent chapter, he felt the same!

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  • his favorite holiday is probably Halloween
  • he goes trick-or-treating with you even though he’s super old
  • he acts like a kid when he fills his pillow case/candy basket all the way full
  • he’ll definitely eat candy on the way to other houses
  • when you guys return back to the dorms or your house, you trade candy
  • urges you to keep eating sweets with him so you have to remind him that stomach aches are a thing
  • “it’s all worth it though, isn’t it?”
  • he eats so much it’s incredible how he hasn’t gotten sick
  • probably regrets it in the morning and has a terrible stomach ache

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Can you do a Hc about Tony and arguments. I'm sorry I just really like Angst.

Tony Stark can be a fucking asshat to people who care about him.

Number 1 topic to fight about: How much he works. The man never sleeps and if you bring it he says he’s fine. And because he’s not fine he just blows up on you, so now you’re both yelling, no one is listening. He’ll eventually leave and go back to the workshop.

Number 2: Day drinking. How is his liver still functioning???? You bring up his drinking he says he’s fine. Every one yells, he goes down to the workshop.

Number 3: He’s always busy/doesn’t make time for you. He promises change but it never happens. 

Now all of this is really irritating and frustrating, but  when you finally make up, or he’s afraid he’s really fucked up this time, change will happen, he’s just a stubborn asshole who doesn’t like to face his emotional problems head  on.

Tag M e m e ‘ s

I was tagged by @vld-boooi for some L I T questions so let’s get startedddddd

Rules: Always post rules, answer the questions asked, and write 11 new ones. Tag 11 friends and whoever tagged you.

1. Is there anyone you look up to? Or try to be like? Real or fictional.
    I tend to really want to be like people or characters that are always energetic and smiley and giggly all the time they’re just such cinnamon rolls like f uk. My favorite tv or movie characters tend to be those kinds of people (ex. Lance my baby, aph America from when I watched a lot of Hetalia) and same goes for my friends if I’m gonna get a crush on someone you bet your ass it’s gonna be that person. I also just relate to those characters a lot because generally, their back stories are really relatable for me? and I wish I was more like them because they make so many people happy and they’re so social and f uk I’m not

2. If you could cosplay any character right now who would it be? What are your opinions on cosplay?
    I’d like to redo my Allura cosplay because 1. my armor was kinda shit and 2. my wig was purple and not white but it was still cute and people could tell who I was. Gotta work with watchu got fam. I’d like some Voltron armor that just has interchangeable colors so I can cosplay everyone tbh. I love cosplay and I want to maybe be a costume designer somewhere in the entertainment or film industry so yeah I love cosplay.

3. What is your favorite pass time/hobby that you like to do?
    I like just having stuff to do in general. I hate being home and having no plans. as introverted as I am, I really need to have plans and things to do because sitting by myself and wallowing in my thoughts is a recipe for disaster. Friends, club meetings, extracurriculars like theater, those kinds of things keep me busy and I’d like being busy. I like a few days of nothing every now and then but not for too long. No more than two days because then imma just k m s.

4. Ships aside, is there anything you’d like to see canon in Voltron? (i.e theories, backstories, etc)
    H U N K S   M O T H E R   F U KIN G   B A C K S T O R Y

5. What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to how people act on tumblr?
    I hate people that say you’re not a fan of something because you’re not as obsessed as they are? Like that’s such bull shit? I hate people who ignore other characters in favor of their favorite and hate on the writers for it like hold the fuck on the story needs to develop and h a n g o n a damn minute.

6.what’s your favorite movies/ shows? why?
   It really depends on what I’ve watched or am obsessed with recently I don’t really have favorite. I mean right now I am definitely in love with Voltron. I also watched Funny Girl recently and oh my god it was so good so I’m gonna say that’s my favorite move right now because it’s so good.

7. What is something you’re proud of.
    Apparently I have like god damn perfect tits? ye my boobs they’re pretty g. No but in all seriousness I really don’t know, I’m proud of being dance captain I guess, I don’t do much but a lot of people have told me that I’m a good teacher and I’ve helped them a lot and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

8. Any reason behind your url?
    A    g o o d   m e m e ?

9. Ever been to a convention? Would you like to and which one?
    I don’t know too much about conventions so I’d have to say Kawaii con because it’s close to home but id like to go to a super big con someday too like ComicCon or anime la even though I don’t really watch a ton of anime anymore it’d still be fun to go to because there are so many people. I’ve never been to any convention but I would like to go.

10. What is something you really love about yourself?
      I’m pretty good at reading people and situations, which is good because I’m good at telling when to leave something alone and when not to but got it’s also such a curse I kind of hate it because you just feel so shitty about it all the time? Some people are just harder to get a read on that others but eh. It is useful sometimes I guess

11. Any talents or things you’d like to be known for?
     I wish I was the funny friends or the social friend and everyone knew me for that but I’m not that so rip at me. I’d like to one day be a really good actor or singer or dancer or designer or something god idk.

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1. who is your favorite character type?
2. Which fandom have you been in the longest and which are you currently in? Which do you think is the most admirable? (If you can think of any lol)
3. find a song that has a word starting with P in the title that you like and post it here.
4. What do you want to study in college (if you want to go) and where would you like to go? (this could be the school name or just a general location)
5. What’s your biggest best peeve for people in general (similar to the question I received but it can apply to anyone)
6. If you had 50,000 dollars given to you right now what would you do with it?
7. Name 5 things you love 
8. (same as my #8) any reason behind your url
9. What do you think is your strongest asset/ personality trait/ your favorite thing about you?
10. what is your aesthetic?
11. How do you feel performing on stage?

Give me a story where one of Bruce’s children has a kid (it doesn’t matter who, but Jason would be so sweet as a father) and Bruce is blown away by the fact that he is a grandfather. Where he’s standing there holding this tiny baby in his arms and he’s completely lost for words. He’s never been good with words, but now he can’t even begin to form them.

Because this is something he never expected. Not in a million years did he imagine himself as a grandfather. He had seen his life going down a very specific path when he was young. A very specific, very lonely path. Long term attachments had been outlawed to him by his choice of lifestyle, and children were even more out of the question.

He’d always known what the cape and cowl meant: an end to the Wayne family line. He had no siblings, and no close relatives. No one to continue the historical name, and he’d been ok with it. Or at least he thought he had. So when Dick, then Jason, Cass, Tim, and Damian had come they’d each been a surprise. A happy surprise, a surprise that was to Bruce always fleeting. Especially when he lost them, especially when he got them back. 

So no, he hadn’t expected a grandchild. Not when everyone of his own kids had followed his footsteps. They’d all done it in their own unique way, but Bruce still saw what they did as a road with one outcome. That outcome was never settling down, never finding ‘the one’, and never starting their own family.

Yet. Here he stood, holding, not just the next generation, but the third generation of the Wayne name after his parents. Bright and bubbly, in his arms there was life, and with life hope for the future. Not just the future of his family, but the future in general. Because if a man like him could be so lucky to have made it to becoming a grandfather, then the world was better than he’d thought it was.

Am I the only one that doesn’t care at all that Mon El said that he loved Kara before Sanvers have said it? Like the relationship between Kara and Mon El is messy and lacks development, so I’m not surprised that he said that he loved her so quickly. In all honesty he may not even truly love her, she’s just the first person he’s truly been attached to and not a hook up, which he was doing on Daxam. 

BUT Sanvers has been developed and I’m just waiting for that special moment that they actually say it. Not some type of “I’m saying this cause I don’t want to lose you bullshit,” but they say it cause it’s true. Cause they truly can’t live without one another and love each other, ride or die. When they do say it, it will be impactful and not easily forgotten like Mon El’s confession.