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Rachel Amber and the Hurricane

More theories about Before the Storm. This one’s big, but it’s my explanation for the purpose of this prequel. I will be covering multiple pieces of evidence across everything we know so far about Life is Strange, so spoilers abound. I made a post about this earlier, and this will encompass all that information and more. Don’t feel like you need to read it to understand this. If anyone else has already created this theory, I’m sorry for stepping on your toes. The tag is live again and it’s hard to keep up with everyone. I hope we can have a fruitful conversation on this subject. Spoilers below the break.

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nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

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for the headcanon thing: zuko

What I think Realistically

Zuko is a big ol’ theater nerd. Simple as that? “I’ll save you from the pirates”? From a play. “You rise with with the moon. I rise with the sun”? From a play. Taking his girlfriend to a cemetery for a date? You bet your ass it was from a play. 

What I think is fucking hilarious

Anytime Zuko is reminded of his Book 1 self ponytail and all. 

What is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends 

Don’t think about Zuko realizing his mom’s gone forever. DOn’t think of him being upset that, for the second time, he never got to give his mom a proper good bye. Don’t think of Ursa dying before Ozai, and all of a sudden Zuko feels like that same young, nine year old boy who’s mother disappeared in the dark of night. 

What would never work with canon but the canon is shit so I believe it anyway

Zuko apologized to Kanna for man handling her in the very first season, and you can;t convince me otherwise. 

Jimin Scenario: Mornings With You.

Request: In which jimin’s gf love mornings, books, & coffee. So she took him to her fav coffeeshop in here hometown, appreciating his present in her life. & them sharing thought about life & love, ending with walking beside the shore. Just very alive, loved, & inspired. Maybe with fluffy ending, Love 💖

Genre: Fluff.

-Just come with me, or are you afraid?-

Jimin laughed shaking his head. -Afraid of what Y/N?-

You shrugged. -Don’t know, of the unknown- you laughed and he did so as well.

Jimin didn’t know where you were taking him and as much as he asked you you didn’t tell him anything. You were both on a little vacation in your hometown, you had been showing Jimin around for the past couple of days, so far he had liked your town and everywhere you had taken him to, so now he was feeling curious because you said you still had a special place for him to see.  

What made Jimin suspicious was the fact that you had taken him out of bed so early in the morning, so he wondered what kind of place this was that required to be at this hour. You were excited, too much he could say, so that gave him a good vibe, but then you loved mornings and this was your usual mood after waking up. 

-I just want to know where is my girl taking me-

You sighed and pinched his cheek. -Jimin just let me surprise you, be patient, we will be there in no time-

It was exciting finally taking Jimin to a place you loved so much, he was always the one showing you things, so having the chance to do this for him and show him something you really loved made you happy, you had planned this through, so you felt like it was the right moment to show Jimin your favorite coffee shop because it was more than just that for you, you could barely stay put when you saw it coming to view, you tugged at Jimin’s hand harder and walked faster with him there. 

Everything was the same as you remembered, that coffee shop had its own charm, it stood out from the commerces around, the architecture was different, it evoked the victorian time wonderfully, it was classical and unique, making the buildings by its side look dull even if those were more modern. You loved the coffee shop and even if it was a bit silly you were a bit nervous of Jimin’s opinion about it.

-This place is really special to me, I love it and I love you, so I thought I might as well bring you here-

-Y/N you are cutest person alive, you knew that?-

You shrugged smiling like a fool. -I know-

Jimin’s eyes wandered around the place, looking at the decoration and the books filling the walls, the peaceful atmosphere and how detailed this little coffee shop was, he understood why you loved it, it was full of your favorite things and the smell of coffee was so rich he couldn’t wait to taste it.

You took Jimin’s hand again, dragging him to a free table by a corner. -I always sit at this side, come-

Jimin’s smiled and let you guide him further inside.

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Do you really think those guys have a future?

Dengeki G’s Magazine Arigatou Project

Message from Nitta Emi
Ever since the day we met, Honoka has supported me more than anyone else.

Both our similarities and our differences, her charm points and, of course, her failings too, all of them are dear to me.
Like a childhood friend, a family member, or even another me… There was a mysterious distance between us.
While being closer than anyone else, it was your brilliance I aspired towards and continued chasing.

My love for you goes without speaking, those words can’t even begin to describe my feelings.
But even if I don’t express them in any special way, my feelings will still definitely reach you, right?

Even though our involvement with each other might change a little, the two of us will be together even from here onwards.

Until the day we meet again, please remain as everyone’s shining sun.

I’ll always, always be counting on you! Honoka♪

Message from Uchida Aya
Minami Kotori-sama

There’s a lot I want to tell you, Kotori… But at the same time there might actually not be a lot.

After all, we’ve always tried so many different things together, and we made it all the way here together!

I’ve always thought about Kotori and her feelings, and put those emotions into acting her out. My feelings definitely reached her, right…♪

Even if you tell me “it’s time to set off” it doesn’t really ring a bell, but please flutter your wings softly the way you always do. I’ll always be watching over you…♡♡

Message from Mimori Suzuko
Umi-chan, we’ve overcome so many different things together during these six years.

When we first started, Umi-chan was a perfect Yamato Nadeshiko. That was such a distant existence, I felt a lot of confusion. What should I do to be on better terms with her? What should I do to draw out her cuteness? Questions like those confused me.

But thanks to all the fans cheering us on, my time together with Umi-chan gradually increased… I got to see many of her different natural expressions♪

I’m grateful to everyone♪

Lastly, being able to meet Umi-chan was the pride of my life as a voice-actress. I am truly thankful. But we’ll be together from here onwards, too! ♪

Message from Iida Riho
I think it’s really great that I got to meet Rin-chan.

It’s all thanks to Rin-chan that I got to see all sorts of scenes.

I always wanted Rin-chan to be the cutest, and I also wanted everyone to think that she was the cutest. Lol

Did I manage to become part of her strength? (*^^*)

Although it’s something I can only say looking back, at the start I didn’t know about this way of adding “Nya” to my sentences, but now it’s at the point where it would feel like something was missing without it. Lol☆

I love all of Rin-chan, you know?! We’ll be together forever from here onwards, too☆

Message from Pile

Up to this point and from here onwards, too, I’ve walked through all sorts of places while holding your hand.

No matter when, you brought me along to many wonderful places, and you showed me many wonderful sights. That’s what I’ve always thought, and always will.

I’ll be counting on you from here onwards, too.

Message from Kubo Yurika
Difficult times and fun times, and in the very end the one bringing me this blessed, happy feeling is… Koizumi Hanayo.

Me meeting you, was because there was a part of me that needed you.

What I want to tell you, no matter what, is

“Thank you”

Just those two words.

Message from Nanjo Yoshino
Although it’s something that can’t be seen on the surface, I think the part of me that’s always acting as Ayase Eli will never disappear even from here onwards, she’ll always be held close to my heart even as the years pass by.

It would be great if someday, Eli’s voice could reach everyone again in a form that the fans could see.

But even if such a day doesn’t come, I want to continue cherishing my relationship with her.

Because she’s an existence that has taught me so much!

Message from Kusuda Aina
To Nozomi

I’ve made it up to this point walking alongside Nozomi, that’s something I can feel keenly.

Feeling lost or troubled, laughing, and crying, there really were a lot of things that happened.
All of those are precious, precious treasures to me.
I can’t even imagine what I would be doing now if I hadn’t met her.
Crossing paths with her, and walking together for these six years, made me feel really happy and blessed.
I want to convey all my feelings of gratitude to you, and the fact that you will always be a special existence to me from here on, too.
Thank you, Nozomi.

Message from Tokui Sora
To Nico-chan♡

My much, much, much beloved Nico-chan!
The wonder of singing as the nine of us, the wonder of creating a performance with your friends, I learned many different things from Nico-chan.

The times all nine of us take the stage really feel like a dream.

Even though it’s the Final Live, I’ll always, always be with Nico-chan even from here on, the nine members of μ’s will aaaaaaaaaaalways be great friends, too!
Feeling sad is no good!

I won’t forget your smile from here on! Because it’s leading everyone else on! Nico-nico-nii♡

Let’s always, always be good friends, even after the Final Live♡

My precious treasure, Nico-chan♡

From Tokui Sora

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine May 2016

i finally have a “that sounds fake but okay” story of my own

Feeding the Flames (ZnT Week Day 4; Drabble)

Fandom: Zankyou no Terror 

Characters/Pairing: Nine, Twelve; hella Nine/Twelve 

Rating/Warnings: General; None

Word Count: 952 

AO3 Link: Coming Soon 


Written for ZnT Week Day 4: Magnesium (Twelve’s Day) 

Magnesium- atomic number twelve; gives off a blinding white light when burned in the presence of oxygen.


Twelve was more than bright- he was blinding.

From the very moment that I had seen him, I knew that he was special. There was something about him that could never be snuffed out, a glint of life even in the bleakest of circumstances.

I so desperately wanted to protect that light; I so desperately wanted it for myself.


I started, surprised when he spoke. I wondered how long I had been staring at him, and looked away before he could catch the embarrassed slant of my mouth. “What?”

I glanced up out of the corner of my eye; he was smiling sheepishly and soothingly. “You were staring at me again.”

“You should be used to that by now,” I muttered, and heard him make a curious sound that was part sigh and part chuckle.  

“Nine…” His voice itself seemed to glow, and for a second I thought that I was the one with synesthesia, what with the way my vision flickered with stars when he said my name. I heard him rise, and spared another glance up before averting my eyes and lifting my chin, pointedly looking away as he moved my computer and sat in its place atop my lap. “Look at me.”

“Why should I?” I managed, holding my voice steady despite the way my heart was palpitating; I was sure that that couldn’t be healthy. “I won’t get any work done if you keep begging for attention.”

“You weren’t getting any work done while you were staring at me, either,” Twelve replied, taking ahold of my chin. I forced my eyes shut as he turned my head, trying to get me to meet his gaze. “And I never have to ask for your attention, let alone beg for it.”

“You’re an intolerable flit,” I retorted, but my resolve- what little there had been –was quickly fading.

And then his lips were on mine. 

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Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 19)

 Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 2381

Warnings: Swearing, emotional scenes

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18]


It’s Sunday. Your meeting with the scouts is happening in less than an hour, and two things are on your mind: 1. The fact that neither Will nor Auston have spoken to you since the scouting session two days ago, and 2. Your meeting with the scouts can and will alter your future forever. Whether that will be in a good or bad way is undetermined yet, but your stomach has been in a tight knot of nerves ever since you woke.
“Steph,” you whine, “I don’t think I can do this.” You feel like you’re going to throw-up at any given second.

Steph steps out of the bathroom, dressed smartly in a blazer and long, tailored pants. Her hair is pulled back into a low bun, and her makeup is light. Her entire appearance screams, ‘professional.’

“Wow, you look amazing!”

“Thank-you. And you can do this, your only limitation is yourself, Y/N.”

“Did you steal that quote from your Pinterest?”

“Maybe.” Steph giggles. “But, hush. Honestly, regardless of whether it’s the CWHL or the NWHL, you’re going to be offered a contract today. If someone plays the way you did on Friday and doesn’t get signed, then something’s wrong with the scouts, not you.”

You laugh, your nerves dissipating slightly. “Thanks, Steph. You always know what to say to make me feel better.”

“That’s what I’m here for. Now, let’s get you dressed in something a little more professional.”

You glance down at your old gym shorts and beloved Maple Leafs’ top. “Why, you don’t think the scouts would be impressed if I rolled up looking like this?” you ask sarcastically.

“Not exactly.”

“Y/N, Y/L/N. Please come with me.” A middle-aged man in a fitted polo shirt and dress pants motions for you to follow him down the corridor. “The scouts are waiting for you.”

You stand up from you chair in the holding hall, where many other players are patiently waiting for their name to be called. Steph had been called in fifteen minutes earlier, but still isn’t back yet. You hope that’s a good sign.

As you’re walking past the rows of chairs lining the sides of the hall, you catch a glimpse of Will out of the corner of your eye. He gives you a thumbs up and an awkward grin, and you can’t help but smile back at him before continuing to follow the man in the polo shirt.

“Now,” the man says, stopping by an office door. “The NWHL scouts would like to meet with you in here.”

Your heart drops. You didn’t impress the CWHL scouts after all.

“However, afterwards, the CWHL scouts would also like to meet with you. He glances down at his clipboard. “You did well during the scouting session, I presume?”

Your pulse quickens in anticipation. “Um, I guess. Well, at least I think I did?” you say it like a question. “I suppose only time will tell.”

The guy nods at you. “I wish you the best of luck,” he says, and then knocks twice on the door.

“Come in!” you hear someone call out.

Nervously, you smooth down the skirt Steph had lent you, and push open the door. Three scouts sit behind a long table, with one open chair in front of them.

“Y/N!” a friendly-looking woman with auburn hair greets you warmly. You feel like you’ve met her before somehow, and her presence instantly soothes you. “Please, take a seat.”

You sit down and try to take deep breaths. The scouts flip through their binders and files as you wait, crossing your hands neatly in your lap.

“Now, Y/N, you played for the junior Y/T/N for the past two years, correct?” an older, stern looking man asks.

You nod. “Yes. It’s been a wonderful learning opportunity for me.”

He makes a noise of agreement. “We’ve noticed. Now, let’s cut to the chase.” He leans forward, clasping his hands together. “You’re fast, you see the ice well, you can score, but also you pass the puck. You’re a package forward. A well-rounded player both on and off the ice…” He flips through your transcript. “It says here you were actively involved with leadership programs in your high school?”

“Yes. It’s a program that helps incoming freshmen feel more welcome. We run icebreaker games and host themed movie nights to help all the grade nines feel like they’re a part of the school community.” Your mom had forced you into doing the program, which hardly made sense to you at the time, considering how shy you become around new people, and the program consisted of you trying to teach others how not to be shy. But you’re glad she had made you do it now.

“Excellent. You’ve also been the assistant captain of your team two years running?”

“Yes, I was nominated for the position by my teammates.”

“Well then, it must be no surprise to you that we’d like to offer you a spot on the New York Riveters.”

“Oh, wow. Um, thank-you.” You don’t know what to say, or how to react.

He notices this. “Now, don’t feel pressured that you have to give us an answer straight away. I know that you are the top candidate for a lot of scouts, and surely you will have other offers presented to you. However, if you do decide that you’d like to join our club, please fill out this form and call us at this number and we can set-up another meeting later this week to discuss pay grade, sign contracts, and the like.” He slides you several sheets of paper stapled together, all covered with information. “If not, please just send us these forms back to us using the return address listed in the top right corner.”

“Okay, I understand. Thank-you very much for your time.” You take the forms and fold them neatly into your bag.

“It was very nice meeting with you, Y/N,” the auburn-haired woman says and you smile at her.

“It was very nice meeting you as well. Thank-you again.” You stand up and the man in the polo shirt from earlier opens the door.

“All good?” he asks.

“All good.”

“Right, let’s head over to the CWHL office. They’re just finishing up their last meeting, and then they’ll be ready for you.”

You follow him down the hall and then sit back down in a wooden chair propped up outside a door labelled, “CWHL” in bold writing. It feels like an eternity passes before the door opens and a blonde girl walks out. She sniffs and wipes at her eyes, clipping down the hall at a fast pace.

Your heartbeat quickens. Hopefully that won’t be you in ten minutes.

The polo shirt guy peeks his head through the door and exchanges a few words with the scouts, before turning back to you. “They’re ready.”

Somehow you feel even more nervous, regardless of the fact you had already completed one out of two interviews, but you know this is the one that matters most to you in the end.

“Hello,” you say, walking up and sitting down in the chair placed in front of the table of scouts, a nearly identical set-up to the NWHL’s room.

“Good morning, Y/N. How are you today?” the scout, Catherine asks. Her grey hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail, and upon her nose sits a pair of tortoiseshell glasses. She looks exactly like a terrifying librarian, minus the librarian part. She intimidates the crap out of you.

“I’m good thanks, and you?” you respond politely, trying to keep your voice level and conceal your rising levels of anxiety.

“I’m well.” She flips over a page in her binder. “Y/N,” she says, looking directly into your eyes. You try not to squirm under the weight of her gaze. “I’d like to introduce you to general manager Rebecca Davies, assistant coach Mark Penelton, and head coach Sommer West, all of the Toronto Furies.”

You shake each member of the coaching staff’s hand and exchange greetings before sitting back down. “It’s an honour to meet you all.”

“And it’s an honour to meet you,” Sommer replies warmly. You like her already.

“Now, Y/N, normally I would not invite the individual members of a particular team’s coaching staff to a preliminary meeting like this, however, you are an exception. When I spoke on the phone to Mrs. Davies here, she was very interested in meeting with you.” Catherine nods at Rebecca. “Mrs. Davies?”

Rebecca smiles and turns to you. “Yes. From what Catherine was reporting over the course of your most recent junior year playing for the Y/T/N, and looking over the scores and feedback from your trainers here at camp, I wanted to keep a close eye on your performance on Friday during the scouting session.” Her professional expression breaks for a second. “I was amazed at your results, quite honestly.”

You blush, flattered. “Thank-you.”

She nods. “That’s why we wanted to meet with you today, to offer you a three-year entry level contract with the Toronto Furies.”

You can hardly believe the words you’re hearing. You’ve been fantasizing about this moment so much that it feels like just another dream. “Really?”

“Yes. We would be delighted to have you on our team for the 2015-16 season and for as many seasons as we can after that. We believe your skill, leadership, and passion for the game will be extremely beneficial to our club.”


“Now, I understand that you probably have other offers on the table, and that-”

You cut her off. “I’ll take it.”

“Are you sure you don’t need more time to-”

You shake your head firmly. “Nope. I’ve had the dream of being on the Furies since I first heard about the league. And before that, I wanted to be a Maple Leaf.”

Rebecca laughs. “Well, I’m very glad to hear that. Now, we’ll give you a call tomorrow so we can meet with you and your parents to sign the contract and work out your salary before you leave camp, but consider yourself the newest member of the Toronto Furies.”

“Yes, of course - I’ll let my parents know. Thank you so, so much.” You look around at each coach and smile.

“Thank you, Y/N,” Sommer says. “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow,” you echo, and turn on your heel, walking out of the room feeling like you’re floating on a cloud.

After you meet with your parents and Steph over a celebratory dinner to tell them the good news (Steph had been offered a contract to both the Brampton Thunder and Boston Pride - she wasn’t sure which team she was going to pick yet), you have a little alone time to yourself to take in everything that just happened.

You walk out to your favourite spot on the dock and sit down, dipping your feet in the water and leaning back on your hands. You breathe in deeply, taking the fresh air into your lungs and savouring the feeling of this moment.

You don’t know how long you stay there, but you open your eyes when you feel the dock shift. You twist around to see Auston, walking over towards you.

“I thought I might find you here,” he says as he reaches the end of the dock and sits down beside you.

“Yeah, I came out here to escape the craziness for a minute.”

“Tell me about it.”

There’s a tense silence before he speaks up. “We need to talk.”

“I know,” you say and look down at your feet in the water. “What you saw yesterday…that was not what you think it was.”

“To you or to him?” You’re surprised at how hostile his voice sounds.

“Auston, I know Will likes me, but that doesn’t change the way I feel about you.”

“Does me playing hockey in Zurich next year change the way you feel about me?”

“What? No way! You got-”

“I got offered a contract to play in the Swiss league. And I accepted.”

“Auston, that’s incredible. I’m so proud of you. Like so fucking proud.”

Auston smiles, but he doesn’t let it reach his eyes. “Thanks. Did you hear anything back from the CWHL?”

You nod and grin widely, still not believing it yourself. “I’m officially a Toronto Fury come September.”

“I never doubted you would get the spot.”

“Thank you. Your support really helped me through this, you know. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Auston shakes his head. “Nah. You just needed a little push. You had it in you all along.”

You smile at each other, but your stomach turns uneasily. You know where the conversation is headed. The unspoken question hangs in the air, heavy and unanswered.

You decide to bite the bullet and be blunt. “So, what’s going to happen to us?”

Auston looks you dead in the eye, like he’s practiced this moment in his head a hundred times over. “Nothing is going to happen, Y/N. Because,” he sighs. “There is no us.”

Your heart shatters into a thousand tiny splinters. “What do you mean?” You’re hoping he’s playing a cruel joke on you.

Auston laughs bitterly. His brown eyes have become like two stones, cold and hard. “Did you honestly think we would have a future together? Me in Zurich, and you in Toronto?”

“Long distance relationships can work you know. Skype, FaceTime…” you reach across to touch his arm, but he yanks it away from you like he’s been shocked.

“No, Y/N - I don’t want that.”

“So what you’re saying is…”

“I don’t want this - us. I don’t want you anymore.”

“But Auston…” you whimper. “If you’re that worried about the distance, we can make it work, I know we can.”

He shakes his head. “No, it won’t. It won’t work.”

“So that’s it? We’re done? You’re going to give up on us just like that?”

He stands up, silently answering your question. “I wish you the best of luck in Toronto. I know you’ll do great.“

And with that, he leaves you on the dock, frozen in place, staring after what had been and what could have been.

[Part 20]

when ur trynna pick what survival shows to watch this season but then u get roped into all 3 


Here’s the plan: We’re gonna catch this perp, you’re gonna remember how much you love your job, you’re gonna skip that interview, and that’s a Peralta guarantee.

My sister, brother-in-law and Brice are here!!! I met my niece for the first time and I swear she is the most beautiful baby that ever existed! And she’s so precious!!!! I love her!

shld i watch catws moana or brooklyn nine nine