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TG :re 129 - Shady people hiding in the shadows

I hypothesise that these two are working under the One-Eyed King or they are from an unknown fraction.

1/ How will things go with these Kingsmen?

The “spies” could be two of the OEK’s citizens. They’re observing Ayato’s group so we might see the One-Eyed King (or his/her legacy) waiting for GOAT.

Let’s say that by some miracle (Kirishima Armour™), Ayato and Co are not attacked and killed on the spot and instead they’re kept prisoners for further interrogation. Which argument and concession could Mr. Handsome use to form a durable alliance with the People of the Underworld? Can those people be allies or will they keep to themselves? Obviously, I need answers about that. I still want to know about the hierarchy in place, if the OEK still alive and how he/she did it, the way those ghouls sustain themselves, the total number of inhabitants, whether all of them are ghouls, etc. I NEED TO KNOW

2/How will things go with an unknown fraction?

If they’re not Kingsmen, who might they be then?

2.A) Could they be rogues? After all, a century has passed since the OEK went into hiding under Tokyo. The power sphere could have changed or become more unstable the longer the ghouls stayed underground. It is not improbable to imagine that a fraction of the original population could have decided to go its own way and form another community.

It would have been extremely risky and possibly suicidal to do so but not impossible. Hunger, fear, dissatisfaction, these are examples of motives to separate from the system in place. The OEK was admittedly the strongest ghoul among his/her followers. As the top dog, OEK must have overseen the feeding of the whole population. Deserting their King would have put a stigma on the rogues, especially if the ghoul population needed repopulating and soldiers/guards to keep the yard safe. The war killed many of them, ghouls were still hunted and there might have been a chance for humans to track them on the 24th yard as well. Going rogue would have also reduced their chances of survival in the hostile territory that was the 24th yard of 100 years ago (food issue, notably).

2.B) Survivors or Immigrants

The spies could be more or less unrelated to the OEK.

100 years ago, the OEK and his followers went to the 24th Yard (the Underworld).

There is little to nothing in regards of possible survivors who didn’t follow the King and stayed above. After all, not all Tokyo ghouls were in the 24th yards since we first met them on the surface. It means either surviving ghouls who didn’t follow the King or Immigration.

External Immigration sounds difficult and makes little sense for ghouls from another city to go to a devastated Tokyo where ghouls were hunted down to almost extinction by zealous humans. If the whole ghoul population in Tokyo did indeed follow the Kind underground then at some point, some of them might have decided to go back to the surface and stayed there, rebuilding the ghoul community as we know it. It would be an internal immigration: Tokyo ghouls from the underground slowly crawling out to the surface once feeling more confident.

On the other side of things, we don’t know how many waves of ghoul refugees coming from the surface to the underground. For all we know, the OEK and the followers might have been the first of a steedy migration to the underworld. Maybe not all the migrants were part of the original OEK’s people, hence why they might not be with the King now. I doubt the OEK and later Kaneki are the only ones to have moved to the 24th Yard.

The legend of this 24th yard is known on some levels by ghouls, especially older generations and informants. They might not have known the actual story but word of mouth could have consolidate this “urban legend”. Maybe the survivors of the war, those who didn’t follow the OEK, still had difficulties surviving in the Upper world and finally decided to join the community…but failed to find the real 24th yard and ended up living in their own community.

Regardless of their affiliation, I’m curious to how things will go with those spies.

Can the OEK and his followers help Kaneki and his group against the Washuu’s Dragon? That is…if they become allies to begin with.

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Today, I want to congratulate the Class of 2014 on all of our accomplishments… but first, let me take a selfie.

You know, it’s funny. We are what is known as Generation Y, and there’s a lot of traits and stigmas attached to that name; but I think we got that name because people are constantly trying to understand us. We keep getting asked why we take so many selfies. Why do we post pictures on Instagram of our Starbucks Frappuccinos with a smiley emoji? Why did we feel the need to immediately make our relationships Facebook official, as if we weren’t actually dating unless everybody knew we were no longer single? Why do we condense every moment of our lives into 140 characters and hashtags? Why do we scream out into the empty void that is the internet, hoping for likes or retweets as if they actually matter? Do we think people really care? Do we think our lives and our thoughts are that important and precious? Are we that egotistical, that narcissistic? Do we really love ourselves that much?

You know what? Yeah. I do love myself. Actually, I think I’m pretty great to be honest. And so should all of you. Love yourself. When you love yourself, other people notice and it starts a chain reaction. They begin to love themselves. Soon, groups of people are loving themselves, then whole communities, then nations, and eventually the entire world is going to be loving itself. And when we love ourselves, we realize just how important and precious our lives are. We understand that we as human beings deserve certain things, every single one of us. We deserve kindness, fairness, justice, respect.

We deserve to not have our opinions and ideas immediately shut down because they come from a younger mind.

We deserve to not be ridiculed because we’re a little bigger or a little thinner than somebody else likes.

We deserve to not be called names or looked down upon because we suffer from a disability, whether it be physical or mental.

We deserve to not be told that our religion is oppressive and incorrect when we peacefully practice our beliefs.

We deserve to not be kicked out of our homes because we love the wrong person.

We deserve to not be shamed for walking into the bathroom that we feel suits us because we don’t fit somebody else’s definition.

We deserve to not be gunned down because of the color of our skin.

We deserve to not be murdered because we won’t give in to someone else’s advances.

We deserve to not be killed because we don’t look how someone else looks, act how someone acts, think how someone else thinks, or love how someone else loves.

We deserve to think positively about ourselves, when there is so much negativity surrounding us.

So, go ahead. Post another selfie, because, yeah, you do look good. Make another status about “What’s on your mind,” because, yeah, it does matter. Post about that movie you love or that song you hate. Do it for the vine. When people ask why, become Generation “Why not?” Scream out into the void without waiting for, expecting, or needing anyone else to like your idea or accept you, because you love yourself and you understand that human life is an incredible thing. You realize that you deserve so much in this world, as does everyone else because we are all deserving of love.

Up until this point, I think we’ve all been lucky enough to have parents and teachers that love and care for us. Pretty soon, though, our parents might not be right down the hall and our teachers might not care as much. So start loving yourselves. If for nothing else, Class of 2014, we deserve to love ourselves because we’ve made it this far, and we’ve got so far to go. I look forward to keeping up with all of the great things you do in the future, 140 characters at a time. Thank you.

—  My Scrapped Salutatorian Speech
Therian pet peeves

Things that annoy me when I find it in the therian community:

  • People naming their theriotypes (often “dark” stuff like Bloodfang or Silverclaw)
  • People talking about their theriotype in third person, as if it was separate from them (“My wolf hates people”, “My lion is lonely…”)
  • People who can’t accept that not everybody believes in astral travel, reincarnation or other spiritual concepts. The same persons usually think that all “real therians” practice this kind of spirituality.
  • People mixing up theriotype with spirit guide or totem. Different things!
  • Any claims of physical shifting. I will come down hard on it.
  • Hating non-therians/humans. Pointless.
  • People claiming to have a theriotype and then show that they know nothing about it or at least have done very little research (aka “I’m a black panther, not a leopard or jaguar, duuuh” or “It’s clear that I’m a lion because I purr and meow and like Africa”)
  • Teenage “packs” using a strict hierachy of alpha/beta/…/omega.
Lady And The Tramp

Nyxx hated working in the homeless shelter, all the losers made her angry. Why couldn’t they just suck it up and make something out of their lives instead of mooching off of everyone else!

Rennyn hated living in the homeless shelter, all the rich kinds coming in to serve their community made him angry. Why couldn’t they just understand that just because they were homeless they were still human beings with feelings and just because they were down on their luck didn’t make them any less human than anyone else!

He had tried to do all he could to help his mother keep their home but when the economy fell and she lost her job, his father left and his life collapsed. They lived in their car for almost two months but when it broke down they had no choice but to go into a homeless shelter, and this was where they had been for almost a year.

He was standing in line for the evening meal when he saw her for the first time. She was beautiful with her fiery red hair and bright eyes. He watched her for several minutes as she served the homeless and saw her utter disdain for them and knew she was no different from the rest…she thought they were all here because they were too lazy to make a living for themselves and suddenly he was even more ashamed of everything he was than he had ever been.

He started to get out of line but then remembered he could give his portion to his mother who hadn’t been feeling well lately so he stayed put and waited his turn.

Kuzpin's Grid

The city of New Orleans and all along the coast of the Mississippi River was plagued by a sudden epidemic of the walking dead. No one really knew exactly what was going on. People were a little too busy fighting for their lives and shelter. Days had gone by and word kept trickling in to the boarded up for safety St. Peter’s inn about the happenings outside. They’d done everything Hurricane Katrina survivors knew how when it came to protecting the building. But, they’d found out through other survivors that were holed up in their own buildings across NOLA that the creatures were all attacking the new private school. Not everyone knew of witches of course and there were rumors zombies preferred younger brains and therefore people were even more scared for their children than they already were. There were tv communications that the US military was putting together troops to come save the town. The United Way and other rescues and charities were dispatching plans for humane needs. Mambo’s stunt did not go unnoticed by the world. The only thing was no one but magic kind would even suspect. But, with all the promises of help came hope. 

Kuzco and Clopin owned the top floor in secrecy and so far Kuzco had been lucky that the systems were still down. They had no way to run Kuzco’s credit cards and his tab was still good in their eyes. So, he just kept running it up. They had whatever they needed, good food, fresh linens, water, hygiene products. The hope the townspeople had that this wasn’t a true apocalypse considering it was only reported here in one city not only kept people’s hopes alive, but Kuzco’s tab running. What he would do the day they requested his card number again, who knew what Kuzco would do, but for now, they seemed stable enough at that inn. 

Kuzco wasn’t the best at making remedies but he did manage to get a hold of Valerian roots from the inn keepers as they happened to be hobby herbalists. But, he couldn’t get many of the other ingredients he thought he should have been stirring into his brew for Clopin’s healing. It would be no overnight poof you’re healed potion, but it would alleviate much of his pain. It was what natural food stores sold for a sleep aid, but also the main ingredient in the creation of Valium. But, that with a little bit of Kuzco’s own bippity boppity boo magic groove and he’d have Clopin and himself healing at a slow paced but much faster rate than normal feel-good potion. 

“You know I couldn’t have healing potions before because I had my injury in public.” He informed Clopin as he brought him his round of potion. “That’s a rule so nothing is suspicious about my people being witches. I’m too watched in the public eye. They only allow potions for fatal problems unless it can be covered up how bad the injury was in the first place, but of course I had to get myself hurt in a different country.” He laughed about it before saying “Bottom’s up.” and drinking his own like a shot of whiskey and making the same kind of face. Then he said, “Getting the goat and feed was hard. I’m sorry I almost lost it on us again. Something weird gets tripped up in my head. I heard gun shots from somewhere. I want a gun. ((*random?*)) But Papa? I hear they’re getting thinner. Something’s happening out there. Do you think we can check on your tent yet? I’m really worried about it just laying out there." 

I’m scared of this world; but not scared of earth itself. You know, I’m afraid of people and things. We always want more and more & never get enough. Telling each other’s we’re the smartest creatures crawling the earth we’re actually the worst and the dumbest. Breaking each other’s hearts such as each other’s bones. There’s not much holding us back. We kill & torment animals for pleasure and enjoyment. Burning down the rain forest and forests in Sumatra and Borneo which most of you haven’t even heared about in the media yet because “that’s not important enough” but actually there are 40k+ people suffering. Google that!
I’m scared of terrorism, of course. But I’m also scared of our society.
There are people fleeing and searching for a better place to be. Show them what kindness is about. Be kind and help. We’re all the same human beings. It doesn’t matter where we come from, what we look like or who we love. We need to stand and work together as one community. We only got this one planet. We all know this and we all talk about how important it is to save it but no one starts improving the situation and finding solutions. Isn’t it funny that the smartest race alive isn’t able to fix problems like this? Instead of stopping all that harm we’re just going on and talk about “starting tomorrow”. Today is yesterday’s tomorrow!
Think about your life style, about your food, your meat, your milk, about your words and about your actions. Do it. And if there’s something your 30 years old self wouldn’t be proud of than change it. You can be more.
—  My thoughts on the current affairs in the world

modernmonkeymind  asked:

There seems to be a pressure in the spiritual community to remove any semblance of anything but lovey-dovey happiness from life. However, among other things I find I enjoy martial arts and action movies, and stuff thats normally not considered "spiritual."

The only thing that must be removed in order for there to be happiness is ignorance. Those who find peace and happiness by isolating things from their life or themselves from life itself will not know the bliss of true freedom. Their peace and happiness will be just a temporary thing limited to the circumstances upon which they depend. 

Martial arts and spirituality are very related. At its peak level, martial arts is not a battle between you and an opponent. It is a meeting between you and yourself. 

A master martial artist must have mastered the art of being present, of being relaxed, of ridding themselves of unnecessary conditioning, of being totally sincere through spontaneity. Just like awakening, you cannot think yourself there. It must be real in your heart. 

In the history of many martial arts, there have been great philosophers and monks. 

Those who tout the lovey-dovey philosophy are more along the line of new age spirituality. I’m all for love and I have often said how love must be a part of our daily lives if we wish to be happy and sane in this world. But that love is deep, open, and fathomless. It has room for sadness, for anger, for suffering, for confusion, for everyone. 

I have often observed a level of resentment and aversion lurking beneath the surface of those who ooze that sickly sweet kind of love. Their symbolic love feels thin as if it is covering something up with which they have yet to come to terms.

There is no spiritual community besides humanity. However, not all of humanity sees it that way. Therefore those who do feel communal tend to form associations. In Buddhism, those who associate together spiritually are called a sangha. I’m not sure if the term predates Buddhism though. 

If a spiritual community isolates itself from other groups of humans through differences of belief or looking down or condemnation, I would be rather skeptical of their sincerity with respect to the path. The path is one of bridging the false appearance of differences, not creating more.

That’s one reason why I’ve never found it appealing to identify myself within a particular religious group. A community of spiritual people would be lovely but I have no interest in joining an exclusionary club. 

Just my two cents. I’m always down for a good action flick :D