it all began with a crystal

Foreshadowing 11/10

I bet a lot of us where wondering about the choice of color scheme during this part of “Mr. Greg”. In this Episode Pearl and Greg are both sining (along with Steven) about the devastating loss of Rose Quartz.

But after the latest Steven bomb, this scene began to remind me about two other yellow and blue gems/people morning over the loss of a coincidentally pink figure

Rainy Day

Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: swearing, reader having a mental breakdown, fluff, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. references. (terragen crystal is a crystal which if it is held or dropped, it will turn the person(s) either into stone which will then burst into dust, killing them. Or it will transition them if they have an inhuman gene, meaning they are part alien and can possess very dangerous powers.)

Words: 3.2k

All credit belongs to Marvel

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It all happened so fast. The HYDRA agent dropped the terragen crystal and you yelled at your teammates to run and get out of the building. They looked at you uneasily for a split second before they knew you were right. You dove quickly to catch it and sighed in relief when it landed in your hand. You knew you had the inhuman gene in you, so you were the best person to catch it.

You took a deep breath as the black charcoal began to crawl its way up your arm and you watched as it completely enveloped you. Right as it was about to cover your right eye, your team came into view, watching in horror at your figure, laying on the ground, hand still grasping the crystal.

The Avengers stared at your still body, encased in charcoal, waiting for you to break out of it. Their eyes snapped to the broken window across the room, a storm was brewing, the sky getting dark and trees moving harshly with the wind.

While staring out the window, they didn’t notice your body beginning to break through the clay. Piece by piece, it fell off of you until you laid in a pile of the dust. Your friends, your team, looked at you, watching in anticipation as you pushed yourself up on one elbow, groaning at the sudden pulsating pain radiating through your head.

“You don’t look any different.” Clint said, putting his bow and arrows back in place behind his back.

“Do you feel any different?” Your husband, Steve, asked. His eyebrows were pushed together and his forehead creased with worry.

You rubbed your head. “I have a killer headache, but that’s about it.” A roar of thunder made all your eyes flicker back to the sky momentarily.

“Let’s get back to the quinjet. Y/N, we’ll call Dr. Cho on the way back to the tower and have her check you out, do a blood sample.” Tony said. He turned on his heel, his thrusters starting and flying himself out of the building. You looked at Steve and he nodded at you, putting his shield on his back.

“Can you walk?” He asked. You nodded, but when you tried to put your weight back on your feet, you nearly fell on your face. He chuckled and you glared at him, but gratefully took his hand when he held it out to you. Once you steadied yourself as best as you could, he swung his other arm underneath your knees, lifting you up and tucking you into his chest. “You’re a horrible liar.”

“Her blood sample is different from her previous, but I can’t pinpoint what she gained during her transition.” Helen said, pulling back from you after shining a ridiculously bright light in your eyes. Your eyes flicked to Steve, who was standing in the doorway of the infirmary, arms crossed over his chest, his biceps nearly ripping the seams of his blue button-up. His lips were closed in a tight line and he was listening intently as Dr. Cho went on talking. You should’ve been listening, but your eyes were locked on Steve. You knew that he was going through every single possibility, scenario, problem in his head. “We’d have to get her upset to determine-”

“Why would you want to make me upset?!” You snapped, turning toward Dr. Cho. A large clap of thunder nearly shook the whole tower and lightning soon followed. The woman remained calm though. She looked at Bruce and then at Steve.

“To determine that her mood can change the weather.”

“What? No, that’s insane. Do you even hear yourself?” You asked incredulously, except the more agitated you got, the louder the thunder got and the more frequent the lightning got.

“Y/N, if you don’t calm down, we’re going to lose-” all of a sudden, everything shut off and you guys were left sitting in the dark. “-power.” Bruce sighed.

“FRIDAY, I need backup power.” Tony said, snapping his fingers.

“Yes, sir.” The AI spoke. With a quiet whirring sound, everything turned back on with power.

“So what are you trying to say? My mood affects the weather? So when I’m on my period, we’re all completely fucked?” You asked Helen. You heard Bucky snigger from the back of the room.

“Yes, actually. Your brainwaves coincide with the weather, but naturally you feel things so strongly that your moods often win over the weather. So when you release dopamine, the sun will shine brightly and the birds will sing and it’ll be clear skies. But there’s no telling the extent of what could happen when you’re upset so I’m going to have to put you on a pretty serious dosage of vitamin d, to be taken daily in the morning.”

“So I can never be upset again? What if I cause a drought?”

“That’s highly unlikely. You’ll still be able to get upset, but the pills should keep you as happy as possible. Bruce, I’ll bring the vitamins back to the lab tomorrow afternoon.” Bruce nodded and with that, she turned on her heel and left the lab, her workers following after her.

“So… Now what?” Tony asked, tapping his fingers against his thigh and rocking backing forth on his feet.

“We see if Y/N can control this.”

You and your team stood on the roof of the tower. They brought out a S.H.I.E.L.D. containment unit for them to stay in for their safety while they watched you try to get a handle on your new-found ability. It had been 30 minutes and you were already drained.

You stared down the dummy in front of you and mustered up all the energy you could before screaming at the top of your lungs and pushing your hands toward the figure.

As if a miracle had happened, a bolt of lightning shot from the sky, splitting the dummy in half and sending you flying back towards the containment unit.

You stood up, brushing your knees off and turning towards your team who were transfixed on the shredded dummy. Steve looked at you in amazement and you turned back towards the dummy. You pushed your hands out once more and braced yourself as a large, powerful gust of wind knocked it straight off the tower, plummeting 70 floors before hitting the ground.

You clenched your fists and looked up at the sky. Rain began pouring from the sky, instantly soaking your clothes and hair. You spun on your heel and looked back at your team who were now looking at you. You unclenched your fists and looked at Steve. Instantly the sky cleared.

You opened the containment unit and everyone piled out, inspecting what you had done. There was a giant black spot where the lightning had struck and everything was wet, slowly drying with the sun’s help. “Guess I’m doing perimeter checks when we infiltrate HYDRA facilities.” You said, looking around.

“Guess so.”

It had been 3 weeks since you had mastered your abilities and it came more easily to you than it did when you first got them. You actually even used them more than you were expecting. Tony would often joke that the grass needed watering and you’d clench your fists for five seconds, giving the entire city a five second rain shower.

You hadn’t told anyone out of the Avengers what you were capable of. Fury thought it was too risky for people to know and that they’d lock you away or people would even try to kill you, because you’d be seen as a threat. That thought nagged you every day.

Were you dangerous? Were your abilities dangerous? You were supposed to be, that’s what an Avenger is, at least to its enemies.

This was a whole new level of dangerous, though. You could tear down buildings with your winds, cause tsunamis with your tears, cause earthquakes with your panic attacks, cause flooding, lightning, and thunder.

You lay on the bed in your bedroom by yourself as Steve went out for drinks with the guys and Natasha and Wanda had gone shopping. You had politely passed, making a bullshit excuse of wanting to clean up the place and maybe take a bath. Instead, you are frozen to your mattress, fighting the tears from rolling down your cheeks, breathing deeply to stop the oncoming panic attack. You had your wedding video playing on the TV in the background, which probably wasn’t helping but you couldn’t stop yourself from sliding the DVD into the player when you found it.

You hadn’t even heard that Steve had walked in until he plopped all of his weight onto the mattress beside you. Your body slightly jumped into the air with the amount of sudden force on the mattress. “Our wedding video?” He asked, peering over at you.

“I found it while cleaning. Thought I’d watch it for old time’s sake.” You said. Steve hummed, seemingly pleased with your reasoning.

“Did you know that 2 days before we got married, Sam dropped our wedding rings down the drain?” He asked, leaning over onto his side, placing his hand on your stomach, yours went to cover his and you felt the clink of your rings touch. You snorted at this, it didn’t surprise you in the slightest bit.

“I’m surprised that was all he did.”

“Bucky almost ripped the sleeve off his tux because the metal got hooked onto it when he was pulling it on. It took 3 of us, not including Bucky to unhook it.” He smiled at the memory and you let out a small laugh.

“You think the metal sometimes pulls on girls’ hair?” You asked out of curiousity. Steve shrugged. “Why are you telling me all of this?” He bit his lip and moved his hand from your stomach to brush your hair out of your face.

“You looked like you needed a pick-me-up. And I’m pretty sure that’s in the job description of being a husband.”

“No, that’s in the job description of being a super-hero.” You poked his chest and he feigned mock hurt before smiling again, his eyes lighting up.

“In a way, yes. But your happiness comes before saving the world. I know, I know. Captain America having priorities above saving the day, but you know it’s true, doll. I’d drop anything to see you happy. Now tell me what’s going on in that pretty little head of yours.” His smile dropped the slightest bit and he grasped your hand in his once again.

“I’m okay.” Steve looked out of your large, balcony window, biting his lip to suppress his smile, but failing, when he saw the sky gray with clouds, a storm on the way. He nodded his head towards it, urging you to look. You bit your lip and turned back to Steve who had his bright smile back on his face.

“You’re a horrible liar. Tell me.“

You took a deep breath. “I’m dangerous, Steve, and I’m not talking about with guns and knives and hand to hand. Ever since the crystal, I’ve been causing all of this,” you gestured out the window, rain starting to fall as your tears did. Steve took care to wipe them away. “I’m so dangerous. When Daisy got her powers, we all thought that was the end of the world and that she was gonna cause the biggest earthquake we’ve ever seen. But then the inhuman outbreak happened and we got all people with all these abilities out there. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s taking care of the ones who really pose a threat, and they’re gonna come for me next.”

Steve hushed you, laying back down and pulling you with him so you were laying on his chest, tears quickly falling now. Rain splattered against your window. “You know I wouldn’t let that happen, not even Fury would let that happen.”

And then everything just hit you at once, from the past, present, and future. All of your pain built up inside you and you let out a loud scream and began pounding on Steve’s chest as he held you tighter and hushed you, pressing your head even closer to his heart. Lightning flashed through the sky to the rhythm of your cries. Your fists slowed down and the screaming stopped until you were just sobbing against your husband’s chest, his blue shirt now soaked with tears.

Steve looked up as he heard the door quietly open, showing your entire teams’ hearts breaking at your broken form, watching you as you were curled tightly into a ball as your sobs shook you. He made eye contact with each one of your friends, your family. Natasha. Bucky. Wanda. Sam. Vision. Thor. Bruce. Tony. Rhodey. Clint. You hadn’t heard them come in, and you were facing away from them. Steve nodded solemnly at them and tucked his chin back down to press a kiss to the top of your head. Your team watched as your body relaxed in Steve’s arm and they all felt a wave of sadness wash over them as they heard you begin to softly snore. Steve looked up at them again. You had cried yourself to sleep. “We need to do something.” Tony murmurred, before pushing past the rest of the Avengers and rushing off.

It had been about a week since your breakdown, and everyone was extra sensitive around you. Not to the point of babying you, but just enough to let you rest and take a break. Thor had brought seven puppies to the tower because he was told by a lady he met that no one can be sad around puppies. You had spent that day in your room surrounded by your friends and little bundles of love and fur.

Bruce took you to the (kids) science museum. You think it was more for his benefit, but you didn’t mind. Bruce is surprisingly a lot of fun when he geeks out about science. He’s definitely the happiest there, which in turn, made you happy.

Steve took you out on a date, or what a date in the 1940’s looked like. He gave Natasha and Wanda some pictures of what girls dressed like back then, and they styled you accordingly with your hair pinned back in curls and a gorgeous red knee length dress. Steve had dressed up in a blue suit with a bow-tie.

He took you to your favorite Italian restaurant and you sat outside on the back porch with twinkling lights illuminating everything and then you danced the night away in the tower’s training room. Tony and had decorated it to look like it was right out of a movie, or the 1940s. Bucky was especially proud of his handiwork.

Natasha and Wanda had dragged you shopping, of course, and to go get manicures and pedicures. They even tried to convince you to dye your hair which you weren’t refused to do. “I need to blend in for undercover missions! Bright magenta hair doesn’t blend in!”, you’d insist.

Tony had been keeping pretty distant, always working on something either in the lab or out on the back lawn of the facility. He had announced plans that he was building a big green house to make Stark Industries green and eco-friendly. The building had been covered with a huge tarp to hide it and you had yet to see it. Although you had seen Natasha and Steve go in there a lot with Tony. They’d come back and rave about how amazing it was and you bugged Tony to let you see it.

“Not a chance, buttercup.” He said.

“But why?” You pouted.

“Hey, what do you want for dinner tonight? I was thinking of something other than pizza, I feel really bloated.”



“Okay, fine! I’ll just see it when it’s done! Jeez.” You threw your hands up in the air, exasperated. He winked at you and you groaned, turning on your heel and marching back to your room where Steve was waiting with popcorn and your favorite movie.

“Just a few more steps, okay?” Steve bargained. You groaned at him and rolled your eyes, even though he couldn’t see it as you were currently blindfolded.

“Steve, if it’s only a few more steps, can’t I take this ridiculous blindfold off?” You asked. Steve was silent, looking at Tony for approval who sighed and nodded his head at your notorious impatience.

Steve undid the knot at the back of your head, letting the cloth fall from your face and onto the grass beneath you. You were out in the back lawn, all of the Avengers gathered in front of the big tarp covered building with the widest smiles you’ve ever seen on a bunch of superheroes and assassins. It was unsettling. “Boys, why don’t you lift up that tarp?” Tony shouted. A man in the way back who was manning a crane gave Tony a thumbs up and maneuvered the crane to pull the tarp from the building and your team led you inside.

It wasn’t a greenhouse. It was nowhere near a greenhouse. It was a glass building, but there were no plants inside of it. The ground was paved, but other than that, it was completely empty. “We know how scared you are of your powers, so we built you this. This is a self-sustaining ecosystem room. As in your powers, if you get upset, can be channeled in here as long as you’re in here. There’s drains in each corner so you can’t flood it and the walls should be thick enough that even an outside tornado can’t do damage,” Tony said, matter-of-factly. “Underneath us is 30 feet of concrete, in case you cause an earthquake. Go ahead, try it out.” Tony said, he stood back with his team and held an umbrella above him.

You squeezed your fist and you watched with amazement as grey clouds formed at the ceiling. You laughed, pure joy on your face as rain poured down inside the building, but not a drop hit the grass outside. All of your teammates laughed with you as they saw how genuinely happy you were when the clouds cleared. You looked at them with the biggest smile on your face and ran to Tony, throwing all of your weight onto him as you hugged him tightly, profusely thanking him and squeezing the daylight out of him.

You hugged Steve and Natasha and kissed both of their cheeks before hugging everyone else. “I can’t believe you kept this from me!”

“It’s all yours now, kid. You deserve this.” Tony said. Steve came up behind you, snaking his arms across your torso and pressing kisses to your shoulder and temples. “I love it, thank you. All of you. I promise to try my best not to make us lose power again.” You laughed. They laughed with you and each of them hugged you once more before heading back to the tower.

You turned in Steve’s arms to face him. “So now what?” He asked. You bit your lip, smiling, before clenching your fists. Rain clouds appeared at the ceiling.

“Well, I have always wanted to kiss in the rain.” You both smiled as rain began falling, immediately beginning to soak through your clothes.

My Divination Box

I have not been on top of my shit nearly as much as I should be. I made my own October tarot challenge and oNLY DID LIKE 4 DAYS OF IT. Great job me. To make up for it, I’m going to do a post about my divination box! 

While I DO have an alter, my divination stuff all over it began to make it feel more like a work table than an alter table. SO I moved all my divination into this lovely box. Plus I wanted my stuff to be all in one, mobile place. Here it is!!!

BAM. Ain’t that nice? It use to be a regular wooden box but I painted it black, sealed it, and then added this piece of art that I cut out of a book (it was a very musty, moldy, water-damaged book that you couldn’t even look at let alone open up without feeling tiny mold spores literally fill up your lungs, so no huge loss, really), then I also sealed THAT. On the underside of the lid is this 

a piece depicting the Goddess Heresy, also from the same book. While I don’t follow any Gods/Goddesses, I really liked this piece because she seems pretty boss. Now let’s look inside!

Do you think I have enough pouches? 

In the star and moon one is where I keep my tarot deck. The bag sort of matches the back of the cards so that’s cool. In the bag with the cards I also keep a piece of amethyst, piece of quartz, a vial of salt, and a vial of sage leaves (that I grew myself!)

In the velvet bag is where I keep what I call my tarot stones. These are all crystals/stones that (I feel) aid in divination and its aftermath. I’ve got amazonite, sodalite, florite, red jasper, quartz, hematite, desert rose selenite, optical calcite (aka icelandic spar), blue calcite, blue sandstone, green calcite, and tiger’s eyes. I’ve also got a lovely wishing stone that has special meaning for me as well as this hella round rock I found. There’s nothing special about that one, I just like it. 

The white pouch was handmade by me! Don’t laugh at it, I tried, okay? It holds my lovely rose quartz runes. They were a birthday gift from a close friend and are pretty important to me even though my rune reading studies are going SO SLOW (I’m not good at runes, quite frankly). 

In the small red pouch are my witches runes! I made these myself! 

Next is my rune casting cloth! This was also made by me (I’m very DIY if you haven’t noticed). It’s literally just sharpie on a handkerchief but I like it. 

Then we have these. My pendulum and my journal. I just finished making the pendulum, it’s my very first one, and it might be my new favorite thing. It’s just a pentacle charm and a small amethyst stone but I already feel so connected to it. I think it’s because the stone use to be part of a bracelet that I wore CONSTANTLY until it broke the other day. So the stone is very connected to my energy. I can’t wait to start using it more. The journal is my divination journal. It’s different from my BOS in that in it I only record my daily tarot drawings and any divination that I do for myself or others. That’s literally its only purpose.  

And then finally we have my two charm bottles. The big one is for protection, the small one is for increased intuition! 

Well there you go! I might abandon this box if I find something a little larger, but for now I’m very happy with it. Do you have a special place for your witchy tools?

Headcanon - The Line of Succession

Izunia is actually the older brother, Ardyn the younger one. According to the law of the firstborn, Izunia was meant to be King, but due to the Crystal choosing Ardyn, he lost all his privileges and was placed behind Ardyn in the line of succession.
This was the origin of his jealousy, which only grew as Ardyn was praised as a Healer and loved all over Lucis, while he remained in the dark with no such extraordinary talents. He still loved him dearly, realizing this as Ardyn began his decline into darkness due to the Souls of the Daemons.
As children they were inseperable.


@accxrsedmessiah was the one with that idea, but alas too lazy to write it down. So I did it and I added a little edit showing a young Ardyn and a young Izunia to it. Weren’t they cute?

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 17

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 17

@caughtonwires(Voilà, ma belle ;) )

Please, note that I am French, so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Enjoy :)

(Take place in 3x11)

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Shit. Shit, shit, shit, and shit again. It opened. Shit.

Inside the chest was a bunch of stuffs. A big book, probably a grimoire, some colored crystals, rocks and other things you had no idea what they were and you couldn’t began to describe any of them. When you tried to take a crystal they all started to shine and you backed away. You decided to take the grimoire instead but it was written in a weird language you couldn’t read so you decided to look at the drawings instead. Drawings of flames made you guessed one passage was about fire, drawings of leaves about nature and so on. One drawing made your eyes grow big. You believed it was a mermaid. Did mermaid exists too?

You spent the entire day in your attic. At some point you closed the grimoire and looked in the chest again. You saw a letter with your name on it. You recognized your mother’s writing. You took, it and looked at it for a while before opening it.

You sigh.

My dear, sweet Y/N,

I am sorry you had to find out this way. If you ever come to read this letter, it means that I am no longer with you and I am so sorry you have to go through this alone.

I always knew what I was. I inherited the gifts from both my mother and my father. Your grandmother was a half-breed, you see, half mermaid, half witch. I inherited the gift of water and nature from her. Your grandfather gave me the gifts of fire and air. I made them so proud. I was the first and only elemental with the gifts of the four elements, and I know you are even more special than I ever was.  

I tried to shield you from the supernatural world. But while I was too busy protecting you from the truth, I was blinded by your father and didn’t see who he really was. I can’t find the words to tell you how sorry I am for what happened that night but I want you to know that he paid for it. The truth is, your father is no longer among the living and even though he had no idea what I was and what you are, he was still, as you know, a danger to you.

The grimoire that you can find in this chest will tell you everything you need to know about our kind. Do not try to look for people like you, it is too dangerous. Trust no one with this secret. You are stronger than you imagine and too powerful for your own safety. Hide from vampires and only trust witches that rightfully serve nature. The crystals contain great powers, they will help you understand who you are.  

You can do this, Y/N. I believe in you. If you ever have a child, do not make the same mistakes I did. I regret lying to you. There is so much you don’t know.

But you have to trust that I will always be with you.

All my love, Mum.

Tears fell down your cheeks while you were reading your mother’s words.

So it was all true. Your mother was an elemental and so were you.


You woke up in the attic. You had fallen asleep on the floor and felt terrible. You put everything back in the chest and go take a shower.

You were sitting down on you bed, staring at nothing. You take out your phone and read all the messages you had received and missed yesterday.

Jeremy almost died because of Klaus, Alaric got run over by a car and was already out of the hospital. Stefan had taken the coffins with the Originals in it and Rebekah was back with Klaus but still dead.

You felt stupid. You don’t know why you thought for even a second that he would remove the dagger. He had all his siblings daggered, why would Rebekah be any different?

Then you think, if Stefan has the coffins, he has Elijah. You dial his number.

“What do you want?”

“Where are the coffins, Stefan?”

He chuckles. “I’m not going to tell you, but why do you want to know?”

“I want to help Elijah”

He chuckles again. “I’m not helping you bring your crush back”

You frown. “My crush?”

“Goodbye, Y/N”

And he hangs up.

You sigh. Now you were angry. You had enough of the drama, of the people dying, of the plans. But more importantly, you had enough of people telling you what you can and can’t do.

Elena had compelled her brother to leave town. How could she do that? Take her brother’s own free will? Like she did you with Rebekah.

You groan and take your head in your hands. You had to calm down.

Today was Caroline’s birthday. You had bought her a present and so you decided to go give it to her. You left your house to go to Caroline’s.


“Sheriff Forbes!” she startled you.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to leave this here, it’s for Caroline’s birthday.”

“Oh, how nice of you! I’ll tell her you stopped by. Can I ask what it is?” she smiles at you.

“It’s a necklace” you smile back.

You stay in your car in front of Caroline’s house for a while. You needed to find someone who could help you read your grimoire so you decided to go find Klaus. You call Tyler to ask him where you could find him.

“You have a death wish, or something?” he says but tell you anyway.

He had bought an old house that he was renovating.

You stepped inside the house but were stopped by someone you never met before.

“Who are you?” he asks

You furrow your eyebrows

“I’m Y/N, I want to see Klaus” you tell him.

He moves his head a little like he was listening to something you couldn’t hear.

“This way” he says, pointing a room.

Once you step in the other room you see Klaus at the other side of it. “Hello, love. Missed me already?”

“Hello, Klaus” you say, annoyed.

“Something wrong?” he asks, amused.

“I told you what happened with Rebekah so you could help her, not lock her in a coffin”

He grins. “It would be wiser to change your tone, don’t you think?” he’s not threating you, he just wants to see if you’re afraid of him.

“I need your help” you sigh.

“Really? Did you open that chest of yours?”

“I did” you say. “Apparently I’m an elemental. And I shouldn’t be telling you this but I am. Anyway, I have this grimoire that I can’t read and I thought maybe you might be able to understand the language?”

He looks at you like he doesn’t understand you. “How come you are not afraid of me?”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t afraid of you Klaus, just know that I’m probably the only person in this town, aside from your hybrids, who doesn’t want you dead.”

He raises his eyebrows. “Really? And why is that?”

“I don’t like killing people” you simply say.

“I killed a lot of people” he reminds you.

“I know” you sigh “but, who am I to judge?” you say, and you mean it. “We’ve all got are issues” you grin and your last comment makes him laugh.

“I like you” he says

“I’m not sure that’s a good thing…”

He laughs again but stops suddenly. You don’t understand his change of behavior.

“I’m surprised you’re still in town”

What? You were confused.

“So that’s why you wanted to know where the coffins where? To tell Klaus?” you hear Stefan say behind you and that startles you. He didn’t look like the Stefan you knew. He looked more dangerous.

“I told you why I wanted to know where they were.”

“Oh, that’s right, Elijah”

“When I gave you your freedom, you could’ve gone anywhere” Klaus shuts the two of you up.

“I live here, Klaus” Stefan answers.

“Actually, I was here first” he says.

“You know, I don’t like your hybrid friends, they’re everywhere, kinda like flees. I want them gone” he says walking towards Klaus who was approaching too.

“Well, I kinda like having them around” Klaus says

“Mmh” Stefan nods like it was a problem

“You know I’m hurt. I hoped that I’d free you and we’d pick up where we left off… but here you are, guzzling vervain like the rest of them, I’m sure…”

You watch them talk, ignoring you completely.

“So much for friendship” the hybrid finishes.

“Friends don’t strip their friends of their free will”

“Ok, granted, that was a little extreme”

You chuckle and they both look at you. You smile “A little?”

He grins at you, amused. Stefan, not so much.

“I get a little moody. Just like my siblings. Speaking of whom…Isn’t it time you handed them over?’

“Klaus…” Stefan say in a threatening way stepping closer from the Original hybrid. “Get you hybrids out of Mystic Falls or I will remove them myself”

There was no doubt that Stefan wasn’t Stefan anymore. He was the ripper who didn’t care about anyone else but himself.

“You see, if you continue to threaten me, I’m gonna be forced to retaliate. Kill people. It’ll get messy again. And I know someone who doesn’t appreciate it when it gets messy” he says the end of the sentence looking at you.

“Do whatever you want. I don’t really care. Or you know what? Maybe I do. Yeah. Maybe I care so much that…” Stefan is now looking at you “I drop Elijah in the artic”

You gasp and you see an evil smile on his face.

“Well, maybe I’d be willing to lose one brother if it meant killing yours”

“Hey!” you say in disagreement. Dropping Elijah in the artic?

“Try me. Let’s find out” Stefan says.

It was tense. The two vampires stared at each other for a few seconds when a girl entered the room.

“Is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine Mindy. Stefan was just leaving after failing to make his point”

Stefan smile.

Then Mindy’s head was no longer on her shoulder.

You screamed, scared. Your heart was beating so fast. “Oh my God!” you breathe out.

“Well…One down. You might want to send the rest away before it gets messy…Again.” He says then leaves.

You were trembling, tears filling your eyes. Your legs were about to fail you and you would’ve fall if it hadn’t been for Klaus. He doesn’t say anything, shocked and furious at Stefan. You fist your hand in Klaus’s shirt and he holds you so you can’t fall. You were having a hard time to breathe. You stayed in his arms for about five minutes before you were calmed down. Then, you push him way, gently.

“I’m sorry” you say.

He doesn’t say anything but put his hands gently on each side of your face and wipes away the tears off you cheeks with his thumbs.

“I will help you translate your grimoire as soon as all my problems go away” he says, looking at you in the eyes.

You look back at him, nod and smile. “Thanks” you sniff and hug him. You bury your head in his shoulder for a few seconds. He hugs you back and you gently kiss his cheek before you leave.

“Good luck with Stefan” you wave your hand to say bye, walking away from him.

You got into your car and checked your phone. You had missed calls and texts from both Elena and Bonnie. They wanted you to join them in the cemetery for Caroline’s funeral. Caroline’s funeral? That’s a weird theme for a birthday party… Even though you didn’t want to see Elena you went anyway, for Caroline. Matt was there too. When you saw her, she was wearing your necklace. She smiled at you.

“Hey, Y/N! Thanks so much for the necklace, I love it!” she says, then hugs you.

“I’m glad you do, Care, happy birthday” you hug her back.

Elena is looking at you and gives you an awkward smile. You don’t smile back, you look away.

Bonnie opened the door of a mausoleum. “This is creepy. Even for us.”

“No.” Elena says. “Caroline was right. Technically she’s dead. Sorry. But you don’t need a birthday. You need a funeral. You need to say goodbye to your old life so that you can move on with your new one.”

“Ok…Here lies Caroline Forbes” Caroline starts.

“Cheerleader, miss Mystic Falls…Third grade hopscotch champion” Elena continues.

Caroline laughs.

“Friend…” Bonnie says “Daughter, Overachiever.”

“Mean girl…sometimes” Matt says and you all laugh. “No offense”.

She shrugs, amused. “None taken”.

“She was 17, and she had a really good life. So rest in peace so that you can move forward” Elena says before asking Bonnie to turn on the candles. You think about the powers you had just learnt you had, and wondered if you could do that, too.

Caroline had texted Tyler and Elena wasn’t happy about it.

“Give her a break you can’t control what people do all the time” Bonnie says, obviously annoyed.

“Wow” Elena says, hurt. But you agreed with your witch friend.

“I’m sorry, I just feel it’s really wrong that you compelled Jeremy to leave town.”

“I’m doing it to protect him, Bonnie. I want to give him a chance at a half-normal life!”

“That doesn’t make it right” you say, showing your annoyance.

“He should be able to choose how he wants to live his life. You’re taking his choices away”

“Bonnie, you can’t tell him.” Elena says

“Why? Are you gonna compel me no to?”

Matt stops the argument and Bonnie decides to leave and you leave with her.

“Are you gonna tell him?” you ask the witch.

“I don’t know… Do you think I should?”

You shake your head no. “It’s not your place. It’s Elena’s. She should never had done it in the first place.”

“I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking that way” she smiles at you and you smile back at her.

The next morning, Jeremy was gone. Tyler had bitten Caroline but Klaus gave her his blood. You knew he wasn’t all bad. Stefan had threatened to kill Elena on the bridge her parents died. You knew he wasn’t all good.


“Now I think we should have some music,” Mary said, recovering herself as Francis took her hand. “I feel as though I should like to dance.”

Francis bowed low as the musicians struck up their instruments. He had always looked young — his good looks were boyish in a way — but over the last few months, a maturity had come over the king. His blue eyes remained crystal clear and full of love for Mary, but the stresses of the crown showed on him physically. No one else would notice, Mary thought as he took her in his arms and began to move about the room. No one else would see the beginnings of creases around his eyes, around his smile. But Mary saw them. And she loved him all the more because of them.

“That’s a singular expression on your face,” he whispered as they spun across the ballroom, their dance as easy and natural as breathing. “Whatever are you thinking about?”

“You,” she said. Mary was trying terribly hard to make honesty her only policy with Francis. “And how handsome you look tonight.”

“I could only ever be a frame to a piece of art such as you,” he replied, smiling at his own compliment as Mary laughed. “I haven’t heard that sound nearly often enough lately. I should like to hear you laugh at least once a day.”

“Let’s make a promise,” she said, watching half a dozen other happy couples join them in the dance. We will make each other laugh every day.”

He buried his face in her hair and inhaled, taking in her delicate rose scent. “Sometimes it’s hard to find things to laugh about, isn’t it?” he said.

“It is,” Mary replied. “But that’s why we have each other, to remind each other of what is important.”

“How about this,” Francis said. “I promise never to forget what is important.”

“It’s officially a promise,” she answered. Francis grabbed her by the waist and lifted her high above his head, spinning her around before bringing her back down to the ground and pausing to press his lips quickly against hers.

Moths Among The Whisperings || A starter


It was like it had all hit slow motion- a quick, rapid flight of time which had flung him and four others out from Manhattan across the riotous island to this ‘spot’ on Long Island’s shore. 

No, this wasn’t the Hampton’s, nor was it Brooklyn- they four of them had found themselves tearing up the drive of a vast palace on the north side- Glen Cove. And what a palace- all marble clad, lit from parapet to basement, all crystal and champagne and gilt and music. Glittering hundreds passed in and out of the walls and through the gardens as the music kept booming, the champagne kept flowing and the guests seemed to never stop arriving.

But it all slowed down around the time the fireworks started. A dip, a turn- a wrong path taken and a world losing balance began to take over all that had come before it. 

And then he was drowning. He knew it, but his body had already given up on him.

Headcanon 01 [How It All Began] [Warning: Dark Themes. Read at your own risk]

The favor of the gods was both a blessing and a curse. With the betrayal of Ifrit, his plague stained the world. His jealously of losing faith from the humans fueled the illness. It soon began to taint life upon Eos, Solheim was hit hard with the illness. The remaining gods decided to give mankind gifts to combat the darkness. A crystal created by Bahamut, with the power to Kings and light were given to a chosen bloodline. This blood line shown to be pure and capable of wield such powers of light. 

Ardyn Lucis Caelum, a prince at the time at the age of sixteen was chosen to be the protector of the crystal, Bahamut’s blessing and gift to the people of Eos, the young prince gained various abilities that involved healing. It wasn’t until the young prince grown into adult hood; his powers matured; he had accepted the title of king at the age of twenty-five. 

People traveled from all over Eos in hopes to be healed by the healer king. Ardyn healed the sickness from the people. At this time he was the hope the people needed. The king proven to be a kind soul whose only wish was to rid the world of the Starscourge and it’s power that birthed the daemons. So Ardyn, with the help of the Oracle, traveled and healed those stained wit the disease. 

At first, things were fine. Ardyn thought nothing of his power to heal the sick and didn’t realize that he was merely absorbing the darkness. So he continued to heal person after person. The people revered him as the great healer and praised and worshiped him. He was adored by all. Things were content. The days were long and the nights held less and less daemon activity. 

There was one man whom was discontent with the great healer king. That was Ardyn’s own twin brother, Izunia. Ever since Ardyn was chosen, the older twin brother slowly began to grow jealous of his brother and soon distant himself from Ardyn. Izunia, the older brother thought he should of been chosen by the gods and not Ardyn. 

Slowly, but surely Ardyn began to show signs of corruption. Each time he healed someone that bore the Starscourge; the more corrupted he became. Of course he would try his best to push back the corruption with his mental will. He was a king and a healer; he fought his best against the corruption. It began to weigh a heavy toll and burden on Ardyn. The sickness held people’s negative emotions within it. These negative emotions weighed heavily on Ardyn’s heart. Soon the healer started to feel melancholy. 

The corruption within Ardyn grew. Soon the gods began to take notice as well. They decided that Ardyn was no longer fit to be a king. That the power of such strong healing was a mistake. The oracle would be granted that power but on a much smaller scale so she wouldn’t be corrupted as easily. The gods chose Izunia to become the new king however he wasn’t chosen by the crystal. 

Ardyn soon fell in despair. He longed for the light of the crystal to ease his heavy heart. A heart burden with the sins of mankind from the plague. He longed for peace and longed for solace from the people loved which was the Oracle and his beloved big brother.  Ardyn wished for the god’s favor once more and strength to combat the sins trapped within his body. 

Ardyn was rejected. 

Izunia saw the monster that Ardyn has become. With the god’s power he could see the grotesque form he could take when near the crystal. Ardyn wished for liberation from the pain he was in. He wanted to reach out and touch the crystal, the blessings from the gods, however he could not. The light now burned him. It caused pain far greater than he ever experience. 

In fear, the new king cried out and spoke “MONSTER! DAEMON!” Izunia condemned Ardyn and sentenced him to death. The guards had arrested the former healer and he did not fight back. Ardyn had fallen into despair at the betrayal of his older twin brother and the new king. He was taken to the dungeon underneath the castle. There he was tortured for weeks. Then he was put into chains and dragged to the execution site. The people feared Ardyn and turned against him as well. 

Ardyn was to be put to death by hanging. In his last final moments alive; Ifrit made himself known and only could be seen and heard by Ardyn.  The god of betrayal told the former healer that he now could wield the Starscourge and control the daemons born from it. The the lord of fire offered a deal to Ardyn. He would be the bringer of eternal night, let loose the daemons and forsake mankind that had wronged him. 

The former king was then hanged and his neck broke with a sicking snap. It wasn’t until three days later; Ardyn awoke in a tomb. Ifrit appeared again to the immortal and began to explain to him what happened to his body. Due to all the people he healed and the darkness he absorbed; he now couldn’t die. Still in the pits of despair of what he had become; Ardyn gave into  the corruption and accepted Ifrit’s offer but only if he could also get revenge against the blood line that wronged him and the crystal that rejected him. Ifrit bestowed him with the power to control and stop time and use the starscourge to it’s full power. With that, Ardyn began to plot. 


FRIDAY night I posted that I had the house all to myself and would be worshiping porn all weekend and wanted some ideas and hypno video suggestions. I like finding something that trances me early on in my gooning/edging marathon. I found a video that leaves you in trance at the end instead of waking you up. The audio was great but the spiral was boring so I watched a hi-speed flash animation of porn’s devoted followers fucking and sucking. I took 2 Viagra and set out a few lines of crystal. Hours later I began to come to, vibrator still buzzing in my ass, cum on my chest, headphones on with the video “Porn has reprogrammed me” playing on a continuous loop. I checked the clock on the computer screen. It was 3:00am. I started at 9pm. What the fuck?!  I pulled myself together and went to bed.

SATURDAY “Shit, I’m late for work!” i ran out the door to do a half day on Saturday. My cock was brushing against my jeans, I forgot to pull on underwear. I was hard, really hard. I tried to remember what I did and watched last night, very foggy. I felt great having worshiped porn as planned, but thought I’d take a break when I got home. All day I kept hearing the song from that video in my head. I didn’t mind. I stroked my cock while I drove home.

I got home, and made plans to meet some friends later that night. I needed to just check my email before taking a shower. I ran upstairs to the computer and leaned over the keyboard. As it came to life, the screen lit up and the sound, which was at 10 when my headset was plugged in blasted music. I forgot to close my browser last night? The computer began playing a Goonluver video telling me to become PORN. As soon as it said “watch the spiral” I dropped into the chair. I love doing as I’m told in the videos.

SUNDAY I’m writing this Sunday morning. I’ve always loved the Porn addiction videos (I think?) and I’m sure I did last night as well. I watched a few videos with instructions like walk, get on your knees, insert your vibrator into your ass, repeat after me. My cock is hard just sitting here as I write this. I have to leave for a couple hours of work than I’m back. I’m amazed that my cock still feels so good, that’s probably the crystal. I think I’m still in trance from the last video that said I want to return and play it over and over again. I’m writing and touching myself now and will probably be late to work again but it feels so good! I have tonight to continue my porn worship before my girl’s back in town. I need ideas! I’m sure something will come to me…

endless headcanons about Rose’s pregnancy

I don’t think that she experienced morning sickness or swollen feet or any of those other human annoyances. But in the last few months of her pregnancy Rose’s gem began to glow at unpredictable times when she wasn’t using it. Steven was. 

Sometimes it would light up in response to Greg’s voice or maybe one of the other Gems. They all thought it was cute and fun that baby Steven was playing games with them, even though it sort of seemed to wear Rose out.

But Rose could feel that he was using the energy from the gem and it was keeping him alive and they couldn’t share it forever and ahhhh can you imagine the conversations that followed

A Method for Clearing a Tarot Deck

There is much talk of “clearing” and “cleansing” a Tarot deck between readings. The implication in most discussions of this is that the “energies” or forces at play within one reading may taint those of subsequent readings, thus making them difficult to interpret. I didn’t initially believe this when I began reading as a youngster, namely because all the methods I had read about seemed excessive. And, anyways, it was rather impossible for thirteen-year-old me to find crystals to set atop my deck (one method I have seen), or a way to bury it in salt (another method). Furthermore, I was a kid, so I really lacked the patience to care about such things!

My readings throughout this period were accurate enough, and from that, one might extrapolate that there is no need to clear the deck after a reading. Later experiences decidedly turned me off the concept, for the most part. During my time spend attempting to be a good friend to the wannabe-Atlantean psychic I’ve mentioned on here, I definitely got this feeling. He was constantly picking up various decks of mine while visiting, and would make claims about how much “bad energy” had collected about the deck.

 I assume there was nothing to this, because my readings chugged along quite well. In fact, he probably only did it because I’d said I didn’t cleanse, blasphemy to him. At one point, I was outraged as he picked up my absolute favorite deck and declared that he had just experienced a vision of “faces screaming.” He all but demanded I buy some expensive crystal to cleanse it. It isn’t as if he were selling the crystals - I think he just wanted someone to join in his excessive and unhealthy trinket collecting.

Thus, for the greater part of my Tarot career, I did nothing to cleanse my decks. In the past year or so, however, I had been having certain feelings that suggested I should find a way to clear them, albeit in my own odd fashion. This was perhaps due to spending so much time around people who habitually did so, but may also be a result of reading for strangers. I believe that, since strangers are unconnected to each other, it becomes difficult to read for one after the other without some ritualized (or other) action to signify the beginning and end of a reading. This may not constitute a proper cleansing or clearing of the deck, but it’s how I see it.

I had no intention, even given this intuition, of buying a bunch of crystals to perpetually leave atop my decks when not in use. That made little sense to me - what is the crystal supposed to do? Absorb the force of the previous readings? Wouldn’t it become “full” eventually? I don’t comprehend this practice. If you do it and it works for you, that’s wonderful, but, since I fail to understand it, it will no doubt never work for me.

Other methods of cleansing fell short for me, as well. That tried and true suggestion found in many books about putting the deck back in order seemed like a good idea initially. I soon realized that it caused more problems than it solved. It interfered with the already difficult to achieve randomness of the cards, and took precious time. When you’re at a party and doing five or six readings an hour, this can be a major issue! Thus, I resolved to find a way of so-called cleansing that was practical, effective (for me), and fit within the paradigms of my reading practice. 

I eventually saw a thread on a Facebook group (the Tarot ones tend to be quite decent, unlike the magick-focused ones) where someone had asked the members to post their strategies for clearing or cleansing their deck. I was surprised to find out that many other people had notions similar to mine. Like me, they saw cleansing as a metaphorical act. In case you couldn’t guess, I believe that the purpose of cleansing (at least for me) is to symbolically begin and end a reading, thus helping the reader to move into a state of greater focus. I hope that makes sense. Anyways…

I read some interesting things in that thread. Few used crystals or salt or engaged in Byzantine ritual purifications designed to excise “negative energy.” Rather, the thread was flooded with what seemed like quite useful folk traditions originated in various parts of the country (and some from abroad, though the group was largely American). Some folks recited a poem over the deck, or a small prayer if they were religious.

 I was particularly taken with one lady’s method. She described how she would gently tap the deck on her reading space three times before beginning and ending. I was unsure of the symbolism behind this, though there no doubt was some. The idea of tapping the deck on something, though, interested me, and I ultimately made it my own. The next bit of this requires some explanation and delves into my native territory of Thelema and ceremonial magick… here goes!

As I’ve mentioned before on here, I’m a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis, a Thelemic fraternal Order and secret society designed for the promulgation of the Law of Thelema. Suffice to say, I take my OTO membership very seriously. You must realize that, for the most part, secret societies are not games, and deserve a solemn approach. Now, within the OTO and Thelema, there’s a tradition that is performed before meals. It isn’t a secret of the Order, so I’ve no reason not to write about it.

It’s commonly referred to as “saying Will,” and is often seen as a New Aeon alternative to “saying Grace.” Most Thelemites would probably find “saying grace” to be an Osirian ritual abrogated in the Aeon of Horus, thus Will replaces it. It is performed before most meals shared by OTO members, even if they’re in public. There’s a restaurant here in Dayton that the OTO frequents, and we’ve done it there numerous times. No one seems to notice. Anyways, it involves what is colloquially known as “pounding it out.” One raps on the table, often with the handle of a knife or other dining implement in a pattern.

The pattern goes like this. You tap three times, then pause. Then, you tap five times. And, after another pause, three more times, for a total of eleven taps. There’s a particular call and response that goes along with it, following the tapping, that you can look up if you want. Initially I didn’t understand this and was quite mystified witnessing it at events. Eventually, I worked out the symbolism of it myself.

Within the Western Magickal Tradition, the numbers six and five are particularly important. Six is the holy hexagram (hehehehehe). It represents the macrocosm or heavenly perspective, epitomized by the classical planetary forces. This is the “above” in the oft-repeated statement “As Above, so Below.” It is a slice of the universe decidedly above our own, and many would even argue that the wisdom one receives through Tarot and other forms of divination must necessarily emanate from this realm or even above it. In “saying will,” the three taps that surround the middle five taps total to six, of course, and thus represent this macrocosm. As to why they’re separated by five other taps, well…

Five is the number of the pentagram, another important symbol within my Tradition. Many Wiccan, neopagans, and other less ceremonial practitioners will recognize it as representative of the four elements, and Spirit. There’s a lot of controversy regarding the meanings associated with the pentagram and which way is up, but the components remain the same regardless. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and, well, Spirit. These, contrary to popular belief, did not originally represent terribly lofty spiritual forces, but were rather a symbol of the manifest physical universe as it emerges from Spirit, which acts as a bridge from the macrocosm. 

You may wonder why the tapping goes Three-Five-Three, instead of Six-Five or Five-Six. The reason for this is that, within this small ritual, the five elements are portrayed a resting inside (as well as streaming from) the macrocosmic world of the planetary forces. Hence, the tapping of “saying Will” is a neat ritualistic shorthand for the formula of “As Above, so Below.” Isn’t that perfect for Tarot?

Thus, to begin and end a reading, I often tap it on the table or what-have-you in that particular pattern!

Even after waking up to sunlight burning the backs of her eyelids, all of her sleepy-headed wriggling in foreign sheets, and slowly piecing together the bleary memories of the night before, building up the strength to walk out of the room took longer than she’d have liked. 

Because her eyes were puffy and red-rimmed and kept getting worse as every second of the night before began to crystallize and play on a loop in her head. The expression carved into Jaime’s face when she told him, his words, his tears, his grief - it was branded at the forefront of her mind and the thought of facing him, of facing anymore of this, makes her stomach churn. 

But avoidance isn’t an option. Not now. So ignoring the urge to try to slip past him and out the front door, she finds him in the kitchen, electing to linger by the entryway. “Hey.” She says and shifts uneasily, unsure of what to even say to him right now, but settling for a quiet, “…How’re you?” 

In honor of the fact that it’s been a year since I began that @crystal-grumps fusion spree, I decided to draw another precious bab.

This is @anna-mator/@annacpadilla‘s Howlite, who is of course a fusion between Dan and Jon. And c’mon let’s face it, it’s scientifically proven that any Dan/Jon fusion is going to be the most pleasant, soft, Not-Grump-At-All guy ever


Then Fëanor began a long and secret labour, and he summoned all his lore, and his power, and his subtle skill; and at the end of all he made the Silmarils. As three great Jewels they were in form. Like the crystal of diamonds it appeared, and yet was more strong than adamant, so that no violence could mar it or break it within the Kingdom of Arda. Yet that crystal was to the Silmarils but as is the body to the Children of Ilúvatar: the house of its inner fire, that is within it and yet in all parts of it, and is its life. And the inner fire of the Silmarils Fëanor made of the blended light of the Trees of Valinor, which lives in them yet, though the Trees have long withered and shine no more.


Opals:- An ancient Aboriginal legend tells the story of how the opal came into being. It is said, that many moons ago, the Creator came down from the heavens on a rainbow, to bring the message of peace to all beings. When his toes touched the Earth, it is believed all of the stones nearby began to sparkle and burst into life, and that was the moment this beautiful cystal came into existence.


It’s been a long day without you my friend,
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.
We’ve come a long way from where we began,
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.

R.I.P Allison Argent

Anonymous: Are all of you from homeworld?
Anonymous: Are you a Homeworld Gem, Aquamarine? (Also this blog its adorable and just so great~! ^~^)

Rachel: Alright children sit down and Rach is going to tell you a story!Once upon a time the first wave of Crystal Gems came to Earth with all those bad ones and began planting other gems into the Earths crust, thus making Percy, Piper and Leo making them Kindergarten Gems! After that, the second wave came but they were on the war path to destroy those who would defy their leader blah blah blah but they were converted and then they beat the bad guys so yeah!

Leo: Wait does that mean Nico is like my Dad?

Nico: Im to good to be your dad Leo.

A New Purpose

Under Blue Diamond’s authority, there was no purpose other than to serve the aristocratic gems. With the rebellion starting shortly after Pink Diamond was crushed, all ties were broken. Many gems began to leave the life they knew to protect the Earth from colonization, and Aventurine thought this would be a cause to believe in. He joined the crystal gems, fighting for freedom and a. Ew home. @frecklesandcupcakes

    What if Yixing and Chanyeol were on the floor, sat in front of each other as they held hands seemingly in a meditative state. A few of the other guys walked in on them curious as to what was going on. As they stood there they heard small childlike laughing as a cool breeze began to blow surrounding Yixing and Chanyeol. Kyungsoo’s eyes lit up as he whispered “Witchcraft?” Soon Yixing and Chanyeol were surrounded by a glittering spiral of light that caused transformations to happen. Chanyeol’s ears began to point even more so as elf shoes appeared on his feet. Meanwhile Yixing became covered in flowers and leaves with a crystal crown on top of his head. 

       Smiles appeared on their faces as the small laughter morphed into ‘We’ve missed you prince Yixing.” and “Santa never stops talking about you Chanyeol.” When it all settled down a glowing elaborate key was left in front of them. Chanyeol and Yixing opened thier eyes and quickly retrieved it running towards the nearest door. They put the key in making the door glow and open to a world most of them have never seen. Yixing and Chanyeol both disappeared into this magical world without an explanation, Most of the boys were surprised and slightly frighted but this only made Kyungsoo nostalgic. He went on about how he misses his Scary Godmother in Halloweentown and he should visit her. So he left to look for his magical key and follow Yixing and Chanyeol’s influence. .