it all adds up to you going down

I’ve nothing to fill the gap when Legion ends. I’ve literally cut down on all the stuff I watch (and I don’t want to catch up on Black Sails yet; that show will only add to the pain, lol). I don’t know how I’m going to survive next week ep. I mean it’s the effing finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let Them Have This

It’s almost midnight when Dex takes his last load of laundry out of the dryer.

He needed to run it three times and sat in a folding chair in the cold basement to make sure it didn’t start to smoke.

His sweatshirt is still a little damp but his socks and t-shirts are dry and that’s really all he can ask for.

He pats the top of the dryer in thanks for not catching fire and then gives it the finger for all the hell it’s caused him and hoists the laundry basket up on his hip.

They’re only a couple hundred dollars shy from getting a new one and at the rate Jack and Bitty are going….

“Sweetheart, honey.”

Bitty’s voice floats down the stairs and Dex takes them two at a time to get to the top.

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Making Your Room Magical

Hi everyone! So, I’ve mentioned before that there are a million different ways to incorporate magic into your every day life. I think that making magic part of your everyday routine is important, but you can also add a magical boost to your bedroom! Here are some ideas for making your room magical. Enjoy!

The Bed:

  • Draw sigils on the bed frame (maybe underneath the bed so that it’s out of sight) for good sleep or to ward off nightmares (or to add a little extra spice for when you bring guys from the bar home…I don’t judge.) 
  • Or you could stitch sigils into your pillow case or sheets instead.
  • When you lay down to go to sleep, create a big energetic shield around your bed to protect you while you sleep

The Windows:

  • Enchant your curtains/shutters/blinds to keep out prying eyes
  • Place tarot cards, crystals, and other tools on the window sill to let them charge with the power of the moon/sun.
  • Open up the windows every once in a while to release all of the excess and negative energy out of your room and into the air.

The Carpet:

  • Make cleansing “floor washes” for your carpet by making a powder with herbs and baking soda. Sprinkle it over the carpet and vacuum to remove. If you have wood floors in your room, you can make a liquid floor wash instead.

The Shelves, Side Tables, etc.

  • Create a small altar on top of a shelf, side table, or other surface in your room. It can be to honor the deities that you worship, or it can be for something else like drawing in prosperity or good fortune.
  • Dedicate shelves to different purposes by anointing them with different magical oils.

The Walls:

  • Magically program the walls with protective energy, like a giant shield around the entire room
  • Enchant posters or paintings of people/celebrities/etc to watch over the room or give the room a certain desired vibe.
  • Create a “vision board” with pictures of things that you would like to have in the future (vacation destinations, dream jobs/houses, etc). Every time you look at it, send some energy into it. Over time, the build up of energy will help draw those things to you.

The Closet:

  • Write down things that you would like to keep secret from the world or things that you would like people to not notice. Hide the pieces of paper in the closet to hide them from the world like “skeletons in the closet”.
  • Charge your favorite clothes to help bring confidence, motivation etc. to you when you wear them.

These are just some ideas that you can play around with to keep magic alive in your everyday life :) If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask. Thanks for reading,


Arrived safe in Scotland. I’d say sound but Elusive Tumblr Dad is high key sick with strep throat so he’s just had his first NHS doctor experience (It was $50 you guys, $50 for a non UK citizen, so fucking cheap I could crrrry) and now we’re dealing with that plus my family so lmao fuck this year.

For those asking how I plan to burn the year down, the answer is candle magic. If ETD is up to it I’ll maybe try and get him to film it if anyone else wants to see the bad luck of the year go up in flames. But yea, this is a thing that is happening, so if you have anything you’d like to add to the spell send me an ask, I might not reply to you (limited internet) but I’ll read them all and add them all in. You’ve got till midnight UK time tomorrow to get them to me.

Thank you for the continued well wishes for my family. It means a lot. Things aren’t going so well but we’re together. Sometimes that’s all you can be.

anyway we all know the reason why vine is going down is bcos you cant run an ad on a six second video. and even if they put adds on the site, most people access it via mobile or by linking the vine into tumblr.

no money making = no reason to keep vine up

sad but true. capitalism murdered vine

my prediction is that a ‘new’ vine is going to pop up with longer videos or some way for them to run ads during, before or after. or even a subscriber model. the vine idea has proven successful, they just need to find a way to make money off it now.

suymilk  asked:

whats ur like ????? process ?? esp w coloring like inhales idk y i cant color for shit but ur art is so wheezes jdgivbsn g o o d

my process lately goes like this:

1) semi transparent sketch (i dont do lineart most of the time bc my sketches r clean enough and making lineart look good is just a whole other struggle)

2) fill the form in with a neutral color….like, grey

3) put down some more saturated colors with a big soft airbrush

4) add more colors, blend, render

(something i realized is that it looks better if you keep the brush size for rendering around the same size at this point…dont go into details too early, or if you’re like me, at all)

6) refine the lines by painting cleanly over them, add definition

7) hike up the saturation slider LOL this is clearly optional

  • Allura, at some point.
  • Allura: Paladins, I know that humans have not traveled far beyond your own solar system, so I can appreciate that this is all very novel to you. . .
  • Allura: But must you really add "space" as a descriptor for everything?!
  • (All stare)
  • Pidge: What's got the space princess so worked up?
  • Lance: Maybe she's just going space crazy from being cooped up in the space castle so long.
  • Hunk: Space whatevs. I'm goin' down to the space kitchen. You space dudes want anything?
  • Shiro: Guys, show the princess a little more respect.
  • Allura: Thank you Shi-
  • Shiro: You might hurt her space feelings.
  • Keith: ???
  • (Holtzmann walks out in a red dress, hair down, purposely doing model poses everywhere in the living room for the last 5 minutes my I add)
  • Abby: Geez Louizz! Jillian
  • ERIN: r-red.
  • (Everyone stops and looks at Erin.)
  • Erin: ....
  • Abby: Holtz, you broke Erin again
  • Patty, shakes her head laughing: gurl you can't do this every time we go to a fancy dinner, were late again
  • Erin, staring: ...
  • Holtz, walks up and winks: Aye, hot tamale, like what you see??
  • Erin, flustered, quickly grabbing all her stuff: .. You know what Holtz quit messing around we have to go!
  • Patty: mhm.
Your first time with Peter Maximoff would include?

Originally posted by future-mrs-rogers-peterm

  • It all started out from one of your many makeout sessions. 
  • It was Peter who progressed to go further when he rushed you up to his room at the Institue. 
  • Peter deciding to put on some music to add to the mood. 
  • So many neck kisses
  • Peter would be incredibly nervous as were you. 
  • The only time Peter would slow down. 
  • Words of encouragement.
  • Peter whispering sweet nothings to do you the entire time.
  • Soft I love you’s 
  • Peter being incredibly cautious
  • You reassuring Peter he’s not hurting you.
  • Soft kisses
  • Passionate kisses
  • Neck biting
  • Trailing kisses 
  • So much cuddling after 
  • Peter insisting you rest your head on his chest. 
  • Peter returning to his normal cocky self afterwards
  • You falling asleep on Peter’s chest
  • Peter thinking about what you could try next time. 
  • Since he wants to keep things interesting and to please you.
milack headcanons

lets get gay up in here

  • zack has a HUGE crush on milo first. he thinks about how much he has fun with him (like rollercoaster fun where you hate it while youre on it but afterwards youre like “LETS GO AGAIN!!”) and he realizes that he doesnt want anything to change and then just like.. everything crashes down on him all at once and he realizes he fell in love with a walking disaster and even worse- “what if he doesnt LIKE ME BACK aughhh”
  • zack ends up calling melissa in the middle of the night every other day like “hey does milo like flowers? chocolates? does he read poetry or listen to music more choose one” and melissa is like. whyd you wake me up why dont you just ask milo
  • it doesnt take long for melissa to realize hes got a crush and she just endlessly teases him about it. they show up late to school together and shes like “well did you enjoy your adventure with milo ayy wink wink kissy noise” and zacks like “shut up” and milos confused bc he thought it was a pretty good adventure
  • milos really blunt and open so one day zack is like “okay im gonna head off somewhere bye guys” and milo says “okay i love you bye” and zack almost keels over. milo gets scared its a murphys law thing and he stops saying “i love you” to people for awhile which makes zack kind of upset but he cant just TELL him why he reacted so much
  • zack talks to melissa about having a crush on milo just about all the time and she starts regretting knowing about it bc he is ALWAYS talking about milo when hes not right next to them. like she likes milo and talking about him and whatnot but is this really necessary and he overthinks everything all the time
  • “do you think i should get nicer clothes” “your outfit looks fine zack” “maybe i should save up for some cool jewelry” “ he might notice it i guess” “maybe i should get some safety equipment to hint at how i want to hang out with him even more” “dude" 
  •  milo freaking. loves with all his heart in such a strong way. he doesnt realize how much he loves his friends and craves affection until hes hanging out with zack and he just wants to lean his head on his shoulder so he does and hes like.. this is nice. meanwhile zack holds his breath bc like… milo is Very Close aaaaaaaa
  • milos totally autistic and infodumps a lot and zack loves it bc he loves his voice and he loves his smile and he loves the way he gestures to punctuate what hes talking about and when he flaps and he loves him so much and why did he let himself fall for him so hard 
  • zack is really really romantically frustrated and he’ll probably never be able to confess to milo about his crush bc hes not a risk taker at all and that makes him a little upset and he loses quite a bit of sleep drafting love letters in his head but he just never writes anything down and even if he did he’d never give it to milo bc he’d get cold feet anyways
  • zack actually works up the nerve to confess one day but like because of the murphys law thing he spends the entire day being interrupted by disasters and just other ppl even just coming up to talk to milo and hes just not able to tell him about his crush for the whole day and hes too exhausted by the end of the day to confess
  • that day ends with milo being like “thanks for staying with me for this whole day zack! i know it was pretty nuts… what was it you wanted to talk to me about?” and zack hesitates for a moment before just hugging him and being like “i just wanted to say youre my best friend dude”
  • he complains to melissa later about WHY didnt he just TELL HIM he had a perfect chance and he basically friendzoned his own crush and nothing would ever be okay again now and melissa is like “dont beat yourself up about it dude you’ll get more chances” but zack doubts it because hes never done anything before

theyre the football player/cheerleader couple of my dreams holy shit

I work at a pharmacy and customers get so pissed when the line is long and everything’s slow but also never know their information, or have their insurance cards, and wait til AFTER I’ve started ringing them up to let me know they need to add or update their insurance which means I have to go in and do that and print out another leaflet for their prescription.
It’s crazy how many people DON’T KNOW THEIR KIDS DATE OF BIRTH. I had a guy today that didn’t know how to spell his last name. And that’s fine and all but don’t get pissed when things start to take longer.
WE’RE not the ones slowing things down it’s you🙃

Knock Them Down A Peg Spell

For someone who’s always trying to outdo you, takes all the credit, and believes they’re the only person who get the job done right, why not get them off their high horse with:

  • a large bowl of water, the sink, a bath. something big because you’re going to need to splash.
  • poppet (preferably waterproof, we’re not drowning)
  • that’s pretty much it unless you’d like to add herbs or oils to the water

Take the poppet and write your target’s name on it. Fill up your choice of bowl, sink, bath, ect and place the poppet in there. Splash madly until the poppet goes under. Let it bob up again. Repeat as seen fit. 

Oh My! Tumblr Wabbits!

OMG! I cannot believe that there are now over 800 of you.  I just celebrated 700 followers just 5 days ago!  You guys are multiplying like rabbits.  It’s amazing to me and I love it! Thank you all so much for following and supporting me!  As my to do list is pretty long right now and that I still have other celebrations to finish up, I’m not going to add anything new onto my plate right now.  Keep an eye out for the new fics I will have coming out this week as well as a few other little surprises along the way. :)

Originally posted by mooseleys

I want to give a giant shout out to some of the blogs who have helped me get this far…whether they realize it or not…these are amazing blogs and if you are not following them you should go check them out right now!

@impala-dreamer @ohmychuckitsdean @frenchybell @mamaredd123 @inmysparetime0 @megansescape @atc74 @chelsea072498 @torn-and-frayed @idreamofhazel @myfand0msandm0re @bkwrm523 @dancingalone21 @notnaturalanahi @thegreatficmaster @waywardjoy @avasmommy224 @ashmonet @mein1928 @ijensenackles @deathtonormalcy56 @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @mamapeterson @manawhaat @deandoesthingstome @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @chaos-and-the-calm67 @whispersandwhiskerburn @bringmesomepie56 @justjensenanddean @dreamyjensen @arryn-nyx  @smoothdogsgirl @ravenangel33 @mrswhozeewhatsis @ilostmyshoe-79

Thank you all so much!  You have helped me to keep going in one way or another when I started to struggle.  ALL THE BACON! 

Ok listen I have a very important proposition for you all… Okay so like, picture Jamie and Mako reaching civilization at last and like kind of staring to settle down in a place that isn’t radioactive wasteland junkertown right? And so Winter is creeping up and due to the extreme lack of sun Jamie gets like. 100X paler and his skin starts to peel bc it loses such an intense tolerance to the sun and he has no fuckin clue what to think about it because hes like “do i just adjust to my climate like a lizard?? what the heck” bc he’s never really experienced a cold climate. (And probably doesn’t remember the last time he did anyways bc he lost a lot of his noggin during the omnic crisis.) And so… he cannot,,, for the love of god, get it around his head even though Mako is like “its literally a fucking sunburn,. you got sunburnt to shit back home” and hes like…“but the sun don’t bother skin much, just makes ya hot!” and he c aannot conceptualize the f act that the sun is a t hiNG ;; stupid boy please somebody help him

akaasheeps  asked:

Hello! I'm a huge fan of your work! I was wondering if you could wrote something with alpha Bokuto and pregnant, omega Akaashi in a Middle Ages royalty AU? I'll leave all the details up to you. If not I'll gladly take anything BokuAka. Thank you! )^o^(

This was actually really hard to write, because this is a genera I don’t usually play with but I TRIED MY BEST I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!

And thank you so much for liking my work!!! Thank you so much!! :D (I’m probably going to add onto this)


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anonymous asked:

What would you say the biggest difference is between your lifestyle now and when you were at your highest weight?

Easiest pick hands down is not being physically tired all the time and having the drive to do more in a day.

Like before just going up and down the stairs for something to drink would be a task and then I would sit all day watching tv because the idea of doing something that would make me out of breath was not welcome in my life.

But now I can do so much more simply because I can. This of course just adds to the experience of life. I can do more things or experience things longer then I used to.

My Daily Thoughts As A Future Exchange Student
  • Me: Holy shit I'm going to another country for a year
  • Me: What will it be like meeting my host family...
  • Me: Oh my gosh what if my host family doesn't like me?!
  • Me: *brushing teeth* *squeals* *jumps up and down* OMG IM GOING TO ANOTHER COUNTRY FOR A YEAR, I'M SO EXCITED, YAY
  • Me: What the heck did I do, I'm leaving for a year.. Oh my gosh *initiate all the what if questions*
  • Me: What will school be like... *nervous/ excited emotions flow through*
  • Me: What will the language barrier be like? How will we communicate? Oh my gosh
  • Me: *giggles randomly out of the blue at least once every hour* HAHAA OH MY GOSH A NEW CULTURE, LANGUAGE, COUNTRY, FOOD, WAY OF LIFE.. AH SO EXCITING
  • Me: I can't wait for the challenge 👊💥 one I've never experienced before. Bring it on.