it ain't my best but meh

  • me when volpina first aired: i dunno, i'm a little disappointed in lila and how she turned out. i wish she had a better personality, and wasn't just another akuma the duo had to deal with. i dunno i hope she gets better in the next season or something because i really wanted to like her but now i'm just meh
  • me now: lila rossi is my mcfucking daughter and i would die for her. don't you mcfreaking dare say that she's just another mean girl because she ain't. she is beautiful and complex and completely one hundred percent should get a miraculous. she was the best villain as volpina and would be just as effective as a hero and if she kept her grudge on ladybug while being a superhero that would be such an interesting twist as well as a good contrast to adrien, alya, and chloe, who are all ladybug fangirls. also i ship her with both marinette and adrien at the same time bye suckers *backflips into the void*

Kagami Taiga x The Little Mermaid

Don’t question it.