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the most savage dialogue a character on eldarya had has to be that one time when kero said that lance’s and valk’s parents’ deaths were not enough for him to learn how to respect other people’s pain like my guy literally roasted the living shit out of valk using his own trump card against him, throwing away his ‘my entire family is dead so i understand your pain’ exuse out of the window and if this isn’t what genuine friendship/love is i don’t know what else it might be


You know, I keep hoping that I’m gonna wake up and that you’ll be gone.

On Hunk’s Characterization in s2

SO! Here’s the deal. I’ve seen a post or two whining about people complaining about Hunk’s characterization/lack of character development when he had a whole arc dedicated to him last season.

I’m gonna try and keep this short, but since I’m hella pissed and I like to rant, that plan may or may not go out the window. (I’ll put a keep reading just in case) (Swear Words tw) (?)

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Star Wars has had multiple opportunities to cast a woman of color as leads (and adding more nonwhite characters tbh like in the Han Solo film) and yet they the pattern of casting a white British female lead in every movie.

always. a l w a y s. like i don’t get it. why is the sw universe only filled w white brown haired women like this makes no sense

Vive Tu Vida (pt 1/?)

I done wrote something! It’s not Fall, true, but it is a story you’ve seen before! I’ve just added an actual plot and characters and all that fun stuff. And tbh, I’m quite excited for this mobster!finn story to unfold. It’s going to be great.

It takes place in Los Angeles, which is quite a far ways away from good ol’ England. What can I say? I love putting my characters in unknown territory.

Things will get graphic in this story, but if you take into account the kind of life they lead, it’d be irresponsible of me to gloss over the violence Finn and co live with daily. I will try to make it as easy to stomach as possible, but there are aspects to cruelty that I just can’t sugarcoat.

Also! I’m trying to become proficient in Spanish, so I figured what better place to test my abilities than in a story in Southern California! That being said, I still have troubles with the language, so if someone would take pity on me and walk me through some things, I’d 10000% appreciate it. Phrases, spelling, that kind of stuff. (google leaves a lot to be desired.)

Message if you would like/be willing to help me!

Does anyone want to be tagged for this story?


Finn leads a life of misery, pain, and regret. The gun in his hand and the money in his pocket have been there since birth, and the older he gets, the more his hopes of freedom begin to turn into a pipe dream. But one fateful birthday brings a person into his life that promises greener pastures. In the end, he has to make a decision: stay with what he knows, or explore the unknown.


Finn shut his eyes and heaved a great sigh. The three of them had been here almost two hours, and absolutely fuck all was happening. Chop was beating a loose piece of road against the curb, and Finn got lost in the repetitive beat. It echoed in his mind until all he could do was listen and stare at nothing.                           

“Finn. Jesus Christ, mate. Snap out of it.” Finn blinked away the unfocused image of buildings as the sound cut out almost violently from his head. He looked at Chop’s wrinkled, slightly dirty suit and smiled.

“Right, sorry. Just zoned out.”

“Alright, well your dad called. We’re done.”

Finn blinked once more in confusion and set his mouth in an annoyed moue, “We’ve been here hours. What happened?”

“I dunno, mate. I’m sure we’ll see soon enough, eh?” Chop shrugged into his leather jacket and flipped the collar up, to protect against the biting cold wind that would sting their skin as soon as they left the glass enclosure. Finn sighed again and wrapped his scarf around his neck; twisting into the action as he looked for Archie behind him. The brunette was slouched in a hard, plastic lawn chair; his face propped up uncomfortably on his hand as his mouth hung open. Finn could almost feel the sore pain his friend would experience, and stepped forward to wake him.

“Arch, get up, mate. We’re finished here.”

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#yes#agreed#tbh i see nui as such an underutilized character#because yeesh she’s definitely a tragic character when you think about it#and i believe nakashima said once that nui was jealous of the ‘love’ ragyo had for ryuko and satsuki#it would have been nice to see that more reflected in the show itself#especially with the way nui likes to compare herself to ryuko#like#they’re kinda coming from the same place#i’d argue ryuko’s greatest desire is for love just like nui’s is#and like nui ryuko grew up lonely without much affection at all#but ryuko gets friends and ragyo’s 'love’ and nui has none of that#i would have loved to see nui’s feelings about that further explored#because that also brings light to the fact that ryuko could very well have turned out just like nui#which just makes nui that much more compelling and horrifying as a villain#she’s not just some evil demented person but someone who was deprived of what everyone needs most#ugh the possibilities with this…

If Nakashima said that Nui was jealous of the “love” Ragyo gave Ryuko and Satsuki then Nui probably really was the tragic villain. But I need a source for the statement to confirm that. 

I think that Ryuko would have turned out like Nui too if Soichiro hadn’t faked her death. Ragyo would have raised her only for the purpose of wearing Junketsu and being her right hand in overtaking the planet with life fibers.

But even then Ryuko would have been less tragic than Nui since Ryuko would have gotten the full attention and “love” of Ragyo, she would have been the legitimate daughter and there would have been Satsuki and Soichiro to at least show her how to be human. Though I have the feeling that Ragyo would have thrown Satsuki in the trash if Ryuko had been a success since Ragyo had no need for failures (and she said many times in the series what a failure and disappointment Satsuki was, right in her face). 

However, talking about canon I guess the basic difference between Nui and Ryuko is that Ryuko, although she could only remember being lonely her entire life, had Soichiro to care for and love her until she was four years old. Soichiro faked her death and took her away right after her birth (and the “failed” experiment), secretly raising her while he still pretended to work for Ragyo for the next four years. Since we know that he did a good job raising young Satsuki I don’t see why he shouldn’t have done the same for young Ryuko. Little Ryuko did seem happy in the flashback where Soichiro faked his death, just look at her peaceful smile and the plushies around her.

This only changed after Soichiro officially became Isshin Matoi and I’d like to think that’s because he felt guilty leaving Satsuki behind with that monster and tried to block out his remorse by pouring himself into work and thus neglecting Ryuko. 

This also explains why Ryuko was so eager to find out who killed her Dad, it’s not just because she wanted to know more about him like she said, but also because she unconsciously knew that her father once cared for her. You can’t explain Ryuko’s actions otherwise, there were more, deeper emotions attached to Ryuko’s quest for her father’s murderer than just curiosity. If Isshin had been distant to Ryuko all along then Ryuko wouldn’t have been able to recognize him as her father in the first place. 

Ok I should stop here before I go too much into details, I hope someone can link me to the interview where Nakashima said Nui was jealous.

Shit my mom does

  • Was out with the family when she suddenly freaked out because she left a batch of cookies in the oven but when we got home the oven was off and the pan was on the counter
  • Drinks milk straight from the jug
  • Really, really fucking loves milk
  • I watched her get gradually pissed off at a fly buzzing around her head until she got so annoyed that she did mock kung fu complete with sound effects, karate chopped the air, and killed it
  • She was very proud of herself
  • Attempted to shield me from explicit scenes in movies until I was sixteen
  • Accidentally walked into the men’s room at the NEX food court and was absolutely mortified
  • “What the fuck” - her reaction upon hearing Benedict Cumberbatch’s name for the first time
  • Would eventually develop an unprecedented fangirl crush on him that made my stepdad jealous
  • Was so genuinely upset at the end of The Reichenbach Fall that she cried a little, beat me with a pillow, then went to bed because she had a headache
  • I had to explain to her that Egypt was located in the north of Africa and she had me pull a map because she didn’t believe me
  • She’s in her forties
  • I once walked in on her watching The Hobbit and legitimately sobbing because Bilbo’s speech about missing his books and home reminded her of me
  • I swear to Christ
  • She ordered milk at a bar
  • Bartender served it up in a shot glass
  • I was on the phone with a friend when I heard cheering so I looked out the window and she was drunk running around in the front yard
  • At some point she had written ‘I am not a lesbian’ all over her arm
  • She hasn’t touched alcohol since
  • Has an irrational fear of my Kumagoro plush that I still don’t understand
  • She once went missing for like three hours during a family camping trip in the woods and when we finally found her she was sleeping peacefully on a log
  • Is extraordinarily beautiful for a woman her age and gets hit on by men in nearly every age group but she doesn’t let it get to her head
  • Thinks Vegard Ylvisåker is a cutie pie
  • Is right
  • I played “My Enormous Penis” for her when she was having a bad day and she thought it was a nice feel-good song until it got to the chorus and she tried to kick me out of the car
  • Screamed “OH MY GOD!” in response to an NEX worker announcing a sale and scared the shit out of him
  • There was a man in front of her in line at the store who didn’t have enough money for his groceries so she paid what he couldn’t and he cried
  • Became attached to a pair of mallards in our front yard and would gleefully hand feed them every day