it actually tastes good ok

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(for blogrates) my favourite ice cream flavour is neapolitan!! (i know it's actually a combo but I like it ok)

neapolitan is actually so good !! it tastes different than putting strawberry chocolate and vanilla together oddly enough :^/

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cam’s doing blogrates! no more pls! :^)

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is an odd question, but what do words taste like? Do some taste better than others? What is your most favorite tasting word?

(this is probably a confusing question out of context so here it is for those who are curious lol)

words dont really taste like actual foods, more like, the memory of foods? like, if i asked you to remember what cold taco meat tastes like, and then imagine that memory coming back to you whenever you hear or read the word “special”, that’s sort of what it’s like, but the sensation is half in my head and half in my mouth. and since the tastes dont actually exist, my brain makes a lot of them up, and thats why some words are indescribable in taste. i have read that synesthetes who deal in color see impossible colors, so i guess i taste impossible tastes.

most words taste bad to ok. very few actually taste good. it can be annoying because the more triggering words i hear or read, especially bad tasting ones, the more my brain “lights up” i guess (idk how to describe it) and i can get a headache. the other day i was talking to someone who was telling a story about two people named andy and pete and i was suffering because andy tastes like teriyaki beef jerky and pete tastes like unsweetened peanut butter.

my favorite tasting word is “bruise” because it tastes like a plum. most words with prominent b sounds taste like berries or are overall juicy so i tend to like them, except for “bloom” for some reason because it tastes like blueberries and household cleaner :/ i dont like words that end in “ish” because they taste salty.

Baking Cookies with a 4-Year-Old

“Can I help, Daddy?”

“Sure.  First we add one and ¼ sticks butt—”

“I want to do it!”

“OK.  Good. Yes, throw it in the bowl, just like that. Now we need 2/3 cups brown sugar, and we pack it down like this. Great. Now dump it in…no, no, don’t eat it.  We have to be precise if we want the recipe to work. I know it tastes good.  OK, here let me add a little more to make up for what you just ate.  OK, please, Alice, that’s  enough. You’ve had enough sugar. Let’s add the baking soda.  We need ½ teaspoo–

“Let me do it!”

“OK, good.  See how I scrape it against the box to get it level…no don’t eat it. See, I told you not to eat that.  Doesn’t taste very good, does it? Now, let’s add the salt–”

“Can I have some salt?”

“OK, just a pinch since you’re being such a good helper.  Now, we need ¾ tsp to the bowl–OK, I think you’ve had enough salt.  That’s already three pinches more than I said you could have. Alice, please, you don’t need anymore salt.”

“Just one more pinch, please?”

“[sigh] OK, just one. Now I’m going to bring the bowl over the mixer…Look, I said ONE more pinch. You’ve had at least ten.  Why don’t I just put the salt cellar up here where you can’t reach it.  Good.  Now, see this part? It’s called a paddle attachment and I’m just going to–”

“I want to put it on!”

“OK, see you just push it in and twist. Perfect. Now let me just put the bowl–”

“Let me do it!”

“All right, set it there. Now grab the handle and pull it towards you until it clicks. Perfect.”

“Can I turn it on?”

“Yes.  We need it on medium speed. See how the numbers go to 10? Where’s the middle number?”

[pointing between the 4 and 6] ”Right here?”

“Exactly.  Now just pull the knob toward you.  There you go”

“Do NOT even THINK about putting your fingers in there!”

“Very good! That’s exactly what I told you last time.  You’ve got a good memory, kid. Now, let me get that egg ready.”

“Can I do it?”

“Of course, here you–”

“I can do it! ….Look, Daddy! No shell! I did it!”

“Great, now carefully dump it in. Perfect. Let me just add the vanilla–”

“No, let me do it!”

“OK, here you go, see how I just pour it into the cap? Just dump it in. Good job. Now before we add the flour, we need to scrape the–”

“Let me do it!”

“OK, good.  No, scrape down. Into the bowl. Yes, just like…no, please don’t lick the spatula. I know it tastes good, but they’ll taste even better when we actually cook them.  OK, now I’m going to set the mixer to low and carefully add one cup of–”

“I wanna do it!”

“OK, but be careful because we need to add the flour slowly or it will get all over…everything. [sigh] See how’s there’s flour all everywhere now? That’s why we needed to do it slowly. OK, one last ingredient.”

“Chocolate chips! Can I have some?”

“Yes, but wait, no please don’t take them out of the measuring cup. We need to fill that to the top…if you keep eating them out of the cup, we’ll never get the right amount. Please Alice, we really need to save some chips for the cookies.  Here, the bag’s still got a handful of chips left.  Why don’t you just take a couple out of there while I fold these in…OK, perfect.  Wait, did you eat all those chips? The bag’s empty now.  Oh wait, no there’s still three left. Guess I’ll have those.”

[cut to the dining room table]

“OK, now we need to make the cookies.  We need to take a ½ teaspoon of dough–”

“Let me do it!”

“Yes, I’m just trying to show you how. See, just a scant ½ teaspoon…now use you finger to scrape it out onto the cookie sheet..perfect. Good job.  Now time to make the next one–”

“My fingers are sticky!”

“Yes, that’s part of the process.”

“But I don’t like it!”

“It’s ok if they get a little sticky for you to just lick them.”

“Really? It’s safe?”

“Yes, but just to get your fingers clean in order to make the next cookie. OK, I’m going to work on filling this cookie sheet up, and you work on that one.”

[30 seconds later]

“OK, Alice, please stop eating all the cookie dough.”

“But you said I could lick my fingers!”

“I told you you could lick them to clean them.  You’re just scooping the dough out of the teaspoon and putting it directly into your mouth.  You’re not actually making cookies. Why don’t you let me take over here–”

“No! I want to make the cookies!”

“OK, but you’re not actually making them. OK, there’s one.  See how you put it on top of the first one? There needs to be at least an inch and a half in between each one.”

“An inch and a half. Or more, right Daddy?”

“Right. No. Actually you don’t want them too far apart or we won’t be able to get enough on the sheet. OK, now see how that one you just made is three times bigger than the other ones…no, that doesn’t mean you can eat it to make it smaller…OK, good. Now that one looks much better.  Looks like you’re getting the hang of it.  I’m going to finish working on my sheet.”

[two minutes later]

“OK, now you’re just using the spoon to scoop the cookie dough directly into your mouth.  These are going to taste so much better if we actually get to cook them. Here, let me help you finish your sheet–”

“No! I’m supposed to do this one. Not fair!”

“But you only have 4 cookies on it. My sheet is already full.”

“I want to do it!”

“OK. But please just make the cookies…you’re doing it again. Please stop scooping the dough into your mouth with the teaspoon.  Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you go watch television and I’ll finish these?”

“OK! Thanks Daddy!”

[30 minutes later]

“All right, Alice. You really need to finish your dinner.  You’ve only eaten half a nugget and one piece of broccoli.”

“But I’m not hungry!”

“You’re not hungry? I guess that means you don’t want one of those cookies we  just baked for dessert?”

“No, I still have room for that! Please, can I have a cookie, Daddy?”