it actually is one of my favorites

Great Comet Experience

Haven’t been on in awhile, but if I was going to come back for anything, it would be this.

(Btw, I don’t know during which songs most of these happened because I’m still in awe, but I’ll do my best)

For reference, I was sitting at TP, one of the tables just upstage of Pierre’s Salon

Lucas Steele gave me a pierogi. It tasted great, btw.

So, Prologue, the show starts and I realize just how close the actors are to me. It’s more intimate than I ever could have imagined.

At the start of any show I see, I always feel like happy-crying, but you can’t do that when it’s happening just a few inches from you. I was smiling a lot, but not as much as I wanted (while also wanting to cry) so my face was doing this weird twitchy thing, and while this is happening, Anatole (Lucas Steele) is just looking at me and smiling and singing. It was amazing.

Pearl gave me a huge smile at some point. It weirdly felt like she was smiling at her child. It was a great feeling, honestly.

In Private and Intimate Life, Old Prince Bolkonsky (Nicholas Belton) very purposefully coughed on me. Is it weird that I’ll treasure that memory? Maybe. Princess Mary (Courtney Bassett) also made eye contact with me.

I made direct eye contact twice with Natasha (Denee freaking Benton) for several seconds, and now I can die happy

During The Duel, Nicholas Belton was leaning back against the rail and turned his head just enough to say, “Call me”

I got an egg-shaker!

In one song (might’ve been The Abduction) Dolokhov (Nick Choski) smiled at me while singing and gave a little nod, I nodded back. We had a moment.

Also during The Abduction, Balaga (Paul Pinto) leaned over the rail towards me, making direct eye contact, had me lean forward so he could sigh that “It just keeps going.”

A couple ensemble members sat right next to me (so sorry I don’t remember who), and Sonya (Brittain Ashford) and Marya (Grace Mclean) did too. Marya was there with me for the last three songs. During The Great Comet, I could actually hear her singing (ya know, not over the speakers) and that’s probably one of my favorite memories ever. Before going downstage for curtain call, she smiled at me

I might add more if I remember any other interactions, but that’s it for now

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Oh man I'm so glad I'm not the only one who headcannons Dark as having a love of the ocean!

it’s actually one of my favorite headcanons about dark!

he absolutely loves the ocean and the beach and all that. he prefers going during the evening/night just to walk to shores, watching the moonlight glimmer of the calm waves. he can untie his tie and open up his suit a little bit. he typically goes on his walks along the sand just to clear his head and have some time alone. 💙

Finally finished that baby blanket I started back before working on @westerhos‘ afghan. I just need to decide what to do for the border. But in the meantime, I started another baby blanket in one of my favorite “actually simple but looks more complicated” patterns. Hopefully I’ll have enough of that one done next week to post some progress pics. 

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I really liked Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda, and I was wondering if there are any books similar to that one? Like, high school queer books that have more of a happy vibe to them?

It’s not set in high school, but How to Repair a Mechanical Heart is my favorite rec for fans of Simon. (I actually read it because Becky Albertalli herself rec’d it for Simon fans.) Perfect 10 is a little more…complicated in the sense that it’s not  as straightforward Boy Meets Boy, and ditto Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg, but they’re both light and funny. The Great American Whatever by Tim Federle has its sad moments and isn’t all Happily Ever After, but it’s definitely got an enjoyable voice that’s more happy than not. (Like how I made that pun but with a book I would not put on this list?) (I love that book, just not for this list.) 

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hope i'm not troubling you but i'm really confused about the viz stuff? i don't follow that many tg blogs so all i know is that they're pretty bad??

Well besides the fact that there are grammar and spelling mistakes that even a third grader can find. There are a lot of issues with the localization itself with awkward outdated phrases where they are not needed, using Sekigan which is One-Eyed Owl and other romanticized Japanese words which could have been easily put in English but they also didn’t but translation notes to explain. Misspelling characters names constantly, their is the infamous referring to Ui as a women, and my personal favorite the censoring of characters cursing to fit the teen rating(lol what are they gonna do it :re). Also just really bad mistranslation like they have literally changed the meaning of scenes.

But besides the actual translation there has been drama outside of it. Recently the editor did an interview talking about tg but for someone who is supposed to be reading it to edit he has no clue what the story is about. He thought Kaneki got turned into a ghoul when he got bite by Rize. Compared it to Spider-Man and called it teen angst when only four characters of tg’s main cast are teens, most are adults. Then he called tg disgusting gore fest, and basically said he would not have read it if he hadn’t had to edit it.

However, my finale straw which made me try to reach out to Viz was the fact that the Japanese volumes have the bios in the back of the manga for a reason one of which all translations follow except for the English that I know of. This is because the bios sometimes hold spoilers for the volume they are in. So in volume 14 they but the bios in the front of the manga which spoils Takatsuki sen being Eto and the One eyed owl, as well as Arima eradicating Kaneki. This could ruin the experience for anyone reading the manga for the first time. It was an oblivious oversight that shows how little thought they put into anything concerning tg.

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Find the thickest pic of dashie if you can

If I was trollin’, I’d say these:

but 100% USDA certified dachie thickness?! I’d say when he did the miles and freestyles with JD. Everybody’s their thickest when they’re sitting down. He commented on how he had been eating that good LA food. That’s actually one of my favorite videos of him.

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What about leosagi, or raphanardo ? Leorai ? Apritello ? Or raphanardangelotello ? 😂

Oh, fun!

I already talked about Leorai and Apritello earlier, so I’m gonna skip to the other ones.

Raph/Leo is actually my favorite non ot4 ship. You can call me a basic bitch or fite me but I love it. There’s a lot of nuance to it that sort of impresses me, and the show makes it clear that their relationship is more than surface deep. I’m of course speaking of their relationship as warriors, friends, and brothers. Again I’m not looney enough to go screaming ‘IT’S CANON’.

Being the two oldest they are similar in strength and skill, but also wildly different as well. Their personalities also have a ‘similar yet different’ feel to them, which is why they butt heads all the time. They could fight fine together one moment, and be at one another’s throats the next.

As a leader Leo wants his brothers to follow his commands as instructed and for the lot of them to work together as a team, while Raph is usually the one to flat out refuse to listen and do whatever he thinks is best. Leo wants respect and Raph won’t always give it. This very likely stems from jealousy; Raph has all but stated he’s jealous of Leo’s position on the team, and moreso his father’s favoritism towards their eldest. This results in a mountain of tension between them.

And that tension is what I love about it. They’re both ticking time bombs waiting to explode, whether that explosion be through a well-timed insult or a perfectly executed punch. Their relationship is volatile at the worst of times, and that’s sort of what makes it exciting to me.

And even WITH that tension, there’s clearly love there. There isn’t a single doubt that the two care about each other very much, even if their natures sometime make them forget. That just makes the tender/brotherly moments between them all the more powerful. To see them set aside their differences and air that vulnerability (sometimes in their own small ways) makes me happier than anything. It’s heart meltingly sweet.

There’s a lot more to say about ‘em. I think I could write an essay the more I type about it, but I think this at least gets the point across.

And now, oh shit, you’ve said the magic word! Well actually that word is a mouthful, but we’re going into OT4 territory. I think I have a weakness for groups of people that compliment one another, I’m learning. I’m not hear to discuss the logistics or viability of real poly couples. That’s none of my business, but in fiction MWAH yes please gimme a whole MESS o’ that.

In particular these four have an absurdly tight bond that sometimes seems to push the barriers or brotherly to me. In this series in particular I feel there’s a case to make that  it could border on codependency, but whether or not it reaches that is debatable. It makes sense either way; they’re the only members of their species after all. Happy accidents that by all rights and logic shouldn’t even exist. But they do, and they appreciate and treasure that fact.

Taking out the shipping factor, I feel like even if they all had separate relationships leaving one another would be difficult for them to do. And I’m not talking just about the fact that there’s not a lot of places for them to go and live happily either.

Even losing one of them throws off their synergy so badly they they have to struggle to function normally, if show-related incidents have shown us anything. It’s not that they can’t, but it’s an uphill battle. If one of them is lost then a part of who they are as a family almost ceases to be, it seems. Things just become…off. One can argue it’s not exactly healthy, but given their circumstances it makes sense. It’s what they know and how they were raised.

It may seem like I’m painting this ship in a negative light, but I just needed to state that it’s not all cherries and roses. Even still there’s a positive to it all. There’s a sense of unity and completeness, a sense of healthy normality when they’re all together. Even if they’re squabbling or fighting nothing feels wrong. Because they are family. They know when the bad times are over they’re all going to be having fun and enjoying each other’s company. They all work best as a team, in combat and in life, and for this reason they can weather any storm that comes their way, as long as they’re together.

And I guess if you wanna put that in the bedroom you’re never gonna get bored. I’m just sayin’.

For those who don’t know, my parents named me Zoe. They got the name from one of my dads favorite movies, “Killing Zoe.”

My dad also used to collect movie posters and hang them up around the house. He and my mom kept getting into fights over him wanting to hang it up.

His rationale was “In the end they don’t actually kill her so there’s no problem.”

My moms rationale was “If something happens to our child you are guaranteeing we get charged with the murder if anyone knows we had a poster in our house about killing our kid.”

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why do u like scott so much? he's hardly worth it tbh

normally, i would, ignore this, but……..listen he’s one of my favorite characters and apparently you’re in my askbox to start shit so:

  • he’s actual sunshine
  • he’s a good person????
  • he’s hot as fuck
  • his jawline
  • he goes back for his friends
  • he fights for his friends
  • he forgives his friends
  • he admits his mistakes
  • he’s not afraid to love or make friends and despite the danger of letting his friends fight with them, he doesn’t try to force them to stay out of it, he knows that if they want to help. 
  • is able to put aside his own feelings for people if they can/want to help
  • he’s a leader and does his best even when he’s just a teenager?
  • he’s legit like 15/16 when all of this starts like; he shouldn’t have to deal with this and yet here we are
  • he’s knocked down but gets up which is more than i can say for some characters
  • he loves his mom and isn’t afraid to show it
  • smart as fuck and has self esteem issues and always looks for his friends
  • a true alpha
  • tries to live his life and is constantly interrupted by gerard ruining fucking everything everywhere he turns.
  • i’d follow Scott McCall any day tbh

idk why you gotta come into my ask box and try to tell me he’s not worth it. why do you need to come to my askbox all salty because i like a really good character? 

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So i'm new here but i would like to ask you how you and your wife met and why you guys got married? Congratulations btw🍸

Long story short: she has been following me on here for a while, I always saw her in my activity, we started actually talking right after The Lexa Debacle (lol yes Lexa dying basically got me a wife 😂), I flashed a Harry Potter ring in her face on November 17th because HP is one of her favorite things ever, and we got married almost three months to the day later on February 16th. Been married for six months now.


One of my favorite things about taking photos is playing with light. Harsh light freaks me the f#ck out. It’s tricky and unflattering and hard to control. Took a bit of time to experiment with it with Shelby and actually liked some of the results! Her retinas hated me for it though (whoops). 


1. Nicknames? Em, Marco. I’ve been thinking of using my middle name as one. Eileen
2. Gender? Female
3. Star sign?  Cancer
4. Height? I think 5′7″?
5. Time? 5:40pm
6. Birthday? July 13
7. Favorite bands? Paramore, Nickelback,
8. Favorite solo artists?  p!nk, Lady Gaga, Melanie Martinez
9. Song stuck in my head? just, All of these.
10. Last movie watched? I think No Country For Old Men
11. Last show watched? Lucifer
12. When did I create my blog? This blog was created July 24, 2014
13. What do I post? Atm it’s mostly things Marco and Darco like, rp memes, and my own art/fics, I really want to get actual rps being one of those again here.
14. Last thing I Googled? Varies word spellings because I am terrible at spelling. A perfect thing for someone to be bad at when wanting to work as a writer.
15. Do you have other blogs? Yeah I have a couple, I’m not going to link them all though. I have a personal, one with all my oc’s that I’m still working on, a daughter for Marco @madison-bodt-kirschstein this joke one I keep forgetting about but I do want to keep alive @apocalypseproblems and this new one with a Frisk and Flowey from Undertale AU @determination-and-familiars
16. Do you get asks? No not really, when I do it’s rare.
17. Why did you choose your url? I wanted something with the muses name and the AU
18. Following? 119
19. Followers? 368
20. Favorite colours? Red, Purple
21. Average hours of sleep? either 2 or 9
22. Lucky number? I don’t really have one.
23. What am I wearing? The shirt would sound edgy if described, a heart chained up with flowers around it. but it’s actually really pretty so, here’s a picture

and jean shorts
24. How many blankets I sleep with? 1
25. Dream job? A writer
26. Dream trip? I’ve never been to the grand canyon
27. Favorite food? uhh I like pizza and pasta
28. Nationality? American moved to England
29. Favorite song now? (See the songs stuck in my head)

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omg ansty cheating fics are my favorite too!!! i love pain hahaha do you have any favorites to recommend?

ahaa well i’d like to first preface this with saying i only enjoy a certain type of fic that involves cheating, which are the ones that’re handled in a very realistic way. bc i’ve read lots of them where the character who commits the act is just too fucking evil to be a real person (or at least like in the smallest margin of how people actually act) and it just seems overly produced to create a villainous backdrop so that the person that comes in after them can be seen as such an amazing lead for the oc in comparison. i get whyyy people do it bc i don’t think people like the idea of building up a character to be a quality person and then having them do something so devastaing, but fics like that are honestly the best imo. bc real people aren’t perfect, so i prefer that my characters aren’t either. OKAY ENOUGH RAMBLING LOL

but you know what one of my favorite favorite fic writers on here had a few really quality ones but she deleted about a year ago now and i’m still so heavily devastated over it, her user was taelycon?? i believe or some spelling of that. her fics were great but unfortunately idk where she’s at now. but i hope she’s doing well and her fics will live on in my heart ;;;; but other than hers, i haven’t read that many that’re that good due to the reasons mentioned above. i know it’s not technically cheating bc they aren’t actually dating, but lust & errors gives you that /vibe/ bc they both get highly upset over the idea of them being with other people, so that’s definitely one you should read if you haven’t bc it’s one of my favorite fics ever ever everrrr. there is a minor arc of it in the fic golden boy which is also one of my favs. i’m super open to recs about it though!

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Grazie! <3

Rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers that you would like to know better.

Name: Kris 

Nickname: Kris..

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Height: - 5’ 4″

Orientation: Aro/ace

Favourite fruits: strawberries 

Favourite season: Spring or fall idk… both

Favourite book series: Lord of the Riiings obviously lol 

Favorite flower: sunflowers I think

Favourite scent: PETRICHOR

Favorite colours: blue and green

Favorite animals: ALL (just…mostly at a distance. put me next to an elephant and I’ll shart my shorts dog)

Coffee/tea/cocoa: cocoa

Average sleep hours: 4 hours or 12 hours no in between

Cat or dog person: BoTH 

Favourite fictional character: Everyone in the tolkien universe?

Number of blankets: Down to one -_________-

Dream trip: I said this 1000000 times already but New Zealand. I’d actually love to go hiking around the Good Ole Wild Wild West and the north west of the US especially Montana. I wanna see ALL the national parks!

Blog created: This one in 2017 

Number of  followers: 1,393 HOW? IDK

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Here’s my OC Nuro. He’s one of the main characters in Hysteria ((still haven’t made a thing for it on tumblr, but I have started working on a cover and a sketch for the first page :3))
Nuro is the Boldheart family’s butler .3. And he has that classic British butler voice but stutters a lot.
He used to have only two arms and two legs even though he floats, but now I removed his useless legs and gave him six arms instead :3 I guess u can say he got an upgrade since he’s kinda mechanical :D
His head is like a giant pink crystal thing btw that glows, and the brightness/shade of the glow depends on his mood.
And he’s one of my favorite smol bean characters to draw cause of his cute lil stick arms >w< anyways that’s all I have for Nuro so far :P I’ll try to get shit done for my actual comics soon.
I’m like that one artist who makes a shit ton of art and characters and concept art for my comics but rarely does things for the actual comic ._. I hope it doesn’t stay like that.
Oh and I put the original image of him in this post too! I haven’t made an actual before vs. after image for him like with Jaqlynn so just have the two images separate for now :3

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I'm loving the Mirror Mirror! So far it seems like Shiro got dropped in an alternate reality where Keith is a Galra Prince not unlike Lotor? Which begs the question of where that universe's Shiro went? Did Keith completely break him? Or did he somehow manage to escape?

<3 <3 <3 <3

Ah the great question, where is Alt!Keith’s Shiro? You know in my original plan for the story, I didn’t actually include him. I thought I’d made it obvious what happened through some pieces of dialogue, but half my comments ended up being questions theorizing about him. So I wrote an unplanned additional chapter mid story that ended up being one of my favorites for the fic.

So yeah, there will be hints about Alt!Shiro, but you will also be finding out explicitly later on :D

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Headcanon: Jayce wears shapewear (like corsets/girdles, or something similar to spanx).

// Yes!! He does actually! As a matter of fact this is one of my all time favorite headcannons for him, the best example being that his famed fur coat is always worn with some form of shapewear underneath the abdomen- most often a girdle or corset.

Jayce has always been relatively fit, but used to be much more slim in his days working alongside Viktor. Think Clint Eastwood’s body type back in his movie heyday- strong, but not necessarily showy in any way shape or form. He had no need for strength training or constantly keeping himself in top condition. With no one actively trying to kill him, there was no reason to worry about bulking up.

That changed post-Viktor conflict. In one of Jayce’s many hospital induced epiphanies, Jayce realized he was likely going to be fighting for his life in the very near future for what could be quite a long time. While he’d been no weakling before, he had barely been strong enough to keep hold of the mercury hammer while using it in a fight. If he was going to be using it again, he needed to get stronger. The trade off to that strength, however, was gaining a decent bit of weight both in muscle mass and body fat.

Jayce is not overweight, and by no means is he “bara”, but he’s certainly a little thicker than he’s used to or even totally comfortable with. He still very much conforms to the idea that gentlemen should be slim and well maintained, often wearing girdles and corsets to keep his waist slimmed for formal and public appearances.

In his narcissism’s defense, shapewear isn’t an unheard of practice in Piltover. Many high class men and women use it to maintain their image almost to point of competition.

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@Everyone and E; Now that we know your favorite DC/Marvel Heroes, what about the villains? Come on, take a walk on the dark side we have cookies. My favorite is still Magneto.

Nova; hmm. I like Harley but i guess she’s more anti-hero now. I mean she has an excellent character growth and has really come a long way from her humble sidekick beginnings from the tv show. Yep she’s from the 90s animated cartoon not the comics.

Connor: I’m a fan of Doctor Octopus. I like the idea of tech heroes and villains, i wonder why, but i also like one of his newest arcs where he became spiderman and actually did good. which was so weird. 

Roman: J’son, peter Quill’s Father. He was a crook ruler and while he meant well, he did go mad with power and the moment his son exposed him and got him dethroned? Because A star Lord like villain named Mister Knife and starts running a crime ring. like seriously badass but still bad 

Missy: Venom. Fierce, deadly and so cool. not to mention his general power set and his iconic symbol as one of Spiderman’s biggest villains. 

JacK;….umm pass…

Sol:….Toby, oh wait you said favorite. Novy!

Nova: hey! Why am I the bad guy?

Sol; because..


Sol;….i said so…

Nova; *glares*

Sol: at least you’re the favorite! 

Viktor:…..*just stands there, smiling.* 

E: I like Venom and Mister Knife. Venom is just an awesome character and i really loved playing him in the ultimate spiderman game. Plus he’s a hero now known as Anti-venom and through a guardians comic we learn that the symbiotes aren’t evil at all but they will go berserk and corrupted if left alone in the universe too long. Mister Knife because honestly? It’s basically evil Star Lord. i mean come on, that’s so much fun.