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Tips on Recognizing Fake Tweets

Fake tweets have started countless rumors in this fandom. And with websites that allow you to make fake tweets with only a few clicks, it’s never been easier to unlease false rumors onto the fandom. Here’s some tips on recognizing fakes so that you can be more watchful whenever they resurface:

  1. Be highly skeptical of anything that’s “too good to be true.” People love making fake tweets where Frank implies that Frerard was real, Gerard says that he regrets the break-up, or @MCROfficial hints at a reunion. If it seems too much like a fantasy, it probably is.
  2. Search for the text to see if you can find the original tweet. You can find original tweets by typing in the handle and some (or all) of the text, e.g. “@gerardway cats or get the fuck out.” If the tweet is real, it should show up in the search results. If you think it might have been deleted, try doing a Google search to see if any reputable fan sites reported the tweet (actual fan sites, not random Twitter accounts or Tumblr blogs.) See if you can find different screencaps, too. If nothing comes up, it’s probably fake.
  3. Know that anything that claims that MCR is getting back together is false. There’s a few false screencaps of Frank and Gerard tweeting that MCR is getting back together. No official source has ever said this. And if they did, it would be common fandom knowledge–not something passed around in secret.
  4. Check the handle. Sometimes posts from parody/roleplay accounts are passed around as real tweets, especially if they have the same name and icon as the official source. If the account isn’t verified and if the handle is different (e.g. something like “gerardwayrp”), it’s a fan tweet being passed off as an official one.
  5. Consider the “voice” of the tweet. While some fake tweets sound close enough to be believable, others sound nothing like the source they’re pretending to be. You read it and think “That doesn’t even sound like something Gerard would say.” If you think the voice seems “off,” it might be a fake.

Basically, just use common sense. If you don’t recognize the tweet and it seems too “sensational” to be true, see if it’s real or not before sharing it. Happy Tweeting! 🎊  🎉

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okay i don't want to post this on my own blog so consider this: a crit role highschool au. percy is an emo kid who listens to mcr, grog is head of the football team, scanlan is a band kid and in chorus and in the musical (obviously), pike is just a sweet little honors kid who can do nothing wrong, vax is a wannabe stoner probably, vex is a goth kid who has killer fashion sense, and kiki is a transfer student who's adorable and nerdy and cute who no one can hate. perc'ildan happens.


i actually have a modern au and this pretty much fits the bill!!

  • percy is all punked out w/ tattoos and piercings and he’ll set a fucker straight but he’ll still get flustered when he gets to class late.
  • no one knows how grog and pike are friends but they’ve been friends since kindergarden and pike rides on grogs shoulders to class
  • scanlan is the band kid. no one knows what he plays. Hes The Band Kid. hes a thespian and hates tech week with every fiber of his being but he has three different shirts that say “techies do it in the dark”
  • pike is in all ap classes and she’s dual enrolled shes That senior and shes also a techie tbh. shes pagan and plans to go to med school. 
  • vax and vex are rowdy transfer students from across the country. theyre kind of assholes to begin with tbh but theres a lot of stuff going on at home. 
  • theyre in percys history class and the first day theyre in class together hes late and they see him and theyre like “who THE FUCK IS THIS KID? HES SCARY AS FUCK.” 
  • vex later befriends keyleth after a Lot Of Stuff Happens. i’ll elaborate later maybe.
  • keyleth and percy became friends when they had biology together and he calmed her down from an anxiety attack. and then later that week someone made fun of percy and she punched them in the face.
  • keyleth percy and tiberius are all in their little friend group. theyre in the same year along w/ scanlan. pike and grog are a year above them. vax and vex are a year below them. 
  • they eat lunch together that day.
    “you didnt have to do that.” percy said
    “i know. but that’s what friends do.”
    “we’re.. friends?”
    “is that okay??!!!”
    “no no of course!! sorry i’m just.. i don’t have many friends… people find me.. intimidating.”
    “… people think i’m weird. they say i talk to trees.”
    “people say i talk to myself.”
    “they’re weird.”
    “they’re right.”
    “you’re weird.” and they just laugh. they’ve been best friends since.
Actual thing that happened to me today
  • Me: *tags a post with Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and My Chemical Romance*
  • Sister: *is looking over my shoulder*
  • Sister: MCR has nothing to do with that post
  • Post: *is about FOB and Panic*
  • Me: *looks into the camera like I'm on the office*