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Evidence Analyzation
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Case No. 13-8265014-99

Date of receipt: 07/24/99

The following transcript records evidentiary content of videotape sent to Bureau by Unsub. Transcript recorded by Special Agent Samuel McCarter under direct supervision of Special Agent in Charge Olivia Johannesen.

Begin Transcript

[July 3, 1999 - 09:16:33]

Tape begins with timestamp recorded to be 09:16:33pm on the evening of July 3, 1999. Camera is directed towards an apartment kitchen. A sink and countertop is in view behind a large kitchen table. Off camera, audio from a television can be heard as well as two voices: one male, one female.

Female Voice (FV): Help me carry all these into the kitchen.

Male Voice (MV): C’mon, just do ‘em in the morning.

No voices are recorded for approximately three minutes.


FV: Mmmm, no. I need to get these rinsed off before this food gets stuck.

MV: [ inaudible ]


Male and Female enter into view of camera carrying what appear to be dishes – wine glasses, plates, silverware. There is visual confirmation that male and female are Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Both individuals place dishes in sink. Agent Mulder leans against the side of the kitchen table while Agent Scully remains at sink, her back to the camera. Water can be heard running.


Agent Mulder (AM): Thanks for indulging me. And thank you for dinner.

Agent Scully (AS): No thanks necessary, Mulder. I love Pleasantville.

AM: That surprises me, Scully. As a scientist the idea that –

Agent Scully briefly turns around and appears to flick water at Agent Mulder before again turning her back to the camera.

AS: Mulder, shut up. It’s a beautiful movie.

AM: Beautiful, huh?

Agent Mulder stands fully upright and moves to stand directly behind Agent Scully. He appears to wrap his arms around her, effectively blocking her from the view of the camera.

AM: You looking to inject a little color back in your life? I think I can help with that.

AS: Oh that’s terrible. Even for you.

Agent Mulder laughs and crosses to the side of the table again. Agent Scully is once more in view of the camera.

AM: Don’t lie to me, Scully. I know why you love that movie so much. I’ve been replaced.

Agent Scully turns off the water at the sink and turns around, leaning back against it.

AM: You’ve fallen in love with Tobey Maguire.

AS: Jeff Daniels, actually.

Agent Mulder laughs. Agent Scully walks past Agent Mulder but he reaches for her, stopping her progress. She appears to come to him willingly, wrapping her arms around his neck before kissing him. They remain in that spot kissing for approximately 5 minutes.


Agent Mulder pushes Agent Scully back, the two of them switching places. Agent Scully is now leaning against the table. They continue to kiss.


Agent Mulder grasps Agent Scully by her hips and lifts her up onto the table. He [ redacted ] before grabbing a chair and placing it directly in front of Agent Scully. He proceeds to sit in the chair and pull himself forward to sit [ redacted ] her [ redacted ]. He places his hands on her [ redacted ] and pulls her forward to the edge of the table. Agent Scully proceeds to lean back on her elbows.

AS: And what do you think you are doing?

AM: Having dessert. Obviously.

AS: Oh you are so full of –

Agent Scully does not finish her sentence.


Agent Mulder appears to engage in the act of [ redacted ] with Agent Scully. This act proceeds in the same position for approximately 8 minutes.


Agent Mulder adjusts his position by placing his hands on Agent Scully’s [ redacted ] underneath her [ redacted ]. [ redacted ] proceeds for approximately five minutes.


AS: Jesus, Mulder.


AS: [ redacted ], Mulder. Oh my God, I’m going [ redacted ].

AM: [ inaudible ]


Agent Scully is now lying fully on her back, her face obscured by her arm. Loud, muffled moans can be heard.


Agent Scully removes the remainder of her clothing while Agent Mulder does the same.


Agent Scully climbs off the kitchen table and [ redacted ] chair. There is some fumbling before it appears the agents are engaged in [ redacted ].


Agent Mulder rises and lifts Agent Scully back on the table. Agent Scully proceeds to lie back on the table while Agent Mulder remains standing. [ redacted ] continues.


A chair located behind Agent Mulder is knocked backwards to the ground.


AS: From behind. [redacted], from behind, Mulder.

AM: Mm yes.

Agent Mulder takes a step backwards. Agent Scully crawls down from the table and turns away from Agent Mulder who then proceeds to push her shoulders down over the table, [ redacted ]. [ redacted ] continues.

AM: God, Scully, your [ redacted ] is so [ redacted ].

AS: Yes.

AM: Are you [ redacted ] for me, Scully?

AS: God, yes.


The force with which their activity commences begins to push the table to camera right.


AM: What do you need, Scully?

AS: [ unintelligible ]

AM: Tell me.

AS: [ unintelligible ]

Agent mulder [ redacted ] Agent Scully on the [ redacted ].

AM: Louder.

AS: [ redacted ]. Please. [ redacted ].

AM: That’s right


The table continues to be pushed camera right. Another chair is knocked to the ground.


Due to the movement of the table, Agent Scully’s face is no longer visible on camera.


There is now near continuous moaning heard from both individuals.


Agent Mulder lifts Agent Scully’s right leg up onto the table. [ redacted ] continues.


Tape ends

*Please note, certain sections were redacted by Assistant Director Walter Skinner.

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