Positive vibes - Vocabs ITA

Puoi farcela! - You can do it!

Forza / Dai / Coraggio! - Come on!

Sono orgoglioso/a di te - I’m proud of you.

Continua così - Keep up the good work.

Non arrenderti! - Don’t give up!

Non arrenderti mai! - Never give up!

Credi in te stesso/a - Belive in yourself.

Io credo in te. - I believe in you.

Non è mai troppo tardi - It’s never too late.

Ben fatto! - Well done!

Andrà tutto bene. - Everything is going to be alright.

Le sconfitte ti rendono più forte - Defeats make you stronger.

Ciò che non (ti) uccide, (ti) fortifica - What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Impara dai tuoi errori / Dagli errori si impara. / Sbagliando si impara - You learn from mistakes.

Non buttarti giù / Non abbatterti. - Don’t get discouraged.

Ogni giorno è una nuova opportunità. - Everyday is a second chance.

Non puoi avere pensieri negativi ed aspettarti cose positive. - You can’t think negatively and expect positives.

Solo perché non succede adesso, non vuol dire che non succederà mai. - Just because it does not happen now does not mean it will never happen.

Sei forte! - You’re strong!

Complimenti! - Congrats!

(Vibrazioni positive) Energia positiva - positive vibes (positive energy)


richie-trashy-tozier  asked:

Submission: Vampire Richie falls in love with human Eddie and has to break it to his forever bestfriend that he's a vampire. (This is my first submission, I don't know how to do these, sorry)

sdjhfkjk i am so so so sorry, i received this like two months ago, but i wasn’t hit with inspo until last week. hopefully this makes up for the long wait, since it’s really fluffy :)))

also, REQUESTS ARE STILL CLOSED. i wanna answer the ones i already  have in my inbox before taking on more, ‘cause there are a couple that i think i can work with for now.

For someone who was dead, Richie sure felt a lot. He could feel the wind in his hair, the sun against his skin, the music in his ears. He could feel enchantment and happiness.

He could feel love.

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