SM and English Lines

~Dibidibidis m Y NaM E isZ MinhO
~Close ur mouth, shur eur tounge
~Never don’t mind about a thang
~uh, and das a long ass ride
~I like this bish

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SPN S7 Watch Notes

So now we come to the season that made me give up on the show. Yes, I was a season 7 casualty. I freely admit this fact. 

Granted, by the time this season was airing I’d already been with it for nearly 6 years… which, comparatively speaking, is a long time to stick with one show. I like this season slightly more now, but that’s because I now have the benefit of hindsight. I didn’t have that back in 2011/2012. 

It’s still my least favorite season. The character stuff is far stronger than the plot stuff, but the character stuff wasn’t fleshed out enough for me to rank it any higher than dead last. 

That said, I actually really like Dick Roman. I think he’s actually one of my favorite villains (plus he gives us the endless dick jokes), but the Leviathans themselves were kinda… bad. The cheesy special effect was pretty terrible (I laughed the first time I saw their teeth; it reminded me of the Isz from The Maxx), and it definitely contributed to me not being able to take them seriously. 

This season was fan service: fans had been yelling since season 4 that the show needed to be just Sam and Dean again, and this is what happened. I was bored out of my skull half the time because I love seeing how Sam and Dean interact with OTHER CHARACTERS. Frank wasn’t enough of a saving grace to get me to continue after Bobby died. So I powered through to a certain episode… and then I was done. 

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And here is Isz Ebrietas. By far the hardest fight I’ve faced in this BL4 run, although followed closely by Abhorrent Beast and soon to be beaten by Pthumerian Descendant.

I’d like to send special thanks to @whiteone for the absolutely priceless info about lower-level gem farming. I built myself a better idea over time, but this run would have been so much harder without your advice to begin with!

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Can I have some more jealous boom!Sonic please? I like seeing him fuss over Amy, it's quite adorable xD (btw your Sly Cooper au's are the best things to happen to me :D)

Oh man, XD I’m glad you like them so much!

I love jealous Sonic, but it’s always a subtle jealousy, it’s never fully expressed.

I’ve done so many, I wonder what will pop into my head… this… time..?

(There fight was just like my headcanon, and I literally was so happy, like someone wrote me a love letter for all my headcanon/prompts I’ve done. I’ve never been more happy to be appreciated in my life T-T Or, of course, this was purely coincidental that the writer ALSO had an idea about Tails creating a robot to read minds and Sonic and Amy having cute moments together because of it but EH, YOU KNOW, happens all the time!)

Strange rumors have been going around about girls mysteriously disappearing all over the village, and each last seen with a mysterious man.

Bent on solving the case, the team recruit a reluctant Sticks and Amy to wander around at night and try and get ‘kidnapped’ while the boys stay on standby.

Up on the roofs, the boys lay in waiting, as Knuckles begins to worry for the girls safety.

“I’m not too comfortable leaving them alone down there… what if he really DOES just swipe them away like the rumors say!?” Knuckles put his hands to his mouth, biting his nails.

“We have trackers on them, and visuals, Knuckles. There’s nothing he can do that can get passed us. Amy and Sticks will be just fine.” Tails types away on his computer, while also gesturing back to Knuckles to remain calm.

“Oh yeah? Well, you’re only looking at your doodady’s screen! You’re not even caring!”

“I care, okay!?” Tails slammed his hand on the side of his laptop computer, and glared up at Knuckles, not liking being insulted. “I’ve set up live-video cameras EVERYWHERE, night vision’s on and I need to make sure nothing slips by my radars!”

“…Hmph, well you could of just said you were looking for a bad guy.” Knuckles folded his arms and nodded, before looking down at the girls.

Sonic was growing anxious, looking around and flicking his ears to try and hear something. “I can’t stand just sitting here and looking around, Tails! Come on, let me out there!” Sonic complained, not liking being ‘above’ the action that may happen below. He peered over the roof top.

“Relax, it’s not like Amy or Sticks will just willingly let him take them away, anyway.” Tails stated, before his screens all flickered off to static. “Woah! Hey! Wha-what’s going on!?” he started typing things but his computer started sparking. “It’s jammed!” he hit the keyboard.

“Amy! Sticks! Hang on!” Sonic cried out, jumping down as Knuckles jumped down too, looking worried.

“They’re… They’re gone.” Knuckles looked around. “But that’s impossible! I was just staring at-” he looked over to see the object he thought was Sticks’s head was just a pile of junk and garage cans. “…Sticks?” he tapped the pile as it came crumbling down.

“Oh no.” Sonic’s eyes widened, as he quickly started running around. “Sticks!? AMY!!!!??”

Frantic for their two friends, the boys dress up as girls, and get taken to the guy’s lair.

He’s actually fairly ugly, but uses his chemistry know-how to ‘entrance’ the girls with delusional pheromones that make him look and sound like their dreams come true.

However, Amy shakes herself out of it often, and he seems to particularly refer to her as ‘A rare specimen’ as he tries to figure out why his current chemical experiment isn’t working very well on her.

Keeping her in his research lab, the team gather the ‘zombie love drugged’ (Had no other way to describe it xP) girls out of the place, as Sonic told the others he was going back in to find Amy.

Since they’re dudes, it doesn’t effect them, and actually smells pretty bad to their noses.

Amy is half way in the delusion, but keeps resisting and snapping herself out of the effect every time he thinks he’s got it working.

Picture a geek with big glasses, buck teeth, and a long thin mouse’s nose. “No, no, no!” he has a bit of a lisp too. “Why arenz’t you fully under my controlz!? Why is itz not working?” he stomped up and down on the ground, before pulling out what looked to be a deadly chemical. “Heh, no beauty can rezsist my power! The power… of szcience!” he poured a drop into the tube, before dumping the whole thing and laughing, and carrying it over to her.

“N…No, this isn’t… you’re not..!” she kept seeing her vision going wobbly, as a handsome man, almost irresistible was before her, but she shook her head as she felt herself growing weaker and weaker.

“My fair maiden, why must you protest?” the voice in her head stated, but she wasn’t sure if she heard that or imagined it.

“Sorry… pal.. I don’t…” she kicked the tube the creepy mouse was using.

“Ah! Itz’s izmpossible!” he cried out, as she was strapped to a vertical table, and shook her head more.

“I don’t fall for chumps and goatees.” though she was weakened by the effects of the chemical, she still drew up her foot and slammed it into the small evil scientist guy’s face, as he slowly fell over and was knocked out.

“Amy?” Sonic raced in, and saw the guy holding his face, coming too.

“Amy? Whzo the heck are-?” he turned to see Sonic, as he glared and grabbed the dude, who gulped in fright. “Whatz’s wrong wzith you, now!? Not anothzer onnnnne!” Sonic flung him behind him and against the wall.

“Cancel the chemical out, pal! And I mean now!” he shook his fist, anger for what this creep was doing to poor girls just filled him with uncontrollable hate.

“Woah! You’rez a dude!” the guy freaked out, as Amy moaned, that stronger chemical starting to take effect.

“Amy..?” Sonic turned back to look at her, as the scientist smiled, seeing the signs that her body and mind finally gave into his chemical.

“Hehehe…” he clicked a button and she was released, as Sonic sped over to catch her as she fell to her knees.

“Amy! Come on, Amy… say something…”

She looked up, and then to the man. She slowly got up and pushed Sonic away, walking over to the mouse guy as he laughed, and put his arm around her waist, as she weakly dropped her head to his shoulder.

“Hehe~ Seez the power of szcience?! Now I canz has all thze beautiful girlzs I want! Hahaha! No one carezs what you look like, soz long azs they THINK you’re better than what youz really are. Ha, ha!”

Sonic got up, looking sadly to Amy, reaching a hand out. “Amy..”

“She’sz just a girl, bub. Therez’s plenty of themz to go around.” The boy rolled his eyes, “Now, shooz. Shez’s made her decisizon.” he stuck his nose up, as Sonic glared and clenched his teeth.

“Has she!? Cause it looks like to me, she’s seeing something completely different than who you really are! What’s the point of having tons of girls fawning over you when you know that they aren’t even seeing you!?”

“H-huh?” The boy blinked his eyes, his glasses tilting to the side.

“You delusion these girls into seeing what their minds believe our their ‘dream guys’. But how does that make you feel? Wouldn’t you want a girl who thinks your that guy.. without all the science?” Sonic held out his arms. “I mean, natural chemistry is better than anything concocted as a ruse, right?”

“Yzou…Yzou wouldn’t underzstand!” he let Amy go, and Sonic waited for the perfect moment…

The guy threw a tissy fit, “Girlzs don’t like mez! They say, ‘ew, szo gross’ and treat me like the plague! I jzust wanted to feel like I wazs liked for once… isz that too much to aszk!?” he suddenly noticed he had stomped in his fit away from Amy. “Oh noz..” he looked forward to see Sonic race over and punch his lights out.

He was pulled into a big blue police truck as the mayor personally thanked the team for finding the girls, and that they’re snapping out of their delusional haze.

One girl was flirting with a flower pot and the other was kissing a pillar.

“Uhh… well, most of them are coming too, anyway, ehem.” the mayor stated.

“Not to worry, thanks to Sticks and Amy, I’ve got a cure right here!” Tails showed off his new tonic.

“Splendid!” the Mayor swiped it out of his hands, and turned to the people.


“Everyone, MY brand new tonic is out! Bring your fine young ladies and I’ll have them back to normal in a jiffy!” he then handed it back Tails. “With each girl cured, give them one of my bonafide mayor pins, okay?” he patted Tails’s back and ‘hmmhmm’d a laugh as he walked off.

“I really hate that guy…” Tails glared back over his shoulder, and sighed. “But these girls do need some help…”

“Just how much did that guy make them smell, huh?” Knuckles waved a hand at one of the girls, who stuck her tongue out and her eyes went derpy as she suddenly fell over.

“I’m not sure, but he CLEARLY didn’t think of the long term effect. Once that chemical is out of their systems, their gonna be coming to him for revenge.” Tails warned.

Amy slowly and awkwardly stepped up to Sonic, as he nervously turned around to see her, after shaking his head and smiling at the thought of the boy getting a beat down by a ton of angry teenagers.

“H-hi.” she stated, waving a moment and rocking on her heels, before looking nervous about something.

“H-hey. So, um… I’m glad to see your alright.” He stated, scratching behind his head. “I was really worried when Tails said you had a lot of that stuff in your system. I’m just glad he got it all out and you’re back to your old self again.” he stated.

“Me too. I actually wanted to say thank you for taking care of me until Tails figured everything out. I don’t remember much of what happened… but I do remember, very blurry vision mind you, that you had carried me back and told me ‘Don’t worry, Amy. I won’t loose you again.’.” she winked to him, holding up a finger as she repeated that.

“W-what?!” Sonic stepped back, “Wait, hold on! I never-!”

“Don’t try to deny it, that’s when I was coming out of the delusional haze cause you were letting me breathe in that fresh air from the mountains~” she took a deep breath.


“That… that is what happened, right? You took me to the mountains to get some air, and then you said those words to me… right?” she leaned forward, getting suspicious as he turned his head away, his eyes shifting around for an answer.

“Must of been the daze, sorry Amy.” he shrugged.

“Oh, really!? Poo! I was really hoping that one was real.” she looked disappointed, and stomped away. “Augh..! Then nevermind! Just wanted to say that was really sweet of you, but whatever! Darn mind… playing tricks on me.”

As she walked away, Sonic took a deep breath and sighed. Scratching his neck, he looked away and softly stated, “She remembered all of that?”

…You… you don’t even want to know the details about what STICKS was going through. Let’s just say her ‘dream guy’ isn’t exactly a type of thing I want to describe…

You’ve all seen Buster, right?

If that’s cute to her… then what’s a ‘dream guy’ to her!?

-shivers at the very thought-  Yeah, no.

(so… kinda jealous? Really more worried than anything, but didn’t like his hand around her waist! I don’t think this is very canon to where they’d make an episode on it, but I had the idea and thought I could go with it, so there you go xD hope you like it..~)