SM and English Lines

~Dibidibidis m Y NaM E isZ MinhO
~Close ur mouth, shur eur tounge
~Never don’t mind about a thang
~uh, and das a long ass ride
~I like this bish


And here is Isz Ebrietas. By far the hardest fight I’ve faced in this BL4 run, although followed closely by Abhorrent Beast and soon to be beaten by Pthumerian Descendant.

I’d like to send special thanks to @whiteone for the absolutely priceless info about lower-level gem farming. I built myself a better idea over time, but this run would have been so much harder without your advice to begin with!


The Great Isz Chalice became the cornerstone of the Choir, the elite delegation of the Healing Church.
It was also the first Great Chalice brought back to the surface since the time of Byrgenwerth, and allowed the Choir to have audience with Ebrietas

Falling in love with Isz all over again. That place is so mysterious, beautiful and calming (okay except for those Brainsuckers).

FRC Loran Darkbeast is the absolute spawn of hell!

But definitely worth over a dozen attempts for another Blood Rock! :D

If you want to try your luck or sanity then go here: 9hdhpsqv

I found this glyph from the video on Poison Gem farming. If only the Isz one was still active for the Triangles… -_-


  • Watchdog of The Old Lords
  • Loran Silverbeast
  • Amygdala
  • Loran Darkbeast (Center of room has the hole) <– EDIT

I believe that was the order… Watchdog was easy for me, but I’ve fought a lot of those. I need to Git Gud on Paarl type bosses. I know the legs strategy, but it’s still not easy.

As irritable as I was today, I was so hoping a Loran Cleric would go Cape Canaveral Launch Sequence on me, like in one of @whiteone‘s videos! xD


This little twink is almost complete! My Saw Spear still needs some work (I’d like to have % phys ATK at full HP as secondaries on both of those radials instead of flat phys) but I’m pretty happy with my HMS. I was mentally ready to farm Loran and Isz Amygdala for hours but then I got that awesome triangle with the super rare secondary effect on my first Isz Amygdala kill (it’s a shame it’s not an Abyssal, but eh, I can’t have everything in life, and this is still better than 98% of any other Nourishing Abyssals I could’ve gotten instead) and the waning on my second Loran Amygdala. I want to gem up a couple of other weapons in the future but this is fine for now.

I need moar Blood Rocks. :<

anonymous asked:

Out of curiosity, do you have a favorite dungeon/labyrinth in Bloodborne? (mine's the Loran -ones, beasties and nice lights all around :3 )

I really like Isz. All those cosmic particle effects and the crawling celestial babies awwww

  • Schmerz ist dein Freund
  • Schmerz isz dein Verbündeter
  • Schmerz sagt dir wenn du schwer Verltzt bist
  • Aber weist du was das bestw an schmerz ist ?
  • Schmerz sagt dir das du noch nicht tod bist

I didn’t realize Isz Root Chalice had a 4th Layer, after the Amygdala… I missed that on first play, but I can’t remember doing it or not, back then… Celestial Emissary was the 4th layer boss and I did get one-shot with a ball of Arcane, so not really a pathetic boss. xD I was expecting Ebrietas, though…

I can’t believe I spent all my time playing another standard Isz Chalice just for one Pearl Slug, when I could’ve gotten it at the Insight Bath. *Face Palms* xD

I did need at least one Ritual Blood (5), so it wasn’t completely a waste.