Dating Jughead Jones Would Include...

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  • Spending nights at Pop’s
  • Nothing of PDA
  • Reggie flirting with you to piss him off
  • “Jug leave it, it’s not worth it”
  • Stealing his beanie 24/7
  • Helping him with the Jason Blossom murder
  • Movie nights at the Drive-in
  • Being much sarcastic as he is
  • Working with him and Betty for the Blue and Gold
  • Finding out he is homeless and telling him to stay with you and him declining but at the end you win the “fight” and he stays with you
  • Forehead kisses
  • A lot of kisses when you’re alone
  • Him being protective
  • Holding hands when you two are alone
  • Cuddling in your bed
  • Playing with his hair
  • Him trusting you about his family stuff
  • Always defending him from Reggie and his gang
  • Being friends with Betty, Veronica, Archie and Kevin
  • Sharing milkshakes
  • Your mom inviting him to breakfast
  • Him stealing your fries
  • Him walking you home

Precision Obedience Workshop notes

with “my puppy’s fear period started in it” notes

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cnjk9799  asked:

Can I please request a Arranged Marriage AU with Dino? (I saw your post and thought it was my opportunity, there aren't lots of scenarios for my babyy😭 *or Jeonghan's baby should I say*) Thank you in advanceee❤❤

AU #1 (Request from this list! Tryna finish it!)


Enjoy love~😊 THIS IS GOING TO BE PRETTY LONG TO REPAY THE TIME LOST Also note: To anyone not a girl reading this, this is female!reader, I tried making it gender neutral at first but doing this made it easier and less tiring, sorry. SO MANY REVISIONS TO THIS ISTG

  • This big baby
  • Does not want to get married
  • Ever.
  • But oops parents want him to get married stat
  • Basically the polite way of saying “sON GET A LIFE”
  • He really does not want to get married
  • But darn it can’t avoid this one
  • Parents already setting him up on dates with random strangers and daughters of friends
  • And they’ll only stop when he finds a girl he likes
  • “Wtf mom why can’t I just have some peace?!?”
  • But he goes on these dates with all these girls…
  • THeY’rE aLL sO bOriNG
  • Like honestly some are girls who just have good looks but plain lives, some of them are rich and stuck up, or not his type etc etc (wow he has a type in this AU what)
  • Chan’s just so tired
  • Seriously he just wants to have some free time off school to himself
  • I mean he just graduated college, can he get some time??? GIVE ME TIME TO GROW UP PLS?!?!
  • WORking at a restaurant
  • Kinda anti-climactic but anyways
  • You work as a waitress, for your good friend Mingyu probably in there cooking whatever
  • But you also play piano/keyboard to attract customers and sometimes perform inside
  • Like you would be getting tips and attracting people in, with things like “You think my playing is beautiful? Try my friend’s pasta inside it will beautify your tastebuds. No seriously it’s really delicious, you should try!”
  • (Now I wanna write a crossover w/Italian wizards Jun/Joshua in Italy WHO’S WITH ME?)
  • Mingyu’s gonna be like “you told them about the pasta didn’t you” when he gets a bunch of orders for it
  • No Mingyu is not my bias he comes up in these AUs by chance
  • UPDATE Mingyu is my sick-bias (bias whenever I get sick) bc GermGyu
  • Anyways one day you go to Starbucks during your break to get a MIDNIGHT MINT MOCHA FRAPPUCINOOO K sorry inside joke
  • wHY dO I keEp MaKinG mY DinO aUs In CoFfEe ShOpS
  • And look who’s here
  • No not Chan but his mom
  • “Oh my gosh you’re so pretty! Want to go on a date with my son???”
  • You agree…bc you don’t want to be rude…
  • You just forget it ever happened but wtf?
  • Anyway back to Chan who’s tired af
  • But later that night, he has to meet another girl for dinner
  • The girl invited him to have dinner at Mingyu’s restaurant
  • You’re working your waitress shift, counting tips or smth
  • Then Chan walks in through the open doors
  • Damn.
  • He looks very handsome
  • HOw DId hE GrOw uP SO faST
  • Like you can’t help but stare at him with curiosity
  • …oh yEAH MY JOB
  • So you go up to him and he follows you to an empty 2 seat table
  • And he decides not to order until his date comes
  • So you leave him be with some bread or something to snack on
  • I sense another inside joke becoming chAN AND HIS BREAD MUNCHIES
  • You wait a little before going onto a small platform in the center of the room
  • A stage with a piano
  • *Deep breath*
  • And playing
  • Chan just stops chewing and stares
  • Everyone is watching you playing beautifully
  • And the keep reading bar appears

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peaky blinders i mean holy christ

  • “this whole bloody enterprise was women’s business while you were away at war. what’s changed?”
  • a visual world of filth and blood and life and what’s lost and old (yeah period detail is a tick for me and this isn’t the kind you see most often)
  • then an aural world with the likes of nick cave and the white stripes 
  • and all these worlds are so… true, the effort showing and not a trace of anything held back, no self-consciousness, just these stories
  • cillian murphy the centre and god knows what a performer he is
  • working classes trying to survive and not always managing to be good and we all know stories are better when they’re not all good
  • screaming thrashing panicked reality of returned soldiers up to their eyeballs in PTSD and being treated like shit by nearly everyone
  • such a specific place in a specific time and neither one being one we hear much of - sometimes the strongest stories come from the most digging and polishing and risk