George and I just celebrated our 7th anniversary.

I guess things are serious if we’ve managed to put up with each other for seven years :P

Anyhow, we had a lovely day together, and made a lot of delicious food, including our first ever attempt at making Paella, which turned out amazing!  Also, the living room smells wonderful because of the beautiful flowers he surprised me with this morning - they were just there when I got out of bed.

One day, I’m going to marry this guy.

In less than two weeks Joshua, myself and our friend Neil will be heading down to Las Vegas for a week of much needed vacation. We’ll be joined by isnerdy and iswordy who we met this summer during our stay in San Francisco - and I’m excited to see again.

I’m pretty pumped to get away for a few days and experience Las Vegas for the first time. Neil has been several times before so he’s going to act as our unofficial guide and we’ve had a great time planning our winter get-away.


(Photo Source:,_Nevada)

World Pride/London Pride was lovely.  Pictured here:  James, George, myself, and Ray.  We were all friends in Portland, OR, and we’ve reunited in London.  I also got to meet lepreas and mykemyday!  I wasn’t really looking for them, but I looked over at one point and saw Mike standing about 10m away from where we were standing.  Thanks for the hugs, guys, and I hope you had a great Pride as well!

Joshua and I were able to end off our time in San Francisco with a wonderful last day. We began yesterday with a trip to the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. I have to admit that I enjoyed the de Young much more than the Museum of Modern Art. I got a lot of writing ideas from some of the sculptures and carvings from Africa and New Guinea.

Once we left the museum we made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge…a prefect way to end our time in SF. Josh and the Corporal almost had minor panic attacks being so high up, but they both remained composed and kissed the ground once we were back on solid ground. The views of the city from the bridge were breath taking!

To wrap up the evening, Josh and I were joined by our new friends Miles and David for trivia at Harvey’s. We didn’t end up kicking ass in the Star Trek category (I was outgeeked!), but we did win advance screening passes to the Amazing Spider-Man. Sadly however we won’t be in SF so we can’t even use them! We were then joined by George and went to QBar for some dancing and drinks. We also got to celebrate George’s birthday. A great night with great new friends!

We were sad to leave San Francisco but now we’ve arrived in San Simeon and we’ll be in Los Angeles tomorrow. That leaves only one more week for our adventure!

Today is my boyfriend's birthday!

iswordy and I celebrated 7 years together, two weeks ago.  Today is his birthday!  Happy birthday to the most important man in my life, and may you have many more happy, healthy, prosperous ones to come!  Hopefully I get to spend them all with you :)

As you can probably guess by my recent photos, I’m still in Bolivia. The hotel I was at for the last couple of days had such slow WiFi that the Tumblr app on my iPhone wouldn’t even load. Anyhow, I’m enjoying it here - I just arrived in Sucre about 2 hours ago, and secured lodging about 4 blocks from the central plaza, for just under $6/night, down from the $20/night I was paying in Potosí.

Traveling has its ups and downs. So far, I’d say Sucre seems like a decent city, despite my exploration being hampered by the rain. However, I’m definitely looking forward to flying home in a week. The Bolivian countryside is gorgeous, the people are really nice, and the old colonial districts are lovely. However, the poverty and sanitation standards get me down. So does traveling alone. I’ll probably return here eventually, but I really hope I get to take iswordy (sorry, can’t link from the iPhone) with me.