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Why NaruHina was canon from the start

The main reason people hate the Naruto ending is because of the pairings. Face it, everyone knew how Naruto was going to end, like how One Piece will end and how Hunter x Hunter will (has) ended.

All these shows revolve around a certain fundamental.

“Naruto” was about Naruto becoming Hokage.

“One Piece” about Luffy finding the One Piece.

“Hunter x Hunter” about Gon finding his dad.

The question you should be asking is not whether they’ll achieve their goals, but when.

Meanwhile, with Naruto, he has felt lonely from the beginning. His parents are dead, he had no friends and he was seen as the village’s monster. Naruto is the main character. The manga/anime has been about his journey; his growth and his happiness. If you don’t believe Naruto would have found a family, made amazing friends and earn the village’s respect at the end of the manga/anime (i.e. his happiness and growth) you have been delusional from the get-go. 

People are bitter because it was Hinata. But if you believe it wouldn’t have been her, (if Kishimoto did decide to fast forward into Naruto’s life with a partner and children) you are delusional, too. Hinata, the only kid his age, had acknowledged him from the get-go

 (ep. 1)

This is about a boy who has always felt lonely. He is not very bright, so he is called stupid. He is very loud, so he is called out for it. Then there is someone, his age, who has always been there when he was lonely (whether he knew or didn’t). Who has never called him stupid. Who has never called him out for being loud, if anything, rejoices. Because it’s him. It’s who Naruto is and Hinata accepts him with all his flaws. Naruto wants to be acknowledged, Hinata, his age, has always acknowledged him. He wants to be respected, Hinata, his age, has always respected him. 

Based on this, you can even say that Hinata is what Naruto has always wanted. She is the respect he craved for, the acknowledgement, the love and the acceptance in embodiment, and she has been there from the get-go.

The moment Hinata told him she thought of him as a proud failure, is a very important part of their development and the key to the inevitable NaruHina. 

Someone, his age, actually respected him. 

But the Last really hit this key factor to their relationship on its head. That moment when older-Naruto went into the classroom and saw Hinata writing his name, during a period when Naruto wasn't acknowledged by his peers, solidified the fact that Hinata is Naruto’s wishes and dreams in flesh and blood. She had acknowledged him when he had believed that no one gave enough of a damn about him, for Naruto to write down a name. 

It’s why her love-confession was important, why the flashbacks of Hinata, having been there for him, were important. Naruto had been looking to realize his dreams and wishes (i.e. respect, acknowledgement, even love) throughout the manga/anime, only to figure out that those dreams and wishes had manifested in one character. Hinata is Naruto’s dreams and wishes. She has, after all, always acknowledged, respected and accepted him. Yes, Iruka has always acknowledged Naruto, too, but Iruka is a father figure. Hinata is a love interest.

‘’In my eyes you are a proud failure! When I look at you, I get an intense feeling in my heart. Because you are not perfect.. Because you fail…You have the strength to get back up…I believe that’s what true strength is.’’ Hinata.

To perceive his failure and still accept him. To know he is not perfect and still respect him. She doesn’t accept and respect him despite those flaws, but with his flaws. 

“Oh yeah. She (Hinata) was always watching you.” –Sakura about Hinata to Naruto.

To have always been acknowledged by her, that even his peers noticed.

But this is not to say that NaruHina is only about Naruto.

“Naruto-kun…I have always been watching. I’ve always been watchingfor all these years. Why is that..?I don’t know why, but…When I look at Naruto-kun…I feel courage. I feel like that ifI try my best…Even I can do it. That I am worth something. That’s how I begin to feel.Naruto-kun…In the past, I was the only one looking. But right now…Youare…He’s finally watching me…In front of the person I admire so much…Ican’t look bad.”

I used to always cry and give upI made many wrong turns…But you…You helpedme find the right path. I always chased after you…I wanted to catch up to you…Iwanted to walk beside you all the time. I just wanted to be with you…You changed me! Your smile is what saved me! That is why I am not afraid todie protecting you!! Because…I love you…”

I want to tell you something about those bold parts. A few people believe that it’s unhealthy to find support with someone else, but why is support unhealthy, if it makes you a better person? Hinata, clear to the manga/anime, had always been afraid and weak-willed. This was a girl who felt as if she wasn’t worth a damn thing. To feel so wrongly about yourself, how could that be healthy? But then someone comes along—in this case Naruto—and he is not so very different from her, if anything, he knows her position and he aspires to be better.

Naruto is her role model.

She wanted to stand up against Neji.

She wanted to fight Pein.

She wanted to keep getting both physically and mentally stronger.

She wanted all those powerful and strong attributes, and Naruto made her believe that she could. See, he didn’t just tell her to change. Hinata had always wanted to change. It was because she saw someone prove that yes, even the weak-willed ones (like her) can became strong that she started fighting for her own dreams of becoming stronger. Afterwards, Naruto, became her dream. And why not? Why wouldn’t the person who is the embodiment of her hopes and dreams, who made her believe in herself, not become the person she wants to walk beside, forever? 

Or don’t tell me people actually believe there’s only one reason to love someone? 

You see, NaruHina’s relationship was founded on a mutual understanding, a budding friendship and eventually love. In my eyes, there is something inexplicable beautiful with finding a lasting home in a friend; one who understands, accepts, acknowledges and makes you a better person. They don’t pull you down, in some form of horrific, mental abuse, they lift you up. They are an anthem. Hinata told Naruto, in actions and in different, words: You are worth something (i.e. “you are a proud failure” defending him against Kiba, supporting him when no one else did, jumping in front Pein, trying to get Naruto out of his emotional stupor after Neji’s death even though she was dying inside etc.). Naruto proved to Hinata, in actions and in different words: You are worth something (i.e. “I never knew Hinata was this incredible”, liking people like her; meaning it’s okay to be ‘weird and plain looking, but also kind’, believing that she would win while she was fighting Neji, swearing to defeat Neji, because she’s worth it etc.)

NaruHina is love.

Oh, yes, you have every right to ship something else. You can ship NaruSaku, NaruSasu, SasuHina, etc. for all I care. I know what it’s like to have an abundance of ships and defending it with blood christening nails. But there are opinions and there are facts, and to have the nerve to say NaruHina wasn’t decided from the get-go, my dear, I have to break it down for you:

You are wrong.