ahhh i wanted to upload these photos for the longest time D8

these are doujinshi we bought during our tokyo trip, hehehehehe, its either utapuri, fate/zero or hetalia.

i particularly like these titles:

You wanna go out sometime? , Iskandar-san & Waver-kun’s book (really, that’s the title Dx) , Night and Day , Falling down , Reason of Myself , How long can you put up with waiting in vain? , Sugar Sugar Pain , assort 

hahaha, the artwork for Night and Day and Falling down is very gorgeous. Reason of Myself is good too but i think the artist’s latest work involved a different couple so i was like, ehhhhhh xD;;; 

How long can you put up with waiting in vain has a different art style but it was much better than i expected, its so nice!! xD

i really admire these artists, they work hard to publish their doujinshi. hahaha i hope to be even just a little bit like them. 

but for now, i’ll… enjoy the doujinshi i bought.. ahaha XD