“Like a broken record, she kept telling me that she loved me, it was very annoying. But when this became a regular part of my life and I took it for granted, she suddenly told me she didn’t love me anymore. I can still clearly remember the nauseating feeling I had when she said that. I should have been relieved, but that didn’t seem to be the case. In this world I can do 90% of the things she cannot do. The remaining 10% that she can do that I cannot do, she can do it in a way that no one else can. It is mostly because of that she touched me.”

Jiang Zhi Shu (in It Started With A Kiss)


Milestone: Just try and forget me…

I feel like this scene is really what the title “Itazura na Kiss” is for… although we got to 2.5 volumes of the manga before getting here. I know that the sub title “It Started With a Kiss” started getting coined for the similar sound and for the opening scene in the JDrama from 1996… For THAT rendition only, this scene makes the second kiss between the two. For all others, this would be the first.

(Admittedly, I’ve been working on this since the “Studying Too Hard” post… but I wanted to gif the scenes instead of just screencapping them. Unfortunately, it took about a couple of weeks cuz I found myself busy with life.. then taking about 3000 screencaps. Oops. The caps are actually higher quality than the gifs, but I reduced them to fit… ahem.

Random thoughts: I kinda regret what I did with the manga version since I think I’m dizzy now.. XD; And the TWDrama version was the LONGEST… a scene that took exactly 300 caps in the newest rendition took over 1000 caps in the twdrama. Just for scale. lol.)