Tyrian Tarot’s Guidebook

One step closer to being mailed out. We’re almost there guys. :D

If you missed the campaign and the post-campaign store, the only availability to get any copies is with the @wintersdayzine sales (notification list here). We have no more copies at this time (we have over 3,000 ordered; the remaining are safeties). Fulfillment starts in less than 2 weeks! :D

This @guildwars2 project is run by the Guild Wars 2 Artist Collective, led by Zorav, and sponsored officially by @guildwars2. Mordremoth’s image is by @htg17, Snarl and Galina is by @born-in-ascalon, and the cover is by @isvoc, with ornamentation by the moderation team.

A gift for Isvoc (dA) who has always been a great inspiration to me, and a really friendly, polite person all in all!

Done in the same style as the Rainfall sketch I did for Akryl a while ago. I think I’ve improved a bit in freehand sketching?

Pencil, colors added in PS

Copyright art to me, Niveru to Isvoc (dA)